Sirius, Annunaki, Pyramid,
Ark of the Covenant

The following are very interesting stuff and they are taken from chapter 3 of the book "Initiation in the Great Pyramid" written by Earlyne Chaney of Astara (a Mystery School connected with the Egyptian Mysteries). It might give a unified theory of Sirius, Annunaki, Ark of the Covenant, Great Pyramid, Atlantis, The Dispersion of of the Survivors, etc.

Earlyne Chaney wrote in chapter 3 in page 43:

"When I probed for more knowledge about Knut (The Great Pyramid) and the Sphinx, which to us were already unutterably, aged, they related a strange tale about the great Beings called the Anaki, the Mighty Ones, who came to Earth ages ago from another solar system, arriving from spaceship. They came from the star Sothis (Sirius). They landed on a land called Aztlan (Atlantis). They brought with them a divine consciousness and knowledge of all the secrets of nature. My father called them the Sons of GOD.

When the Anaki first arrived from their home planet, they brought with them a crucible called an Ark of the Covenant. This Ark contained a peculiar pulsating crystal infused with a living light. Under guidance, it emitted rays of force. It was constructed so as to become an instrument, a device, a store-house, containing the power to generate the very highest creative cosmic frequencies, capable of transforming matter into pure energy-force and energy-force into matter. It was called an Ark of the Covenant because it possessed the potential of harmonizing its divine potencies with the material frequencies of Earth, a covenant of love and peace between the Sons of God who brought it and the sons of men, the Earthborn. Thus it was the manifestation of a promise that the Sons of God would never forsake the Earthborn sons of men. The covenant was the pledge of eternal guidance and vigilance.

The Ark brought from Sirius was built as a miniature pyramid because its dynamic force could best be generated inside this peculiar construction. In the hands of the Anaki - my father also called them the "builders" - the rays of natural cosmic force could render Earth's objects temporarily either weightless or more ponderous, according to the will of those operating it. It was with its tremendous rays of power that the gigantic stones of the enormous Knut had been shaped and levitated into place.

The Ark was similar to a thermonuclear reactor with rays of energy similar to our laser beams - but considerably more advanced. Contained within it were the "Tables of the Law," "rods of power," and a "vase filled with manna." These were all symbols of that which would produce powerful laser rays. They became far more than electric condensers. They contained generators that were constantly recharged through the construction of the Ark itself. They also contained mysterious pulsating crystals.

Thus Knut, the very Great Pyramid itself, became an Ark of the Covenant. When, in its early days, it was covered by engraved white casing tablets and topped by a free floating crystal and gold capstone, the pyramid became a living Ark of mysterious force. A fiery halo was often seen to glow around its tip, and strange sounds like deep rumbling thunder rose through its apex.

Knut was the scene of initiations performed within its heart and bore, then, even as now, Earth's inextinguishable record of the Mysterious. The candidate passing thru the initiation ceremonies progressed upward toward the Chamber of Transmutation (the King's Chamber) where, surrendering to the mighty Ptah, he is placed in a state of spiritual trance and "buried" in the incomparable granite-crystal sarcophagus, which lay in direct alignment with the stream of cosmic forces downflowing through the crystal capstone.

My father explained that at the time when Knut was built Earth was aligned with an infinite light ray called the Kosmon Current, a radiant light wave of illimitable power. He explained that there were many solar systems in God's universe. Ours was only one of many inhabited planets. He drew charts showing me the Great Central Sun which projected a beam of light force from its heart, right through the suns of all the solar systems aligned with that particular evolutionary universes of time-space dimensions which orbited the Eternal God heart. Our mite of a planet had fallen out of alignment with the Grand Orient at the time of the flood and the fall at Atlantis (Aztlan).

When the space Gods built Knut, the sun of our solar system had been perfectly aligned with this great Kosmonic wavelength. The pyramid acted as a focal point to gather in and distribute this tremendous infinite light. The pyramid in turn projected the light deep into the heart of Earth, keeping alive the proton sun radiating at the center (in 4th density). Responding, the etheric sun at Earth's center acted as a perpetual generator, returning upflowing energy through the Ark of the capstone floating at the top.

Thus the pyramid served not only as a receiver of the force but also as projector. So tremendous was the upflow of energy currents from inside the Earth, they held suspended in space the capstone of the pyramid. Detached from the pyramid itself, the capstone floated there suspended in shimmering light. I inquired of my father of what the cap was made that caused it to glow with a light that occasionally was almost blinding. He explained that it was a type of "spermatic" crystal, a crystal of living light, held suspended by the power of the force rising through the center of the pyramid itself. At the time my father spoke of the capstone, its inner light had almost vanished from our visual sight. It increased and decreased in intensity, like slow-beating cosmic heart.

So etheric was its substance, the flow kept fading from view. Only when the priests, priestess, and initiates of Melchizedek could generate enough additional power did the crystal cap glow as it had in the centuries gone by. It had lost much of its power. So had the pyramid itself, though it was still considered the greatest House of Light existing on Earth. A second capstone made of copper occasionally replaced the one of crystal and gold.

More Arks were created, both large and small. Most were constructed of a certain kind of wood and lined with gold inside and out. The Arks were called Sekets, sacred chests. A few special large ones were patterned after the Great Pyramid, but most were rectangular. They rested on pedestals called Aras, which were shaped like the crescent moon, making the Arks appear as boats, or vessels. They were topped with a golden crown and two cherubs called Ariehs. My parents called them the Two Truths. The cherubim were two winged creatures. Each cherub had four faces - of a man, an eagle, a lion and an ox.

The unitiated unprotected sons of Earth were not permitted to touch the Ark because of its radiating voltage, placed there by the generated cosmic rays. The priests who had charge of it, called the Arkites, wore protective garments. But there were themselves charged with cosmic power. Such human Arks were somewhat immune from the rays of the crystal because each radiated frequencies harmonious with the crystal. Since the Ark radiated an energy destructive to all inharmnious with it, a gold sheath was constructed to insulate it, to partially shield the people from the power emanations. When small Arks were carried in sacred processions by the Arkites, staves were passed through rings attached to the boat.

When the Anaki first arrived on Atzlan, a massive stone structure of pyramidal form was constructed because such a form would produce the required resistance to the ravage of time. The pyramidal form would itself sustain the charges of White Light generated in the Ark, which graced the peak of the pyramid. Since the pyramid form was the most conducive to generate the White Light, it also became the symbolic form of the initiate godman. It represented the spiritualization of matter.

The Anaki came to Earth to serve the cause of light and to help Eartheans emerge from their darkness and hasten their evolutionary progress. To achieve such an acceleration of consciousness, they intermarried with the sons and daughters of the Earthborn, thus planting the seeds of future births having the potential for divinity. The lifewave evolving on Earth at that time dwelt in tribal communities. Theirs was a constant struggle against nature and animals to survive, thus their forms were physically powerful.



Psychic Warrior details many of Morehouse's encounters with legendary and historical events. For example, when he describes remote viewing the Ark of the Covenant, he calls the relic itself a "dimensional opening".

"When I came out I explained what I had seen to the program director," says Morehouse. "He told me the theological background behind the Ark of the Covenant. My friend Mel told me that it was a part of the Temple in the wilderness that was carried around by the Israelites. They put the Ark of the Covenant in the inner sanctum of the Holy of Holies. Those who went into the inner sanctuary, the high priests, actually tied ropes on their ankles so they could be pulled back.

"It was the conclusion of the remote-viewing community that this was in fact a conductor or convector of some sort. It was something that channelled power to form some sort of a portal or opening into a four-dimensional world which is where the Creator dwelt. The high priest was stepping through the portal into this four-dimensional world."


ARK OF THE COVENANT FOUND? -- A biblical scholar has found new evidence that suggests the lost Ark of the Covenant could be buried at a terrorist stronghold on the West Bank, the London Times reports. British-born Michael Sanders believes the sacred Ark was buried after a raid on Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem in the 10th century B.C. by Shishak, King of Egypt. He claims new satellite images, along with documents in the British Museum, put its final resting place in the Judaean hills, a known training ground for Hamas terrorists. "It is in very dangerous territory, but it must be worth the risk," says Sanders, who plans an expedition to the site once he gets permission. "We believe we may have found the configuration of an Egyptian temple and it is under there that we will dig for the Ark." Sanders has spent more than 25 years researching biblical history, Sunday's Times reports. The whereabouts of the Ark is one of the world's most fascinating mysteries. The Old Testament says it was built on Moses' command at the foot of Mount Sinai around 1250 B.C. to hold the two stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. For 200 years, the Bible says, it brought Israel victory against its enemies. But it disappeared between the 10th and 6th centuries B.C. Modern adventurers and archaeologists have criss-crossed the world in the hunt for the sacred relic, even though its existence has never been proved. (Discovery Online)


Is the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia?

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