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7-12-98 - When I first received an e-mail from Barry Chamish, I didn't know who he was, so when he e-mailed me with a chapter from his book, I brazenly talked him into letting me post four chapters on our site  Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

Later on, when I did some research, I discovered that Barry Chamish is the leading UFO researcher in Israel.  Had I known that in the beginning, I probably wouldn't have been brave enough to talk him into this project.  (smile)

The book he is writing about the current UFO wave in Israel is 17 chapters, and when completed, he will be looking for a publisher.  I offered to publish the whole book on my web-site, BUT, that would not have been the best way for Barry to earn a living, so I was happy to get the four chapters.

Prior to getting Barry's e-mail, I had busily been collecting UFO sightings from all over the world, and here are some from Israel for a sample.  You will note that in each case, Barry was the researcher on the case.  


From alt.ufo.reports Mon Feb 6 09:12:03 1995 From: andyc@defena.win-uk.net

(Andy Clark) Date: Sun, 05 Feb 1995 18:10:28 GMT Subject: Israeli Incident

The U.K.magazine Flying Saucer Review usually contains some strange articles and the editor does have some crazy ideas about worldwide conspiracies , angels etc. etc. Occasionally though an interesting article appears and this was the case in the winter `94 issue. Although this is not a personal sighting I believe this post is justified here as it could be (if true) a very significant report. The writer, Barry Chamish is, allegedly, a distinguished writer, having contributed to The Boston Globe, Sunday Telegraph and New Statesman amongst others. In the FSR article he states that 1993 saw a UFO flap in Israel and goes on to give details of several sightings.

A craft is said to have landed near Kadima on March 30th 1993.

The next day it returned and metal shards were retrieved. Chamish says these were analysed by Tel Aviv University and found to be of unknown origin.

A Dr.Fuhner, director of the biochemical department of the State of Israel Institute For Geology analysed a shard. He reported "On Thursday27/5/93 we received a sample weighing 2.7 grams and submitted it for analysis. After putting it through two separate tests we have found the material to be composed of elemental silicon, a substance not found on this planet". Apparently a number of people descended on Kadima and retrieved samples of this before the authorities could react. Thus, the  article claims, there are people in Israel who have in their possession samples of material which "were not manufactured by any process known."

This region of Israel has,for some reason, received a large number of UFO visitors according to Chamish. So there it is, make of it what you will!


On Thursday, April 16, 1998, Israel Television Channel One broadcast an interview with Golan Nasrir, 30, an Israeli Arab who discovered a crop circle in a wheat field in the Emeq Yisreel (Valley of Jezreel.)

The crop circle was found near the village of Bet Zarzir, located about 40 kilometers (24 miles) southeast of Haifa.

According to Israeli journalist Barry Chamish, "On the evening of April 12, a resident of the Jezreel Valley Arab village of Bet Zarzir heard dogs bark wildly, looked outside and saw small lights darting in a nearby wheat field. The next day he told his friend Golan Nasrir about the incident, and he (Golan) went to the field, thus discovering the crop circle."

Chamish described the crop circle as "a 26-meter half-circle with an equally long and straight 'tail' attached."

Paul Vigay's Crop Circle Resource Page of   I.R.C.U.P.  LOWER GALILEE

"Within the circle were seven round pods in the mud. All vegetation within was killed, and the ground was severely dessicated compared to the surrounding soil. In four of the pods, the soil was covered with a white powder, while, in the other three pods, there was a red oily fluid."

Israeli ufologist Gil Bar painstakingly took samples of the white powder and red oil. Chamish showed the samples to Dr. Marvin Antleman, who reportedly speculated that the oil might be a derivative of cobalt. Dr. Antleman is making arrangements to have the samples analyzed in a laboratory. (Many thanks to Barry Chamish for this news story.)


by Barry Chamish

The sagas of three Israeli abductees have recently been published. I have been fortunate enough to receive filmed evidence strongly confirming the first account. Following are abridged translations of the testimonies  with short commentary by me in brackets. The first case was transcribed by Avi Grief, director of the Israel UFO Research Center in its publication UFO. I thank him for gathering strong corroborating evidence in his publication, without which, the following article could not have been written with relative ease.

The testimony is of Ada, (she does not give her full name in the publication though I have it), a medical electronics technician. She sought Grief out to tell her story. She is from Kfar Saba where it must be noted, several dramatic UFOs have been captured on video since September of 1996.

Ada's Testimony:

'In the afternoon after work during the summer of 1993 I went to my bedroom to sleep, I saw within a three-dimensional being less than a meter  from me. He was tall and wearing a "space suit" of silver and green." (Her description of a tall being in a silver suit matches those women who met giants from April to July 1993 in Kadima, Burgata and Rishon Letzion. The timing of Ada's first encounter is, thus, most significant.) "The being emitted white beams from his waist area. I felt the energy of  the beams first in my feet, then throughout my whole body. The feeling was wonderful...A feeling of fullness, well-being, joy and purity. Then the being left. It took small steps then it was gone." (Her description of the departure is similar to those of Shosh Yahud of Kadima and Batya Shimon of Rishon Letzion)."For weeks I walked around with this feeling of fullness. My views on life and death changed since then. When I am not afraid I can  let loose and call up visions of all kinds of beings. I feel their presence everywhere, in my home, car and other places."

"That year, despite my overall feelings of warmth, I was often very tired and slept too much. In this period, they helped me in many ways, even finding a complete solution to my problems with my husband. I couldn't complain about this first, learning period."

"Three years ago, I found two highly symmetrical objects in my upper nose of 1 mm diameter each. They cleared up my chronic sinus infections as never before. Two years ago, I was caring for a soldier when six beings appeared in the hallway. I called my husband to see but he was rebuffed by a hidden energy source. He tried again but could not get to the hallway."

"That same evening I felt horrible pains in my navel area which spread to the lower ribs, pains I had never felt before. The pains continued for three weeks. From the navel, the pains would spread to the lungs, first the left, then the right. After the pains subsided, I felt a definite improvement in my breathing."

"A year and a half ago, I suddenly discovered 20 blue spots, like tiny blood dots, on both my legs. They caused no pain and disappeared within two days." (In January 1996, Derrel Sims flew to Israel to study the case of a Netanya abductee, Shosh Baron with me. Her body, including legs, was also covered with dozens of small dots that looked like scabbed needle marks)."Shortly after, I felt pain in my right armpit area and when my husband tried to soothe it with his hand, he received a shock. One night the pain was so bad I put a drug-soaked bandage on it. By the morning the pain was gone and a permanent scar left on the skin."

"A year ago, the aliens concentrated on my ears beginning with my right ear for a month and a half, then my left. After that they took turns with both my ears. The treatment was extremely painful. When the pain was excruciating, I felt warmth like that of a black light in my ear and the pain subsided. After that the ears dried up from inside and I heard shrill noises that I had never heard before."

"Three years ago in the winter, my husband and I returned from an evening of dancing at 2 AM and at 3 AM he started snoring so loudly that I went to sleep in the salon. Suddenly the stripes in the blanket glowed like fluorescence. I looked up and saw on the ceiling a three dimensional glowing white saucer of 3 meters diameter. A year and a half later, a similar image appeared on the dining room ceiling though my husband claimed it was a reflection from the kitchen. The next day he saw the image of a blue glowing circle in the exact location."

"On 9/5/97, my husband discovered the spots on my back. He then looked in a magnifying glass and saw there was a kind of order to the spots. He filmed the spots with his video camera." (I have a copy of this film. The spots look very similar to those of Shosh Baron though hers were scattered seemingly helter-skelter while Ada's were placed in parallel lines near the middle of the back).

"The spots went away in two days and then the aliens returned in the middle of the night. They literally smothered me with a feeling of love and I felt a wave of heat. I went to the bathroom at 2:30 AM and urinated an enormous amount of urine. That night, a sinus abscess that I had suffered with for ten years disappeared. In June 1997, the spots returned and my husband again filmed them."

"I was told there are two types of aliens, good and bad. The good wish to promote harmony but the bad have the upper hand right now. They are responsible for the UFO landings and the mass abductions and have no concept of the pain they cause."

(Ada is one of a lengthening list of Israeli women in their late thirties who have been examined by large aliens. As noted before, the Israeli abduction/ visitation wave which began in Kadima in April 1993 is characterized by the witnesses all being women of about the same age and professional background. As of today, only one of the women is happy about her experiences. Most wish it never happened or would finally go away).

The next publicized testimony was that of Chani Salomon published in Kan Drom, This Is The South, on 23/5/97. Here are Chani's experiences:  

"On 2/5/97, during the afternoon rest time, I felt a presence in the bedroom. I tried getting out of the bed but failed. I saw an elliptical image 60 cm. high. of a brightly lit and glowing object. It approached me and I felt it was operating on me. It was a most uncomfortable feeling. My eyes were wide open and I saw what was happening to me but I was helpless to react, a most worrying situation. I felt I was being drilled into from place to place. The center of the operation was in the heart. I felt a pain there that is indescribable, I was that unfamiliar with it."

"I tried to scream to alert my family but no sound came out. I tried to say Shma Yisrael (The holy Jewish prayer, traditionally recited before death) but don't recall how many times."

"I went to the beach a few days later and saw all the people glowing and translucent. Then I felt an odd sensation in my forehead, between my eyes."

"The rest of the week, the area behind my ears hurt though there was no sign of injury or wound."

"Two weeks after the first incident I had a dream connected to UFOs, something which never happened before. In it, I'm with a group of people and we're all startled by the appearance of UFOs in the sky. A voice asks for volunteers to go up in the craft. A white beam lights up my knees, though I don't recall volunteering. The dream awakened me to the fact that there are others in the cosmos trying to reach us and help us. We just have to be sensitive to the infinite pool of energy and exploit it for our own health and care."

The third case was published in Zman Tel Aviv on 30/5/97 and written by David Ronen and Sarah Tsifroni. I was initially reluctant to include it because Ronen and Tsifroni did not include the witness's name. However, like Grief, I decided this incident was worthy of recording for several reasons. First is the integrity of the Zman Tel Aviv reporters. Second is the location of the incident, Ness Tziona. The city is located just two miles from Rishon Letzion, twenty miles south of Tel Aviv, the second most important UFO hot spot after the Sharon, the region north of Tel Aviv which includes Kadima, Kfar Saba and Netanya. Finally, a phenomenon occurred to the witness which duplicated an eerie experience Derrel Sims and I went through in Netanya.

The witness describes herself as a rationalist and skeptic, then tells her frightening story:

"Things began almost innocently. I would have the sensation at night of being between sleep and a dream state, something that was difficult to control. Every morning I'd wake up confused with deep pains centered around my right ear. Then I'd go to sleep at night and have the feeling I was choking, like I was breathing in smoke."

"Strange beings would appear in the dreams. Sometimes they'd be tall and longhaired with a stunted nose and giant nostrils...(except for the long hair, the description of the tall beings duplicates those of the women discussed previously. Their giants, however, were bald)...and sometimes like bald, skinny children with a mask-like face and huge eyes." (Which is a close description of the little greys which visited Shosh Baron in 1996).

"After the dreams, I felt pain in the legs and the armpits, which included sores which disappeared later. I would feel that time was lost and was very tired. For six or seven days we experienced electrical blackouts whose cause was not known."

"On 14/5/97 at night I awoke from my sleep. But I felt tied down to the bed. I felt like I was choking and my throat burned like I had drunk something caustic. The house stunk of a crippling odor. I went into panic."

"I felt a smothering, heavy feeling in the atmosphere. The smell even  emanated from my son's room."

(In January 1996, Derrel Sims and I investigated the Shosh Baron, Talia Cohen incident in Netanya. Talia's father, Ilan, warned us that when the beings arrived, they carried with them a horrid stench. All my skepticism  about the case disappeared when, out of nowhere, an acrid, disgusting smell, somewhat like burning tires, filled my nostrils. There was no possible earthly source for this smell. The stench moved around the room and we identified it in four other places. It took five or six hours until the smell left my olfactory nerves).

"I could sit up on my bed and did so. Half an hour later I heard a sound in my ears which began like a cricket chirping and ended like a jackhammer. The sound emanated from somewhere above me. When the sound dissipated, I went downstairs and saw a shocking image: The window and blinds were covered in a fluorescent blue light whose source seemed to be in the room, flowing outside. In the morning I saw two of my photos scratched and torn like rats bit it, a sculpture had its throat damaged and a doll's face was ripped off. Outside were two 20 cm. black circles which stunk of last night's smell. Around the 20 cm. circles were a number of 8 cm. circles which formed the shape of a scorpion's tail. I'm not a paranoiac but I have a feeling I've been violated inside. I think they've formed a bond with me and will be back. Especially the little ones with the big eyes."

(And like Mara, one of the witnesses of Kadima back in 1993, she decided to abandon her house and never return to it. However, this has not been a feasible solution for Batya Shimon of Rishon Letzion whose beings  have followed her halfway around the world to Los Angeles).


Following are three chapters from Barry's new book. I hope you enjoy them, and then go out and by the book as soon a it's available.  After reading these cases previously sited, I will be first in line.


by Barry Chamish


Israel Awakens To The Invasion

During the spring of 1980, I was a soldier in the anti-aircraft brigade of the Israeli Air  Force. My duty was to operate two types of anti-aircraft missile. My unit was on training maneuvers in the bleak Sinai Desert and private Adam Reuter was on skywatch.

While staring into the western skies with his binoculars, he called me over,saying,"I think I'm  looking at a UFO."

He handed me the glasses and I saw a large, well lit, silvery object. Circling it were red objects that occasionally flew into the silver one, seemingly melding with it.

One by one members of the unit were called to observe the sight until most had stopped  digging their foxholes. Our officers intervened and everyone went back to their mundane  military exercise. Everyone but Adam and I, who were severely reprimanded for slagging work. Nonetheless, we could not take our eyes off the sky.

Over the next three months, strange lights passed over our base. We had been trained to identify jets and helicopters of all kinds and how not to confuse them with  satellites. What  we were seeing was nothing like anything taught in our skywatching classes.

These were highflying, soundless dots in the upper atmosphere that flew in squadrons, stopped in the middle of their flight, joined together then split off in different  directions and turned at  impossible angles.They were best described as manually controlled satellites. Since such a  fleet of vehicles did not exist, we had no explanation for what we were seeing.

As the summer wore on, Adam and I were the sole advocates of the UFO theory and I  especially was subjected to mockery. The most common theory among the unit was that a  new weapons system was being tested but over time, that explanation did not suit even the most hardened critics.

One morning at assembly, the unit asked our officers to request an  explanation from the Air Force. A few days after the request was submitted, a colonel from the  Meteorological Division addressed us. His message was simple," We don't know what you are seeing but we request that you do not tell outsiders since that only spreads rumors."

So the arguments over the lights continued and as strongest advocate of the  extraterrestrial visitation hypothesis, I was ribbed ruthlessly.

This would not happen today. Back in 1980, very few Israelis had seen UFOs.

The only major sightings were in Haifa in the early Fifties. Since then, Israel was mostly ignored by outworldly civilizations.

Despite the irritating kidding I was receiving, I began a little investigation. I was serving at a large air force base and pilots would occasionally lecture us on tactics  for aiming and shooting our missiles. Once the lecture ended, I approached the pilots and asked them if they had ever chased UFOs.

Because I was a fellow soldier, the pilots let down their guard. Two admitted that they had  chased ships of unexplainable origin. One was glowing blue and the pilot  chased it over  Haifa until it tired of the pursuit and sped off over the Mediterranean at a speed the pilot's  state-of-the-art Phantom could never hope to achieve. The other chase was over Jerusalem. The object was twice as large as a Phantom,red and, "disappeared before my eyes."

I am told that I was privileged to squeeze any information out of Israeli Air Force pilots.

The person who told me so was Julie, a reporter for the official air force magazine, distributed to personnel throughout the country's air bases. We crossed paths in January, 1994.

She was doing a story about the UFO wave for the magazine and we were interviewing the same people. She told me outright that there is a special unit within the air force investigating UFO incidents but as far as anyone was concerned, it was non-existent. The air force would not help one of its own journalists get near the unit or its files. And pilots were ordered not to answer her questions.

There is,  however, a former air force radar operator, who lives near Kadima and was briefly referred to before, who has been telling ufologists a few interesting  things. For instance he told me, "The operators often get strange blips on their screens such as objects flying at impossible speeds which shouldn't be there or objects making gravity-defying turns. These  are reported and planes scrambled to chase them. I was personally  responsible for two reports that led to chases. I saw the pictures the pilots took. They were of cigar shaped craft.

The air force feels these craft are intruders and a security risk so will not publicize incidents, partly to avoid panic and in part,because there is no answer to  them if they turn hostile."

Because the air force had effectively covered up UFO encounters and because there were so few sightings, until the late 1980s,almost all Israelis viewed UFOs as pure science fiction.

Then in 1988, two UFO incidents were well-filmed and documentary evidence was  presented to the public.

On the 26th of February, 1988,  Rosetta Kalphon was having a gathering at her  apartment in Haifa on Israel's northern Mediterranean coast. Including among her fifteen guests was a professional photographer from Ashdod who had brought his video-camera with him.

As the evening drew to a close, all sixteen people stood on Rosetta's balcony and watched a spectacular UFO, while for seventeen minutes, it was filmed professionally.

Shortly  after,journalists were invited to Rosetta's apartment to view the film.

Though I missed the occasion,  I saw a frame of the film that was reproduced  in a local paper called Kol Bo.The shot is outstanding, far clearer than Doron Rotem's blowup of Eli  Cohen's videotape. The UFO is somewhat umbrella-shaped and on the side shown in the shot were eight smallish orange lights and in the middle of them, an orange light twice their size.

I found the picture in Avi Grief's files while interviewing him in Haifa and hoped to see the original film while I was in the city. I managed to get Rosetta on the phone in the early evening. I told her I was writing a book on Israeli UFO experiences and her voice became very animated.

"It happened again," she said. "Two weeks ago, my apartment was filled with light and I  went on the balcony. Opposite me in the same place as in 1988 was a silver UFO as big as a house. I thought I was going crazy. What do they want with me already?"

On the 26th of June,1988,the Israeli papers carried the account of Yossi Ayalon. Two nights before, at 1:30 AM,he stood on his balcony in Herzlia, ten miles north  of Tel Aviv and saw a point of light appear on the horizon out of nowhere.

"I called my wife out but the light had disappeared by then. Suddenly it reappeared as big and bright as the sun at dawn. I knew I was seeing something I'd never witnessed before so  I ran inside for my video camera and started filming."

Yossi did not call the police but rather, sent the film to Israel Television for public  scrutiny. He, however, refused to appear on television,explaining, "I never believed in UFO stories and I don't want to become a joke. But I just can't ignore what I filmed and saw."

Nor could many viewers. Yossi's UFO is clearly round and like many of the Israeli UFOs, emits a bright orange light. The roundness is broken by a dark colored square from  the rim to the middle, taking up about 20% of the ship's size.

Thus, in 1988, two UFOs were videotaped in Israel and this evidence is important to me.

The purpose of this work is to prove that UFOs and aliens visited Israel in its ancient past and returned again in 1987. Only by gathering the strongest physical evidence of the present, could the more difficult biblical thesis be made plausible.

Although there are a number of UFO contactees in Israel,  I vowed not to  include their  stories unless they were backed with physical evidence or corroborated by  disinterested witnesses. Thus, with great dismay, I sat down to interview a UFO witness in Ramat Gan, a  suburb of Tel Aviv, only to discover that he was a follower of an Indian mystic and made contact by putting himself in a trance. I politely turned down the offer of a sitting to meet the aliens via his mind.

Doron Rotem directed me to someone with, "quite a story." On the phone he told me he would not grant an interview until he had received permission from "them."

As fascinating as his experience must be, I decided it would be out of context with the  direction of reporting. I chose to concentrate on the physical to the almost complete neglect of the metaphysical. One of the most remarkable of the physical stories involved a chase right out of the movies.

Just before 3:AM on the morning of December 6,1991, Yossi Ben Maos was  driving in a  taxi outside the city of Bet Shean, in the Jezreel Valley approximately halfway between Haifa and Tiberius. It was then that he noticed a strange vehicle emitting, "a pleasing light," was pacing the taxi 150 meters opposite it.

Yossi thought the craft must be some sort of glider carrying terrorists from Jordan,  ten miles distant, to an attack. He and the driver decided to follow the glider to its destination and then call for the police. The craft stopped and hovered above the industrial zone of Bet Shean and there Yossi found a phone to make his report.

A squad car quickly arrived, the policeman took a look at the large object dangling in the air and immediately called his superior, Chief Inspector Yitzhak Mordechai at home, woke him up and implored him to rush over. Mordechai told the policeman he was on his way and ordered him to call the army, air force, border guards and to alert the local kibbutzim.

By the time Mordechai arrived, the industrial zone was filled with armed men.

The UFO began moving slowly toward the Jordanian border trailing a convoy of jeeps and police cars beneath it. The craft reached the border and turned back toward Israel.

After a half an hour of this eerie chase, the UFO settled in one spot, 150 meters in the air above Kibbutz Maoz Chaim. Beneath it, were about a hundred armed men, many of whom thought it was a terrorist invader though most understood by then, that this was no earthly object.

At about 5:00 AM someone gave the order to shoot. The shots were heard throughout the area and could not be covered up. The next day the police blamed the army for shooting at the craft while army personnel accused the police of ordering the attack. The craft was not damaged by the fire and just at sunrise, an hour later, it rose into the sky and disappeared.

Thus, Ben Yossi Ben Maos and the unnamed cabbie, witnessed the UFO for over three hours, while dozens of  cops, soldiers and kibbutzniks stood under it for almost two and a half hours.

Doron Rotem interviewed a reserve soldier who as at the scene and his account is more expansive. According to soldier, it wasn't just a few bullets that were shot but long rounds of small arms fire and shoulder-harnassed anti-aircraft missiles.

Yoram Torbatian says, "A lot of information about the Bet Shean attack is being covered up. The morning after the encounter Mordechai was telling the media what happened, truthfully. Later in the day, he was told to watch himself. After that he wouldn't talk to anyone and won't to this day."

If Chief Inspector was open, it was for the public good. The UFO was witnessed by hundreds of Israelis and dozens had called radio stations demanding to know if a war had started, if there was a terrorist attack or just why they saw what they saw.

Mordechai gave a now famous radio interview, assuring the public that he had chased a UFO." It wasn't a plane, it wasn't a helicopter or a meteor. It was a UFO."  It is not known if his blunt report actually comforted the public but it certainly was blatant official confirmation of UFOs over Israel.

Reading Mordecchai's press quotes of that day is illuminating. In the morning,  he told  reporters, "After Yossi Ben Maos called the police,a squad car arrived and the policemen identified a mysterious glowing object moving eastward. At this point I had a car sent to me and began chasing the object until it stopped above Kibbutz Maoz Chaim. We stayed with it until almost six o'clock. When the sun rose, it left.

"The object was glowing and bright, it flew 200 metres above the ground and stood out clearly in the background of  stars. It tipped from side to side until it balanced itself and then stayed in the same position, circling on its axis from left to right until it became steady. Then  it stopped and hung in the sky. I don't believe it had hostile intents.

"The craft seemed very curious about us. To tell the truth, I don't know what  is was but I saw what I saw and not for an instant but for two and a half long hours."

The official description of the night's events were reported in the Bet Shean police reports as, "A UFO incident."

Later in the day, Mordechai sat for an interview with Gabi Nitzan, a reporter for the daily, Chadashot. Already he was under scrutiny as Nitzan reports:

During the interview, Mordechai, under strict supervision from the spokeswoman of Israel Police's central  headquarters, who, 'just happened to be with us, completely by accident, 'tried to obscure the incident...Before the spokeswoman could warn him about correct talk, Mordechai admitted being deeply affected by the event.

Keeping in mind that Mordechai was under close scrutiny, his testimony is all the more important.

"A lot of policemen arrived,squad cars,  patrol cars, security people from the kibbutzim, border guards, and army jeeps...It was a powerful experience, the first time I've had to deal with anything like it. And make no mistake about it, a shot of men shared my experience. There's no doubt about what happened."

Nitzan got down to the question of who shot at the UFO, probably the main reason why the police spokeswoman was in the room. Mordechai gives no answer so Nitzan asks, "Maybe it was the UFO that shot?" Mordechai answers as if there is no sarcasm in the question, "It never moved. Most of the time it just hung in the air above Kibbutz Maoz Chaim."

Spokeswoman or not, the police chief inspector of Bet Shean describes a large military operation and the use of armed force against the UFO.

Israel's weapons seem to have had no effect on the UFOs whatsoever. Barely a month later on Jan.14,1992 a couple from the southern city of Beersheva, Liza and Babar Alon, released a videotape of a UFO they had filmed two weeks earlier. The film clearly shows a glowing disc,  dark in the middle, with a light circle following the rim, hanging above the skies of the Negev Desert. What distinguished the film was its length. The couple had managed to film the craft for a full forty-five minutes.

At 10:PM on January 24, 1992, Israel was treated to the greatest UFO display of all. Israeli ufologists call this UFO, "the mother ship."  It traversed the country for two hours, beginning in the Haifa region,making appearances all along the densely populated coast, flying over Beersheva and the Negev before disappearing over Jordan.

Thousands of people witnessed the ship.What choice did they have? Reports put its  length at that of two jumbo jets. Circling it were smaller craft that occasionally joined it, then were ejected into different flight patterns.

The best way to approach this incident is to quote some of the many reports printed in Israel's newspapers.

Ephi Sarid, photographer for Yediot Ahronot who spotted the craft outside the Galilee city of Sfat; "I saw a huge light and circling it were smaller lights. The length of the object wasn't clear but I estimated its width at 30 meters. It moved at high speed about 2 kilometers up. It was noiseless and lit up the whole sky."

Liran Shor, 16, from Haifa; "It flew low above the houses. It made no noise and that caught my attention. It was  ellipsoid-shaped and huge,  the length of two jumbo jets.

The light was like burning embers and it left an orange trail behind it. It lit up the whole street."

David Butrashvili, 32, highschool physics and astronomy teacher; "It was ellipsoid-shaped, the length of two jumbo jets and travelled between 50 and 80 kilometers an hour."

Aran Mishelli, 13, Haifa; "It left a red, glowing trail behind it inside of which there were two rockets spitting fire.  Afterward, the big body split into three parts,  two small, one big. They were white and left a red trail."

Pini Shechter, 17, Tiberius; "A small white ball flew ahead of the big ship and was connected to it by a white strip of light. The big ship left a fiery trail. The craft was about 35 meters in length and nine in height. Its color was white or red."

Tal Moran, 27, Haifa; "It was a huge ball of fiery light. Circling it were smaller balls and it left a trail of light. It was as big as several buildings and its predominant colors were red  and white."

Rina Green, 42, Karmiel," The craft was enormous. It flew at an altitude of a kilometer to a kilometer and a half and passed right over us.  It's length was 200 meters and left a gigantic, fiery trail behind it."

Danny Kushner, 17, Rishon LeTzion; "I saw five lighted bodies flying in an arrow formation. Each left a white trail behind it."

Tel Aviv police patrolman; "I saw a huge, lit object falling from the skies over Tel Aviv. It split into three parts and disappeared."

Reserve soldier, stationed in the Negev Desert; " I saw seven huge red balls leaving trails behind them. They flew in formation with one leading them. The white vapor trails lit up the whole desert."

Menachem Shizef, Kiryat Shmoneh (Galilee region);  " I saw a huge object made up of shiny points of light. It seemed like an enormous submarine constructed of  sparkling lights."

The testimony, while often contradictory, agrees on a number of points. The UFO was enormous and left a bright trail behind it.  Israeli ufologists call it the mother ship because of the reports of smaller craft circling, joining, separating from or following it.

The ship took its time investigating Israel. It was reported as ten to twenty times larger than any other previous Israeli sighting. Yet the Israeli Air Force reported that it had not appeared on any of its radar screens. However, the same military minds could not deny the observations of thousands of people.

UFOs had been inspecting Israel for the past three years and now the mother of all UFOs made her appearance without shame. What was the mission and was there a message? A Haifa auto mechanic,  Amiel Achrai, thinks there is both.

End of Chapter Five


by Barry Chamish

In November, 1994 I sent a summary of the UFO landings and giant sightings between April-July 1993 to the television show Sightings. By January, a Sightings crew was in place to record the incidents.

As if the visitors knew about my plans, they returned after a long hiatus, just in time for Sightings to film some of the most convincing evidence of giants ever recorded.

In late December, Yossi Torner photographed a huge, round, orange UFO hovering over Haifa, which was reproduced in the large circulation newspaper, Yediot Ahronot. I called him to try and receive the original print and he informed me, "Yediot returned my whole roll of film but said  they lost the negative of the UFO. I think they're lying and it was confiscated from me."

A week later, on the first Tuesday of 1995, Israel had an incident that must be included amongst the most powerful encounters of any nation.

Herzl Consatini, the security chief of the village of Yatzitz, ten miles east of Rishon Letzion, heard an explosion which shook his friend Danny Ezra's house. He opened the front door to investigate and was confronted with, "a giant, three meters tall, wearing grey foily clothes. His face was hidden from view by an electronic-looking mist."

Terrified, he slammed the door and told Ezra to look through his  curtains. He took one glance and fainted. Herzl called the police, who were reluctant to believe him but nonetheless, arrived within twenty minutes.  They found deep, mysterious tracks outside Ezra's house. Thinking that terrorists had infiltrated the village, dozens of army trackers and snipers were called in. The found 8.5 kilometers of totally unexplainable tracks. The tracks were made by shoes which dug 35 cm. into the hard soil at the sole, and between 5 and 10 at the heel. Later testing of the ground by the police suggested that the creature had to have weighed over a ton to  make such deep tracks.

The tracks were made in twos but occasionally, a third round mark appeared between them. I guessed this was a walking stick of some kind.

Sometimes the tracks were like a human gait, then there would be a twelve foot gap before the tracks began again. At times, the creature which made  them, must have jumped or floated enormous distances.

The tracks led army trackers to the village of Karmei Yosef, which had been the center of UFO activity the year before. There, unidentified red lights hovered above the village and one villager claimed the lights sent a blue beam at her through her bedroom window. The trackers could make no guess at who or what made the prints in the ground, so the police called in the head of the regional office of the Nature Reserves Authority, who originally disclosed that the tracks were made by a camel. When it was revealed that the camel would have had to have been two-legged and wearing boots, he next guessed an antelope made the tracks. A flying antelope, it was noted. Finally, he admitted to Yediot Ahronot, "The tracks may well have been made by giants from outer space."

I travelled to Yatzitz four days later and was joined by several dozen curiosity seekers. More than 10,000 Israelis would eventually arrive to see the giant tracks. I met Danny Ezra first and can only say, he seemed in a daze still. He was not forthcoming about his experience. Herzl Consantini was enjoying his new fame (that, too would end) and showed me his medical certificates. He was rushed to hospital the evening after his encounter with one gonad blown up "like a balloon." The doctor who signed the report wrote that the cause of the affliction was unknown but heavy doses of antibiotics brought down the swelling.

Herzl agreed to be filmed by Sightings and two young boys who had overheard the conversation told me they had something interesting to tell as well. The night after the incident, they had filmed a UFO over the village. The boys, Coby (13) and Itamar (11) Saadon filmed a white object, shaped like a child's spinning top darting like a moth in the sky. In the background, the family dog was barking wildly and the boys' mother told me, "You should see what's around his doghouse."

We walked outside and saw a burnt circle of six ft. diameter around the dog's pen. A foam cushion within was melted by the heat yet there were no charcoals or anything hinting at fuel to be seen. "The dog has been terrified ever since," Coby explained.

Next to make headlines was the Gueta animal mutilations of Moshav Porat, two miles from Kadima. Rachel Gueta awoke and found her dog whining. Its eyes had been removed bloodlessly. Twenty minutes later it died. She proceeded to the sheep pen and saw all three sheep dead. Their cheeks had been shaved and a 2 cm hole drilled through the bone. All blood had been drained and the animals would not rot, even five months after being thrown in the local dump. Next she went to her chicken coop and found all 35 birds frozen dead in their roosts. There had been no panic among them at the time of death. Outside the coop was a 4.5 meter crop circle, typical of the Kadima wave of 1993.

I phoned my producer at Sightings and told her the stories. She told me later she didn't believe me and there were discussions about cancelling the filming because of my unreliability. My faxing her newspaper reports of the one ton Yatzitz giant saved the project.

And to this day, I think the aliens decided to help me out. After the Sightings crew began its filming, those otherworld forces provided us with almost live action.

On January 14, we visited Hanna Somech in Burgata. We were preceded by two days by a far more dramatic visitor. Hanna's daughter "felt" the presence of a giant watching over her bed and she ran the 100 yards from her house to her mother's where, "I held my mother's hands all night."

The next morning they saw the circles from Hannah's house to her daughter's bedroom window. And so did we, two days later. I counted 18 circles big and small in the dark. Undoubtedly I missed some. There were counter-clockwise circles on the grass, in bushes and on high treetops. To cause a fraud, the trickster would have had to have hovered over twenty foot trees with a counter-rotating giant fan. The Sightings crew, incidentally, all skeptics about UFOs, grasped quickly enough that something as unexplainable as Yatzitz had occurred in Burgata.

Hanna related her encounter of June 1993 when she told a giant off for making her dog fly in the air and hurting it. (see Chapter Three). She told the interviewer that there was another incident when she had seen a craft  floating outside her door. She related being called to "in my head" by name at different times. But perhaps most significant of all, she admitted that 25 years before she had been pregnant and the fetus disappeared with no medical explanation. She provided the name of the doctor who attended her and offered to present written documentation. She now believes the lost pregnancy was related to the current visitations. (Batya Shimon of Rishon Letzion became pregnant after her July '93 encounter with a dozen giants. "There is no way it could have happened naturally," she insisted.

On January 15, the giants or whoever or whatever again decided to help the Sightings project. A UFO was spotted over Kadima and in the morning a monster 18 meter circle was found. When we arrived, it was literally still warm. We put our hands within and they were covered in the red oil found during the 1993 wave. As usual silicon was discovered and it later tested 99.35% pure by the University of Manchester (England) Materials Science laboratory. All the evidence of 1993 was presented just when the film crew needed it most. And when the filming ended, so did the incidents at Kadima for many months.

Israeli ufologist Zvi Bighest photographed the filming at the circle and when he developed the film later that day, something emerged that seemed to defy logic. In the background of the circle are two "beings" seemingly watching the humans examine their landing mark.

None of us remembered the objects being there. But Doron Rotem noted that tractors were in the area and might have been passing by. The photos were examined, enlarged and published in numerous magazines including Fate, Magazine 2000 and UFO Universe. In each case, the editors ruled out any tractor shape and agreed that whatever they were, the two figures matched the bald, round-faced giants described by the witnesses. The giants had returned. And this time they chose to leave no doubt about their presence. They left miles of impossible boot tracks in hard mud, they swirled circles in tall trees, they produced a huge, hard-to-miss landing circle and they may have allowed themselves to be photographed.

end chapter


Giants Encountered In Israel



by Barry Chamish

Dec. 8, 1994.

Two weeks ago, I sent the manuscript of my book on recent Israeli UFO incidents, along with photographic and physical evidence, to Paramount Studios in Hollywood, where the *Sightings* programme is produced.

Today I received a call from the show's producer hiring me to arrange a few days shooting for the programme beginning January 11.

December 22, 1994.

A Haifa resident, Yossi Torner, took a photograph of a large UFO over the city, and it appeared in the country's biggest circulation news-paper, *Yediot Ahronot*. The newspaper refused to return the negative claiming it had been lost. All other shots on the film are returned.

*First week of January, 1995*. Tuesday and Saturday -- After a lull of a year and a half, the aliens return to Israel. *In 1993, strange giants over seven feet tall were seen and spoken to by four professional women in their late 30s, three in the area of Kadima, forty miles north of Tel Aviv, and one in Rishon Letzion, twenty miles south of the city.*

On Tuesday evening at 8.30, two male residents of Yatzitz, a farm village ten miles east of Rishon Letzion, are terrified to see a giant outside the home of Herzl Casatini, the area security chief. *Casatini describes the creature as nine feet tall,* wearing shiny metallic clothing, its face obscured by a strange misty glow. He notifies the police who arrive and find peculiar tracks outside his window. Fearing a terrorist incursion, dozens of army and security personnel are called in to investigate. They trace the tracks of two separate creatures for eight kilometres to the village of Karmei Yosef, which had been the scene of a week of UFO activity the year before. *The tracks sank 35cm into the hard ground, and estimates of the weight of whatever made them are in the range of a ton. The tracks are of shoes but the walker stepped on his soles, in tippy toe fashion. The heel sinks only 5cm.

Investigators jumping on the ground can only make tracks of a few millimetres in depth. The tracks reveal a gait of from a few feet up to twelve feet, meaning the beings occasionally literally floated between steps. Casatini becomes very ill the next day with an enlarged gonad. Doctors have no explanation for his condition.*

At 6.am on Saturday morning, Memuneh Guata, a fortyish resident of the farm village of Porat, three miles from Kadima, awoke to feed her animals. She ventured into the eerie silence to find carnage. Her dog breathed its last breath in her arms. Its eyes had been surgically removed without blood. Her thirty-five chickens were dead, literally frozen in their place. Her three sheep were dead, with perfectly round holes drilled in their cheeks. By May, they had still not rotted in the village dump, and were in a mummified state.

Jan. 11 1995.

Sightings* cameraman Phil Lapkin arrives. His first two days are spent filming witnesses to the Haifa (Shikmona Beach) and Kadima landings. On the evening of his second day, a UFO is witnessed in Kadima by an American new immigrant and his son. Local researchers found the landing site in the morning and we arrive. The circle is huge, eighteen metres in diameter, and it still smells acrid. When we put our hands in the crushed grass they are coated with the red fluid we assume is the same cadmium-based oil left in the Kadima circles of 1993. Also found were the shards of shiny material previously tested by the Israeli Geological Institute and found to be pure silicon. Some shards weigh over a pound. Ufologist Zvi Bighest photographs the area.

He develops the shots and from a distance bald, round-faced creatures appear in five of them. They appear to be observing us. Lapkin takes the photos back to America and we are still eagerly awaiting analysis.

We all agree the images are hard to explain but are they really invisible aliens?

Jan. 15, 1995.

We visit Hanna Samech, a witness, at her home in Burgata, two miles from Kadima. In June 1993, she saw her barking dog fly in the air and smash against her kitchen wall. She went outside to investigate but was prevented by an invisible shield. She then saw the giant alien and demanded to know what he did with her dog. He smiled wryly and replied that he could do the same thing to her if he wanted to but simply didn't feel like it. The alien's ship left a 4.5 metre circle with the red oil within.

Hanna's married daughter lives in a neighbouring home fifty yards away. Three days before, the aliens visited her. There are circles about a metre in diameter from Hanna's front door to her daughter's bedroom window. I count eighteen of them. Whatever made the circles was a powerful force that crushed bushes and small trees. The alien stood over the daughter's bed and held her hand. Hanna claims on camera that the aliens have been visiting her for years and that when she was twenty-five, they removed her baby from her womb. She also stated that she is called by name telepathically from time to time.

February, 1995.

The *Sightings* staff inform me that the material is so strong that a decision has been made to broadcast four segments instead of the in-tended two. Two video-tapes of UFOs had been verified as real, the oily grass within the Kadima circles had ''conformed in molecular structure with circles found worldwide'' and the silvery shards were indeed silicon-based but ''with some very unusual characteristics.''

March, 1995.

Two giants are witnessed again. In Afula, twenty miles east of Kadima, four astonished young women watched an oversized hairy bouncing head in their apartment garden for twenty  minutes before the appearance of a seven foot giant in the adjacent parking lot sent them scurrying in terror. All witnesses felt the giant was female. A week later a giant male was sighted by a young woman near Ramat Hasharon not far from Tel Aviv. Plaster casts taken at the site showed a similar track to that of the Yatzitz visitors.

On a Tuesday evening in mid-March, the popular national tele-vision programme, the *Ruby Show*, devoted an hour to the wave of sightings and strange occurrences. I was invited as a guest along with Casatini, Guata, Batya Shimon, who had two visitations in Rishon Letzion, and Jonathan G., the American immigrant who witnessed the January Kadima UFO. He brought a document with him from the Israeli Atomic Research Laboratory. Technicians there tested the shards and discovered them to be different from those of 1993. They were found to be 75.6% silicon but significant traces of a wide variety of elements including barium, rhodium, titanium, iron and aluminium(aluminum) were found. Batya informed me that the aliens still call to her by name telepathically.

*The show was something of a set-up, with three debunkers as guests. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the sincerity of the witnesses wins the day. I explain that unless fifteen people who didn't know each other yet described seeing the same type of giant formed a conspiracy, there were, in fact, giants roaming Israel. I added that reports of giants in Israel were last made in the time of King David and that the biblical giants were the enemies of God and Israel. I noted that the re-appearance of giants is not necessarily a reason to celebrate.*

The show was supposed to have been broadcast two weeks later. But, two months later, the show has still not been seen. I phone every week to find out why, and am told that it will be shown the next week. It never is and I'm beginning to become suspicious.

It is clear to me, as it is to all other Israeli ufologists, as it is to the producers of *Sightings*, that Israel is the scene of intense UFO activity, and the giants of the ships are leaving clues including the shards, oils and tracks as well as permitting themselves to be photographed and seen.

*Of the fifteen people who have seen the giants, thirteen have been women and all contactees have been married women. No one has been hurt by the giants except Herzl Casatini and it is likely he was not meant to be a witness. Nonetheless, the behaviour of the tall visitors has been far from friendly and the goodness of their purpose is till in great doubt.





by Barry Chamish

The respected American UFO abduction researcher Derrel Sims arrived in Israel in mid-January for five days of intensive work. His primary goal was to thoroughly test a Netanya household over three days but by the end of his trip, Sims also examined another abductee, Yossi Saguy.


On Dec. 31 at 7:55 PM, Shoshana Bar-on, a fortiesh mother and grandmother, was returning home from Tel Aviv by car with her live-in boyfriend Ilan Cohen. Both spotted an orange/red disk flying over the seaside cliffs of Netanya. Ilan stopped his car and both chased the object. They saw it break into three parts; one part further split into dozens of glowing plates which fell on the beach below.

Shoshana bent over the cliff and saw four typical small greys on the ledge below. She called Ilan over to look but he could not see the entities. She stood up and saw a nine foot long, clam-shaped craft appear opposite her.  The top of the "clam" opened and she saw four entities, three in a row and a pilot sitting forward, seated in tight, tiny chairs.

One of the entities floated vertically from the craft and stunned Shoshana with his "white projector-like beams coming from his eyes." He approached  her and rubbed her arm to the neck with a stubby, soft hand. She later recalled that his touch didn't feel bad. Nonetheless she was screaming at Ilan to save her but he didn't hear anything. He watched her slowly collapse to the ground but could not run to pick her up because he was "frozen, magnetized to the spot."

Within a few minutes he found the strength to approach her but couldn't lift her because, "She felt like a concrete block buried in the ground." With much effort, he finally did manage to drag her away but she insisted he take her back "in a voice that wasn't her own." Ignoring her request, he pulled her to the road, several hundred yards distant where he flagged down a car which drove them to a nearby hospital.

At this point the story becomes strange enough to scare off any rational UFO investigator. Shortly after admitting Shoshana with a burnt face, Ilan decided he didn't like the treatment they were receiving and before being released, escaped the hospital with Shoshana, the police trailing right behind.

They made good their escape, returned to their apartment where Ilan called a  long list of local UFO researchers to attend, essentially, a press conference.  Within an hour, about a dozen ufologists surrounded the bed where  Shoshana and Tali, Ilan's eleven year old daughter from a previous marriage lay.

Over the next week, Ilan dragged the researchers on numerous wild UFO chases until all had written him off as berserk. Hearing a rumour that Maariv reporter David Ronen was about to print an unfavorable report of him, Ilan had a lawyer issue a restraining order against him, preventing publication of his piece.

Nonetheless, both Ilan and Shoshana appeared on television Channel Two's  5 PM news program and I was impressed by their story. I called the station and agreed to meet them the next day despite dire warnings within the UFO community.

Shoshana modestly related her story and told me of other phenomenon: a drilling sound in her left ear, horrid headaches, a pungent stench when the spirits entered the apartment, an ammonia-like taste in the mouth after, a needle puncture behind her ear. Her story was sincere and the puncture mark real.

Ilan, far too energetically added details. His daughter had been visited by spirits or whatever they were for the past year. They were stealing away her devotion to him and transferring it to them. He had videos made of the UFOs flying over the cliff and he returned to the encounter site and collected strange rocks left on the ground.

The rocks sold me. One was light and brown. When you lit it with a match it bubbled and melted. Drippings from the rock landed on the table and immediately turned hard and black. I had never seen a rock like that and didn't believe Ilan capable of creating one for a hoax.

I phoned my editor Michael Hesemann and gave my verdict that this was a powerful case. Accepting my conclusion, I was flattered that Hesemann quickly organized Sim's trip to Israel to investigate in depth.

He arrived on a Friday and Ilan gave a demonstration that was an immediate doubt-breaker. He took out a shiny rock found at the encounter site and placed it on an ice cube. Though it had not been heated and was at room temperature, it melted right through the ice and became almost as cold as it.

Derrel and I agreed that we had never heard of a rock that does anything like this. Where did the heat come from?

Derrel, next passed a black light over Shoshana. Explaining that fluorescence is a common feature of alien encounters, he found what he was looking for in her hands. Her palms and fingers glowed yellow green and near perfect fluorescent circles were found just below her thumb. The soles of her feet also displayed subdermal fluorescence.

We went to sleep, I relieved that I had not dragged Derrel ten thousand miles for nothing. The next day, Derrel began serious questioning, designed in part to trip Soshana up. Ilan didn't approve of the approach, in fact was confused by it and became increasingly more intrusive.

With great difficulty, Shoshana drew, under Derrel's skilled guidance, accurate drawings of protypical small greys about 90 cm in height and possessing arms that dangled below the knees. With even more difficulty Derrel succeeded in putting Shoshana under light hypnosis. She recalled the incident three times but each time she saw the "projector eyes" her face contorted and she snapped to with a painful headache.

As evening approached I stood by the window and smelled a stench that shocked me. I yelled, "The smell, it's here." It was like burnt tires and it came from nowhere. No electric appliance or any other source could explain its presence. It filled my sinuses and left a lingering, awful taste in my mouth. Derrel was next to smell it and did so on four other occasions in four other locations in the apartment. There was no logical explanation for it.

As the investigation continued, Ilan became impossible. Seeing that Shoshana and his daughter were the main foci of the research, he became totally intrusive and insulting when things weren't done his way. I was warned that this would happen but was unprepared for how irritating the behaviour could be. I left the apartment in anger at 2 AM vowing to return only for the final hypnotic session the next day.

Derrell warned Ilan that he would be the next to leave unless he removed himself while he was examining Shoshana and Tali. He acquiesced and Derrel gathered more vital evidence. A red ball of energy had entered Shoshana's bedroom the previous week and she told it to go away. Five minutes later it appeared outside her window. She had told me the same story previously only she ordered the ball away from Tali's room and it changed directions before leaving.

Tali's tales of abductions dovetailed with Shoshana's. The beings flew in a craft too small for Shoshana to fit it. They had a spare chair just big enough for her to fit into. The next day she told me she had to sit in the snug chair while flying or she would float around the little craft. She also added that when they took off, her stomach rose from the propulsion.

Tali was even more persuasive than Shoshana because of both her sharpness and her innocence. She knew the names of two of her abductors; Shimshon, the nice one and Makhluf, not as nice. When Derrell drew her a picture of a somewhat more elongated face, she recoiled from fear. She added details of the chairs Shoshana had drawn. Because Shoshana had only seen the craft at eye-level, she had not seen the legs of the chairs but she had seen arms with control buttons on them. Tali had seen the same arms and buttons but the legs as well. And both confirmed that the beings had rather stubby fingers.

Tali had described a site near a beachside hotel where she said the beings lived. Ilan insisted on taking Derrel to the location though he had misgivings.

Two nights before Ilan had taken us to the cliffs to point out UFOs which were clearly boats and planes. But this time he didn't disappoint. Telling Derrel to stand away, Ilan walked to a spot some yards distant and was quickly surrounded by usually skittish alley cats. Something drew them to him in unexplainable numbers.

An added factor that must be considered is the location of Netanya, some ten miles west of the village of Kadima. Since 1993, this tiny area has seen five highly documented encounters with tall aliens, at least fifteen landing circles imbued with a red cadmium-based liquid and hundreds of craft sightings.

Our mutual conclusion was that the cases of Shoshana and Tali are genuine. Derrel believes Shoshana was not abducted, the craft's size would mitigate against that but Tali was on numerous occasions. We agreed that the case is a strong one but because of the difficulty, in fact, near impossibility of working properly, we would not want to do a repeat investigation.


On his next to last evening in the country, I had about 20 of Israel's top UFO researchers over to my home to meet Derrel. Yossi Saguy insisted on coming. He was a publicized abductee who knew I doubted his story. The problem began when I organized an episode for Sightings last September. I invited Saguy, who is a professional actor, to be interviewed. His agent phoned me not long after to discuss terms. An incident like that tends to plant doubts deeply.

However, most Israeli researchers accept Saguy's story of his beach house being invaded by robot-like creatures, who took a sperm sample from him and left appliances inoperable. They point to the dozens of witnesses who saw a craft over his building the night of the alleged abduction.

Derrel demonstrated his techniques to the local investigators and put Saguy through a grilling interrogation. His verdict:  "He passed with flying colours."

Thus ended Sim's five day odyssey to Israel. This was the first time Israel's abduction stories had been examined by a worldwide expert in the field and all passed "with flying colours." Israel is indeed the focus of intense UFO abduction activity.

end chapter



David Ronen is in an enviable position. Because he is the only UFO columnist for a major newspaper, Zman Tel Aviv, a weekend magazine of Maariv, he is the first address for Israeli UFO witnesses to contact. And David Ronen is one of the most honest, decent personalities in Israeli ufology.

Unfortunately, anti-UFO forces and plain old hucksters have exploited his sincerity in the past and it seems they're at it again.

It was David who first broke the story of the Achihod "alien" in December of '96, one of the most embarassing episodes in Israel's short UFO history. And this month he has broken two stories that are spreading fast. I hope to nip at least one story in the bud before it causes worse damage than even the Achihod fiasco.

The first story is that two individuals visited him with the same tattoo burned into their skin: that of an oval-eyed child-like figure. David reported that one of his visitors was an Israeli politician "known around the world." This has sparked massive speculation throughout Israel and the politician, who David cannot identify, nonethless will be so identified soon since he is a high-ranking Knesset member who lives in Kiryat Ono. If he does not confirm the story, David will have a huge embarassment on his hands... But maybe he will...when pigs can fly, and they barely walk in Israel.

David began April with an even bigger story. He claimed an alien had been photographed in Eilat and his article was accompanied by a computer depiction of a typical grey alien garnered from two photos he had received.

Here's the story David told me and his readers. On August 11, 1996, the Red Sea resort of Eilat was overflown by UFOs witnessed by hundreds of people. This is a fact. One Shimon Zohar took his video camera to a hill above Eilat's port to film the UFO. He succeeded in capturing a UFO on film but when he played the cassette back at home he saw an alien on the film which he described as having "small eyes, and barely noticeable lips and nostrils."

He immediately called a group of people to see the film including TV producer Yifat Dargesh and abductee/conference organizer Carlos Bin Nun. The former insisted she saw an alien "with big black eyes just like on the X-Files," while the latter cam-corded the film off the TV screen.

After the crowd left, David Ronen insists ten people saw the film, Zohar contacted his rabbi and invited him to see the film. The rabbi informed him that he had captured a demon on film and thus the cassette must be destroyed. Zohar obeyed and trashed the invaluable evidence.

But he recalled that he had forgotten his camera tripod on the spot and returned the next night with one Benny Mazgini to recover it. While approaching the tripod, a UFO returned and Mazgini, "was so frightened, I snapped two pictures automatically."

The UFO did not appear on the film but an alien did.

David had Bin Nun's two stills taken from Zohar's TV screen detailed by a computer graphics expert and what should appear than a "grey" face replete with black, oval eyes.

Now Israelis think that one of their countrymen photographed an alien and Maariv is being approached by worldwide networks. David told me, "CNN and NBC have already said they want the story. This is going global."

And once again Israeli ufology is about to be humiliated. The story is  ridiculous enough. Zohar destroys the original cassette but returns to recover his tripod with an associate who happens to have a camera handy.

They discover a 30 meter burnt circle around the tripod and just at that moment, the UFO decides to return. Luckily, Mazgini was so scared he clicked his camera twice and though he didn't actually see an alien, it showed up on his film when he developed it. But Mazgini was not prepared to let David Ronen actually see the photos. Ronen would have to make do with Bin Nun's  second generation video reproduction of Zohar's original tape.

Now let us look at the personalities involved in this story.

* David Ronen - A good journalist but too easily swayed by unscrupulous opportunists. Even after BUFORA - England tested the Achihod "alien" and  found its carbon level the same as a lizard's, he refused to give up the fight. Eight months later, he published a laboratory test by police pathologist Dr. Yehuda Hiss concluding the creature was not of this world.

* Dr. Yehuda Hiss- This man has been totally disgraced for his role in  covering up two of Israel's greatest scandals. The first was the Rabin assassination. While Israel police and three doctors who attended Rabin stated he was shot point blank, once from the front and that his spine had been shattered, none of which the convicted murderer could have done, Hiss signed a final pathology report eliminating all the damning wounds. Second, early in Israel's history, the authorities kidnapped and sold 4500 babies, mostly from Yemenite immigrant parents. Last year, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem conducted DNA tests on an elderly Yemenite lady and a California woman who suspected she had been kidnapped from the woman and adopted in America. The tests matched and thus the kidnapping claims were verified. Dr. Hiss conducted his own tests on behalf of the government which supposedly nullified the results of Hebrew University. He was the last man on earth who would have given an honest testing of the Achihod alien lizard.

* Carlos Bin Nun - Coincidently or probably not, just as the Achihod fraud gathered momentum, Bin Nun's UFO conference took place in Eilat. A mystic speaker promised that the UFOs would land in Tel Aviv on Jan. 4 and announce their presence to the world. Definitely not coincidentally, the next day all the major newspapers announced the prediction and on the eve of Jan. 4, Israeli TV changed its prime time programming to make an utter mockery of the false prediction. Between Achihod and that horrible evening, legitimate Israeli ufology was given a blow it should not have recovered from.

Yet, so many powerful UFOs were filmed in 1997, that the public still could not ignore what was happening in their skies and sometimes, in their homes.

Zohar and Mazgini - They know each other because they share deep debt. Mazgini is chairman of the Mortgage Victims Association of Eilat, which represents those who fell into debt because of the cutthroat mortgage policies of Israeli banks. Zohar and Mazgini need money in a hurry to sort out their lives and certainly could have concocted their alien story, falsely believing people pay lots of pictures of aliens. It all adds up to another pathetic attack on local ufology. But there is good news. Once this fraud passes, I will report on a genuine abduction case  in Ramat Gan and I have the pictures to back it up. I add, David Ronen reported this case as well with great skill and insight.



by Barry Chamish



As the Israeli UFO wave progresses along its unexplainable path, the phenomena associated with it have turned weirder and probably eviler. Two incidents among Jews involving the transformation of entities into uglier forms are well known but suppressed. In 1997, a fourteen year old Russian immigrant from Rishon Letzion approached what he thought was a little girl in a park who turned into a grey-like alien. The autumn before, two fashionable Tel Aviv women on an equally fashionable Tel Aviv street saw a tall man turn into a monster that clung to their car window and held on even while the terrified women desperately tried to drive away. The story, I am reliably informed, was buried because one of the women was the television news reporter, Ayala Hassan. Since then, almost all similar publicized incidents have involved Arabs. It is possibly that the reports of demons have nothing to do with the UFO wave. That cannot be said of the gruesome animal mutilations, which almost always were accompanied by UFO activity and evidence.

I997 saw a peak in UFO video films, culminating in the filmed capture of an invasion of low flying black "sponges" over downtown Tel Aviv. April, 1998 saw Israel's first crop formation. The wave is expanding into areas which seem beyond reason...unless reason is not the point of it at all. I recorded the current state of affairs in a series of reports over the Internet:


The Arabs of Israel and its disputed territories have been harassed in recent months by what they believe are demons. The following stories have been reported in the respectable daily newspapers Yediot Ahronot and Maariv.

On October 14, Dr. Harav Ibn Bari, a physician at Hasharon Hospital in Petach Tikveh, was returning from Beersheva by car with his cousin Dudi Muhmad at the wheel. He relates, "After passing the bridge to Tel Aviv at 3:30 AM, I saw a strange figure on the opposite side of the road. We did a U-turn and stopped the car. The figure came out of the shadows and into the light. He was small and his body colour, light. He lifted his right leg and approached us at terrific speed. He had huge, bulging, round black eyes. They contrasted with the white colour around them. It was as if he was reading my thoughts and I couldn't take my eyes off his for six seconds. He lifted his right hand and Muhmad pressed on the gas and took off."

On October 19, Khaj Muhmad Jamal Kavah, 45, a Tel Aviv cab driver who lives in the Arab village of Al-Arian, met his cousin Ataf Kavah at 6 PM at Mei-Ami Junction to drive to a dinner party. "I saw him and signalled that he wait a moment while I relieved myself first. I heard him say, 'Okay.' When I was finished I approached the car and saw that Ataf was wearing a shiny suit. I thought to myself, in his whole life Ataf never wore material like that. I bent down to open the door and saw that Ataf wasn't sitting in the driver's seat. I stared over and over but the driver paid no attention to me. Then I saw the weird creature. He had long hair reaching to his shoulders, his nose was enormous like an eggplant, coloured purplish black. I almost had a heart attack. But I regained my senses and began walking backwards towards the highway. My plan was to make a break for the cars if he followed me. But I couldn't run because I felt something holding me in place for fifteen minutes. Then Ataf opened the door and came out looking totally confused. I shouted at him, 'You're not Ataf. What do you want from me?'"

Ataf recalls sitting in the car and wondering why it was taking Muhmad so long to get in. He got out of the car and asked him what he was waiting for. He remembers Muhmad yelling, "You're not Ataf. Who are you? Where's the shiny suit you were wearing?"

Since the incident, Muhmad took and passed a polygraph test arranged for him by Maariv. His home has become a pilgrimage center as dozens of people a day come to hear his story. Included among them are Muslim religious leaders who have concluded that Muhmad met a demon and irritated him by relieving himself in his territory. They say the demons are rising because so many Arabs are straying from their religion.

The next night, October 20, will never be forgotten by Eli Hawald, 33, of a village near Haifa called Kfar Hawald. The tiny village has no electricity and when Eli Hawald went outside at 11:00 PM, all was too clear for him. "Out of nowhere I saw a gigantic green light, the colour of a traffic light, fall out of the sky. I ran into the house, locked the door and watched from the window. When the craft was about ten metres above the ground, the light was dimmed and three figures were 'shot' to the ground from it. I began to shake. They had human-like bodies but because they were 20 metres from my house, I couldn't distinguish their faces, just their colour, which was completely black. They acted oddly. They would fan out, quickly return to one formation and fan out again. I remember two things distinctly. They reformed after a siren was sounded that resembled puppies crying. And their speed was fantastic, tens of metres in two seconds. At this point, I alerted my wife and children and we escaped through the back door."

Two days later, Jenin was the site of perhaps the most remarkable incident of all. According to Yediot Ahronot reporter Said Badran, a Jenin resident picked up a hitchhiker on the Jenin-Dotan road. A few moments after he sat in the front seat, the driver looked at him and saw his face had become that of a dog with one eye. The driver stopped his car, got out and fainted after he saw the hitchhiker disappear.

Badran concludes, "The incident has become the talk of Jenin. Some of the religious leaders believe that the passenger was a demon who lives in the area. Others believe he is a devil known as The Blind Liar who has returned to presage the arrival of the messiah. The driver is still in shock and is being treated at Jenin Hospital."

The latest encounter was reported by Maariv on the 29th of December. On December 26, Daoud Ahmad, of the Nur-a-Shamat refugee camp, was taken to hospital with severe bruises and there told doctors he was beaten brutally by two small aliens he had surprised in his house.

According to Ahmad, "I awoke at one in the morning feeling thirsty. I tried to get out of my bed but two creatures jumped on me and beat me. They were 60 cm. in height, each had only one eye, hand and foot. They were very strong. They wore black leathery clothes and had a line of hair on their heads. After they beat me, I lost consciousness."

Ahmad's wife took him to hospital and he was awaited upon his return home by a journalist from the Palestinian television station who reported that the bruise marks were made by a being with three fingers. Neighbors confirmed that they heard a ruckus in Ahmad's home but did not see anyone leave.


On October 19,1997 the Israeli newsmagazine Yerushalayim reported that the Palestinian Police were investigating their first alien kidnapping.

The event occurred three days before when a young girl, Suha A'anam from the village of Dir Al Awasan near Tulkarem, was rescued by fellow villagers from the clutches of an alien. The Police report states that Suha, a grade ten pupil, was standing on her 2nd floor balcony when suddenly an alien began pulling her left hand. She screamed hysterically, alerting neighbours to the scene just in time to save her. She was taken to Tulkarem Hospital with scratches to her arm.

A neighbour told the Police that she heard a noise like a helicopter, looked out her window and saw "a whirlpool in the air, spreading ash everywhere" opposite Suha's balcony.

Two other witnesses saw aliens the same week. Six days before, sixteen year old Muhand Faras was walking home from school when he came upon a strange being of a man's size but with a small "root" in the middle of its face.

It's skin was colored "like a frog's," it had two tiny hands with three fingers on each and long fingernails. The alien made a threatening, clawing gesture at Muhand's face, screamed something and "flew to the sky." He does not know where the creature flew because he "was too frightened to look at it anymore and thought it might shoot something dangerous" at him.

Three days later, an engineer, Raid A'anam saw a black creature in the sky just before sundown. He told police investigators that the outline of the flying object was "human with two arms and two legs."

Palestinian Police have since set up ambushes to trap the "intruders" and put an end to the villagers' terror. Needless to say, many villagers believe the Israeli intelligence agency, the Shabak is behind the sightings. When asked why the Israelis would stage such an incident, the villagers answered, "To scare us."


At 3:30 AM, July 27, 1997, Said Karumi, a Bedouin Arab from Ofakim in Israel's Negev Desert walked into the Beersheva Police Station holding his infant son. He told the receiving police officers that, "Aliens are after me." He released one hand from around his son's waist and pointed to the sky.

He then exited the police station and walked to a nearby service station where he bought five shekels worth of fuel in a bottle. He continued on to an empty lot, doused himself and his son with the fuel and ignited both. Said survived the flames but his son did not. When police arrived and asked him why he incinerated his son, he just pointed to the sky.

It was later discovered that Karumi had never been treated for psychological disorders nor was he considered mentally unwell by the Ofakim Social Services office.

One could easily dismiss this incident as a simple case of a nut over- influenced by the media's obsession with aliens. However, the Bedouin are one of the few peoples left in Israel who cling to their traditions and are not under the deep persuasion of Western culture.

Further, Karumi's was not the only case this year of a Beersheva Arab who  claimed to have been in contact with what appear to be demonic aliens. Last October 14, a Bedouin, Dr. Bashad, who is a European educated physician  and his friend Massoud drove to Beersheva for a night of relaxation. They stopped to pick up what seemed to be a stranded driver by the side of the road. After Massoud asked if he was in trouble, the "stranded driver" slapped his hand to the side of the door and it adhered tightly to it. Massoud Stared at the stranger and screached as he saw "a horribly mutated face." When Dr. Bashad caught a glimpse of the creature, he sped away trying to ditch it. But  it leaped twenty feet in the air and readhered itself to the car. It  clutched the speeding vehicle for several kilometers before disappearing.

The veracity of the incident is reinforced by the respected witnesses and by the fact that on the same night, another Arab ninety miles away had a similar  experience. Abdul Alhazrad has driving near Jenin in the West Bank, when he spotted what he thought was a hitchhiker by the side of the road. He  invited the hitchhiker inside and after he drove away, "To my shock, he  changed into a man with a dog's head." The creature had long, floppy ears and one eye at the base of his dog-like nose. Alhazrad braked his car and  ran away. The being followed him but soon after disappeared.

October 14 was a pretty busy night. Two demonic creatures stood by the sides of two roads, transformed themselves from humans into monsters,  terrified three reliable Arab witnesses, gave chase then disappeared into the atmosphere.

As I reported previously, in the Autumn of 1996, a wave of demonic creatures were seen at close distances by numerous Arabs (and two Jewish  women in Tel Aviv). An actual UFO landing was witnessed by a family of Arabs in a village outside Haifa was reported during this wave.

Unlike the entire Israeli media, I am not automatically dismissing Karumi's  murder of his son as the act of a madman. There have been too many similar "madmen" among Israeli and territorial Arabs in the past year. Karumi's case may fit a pattern noted by Dr. Jacques Vallee in his book Passport to  Magonia:

In the Soviet Union, not long ago, a leading plasma physicist died in   strange circumstances. He was thrown under a Moscow subway train by a mentally deranged woman. It is noteworthy that she claimed "a voice from space" had given her orders to kill that particular man - orders   she could not resist. Soviet criminologists, I have been reliably informed, are worried by the increase of such cases in recent years...

The current wave of mental imbalance that can be specifically tied to  the rise and development of the contactee myth is an aspect of the UFO problem that must be considered with special care.

I make no claims to understanding why there has been a wave of demon-like entities witnessed amongst Israeli Arabs in the past year. But I can  verify that the wave has been characterized by the high quality of the testimony associated with it.

If one can generalize, Israeli Jewish close encounters since 1993 have  mostly been with giant entities and UFO activity has always accompanied the incidents, while Arabs of the region are mostly encountering grotesque monsters, with less direct-UFO activity involved. Both the giants and the  monsters are capable of disappearing into thin air.


On the morning of May I, Amos and Miriam Glam of Sde Uziah, a farming community near Ashdod, found a scene of carnage in their sheep pen. Four sheep had been shaved in their cheeks and a precise 2 inch hole was drilled from one cheekbone to the other. Though killed by the operation, the sheep did not bleed.

This same cheekbone operation was performed on four sheep belong to the Gueta family of Moshav Porat, near Kadima in January 1995.

UFO activity accompanied both cases. In nearby Kadima, a UFO was sighted  a few days before the Gueta sheep mutilations and a large landing circle was filmed and examined for the television program Sightings.

Two nights before the Glam incident, a UFO hovered above the family home and beamed a projected light on Mrs. Glam for some ten seconds. Neither she nor her husband could see the craft which beamed the light. The next night, while presumably the sheep were being mutilated, the couple heard sounds "like mice scurrying" from their yard.


One might think 1997 was a poor year of UFO activity in Israel judging by the paucity of media reports. In fact, the media clamped down hard in January '97 after they were burned on the Achiod alien/lizard story and the false prediction of mass landings on Jan.5. However, due to the superb research of David Ronen, Doron Rotem and two young newcomers, Gil Bar and Eddie Shpitz, it turns out that 1997 was a vintage year for Israeli ufology.

Some of the most dramatic physical evidence of the country's intense ten years of activity emerged last year. Following is a summary of 1997.


Over three nights in September 1996, Elad Niger filmed a remarkable UFO over the coastal plains city of Kochav Yair from his vantage point in the nearby city of Kfar Saba. He released the films to David Ronen in March of 1997. They reveal the prettiest UFO ever filmed in Israel. It looks like a colorful apple wearing a three pronged crown.

1997 saw three UFOs filmed in Rishon Letzion, 20 miles south of Tel Aviv and a center of UFO activity since 1993 when giant aliens visited the apartment of Batya Shimon. Of the three clips, none is so memorable as Gil Bar's November filming of an ellipsoid disk captured in 4 PM sunlight being chased by an Israeli Air Force F-15. The UFO's high speed manoevres to escape the jet are most acrobatic. This is the first known instance of a military plane chasing a UFO captured on film in Israel.

Then on November 26, Nahum Shomroni video-taped an afternoon invasion of low flying UFOs over Tel Aviv. The light conditions were perfect and the craft were flying at only an estimated 700 meters altitude. The result is a breathtaking view of three sponge-shaped, dark UFOs of a type possibly never seen before.

Physical Evidence

1997 saw two disturbing animal mutilation incidents associated with UFO sightings. They continued a pattern that began in the Negev village of  Klachim in Dec. '96. Sylvia and Yitzhak Kadosh witnessed "an image as big as a house sparkling like a welding torch" land near their donkey compound. The light vanished before their eyes and they hoped it would be the last time their farm suffered such an intrusion. But their hope was not realized. Two nights later, 2 donkeys were mutilated. The older one had its eyes and tongue removed and its rib cage was exposed by a surgical removal of skin and tissue. The younger animal only had the latter operation performed on it.

In July '97, the Glam family of Sde Uziah, thirty miles west of Klachim, had a UFO experience which culminated in Mrs. Glam being chased by a projector light from an unknown source. Again, two nights later, their sheep pen was invaded and five sheep were drained bloodless from precise holes drilled in their cheeks.

Doron Rotem researched both incidents and to this day, keeps an example from Sde Uziah frozen in his freezer. He admits his wife is not happy about this mutilated carcass sharing space with the family groceries.

The final incident made national news, the only UFO story to do so all year. On Nov. 2, a silver ellipsoid disk hovered over the Gaza Strip settlement of Paat Hasadeh. On Nov. 8, Yaacov Mazal-Terem awoke to discover a row of twelve pairs of holes, 5 cm. deep along the fence which enclosed his horse.  The horse itself, had two 1 cm. holes surgically drilled into its front hooves.  The row of holes was photographed by the national media and their origin  remains a mystery. Speculation is they were alien tracks or pods from a craft.

And finally, the famed hotspot of Kadima returned gloriously to Israel's UFO history. From 1993-95, approximately 20 landing spots were discovered  after nights of UFO activity in the skies. Within were shards of material later  tested worldwide and found to be a nearly pure silicon. This year, the same  shards were found twelve miles to the west on the beaches of Gaash and  Shfayim after UFO activity was reported.

On October 10, a UFO was seen over the Kadima suburb of Tel Yitzhak.  Idan Levy discovered its landing circle and found within, not shiny silicon but  an unknown material that looks like grey branched coral.


The Israeli crop circle, the country's first ever alien pictograph is turning into a most important event with international significance. Following is the story as it stands now.

On the evening of April 12, 1998 a resident of the Jezreel Valley Arab village of Zarzir heard dogs bark wildly, looked outside and saw small lights darting in a nearby wheat field. The next day he told his friend Golan Masrin (30) about the incident and he went to the field, thus  discovering the crop circle.

Compared to those of Southern England, the circle is a simple design. It is a half circle of 26 meters diameter with a 26 meter straight line disecting  it from within, creating two quarter circles of wheat. The effect is a picture similar to an umbrella.

Within the circle were seven round pods in the mud. All vegetation within was killed and the ground was severely dessicated compared to the surrounding soil. In four of the pods, the soil was coated in a white powder, while in the other three pods there was a red oily fluid. Where the fluid fell on wheat stalks, the plants turned brown compared to healthy plants in the field. Yet even in the field just beyond the circle, some wheat stalks were missing their heads and they could not be located beside the plants.

Young ufologist Gil Bar painstakingly collected the powder and oil from the earth and stored them in vials. I took chemist, Dr. Marvin Antleman to see Bar's samples and his first reaction to the oil was that it had the unique crimson color of cobalt. He is attempting to arrange laboratory testing.

end chapter


American Labs Confirm Israeli Encounters

by Barry Chamish

Last April's crop circle in the Jezreel Valley has remained the country's top UFO story through the summer. It is now accepted that the formation was, in fact, a landing site. This conclusion has been reached by the shape and symmetry of the formation. Within the site were seven indentations filled with a white powder and red oil. These are now believed to have been landing pods of the craft.

When I reported the incident, I wrote that I had samples of the oil and powder collected by Israel's most enthusiastic young ufologist, Gil Bar and promised to supply samples to any lab willing to test them. The response to the appeal was quite wonderful and Dr. W.C. Levengood, Dr. Nancy Talbott and Whitley Streiber all arranged lab testing. When the results are in, within three months, I will announce them.

Until then, I have other results of laboratory testing which are of great interest. In return for sending him the most recent physical evidence of an Israeli UFO landing, Dr. Levengood supplied the results of his tests of materials I collected and sent to him in 1995 for testing on behalf of the TV show Sightings. The tests, conducted by Dr. Levengood at the Pinelandia Biophysical Lab and by John A. Burke at the Am-Tech Laboratory are most enticing and are being publicly released for the first time.

The Kadima Circle

UFO landings in the central Israeli town of Kadima began in 1993 and were characterised by an abundance of silvery shards within, tested in Israel and found to be a highly pure silicon; and by grass swirled clockwise and imbued with a red oil tested locally and found to be mostly iron but with a high level of liquid cadmium.

Drs. Levengood and Burke subjected the grass, metallic shards and oil to thorough laboratory testing and, quoting directly from their reports, discovered the following:

Grass Formation- The grass was from 15-20 cm in height and the stems ranged from 1.5 to 2mm diameter. Control frass was received from an area outside the formation.

a. microscopic examination revealed that the nodes apeared to be expanded and in some cases collapsed inward even though the stems were still hydrated. This suggests a rather prolonged localized heating at the node positions.

b. one of those sub-apical nodes contained an expulsion cavity typical of those found only within crop formations in other countries.

c. miscroscopic examination of the parenchyma tissue within these expanded nodes disclosed the presence of elongated cell wall pits with "stretch marks" - again confirming the presence of energetic alterations similar to those observed within many crop formations.

d. the presence of twisted "nests" within the formation indicates the presence of a high degree of turbulence within the energy vortex.

Silicon Crystals- Several fragments of what appeared to be silicon were found at the center of the circle formation.

a. the energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) curve confirms the fact that these crystals are pure silicon.

b. it is interesting to note that there are no "growth lines" as would normally be expected if these crystals were thermochemically grown as a pure single crystal. Silicon does not normally occur in this pure form.

c. it is highly unusual to find this type of material out in a field or pasture, since it is very expensive to produce.

Red Material On Grass- Coating of a red granular material on the stems and leaves of plants, termed "red hay" by collectors.

a. non-magnetic and does not appear to be pure iron oxide.

b. in some regions there is a smooth surface, as if the material had dried from a volatile base such as paint.

c. The EDS shows a high iron peak with the presence of several elements.

Among the elements identified are cadmium, potassium, and aluminum. Drs. Levengood and Burke admit, in the case of the oil, that "the elements in the EDS do not really confirm the origin of this material."

However, the results of the shard and grass testing are most gratifying for Israeli ufology. The shards had previously been tested by the National Geological Institute Laboratory in Israel and the University of Manchester's Materials Science Laboratory in England and found to be at least 99.35% pure silicon. Levengood and Burke confirm previous testing results but add an important fact. Because a prankster was loose in Kadima, many in the Israeli ufological community feared he planted the silicon in the circles. Levengood and Burke prove that the type of silicon found would be far too expensive to be spread about by a hoakster.

They next tested sand and soil gathered from the Shikmona Beach site, near the northern coastal city of Haifa. In 1987, a UFO flashed a red light beam and an image of the craft and its pilot was burnt into the sands below.

Levengood and Burke confirmed that a most mysterious incident had taken place:

Soil Samples From Shikmona Beach- Samples of a red clay collected on Sept.28, 1987. One sample collected from a dark ovoid form in the soil and a control taken some distance away.

a. the control appeared to consist of normal soil particles from a red clay type soil (fine particle structure).

b. the formation sample consisted of very dark red or almost black granular particles which appeared to be well mixed with the clay soil. An odor similar to kersene was detected in the bag.

c. when attempting to take photomicrographs of the two soil samples for comparative purposes the microscope light was positioned for reflective illumination. During this set-up process the soil matrix of the formation sample was observed to literally "melt down," that is it became bubbly, and when the heat source (miscroscope light) was turned off the "soil-liquid" hardened into a black mass of rounded particles.

d. thermal studies indicated that the soil "melting" temperature was in the range of 50 C (around 120 degrees F). This indicates the presence of a very low melting point hydrocarbon.

e. in consultation with a Geophysicist we were told that he was not aware of any material with these properties existing in the natural environment.

f. this very unusual, low melting point material repeatedly re-solidifies into the black globular form, therefore it was not in the liquid form when samples were originally taken.

If one wishes to know how the Shikmona Beach UFOs (there was a similar incident eight months later) "burnt" their images onto the sands of Shikmona Beach, Levengood and Burke provide the answer. The craft "painted" the sand with an unidentified low melting black hydrocarbon.

The laboratory analyses only confirm what has been obvious to most Israeli ufologists; their incidents are amongst the most unusual and believable anywhere. The Shikmona Beach and Kadima incidents both passed muster after strict laboratory testing and must be counted as amongst the best proved UFO encounters of the past two decades.





by Barry Chamish

Materials found in an Israeli UFO crop formation and landing site are currently undergoing laboratory testing in the US. While final results have not yet been released, preliminary findings have been announced and they are very exciting.

In September 1997, a father and his son discovered a landing site in Tel Yitzhak, a suburb of Kadima. Dispersed within previous Kadima circles, over twenty since 1973, were shards of a metallic material and a crimson colored oil. The shards were tested in three laboratories and found to be composed of highly pure (at least 99.35%) silicon. The red oil was twice tested in laboratories which agreed it was iron based though other elements were identified including an unusually high level of cadmium.

In April of this year, a crop formation 26 meters in diameter was discovered in the Jezreel Valley. Within were seven indentations, possibly landing pods, filled with a white powder and crimson oil. A young ufologist Gil Bar collected the materials and I sent an Internet appeal for laboratory testing of them. I was rewarded well when Whitley Streiber agreed to arrange testing at a Texas lab he was associated with, while the team of Dr. W.C. Levengood and Nancy Talbott took on the responsibility of testing in their own facilities. Ms. Talbott released the preliminary results this month (August 1998) and they have great international significance.

Tel Yitzhak- The Tel Yitzhak material looks like a lichen but is composed of material which stretches like a rubber band. I have shown the material at four UFO conferences in the past year and each time participants and audience guessed by its appearance that it had to be organic.

Their guesses were wrong. According to the Levengood/Talbott results, the "lichen" is composed of the same highly pure silicon found in previous Kadima circles. A new material, silicon which stretches like rubber, may have been discovered.

Bet Zarzir- The crop formation material found at Bet Zarzir in the Jezreel Valley is no less significant. While Ms. Talbott did not report on the white powder, grasses within the circle were highly magnetized.

But it is the red oil which is looking like the scientific prize. Its internal structure is made up of large (2 micron) donut-shaped compounds.

Ms. Talbott reported that the same donut-shaped internal structure was found in materials connected to two previous alien abduction cases. Dr. Levengood is now conducting advanced tests on the red oil, the results of which are eagerly anticipated in Israel and should be, everywhere.


See the photos of Kadima and Bet Zarzir circles.



by Barry Chamish

On Sunday, Sept. 19, Tsafrir Meisel was descending a hill near his home in the Jezreel Valley village of Tel Adashim when he saw an unexplained clearing in a corn field below.

He investigated and discovered what he thought might have been vandalism to the corn crop. He phoned the local police station and requested to speak to his brother-in-law, officer Gedalia Reiken. He told the duty officer that hundreds of corn plants were crushed but since there were no paths to the field, the incident might be one concerning an unidentified flying object.

This phone call was apparently monitored by the radio station Reshet Aleph but since it was the first day of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, not many people heard the announcement of a possible UFO landing when it was broadcast. Tsafrir told a neighbour what he saw and she called a UFO enthusiast of her acquaintance, Oren Yosef of Tel Aviv, to inform him about the "landing." Oren called two fellow UFO investigators, Gil Bar and me and we arrived the next day with video and still cameras, nylon samples bags, and a tape measurer.

May I switch to first person? I was the first and so far, only journalist to visit the site. It was absolutely fresh and untouched when I entered it. My, in fact our, first impression was of utter awe. The corn was literally high as an elephant's eye, over eight feet tall, and it formed a daunting wall around an enormous formation, allowing us to sketch an exact impression of the site's shape. The object which made the indentation was by far the largest of the many UFO images and circles left on Israeli soil since its UFO wave began in 1987. In the middle of the formation were what we initially thought were wings, stretching an amazing forty meters from tip to tip. Above and below the wings was were quarter circle protrusions, twenty meters in length and fifteen meters distance from each other, which we assumed were images of the body of the plane. Above the wings were two symetrical protusions, about two meters in width, five meters long and situated 20 meters from each other. The overall impression was of an ellipsoid shaped object with long triagular wings ending in blunt tips and two exhaust pipes protruding just above the wings. I drew the image in my mind and it looked like a classic UFO. There was something deeply bothersome about the shape of the formation but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

After creating an impression of the site, we began our search for clues. The first thing I noticed were the corn cobs; the hair seemed burnt and when we removed the peels, the corn was dried out, covered in a pink gummy fluid and even looked partly eaten. But to cut to the chase, we later showed the many samples we had collected to local farmers and they explained that the corn was past its prime and insects and fungi had attacked it. Corn gathered from a hundred meters away had the same characteristics.

However, there was no denying that the corn stalks were bent dramatically, most right to the ground, in a north-south direction. The northern wall of the formation stood straight, while the southern side was swept dramatically downward. All other Israeli landing circles that I was aware of, were round and formed by spiral swirling. This site was formed in a one directional sweep.

Further, all previous Isaeli circles had an abundance of physical evidence within, including shards of nearly pure silicon, red oil and white powder. There wasn't an iota of physical leftovers within the Tel Adashim site. Also bothersome was the massive size of the craft. Most Israel circles were in the 4.5 meter diameter range. The largest previous landing site occurred in Kadima on January 15/95 and it was fifteen meters in length. The Tel Adashim site was a whopping forty meters in length and that didn't fit the Israeli pattern. As I stood in the deep corn canyon created by the craft, I realized that this was no landing site but I saved my opinion until we sat down in a restaurant a few hours later.

Local residents saw our car parked in the middle of nowhere and stopped to check us out. They ducked down and followed the short trail into the site. They were no less awed than we were, even though this was not everyone's first UFO encounter. Dov Nir is friends with small craft plane enthusiasts and in 1992 he had taken a series of controversial aerial photographs of a crop formation at Kibbutz Dalia. His brother-in-law Chaim related how three months before, he saw a triangular UFO hovering over the Jezreel Valley which "then took off in a flash and disappeared."

Last April, Israel's first verified crop formation occurred in a wheat field beside the Jezreel Valley town of Bet Zarzir, barely ten miles away. Materials found within this site are being investigated in the US. Prelimary findings by Dr. W.C. Levengood and Nancy Talbott have verified that a most unusual event took place there. (I digress: The Bet Zarzir incident is becoming weirder. Though the town is keeping a lid on the matter, a few residents reported seeing glowing giants in their homes on the night the formation was made.)

After we had completed our investigation, we began the drive back which was interrupted by an overwhelming sense of tiredness. Oren and Gil had fallen asleep in minutes and I was too weary to drive. So I pulled over at a restaurant and there we reflected on the day's events. We, as well as the local residents agreed, this was not caused by human intervention. There was no path of any kind for the kind of machine that would be needed to create an exact symetrical image forty meters in length out of corn. Thus, Oren and Gil assumed that a UFO landed there. I asked Gil to draw the UFO and his impression nearly matched mine. He drew the kind of classic craft seen many thousands of times worldwide. I then explained that the site could not have been created by a craft landing. It was not feasible for the underside of a UFO to be shaped so strangely. What we saw was a UFO in profile. The craft had most likely created a pictogram of itself in the corn. The wings we thought we saw, were, in fact, the middle rim of the craft. This bore the trademark of the Shikmona Beach incident of September, 1987 when a craft burned its images onto the sands below and initiated the current Israeli UFO wave.

It took a while but Oren and Gil were swayed by my logic. Oren noted, "The formation at Tel Adashim was found on Rosh Hashana day so must have been made on Rosh Hashana evening. The Shikomona Beach pictograph was made on Rosh Hashana evening as well, eleven years before to the day."

Gil added, "The Bet Zarzir formation was made last April on the first night of Passover." I noted, "All the circles in the Kadima area which led to encounters with  giant beings occurred on the Sabbath."

Trying to make sense of the Israeli UFO phenomena seems to require be historical refrences. The Jezreel Valley, which has produced two crop formations this year, has its share of noted biblical sites. A few miles before Tel Adashim, we passed Mount Tabor, where Jesus spent forty days in isolation before beginning his ministry. Had we kept driving, it would have taken us ten minutes to arrive at Mount Megiddo (Har Megiddo), the biblical site of Armageddon.


Triangular UFOs Over Rishon Letzion by Barry Chamish

In early November two residents of Rishon Letzion, some fifteen miles southwest of Tel Aviv contacted me through my UFO website. Both had seen impressive triangular UFOs over the skies of the city.

Rishon Letzion has become Israel's premier UFO hotspot over the past year. Last November, 16 year old Gil Bar filmed an Israeli Air Force F-15 chasing an elliptic-shaped UFO over Rishon Letzion in broad daylight. He publicized his accomplishment and this led to his collecting of four other UFOs filmed by Rishon Letzion Residents.

On November 5 of this year, Gil and I visited the two latest witnesses. Our first stop was at Adrian Dvir's apartment. Dvir, an electrical engineer by trade, is convinced that aliens guide his hands while healing ailing patients. He has gathered around him a group of five other "alien healers" and on October 9 while they were meeting together, a UFO appeared in the sky and they filmed it.

Now I interject. Adrian tried his "alien healing" on me and, to say the least, I remain a total skeptic about his claims. Nonetheless, his film is the genuine article. It is a splendid amateur film of a craft with no shortage of background perspective backing its veracity. The finest moment on the film is a closeup of the craft revealing three beautiful balls, one orange, the others silver and white in a perfect triangular formation. This is one of the finest UFO films taken in Israel and that is saying a great deal. It has been my experience at UFO conferences on three continents that Israeli UFO footage is the most compelling and genuine in the world.

Our next stop was at the nearby home of Avishai Granot. He is a twenty year veteran of the Israeli Defence Forces who is now a computer graphic artist. He prepared a graphic of the UFOs he witnessed for us. They were two triangular craft which flew over the eastern section of Rishon Letzion on October 16. They matched Dvir's description and his film.

Granot told us, "The UFOs came from the north at lightning speed, hovered over the city for about a minute and disappeared in a flash making a suction noise as it went." When he saw Dvir's film he immediately identified the craft captured on the screen as the same ones he had seen."

Initially Granot would not say what his function was in the army. He only hinted, "I know every craft and weapon we've got and what I saw wasn't one of them." Over the evening Granot, a very intense man, warmed up enough to admit that the military and police used his parapsychological gift in many ways, including in the location of missing soldiers. He is most reluctant to detail his gifts but gave us examples of what can best be described as autokinesis. He has long given up the practise of parapsychology bcause of the strain it put on his life.

Gil and I left, perplexed to say the least. He was even more skeptical of Adrian Dvir's claims of alien healing talents than I was, and I was the one who suffered through a demonstration on his healing table. Yet both of us acknowledged that Avishai Granot was a most stable and serious witness.

And we agreed the evidence we had collected was superb. Dvir's film was beautifully corroborated by Granot's graphic. In an area of 100,000 people, the only witnesses to this most remarkable triangular UFO claimed extraordinary mental powers. Dvir and his fellow healers boasted of theirs, while Granot reluctantly admitted that his had been recognized by the Israeli military.

"What do you think it means?" asked Gil. I confidently answered, "God knows.



Yet another landmark event in the eleven year long Israeli UFO wave has taken place. In what appears to be a historical first, a mid-air crash between two UFOs has been video-taped.

On 28/9/95, Spasso Maximovitch noticed an unexplainable object in the skies over Rosh Haayin in central Israel. He grabbed his video camera and captured a silvery, glowing object become, two, three and then four fiery orbs, in a near square formation, over a wide expanse of the northwestern sky. After this incident, Mr. Maximovitch became a constant skywatcher. His dilgence was rewarded on 24/6/96 when a similar silvery orb appeared in the lower western sky. He trained his video camera on the orb...

And then a glowing white oval-shaped object appeared some 20 degrees west of the object and streaked toward it at high speed. Within three seconds it struck the stationary orb, causing a huge explosion in the sky which must have destroyed both objects. Stunned, Maximovitch stopped filming immediately after capturing the explosion.

He privately turned over the two films to journalist David Ronen and I acquired copies. Ronen, who for three years had his own UFO column in a weekend magazine owned by the newspaper Maariv, got the ax two months ago.

People with UFO experiences still seek him out and he is free to utilize their material, some of it he hopes will be included in a film project he is involved with.

However, the vast bulk of the videotapes, photos and testimonies are the property of Maariv and are being stored in a safe within the newspaper's headquarters. To his utter frustration, Ronen has, so far, not been given free access to the invaluable documentation. If the Maximovitch tapes are any indication of what Maariv is holding back, the full story of Israel's UFO wave is far more dramatic than currently believed.

I have sent the two Maximovitch tapes to Union Skyline Pictures of London for examination and possible inclusion in their upcoming three part series Riddle Of The Skies, which will be broadcast by Channel Four in the UK and RTL in Germany. A stumbling block has been encountered, however: Maximovitch cannot be located for permission to release his tapes for the series.

Nonetheless, numerous Israeli videotapers of UFOs have agreed to allow their films to appear in the series.

They include, Ehud Baraban, who taped a stunning triangular formation over Tel Aviv, Adrian Gvir, who captured a colorful triangular craft over Rishon Letzion, Gil Bar, who taped an F-16 chasing a UFO over the daylight skies of Rishon Letzion, Rafi Malka, responsible for Israel's first UFO videotape in 1988, of a large craft with numerous lights over Haifa, the Shuah family, who caught a closeup of what appears to be a multi-vent UFO energy system over Kibbutz Hatzor and Nahum Shomroni, who, in November '97, recorded on tape an invasion of black, sponge-shaped craft over Tel Aviv in mid-day.

With or without the explosion over Rosh Haayin, the Israeli segment of the series will be exciting.

Whether included by Union Skyline or not, I will present the Rosh Haayin mid-air crash (or possibly deliberate destruction) of the two unidentified objects to experts in our field or at conferences. It is my opinion that this tape is an invaluable record of a most mysterious event.



by Barry Chamish

Last month I reported that I had acquired a video copy of a mid-air UFO explosion over the Israeli city of Rosh Haayin. I wrote that my impression was the video captured a profoundly important moment: the first mid-air UFO collision ever recorded. I requested that experts analyze the film scientifically.

Within a day, Dwight Connelly of MUFON committed himself to having the video analyzed. The video is a compilation of two UFO events recorded by Spasso Maximovitch in 1995 and 1996. I sent Dwight both clips and he passed them on to MUFON's video expert Jeff Sanio for computer analysis. The following is his report.

I will not comment on his conclusions. Jeff has no need of my analysis of his analysis. Let's just sum matters up like this: It's The Real Thing. Added to Israel's list of UFO firsts, is the first mid-air explosion between two unexplained aerial craft ever captured on videotape or any other media.

Several film and TV producers asked me to release the clip for their programs but I had to turn them down. I am prevented by a copyright problem from reproducing the film, though I am permitted to display my copy. I am seeking a conference to premiere this remarkable event. In the meantime, I will publish MUFON's full report on http://members.tripod.com/~ufoisrael.


Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 23:39:44 -0800
From: Jeff Sainio <jsainio@execpc.com>
To: chamish@netvision.net.il

Subject: my report

I left out the stills from the video, as you've already seen them. The paper copy has already been sent.

Dwight Connelly
14026 Ridgelawn
Martinsville IL 62442


Videoanalysis 6/24/96
Rosh Haayin, central Israel
Spasso Maximovitch

Events as reported to me from Barry Chamish (chamish@netvision.net.il): `On 28/9/95, Spasso Maximovitch noticed an unexplainable object in the skies over Rosh Haayin in central Israel. He grabbed his video camera and captured a silvery, glowing object become, two, three and then four fiery orbs, in a near square formation, over a wide expanse of the northwestern sky. After this incident, Mr. Maximovitch became a constant skywatcher. His dilgence was rewarded on 24/6/96 when a similar silvery orb appeared in the lower western sky. He trained his video camera on the orb... And then a glowing white oval-shaped object appeared some 20 degrees west of the object and streaked toward it at high speed. Within three seconds it struck the stationary orb, causing a huge explosion in the sky which must have destroyed both objects. Stunned, Maximovitch stopped filming immediately after capturing the explosion.`

The submitted video, which was in PAL format, was converted to NTSC format. It shows several events; a group of lights, one apparently dropped from another (the dropping is seen in the stills marked 28/9/1995 and 3:27:33); a stationary light which is apparently struck by a moving light, and a triangle of lights. The group of lights is interesting, but I could find no basis for investigating any form of anomalousness. The triangle of lights has no reference objects to indicate what or where it is.

The stationary light was much more interesting. Various lights, probably streetlights, in the video were used as reference objects, and showed that the light was stationary over some 30 seconds. An approaching airplane's landing lights will appear stationary, although motionlessness over this length of time seems unusual.

A vertical tower structure, apparently made of girders, is near the light. Some horizontal structure is atop the structure. It was not sufficiently defined for continuous measurements to be made from it.

Another bright object appears to the left and slightly below the stationary object. In 2.9 seconds, it moves toward the stationary object, apparently hitting and exploding. In 1/4 second, the explosion disappears with no trace of either object. The 5-frame sequence to the right illustrates the sequence.

The bright object can be seen to move between the girders of the vertical structure. This is useful in determining the relative size of the moving light. (The size of the light as seen on the video, is misleading; it is presumably much smaller than what is seen, due to extreme overexposure and glare.) The light disappears or reappears completely 6 times; in 3, the change is abrupt; completely bright-to-dark or vice versa. In the other 3, the change is gradual, with a frame showing partial brightness. What can be learned from this? One must remember that the video is a sequence of 1/50 second time exposures. Assume the light is small, and that the moving object has only one light. If by chance, the disappearance coincides with the period between exposures, an abrupt disappearance will be seen. A large light, or several lights horizontally separated, will never disappear abruptly while moving slowly. Since 6 occurrences form a useful population of samples, the moving light can reliably be said to be quite small. This probably eliminates the flame from a missile as a source.

Although the vertical structure was not a reliable reference object, the two lights' relative position could be measured. Over 500 measurements of the two lights' position were made. The graph at right shows the distance between the 2 lights. Breaks in the data line are due to unreliable data from camera motion or the moving light going behind the girders. Reference straight lines show constant speed. The slopes of the lines show that the moving light spent about a second at some speed, then sped up about 16% before the collision. The 16% is not due to a zoom change; the tower is sufficiently visible to verify that its size does not appreciably change. Although the graph shows noise and missing data, the acceleration certainly occurred in under a second. No reasonable object I know of is capable of a 16% acceleration in a second.

When the 2 objects apparently collide and explode, the apparent size of the light expands by a factor of roughly 2.5; this does not appear to be due to overexposure, but is the real size of the object. The last 2 frames of the video are NOT overexposed, but diffuse; since overexposure is not involved, this indicates the actual size of the explosion is shown. The real increase in size of the bright area is certainly much larger than 2.5. In the video the explosion moves downward; this is probably due to camera motion of the startled videographer; the reference tower is too smeared to verify this conclusion.

The explosion is not due to any conventional method I am familiar with; conventional, large explosions require much more than 1/4 second to disappear, and usually generate flaming debris that falls from the explosion. Neither characteristic is seen here.

The acceleration, light size, and explosion are not explainable in any convention way that I know of, and this case remains unidentified.

Jeff Sainio
MUFON Staff Photoanalyst
7206 W. Wabash
Milwaukee WI 53223-2609



One must be most careful before accusing the powers that be of interfering with one's work lest one be accused of persecution complexes if not of paranoiac illnesses. With that in mind, and risking the consequences, I've got a strong case which I will present for your understanding.

In the past month and a half, I have released for expert eyes only, a video clip of a mid-air explosion between two unearthly craft over the city of Rosh Haayin and what appears to many eyes to be a genuine "alien" being captured on videotape in the city of Ramat Hachayal in 1996. Before doing so I was warned of the dire consequences of copyright infringement and the legal risks I took. Thus, I was careful not to reproduce the material for mass consumption.

Here are some of the events of the last two weeks that appear to be connected to the material that recently came into my possession.

1. Michael Hesemann mailed me a package with two videotapes of UFOs within. It arrived with the tapes removed. When I informed him, he wrote back, "Goddam them. Look at the contents slip on the package. It reads two videos enclosed. I can't afford to Fedex you everything."

2. My webmaster at http://members.tripod.com/~ufoisrael received such a vicious legal threat for alleged copyright infringement that he shut down the site for a week. He put it back up when I explained that my material had been gathered legally and there was no basis for the threats.

3. Gala Carr, an assistant producer at Union Skyline Films, has been e-mailing me trying to coordinate the Israeli segment of her company's upcoming documentary series Riddle Of The Skies, which I organized. All return e-mails to her were sent back to me with the message that her address does not exist. So I resent the correspondence to her associate at Union Films, Cherry Brewer. Again, the letters were sent back to me for the same wrong reason.

4. While copying films in a Jerusalem studio for Granada TV, another client warned me non-stop that I had better turn over the films to the Shabak (Israel's FBI), and if I didn't they'd come to take them. He also inquired where I was sending the tape I was preparing.

Okay, maybe all a coincidence. However, last night I was supposed to be interviewed on Scott Colborn's radio show, but he never called. Let our correspondence speak for itself.

>-----Original Message-----

>From: Barry Chamish <chamish@netvision.net.il>
>To: kcolborn@inetnebr.com <kcolborn@inetnebr.com>
>Date: Saturday, February 06, 1999 12:52 PM
>Subject: Signed Guestbook

>>Saw your comment on my site. I'm sorry you didn't call for the show. I'm sure there was a good reason. I would have loved to have let your listeners know what is happening here. Frankly, I've spent the past few hours sitting by the phone and wondering what went wrong. I'd like to know. Barry


At 22:28 06/02/99 -0600, you wrote:

>Hello Barry,

> What a comedy of errors. We began calling you at 10:10 am Central Time, and got a busy signal. After calling continuously until 10:30 am Central Time (and getting a busy signal), we called the local phone company in Lincoln, NE, which is Aliant, and tried to get an operator to help us.

>After trying the number repeatedly through the operator, she informed us that "something was wrong" with the number you had given us and she couldn't complete our call for us (she was also getting a busy signal - but if we let the "busy signal" continue for 20-30 seconds, then it ceased and we would get a pre-recorded message saying the number was incorrect).

> I had e-mailed you Friday night and told you I was going to be calling, and at which time. The number you gave me in a previous e-mail was: 972 8 9720804.

>According to my phone carrier, Aliant, the international access number to direct dial is: 011.

>So the number we tried dialing from 10:10 until about 10:40 am, when it became evident that we weren't going to have you as a guest, was: 011-972-8-972-0---.

>This was the phone number that was in my e-mail of confirmation to you Friday night. I suggest you contact your local phone company and ask for their advice or ideas on why the above phone number couldn't be accessed.

> Apparently my time zone of Central Time is 8 hours different from Israel (does Israel have daylight saving and a time change - setting clocks back in the fall and forward in the spring?), so if you're on the same time differential as us, I had been trying to call you at approximately 6:10-6:40 pm Israel time today. Were you or a member of your family on the telephone during this time today continuously, so that the busy signal we were getting was your phone being in use?

> I sent out an e-mail to my mailing group alerting them of this radio interview, and had publicized this program in the last several weeks live during my previous weekly interviews with other guest, so this was a frustrating experience for myself and my producer, Jan. I've been doing the weekly radio program since 1984 and have had only 5 other times I couldn't get the guest on the phone. I'm sorry to say you were number six today.

> I would appreciate a response from you and your thoughts as to why we couldn't complete our call to you today. Thank you.

>Walk in Beauty, Peace. Scott


>I swear to you my line wasn't busy. And if you're skeptical, I'll get my phone records. THAT IS MY NUMBER. I WAS NOT talking on the phone, I was beside the phone. An hour after, I got a local call.

Okay. you want to discuss paranoia. Michael Hesemann, the German ufologist sent me a package of two UFO tapes last week. The package arrived with the tapes removed. There is no way on God's earth that your phone call shouldn't have rung my phone. 972 8 9720--- IS my number. I was NOT speaking on the phone. WE WERE INTERFERED WITH.

Please phone me as soon as you can, the same way you called me yesterday. Just for a minute, it won't be costly. You'll see you get through now. I WILL NOT HAVE A RECORDING ON MY LINE.

THERE was no comedy of errors. There were no errors. You called correctly and I was beside the phone. Phone again and you'll see. Last week the man who runs my website received a threat that so startled him he shut down the site until I consoled him. My work is being "neutralized."

My opinion is we can't let it happen. Can we tape a show at a pre-determined time? If your call doesn't get through I'll go to a friend's house and I'll call you. Barry

There you have it folks. You decide if there is a pattern, or I'm just "paranoid."

For those who aren't aware of my work, I also wrote a book called Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin (Feral House), which proves beyond any doubt that the convicted assassin of Rabin could not possibly have done the deed. As a result of this research, I have become an expert on how official coverups work. To stifle public understanding of the accuracy of my case, organized riots were staged outside two of my lectures and a semi-sophisticated nation-wide smear campaign was launched against me in the Israeli media.

However, this strategy boomeranged when the publicity brought witnesses out of the dark and thousands of people accepted my proofs. So, the strategy was changed and the media was surreptiously but convincingly warned not to continue publicizing my findings. Various reporters and editors told me the threats used against them if they dared mention my name again.

Now, to my astonishment, the same tactics are being employed against my UFO research. And, as with the Rabin research, the threats are empty but effective. I will present one example. I was warned by an attorney not to publicize the videotape with the "alien" captured within because of copyright infringement. Thanks to Marilyn Ruben, I discovered that the tape had been on the Internet for a year and I was not in infringement of any known copyright laws. See for yourself at


With that knowledge, I had no fear of Marilyn putting the filmed "alien" on her site at ALIEN PHOTO

Yes, Virginia, there is surveillance. And something there is on the latest two UFO tapes I have acquired that is stirring the authorities into action.


Date: 03/22/1999 7:13:47 AM Central Daylight Time


by Barry Chamish

On the afternoon of March 20, a significant crop formation was discovered in the Jezreel Valley village of Betlekhem Hagalili. It was the third formation found in the Jezreel Valley in the past year. The formation was barbell-shaped with two circles of 9 meters diameter joined by a straight line also 9 meters long and 90 cm. wide. Eight hundred meters away an 11 meter diameter circle was found.

The formations were made in a large wheat field and the circles were spun counterclockwise. In classic crop formation fashion, the nodes of the wheat were bent but the stems were not broken. No physical residue was found in the formations. It is not known if the barbell and circle are part of one huge formation or if the circle is a more modest afterthought. Over seventy photos of both were shot by Gil Bar and Shaul Burgman. Betlekhem HaGalili is located barely a mile from Bet Zarzir, site of the first formation last April 12th. The next formation was created six months later on October 20 in Tel Adashim, some twelve miles distance. Both the timing and locations of the formations might be significant. The Jezreel Valley boasts numerous important biblical sites including Har Megiddo (Armageddon) where the final battle before Judgement Day is prophesized and Mount Tabor, where Jesus meditated for forty days before beginning his ministry.

The circles were formed in an approximate six month cycle. The first circle was formed on Passover evening last year, the latest was left a week before the beginning of this year's Passover festival.

For pictures and information on the Jezreel Valley crop formations, please

visit: http://members.tripod.com/~ufoisrael

Subj: Giants

Date: 04/16/2000

From: chamish@netvision.net.il (Barry Chamish)


I am delighted to inform you that my first book on the Israeli UFO wave of the past twelve years has been published by Book World of Sun City, Arizona. It is called Return Of The Giants and as the title says, the book details the numerous and highly documented encounters with giant beings associated with the Israeli UFO sightings and the formations they left on the ground.

Two major American networks will be broadcasting my findings soon. On April 27, the Fox Network will broadcast a Kiviat Production about the world's most proven UFO video clips. You will see me at length in the segment on Israel. And look at your Discovery Channel schedule for a Hamilton Brown production called Giants. It will be broadcast any day now and this fine documentary examines my work on giant sightings in detail.

At long last, my patient collection of evidence is being rewarded by the major networks and a fine book publisher. Book World informs me that Return Of The Giants will be released to the stores in early May and orders are being accepted now. For those who want tophone in an order and use a credit card: 1-888-262-7090. They only take orders on that number. But inquiries are welcome at 480-895-7995 or by writing bookworldinc@earthlink.net.

Hope you enjoy the book. Best, Barry Chamish

Subj: Hello Again

Date: 7/7/2001

From: chamish@netvision.net.il (Barry Chamish)

To: isratech@netvision.net.il


A few years back, a highly honorable Israeli named Yaniv set up a web site, at his own cost, to publicize my findings about a UFO wave that Israel was in the midst of. Have a look at it: http://members.tripod.com/~ufoisrael. For the past two years I stopped contributing to it; in fact, I stopped my UFO writing entirely for a number of practical reasons. Most practical of all, the Israeli UFO wave which began in 1987, stopped dead in its tracks. Other than one crop formation last Spring in Nir Eliahu, there have been no major incidents to describe since July, 1999.

That fact alone, however, would not have put an end to my research. For instance, I had planned to try and put perspective into the modern wave by looking closely at such ancient phenomena as cherubim and seraphim and had a short list of rabbis who I was about to interview for a clearer understanding.

I decided against pursuing the work, mainly, because it was harming my reputation as a political writer. I had gathered indisputable evidence that Yitzhak Rabin was not murdered by the patsy imprisoned for the crime, but rather by his own bodyguard in a coup from within his own political circles. I collected my findings into a book called Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, which was published in five languages. The Hebrew version is in its eighth edition and is having an enormous impact in Israel. For exposing the truth about Rabin, I have gained a large number of enemies, no small number from within the Israeli ruling establishment. Their main proof that my Rabin research is wrong is because I wrote about UFOs, therefore, I must be a nut.

Right now, my country is being put to death by powerful, rotten forces in Europe and America. The means used was the placement of an immoral terrorist organization in our midst. I have written books exposing the international plot against Israel which would have had a stronger impact, except my one UFO book was used to prove that I'm a deluded fantasizer. My country is in mortal danger, I found out why, and my UFO work was badly affecting my credibility. So I chose to distance myself from it.

Yesterday, the distancing was put to an abrupt end. The most influential Jewish newspaper of all, the Jerusalem Post, published a supercilious review of Yaniv's web site which implied that my "controversial" work on Rabin should be reconsidered. This was not a small time event. The review was published in the Post's weekend magazine, which reaches and strongly impacts just about the entire Jewish world. I am once again being touted primarily as a UFO writer and my country will be the big loser.

Which leads to the core reason why I quit UFO writing: the field has been infiltrated by fraudulent "research" and as a result, a very important subject is a laughing stock amongst most people. It is just bad business to be associated with it.

I am not a UFO writer by trade; circumstances initiated by interest. While serving in the Israel Air Force as an anti-aircraft missile operator, me and my unit witnessed what was undoubtedly a UFO wave in the summer of 1980. We were trained to identify anything that should have been in the air, but the squadrons of low-flying satellite-like objects we were spotting night after night were not taught in our plane identification classes. So I decided to talk to pilots on my bases and I learned they had all chased UFOs at one time or another.

So when a most convincing series of UFO encounters began in Kadima in March, 1993, I was drawn to investigate. This led to a large number of magazine articles, a book; Return Of The Giants, television work for the Sightings program, for Bob Kiviat and the Fox Network, for the Discovery Channel. Best of all, my work sent me on expense-paid lecture trips to exotic places like Pisa, Acapulco, Leeds and Brasilia. I enjoyed almost every conference I attended as a lecturer but I also found many disturbing trends that left me deeply skeptical about the overall honesty of UFO research. Which is not to imply that most UFO researchers are dishonest; quite the opposite. The researchers I most enjoyed meeting and reading like John Mack, Whitley Streiber, Bud Hopkins, Michael Lindemann, David Jacobs etc. are all men of tremendous integrity. What unites them is the conclusion that the UFO phenomenon is not a happy one; in fact, it is highly dangerous. There is little to rejoice about bizarre kidnappings, rape, forced implantation and psychological torture. All but one of the close encounter Israelis I interviewed rued the day they had their visitations, which made their testimonies all the more genuine to me.

Yet the overall theme of the conferences I attended was that the arrival of the UFOs was joyful and that the occupants of these craft were here to upraise our universal consciousness. Here are a few thoughts on how this wrong message is being spread and why it has made UFO writing the object of international ridicule.

Shoddy Research:

Those who appreciate my work, do so for my strict adherence to journalistic method. As totally weird as the Israeli UFO story is, I backed my case with a collection of UFO videos which I had computer tested by experts, physical evidence such as shards of silicon and strange oils left within landing circles, which I sent to accredited laboratories worldwide for thorough scientific examination, and corroborated testimonies from reliable witnesses. With this process I rejected countless claims and exposed frauds, such as the Achihud "extra-terrestrial," a frog-like creature which I insisted had an earthly explanation and was proven right by BUFORA's lab tests in England. (Don't worry if you haven't heard of the incident. It made big waves a few years back but is better forgotten).

So when people I liked strayed wildly from my rules, I became very disappointed. Here are two examples:

Stanford Friedman is someone I like very much. We share a common background and sense of humor. He is to be applauded for being about the first man of science to risk his reputation by backing the argument that UFOs must be studied by the academic community. Then why is he risking it all in his fight to legitimize the Majestic 12 papers? Everything about them is suspicious from the way they were found (lying in a Xerox machine) to the wrongly dated typewriter used to produce them. Why would a man of his stature stake so much on such an iffy cause?

Bob Dean is the sweetest man you'll meet and his personality makes him a crowd favorite. Though he never rose past the rank of sargent, his fame rests on discovering secret military information about UFOs. He will tell the audiences.for example, that the US Army is aware of at least ten separate physical dimensions. This is a fabulous discovery but never once did he present a written document to back up this claim and others. Simply, in my world, that is not allowed. Unless you have the proofs in hand, you don't go public. And there are too many others who claimed to have worked for the military who saw alien bodies in Air Force hangars, gravity-defying crafts under Area 51 and the like who didn't have the diligence to prove their claims by photocopying documents, snapping photos, interviewing witnesses etc. We have nothing but their word to go on.

Compare them to Jesse Marcell Jr. He not only backs the Roswell case with childhood memories, he has collected the evidence persuasively, and has a genuine, courageous military background. That is why the Roswell incident is believable and most of the others of the genre, not.


Start with the Sitchin cult. Yes, he is an original thinker and deep scholar. No, there is not nearly enough proof that planet Nbiru is ending its 3400 year orbit and sending scouts to earth. What we have here is an interesting re-interpretation of Sumerian texts turned into a baseless belief system. And it contributes to the overall ridicule of UFO research...

But not nearly as much as the Raelians' demand for a piece of sovereign Jerusalem territory to build a landing site for the Elohim. Or the mass suicide of ufonuts aiming for the mother ship trailing a comet. If you ask me, these groups are all funded as psy-ops by intelligence agencies utilizing UFO naifs for their own wicked purposes.

And I walked right into one of these operations in Brasilia. I called it the Temple Of Doom and once I had a look around and gave my lecture, I got out of there fast and stayed away. The "Temple" was built by the League Of Good Will as the headquarters of its "world parliament." It boasts the biggest piece of crystal and prayer pyramid in all of Brazil. Toga-clad young people are lured into this pyramid to walk in circles to trance music. The religion they are taught is of a one world faith, encompassing and superseding all other nations and beliefs. Some of the believers with short-cropped hair patrol the grounds with walkie-talkies surveiling everyone in their sight. In the basement were row after row of computers linked to satellite dishes outside. Those of us lecturers who ventured to this part of the temple were rudely removed by the crewcut believers in their CIA dark blue suits.

There was one crop-circle expert from England who told the small crowd of zombies that he felt, "a positive energy," coming from the temple. Most of the rest of us felt that UFO research was being used in a very sinister way by an equally sinister cult. And while the New Age cultists occupy a central position in UFO thought, those who determine what is acceptable or not have consigned all Christian research to the dustbins of history. As far as the UFO establishment is concerned, those who combine Christian thinking with the subject of UFOs are religious fanatics. That is because they have reached the conclusion that the UFOs are either a government "New World Order" deception or are demonic. So let me state that I view this attitude as a genuine possibility worthy of intellectual pursuit and some of the best UFO literature I've read ie. Missler/Eastman, David Lewis, forcefully argues these positions. And I'm not the only secular researcher who feels this way, the late Jim Keith viewed UFOs as an "illuminati deception."

Yet the mainstream UFO world welcomes the superstitious magic-believers of the New Age with open arms while rejecting anything that smells of genuine theology. I may not be Christian or a very pious Jew but I recognize thoughtful scholarship when I read it and the rejection of traditional religion by the UFO publishers and conference organizers is a huge mistake. And it is those very publishers that may be, in large part to blame for the poor state of UFO literature. I have not yet met a UFO writer without his story of not being paid for his work. I respect and honor anyone with the vision to publish my books. But I had to pay for much of the promotion of Return Of The Giants and I have not yet seen my royalty payments. This is so commonplace that it inhibits costly research and repels the most talented writers from devoting themselves to producing finely researched UFO literature.

That said, it is the conference organizers who must share the blame for not weeding out shady speakers. It is the shakiest of cases which dominate conference after conference.Which brings me to my biggest disappointment.

Michael, Why Are You Doing This?

Without Michael Hesemann, I may not have had nearly the impact that I did. He introduced my work to Europe and recommended me to conference organizers worldwide. I owe him a lot.

My doubts began with the abduction claims of one Uri Issacov. Michael commissioned me to write about him and then flew to Israel to meet him. By then I was certain he was a fraud and did my best to convince Michael to reject his claims completely. But though there was ample proof that Issacov was lying, Michael included him in his commercial video production about abductees.

Then I noticed at several conferences that Michael would vehemently argue in favor of other shoddy cases. He was a vocal advocate of Billy Meier, who turned his dubious claims into a cult. He went so far as to write a book defending the infamous alien autopsy film and still defends it even after one of the actors in it, a British sound producer, publicly admitted that the whole thing was staged. Most worrisome of all is his message to the conference crowds; the UFOs are here to guide humanity, if they were bad, they would have destroyed us by now with their power. This is one very irresponsible message to bandy about. My final falling out occurred over one Carlos Diaz. Michael has invested a small fortune sending this Mexican photographer to conferences worldwide. It was in Leeds, at my first UFO lecture, that I saw what I would see over and over again; the more skeptical thinkers in the audience were laughing at Diaz and his silly UFO videos with the red laser beams. And some found his message downright hilarious; to the accompaniment of a Paul McCartney video, Diaz claimed that the aliens, who were waves of light, told him to spread the word that humanity as in danger and must eat organic foods and otherwise live cleanly to save itself.

At Pisa, Diaz premiered his latest videos to a select group when the conference ended. These were the most rigged shams of UFO films imaginable. There was improper light, shade, perspective: everything was wrong with their authenticity. No one would have been fooled by them where I come from and no one was fooled by them that night in Pisa. When he was asked why there were no shadows or background in his clips, Diaz explained that he was whisked to a cave 180 meters high and light didn't reach the walls or ceiling.

The next evening, at a little cafe near Pisa University I let Michael hear me clearly. "Michael, if you show those Diaz films to anyone, it'll wreck your career. They're phoney and everyone will see it. And I think you'd better rethink all of his films."

"Do you think all his films are phoneys?"

"The way I see it, one night he videotaped a real UFO over his house. He got a lot of attention and perks from it and started fabricating new ones."

"Why would he do that? You've met him and his family. They're not crooks."

"His wife is really classy, much better educated than him. Maybe he had something to prove to his family. Whatever the reason, as a friend I'm advising you, don't be so closely associated with Diaz or your reputation will never recover."

We walked to the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. I pointed up and said, "Michael, that tower is maybe 90 meters in height. Do you believe there is a cave anywhere 180 meters high? The walls would have collapsed long before it got that big. He's making the story up."

I decided to ask him the BIG question. Over time, many people have written me charging that the UFO scene has been thoroughly infiltrated by the hidden powers who rule our planet. They would point to many examples, like Derrel Sims being a former CIA employee to prove their point. Over time, Derrel's diligent work has convinced me he is sincere. However, these same people would ask me to explain away Michael's ties to Laurence Rockefeller. They insisted Michael was being guided and financed by Rockefeller to push his agenda.

I like Michael Hesemann very much. From our first meeting I felt comfortable with his company. More than that, I enjoy his company. I look forward to seeing him. That night I felt close enough to ask, "Michael, why are you working with Laurence Rockefeller? Do you know anything about the Rockefeller family and the evil they're involved in through their Council On Foreign Relations."

He replied, "Laurence is the black sheep of the family. I know all about the Rockefellers and their world government plot but I assure you, so does Laurence and he rejects it. He is putting his share of the money into honest UFO research."

I didn't like the answer. There are no benign Rockefellers. They invest in control and for all the worst reasons. And, at least one of them, is busy setting the agenda of UFO research. I insist on believing, Michael doesn't realize he's being used.

I haven't seen Michael since Pisa. Today he is busy advocating the Carlos Diaz "light" theory. Last year, Don Waldrop of MUFON Los Angeles organized a wonderful four-date speaking tour of California. My book came out and has received wonderful reviews from people like the Creightons of England and Roland Horn of Germany. Whether I like it or not, Return Of The Giants did establish me as a UFO writer. And those who try to neutralize my political writing, use it against me with relish. So, for the past two years I stopped the UFO research and concentrated on investigating the covert war being waged against my country. However, as of yesterday, thanks to the Jerusalem Post, I am now known widely as a UFO writer and that, of course, means my expose of the Rabin murder must be wacky.

The role of serious scholarship of the UFO enigma has been neutralized and demeaned through hoaxes, frauds, shams, cults and superstition. Anyone who delves into the field risks mockery and perhaps, the end of his credibility. And I claim, that is not accidental. UFO investigation is being ruined by agents of dissension working within the mainstream of the UFO establishment.


The author's book Return of the Giants is available from bookworld@mindspring.com, over Amazon.com or in the US by calling 1 888 262 7090.

Subj: Reply To Michael Hesemann

Date: 7/9/2001

From: chamish@netvision.net.il (Barry Chamish)

To: Michael Hesemann

Michael Hello,

Please reread my article. It was written entirely as an appeal by a worried friend. I could not have been more complimentary to you. There is not a hint of attack, just deep anxiety. I truly believe your goodness is being exploited. Look carefully at my thesis: NO ONE is under personal attack from me. My thesis is that really bad people are using really good people for their own purposes. That is what I said: you don't realize it when you're being used, and you're far from alone. The UFO debate is flying off into the realms of the ridiculous and if our study is to be saved, we have to be more rigid.

I saw an expose of the alien autopsy film here on tv. The "surgeon" came on screen, pointed himself out in the film and confessed to his role in the fraud. What more is there to say? The issue is over.

I was in LA at the Kiviat Studios last April taping a show, a good show. The Diaz films were shown and one after another; Bruce Maccabee, Jim Courier, Michael Lindemann (I heard, I missed meeting him) slaughtered their authenticity. I felt rotten for you. Millions of people saw that show prime time on Fox, millions more saw it prime time on BBC. You were lucky only Maccabee's portion was aired or it would have been far worse. Jim Courier (hope I have it spelled right) said outright that Diaz was a professional photographer who rigged the shots. It was as bad a fraud expose as you can get in the limited UFO world. The only worse one I saw was the trashing of the alien autopsy film on something called Frauds Exposed.

What is going on with you? You're risking all your splendid work on Diaz and the alien autopsy. Why are you sticking your neck out for these causes??????I'm guessing your credibility and those of others mentioned are being deliberately manipulated. Whether you accept money from him or not, any association with a Rockefeller is DANGEROUS. That family's expertise is disinformation and confusion. Look what that wretched lot and their political organizations are doing to my country. We're being murdered by the hundreds because of them.

Look, Michael, my message couldn't have been clearer. There are forces sowing dissension out there. I suppose, you are too decent and believing to accept it. But the field needs you intact. Listen to what others are saying. The alien autopsy film was debunked too powerfully for you to defend it. Too many people, experts and laymen alike, are debunking Diaz. You're getting burned badly and I'm deeply disappointed.

My hope is you'll reply publicly in the following way: My research is widespread. My track record is as good as anyone's. My judgement is not perfect but it has been proven to be astute. I will do some soul searching and re-examine the alien autopsy and Diaz cases. I would appreciate receiving as many views as possible on their merits or deficiencies before I make my future choices.

My thesis was straightforward: Top talent isn't allowed to write about UFOs because it is a defamed field. The defamation has a source. It must be identified and the disinformation weeded out. Those used to promote shoddy cases are mostly innocent victims. We will put an end to their exploitation.

Reread what I wrote. Every word about you was sincere. You are one of my favorite people and I said so. You are being hurt and I feel bad about it. But you have to step back a few feet and look what's happening to you and the UFO field. We're all in it for the truth. Don't be afraid to admit if you were wrong here and there. No one will hold it against you; least of all me.

Best, Barry



 by Barry Chamish

Israel takes the appeasement road this week and agrees to a ceasefire with Hamas. One giant leap down the gorge. But who cares? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. This author is making a daring career change. Israel can wait. I cannot run a publishing arm while on the lam in Canada. But now, I can sell books without having to ship them.

I have put four books up on lulu.com  Just pop in and buy them there.

The books are the latest; Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust. The longest; Save Israel.

The most obscure; Israel Betrayed.

http://www.lulu.com/content/533158   Israel Betrayed

http://www.lulu.com/content/336970%A0  Shabtai Zvi

http://www.lulu.com/content/517809%A0  Save Israel

And...the most hidden; Return Of The Giants.

Available in two editions, with black and white illustrations or with the more expensive color illustrations. Many, many color shots of UFO evidence.



Israel enjoyed a hilarious week of insane frivolity. But I'm so delighted with the career change that I'm tacking the proofs on at the end. Can you believe that Israel is now provably the most despised nation on earth? So to offset the balance, knucklehead foreign minister Tzipi Livni has opened a new, expensive campaign to change Israel into the sexiest country in the Middle East. We await her brochure, The Girls Of Yesha.

Can you just imagine how much the Muslim clerics want a sexy country in the Middle East? They got Livni somehow and now she is upping hatred to unheard of levels. A victory for New World Order psychoanalysis. But let us talk UFOs. I receive endless requests for a book of mine, Return Of The Giants. A certain segment of humanity is deeply interested in giants. Combine giants with Israel and we're talking marketplace position. But get this.

From 1987 to 1999, Israel was bombarded with UFO sightings while the skies of her neighbors remained quiet. The height of this wave was between March and July of 1993, when four women who did not know each other, publicly reported their encounters with giants. The sightings were mostly around the town of Kadima. In each case a landing circle filled with odd metals and oils was found nearby. And between March and July of 1993, the Oslo Accord was written. That little accord has made the leaders of Israel, nuts. Sanity comes with knowing the secret game.

This week, the Spanish offered to send Catholic European troops to the Gaza border to replace the IDF. And wouldn't you just know it? Haaretz published long articles by European spies Yossi Beilin and Shlomo Ben-Ami accepting the offer. First Lebanon, now Gaza. The Crusaders are marching. And who says I have absolutely no influence?

This week Rabbi Avraham Goldstein of the Diaspora Yeshiva of Mount Zion announced that a deal with the Vatican had been done and his yeshivah would be the first in a series of accords to replace Israel as master of Jerusalem. Well, at least now HE knows.

So I kept this book back because UFOs could harm my political work. I wasn't ashamed of the book, it's my research at its very best. I will never in my life research another book at this depth. But there are thin-thinkers who haven't the necessary profundity to actually investigate the subject. So they mock it out of raw ignorance. My political writing was controversial enough without throwing a UFO at it. However, clearly Israel is toast. The old Israel was "bad". It would never have permitted Egypt to desecrate its peace by turning its territory into a staging ground for the final war against the Jews. The Israelis would have secretly got the message through that the Aswan Dam will be nuked if the behavior doesn't stop. Now the only nukes in use will poison the Jews along with the enemy. Oh, read the link below.

I don't even feel like explaining it. Return Of The Giants got so big in the UFO world that the NBC program Sightings did four episodes guided by me, and Fox TV gave a full half hour of prime time to my research. I was invited to speak in Acapulco, Brazilia, Pisa, Leeds, San Marino, Hong Kong, Sydney etc. all about this book. But I never said a word in Israel because I wanted Rabin's murderers to be tried. But they are not going on trial. My friends are. Yves Cahen is a very successful 52 year old businessman opposed to Oslo. He lit a tire at a demonstration. His judge has recommended a six month sentence, even though it was his first offence.

I talked To Yves on the phone last week. I asked him, "Shouldn't you leave the place?" To which he rejoindered, "Where else can I make such a difference?"

Yeah, and where else would you be locked in the pen for expressing your outrage at the destruction of your home. Nothing is real in Israel. No one is who they say they are. The head of the Yesha Council, Benzi Lieberman, admits he's a government stooge. The radicals of Kach work with the Shabak and police, the Likud is a radical left party, there is no Right to vote for, every leader promotes the same "peace", Sharon wrecks Gush Katif, Netanyahu signs Wye. Nothing is to be trusted. Reality is your worst nightmare.

So I'm not worried about Return Of The Giants anymore. At least in my world, every word is the truth. end Listen to my latest interview on the Stan Monteith show.

Find it on my radio shows at www.thebarrychamishwebsite.com It's brutally candid. I have my 5 DVD/CD set for $25 deal open, but only 7 complete sets left. And I have 17 copies of Traitors And Carpetbaggers In The Promised Land for $20. They are the very last copies that will ever be made available.

ONLY for orders chamishba@gmail.com or chamish@netvision.net.il 


Headline News Wednesday,
November 22, 2006
by Staff Writer

Survey: Israel worst brand name in the world As if Israel's position in the world in not bad enough, a new survey published in the US Wednesday says that Israel is suffering from the worst public image among all countries of the world. The study, called the National Brands Index, conducted by government advisor Simon Anholt and powered by global market intelligence solutions provider GMI (Global Market Insitute, Inc.), shows that Israel is at the bottom of the list by a considerable margin in the public's perception of its image. * *00:53 Meretz head Beilin asks EU to adopt Spanish initiative, send int`l force (Israel Radio)

*Nov. 24/06*





Enriched uranium and depleted uranium dust does not respect borders. This stuff is being breathed by Israelis as well. mailto:editor@israeljustice.com www.israeljustice.com

Excerpt: *"*Lieberman*, who reported frequent meetings with ministers and senior officials, said he informed and coordinated with police before and during every protest....Lieberman was not questioned regarding the source of funding for the sham civil disobedience campaign. In 2005, left-wing critics said the protests were financed through millions of dollars in government funding....Under cross-examination, Lieberman recalled the last major protest meant to block the expulsion. On July 20, 2005, the Council organized a three-day march publicized as an attempt to enter the Gaza Strip and join Jewish residents threatened with eviction....Lieberman said 100,000 people arrived at Kfar Maimon, far outnumbering the 15,000 police and soldiers. But he said the Council -- in coordination with the government -- delayed the march to ensure its ineffectiveness. Lieberman's assertion was in contrast to the insistence of police and officials that the settlement Council refused to cooperate with authorities. At the time, *[then Internal Security Minister Gideon] Ezra*, who visited Kfar Maimon during the protest, denied coordination with the settlement council. 'The settler leaders never came to me and if they did, the situation would not have been different', Ezra said. 'We would have not allowed the march to Gush Katif and Kissufim'". * Rabbi Avraham Goldstein is leader of the Diaspora Yeshiva (Yeshiva Toras Yisrael) that has been blessed since 1966 to utilize David's Tomb and the building complex on Mt. Zion for religious classes and services. Goldstein is also Chief Rabbi of the Old City of Jerusalem, and in agreement with all 14 rabbis in the Old City, is convinced that the Vatican's true intent is to ultimately evict the yeshiva and completely empty the complex of Jews. *"Jerusalem is in danger,"* the rabbi warned his American audience, as reported by The Jewish Voice and Opinion, exposing the disturbing fact that the European Union has joined dark forces with the Palestinian Authority to put undue pressure upon Israel to disengage from half the Holy City and cede the Eastern half to the Muslim Arabs.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

RETURN OF THE GIANTS Source: UFODigest.Com URL: www.ufodigest.com/news/1008/returnofthegiants.html

The Return of the Giants
by Barry Chamish

Posted: 17:30 October 7, 2008

Are the Anakim or the Refaim, the giants of the Bible returning to Israel today? There are only two periods of recorded history when giants were reported in Israel; In biblical days from the time of the Flood to the ascension of King David and since 1993 in modern Israel.

The case for the return of giants to Israel is airtight. The giants thoughtfully chose reliable contactees as witnesses, allowed their craft to be filmed and left in their wake ample physical evidence.

In fact, what characterizes the current Israeli UFO wave from others in the world, is the shear abundance of physical evidence left behind by the visitors. Consider the first incident to usher Israel into the UFO age.

On the evening of Sept. 28, 1987, a 27 year old auto mechanic, Ami Achrai was driving just south of Haifa when he saw what he thought might be a helicopter in distress hovering just above the sands of Shikmona Beach on the Mediterranean Sea. He stopped his car and to his utter amazement saw a disc-shaped craft which emitted a bright red flash before disappearing.

Two days later he returned to the site with a ufologist the police referred him to, Hadassah Arbel. What they discovered remains one of the most lasting proofs ever left by a UFO of its physical existence. The flash emitted by the craft burned its image into the sands of Shikmona Beach. A fifteen metere ellipsoid disk was burnt black into the sand but what was more interesting was what wasn't burned. In the vegetation which wasn't burned was a clear image of the pilot of the craft facing a control board.

Seven years later I sent samples of the burnt sand to the television show Sightings which subjected it to laboratory tests. The sand seemed to melt in the heat of the camera light. The reason later discovered was the sand particles were covered by a low melting hydrocarbon material. The laboratory could find no natural or human explanation for the phenomenon.

Ami Achrai's incident was followed by a repeat performance on June 6, 1988 when a similarly shaped craft was once again burned into the sands of Shikmona Beach, about 100 yards north of the first site. This was followed by the most spectacular display of all. On April 27, 1989, two teenagers witnessed a UFO explode into thousands of shards over Shikmona Beach.

By now, Israeli UFOlogists were prepared to handle the latest incident more scientifically. The beach was strewn with burning white metal which was cool to the touch. The metal even glowed in water. When picked up, the shards turned into a white ash. Scientists from the Technion Institute of Technology tested the site and found that magnetism was 6000 times higher than the surrounding area. The shards were found to be very pure magnesium.

Two hundred yards above Shikmona Beach is a biblical shrine called Elijah's cave. Here Elijah preached and here or somewhere nearby in the Carmel Mountains, Elijah challenged the Canaanites to a duel of Gods. Two bulls were tethered and the gods were beseeched to roast them. Naturally, baal failed the Canaanites but Elijah's God sent a ray of light from heaven which cooked the bull on the spot. This ray must have been similar to the kind of beam which burned the sands of Shikmona Beach into a saucer shape.

Within the Cave of Elijah is an ancient drawing of something that was the spitting image of the craft burned into the sands below. The Sightings team decided the image "was a coincidence. Maybe it was a bat." When Michael Hesemann filmed the drawing he felt certain it was a match for the burned sand pictures.

Although the cave drawing's meaning is in dispute, the fact of the modern UFO-burned inscriptions is not. Something unique occurred at Shikmona Beach. Alien craft decided to leave souvenirs there at least three times. By doing so, they revealed the dimensions of their craft and apparently pilot, as well as their construction material. These were not crop circles nor were they formed the same way. A very different message was left on Shikmona Beach's sands.

After the UFO explosion, there was a hiatus of UFO activity until 1993 broken only once in late 1991 over the village of Sde Moshe, some five miles from Kadima. There, after two straight nights of having the inside of his house lit up by an unexplained craft hovering above it, Eli Cohen captured the responsible UFO on videotape. Several minutes of the tape were filmed after daybreak making the result a most clear and convincing record of a UFO.

It seems the visitors were merely scouting the Kadima area in 1991 but they returned in force in 1993. And this time, the occupants of the crafts did more than merely hover in the sky.

In the early morning of April 20, Tsiporet Carmel's house glowed from within. She stepped outside and saw what she thought was a new fruit silo built outside her back yard. But then she saw the silo add a second storey to itself. Ten yards to the side of this magical silo, Tsiporet saw a seven foot tall being wearing metallic overalls. Its head was covered in a what looked like a beekeeper's hat. Tsiporet said, "Why don't you take off your hat so I can see your face?" The being answered her telepathically, "That's the way it is."

This was Israel's first publicized close encounter with an alien being. Tsiporet could easily have been made an object of ridicule but for the fact that a crop circle 4.5 metres in diameter was found exactly where she had seen the craft. Within the circle were shards of a material later found to be a very pure silicon. I add, Israel's UFOlogists are divided over the veracity of the silicon because there was a prankster loose in Kadima.

However, within ten days, two more circles were found just outside Tsiporet's back yard. This time, they were soaked with a red liquid and this fluid would be a constant feature of upcoming landing circles. It was tested by the National Biological Laboratory in Ness Tziona and found to be composed mostly of cadmium.

This was the end of Tsiporet's incidents. Now the visitors concentrated on two other woman in their late thirties living on Hapalmach Street. The first was a Russian immigrant Mara. Strange forces shook her house so hard they caused the outside airconditioning unit to fall out of its casing into the house. Voices called to Mara in her childhood nickname. Eventually she decided the house was haunted and she moved far from Kadima.

Shosh Yahud is the treasurer of the town of Kadima. She is down to earth and wants as little to do with her UFO experience as possible. In May, she awoke to see a seven foot, round faced being in silvery overalls circling her bed as if "floating on his shoes." The creature assured her he was not there to harm her and she became relaxed. After a few minutes the being floated through her wall outside.

Shosh thought she had dreamed the incident until she looked out her wondow in the morning and saw a 4.5 meter crop circle in her backyard. The UFOlogists descended on her home and discovered the silicon and cadmium within the circle.

Next, in June, it was Hannah Somech's turn to be visited by a giant. Hannah lives in Burgata, three miles from Kadima. She was startled to see her dog go flying across the kitchen into a wall. She stepped outside to investigate and her way was stopped by an invisible force. She then saw a seven foot, round-faced being in metallic overalls examining her pickup truck. She said to it, "What did you do to my dog?" It answered telepathically, "Go away. I'm busy. I could crush you like an ant if I wanted to. Go back to your husband."

Needless to say, a 4.5 meter circle crushed out of the grass was later found in Hannah's back yard. Within, the grass was soaked with red liquid cadmium.

By the end of the summer, the credible reports of giants roaming the land persuaded the normally staid television station Channel One, to broadcast a one hour program on the subject. Tsiporet and Shosh appeared as well as the UFOlogists who had examined the circles of Kadima. To the apparent shock of the host, the viewing audience believed the advocates of alien landings. The result was two more witnesses coming out into the open.

Both were women in their late thirties who lived within ten miles of each other south of Tel Aviv. Clara Kahonov of Holon was most reluctant to be quoted but acknowledged that she had seen a giant being.

Batya Shimon of Rishon Letzion saw far more than one. In early July, two seven foot tall, bald creatures beamed themselves into her seventh floor apartment. They told her telepathically not to be frightened and she immediately relaxed. She then felt they had "friendly faces." They roamed her home, "floating on their shoes" dusting her shelves with a yellow, foul- smelling powder. One being saw her son's aquarium, became very excited and called his colleague over. After a few minutes, they beamed themselves outside. The next night at 3 AM, a dozen giants visited Batya arriving and leaving the same way.

I have had extensive conversations with the contactees and there is much in common with their stories. That is fit subject for a separate lecture. In short, all were the same age, all were white collar workers, three have been haunted since their encounters telepathically, all their men slept through the encounters, two had mysterious pregnancies etc. But the core commonality is that these women did not know each other and separately described the same seven foot tall, bald, round-faced giants.

And if absolute proof that giants were about in Israel was needed, it came in December in the village of Yatzitz, twelve miles east of Rishon Letzion. The giants had opened a new axis after Kadima, a triangle of twenty miles linking Rishon Letzion, Holon and Yatzitz.

Herzl Casatini, the village security chief and his friend Danny Ezra were sharing conversation when they heard an explosion and felt Ezra's house shake. Herzl opened the door and stood face to face with a nine foot tall creature in metallic clothes whose face was hidden in "a haze." He shut the door and called the police. They arrived and discovered deep boot tracks in the hard mud. The tracks sunk 35 centimeters into the ground meaning whoever made them had to have weighed, literally, a ton. Thinking there might have been a terrorist incursion, the army was called in.

Military trackers were totally stumped. The tracks carried on for 8 kilometers. The heel dug in only 5 cm. meaning whatever made the tracks was walking almost on tip-toes. If you can call it walking. Sometimes the distance between tracks was twelve feet, meaning the intruder was a world record holding broad jumper weighing about a ton.

The Yatzitz incident confirmed, even to the deepest skeptics, that giants were indeed sighted and they left proof that was nearly impossible to dispute. The best the Israeli authorities could come up with to explain the tracks was they were left by an unknown cult. It would have to be very unknown for records of cults whose ceremonies include dressing as giants and leaving miles of unidentifiable tracks are undoubtedly quite rare.

After Yatitz, giant sightings were reported in Ramat Hasharon, Rehovot and Afula. And 1996 became a vintage year for UFO evidence gathering with a good dozen craft filmed. Two incidents stand out. In August, a UFO was filmed over three nights with professional equipment at Kibbutz Hatzor. The results include a closeup of what appear to be rows of square-shaped vents on the craft. In December, a Netanya household reported constant contact with small greys, the first such report from Israel. The witnesses backed up their claims with an abundance of physical evidence, including stones that melt ice immediately without a known energy source.

The Israeli UFO experience is unique and very complicated. I have touched on just one aspect of it; but it is vital to understanding the Israeli puzzle. Of the seven best documented close encounters with alien beings provably connected to UFOs, six involved giants. These giants were determined to leave evidence of their arrival in the form of cadmium-imbued landing circles, miles of impossible boot tracks and deliberate communication with witnesses. Indeed, the abundant evidence more than indicates that there are giants roaming Israel today.

As there were 5,000 years ago and they also left proof of their existence. The giants were descended from the nefilim, literally the fallen ones. In ancient time, entities fell on Israel from the heavens and later became the mortal enemies of the Hebrew nations.

One giant king was Og of Bashan. The bible records that his bed was thirteen feet long. Bashan's territory included the Golan Heights. Sitting on the Golan Heights is the Israeli version of Stonehenge. Called Gilgal Refaim, the Circle of the Refaim or giants in English, this site consists of five concentric rings whose beauty can only be appreciated from above. Unfortunately, there was supposedly no way for the simple nomads of 5000 years ago to see the circles from above.

The site is enormous. The outside circle has a diameter of 159 meters and over 37,000 tons of rock went into the construction of the complex. Two openings in the circles may have been used to measure the solar solstice and the rising of Sirius in 3000 BCE.

The fact remains that Israeli archaeologists are totally mystified by the Gilgal Refaim. No other complex built in the Middle East resembles it and it predates the pyramids by over 500 years. The indigenous nomads of the time did not engage in this kind of megalith building, so outsiders were probably the builders. According to the Bible, the only outsiders living on the Golan Heights back then were giants.

Maybe it's a longshot, but no one has come up with a better explanation for Israel's current UFO wave. I believe the ancient giants may be coming home. I conclude on a somber note. The biblical giants were God's enemy and Israel's armies were the means to their utter destruction. There is a legitimate reason to contemplate the recent re-arrival of giants in Israel with a good measure of dread.

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