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Authored by W. "Buzz" Buzzard: founder of Marlantis Transformation/Research

In association with PSI-Applications under direction of Steve Moreno.

California / USA


O: Make note of time & date photo session started/ended.

O: Make note of camera(s) type and film(s) if not digital. If digital, kept as...


O: Note type of aircraft you are aboard and how the photos are being taken. Example: Is camera hand held with in the cabin or affixed to aircraft.

O: Note weather conditions.

O: Keep track of approx., altitude for each photo taken when practical. Have a system of keeping track of each photo accordingly even if it has to be voice recorded while you are performing the activity (advisable if alone).

O: Take a direct one on one photo of subject crop circle and be able to indicate NORTH as close as possible. Include the whole crop circle in the photo. Try several direct above one on one shots at different altitudes. If   you do nothing else this is the most important task.

O: Take a forward angle view shot of crop circle with it at the bottom and the landscape atop to the North...a half mile or better. Important

O: Do same looking South. Important since there may be more to the crop circle near by that an untrained eye might note see even when flying over. North & South more important than East & West.

O: If you wish to do same from the East and West side that's great. You can never take too many photos. Several close up shots are good too. They can be pieced together later on. If you can avoid the shadow of your craft from being in the photo please do so but obviously can't be helped sometimes.

O: Note other members onboard aircraft and their participation of any equipment involved. Include their full name, real address, phone numbers, email address when possible.

O: Note where you flew out of and were in communications with during session.

O: Indicate in your report the longitude and latitude of crop circle and how you determined this info. It is also important to note what cities subject crop circle is near or any ancient known locations of interest. If an ancient location can be included in with a crop circle photo just by capturing the moment at a higher altitude please do so.

O: Keep track of ANY unusual occurrences during the flight. Example: Radio transmission interference and the frequency. Unusual light sources. Other aircraft in area and what info you know about them.

O: Don't fly too low over crop circle if flying in helicopter.

O: Note in your report what type of computer (Mac/PC...) you may be working your images later from. Include the OS, the type of photo image program you are using. Example: Adobe PhotoShop 5.5 or PaintBrush...

This informational has been developed for a reason due to recent developments learned about crop circles. Thus far the majority of crop circles photographed to date were not properly performed and important information that could have been learned using this set of guide lines probably has been lost forever. By following this set of guide lines a more professional presentation may be made. If any of the above guidelines could not be performed please indicate why. Please remember you are capturing a moment that for the next following weeks is going to be trampled upon by foot traffic and later returns to nature. Just a quick fly by photo is not enough. Repeat, NOT ENOUGH!

This set of guidelines will also help you in preparing a report. If you have little experience in such documentation always remember you want to write this in such a way that someone can understand it from beginning to end, not having any idea what it was about before they read it. Your reader may be in grammar school or someone with several college degrees. It may be read in just a few hours upon completion or 100 years from now. If you have access to any report numbers on this incident like Law Enforcement involvement, news media record numerics, etc., by all means include that info too and names of official persons assigned. These simple steps will not only save you time but also that of others dealing with the information you are providing. Include a copy of the above check off list to your report so that others will know why you took these steps. We want to try and keep this check off list short and simple but if you have any suggestion please submit to below CONTACTS and you have our thanks and appreciation accordingly ahead of time.

AN INFORMATIONAL FOR ONSITE PHOTOGRAPHY IS IN THE MAKING and will be found here as soon as it is completed.

Please notify the following research groups below of your finds indicating use of this protocol so that your images may receive the examination they deserve. Please understand that due to the increase of crop circles developing during this time there may be a back log and results might take some time, however; once those results start falling in place, you will be on the first to know list.

Submit digital photos in the following manner To Marlantis / JPEG JPG GIF PICT and indicate in your email to us how you have submitted them.


Marlantis Research/Crop Circle Submission from (Note location)
ATT: Buzz Buzzard


PSI-Applications/Crop Circle Submission from(Note location)
ATT: Steve Moreno/Director

Any media rush job requests for digital research analysis may be subject to reasonable charges to meet your deadlines...Buzz/Marlantis


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