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Marlantis intro: deciphering ancient images/new study

Ezekiel 1:10: "As for the likeness of their faces, they had the face of a man; and they four had the face of a lion on the right side;
and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; and they four had also the face of an eagle. Thus were their faces."

California Crop Circle
World net Daily

Crop Circle Image Adjusted per instructions found below
to show the hidden code within it.
by Buzz

Subject: Good News and I'm puzzled news.

A few weeks ago I found a few reports authored by Robert D. Morningstar. Nice work, well written and leading into basic mirroring of ancient images. The one I found interesting is located here...

The four faces of Mars. This is also honored with an introduction of support by Geologist/Paleontologist Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

I picked up some pointers on preparing a scientific report and now had a name for some of these images I too have developed. At some point I hope we may exchange notes of confirmations of each one's work. No telling where he is with his research now as I can't find any updates on his work. The few people that did reply to my mass of step-by-step reports and images were polite ... they gave me the hint that they were not interested and my work might be tainted if any of it involved the infamous Cydonia IR images. It has been said that some of the Cydonia IR images might be altered. I asked myself, if that were true, wouldn't my finds be evidence for someone investigating the claim? TRUE OR NOT? I was taught years ago one can never have too much evidence. At the time, I was only an "Art Bell Listener" so I guess that places me in a category of those pesky fans and followers that can't wait to hear the next report that comes out on Mars. I know everyone is busy and I'm not well known or clad with any Masters Degrees so I went back to work and found more stuff (sorry ... that's not scientific lingo). Many thanks to all the numerologists that responded to my emails of introduction. They too seemed to be having problems reporting their finds. Some of their finds involved locations where I had transformed images with new meaning. I guess the D&M Moth will never graduate to anyone's home page.

I don't understand the point of showing a kinda-comparison between BAGHDAD and a part of IR Cydonia image . There are more important locations like the D&M Moth, or Phobos II and certain ancient marble busts, maps on earth, etc. What strategic gain is there by pointing out old kinda-looks-like stuff using possibly tainted images? There is plenty of work to do right here. Years of work to share in fact. I want to express my admiration for the Morningstar report of 1998.


I'd say they looked at their watch. Click to   and notice the wrist bands on the Oannes image. I can't help but wonder. They are also points of registration when mirroring. I find humor in this. I will write Vladimimir Pakhomov of this little observation. His work was helpful last winter and I appreciate his taking the time to communicate with me.


It is time consuming along with all the other duties that comes with the job of living off one's own research. Many people take things for granted in the life they live and sometimes overlook the importance of old fashioned words like please and thank you. I've read many contributions in forums that share intelligent knowledge, thoughts and observations. The overall air of the sites seems to deflect unnecessary clutter that can be generated by rude participants and / or those who are legends in their own minds.

THE PROBABLE CATCH 22 or is it 33.3 ?

I haven't been comfortable about the way I introduced the Moth illusion over the D&M Pyramid this spring. Whatever was suspected of being altered, certain geographic images from Mars do repeat themselves ... I refer to them as ANCIENT GEOGRAPHIC CLIP ART. From my research, I find it probable this whole scenario was created ... by those that we seek. Why? For one thing to get the more scientific-minds' attention toward what THEY want us to SEE. It worked, for I'm an example as many others this past year. Think about it. There are reports of images like the Face on Mars changing their appearance now and then. So to examine that, one-first has to view a subject location from different angles and lighting direction to come some level of professional conclusion in relation to environmental events and such. What if while this occurs, someone with the ABILITY TO MOVE MOUNTAINS or additionally MAR a crater, does just that. There is going to be some frustrated folks out there asking how was this missed, there haven't been any storms or quakes reported that might be the cause? My research suspects those we seek are changing the appearance of things here and there. Not just so many hundred years ago but a few years ago ... last month ... yesterday. I further suspect these changes are updates, updates to a type of code, a mapping code. Some of you have knowledge of this already. I tip my hat toward you, for making me earn this honestly. I would probably do the same if I were in your position, being that of personal choice or under orders, who is to say. Trying to be positive minded, I have to assume certain individuals are perhaps out there solving ancient treasure maps. Something I'd welcome. I wonder if this research made it to Mars. There is are examples of what would have touched upon from 1996 on. There's a guy's web site I need dig up and give credit to, where he reports, collecting images / photos of Cydonia from the beginning as a hobby if I recall. Years back, he accidentally received a copy of an image he already had. While filing it, he noticed the newer one was slightly different. Everything was identical in the image but the Face of Mars. It had increased in size a great deal. He can't explain it but was sharing this observation, possibly to surface some answers.

So what I'm trying to say is some images fall into the category of being modified by those we seek. Thus the phrase, "WE WON'T KNOW UNTIL WE GET THERE" now has more weight than it sounds. I'm writing this for those that haven't entertained this possibility already or read it elsewhere. But if this is the case, I supports the work of others on certain issues they themselves only know but can't disclose presently. This may be part of a pattern we are seeing more often. There are many people / groups out there with their beliefs on subjects claiming they are right. Arguments surface and then at some point enough info collects to where some folks come to their own conclusion that both sides are generally right only there was a greater power stepping things up a bit for what ever reasons.. Perhaps these are the steps toward getting us all to become one at some point.

I want to welcome a certain elite group (some with green eyes) for taking interest in my research. This creates a more calm setting and I'm grateful.

Well much to do. Getting many requests now to assist others with unusual images. A lot has been learned from this. Thanks.



Looking back, you do turn to stone, for there it is images.

Mon Jan 20, 2003

I'm currently working on an enigma involving mostly petroglyphs that I so far haven't found anyone else on record doing same. this study involves images on Mars and Earth. For Earth, the images can date back several thousand years. They involve all continents and support a vast amount of ancient history including Atlantis. I refer to my deciphering process as the MARLANTIS TRANSFORMATION. I'm seeking others who may be doing the same research and wish to communicate.

Since last fall when NASA released the (IR) inferred images of Cydonia on Mars, I've found my new hobby of analyzing photos not just from the red Planet but on Earth as well. I'm assuming the readers of this article are aware of the on going investigation by others claiming the (IR) photos were apparently altered. That had taken some of the fun out of my first find, a structure in one of the photos that closely resembled an ancient Mediterranean battle helmet, located under the Cydonia surface near the so-called Powerplant, utilizing Adobe PhotoShop to filter same on my Macintosh iBook. I'm an Anthro enthusiast since college days, and subscribed to various magazines on the subject, buy a book for reference now and then but don't really have any degree or credentials relative. For approximately 30 years I've been a local artist of various means, from creating surrealistic paintings for people, business logos, to criminal composites. I consulted on my style of composite evidence collecting before involved business and studying college students. I have reporting skills only in this area. When I discovered the noted helmet structure last fall, I made some mistakes in how I was reporting my finds. Too informal. Not professional. I assumed everyone concerned was also making discoveries and would want to know what tid-bit I had. But I soon relearned that it's not always what you know but who you know. During that time period, many web sights had popped up by those pointing out all sorts of related anomalies suggesting former life on Mars. I couldn't help but notice many of these surface oddities repeated themselves. I notice unusual duplications of various eye shapes and such that seemed to have a purpose but what? Some of these images were the size of mountains and left me with the conclusion that if the reports were correct, images would have had to be altered of the whole planet. But this hasn't prevented me in making my finds. When I got to the point of making a few templates to save time comparing images to reveal the suspect shapes hidden within natural formations, I thought it was time to present a brief of my work with instructions online in a well known forum. Apparently my brief was too lengthy and probably beyond the patience of the average person but non-the-less, I might meet someone doing the same research. I didn't have visual aids either, for my ISP isn't Mac-friendly toward posting images on a home page. Upon posting my friendly introduction, I was immediately met with a few skeptics, rudely claiming I was manipulating the images to get these wonderful results with a tone of questioning my true intentions. They obviously hadn't bothered to repeat the steps offered in support of my claim and I politely challenged their position. A volley of the minds ensued for a few days and then no further interest followed. The topic went dead for several weeks and then suddenly disappeared. About that same time I learned from there was apparently an agreement in the making between the U.S. Government & Russia to control certain discoveries (ahead of their time) from being made public for they may create (my words) public over-reaction, religious concerns and so on. I couldn't help but wonder if my skeptic welcoming committee might have been part of that control.

By this time I had hundreds of images collected from the web, books, etc., and everything was starting to make sense. Especially when It dawned on me what the persons featured in the Egyptian hieroglyphs were doing with their hands up in the air. They were giving directions as to how the image was to be mirrored and so forth. I found hidden within the normal kaleidoscope effect from mirroring was a matrix of images that would often repeat over and over in many different mirrored images being tested. This was far beyond the norm of the kaleidoscope effect. For me, these base-shapes were mostly found within the infamous 3D Face on Mars photos ( ) or the faint surface shadows of the Giza surface. Many images after mirroring would have noticeable gaps or arrows acting as a guide to do other things, sort of like a puzzle you would find in a magazine. Absolutely brilliant. The Egyptian hieroglyph for the solar boat was one of the first I opened and transformed. Deciphering involved numerous steps and the result was a more realistic looking flying machine than the original hieroglyph of a boat floating in air with crew holding oars. Why would they go to the extra trouble to etch out in stone an image that doesn't look like what it is suppose to represent?

I'm in the process now of preparing an official report of discovery via recommended protocol found available thru official sources on the internet. This article you are reading is mainly to help seek out any other persons whom may be doing the same research so an open line of communication may be established. It is also to show my true intentions as not trying to sell snake oil and even a common partially dyslexic person is capable of discovering something. There is lots of work to do. Soon I'll provide visual aids to further show the basic process. I'll name some historic sites like the Sphinx, items like the Turin Shroud, geographic formations and more that I've had positive results transforming and tying in with other images. The vast wealth of expertise and sharing of others provides me calm seas to comfortably launch this introduction. I thank our webmaster for inviting me to do so and share with the group.


Looking back, you do turn to stone, for there it is images.

Thu Apr 10, 2003


Mid Jan/2003, Kathy Doore (creator of had submitted a light cross photo to Coast to Coast web site and it was featured as the daily unusual photo. The story was brief and well written, about these unusual football size sources of light that appear for a moment from no where in various locations around Peru. There was mention of this as possibly being a stargate signature according to ancient myth and recent studies. I went to her web site and found it very informative plus a collective of various relative studies by many interesting researchers that stood out from the norm. Subsequently I sent an informal email of introduction to Kathy about my new study and problems I'm trying to overcome. To my surprise, she was prompt to reply and after a few Q & A emails, Kathy is sending me photos from her annual group trips to South America. For approximately 8 straight hours I'm opening these photos and together discovered a visual signature shared by these light cross and portal locations. Not only had this bout with Kathy confirmed my research thus far, it was opening a whole new chapter with many surprises. In brief we were supporting portal transportation (Stargates if you will) as apparent fact plus occurring everyday by unknown forces. Under certain conditions these portals could be seen translucent during the transformation process, with a noticeable signature in passing as well as one for sites of their occurrence. This signature also was found with other phenomenon like photographs of suspected ghosts.

Kathy Doore has included some of our early results in her web site. Her brief examples have yet a story line explaining the process, events that took place, etc. A gallery is in the making. Until then please see the following to get an idea of the basics which in turn make it easier to understand the advanced levels later on. Keep an open mind and if you see into the images with a 3D imagination wherein the scene moves away from you at approximately 33 degree level, you will have entered a realm with insight for better recognition than those of little patience.


Please continue to...

Intro page showing a few Peruvian textiles with ancient images that fall suit to general shapes we have found in our research...

One of the first images Kathy Doore submitted having positive results, shown here in low resolution. After opening this photo she immediately knew where to locate the textile images that displayed icons close in likeness to those surfaced from the basic transformation process.

A work up of many from this sacred site shown above the path/signature above ground, like ones from Egypt with faint faces (side center)

looking sideways as a clue for how to process the image. The foreground has the registration eye (known as the Eye of Ra to many) shown here in the center foreground. In the background are the backward legs as I call them which surface often in my research along with the illusion of a little Tumi-shaped vehicle taking off. As you view these for a while this reoccurrence seems to have amphibian/reptile characteristics, and worth mentioning during this introduction. This image has the same basics to that of the Giza Sphinx when mirrored from the rear view.

Top image again shares a common shape found in my research. Above the nose is the totem signature. Mid-side are the facial clues for horizontal configuration. Notice how 3D the main eye lashes appear. The two center images also support the above ground path, depict a higher quality of faces looking aside and up, plus a bug like trim /theme which is also found on Mars. There the illusion of a gypsy moth is embedded on the Cydonian five sided pyramid. Now look again at the center right photo and notice the woolly shape of a gypsy moth pointing upward. Just above the moth head and between the two cutie like eyes is the letter M. An M that is more Font like than a product of the kaleidoscope action.

And the following page are a pan of the horizontal overlay action showing images that registered well. Totem 3 was enhanced in this case since this sacred are according to Kathy Doore is of a feline theme. You may read on to her related pages to learn further about these areas. I liked not knowing about them until after working the images as a means of testing my formula outcome.

An example of enhancing the totem image with interesting results. I will comment later on this and other cases where you the reader can draw your own conclusions. Now lets start thinking about other parts of the world and Mars...

The above left formation will take me months to work up each image developed but the one below has a close likeness to the Fishman. It has repeated features to many other images I've worked but easier to notice in color. Now to test your patients, notice the two moth like images in vertical and below them, the head of a FISH below looking upward. The general outline of the head and mouth are most important to remember and so is the lower V point where the image stops. These shapes will surface from ancient images all over the globe. More on that when I go to the advanced phase relative to Solar Boat Transformation.

Now go to

And copy the second photo down from the top...

And copy at high resolution. Then make a copy in BLACK AND WHITE. Horizontally mirror each image just as they are. The five sided pyramid (D&M) will be an image to always have available to compare to for it will register to some locations on Earth. Just as important is the taller image of Cydonia. It displays a totem that includes the signature shapes that still require a geometric analysis. So do all the other totem shapes but until then take the Totem 8 image and layer it over the Cydonia strip (GHOST2) and see how many times you can register it's points of registration. One won't know what they are until you do it and at many different sizes. There are several and I'll provide a illustration later on breaking it down.

If you have read this far, go to

Mirror it accordingly (horizontal) 50% in transparency and register it (paste it on top of) on the Sphinx. Size the image to 4.5 inches wide at 72 res. Then slide to the left a distance between the now 2 Sphinx image at approximately 2 inches.

I would welcome hearing of your results on this for if I was clear enough on the instructions you should have an amazing result.

The D&M image of Mars alone is of most importance (subject to research ... Moths in Myth ... one of my things to do next). I don't have the credentials/funds/professional reporting team, behind me to present a scientific accepted delivery at this juncture. But I'm working on it.

Special thanks to Kathy Doore for all your help.

Draw your own conclusions

Thank you for taking the time and patients with this basic introduction. Much more to come.


W. "Buzz" Buzzard

Sun Apr 13, 2003


IN SEARCH OF JOE FERGUSON (1996...) and his research.

Fenniscowles, Blackburn Lancashire

Great News! A few weeks back, Kathy Doore informed me she obtained a copy of an English Heritage newspaper article from 1996, about JOE FERGUSON, a retired engineer from Fenniscowles, who was doing the same type independent study as I. The article

(In brief) claims Mr. Ferguson had worked on approx., 500 stone images in the area which he formulated as being signposts, due to their association of alignment with one another. They too had unusual animals of sort reveal in a manner like my research finds. The article doesn't explain the image enhancement process, only providing the finds as "making use of some high tech equipment." I'd suspect the all new Adobe PhotoShop 2.5 or other type program of that time period was probably the equipment, which he wanted kept secret as to protect his discovery. I can respect such concern but know one can't in this case without being accused of falsifying images of scientific claim. The article is informative and includes an image obviously mirrored/registered as do I, revealing the reoccurring characteristics found in this still new study. I was impressed with Ferguson's results for they swiftly registered to the lower portion of the ( ) image noted in my previous post a few days prior. The Ferguson image center registers via eye icons, general shape over lay plus other associated line comparison at approx., 15.25 inches measured from the top of the image of 20 inch height at 72 resolution. Efforts are underway in trying to locate JOE FERGUSON and/or any information about his research. Nothing has yet surfaced following the original printing of the English Heritage article. Kathy Doore from , Dee Finney from and I welcome any leads. Updates will be posted accordingly.

While on the subject, I have been transforming various stone formations of interest from images about the British Islands provided by Kathy Doore. I additionally obtained from the web images of the Tara stone. All images had positive results. Tara Stone results submitted to Revisedcode for evaluation.

A detailed report on the geometric signature of these transformations is in the making but will take some time.


Posted: Wed May 07, 2003


I'm drafting up a report on the Moth Myth topic (D&M PYRAMID) now so the readers will know what we are referring to. It's a continuation of the work ... with results that a viewer can repeat the steps themselves.  Surely some will want to try.

Thanks for the support and please keep in touch with me if you try the work or wish to comment on what has already been done.



Comment from Dee Finney:

Thu Jul 24, 2003


Thanks Buzz for showing me how to really look at a photo and see everything that is there - not just what is on the surface.

I'm going to use your technique to work on crop circles and see what other secrets they hold besides what is just in front of our noses.



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