by Dee



I was in a huge place that seemed like it was indoors and outdoors with no apparent walls or ceilings and no clear demarcation between inside and outside.

We were in the process of setting up booths to demonstrate what Christmas was all about and had booths of gifts for all ages of people and a pageant of some kind was going to be presented to all the people as well.

In the center of this mall-like area was an artificial Christmas tree sitting on top of a counter. I looked at it closely and actually part of it was still alive but the live parts were not pine needles but small growing plants of many different kinds that were green and struggling to survive. I decided to save the green growing parts and discard the green artificial parts. I began pulling the artificial branches out one by one and setting aside the green growing parts to water them and make sure they each had their own little pots to grow in.

While I was doing this I wanted to announce it to the people what has happening and as I was taking the ornaments  off the artificial branches they formed rings of bells and clacking noise makers. I decided I would do a Spanish type dance where the dancer raised her arms over her head and click the clacker thing whatever it is called. I planned to do this dance and got all excited about it, but decided I didn't have enough of the clacker things for my left hand to balance out the bells I had in my right hand.

One of the booths there had baby rattles and other little toys to catch a baby's attention, so while I was trying to get an accumulation of little noise makers strung together to make a ring, another woman said she would demonstrate an exercise called "build a bridge for humanity".

That sounded great, and she had us all lay down on the ground flat on our backs. Then she put her hands under her buttocks and showed us how to do the exercise where you raise your buttocks and make your back bend backwards in an arch while your feet, head and shoulders are still on the ground.

I lay down on the ground with everyone else but I still had the bells and clacker things in my hands and didn't want to lay them down and lose them, so I didn't do the exercise with the others.

Then, when I saw how all these hundreds of people could all do the exercise with such precision together, I decided I wouldn't try to compete with her and rather slunk off backwards away from her and made it look like I wasn't part of 'them'.

While they finished up the demonstration of the 'bridge building for humanity', another man off to the left was getting ready to put on another demonstration for the people. This one was to take place outside and again it took many hundreds of people to help him put on his demonstration.

All the people left the Christmas shopping part of the building and streamed outside. Everyone had to stand in line and be registered and the people were made to line up in a maze of corridors so you could never see how many there actually were lined up and when you got to the registration place, they put a mark on your hand to show that you had paid the price.

Everyone was in a good mood because they had just all participated in the 'building a bridge' exercise, so they all lined up happily, men and women alike, and chatted with each other excitedly as the lines moved quickly along.  I was amazed as to how easily this was all organized and accomplished when it wasn't part of what I had expected to happen in our Christmas pageant.

However, it must have been planned because the demonstration had to be precise.

I rather lost my place in line by making a turn to the right when everyone else went left, and never got registered nor my hand stamped, but I went outside and watched all the people empty out of the mall part out onto a sandy plateau type place.

Suddenly the man from the left got hundreds of his own people together and each one got into a small piper-cub type plane and took off all at the same time...lifting aloft a huge red, white, and blue shield with the name SCHLITZ on the top of it. It looked like a big beer SCHLITZ emblem.

There was a huge tower in the middle of the field that got smaller as it got to the top like the Empire State building or what I thought looked like a drawing I've seen of the Tower of Babylon. It went as high as the sky.

As these planes carrying the shield went higher and higher, the tower was in the way, and in order not to hit each other, these planes had to jostle for position with each other. There were so many of them in the air at the same time, I couldn't figure out how they could fly in such precision and not kill each other. then as the last few planes were passing the tower, three pink planes lost control trying to avoid hitting the tower, and rather than hit the other planes, each one did a suicide dive down into a pool of water at the base of the tower.  

All the people oohed and ahhed at this demonstration of precision diving into the pool. Each of these pilots had been told they wouldn't die if thy dove into the water, but everybody knows if you dive into water from 1,000 feet up, it's like hitting concrete.

But, as the three planes, one by one dove into the pool of water, and I saw the shield fly overhead, I knew this was really the start of WWIII.

My husband came and got me by the hand and we went into the shopping mall which was now empty and he told me he had been trying to buy me a present.  He wanted to buy me a size 8 pair of underpants but there were none to be found. I found a tiny miniature size 8 meant to stretch into fitting anyone but otherwise there were no size 8's there. They had all been purchased by the other people.

End of Dream

NOTE: The symbols in this dream are very ominous. The first few of getting ready for Christmas and happy Christmas shoppers of artificial Christmas trees represents the false meaning of Christmas which I was trying to preserve in the green plants.

The dance I was going to do with the bells and noisemakers to get the shoppers attention never happened because the woman demonstrating how to 'build a bridge for humanity' which was just a farce to get everyone to line up and cooperate and take their minds off of what was really happening. Then while their minds were distracted they all lined up, registered and got their hands stamped with the little '666' as the book of Revelation states.

Then the real event happened. What looked like a little demonstration turned into ARMAGEDDON AND WWIII.

The size 8 underpants may be a clue into the timing of these events. Planned for 8 months from now, it may stretch out a little further as necessary.

Obviously the handwriting is on the wall for all to see if you will only see what is coming. Prepare for what is coming and don't get your hand stamped. Watch for the woman of the 'bridge building' demonstration. She is there to distract us from what's really happening.