Dream Voice

Date: 97-04-17 14:44:23 EDT

From David J. Wilcock

Tomorrow morning, I will predict the future, using a surprisingly simple technique based on dreams that I discovered completely by accident. Once I established the connection, I gradually received all the information I needed to perfect it. I recently told a friend how to do this on the phone, and she got her own results four hours later after a short nap. I then realized that there was no special preparation necessary, other than a willingness to try.

The information will come if you wake up gradually, while you can still remember your dreams; I have been recalling my own for six years. But why, I wondered, was every dream a paradox that needed to be carefully unraveled and interpreted to get the nugget of spiritual guidance underneath? Were the dreams a distorted way of giving me information that could be much more direct?

While talking on the phone with Joe Mason, a dream researcher in California, I noticed that some of the most dramatic information that he received was from what he called his "dream voice." As he remembered the dreams, he would attune his focus to the brief, fleeting and seemingly random speech fragments and visual scenes that would flicker through his mind.

The next morning I found I could hear Joe's voice; I grabbed a pen and wrote each sentence as it came, without analyzing or trying to understand any of it. In the end I had scribbled down six pages of unbelievable information. I was particularly enamored by the last sentences - "I love it when people refer to the Midwestern Atlantis; there are also formations in the desert you should know about, in Chichen Itza. After I'm done, you should take a walk to them. You can go with your mind, you know? Check it out."

I knew that Chichen Itza was a site of Mayan step - pyramids, and that there was evidence tracing them to Atlantis. Sitting up in bed, I had just realized that Joe's voice suggested that I use astral projection to visit them. Astral projection had only happened to me once when I was five, without my control; how in the hell would I be able to do it at will?

Suddenly the phone was ringing, and I picked it up to receive an invitation to a class on astral projection that afternoon!

Five days later, on Friday, 11/15/96, Mother Theresa had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. I found out around the 20th, after eight more sessions had already been completed. Immediately, I remembered something from that first day, and I went back and looked. "One of our women, Theresa, a sibling, inoperative; the Christian, psychically." Since it was a cryptic sentence, I had not tried to figure out what it meant, and I was dumfounded to realize its accuracy in hindsight.

Information for my housemate Eric came in a short time later. "You will be happy to know that your student loans for New Paltz have come in." That made no sense, as Eric had graduated New Paltz a year ago and was pursuing a Master's in Albany. Three weeks later, New Paltz found and sent him an unclaimed loan check in his name for $900 that had somehow gotten lost in the system.

Recently I picked up a book concerning the Dzogchen branch of Tibetan Buddhism, and I found that what I am doing mirrors the practice of "Natural Light." According to the Dzogchen, falling asleep and dying are essentially the same; in both cases, the consciousness gradually fades out to nothing, enters an intermediary point, and then reawakens, either in the dream or the afterdeath state. At the intermediary point that they refer to, there is a state of pure contact with the Mother energy of the universe; a realm of pure light and knowledge. I have now realized that this technique is the gateway to open the door to all the shamanic and mystical experiences that seemed so out of reach for the common person. It is my hope that many more people will begin doing this technique now, as the information is truly priceless; a gift, as it were, from God.

by David


Date: 97-04-17 14:36:05 EDT

The Story of 11:11

In February, 1989, I was coming home from an after - school party at some unsavory people's houses and I was looking around me with a careful eye. I was in a very reflective and contemplative frame of mind, when I suddenly started looking at the houses in all their square angularity and symmetry, neatly lined up in perfect rows on the street, and suddenly I had a very odd thought. "This is all so wrong," I thought to myself. "Everyone has to isolate themselves from everyone else - their own car, their own house, their own room in the house." I looked at the garbage bags that were out and started to have a very unusual feeling that there was no difference between the garbage and the houses, as if the houses themselves were big standing piles of garbage.

I put all this together while I was sitting in the kitchen in my house. We see our garbage as something separate from us, to be discarded, yet it is a part of us and we carry a responsibility for everything we create. For an alarming number of us, our very nature tends to be to only think of ourselves, and to that end I could see how each of us were walling ourselves up in our own little box, ignoring our communities and getting swept into our own carefully pedigreed social circles. Compared to more traditional societies where the community interacts on a daily basis, in modern America there really is no sense of community in any true form.

Somehow, I found myself grappling with the fact that the houses that I had been raised to take for granted were really, really wrong - everyone trying to grab their own little plot of land and their own little box. There was no real sharing or care about others; this present format totally walled everyone away.

As this quite odd insight hit my brain, I looked at the clock on the microwave, and the pale blue numbers read 3:33. Suddenly and without warning, I got a highly strange feeling. It was as if there was a frequency of sound coming into my ears that was below my ability to hear it, and as I felt this, it caused me to become dizzy and disoriented. I felt myself getting unstuck from my physical body, as if my spiritual essence was somehow a little unglued. I had powerful feelings of static, tingling energy crackling all over my body. Thus, I was introduced to the fine world of what I later came to call "numerical synchronicity."

Jung termed synchronicity as the fact that all things happening in one moment of space and time are somehow interrelated, even if we could not imagine any correlation between these apparently disparate elements.

Another term often seen in spiritual literature is "affirmations." My interpretation after having lived with almost daily occurrences of synchronicity for six years is that the outside world is apparently responding to what you are thinking as you go through your life. These synchronicities, I have found, are almost always related to, if not a function of, the thoughts that you are having at the time immediately before the event. Something "out there" is underlining your thoughts for emphasis!

Part and parcel of the functioning of synchronicity is that you choose to accept that you might get messages in this way. If you steadfastly refuse to believe in the prospect of something like this occurring, the spiritual forces involved will not waste their time going to the great lengths that it takes them to create one for you. In this case, if you do get one anyway, you can be quite certain that it is a matter of dire importance to your overall spiritual growth. Once you begin to pay attention to them, accept them and USE them, you will experience what I call four - leaf clover syndrome; suddenly, it seems, they are happening all the time, sometimes five or more times every day! You may be your own skeptic and doubt many instances, but as they continue growing and growing, the logical, rational part of yourself will have to step aside for the wonderment that your emotional side will feel. Some of them will hit you so hard that you will feel completely dazed for a solid half - hour afterwards, and tell your friends about what happened in your excitement.

Groups of identical numbers, particularly on digital clocks, is one possible set of instructions that you can give your Higher Self as a way to communicate with you through synchronicity. By accepting that seeing a series of identical numbers could mean something, you are laying the groundwork for it to get going. So, the next time you see an 11:11 or any other three - digit combination of numbers on a clock, computer screen, billboard, license plate, bank statement, house address, room number, and especially your speedometer (I get really nice ones that combine speedometer alignments with the clock,) PAY ATTENTION. My own research and experience has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that, once activated, this can tell you that whatever you were doing or thinking at that time was an important step in the direction of your total enlightenment as a spiritual being.

A fundamental evolutionary leap of consciousness is getting ready to occur in humanity as a whole. The people who are already experiencing it in some form know that immensely positive changes are ahead. This is not necessarily something that is going to happen all at once; it is an ongoing process that is already well underway. The distance between matter and spirit is getting thinner and thinner, and we are reaching a point where our waking lives are becoming like dreams, increasingly replete with metaphorically significant events. Our physical environment that science has rendered static and lifeless has begun behaving in profoundly symbolic ways, and ordinary people are beginning to see messages from their world in much the same way as the shamans or medicine men in traditional cultures might.

In the world of our dreams, these messages are the entire point for any given scene or event; metaphor is EVERYTHING. In order to properly decode your dreams, you shouldn't necessarily take anything that happens literally; you should first and foremost realize that most of the time, everything in the dream somehow represents you or events that are happening to you now or in the future. You can get amazing and startlingly accurate spiritual assessments of your life by using this technique of analysis.

Don't let some book or Freudian analyst tell you what the symbols mean, either; it really boils down to what the subject means to YOU.

If you start paying attention to your outside world, it will happen. I have found that any time you see an animal, you will start to catch synchronicity in action. In addition, you may be suprised to find that you were thinking about something and suddenly you see something about it around you, or hear someone walking by talk about it, or it comes up in conversation. An ancient Roman divination technique involved whispering your question into the ear of the statue of the oracle and then walking to the edge of the market, covering your ears. As soon as you let go of your ears, the next thing you hear someone say is the answer. These types of things are happening to everyone, but the common reaction is to give it nothing more than five seconds of attention, and a quick dismissal with a curious chuckle and the invocation of "Coincidence."

Synchronicity drastically increases in scope by virtue of a continued meditation program. This seems to open the door for communication. A vast collaborative effort is being made between our own spirits and those of others to manipulate events in order to cause these things to happen. This is often accomplished by the spiritual forces gently nudging the people involved into doing certain things a certain way at a certain time. Thus, I am instinctively led to leave my house at just the right time to cross paths with my housemate right at the main intersection with perfect timing.

Your spirit decides what you need to learn first, and then decides upon an achievable form for the lesson to take. This often involves an unseen coordination with other people. Then, your own consciousness and that of another person are synchronized in linear time in order to insure that you end up in the same place at the same time, or say the right thing at the right time.

Here is one random personal example. One time, I happened to pull out right in front of a cop on the Kingston traffic circle from a stop sign that I never stopped at. I really don't know why I did it, I just acted on instinct. The lights went on, and he pulled me over. Miraculously, he did not ask me for my insurance cards or check my inspection sticker; my new insurance cards were still in the house, and my inspection was overdue. I handed him my license as he asked, and he came back, saying it was a learner's permit. After fumbling for a while, I realized that I had tucked my license into an unusual place in my wallet for no reason, and forgot that I had done it. He ended up giving me a warning about being in too much of a hurry, and told me that he could have arrested me for having kept my learners' permits. I don't know how the hell I got out of it. I could have had as many as four different tickets - running a stop sign, no inspection, no insurance cards, and holding permits. But I got away Scot free. In retrospect, it seemed that the whole thing was preordained to warn me to not be in such a hurry when I am driving.

by David

Nonlinear Time

Date: 97-04-17 14:35:29 EDT

Nonlinear Time: A Framework of Understanding

Many of us are familiar with various forms of prophecy which appear to have dazzling accuracy in foretelling events that are yet to occur in the future. We hear and read of people such as Michel de Nostradame, [Nostradamus] who accurately depict events such as the rise to power of a man named "Hister" in a great 20th century war from a moment in time in the 1500's. Hitler actually air - bombed France with leaflets detailing his imminent successful invasion as prophesied by Nostradamus (Cheetam, 1985.)

And now in our present moment, the blend of fear and enchantment that approaches as we head towards the great Millennial Year has produced a much greater awareness of these human capabilities in general. As more and more people modify their beliefs to accept mystical and unusual ideas, we begin to witness the magnificent ways in which reality seems to be conforming itself to these principles in our own lives.

The problem which we run up against is that these occurrences seem to completely defy any ability that our minds may have to understand them. We believe that the Information Age has failed dismally in providing us with any concrete explanation for why these events occur. Since we have invested so much trust in the principles of science, we are frustrated by those things which science seemingly cannot explain. Very few people doubt any longer that something is going on, but there is an uncomfortable gulf that exists between the broad categories of "faith" and "fact." The things that we take on "faith" are subject to the doubts and rebuttals of our own minds as we struggle with that which society tells us is impossible. Those of us who feel a certainty in our convictions that these phenomena are in fact real have an inherent difficulty when questioned by ardent skeptics; we might be able to prove that certain miraculous things happened, but we lack the framework through which to effectively express WHY.

The most common skeptical argument that is used is that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence," and with one brush of the hand the case is dismissed. Skeptical individuals feel that if something is in flagrant violation of their established worldview, it must therefore be false; this comes from the illusion of control that they have over their environment. We are addicted to information, and thus want to feel that we have a complete command over it. Any information which we choose not to directly explore ourselves is neatly provided for us by authority figures; thus, if "they" say that's the way it is, that's all there is to it. Thus, between our own philosophical musings, however inaccurate, and the "grain" of public opinion, we convince ourselves that we have to be right, and the matter is settled.

Think for a moment about the Internet. No matter how much time you have, you could never begin to access all the available information, though you have the tools to reach any conceivable part of it quickly and accurately with the various search engines that exist. Thus, all the knowledge is open to you, and you can access the information with instant results. Yet, many of us simply hit our favorite, familiar websites and only occasionally venture out.

The true nature of reality is another form of collective stored information that is readily available for instant access. This was the long-standing belief present in Oriental religions; that the Tao permeates all things, is everything, and is conscious. Modern physics now gives us a machine - age technical explanation of this same fact. Through the observation of subatomic particles, top physicists have discerned that the particles will behave according to the expectations of the observers conducting the experiment; the particles will show you what you want to see. In addition, the Bell's Inequality theorem has been proven accurate; two photons excited away from the same atom in opposite directions will behave identically when they reflect off of two separate mirrors at different angles. Or, to simplify it a bit, on the quantum level, if you hit two pool balls so that they travel exactly opposite each other, when those pool balls hit the edges of the pool table, it doesn't matter if the angles of the edges are different; the pool balls will both end up, let's say, making a 45 - degree course change relative to their original straight - line path. This would undoubtedly make for some very interesting pool games.

Thus, the photons which came from the original atom "know" what each other is doing and disobey Newtonian physics in order to follow each other, and this happens literally simultaneously; at a speed proven to be faster than that of light. Thus, on the universal level, every part is aware of every other part at the same moment. Simply stated, the basic energy in the universe is intelligent and aware of itself (Kafatos and Nadeau, The Conscious Universe, 1990.) Just as the Eastern mystics told us, thought itself is actually the energy that builds up physical matter; the thoughts that you have are, in a very real sense, identical to the energy that makes up the world around you. The physical world is created and maintained by a mass, conscious, thinking universe.

Further applying modern physics, we then approach Einstein's ideas of space - time and higher dimensions. The fourth dimension is a dimension where time is not linear; rather, all time exists simultaneously. If you were to view the solar system fourth - dimensionally with the sun as the center, you would just see a series of loops circling the fixed point of the sun, as each planet would be in all possible positions at once. Einstein showed us that as we pass through space, we also pass through time; each space coordinate has a time coordinate, and in a higher dimension you can step away from the whole system and view all the coordinates. You might choose to enter into certain specific time - space coordinates and check them out, whether past, present or future.

So how do we use this while trapped here in the third dimension? We incorrectly perceive time in a linear sequence, and it seems that we are quite unable to do anything to change that. It completely befuddles us to conceive of lifeforms that could exist in these higher dimensional levels, yet modern physics has made this plausible as well. You see, our new physics also tells us that there is an inherent organizing, intelligence - forming principle to the universe, dubbed the Law of Complexity, which works in harmony with the law of entropy, where all things naturally become more chaotic and disordered. (Gell - Mann, The Quark and the Jaguar, 1995.)

Therefore, if we know that the universe is a conscious, thinking entity, and the nature of that energy is to organize and evolve into higher, more intelligent forms while others break down, how can we be so blind as to limit this principle to the third dimension alone? World - renowned top physicist Stephen Hawking has discerned that there must be at least ten dimensions in the universe (A Brief History of Time, 1988,) therefore we can assume that the energy of the universe organizes itself intelligently in higher dimensions as it does here on Earth in the case of human life. And since those lifeforms would have access to all points in time by being "hyperdimensional", they would be much more advanced to our way of thinking than we might ever imagine ourselves to be.

by David J. Wilcock

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