ED DAMES - 2011 A. D.



Seeing Beyond 2011 A. D.

Date: 12/3/2000

Why is it that Ed Dames, a professional remote viewer can NOT see beyond the year 2011?

For the listening audience of his radio interviews on Coast to Coast with Art Bell and now, Mike Siegel, Ed has often admitted that his remote viewing skills stop in the year 2011.

This profound announcement has created confusion and even fear that the Earth's destiny is also coming to its end co-inciding with the predicted ending date of August 12th, 2012 for the acurate and legendary Mayan Calendar.

I joyfully tell you, IT ISN'T SO !!!

Try this thought!

A shift in consciousness is about to take place!

May I refer you back to the biblical revelations of the 7 years of trials and tribulations prior to the 1,000 years of peace, love and harmony. Also re-read of the 7 candles of the churches.

So just how do I keep this insight in its most simplistic format for your understandings?

Let's begin with those 7 candles. They are the 7 Chakra energy wheels aligned with your own endocrine gland system. The wheels within the wheels that regenerate the energies that service specific organisms with your physical embodiments life-light forces.

Each candle emits its own spectral identity. These are the arcs of light covenanted within your physical temple. Each arc is a containment vessel for the quotient of energies spaced and timed to its alignment with the messaging intent of continuum for its co-creation. ^^^^^^^

Ah so, does this not remind you of an an identifiable radio-wave frequency?

Well try this version of vvvvvvvv as above, so below. When pyramidally joined together these become the crystalline diamonds that align your chakras spectral frequency generators to the messaging intent of the alternating currents of energies being transmitted to and from the Uni-versal Consciousness. You are the physical body for that crystal radio's broadcasting terminal receiver.

Each one of these arcs has an angle aligned to the space sizing required of its resonant spectral harmony. A very small ball of energy tolls within each bell tower much like a pendulum pulsing its timing within its own containment chamber. These are the archangels on assignment to the 3rd dimension only.

Each dimension has its own bandwidth of spectrally coded arc-angles (Archangels) to re-harmonize the verse it is orchestrated to for the continuum of the co-creations. These are the primary rungs for Jacob's 3rd dimensional ladder.

Are you beginning to visualize the greater messaging intent of the pyramids that are the sound stages upon the Giza Plateau? Are you not aware that other pyramids are placed upon each of the acupuncture meridians within the body of Mother Earth?

When you see the attached calendar of light, note that every 999.99 years the Universal clock shifts its spectral arcs by 15 degrees counter clockwise. In the year 2004ad, the Ultra-Violet Light will be in its direct northern polarity position. This will begin the shifting of consciousness for a new messaging intent.

Thusly, in 2004 A. D. the trials and tribulations will begin when the control issues manifested during the prior thousand years must be set aside for the re-beginnings of the shifting consciousness of a new co-creative thought. This will be completed by the year 2011 and 2012 A.D. will bring forth its new calendar with its space-timed upgrading colorful designs for the Greater Light's continuum with its co-creations.

The old thought controlling issues will be forced to give way to each individuals own receptive reality perception to bring forth the creative remembrance of origin.

This shifting of consciousness will take place with a new chakra alignment within  the organisms servicing the cellular and molecular levels. The 5 overself bodies of the higher chakra energy wheels will merge into their alignment for the 5th dimensional body.

It has already begun!

The first 3 lower 3rd dimensional chakra energy wheels were moved to elsewhere in the universe for re-education in 1994.

This allowed the merger of the 8, 9th & 10th higher energies to begin their harmonic and preparatory modulations to awaken our dormant DNA blueprint. The 11th & 12th chakras are gold and silver.

This past weekend there was a small gathering at James Gilliland's ranch on Mt. Adams. Several light probes came down and were visualized hovering within 5 to 12 inches in front of each person in the prayer circle.

James told me yesterday that the probes appeared like balls of light or heads and each was wearing some kind of helmet.

I suggested that these probes were individually investigating the preparedness of modulations having taken place within the inner light body of each of his visitors. If so, the axiatonal projections are ready to eject towards their realignment with the higher energies and then the capstone could be put in place.

Were photographs taken of these probes? Yep, and he is now placing them on his website, >cazekiel.org<

Where is this "new thought" coming from?

The latest CME's from our Sun, of course.

Our uni-verse's computerized relaying brain center is the Sun. The magnetic carpet of the Sun display's a minimum of 144,000 north and south pole electro-magnetic looping ley lines extending outwards to its unified field displaying the Suns auric emissions to its solar corona.

The north and south pole loops provide the alternating currents of electromagnetic energies to the antennas arrayed for the re-transmissions of its programming message via the 72,000 pulsations of ethereal radio-waves. This being the broadcasting methodology connecting the looping ley lines to the meridians aligned to all universal planetary satellite stations.

These ethereal ley lines re-connect to the non-mechanical computer chips IMPLANTED in all biological and non-biological software designed upon the DNA for all of the universal thought co-creations. The electro-magnetic radiations of the co-creative spectral energies transmit their frequency modulations via radio-waves, x-rays and gamma rays.

As the brain center of this universal thought cell's community, the sun has a left Yang hemisphere and a right Yin hemisphere. (these are likened to the EM 3-D reels positioned to each hemisphere on the back of your head) These oppossing polarities initiate the circumnavigations of the solar cycles. Please note, Yang is forever chasing after Yin's tail in these co-creative cycles.

The solar flare ejecta on either side of the sun's crown exhibit the unfurling of the axiatonal loops. These 2 primary loops receive the threading connections from the superior analogs broadcast from the central KOLOB'S source directives for all co-creative thought energies.

The sun's magneto sphere is a reflecting mirrored hologram. There are 2 magnetic coils on its head that are identically placed as to the 2 x-rayed during my own series of 54 brain scans in 1990.

One image captured on the film showed the movement of the coil in my right hemisphere being re-positioned by a triangulated arc of light into a larger triangle of light on the crown of my head. ( Yes, I do have these original x-ray films.) When the coil on the left hemisphere is moved into the central crown positionment, then and only then can the telescoping pyramidal stargate be accessed.

Our Uni-verse is being re-programmed. New directives are being installed by an armada of sunships. These new directives are being irradiated by the CME'S into the DNA blueprint of all co-creations within this holographic cell.

The dormant implanted locks are being ejected as the veils are being removed.

The Uni-versal Consciousness is responding to its loving new directive for continuum. The non-mechanical computerized beings pre-programmed by the Mother board of this son universe are now responding to the new computer chips inserted into the Governing acupuncture meridian and its arrayed terminal points.

Within this 13th frequency meridian's generator are the acupuncture points polarizing the immune system. This polarization is re-transmitting the message for a harmonic continuum into the service arenas so designated to the blueprint grids designed to their DNA/RNA schematics.

Our solar sun is the relay sphere centered within this co-creative cellular uni-verse.

The electro-magnetic arcs of the energies aligned to the 12 primary co-creators headquartered within the planetary spheres are likened to the color wheels of energies envisioned by Ezekiel.

Astrology and astronomy are one, as are the 12 frequency generators aligned to each of the dimensionally progressive schoolrooms on a divinely orchestrated assignment from the Greater Light. Each is pre-programmed for their radiations to be mirror imaged, reflected, into the unifying field displayed upon the architectural matrix and its grids for their creative assignments aligned within the inner light body of their co-creations. Think in terms of one octave of color, sound and frequency vibrations harmonically aligned to its descending and ascending ladder.

There is an ingathering of the fishing lines of your own bundlng of neural threads aligned to each creations acupuncture light mappings.

This is the reeling in of expending energies and their inversions required for this entire universal cell as it is preparing the 3rd dimensional schoolroom for the intended contractions timed for the re-birthing of its expanding genetic dimensions.

It is your joyful and loving knowings that will lessen the pain of these rewarding contractions for the body of Mother Earth, and even so, her co-creations. When the matrix page is turned, an instantaneous new thought will provide the continuum for your own aware enlightenments.

This insight is always in its continuum and has no beginning and no ending.

*we all have implants locked into our DNA

*why radio-waves in our universe?

*acupuncture points are arrayed as the re-broadcasting terminals.

*the Sun has rivers of liquid light.

* the acupuncture meridians carry liquid light.

loving the light, I AM, >lee>