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in the recent past have been accused of many things ... for simply telling what I believed to be real truth ..... but also because of not replying to some or providing answer I was accused for not sharing ....

"how could Blue/myself proclaim sharing, when we do not reply or answer"

it is not because Blue or myself want to keep anything to ourselves ...on the contrary ... nothing would make us happier than the fact that everyone would want to wake up from the distractions ...

well I just realized that there is no need ... everyone is where he/she wants to be. All is well, so to speak .... and I also realized .... that people don't really want to know they simply just want to be entertained (distracted)... "how many toes does a reptile have" or let someone else take responsibility for their lives ... blame something or someone outside .... etc ...

now we've said this before ... "choose peace" in everything you do

but it is quiet simple ... people want to know who side is on who who is malign , who is benign .. etc etc

again simple signs are as follows


*** inclusive = unconditional = open = allowing = peace = love = whole = multiply

*** exclusive = conditional = closed = restrictive = hostile = hate = separate = divide

are they inclusive (benign) in their actions or exclusive (malign) remember .. you live in a world where there are 6 billion+ made up of many countries, religions, govts, races, breeds, institutions (e.g. councils) and so do any of the above when taking action or making decisions choose to include all of the above or do they exclude any of the above

do they make decisions or actions that favour or choose peace as the outcome or path

do they lookout for all beings/kinds .. and not just a favoured side/club/members

a hard one to judge ... are they doing it for to just make a buck, regardless of what pain or damage they cause or who they hurt ... or are they doing it cause they really want to (money aside)

perhaps they are exclusive .... they only look out for their own kind, and couldn;t care less about others and what damage maybe caused .....

you could apply the above equations to anything, anyone, club, institution, religion, government behaviour .... and just by knowing the fruit of their trees you will see clearly open/closed were they are really coming from ..... you don't need me or anyone to tell you ... try it ... it is so simple .... the Blue do not box up and label and categorize ever maybe I do ;o))) .... so use the above rule of thumbs on every person, every company, business, government or religion or club and tick them off against the list .... and you will be surprised apart from his crude labelling method .... all you have is your intuition innerself to guide you

it's sort of like the company who pretends they are "equal opportunity" ... but make sure that they filter out all resumes or CV's for certain coloured races or age groups even do not seriously fairly consider them

know them by their actions.

as for UN council ... look folks ... everyone seems to be scared shitless about a NWO (New World Order)

but don't throw out the baby with the bath water .... this is exactly what they want...

sure the UN council in it's current state is rather limited, perhaps corrupt, perhaps $$$ driven .... ... but look who is doing the $$$ driving

"if you do not vote our way we will stop financial aide" ... very unconditional would you say and sure everyone has an agenda and reason for voting the way they vote either it is $$$ driven or someone is holding a gun in some shape or manner against their heads but at the end of the day ... as long as peace is the outcome, it does not matter what the agenda was or who was behind it ... all countries, included, simply together voted/decided (inclusive)

earth needs a council made up of many sub-councils and bodies representing all nations and the good of all people .... to guide and give council ... to make decisions .. to agree or disagree as long as peace and wellbeing is the outcome

a world order (dare I say council) should not govern the people .. it is only to guide and council /.... and nor should any one country govern the rest of the world ... or dictate to the rest of the world .... this would then be truly the NWO as you "FEAR" it ...

with world council ... no country, race or religion need lose it's sovereignty or identity as their own kind would still govern ...... the world council would only guide ... not get involved and stick its fingers into the affairs of other countries .... yeah sure we only want to help ... but really we have an agenda ...

but for the good of all, all representatives need to agree or disagree unhindered ....

again the UN is not perfect and is not a true representative of all the world ... but it the closest you have and on it;s way to becoming a true planetary council .... unless the NWO do not like the idea and unjustly go about destroying the UN and replace it with their own unilateral version of it ...

you can take this or leave it folks I couldn't care less ..... I guess it depends on who side you are on ... if it is the the almighty powerful and glorious side ... then perhaps you might enjoy a dictorial NWO .... how ever if you are on the receiving end ... beaten into submission then it is a different story ...


Countdown - 8 - 7-6


how does one learn to let go completely and yet at the same time hold onto some framework/structure ... some times I feel like a ping pong ball ... one extreme or the other


if you can accept the simplicity of what you are about to hear, then you are on your way home .... don't let the simplicity of these words dismiss them...

no one ever accepts this because hardly anyone can accept its simplicity .... it is this:

choose peace in everything you do or think ... before any act, ask yourself: "Does this give me peace?" .... if not, but you feel compelled to do it, then do it anyway ... then say to yourself: "I know this does not give me peace, although it is peace I want, but I do it anyway." this way you have not judged yourself .... choose peace every minute of the day, until it comes as natural as breathing ... peace is of reality and not of illusion ...

you still need convincing ? as you know, the outside world ... every situation and experience ... is a mere reflection of your mind set .... what you see is only what you put there....

what do you think occurs when you are at peace? it can only be reflected .... and with peace we do not mean a passive state of inactivity .... with peace we refer to the peace of true self or as many would label it godhood ... which is harmony... joy and exuberance ...

the integration of structure within your surrender/letting go occurs naturally when you choose peace ... be not concerned about the mechanics of this ....


so basically no matter what the burdens and tribulations one faces in their life ... they must be at peace with those burdens etc and accept them wholly without judgment ... is it then in just accepting one's situation regardless of how dire it may be, goes towards transmuting it ?


we would remind you to remember that burdens are reflections/effects and NOT causes ... by choosing peace, no matter what, your reality (perception) changes ... yes, it is an act of surrender and yes it requires faith in self ... but what is there to lose? only the perception of illusion ...

it is not so much the acceptance of tribulations ... for this would make them even more real to you ... but rather the acceptance of your choice, or what you have to choose from, no matter how limited and to simply experience it for what it is... offer no resistance and choose only peace ... by doing that you are choosing reality and reality does not know of burdens ...

in the beginning choosing peace may be only an intellectual exercise but after a while you begin to BE at peace and it is then that the shift occurs ...

the only force to derail you is our ego ... there is no power outside of you .... there is not even an outside ....

let us not confuse all this with new age stuff ... new age is just another religion ...

to tell you that you, true self is the only power is bringing you back to your SELF ... our words will not convince you only your own experiences and you will not experience it unless you surrender the ego's personality self-will completely....

all else contrary to this is born of fear and is illusion... there is nothing to DO ... only to choose peace ... the rest happens by itself .... by wanting to DO something you are declaring your present state as real ...

the answer lies in your acceptance of the fact that you are home and awake already ... you simply forgot and caught up in the effect of remembering and not the cause .... if there is anything to do then it is an undoing of present ideas and convictions which is in essence a letting go ...

Countdown 5 - 4 - 3


am still a little confused on something .... is "desire" the same as "need" ??

I know the principle of when in need you oppose that which you need ...and also when one is in need is confirms that they do not already have .... but is this the same for desire? .... is desire the same as need!! and thus not OK ... is desire a preference and thus is not a confirmation of not having whereas need is a want and confirms not having ... i.e. I want what I don't have ....

how does one desire for something, wish for something without repelling it??

perhaps my ego is clouding the issue .... i.e. I think my needs are desires when in fact they are really needs and were never really desires except the ego tells me "no no they are desires .. it is OK to have them"

so how does one tread this path between wanting, needing, desiring, wishing without repelling that which one desires ...

or does one simply not do either ... .. have no desires, no wants, and sit motionless ??


need states "I need this or that to be happy" ... the reliance on outer circumstance for one's well being or happiness .... in contrast desire states "I want to experience this or that" ...

you are here for two reasons ... to find one's self and to experience the physical plane.... desire is the engine driving us toward experience ... once you grasp the truth that outer condition or circumstance is only a reflection of one's mind set of thought and emotion then need becomes a thing of the past ... and not present ...

desire is playful in discovering the physical dimension .... look at your new born babe giggling and playing with itself/innerself .... with no outside distractions, rattles, lights ... need is rather tragic for it denies play .... but from the onset of birth it becomes a goal to distract the innerself with outside influences until one cannot rely on the inner but only the outer ... might be helpful to remind yourself that need comes from a space of fear ... while true desire comes from love for life and its exploration ....

emotion is of the ego/fear based feeling/sensing is of the soul-spirit/love based

needless to say that both are alright ... however... if emotions don't serve the individual very well ... then it is perhaps time to look at their cause ....

a state of feeling is the closest to reality, for it bypasses the intellect and touches the realms of the soul/spirit .... whatever the desire maybe ... its value lies not in its manifestation on the physical level whatever shape or form it may manifest as this has no value ...but what does have value is the fact that you can create the fulfillment of your desire in the first place ... because that is a parallel expression of your true nature as a creator ...

whenever the form/physical level is valued ...then the point of the exercise has been missed and the only gain is the form .... when expectation is attached to the manifested object or situation the circumstance or condition (effect) is put before its cause ... this is egoself/false-self


how does one then find self ??


be kind to yourself and do not try! ... it is not lost, your SELF is right there here and now .... be you aware of it or not it is always there will never leave you ... if anything allow the ego's barriers, defences, fears to crumble and it quite naturally takes the ego's place...

desire to become aware of your true self.... don't count the minutes....

simply be at peace about absolutely everything .... choose peace again and again if need be one hundred times a day ... no exercises to achieve some spiritual goal ... no methodologies... you are already perfect ... your only downfall is you forgot ... do not remember ..

Countdown 3 - 2


Blue ... you keep on harking about "peace" .... choose peace ... be at peace ... blah blah

maybe I am ignorant .... but define/explain peace ?

what is "peace" ? how do I know "peace" or know what it is or when I have found it ?

can you please help me with understanding this peace ?


you will know it when you found it ... but of course this is not what you want to hear ;o)) ...

when you can surrender all your defences and stand absolutely vulnerable .... it is also a state and/or place (and the only one) of absolute power .... it is dropping every single weight from your shoulders and letting go ... it is complete relief of burdens you never knew you had .... accumulated cell memory for one .... it is called letting go ...


this sounds like Newage crap .... yes yes ... let go etc ... should have known ... you talk about accumulated cellular memory .... please define memory ..


ultimately ... it is the remembrance of your SELF that is the indescribable surprise is the home coming ... or what is known as salvation or as you may term it "born again" ...


when one experiences, it is stored in memory (of some sort) ... is this the norm of creation/all that is ??


yes off course...


is this the purpose of experience ?? .... to have soulular/cellular memory ...


the purpose of experience is not memory ... but memory enables us to digest experience

the body reacts in many ways (i.e. chemically, magnetically) to the emotions (fears) stirred by experience. in other words it records fear in the cellular structure .... this is the same as depositing toxins in the body. Feelings (love, joy, etc) are recorded all the same, but constitute a threat to the ego's tireless agenda of denying reality ....


is memory = EGO .... and distracts us and causes us to judge to pre-empt


the ego utilizes memory to identify with whatever is experienced .... meaning it will use anything to create a false sense of identity ... it lives in the past and attempts to preempt and forecast .... the you of I, true self can only be in one place ... that is here, now, present ...


are we are not meant to store memory of any kind of experience ?


but of course you are ... without the ability to remember experience would be an impossibility .... memory itself or the ability to remember is neutral ... what u do with that memory is not. ... you accept fear as real .. judge and evaluate the experience and this is what body and soul record ... hence this becomes our identity/reality, while in truth this course of action denies reality ...


perhaps there is two types/systems of memory ?


don't analyse and label ... memory is memory and memory is innocent how u evaluate/judge what you remember is not....

the greatest memory you carry in your heart is the memory of your SELF ...drowned out and veiled by the ego's agenda of distractions and false projections of identities .... be eternally grateful for this memory, for without it you would never find your way home .. it is the strongest memory within you, far stronger than any memory of any experience ever entertained ... this is the reason why, despite all the ego's clamor, you are asking these questions... it wants to be heard, because your SELF wants to bring you home.

Countdown 1


is this is a physical limitation or a soul limitation ... what is or who is the limiter


Neither!!! the physical experience IS one of limitation is designed to limit. entering the physical dimension is the choice to experience limitation....


assuming it is a soul limitation then it must have chosen to experience this limitation in the physical ... likewise a fully realized self being would have chose to experience and thus chose a physical body without limitation in order to make that first jump


although in a state of oneness many of the limitations inherent in the physical plane may be transcended, a complete transcendence is simply not possible other than by leaving the plane that was designed to limit. such 'Master' would not enter the physical if their desire would be to experience completeness.


what I am asking is ... once a physical body with limitations of sorts is chosen born into .. for the limited experience ... can these be reversed physical ... can one grow out of their physical limitations


No, because the soul that chooses such an experience, has chosen a body incapable of producing a nervous system that would allow and support the experience of completeness


do we have the capacity to break out of such chains of limitation and if so is it part of our limited DNA 2 strands and if one did possess such 12 or 24 strand or could tap the other missing strands or junk DNA and basically self correct and be free of physical limitations


consider that consciousness determines the healing (reconnection) of the various helixes.


e.g. chop my hand off and I can grow another or is this farfetched and not the "reality" the truth


not at all farfetched. an individual in a consciousness of completeness could regrow an arm, yet by the same token such an individual would not find itself in a situation conducive to losing an arm!!!!!!!


I am trying to understand the mechanics of such things DNA/RNA, cellular memory, senses, neural pathways harmonics and frequencies in relation does the earth grid play some limitation factor on our souls like a jail of sorts .... frequency fence ....


this is all distractions of the ego .. answers to these questions lead nowhere. in other words they do not bring you any closer to true self ... Anything related to and/or contained within form belongs to the level of effect and not cause. understanding the mechanics of effects will leave you ignorant of the causes ....

always keep in mind that you create your environment (effect/reflection) and not visa/versa. You will always find yourself in the circumstance reflective of your mind set. In other words the world is a mirror and not a cause.

do note: some times these distractions can be of assistance to appease ignorant intellects for a purpose ... like one appeases children by giving them toys for entertainment, only to make them willing learners for greater things ...


to release the ego .... from distracting us or polarising/judging things one way or the other ..... is it a matter of simply letting the ego go ... let it run its course and not judge or suppress/resist the ego in what it wants to do ??

i.e. don't fight it ... if it wants to judge .. let it judge ... if it wants to distract ... let it distract etc etc ???

is this the most efficient/harmonious way of dealing with it ??


Yes, but this is not carte blanche to let the ego run away with oneself, rather it means to be aware what comes from the ego (fear) i.e. what comes from SELF (love). During this observation the ego is not to be judged, nor is one to feel guilty. this way the ego is not being resisted (strengthened) and runs sooner or later out of steam, so to speak. I know this is a simplified answer, but I hope it brings the point across. ... remember, the ego has a vital role to play. It is not to be rejected. Its main field of jurisdiction is the body and the maintenance of its functions.

the ego's interference occurs when it steps beyond its allocated responsibilities and tries to 'run' the entire human experience. Being matter oriented it will naturally reduce the human perspective to an identification with matter. hence the preoccupation with everything physical, the body and all it contains (cells ..DNA..chakras etc, etc). form and shape (in this case the body) has no value other than to serve as a vehicle for the human experience in the physical. ... Any preoccupation with it leads away from the real agenda or issue.

Finale: We have LIFT-OFF / mission-ignition complete


is personality the same as ego ?

as sometimes a personality can behave like an ego or the ego is the personality, composure of a person ?


the personality self is the egoic self, yes, but this does not mean the personality can.t be put into the service of the soul self. Perhaps it is preferable to view the personality as a chosen scaffolding, so to speak, to aid the individual's specific learning.


so the soul has no personality as such but it uses the ego self to demonstrate thru or give the soul it's trade mark, uniqueness what I'm asking is what give a soul or spirit it's uniqueness if it is not called "personality" ?


answers to these questions of distraction do not lead anywhere. each soul is a unique "character" with or without a personality. ... the personality on the physical plane is a mere tool to aid you in experiencing what you came to experience, and to learn what you came to learn. That is all. But it is not YOU.

Your true SELF is YOU, and there is no other like you. In fact there is no other, full stop. That is the paradox.

You seek to differentiate individuals, knowingly or not, by identifying them by their personalities. ... the correct approach would be to bypass the personality completely and to see them as YOU, as I, although their individual soul expression may be very different from yours.... this approach does not separate, the former, however, does.

The more an individual identifies with his/her true SELF, the less profiled will be that individual's personality, however, in exact proportion is the increase, so to speak, of the expression of character.


perhaps our approach is wrong .... we trying to find the mechanics behind what makes me/we as trueself ... trying to find where ego, personality and character start and end ....


no approach is ever wrong, but there are some that lead straight to the highway, and others that explore the byways, for literal eternities ...


I figure that this is not harmony as it is separation ... where I should be unifying all these entities as one.


They are already ONE. don't you get it ???? this is the only thing you ever have to realise. If you think you have to unify anything, then you state that things are not unified. ....and that is the reality you create. ...realise that the appearance of separation is an illusion, in the truest sense of the word. so, if you can accept that it is an illusion, then what is there to unify? Then the only thing to do is to  remember what is true, and not to buy into the illusion.


please finish up and give me one last simplification .... my head and fingers hurt ..


ok ... so you are asking us to repeat it again ... like a scratched record mmm ;o))

find peace, true peace: Choose it. Ask for 'Peace of mind'.

then let go of your head which seems to serve you very well in the physical, but where you are going you need no head - you only need to feel ... letting go means to truly let go of all your concerns about finding yourself. Let go and don't regurgitate your concerns 5 minutes later.

Give up the search. It is like standing in front of a tree and screaming: 'Where is the tree?' you are standing in front of it!!! perhaps you are it....!!!! the more you search the more you push it away. ...try something new. ... find little joys in your day, however mundane, and cherish them. ... while you do this, be wholly unconcerned  with finding yourself. ... and see if you are at peace. The more you are at peace the closer you come to realising your SELF. And do yourself a favour: Don't look over your shoulder to measure your progress. this is  not how it works. ....

All you want is to remember who you are, and that is only possible when you are at peace. ... searching frantically will not give you peace. But being at peace, regardless, will give you more and more peace. searching states: I want to find what I lost. you never lost anything. you are whole here and now, you just played a game of forgetting. so, give up searching and let your heart lead you to a place called home ... return to yourself

Giving up, surrendering, letting go, that gives you peace.

Return to the blue sheltered light of/and silence.

forever yours and blue


That's it folks

over and out



PS - don't get distracted by their games of fear and tantalization forcing you to be emotive ... to side ... one way or the other

always choose peace for all

venice in peril ;o))







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