Days of Truth: Doorway to Global Awakening

by Kiara Windrider

September 15, 2002 and beyond

Kiara Windrider

Please network this global initiative far and wide!

These are the days of the great changes. The Mayan calendar refers to January 5, 1999, as initiating a cycle of galactic consciousness. The Aztecs referred to August 13, 1999, as the Day of Destiny, following which a rebirth of humanity would take place. An ancient spiral of three-dimensional time ended on July 26, 2000. A calendar symbolically encoded in the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza spelled September 17, 2001 as a Day of Truth, a planetary \"initiation\". The Hopis speak of the emergence of the Fifth World. The Book of Revelations promises a New Heaven and a New Earth. The Hindus predict the ending of an Age of Darkness, and a return to the Age of Truth.

The Age of Truth has already begun. Coinciding with the ending of the Egyptian calendar, 9-11 represented the ending of an age dominated by heedless materialism and reckless greed. Long cycles of collective human karma are being played out and completed now as we approach the end of the current World Age. The old order is dying, lashing out in the chaos and confusion of its collapse, and a New World Age based on peace, justice, harmony, and respect for the Earth, is rising from the ashes.

The world is changing. In the seeming darkness that followed the events of 9-11, a great light has begun to shine forth, gently and gradually at first, slowly gathering momentum. In a torrent of unanswered questions and disturbing revelations, the light of truth is beginning to dawn. People are starting to ask difficult questions, questions that address the sleeping shadows both within us and around us, questions we are asking ourselves, our communities, our governments, our corporations, our world. How we answer these questions reflects how we choose to move forward. Will we move forward on a spiral of despair and death? Or in hope and resurrection?

We are moving out from the Daze of Illusion into the Days of Truth. What I am proposing this year, on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of the first Day of Truth on September 17, 2001, is for people to gather together to share our common truth. Let us come together as families, groups and communities around the world in celebration of our awakening truth, releasing old patterns of human relating, and opening to the possibilities of a quantum shift in planetary consciousness. >

Here are some things each of us can do:

1.  Sign the Covenant of Truth on, voicing your own commitment to the truth of your deepest Self, and the expression of that truth in the world.

2.  Take time to share with your family, friends, and loved ones what has most heart and meaning for you. What are you afraid of? What are your dreams and hopes? What do you need to say that hasn’t been spoken? How can we bring more love into each other’s lives? Can we offer healing and forgiveness for all that is dark? Can we offer support and recognition for all that is light? An Age of Truth can only begin as we first light the candle of truth within.

3.  Begin to ask ourselves some difficult questions about the state of our planet. If we are to overcome long years of human greed, conflict and separation, we need to examine the roots of our collective insanity. I believe that most people in the world want peace, most people want equality and justice for all, most people want to live in harmony with our natural environment, most people want to live lives where our highest human potential can be freed and honored. What holds us back? When governments, institutions or corporations have become greedy and corrupt, are we willing to hold them accountable? Can we speak up for those who don’t have a voice, those who have suffered, those who are less fortunate than ourselves? Can we see ourselves as planetary citizens? Can we see ourselves as one with the life of the Earth? Can we go beyond defensiveness and blame to examine our own part in collective karmic cycles?

4.  Once we have identified some of the issues most directly relevant to our own communities and nations, initiate positive changes. Marianne Williamson invites us to \"think locally and act globally\". Disclose the truth no matter how inconvenient, frightening, or uncomfortable. Use the media. Create rallies and musical celebrations, bringing together voices that are willing to compassionately hold a new vision of justice and peace, a new paradigm for human possibilities. Dream your highest visions, and share them through music, art, poetry, writings, and speech. Invite the young people to speak, for the new world belongs to them. Invite the elders into these gatherings, the wise ones who see beyond the appearances, and who have positive visions to share. Invite the divinity within our own deepest selves.

5.  Having acknowledged our own shadows, let us extend the hand of amnesty and forgiveness to each other, to ourselves, to our leaders, and to that which is of the old paradigm soon to fall away. Invite governments and institutions to do the same, absolving blame and debt throughout the world. What if all international conflicts were ended, political prisoners were released, and the third world debt was completely abolished? What if our taxes went towards creating peace rather than war? Send out the call for a planetary initiation of truth, for the dissolving of long cycles of collective human karma in the light of grace, and for a planetary quickening into the Age of Truth.

I propose that Sunday September 15, 2002 be set aside worldwide as a Day of Truth. Following this, the Sundays preceding every Solstice and Equinox in this next cycle of years will also be recognized as a Day of Truth. If you wish to create a media event, or a public gathering in your local area, please enter your name, location, contact information, and a description of this on, an interactive website created specifically for the purpose of coordinating this global event. More information on the significance of this time is also available on this website. Please also feel free to share any encouraging stories and ideas you may have.

We are the doorway into the New Earth. May we walk in truth, beauty, and freedom!

(Kiara Windrider is the author of Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension. The book, as well as articles relevant to these themes, is available through