Joe Mason's Dream

I can only remember two dreams about UFOs/ETs. I dreamed one of them around 1993. I saw a saucer-shaped UFO in the sky above a wide, paved street in a nice neighborhood. It was night time and the UFO was heading toward me. I had that awesome feeling, part fearful and part anticipation of something wonderful. The UFO came down beside me and stopped, as if I was being invited to step aboard. I stepped into the door, and suddenly the "craft" seemed to be an ordinary bus, with an ordinary bus driver in uniform waiting for me to take a seat.


Kell, Age: 18 to 25 -- 09/07/96 --

I had a dream where I was taking a bus trip with my sister to South Carolina. Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary while we prepared for the trip. Though there was a little confusion from people about it. We had to take a bus to Atlantic City first for some reason, then I suppose transfer from there. I have done a lot of moving around lately, so the traveling idea seemed normal. We got to Atlantic City at night, the terminal was packed and we had time to kill so I went walking around and I realized that I was naked. I wasn't embarrassed about it and I acted like normal, which when awake surprised me. No one else really seemed to notice me or at least make a big deal about me being naked. I think I woke up before we were able to board the bus. I have never had a dream about being naked in public before, so I was confused about this. Being that no one was shocked or made remarks about it surprised me too. Normally being tell me they are embarrassed about being naked, but I wasn't.


Zane, Age: 17 -- 11/04/96 --

Well-usually I can determine the message in the dreams I have. But a few months ago my mind decided to throw me a curve. My memory of the dream is vivid, but one part most of all sticks out... It involved me and my best friend. We were both secret agents or spies-well that is until we were captured. The strange thing was our captor was Adolf Hitler. This is the part of the dream thats strange. We were all put on a bus, there were several other prisoners. Each of us was put on our own seat. Adolf sat down in the seat in front of me. Without looking directly at me he turned his head and I could see his eyes. I looked at them and well-they were my eyes. It wasn't one of those things that you just see, I felt it too. My eyes in his head or maybe the other way around. Then the bus ride was over and we got off As my friend and I walked down a long spiral hall, Hitler and his lady commrade were behind us. Then not hearing his voice but feeling his thoughts, he said to the woman "Why is he friends with that guy, there total opposites." It's the truth we are total opposites, but we've been best friends sense the fifth grade. I can't remember to much after that, but you can see why that part would stick in my mind. I can understand everything in that dream except for the part with Hitlers eyes. Could this have some deeper meaning...


Jan Ingersoll

I've had many dreams of 'going underground' into tunnels to rescue children. We take big buses or sometimes trains to pick them up & bring them home.

It is always at night & usually set in the big city scene.   I see this as the earth & bringing the souls to their true spiritual home...This time around,there are many world teachers incarnate,but the 'Messiah' returns through MANY as a consciousness & a 'group manifesting action'. Words do not change a world ..active energy acceleration does.

True life is energy vortexing..not mental thoughtform constructs. 'THE WORD' of creation is a TONE on a frequency with NO SOUND in these realms. Crystals resonate to creative tones..frequencies. They were 'placed into earth & function on multidimensional fields. Our forms are of a crystalline nature. Rocks & stones do not 'grow'. They are of   the physical plane.

by Jan Ingersoll


8-14-97 - Dream. I was at the computer reviewing all of the day's events. After I was done I got up and went to the door of the house where a bunch of kids were lined up to get on a bus. They all started to have a snowball fight amongst themselves for fun. I watched all that, then went back inside where I demonstrated the playing of a piano for some people and talked with them.

My father came in then, telling us he had been in a long meeting and would have to go back again, but meantime his friend Joe was waiting out in the car to drive us to "Target" for a reward.

I couldn't imagine what that was all about, but as I walked through the house, mentally making excuses for not being ready, every excuse I could think of was instantly remedied and my coat miraculously appeared in my arms, boots appeared on my feet, and stockings appeared on my legs.

We went out to the car and I was still wondering what was at Target that could be a reward and when we got there it was a huge auditorium about half full of people but spread out all over the auditorium and they were waiting to hear me speak to them.


Byron's Dream - (The bus is in the second part of the dream)

Casper in the Tunnel 09/02/97

Casper in the tunnel at crash site where road is blocked, plays with children there. In this dream from last night it was as if I were standing in the tunnel where Diana's car crashed. There was cars parked across the road to prevent people from coming near the crash site. There someone in a "Casper" costume was entertaining the children of all ages trying to keep them busy to keep their minds off of the accident.


Byron's Dream - #2

Ghost Writers 09/02/97

Politician looking man talking to women behind a buss, papers in hand. Talks about "ghost writers". Climbs into the back of a big buss with his papers and takes a seat near the rear. I was standing in the back of a bus watching a man in a suit with a hand full of papers talking to some women. He was telling her about "ghost writers" and showing her some of the papers he held in his hands. There was a door in the back of the buss and the man turned, entered the buss and took a seat near the rear of the buss.


"Waiting For The Bus..." by Sandra

I was about four or five and I dreamed that a beautiful  double-decker multicolored bus loaded with people floated up to my bed and was waiting for me. I got up and tried to climb unto it but it was so light and airy that I couldn't. That's when I woke up and my parents were standing beside me next to the bathroom. I remember being upset because I wanted to be on  that bus.


Dream Journal

diva Mar 26 '97 :

I had a dream the other night where I was traveling on a bus with my sweetie's ex girlfriend. We were bar hopping and took a bus because we were too drunk to drive...anyway...we stop at a stop and my sweetie gets on the bus and he is dressed in drag...it was funny because he looked REALLY UGLY as a woman...he was wearing this bizarre sequined blue shirt and these skin tight pants with a blonde wig and blue eyeshadow. We talked to him for a bit and asked him why he was in drag but I don't remember him answering us...we then started fighting amongst ourselves and then his ex girlfriend got off the bus and took a taxi back home...to arizona where we are from...after that I get off at some trailer park and go into a circle k nearby and see my three year old in there...sitting on a chair by the window...

I remember grabbing her and running...I woke up and the first thing I asked my sweetie was "where is cheyenne?"...it was weird...do you have any ideas?


Dream of England / Great Britain


Bryon Smith

A Very Long Ride 2/20/98

This was a massive dream that went on all night long. I would wake up go back to sleep and it would continue. It is so long in fact that I wonít be able to write it all down here today, but will try to give the more important parts. I was riding along with some guy in what I first took to be a commuter bus, like a Greyhound. We were traveling across country toward the East. We went on the highway until the highway ran into a set of rows of vertical stones that also ran along to the East. The driver picked paths as best he could and at first all of the rows were clear for a distance but the further we went the more of them became blocked. He would pick a path and go as far as we could and then pick another path and go as far as we could. We went like this until we were confused and  had to stop and get out to look for a path to take the bus through. It was during one of these that we got back in and I told the bus driver that I was getting frustrated and could use a cold beer. He just smiled and looked to his left. The entire left side of the front of the bus was now a bar with several tapers. I looked around and now the bus appeared to be like one of those large motor home buses used by celebrities. I didnít actually take a beer though and we didnít go far until we were stopped again by the same thing, rocks in the road. Once again we got out and searched trying to find a path. I climbed up  on a tall rock and finally could see there was a highway to our left, just North of where we were. I climbed down and went up into the bus and this time took the driverís seat. The driver then got in and told me to go ahead and see if I could get us out of there. I had to backup a ways and finally found a path over toward the highway only to discover there was a large ditch between the rocks (where we were) and where the highway was. There was no way to get there. Once again we got out and  walked all around. Now the rocks in front of us had changed or we were actually past where we had been stopped before, Iím not sure.

Now we met another group of people here who were our friends but we did not really know any of them. We only knew our objectives were very similar and we were all trying to get somewhere and to find something. I discovered a cave with running water in it ahead of where the bus was parked. There was a pool of water. The bus driver and I both went into the clear shallow water and was searching for something. I found some strange crystals. They were a brown color but they were like glass or quartz. I gave one to the bus driver and he said that it was important. I looked around and found what looked like a piece of toffee candy laying on one of the rocks in the cave. I picked it up. It was also brown like a "Sugar Daddy" candy. (I donít like toffee or Sugar Daddy) I pointed it out but did not touch it. Then I turned around and saw another one and pointed it out and did not touch it. Some of the others came in to see what I had found. There was three holes into the cave area where the water was. One from the North, one from the West and one that went out the East.

Now I climbed up to look out the East window of this cave and saw there was no way to get the bus through there and out to the other side. The bus driver and I returned to the bus and he said "just jump her off there and go like hell toward the road, we have nothing to loose now." In other words we would either make it with the bus or we would be on foot.

I put it in gear and gave her all she had and off into the big ditch with shallow flowing water we went. The next thing I knew I was riding along on a set of boards I guess. They ran different directions but I was on a set that ran to the East. They were like little highways. I went until we came to a place where we had to turn to the North East. My bus was smaller now and it was as if I was riding up on top of it and could see a good distance. The bus driver was behind me. We came to a place where the road turned back East again and then I found myself in a new place riding on what looked like a surfboard with iron train wheels on a set of mini iron rail road  tracks.

These tracks went different directions and my bus driver was gone. Now there was a girl there who was surprised to see me but appeared to be delighted just the same. She was calling to me from my right just  beyond the Southern most track. She was showing me which track to get  on. I moved my board over a track or two and went for awhile until I came to a little hill. I stopped and looked where that track I had been on ran right into another track and then into a place where the ceiling came down. "That looks like a prescription for disaster" I said aloud.

I picked up my board and moved to another track to the South. I went under that area and came out at a fence on the other side fully expecting that young lady to meet me and show me where to go. "Good Lord, Iím in England" I said. "I didnít expect to come this far."

I looked around but did not see the girl there to meet me. I walked along to the South since that fence ran North and South and since I remembered her being South of me. I found my way into a set of tunnels that I took to be drainage ducts. I walked a distance until I came to a section where many of these ducts came together in a larger room. I went to the left and found a place there were several people came through. Two young boys moving in the direction that I had just came from. Then a man came in with a boxer dog that he said was a security dog. He stood with his dog on the other side of a   concrete window where he spoke with me. He told me it was there to hunt down people who were sneaking in and out of these tunnels. He said the dog knew who should and should not be there and with that the dog jumped up to a concrete window and sniffed me. He appeared to be happy with me and I petted the dog on the head. Then while the guy was telling me that not just anyone  could command the dog the dog came around to me and I commanded him to go check the tunnels where the boys had just gone. He ran and caught one by the leg, then I guess he let him go, I donít know but the other one ran and the dog returned to me. I sent him out again up the same duct and I knew there was something wrong with those two that I had just  seen. The dog didnít like them either. Then the dogís master came up and I turned the search back over to him. I went on my way out the East passages until I was once again outside. There was rail road tracks, highways and fences everywhere. There I encountered a man who acted as if he knew me and he told me to follow him and he would get me out of there. I told him I had to meet up with that women and at the time it was as if I knew her address and I told him I had to make a call back to the U.S. to tell my friends where I was and what was going on there. I followed this guy to another set of gates near a set of rail road tracks and two of them had train cars on them. There was a fence there and a set of gates. There were people being checked there by British policemen. It was then I noticed that my new friend was carrying two black gates large enough to cross a road. Suddenly I saw I was doing just like him, I had two gates. In my confusion about the gates I didnít notice that he had turned and gone behind the guards while they were checking other people. I found myself past the guards in a parking lot like area holding my black gates. It was then I noticed I was also wearing a police style black gun belt but with a western revolver in the right hand holster.

I saw the direction the other guy had gone and he had crossed the rail road tracks running toward the North toward what looked like a bridge or overpass. I passed through another gate right past the guards who saw me but didnít say anything. I ran after my "new friend" but could no longer seen him. I climbed up on what looked like a bunch of gates like you might find in a live stock auction and ran along the top of them until I found myself under the bridge.

I looked down and saw there was a drop of about 10 feet or so to another set of gates. On top of them I saw the two gates the other man had been carrying. He had thrown them down flat on the other gates and evidently had jumped on them to get down from the place where I was now standing. I did likewise throwing my gates down flat and then jumped on them.

I climbed down into a passage and found myself between two concrete braces that evidently held the bridge above me. There was a kind of platform under there and someone was cooking something. I saw what looked like a pot roast over a pan of broth heating on a open fire.  There was another pan to the left (North) of it with something else in it. There was another man setting on the far side of the pans and he  spoke with a very strong British accent. He asked me who I was and what I was doing there. I mentioned the other manís who had lead me in there and described him and told him the guy was suppose to help me find someone.. The man pondered for just a moment and asked me if I would like to join him having some of his meat. I looked at it, it looked all right to me but this guy was spooky and I declined. I wanted out of there ASAP.

Hearing some sounds I turned and looked behind me. There in a pit with water in it and a very slick steep wall up one side made of mud was a man doing his best to climb out but each time he would make a short distance up he would slide right back into the water. "Thank me then." The man said on the far side of the pans. "Thank you, yes I guess I should thank you." I said more out of fear than anything. "Yes I think you should." He added.

I looked at the food and realized this meat  he had offered me was very special to him. It was hard to get and rare to say the least and he had just offered to share it with me. "Thank you for the offer of the meat" I told him again.

The man smiled then and his eyes became suddenly very large. "Now let us see if we can find your friend." "You know him ?" I asked. I know him." He answered.

Then we climbed out of this place to an area still under what appeared to be that bridge. It was fenced in on two sides and there was a small stream of water flowing along on the West side. The entire center was short green grass. I got the idea this was also a drainage area when  the rains were heavy. Perhaps this is why the other man had built him a place up above the ground and between the fences.

"Where are you Gar (Gair)" as he pronounced the short for Gary. The man walked all around that grassy area calling and looking everywhere including up toward the bridge. I followed along watching and wondering what was going on. I even thought for a moment it might be an ambush because evidently that guy in the pit had wandered in here and found himself in a pickle. Then I realized this guy had offered me meat and was calling the other guy evidently by his real name.

At this point I woke up and when I went back to sleep the dream picked up right where it left off. I was there at the bridge but I took to the air and flew up above the bridge. "England, I canít believe this, how did I get here ?" I said to myself as I flew East to some buildings. These were residences and some what you might call Duplexes and Quads. People lived here in these stone and wood frame buildings. I flew down to an open window of one of these buildings. I had the sense that the girl spirit was flying along behind me, watching, trying to guide me to see something.

I stuck my head in the window and I saw a hallway and between the hallway and the two rooms on each side was a staircase that lead down to the bottom floor. Someone was in that room and I pulled back for a moment and watched.

A women came out of each of the upper floor rooms into the hallway. I flew in the window and saw they were cooking something in a pan over a heating stove. Both of them spoke with very distinct British accents. "I see you are cooking on your heating stove." I said and pondered for a moment. "I used to do that myself."

"We thought it would cook faster on the heating stove." One of the women said. There was more to it than just cooking faster. Something was trying to get my attention. I had just come from a place under a bridge where it was obvious the man who was "cooking" there was doing so in secret. There was something very important about that meat. It was not exclusive however these women also had meat cooking over their heating stove. I took a close look at the pan on the heating stove and then flew back out the open window the direction I had come.

As I flew up into the sky I thought to myself "is this really England or is it just a segment of something made up to appear like England ?" I looked and in every direction and as far as I could see there were buildings. I thought if I am I must be in London.

I flew to the South down a street to a set of larger buildings. I entered one and went down the hallway near the end. Something caught my eye to the right and I turned. There was a beautiful thrown covered with red and gold and jewels. It sat in a display location in the main hallway. I turned to look around and when I looked back it appeared someone was setting in that thrown wearing a gold mask. I looked at the  hands, it was a women. She was clothed from head to foot in royal robe. She blended into the thrown with the same colors and same patterns and you had to look close to even see her there. The gold mask and her hands actually gave her away.

I watched but she did not move. I flew up and touched her mask thinking she must be a mannequin. Suddenly she started to sing "Oh no donít let the rain come down.." over and over as she removed her mask and I flew  back away from her just watching and listening to her words over and over again.





by geniac

Last night I had a dream that I was on a bus on a winding mountain road and I had just escaped from a guy that could morph himself into any male human form. I was sitting on a thing right next to the bus driver, with my back to the driver, looking out at the road to make sure the  morphing guy wasn't following. There were many other buses of the same type passing us.

I felt some unusual movement behind me and I suddenly realised that the morph guy had made himself look like a bus driver.For some reason he got off the bus, and I took the chance to do SOS on the bus horn, but nobody took any notice.Then there was something about crossing from China to Canada. The border was halfway down the mountain, with China owning the upper half of the mountain and Canada owning the lower half and the little town in the valley at the end of the road. In one of those weird cross-cultural  things there was a Chinese restaurant just on the Canadian side.

The town was really high-tech and futuristic, including huge tv video screens and I saw The Spice Girls were competing against each other on Sale of the Century. I found the morphing guy. I used my hand-held rocket launcher to fire  off a few into him, but his body contained the blasts; his skin stretching. His eyes was now basketball-sized, so I fired off a heap  more rockets point-blank right into his eyes, but the  bastard just WOULD NOT DIE.




I'm upstairs in San Francisco City Hall. A young black girl comes out of an office with a sick expression on her face. She has just discovered the bodies of Moscone and Milk. I walk downstairs and outside, jump on a skateboard, and ride away. I'm riding very fast through the streets of San Francisco, much faster and better than I've ever ridden before. I weave in and out of cars and eventually duck into an alley.

I'm walking down the alley. The alley is in Cairo. I'm flanked by two Egyptian taxi drivers. The alley gets very thin, so thin that we have to shimmy sideways down it with our backs and bellies scraping the buildings. It's slightly claustrophobic. We come out into a busy street. The taxi drivers offer to give me a lift home, but I tell them I'd rather take the bus.

I look down the street to my left, and I'm on the Rive Droit in Geneva. I can see Lake Geneva through the traffic. I look to my right and see the bus I need to take. It's the #73, which is the bus I used to take to get home in Seattle.


Dream & Interpretation

Dream 1/6/98

Gathered in a group of people we waited "Evien and Myself" Outside waiting for the ship to land. Groups of 8 maybe sometimes more were taken at a time. They Called us "Operators".

INT>>This is your soul group, a network of lightworkers scattered strategically across the world who have shared your dream, and whom you will be working on something with.

In the bus a woman driver started talking to me and asking questions. She Voiced her questions where as I replied by only looking into her blue  eyes. She dropped me off and I turned around and Said Thank you as I peered into her eyes again and she left after she answered my question of where the  bus went next. The Women has told me on the bus that The Groups of Operators were being transported for "Missions/jobs" and at the time I didn't quite understand why so I felt like I was being used in some way.

INT>> This woman is a guide, your own higher self,or possibly an ascended being, attempting to communicate a message to you .Are you moving, or planning some kind of physical/metaphysical journey ? If not, it looks as if you are going on one !! It seems to me to be a message preparing you to be "transported". Everything from this point on relates to the future.

I ran down the street and ended back where I had been before just on the otherside of the landing area this time. I ran across a BaseBall field that was behind me praying that no one would turn on the lights above. I came to a place in the tree's where computer equipment was being stored and protected and jumped a fence behind the area. I ran through someones house through the back door or window through to the front door which was all open.

INT>> This is the journey you will be making.

I ran down another street and Watched 3 people talking on the otherside of the fence which was in front of me. 2 of the ladies were homeless and building a shelf when the 3rd came over and started taking down the shelves. She asked them," Why are you building this when you know I will most likely have to take it  down when your through anyway". The Ladies Replied, " They are so tired and without a home, been through a hard time, we're trying to help them out".

INT>> These may be the 3 Fates, the sisters of wyrd, fortune, and destiny. They are prophesying for you, and like all prophets they speak in such a way as to guide you to unravel the mystery yourself. If you dont understand, dont worry, time will shed its light upon the matter. :-))

COMMENT: Anyone interested in dreams ? I was taught a very simple method of dream interpretation by my higher self. The beginning of the dream sheds light upon your present situation or some present aspect of a problem, the middle part then suggests messages, guidance, and advice about what to do, often from higher vibrational viewpoints, and the end of the dream forecasts the future, especially if you take the advice, message, or guidance offered.

BY anonymous


3-21-98 - DREAM - I was dreaming I was on the computer on a UFO web ring. I was told to go onto another web-ring that only had 32 members. I woke up disappointed that I didn't know what the subject matter was. I fell asleep again and found myself on a street corner where a green bus was going by. There was like a circus barker there encouraging people to come on the bus and take a ride because it was so exciting.

I was reluctant to get on the bus because I had never been on that type of bus before. The barker said, "I understand your reluctance. Come, let me show you something."

He grabbed me by the hand and took me to the corner where another bus was going by. It looked identical on the outside and had an exciting barker just like him. My barker said, "Come on, we're going to get on this one." He led me to the stairs and I climbed up into the bus and past the driver. Inside were 5 plain old housewife type women, one of whom had gotten on the bus ahead of me. Most of these women faced the back of the bus where there was nothing but plain ugly green paint, even over the windows. I was shocked to see how these people had been duped by the hype of the barker.

My barker said, "C'mon! We're getting off here and we got off the back exit of the bus at the next corner, taking the woman with us who had gotten on at the same time. I walked hand-in-hand with the barker back to his bus.

by Dee


10-1-97 - Dream: I was on a city bus, but it was like part of my house. I found all my  shoes lying on the floor and I put them all into a large brown box. When the bus stopped, I took the box into my house and the dream voice said, "This is all our anger and negative feelings. They are now gone."

I then saw the title of a book, "Making Your Dreams Your Personal Reality." (I think this is the same book I saw advertised in a book catalog)

By Dee


11-5-97 - DREAM I was in downtown Milwaukee. People there needed assistance to get from Center St to Capital Dr. I had been given a license to drive a bus that far. The license was a large white circle with black silhouettes of the zodiac within the circle. The circle was ratchted - not smooth and there were 6 ratchets.

I drove the bus to Capital Dr. where I had to leave it. Louisee from the Jeffersons' TV show was met by her family there as she got off the bus. There was some problem about that. Now I had no way to get back home but someone from the bus company got me another bus to drive because I had the license.

I had to get back home quickly because I was 9 months pregnant and had another baby to care for as well which was in the crib upstairs. My husband wanted me to lie down on the floor to do 69 to make love but I couldn't get near him because I was too pregnant.

I went upstairs to take care of the baby and get the new baby's room ready because it was only moments before it would be born. My son Tom came to take away the old computer to make room for the baby crib. Tom showed me the trailer he was going to move the computer in. There was plenty of room between the other furniture he already had on the trailer.

I had to change the baby's clothes then because he was all wet. He was growing so fast, I had to dress him in a white sleeper outfit that was only 18 inches long and I had to put him  in 2 at a time and double up his legs to make him fit.

I had to hurry. The new baby would be born any moment and I still had to put the new crib in place.

by Dee


12-18-97 - DREAM - I was shown a hill that had a roped off section n a large rectangle and each rectangle had many other rectangles inside. Each one had seeds planted for various types of flowers and or grasses. It turned around and saw that busses were now coming down the road to where I was working on this site and turning around right where I was and the busses were FULL of people. This was the end of the line and when the busses made their U turn, it was kind of tippy and I was worried the bus would roll over onto me. However, I was protected from that by a huge white garbage or dump truck between me and the bus load of people.

After the bus parked, I again looked at the hill where I as and each seed plot was now fully in bloom and each plot in a different language.  

The instant I woke I knew that our site would have a mirror site in at least 26 to 30 other languages.

by Dee


12-26-97 - DREAM - I had a very bad nightmare about a drug user. Tony Perkins the movie actor played the part. (I've had this dream before.) Just at the point where Tony Perkins was getting off the bus to come home, he was wearing a dark green coveralls, I found some large size foreign money on the floor. I picked it up knowing he would take it right to the bank and go buy more drugs. He got a big grin on his face, took the money, and said he'd be back in an hour.

I seemed to know I was dreaming and made myself wake up. At the bottom of the screen of the dream picture, little squares appeared and the voice said, "You have voted this...so far". A mark appeared and as I woke up I knew if I closed my eyes again the dream would continue, so I forced myself to stay awake.

by Dee


12-30-97 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, living on 16th St. and needed to go to work/school on 12th St. The bus route had been changed so it went straight East through the alley to school. It had snowed heavily because it was winter, but the bus route was clear. I just missed the bus because I didn't know early enough that the bus ran that way. So, my son Mike agreed to drive me to school/work.

We started off in a pick up truck but it morphed into a refrigerator which we/I had to push most of the way there. Once inside, I pushed the refrigerator into the office where another identical but beat up and scraped refrigerator stood.  

I went to see what my assignment was. A girl who was to have given me a job assignment said she had decided to do the job herself because it was so fascinating, so she gave me a bunch of work I was already an expert in and gave it to me. Then I went to find my desk and my office which had been moved to the 3rd floor in an older part of the building which had been previously hidden. I started to explore it a little. There was a bathroom out in the  hallway and up three steps which was being scrubbed up by a couple cheerleaders who had  nothing else to do.

I looked the other way up the hall and two workmen were polishing the floors and putting in new lights. I went back to where my desk was supposed to be and it wasn't there. Instead there was a stand up table only 6" wide,not even wide enough to put papers on, no file cabinet to file the finished work, no phone, etc. I became very incensed and decided to go outside and explore there.

Outside, it was a warm summer day. I saw my friend Nancy standing at a table in a garden  with 3 sticks in her hands with hearts where the arrow points were. I took them from her and they were all dusty. So, I was determined to wash the dust off these Tantra hearts so  they be used again. I began walking back to the office on Oriental Carpet rugs which were like runner type carpets on the path. with each step I sunk down to my knees into the ground/dirt/mud beneath them of the path. It was so difficult, I wondered if I'd ever make it all the way through the garden of flowers where I was. I finally made it back to the office building and decided to tell them that I was going to quit. They had nothing to offer me anymore. I looked at the calendar. It was blank and there was nothing in the future scheduled for me. So, I took the three sticks with the hearts and went to a computer screen  where I typed in the word , "Tantra". Pages and pages and pages of links came up so I knew there was plenty of work for me to do there.

by Dee


5-2-98 - DREAM - Part I - I saw a dinosaur coming down from the sky and it landed in a cave opening. I went inside the cave and there were two men in the cave who were archaeologists who were looking at the dinosaur.   I went over to see what they were doing.  It wasn't a live dinosaur, nor did it have skin on, and where the bones were supposed to be, it was made out of faceted jewels, many, many different colors. .  It was really huge.  I went up closer to look at the dinosaur and the jewels were beautiful. The jewels were all finely faceted and it looked like it had been made by a person.  After we looked at the dinosaur, I and the archaeologists went to a restaurant where we were going to have lunch.  The head archaeologist ordered champagne and something really expensive.  The other archaeologist protested and said, "Oh, you shouldn't have done it, ".  He was appreciating it, but saying those words, and the first archaeologist got pissed off and started hollering at him.   But the guy really meant well.

Part II - Because of the jeweled dinosaur, I was given $2,500,000.  With that money, I bought a humongous silver and blue bus (like the Greyhound type - only bigger) This was to take people to church. I didn't know anyone in particular to do this with. I was living in the old A-C building on 70th and Greenfield. (I used to work there) I parked the bus on 72nd and Washington Streets. (I used to live there) I walked into the executive building of A-C which is on the west side of 70th St. (the opposite side of the street from where I was living).  I walked all the way through the building and gave my bus keys to the woman in charge of keeping the keys in that building. She hung them on a peg inside the door for safekeeping. She was in charge of all the keys and she had many pegs with keys on them in that room. I walked across the street then to the old A-C building which is where I lived. It was then about 9 a.m. Church began at 10 a.m. and I planned to drive the bus.  I knew it would be crowded there and thought about parking the bus in the middle of the street. The church was on 76th and Wisconsin Ave. I then walked back across the street to the executive building to get the keys to the bus and there were no keys in that room. A woman who was standing in the doorway of the room said that the woman who was the Keeper Of the Keys was making her rounds and had taken all her keys with her. I became very upset because I wanted to go to church and it was getting nearer and nearer to 9:30 a.m.  She ran around the building and found the Keeper Of the keys and brought them to me, and handed me the keys to the bus. I still didn't have anyone to go to church with, but as I walked down the hall, people began to notice that I had the keys to the bus that was going to church. I don't know how they knew this, but they somehow became aware that I was going to drive the bus to church. I met T.M. in the hallway and offered him a ride to church because I knew he was going there himself.  I told him I would meet him on 70th St. on the sidewalk and walk with him to the bus and drive him to church. At that point he didn't know I had the bus.  As I was walking through the hallway to the street, I noticed a room on the left where prostitutes hung out, did their makeup and changed clothes.  They noticed that I was going to church and they wanted to go with me. So, as I exited the building going East to 70th St., I had a troop of female prostitutes behind me. When I came out of the building on 70th St. I found myself on the edge of the ocean.  (Lake Michigan is about 25 miles East of that point, so this is not consistent with reality) Where the sidewalk was supposed to be, there was a very narrow wall holding up the earth between the building and the beach where the ocean was.  This wall provided a narrow place to walk down to the beach as an alternative instead of walking on the sidewalk. Walking along the ocean actually went to the same place, it was just more beautiful. I saw T.M. walking along the sidewalk way above me, and I waved and "Yoo hooed" to him and he came down the narrow walkway and joined me on the beach. I noticed that when I put my arm around his waist, he was very fat and soft (unlike reality) We met some other people along the beach. It was now about 9:30 a.m. (I remember one man was an attorney who lived in my Jackson St. building) He was laughing and jovial, but he told us there wouldn't be any room in the church for us when we got there. But I knew that when the church proper was full, you could climb the stairs and sit in the choir loft and that was what I was planning to do.  When then climbed the stairs and walked up Washington Street to where my bus was parked. At this point we were being trailed by a lot of people who were going to ride on the bus with us to church.


by Dee


May5, 1999 Last month around May 5th, I had the two dreams which blended in with each other, the one night I was in bed.

I found myself with a male bus driver acquaintance. I was on a bus, whom the driver took me to a several acre property on a dirt road instructing me. I got off the bus to admire the rows and rows of oleander bushes. Then I got back on the bus and the driver continued with his instructing me. I was the only passenger on the bus. Soon we arrived at river. I got off the bus and saw that the water was rushing by rapidly. I saw a raft with an oar nearby. Before I could get on the raft, I put on a life jacket and a helmet. Then I get into the raft and started sailing down the river. All of sudden, in front of my eyes, I saw another raft which had flipped a man off into the water due to the strong river currents. The man was able to grab a hold of the raft and the embankment stopped him from being carried away by the water. As I sailed passed the man, he and I looked at each other and immediately I recognized him under his life jacket and the helmet he wore on his head in addition to his facial features. Helplessly, I couldn't stop, I had to keep on going and stay afloat I could only look after myself and not for anyone else. Then I woke up. EOD