Aug. 5 1994

"I was in a dream, and then I was near the edge of a lake surrounded by a  forest, and everything was surrounded by a cave-like structure. I was walking alongside the water. I walked around the edge to the other side,  and the water was overcoming me. I then became one with the water, and I was a huge (20-25 feet high) wave - I was the wave. I knew I could be the wave or anything else I wanted to be, and I would still be me. I felt very powerful as the wave, and I knew that I would not abuse the power that I had been given.

"I then was back in my body (in the dream). My wife and other friends were  also there. I then realized that I was in the dwelling or cave where everything (the Universe, at least as we comprehend it) had started. I knew the Beginning, and the Universe was always in a New Beginning as it was constantly changing. It was WONDERFUL! Everything seemed to make sense! We were all One from the same Beginning, and the Universe has always and will always exist while forever changing!

"I then breathed in some air from the outer edge of the cave, and I was lifted off my feet. I then awoke with my feeling of absolute joy and happiness. Name of entity = FRIEND (the entity in the water)."

by anonymous

1-23-98 - VISION - As I was falling asleep, I was watching two little girls playing with a ball of light. They ended up standing on the ball of light which was flaming around their feet, but it was not hot. It was cool white light.

In the dream that followed, I was shown this symbol which is very similar to the Tree Of Life.

It was made all of golden light flowing like golden threads between golden balls of light.  I watched it for a long time. It was so beautiful, it still makes me cry to think about how beautiful it was.

Later on I had a vision of three figures which resembled the pictures I have seen of the gods  which were on earth during the time of Sumer (Shumer) .  The center male figure looked like this:

His face was solid silver metallic and his tongue was hanging out at an angle, like a dog does.

Later on during the night, I had this dream:

1-23-98-  DREAM - I was being transferred from one job to another and my last act in the current job was to paint an apartment white and I was to do it at 9.a.m. Then I would be done.

I went to the building with a wrapped celery plant which was in white paper, and  I was going to put it in the refrigerator in the basement storage room.  I went into this basement which was actually ground level and headed for the storage room.  There were some men there and a black man opened the door to the storage room door.  I caught a glimpse of a man inside with a makeshift gas mask on his head.  He had like a plastic bag over his head and the air filter was taped to the front of the bag where his mouth was.  the black man said, "You don't want to come in here." like it was a warning like they were preparing for war and I shouldn't know about it.  I said, "I'm just gong to the refrigerator and waved my celery package in the air to show him I had a legitimate reason to be there.

I went over to a kitchen-like area and when I opened the refrigerator, I found a small black toy-like car. I noticed there was a single piece of wood shaving hanging from it  like you see on a pencil sharpener.  I removed the shaving, but immediately there were 2.  I pulled the two off and four appeared. This doubling of the numbers continued:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 .... at which point the car opened up to reveal a massive amount of yellow wood shavings inside. (There didn't seem to be any lead markings...just yellow wood shavings)

At that point, in the air, I saw a single dot, next to it a diamond shaped box divide into 6 boxes, and next to that a square divided into 9 boxes with numbers in each box.

Dream Analysis by Judy Beebe:

March 2, 1998

There is much symbolism in your Dreams of Creation. I will send you more on that after I analyze it more in depth. The symbol on the right which you mentioned was made of GOLDEN LIGHT, this is the wonder in this whole scenario:

The square configuration is important, in that, each square has a circular point in the center. No matter which way you would turn this square symbol, you would see an X, with a circle in the center. The overall message here (although there is more which I will explain below) is that within our square earthly world, defined by well-known parameters, we find the TRUTH of ALL TRUTH. We are defined, as is our world, by circular all-encompassing borders. From this circular center, we reach out and touch everything and everyone else. This symbol really defines the GOLDEN WEB of energy which connects every living thing heart-to-heart. You saw it in a square configuration because this is what we must drop from our mental conception and pick up the CIRCULAR NATURE.

Now, I explained that no matter which direction you looked you see an X. The X represents the feminine element (chromosomes X and Y) and the fact that when you have a cross or X, you get a circle. The female is spiritually represented by a "0" and the male by a "1." Isn't it interesting that the binary code for computers is made up of 1's and 0's. The 1 for the male is also representative of the phallic symbol and the 0 of the female is the creational energy of the CREATOR (the circle), this is why females carry life and bring it forth.

The crosses in this symbol represent the female nature. Now, the next obvious point is that there are two squares. This is DUALITY at its finest. There is no doubt about this. It is out of the feminine nature (SILVER) at the solar plexus region (white light to the solar plexus region) that we drop the DUALITY of this world and recognize the SINGULAR ALL, whereby we pick up the GOLDEN LIGHT.

There is a great battle going on right now between the DIVISIONS OF GOD (the masculine and feminine). This divided energy needs to be zipped up (I call it the DIVINE ZIPPER) and this is really what ascension is all about. Ascending to the TRUTH which has been within us from the beginning.....we are all ONE. We are everything and everything is us.

Isn't it then interesting that your silver metallic person has a half circle on its head. We are only one-half of the wholeness of GOD, until we zip up our masculine and feminine energy within ourselves and soar to a reunion with our CREATOR. This is when we KNOW the whole truth.

I believe your square symbol, and your silver metallic person, is telling you this truth. The GOLDEN WEB of life is the most thrilling experience that I have ever had. When I was suspended at the end of this GOLDEN STRAND and was connected heart-to-heart with Jesus, it was the first time I was ever alive. I am constantly snapping my GOLDEN STRAND and feeling the energy which reverberates along this GOLDEN WEB. When I need the answer to something, I am snapping the strand and when I want to communicate with the angels, I snap the strand. This is the life-giving strand of our liberation.

I believe you were privileged to be given this symbol, even in a square box, because it is a little puzzle for you to solve. Life is really very simple, circular energy connected to all other circular energy, always moving, always circulating and expansive, and always in harmony. That's it, that is what you walk up the Himalayas to ask the great Yogi....what is the meaning of life? We have tried to take our square-minded world and fit it into a circular matrix, it won't fit and it won't work and it is not in harmony. We don't feel responsible for anyone else, we are selfish and think only of ourselves, yet all that selfish energy reaches out and touches the next person....this is the state of our world today. Sadly, I have a mission to open our eyes to our interdependence on each other and how we affect each other.....circular energy to circular energy....beautiful and loving, embracing and thrilling.

The creational energy of GOD threw us out in a divine passion of creation, we were meant to find the pyramidal energy which penetrate to the center of the circular ALL. I don't want to think that we have failed, thus I have a mission. One person yelling at the top of her lungs to an unhearing world. The crop circles are the DIVINE LANGUAGE of TRUTH, landing on a world which is only interested in the scientific facts of it all. They worry about whether the circle is hoaxed or real. GOD uses all manner of tools, including the unknowing hoaxster, who doesn't realize the symbol in his mind (which he wants to recreate) is a LANGUAGE OF LIGHT. I don't care whether they are hoaxed or real, they are just a language which comes down from the highest authority GOD to awaken us to our potential and to the truth of the world, finally. Messages of a DIVINE NATURE and an awakening to our TRUE PATTERNING.

In the light,

Judy Beebe


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