Perceptions of Sacred Geometry Contained in Crop Circle Formations

by Dr. Colette M. Dowell , N.D.  


Dr. Colette M. Dowell writes on the correlations 
of sacred geometry in crop circles according to 
the ancient Greeks and Egyptian symbolism.



Crop Circles are amazing artistic constructs forming geometric patterns in fields. To many individuals their inspiring beauty represents a symbolic bridge to humanity reaching out from another realm abundant in abilities to strike us at our psyche and gently nudge us to perceive a greater cosmic awareness. This particular form of symbolic geometry in crop circles is referred to as "sacred geometry."


The word "sacred" in one definition relates, "to or belonging to a god or deity," the term "geometry" originates from the Ancient Greeks, "to measure land." and thus combined, creates a modern term known as "sacred geometry." The essence of sacred geometry is the unified science of spiritual wisdom and knowledge in understanding that natural numbers and the magical sense of proportion are the expressive source of "all being" or otherwise, natural law. It is the search for truth through geometric form and sacred symbols to understand our elemental roots deeply embedded within our planet and universe as a whole. The geometric patterns of form and proportion in crop circles lend heritage to our greatest philosophers of natural science and spiritualism. The circle, triangle and square have been revered as sacred symbols since our earliest recorded civilizations including the early Egyptians, Japanese Zen and Ancient Greeks.


The circle is renowned for its historical symbolism in most cultures as belonging to or representing the universe as a whole, the center of all being, and even celestial spheres. The triangle in symbolic form represents the creator, the co- creator and the manifestations of their union. The square is in accord with the elemental four directions of space. Traditionally humankind has used these figures symbolically as possible tools to help transcend their personal awareness to a higher level of understanding into their personal placement and interaction with the universe. Sacred geometry or cosmic connections can be easily illustrated by a shared common thought as well as an extreme natural scientific law. Plato understood geometry as an essential philosophical language expressing itself in form and numbers. When he speaks of geometers he states, "What they really seek is to get sight of those realities, which can be seen only by the mind."


Crop circles are one of the most spectacular phenomena of our present time. They exhibit beauty, proportion and form. To many individuals they speak in ancient languages of our early ancestors' universal quest for understanding symbolic sacred form, creative personal insight towards the vastness of our being and the geometric matrix that binds us all.



by Dr. Colette M. Dowell , N.D.

December 11th, 1998