Mutation Symptoms

Date: 98-03-10 11:17:15 EST

From: Dee777

I live about 150 miles from Mammoth Lake. I have been getting some very strange brain and head sensations recently, but not on a daily basis and I wonder if something else is going on with me. I will feel these brain sensations and extreme tiredness and I am forced to go to bed and lay down.

When I do that , I get some very strange visions and dreams. Yesterday, I could not only feel the brain sensations, but felt like a pressure kind of like a mask over my face from my nose upward in a triangle. When I fell asleep, I was in a large building helping some workmen clean up and remove trash to their truck for removal. At the last doorway to the outside was a "watcher". He was unbelievable handsome. He just watched people going by. I had to use a sink which was across from his room and there were green frogs crawling around the faucet so I went across the hall to the "watcher" to ask for a piece of paper to write a note to the landlord about the frogs. When I walked into his room, he said to me, "You are late. You had an appointment at 10:00 a.m. (This was 1 p.m.) He pulled out a couple of sheets of paper which I recognized from a dream the other night which had symbols and writing on in rows. He pointed to the paper and said, "You are 100% correct". You will need to make another appointment with me. " And I woke up feeling fine.

This morning I had a dream in which I was crawling across a very narrow bridge with two small children. The bridge was held up by only thin threads and the slats were narrow. The bridge was covered by colorful clothing and we crawled carefully across, with me warning the children to be careful and not fall into the dark water. Another small boy (seemed to be dressed in yellow) joined us part way across the bridge, and he fell into the water near the end. I could not reach into the water and rescue him immediately because I had to watch the children so they would not fall in, so when he came up for the second time, I grabbed his arm and pulled him back up onto the bridge. EOD.

As soon as I woke up, I saw a small black heart with diamond fractals around it and I began to get these voice messages.

"I want to kill her"

"I want to move away from the Indians and relive Hitler"

"It's under control Honey, it's under control"

"You're not going to like it"

"It's recircled, it's recircled"

"It's rebombed, it's rebombed"

"It's incredible"

"For once I'm going to get my way"

"I won't be long"

"It's real"

"It's black"

"It's archway is imperceptible"

"It's crescendo is inconceivable"

"It's beauty is immovable"

"It's bounty is inconceivable"

"I'ts heart is immovable"

"It's force is incredible"

"It's mark is tremendous"

"'It's mark is a monster"

"It's heart is intractable"

"It's creation is horrendous"

"It's musings are ferocious"

"It's mark is indoctrinable"

"'For now we are through".

I really don't know what to make of that. My thought it was about Hussein, but it could be something else. I don't know. Certainly death and destruction are part of what it implies.

What comes to you when you read those words? It seems there is nothing that can be done about it. Without a real clue to it's origin, I'm at a loss for understanding it.

Love, Light, and Joy