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9-27-04 - Between dreams this morning, I heard a telephone ring really loudly in my left ear. I asked for the message and then began seeing a series of visions that showed me groups of men gathering.  They were all wearing various shades of grey and tan windbreaker type jackets and work pants.  It came to me that they were in Czechloslovakia. I didn't remember at the time that the country had been split into two separate states.

September 24, 2004
Parties Battle For Votes In Czech Republic

(CPOD) Sept. 24, 2004 – The Civic Democratic Party (ODS) remains the top political organization in the Czech Republic, according to a poll by STEM. 31.6 per cent of respondents would vote for the ODS in the next parliamentary election.

The Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD) is in second place with 16.3 per cent, followed by the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia and the Christian and Democratic Union - Czech People’s Party (KDU-CSL).

In the June 2002 ballot, the CSSD elected 70 lawmakers to the 200-member Chamber of Representatives. On Jul. 1, prime minister Vladimir Spidla resigned from his post following a poor showing from his party in the Jun. 13 elections to the European Parliament.

President Vaclav Klaus appointed 34-year-old CSSD interim leader Stanislav Gross as prime minister on Jul. 26. Gross—who had acted as the country’s interior minister—will lead a coalition government, which also includes the KDU-CSL and the Freedom Union - Democratic Union (US-DEU).

The government is expected to table legislation in topics such as civil unions for same-sex partners, prostitution, education reform and the welfare benefits system. The next election is tentatively scheduled for June 2006.

Polling Data

What party list would you vote for in the next parliamentary election?


Sept. 2004

Jul. 2004

Civic Democratic Party (ODS)



Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD)



Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM)



Christian and Democratic Union -
Czech People’s Party (KDU-CSL)



Green Party (SZ)



Association of Independents -
Democratic Europe (SNK-ED)



Political Movement Independents (NEZ)



Freedom Union - Democratic Union (US-DEU)



Source: STEM
Methodology: Interviews to 1,732 Czech voters, conducted from Sept. 1 to Sept. 10, 2004. No margin of error was provided.

Sep. 24, 2004 
Holocaust memorial vandalized in Czech Republic

A Holocaust memorial in a northeastern Czech town was vandalized this week, police said Thursday.

Vandals spray-painted Nazi symbols and words disparaging Jews on the monument, a stone sculpture in the shape of a menorah, Tuesday or Wednesday, police spokesman Milan Klezl said.

As of Thursday police had no suspects as to who the vandals were.

The memorial was installed in the town of Ostrava, 350 kilometers (218 miles) east of Prague, 10 years ago to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the first transport of local Jews to the concentration camp of Nisk in Poland, said Peter Bachrach, Ostrava's Jewish community chairman. Vandals targeted it in a similar way last year, he added.

It was unclear whether the recent vandalism was related to the upcoming commemoration on Oct. 18 of the 65th anniversary of the first transport.

  Russia to give Czech Republic military helicopters to pay off debt
PRAGUE (AFP) Sep 21, 2004
Russia will provide the Czech Republic with 26 combat helicopters as part payment of Russia's outstanding 19-billion-koruny (604-million-euro, 741-million-dollar) debt to the country, the Czech defence ministry said on Tuesday.

Ministry spokesman Andrej Cirtek said the aircraft -- 16 Mi-171S helicopters and 10 Mi-35 attack helicopters worth a total 184 million dollars (150 million euros) -- would be delivered by the end of 2006.

The Czechs, who are members of NATO, will have to install technical equipment and communication systems in the helicopters.

In March, Prague and Moscow signed an agreement stipulating that around one fifth of Russia's outstanding debt to the Czech Republic could be paid in supplies of nuclear fuel, military equipment and electrical energy destined for re-export over the next two years.

Earlier this year the Czech defence ministry said it would request 29 combat helicopters -- 18 Mi-171s and 11 Mi-35s -- but in the end it signed an agreement for 26.

The military acquired seven Mi-35s, a new version of the Mi-24 helicopter, from Russia last autumn. The Mi-171 is an updated, better-equipped version of the Mi-17.

Inherited from the days of the Soviet Union, the Russian debt to the Czech Republic is part civil and part military. The former is managed by the finance ministry, the latter by the defence ministry.

All rights reserved. © 2004 Agence France-Presse

Hughes Network Systems Awarded First Contract in Czech Republic for 28 GHz LMDS Wireless System
Wednesday September 22, 10:02 am ET

AB9400 System Enables Broadnet Czech. to Offer Advanced IP Services

GERMANTOWN, Md. and PRAGUE, Czech Republic, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Hughes Network Systems, Inc. (HNS), the world's leading provider of broadband satellite solutions and a major supplier of wireless access systems, announced today it has been awarded a contract by Broadnet Czech, a.s. to supply the HNS AB9400 28 GHz LMDS point-to-multipoint system in Prague, Czech Republic. The initial network will begin commercial service in late September 2004.

In announcing the contract award, Ivan Nedvidek, managing director of Broadnet Czech commented, "The AB9400 28 GHz LMDS product line has advanced features and capabilities that enable us to provide the latest in IP services. HNS delivered the system that meets or exceeds our customers' requirements, including full QoS (quality of service) support for IP and ATM traffic, as well as supporting simultaneous TDM, ATM, and IP traffic at both the subscriber and hub sites."

"We are pleased that Broadnet Czech selected HNS for this important network," said Tom Hsu, senior vice president and general manager of the Broadband Carrier Networks division at HNS. "With our 28 GHz LMDS product, Broadnet is targeting a segment of the IP services market that DSL cannot reach. We are especially happy to have been chosen over their incumbent LMDS network supplier and several other competitors."

The AB9400 system enables Broadnet Czech to offer its business customers better performance and higher data rates than competing DSL service. The system allows carriers to offer service such as 1 Mbps guaranteed throughput with 29 Mbps maximum burst rate, compared to DSL's typical 2 Mbps maximum burst rate. Also, high-priority service can be assigned for real-time IP applications such as voice over IP (VoIP) devices.

"If multiple tenants in a building subscribe to the service, each user and each application can be assigned a separate virtual circuit with its own quality of service and traffic parameters," added Vinay Patel, senior marketing director for Broadband Carrier Networks at HNS.

"Services being offered through this local access platform can satisfy the needs of any enterprise from a small firm to large corporations, which need high capacity (up to 29 Mbps) and service availability comparable to fiber optic systems," said Nedvidek.

"Broadnet Czech is regularly targeting these enterprises with a complete portfolio of telecommunication services that are integrated into a single connection. Fast Internet access, leased lines, private networks or VPNs, TDM/VoIP services, value-added services -- all these and other client specific solutions will be created by Broadnet Czech and delivered on the most advanced and sophisticated platform, the HNS AB9400 LMDS."

About Broadnet Czech, a.s.

Broadnet Czech, a.s. is the preferred partner for enterprises who need the best quality broadband telecommunication services at moderate prices. Broadnet Czech was founded in 2000 by the American CATV and telecommunication giant, Comcast Corporation, as the newest member incorporated into the pan-European group of Broadnet Holdings, which holds 100% stake in this company.

Broadnet Czech owns LMDS licenses for 26 and 28 GHz and develops its broadband business primarily on the basis of its own local access infrastructure, which reduces the reliance on and makes it independent of the infrastructure of the incumbent, Czech Telecom. Services include a comprehensive portfolio of telecommunication solutions such as leased lines, high-speed Internet access, managed private networks, and voice services based on the NGN platform.

About Hughes Network Systems

Hughes Network Systems, Inc. (HNS), a wholly owned subsidiary of The DIRECTV Group, Inc., is the world's leading provider of broadband satellite network solutions for businesses and consumers, with more than 750,000 systems ordered or shipped to customers in 85 countries. HNS pioneered the development of high-speed satellite Internet access services, which it markets globally under the DIRECWAY® brand.

Headquartered outside Washington, D.C., in Germantown, Maryland, USA, HNS maintains sales and support offices worldwide. The DIRECTV Group, Inc. (NYSE: DTV - News) is 34 percent owned by Fox Entertainment Group, which is approximately 82 percent owned by News Corporation Ltd. For additional information, please visit

HUGHES, Hughes Network Systems, and DIRECWAY are trademarks of The DIRECTV Group, Inc.

Source: Hughes Network Systems, Inc.


More information on the prophecies of Nostradamus are these from:

Hungary is perched precariously above the mess we now know as Yugoslavia and the former warring nations of Bosnia and Croatia. Northern Yugoslavia (Vojvodina) has a large Hungarian minority seeking autonomy from Serbia.

Hungary is now a NATO member, as is neighbouring Poland and the Czech Republic. Russia feels threatened by these three countries. They are on Russia's 'near abroad' -- a fancy way of saying the former Soviet East Bloc.

In the event of a NATO war with Russia, Hungary will be in the front line of staging operations. Poland's very large army will bear the brunt of the responsibility of defending the three. However, according to Nostradamus, Germany will inevitably be forced to take on a large military role aiding Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Does Nostradamus really talk about such things? He certainly does. He mentions Hungary by name in a number of his quatrains and refers to Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Croatia together as 'Pannonia' -- a former Roman colony.

Unfortunately, Nostradamus does not provide astronomical dating clues in any of the quatrains dealing with Hungary or 'Pannonia.'

Quatrain 2.90 says that the 'rule in Hungary will change' and 'the law will become 'bitter.' The chief city, Budapest, will come under attack (like Grozny is now). At that time 'Castor and Pollux' will become 'enemies in the field.'

Some commentators have long believed that 'Castor and Pollux' is some sort of obscure astronomical dating clue. It is not. Others insist that, because the two main stars of Gemini represent the heavenly brothers, the twins, that this is Nostradamus' way of describing pro-Soviet Hungarians at war with rebel Hungarians during the revolution of 1956. Possible, but a rather weak rendering in my opinion.

My read is that Castor and Pollux are two major powers who will battle for the future of Hungary. Castor and Pollux MUST be Russia and the United States.



Czech Republic

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