By David Guyatt 

Part one

 The “New World Order was announced in a keynote speech by President George Bush on the eve of the Gulf War.  Meant to signify US success in combining the military forces of numerous nations to “police” future global flare-ups – beginning with Iraq – a far darker purpose remained unstated.  Sitting at the core of the NWO is another, more sinister goal: the political and economic dominance of the globe by an immensely powerful business elite. 

 Lurking behind and controlling the emerging world government is a small handful of influential men and women who – like the Gods on Mount Olympus – consider it their birthright to dominate mankind.  Those who form this cabal operate in a network of shadowy organisations that proselytise the demise of western democracy.  In its place they plan to substitute an authoritarian regime that benefits the few to the detriment of the many. 

 Central to their plans is the creeping disempowerment of elected national governments.  Key domestic political policies including foreign, defence and economic portfolio’s will be subtly transferred to the hands of unelected “supra-national” bodies already under their sway.  What remains of a nations governing structure will be used for routine administrative matters at a local level.

 These moves are designed to commandeer the planet’s resources, wealth and output.  A world army will suppress any nation that resists.  Organisations like the United Nations and the European Union are just two of the platforms used to bring these plans to fruition.  At least this is the view of numerous independent observers who say they - and you - are being robbed of any meaningful say in the future shape of things to come.

 To support their scenario, critic’s point to a small number of influential, and inter-locking groups, that develop and implement global policy behind the scenes.  Often formed in secrecy they operate as closed clubs where membership is by invitation only.  The mainstream media, who are heavily represented in each of them, refuse to publish stories inimical to their long-term goals – aimed a global coup d’etat.

 Of many such forums, the Bilderberg group is considered the pre-eminent “parallel government” that secretly sets the political and economic agenda of the European Union.  Composed of 120 of the world’s most powerful and influential men and women – including heads of state, cabinet ranked politicians, royalty, leading industrialists, financiers, academics and media-people , they meet in secret each year.  Here they manipulate events and clandestinely plan the election of the next President or Prime Minister.  Nominees for these positions must give de facto loyalty to their hidden masters. 

 Named after the Hotel in Osterbeek, Holland, where the first meeting took place in May 1954, “Bilderbergers” – as they are known - are forbidden to speak openly of their discussions and the decisions they reach.  Delegates are drawn from the US, Canada and Europe – with Europe sharing approximately two-thirds representation.  Meetings are held for three days every year – in late May and early June - where “informal” discussions of “current concern” are tabled.

 The names of those attending Bilderberg meetings reads like a compact version of “Who’s Who:”  Lord Peter Carrington, former Foreign Secretary and Secretary General of NATO; Conrad Black, Chairman of Telegraph Newspapers Plc; Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State and Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc; David Rockerfeller, Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank; James Wolfensohn, President, the World Bank; Lloyd Bentsen, former US Treasury Secretary; John Brown, Group CEO, British Petroleum; William McDonough, President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Colin Powell, former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff; Simon Robertson, former Chairman Kleinwort Benson group Plc; Peter Sutherland, former Director general of GATT and WTO.  These are just some of the “mover’s and shaker’s” who attended the 1997 meeting.

 Their meetings are subject to massive security and utmost secrecy.  The 1995 convention occurred in a mountain top retreat at Burgenstock, Switzerland.  Attendees arrived and departed by helicopter.  The 100 plus delegates exclusively occupied three luxury hotels and were ferociously protected by the Swiss Army, police and intelligence personnel.  In addition, the Bilderberg group has its own private security force that boasts a number of snarling attack dogs.  Members of the public who are resident in the hotels are brusquely moved out a day prior to the arrival of the great and the good. 

 The locations chosen for these elite shindigs change each year.  Last year’s forum was held at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce leadership Centre, King City, on the outskirts of Toronto.  The “CICB Centre” is known as Canada’s “Bohemian Grove” - named after the exclusive retreat in California, which hosts a luxurious meeting each year for the rich, famous and influential to relax and socialise with their peers.  What few reports are available of the annual Bohemian Grove get-together, tell of strange, nocturnal Masonic rituals being performed in front of roaring campfires.  Over the years numerous former US Presidents has attended “Grove” gatherings.

 This year’s Bilderberg meeting – the 45th annual event - took place at the lush Renaissance Pine Isle Resort, Lake Lanier island, Georgia, USA.  A flying visit by Hilary Clinton, America’s “first lady” set the tone for subsequent discussions.  Topics included modifying the public mind to accept “a world without borders” – and expanding NATO to include former Warsaw Pact nations.  Dr. Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State, said that NATO had become “The United Nations world army” – according to a report published by The Spotlight, a populist American newspaper that single-handedly covers these events.  Kissinger, The Spotlight reported, went on to add this achievement occurred “when American troops wore blue helmets in Bosnia, serving under a European commander who reported directly to the U.N. Security Council, with the President and Congress having no voice.”

 Other subjects discussed included ways of improving the group’s secrecy, possibly by a change of name and “fast-tracking austerity measures and the EMU.” Also on the agenda were methods of “extending the influence of Transnational Corporations and banks over Western politicians,” according to Tony Gosling a Bilderberger watcher.  “Austerity” is packaged under various PR rubrics designed to sanitise the impending upheaval on ordinary mortals.  The end result, however, is that money flows from the public’s pocket to theirs.  With it also goes the ability for the man in the street to define their own destiny.

 Apart from a permanent “Steering Committee” of top-notch kingmakers, delegates are selected according to merit.  There is no formal membership list.  Britain’s Prime Minister, Tony Blair, attended the 1993 meeting.  The 1997 meeting saw former Pentagon Chief of Staff Colin Powell, as a keynote speaker.  His presence is said to signal his “anointment” as the future US president.  Prior to his election, President Bill Clinton attended the 1991 meeting at Baden-Baden in Germany.  Until then Clinton remained an obscure state governor unknown by the vast majority of Americans. 

 Yet as influential as it is, Bilderberg is just one of several inter-connected special interest groups that reign as de facto secret governments.  Between them they wield massive, but clandestine clout.  In the United States the Trilateral Commission sits at the forefront.  The “Commission” is a “sister” organisation of Bilderberg - and has an interlocking leadership as well as sharing a common agenda. 

 Formed in 1972 at the estate of multi-billionaire, David Rockerfeller, a seventeen man “planning group” was formed to launch the Commission on to an unsuspecting world.  Backed with Rockerfeller money, Zbigniew Brzezinski - then a professor at Columbia University - was chosen as Chairman.  Some years earlier, Brzezinski called for “a community of the developed nations” to be formed.  Drawn from America, Western Europe and Japan – this community, which he typified as the most “advanced in planetary consciousness” as a result of their “scientific and technological innovation,” was destined to rule the planet.  Brzezinski’s stated in his book “Between Two Ages,” that “National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept” - a trumpet signal of elite plans aimed at removing national borders and identities. 

 By 1973, Jimmy Carter, till then a unknown hayseed from Georgia, had aligned himself with the Trilateral Commission, becoming a founding member.  Three years later, in 1976, he was elected President and immediately commenced policies sanctioned by the Commission.  Numerous members of his administration were also fellow members.  None more so, than Brzezinski, who was placed in the enormously powerful National Security Adviser slot. 

 Critics, among them Senator Barry Goldwater, referred to the Commission as “David Rockerfeller’s newest international cabal.” Goldwater then added “it is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests…”  Goldwater’s comments revealed the true-working of how President’s are made and elections won. 

 In his book “With No Apologies,” Goldwater states “David Rockerfeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski found Jimmy Carter to be their ideal candidate.  They helped him win the nomination and the presidency.  To accomplish this purpose, they mobilised the money power of the Wall Street bankers, the intellectual influence of the academic community – which is subservient to the wealth of the great tax-exempt foundations – and the media controllers represented in the membership of the CFR and the Trilateral.”

 Disparaging democracy as unworkable, the Trilateralists proceeded to plan the carve up the globe into three principal and inter-related powers.  These would be the United States of the America’s, the United States of Europe and a Pacific Union.  Big business, and especially trans national corporations would become the effective masters of the world. 

 Embedded even deeper inside US domestic politics is the Council for Foreign Relations, known as the “CFR.”  With a membership roster running into the thousands – and selected from all disciplines - it is the real creator of US foreign policy.  In fact, since 1940, every US Secretary of State bar one, has been a member of the CFR or it’s younger brother the Trilateral Commission.  Likewise every single Secretary of Defense (and before that Secretaries of War) have been members.  Key Directors of Central Intelligence and almost every major US National Security Advisors have been drawn from the Council.  Over the years it has grown to dominate White House appointments. 

 Today, President Clinton, in addition to having attended a Bilderberg meeting, also has membership in the CFR and the TC.  His administration is staffed by almost one hundred CFR members.  Before him President George Bush appointed no less than 95 CFRer’s to positions of political power.  Such is the dominance of these “elite managers” that listing the names and titles of members who have served in the last four US administrations runs to a staggering 10 close-typed pages.

 Whereas these and other organisations are likened to the visible arm of the global elite, the “inner sanctuary” is the sinister “Order of the Skull and Bones.”  Immensely secretive, even to this day, the Skull and Bones lay at the pinnacle of absolute hidden power from which they direct World Inc.  Formed over a century and a half ago, its origin dates back to the German Illuminati - a secret occult society whose agenda has always been global dominance.

 The membership roster is a well-guarded secret although names do occasionally surface – including that of former President, George Bush.  “Bonesmen” are forbidden from speaking of the bizarre Satanic rituals they practise.  However, they are believed to worship death – and use as their symbol the “death’s head” emblem also worn by SS storm-troopers during WW11.

 As we probe deeper into the “Order” and unravel the connections of their British associates, we discover that there is nothing “new” about the New World Order.  In fact it dates back hundreds and possibly thousands of years.  Along the way, history has deftly manipulated to eclipse the presence of those who create wars to further their occult aims.

An insider’s account of the NWO elite

 “The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system and the economy of the world as a whole.”  These revealing words were written by Dr. Carrol Quigley.  An eminently respectable academic, he was granted access to secret records and archives that revealed the workings of the group in his book “Tragedy & Hope.”  In his expose he explains how the one world system “was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences."

 Bilderberg and press censorship

 In his 6 May 1975, “Lombard” column of the Financial Times, journalist C. Gordon Tether published a critical account of the Bilderberg group.  Saying “if the Bilderberg Group is not a conspiracy of some sort, it is conducted in such a way as to give a remarkably good imitation of one,”  Tether was never again permitted to mention the secretive group.  After a protracted censorship battle with the editorial management, he was sacked a year later.  Other journalists were not slow to comprehend the significance of Tether’s critical “mistake.”  Amongst many British media icons who have attended Bilderberg are Sir William Rees-Mogg; Andrew Knight and Frank Giles.

 MI6 pushes Britain to join the European Union

 The Sunday Telegraph in its issue dated 27 April 1997, published a telling story about how Britain’s politicians had been pushed into joining the fledgling EEC – forerunner of the EU -  by the Secret Intelligence Service.  A secretly funded unit of the Foreign Office linked to MI6 used public funds to initiate a covert propaganda drive aimed at convincing Britain to join the EEC.  The campaign is said to have been backed by the CIA.  As Prime Minister, pro European Ted Heath – an early Bilderberg attendee - was experiencing an up-hill struggle to convince the public and rebel politicians to support the move.  Following a massive media campaign voters decided in favour.