12-1-08 - In  the beginning, I was sitting on the back end of my car contemplating the garden in my yard and what I wanted to grow next spring.

Then I was invited to a meeting in which there were at least 50 or more people.  We all sat on a variety of chairs in two rows facing each other in a large room.

We were asked by the moderator of the group who was a stranger to me to stand up and tell the others who they wanted to honor.

All of the honorees were people who had died.  Quite a few of them said RFK and JFK.

It was getting closer and closer to me and I knew I wanted to say that I was going to grow a special garden in my yard to honor JFK!

The woman before me was a nurse on General Hospital TV show and instead of just standing up like everyone else she had made a commercial film she had played on a screen on the wall across from herself.

My little garden idea was nothing compared to her presentation. 

I was ready to stand up but the moderator stopped the whole proceedings and told me and the man to my right to stand up together. The man on my right was Kevin - a young man who just got married on the Young and the Restless TV show a few weeks ago.

We both slowly stood up together but neither of us spoke.

Instead, Erica from All My Children TV show, who was sitting in a brocade seated, wooden armed chair over on the side, wearing pale green dress said, 'I want to donate 4 billion dollars."

There was a stunned silence in the room and then a man stood up - he looked similar to Donald Trump but was from another TV show to rival All My Children shows, and he said, "I want to donate 1 billion dollars more than the nearest highest other donation."

Another silence ensued.

Neither Kevin or I said anything. We were still standing there wondering why were asked to stand together.

There were at least 10 more people to our right who hadn't spoken yet either.

I began to wonder if Kevin and I were supposed to manage the money donated. I couldn't even conceive of what 4 billion dollars - much less 5 billion dollars could achieve  Those numbers were way beyond my comprehension.

The meeting broke up then but nobody left. I was still standing on the side. Kevin never said a word to me. I saw him go over to a set of shelves and pick out a C.D. to play and he walked away again.

I didn't even know what to do.

I finally went home and decided to take a shower but I couldn't even do that because I felt like I was being watched and still wondering if I was supposed to be managing all those billions of dollars to build a garden to honor JFK.


Kevin  male  Gaelic  gentle, lovable  Kevan, Keven, Kev 
Gender: Girl
Origin: Norse
Meaning: Eternal ruler
Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Honorable ruler
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Heather
Pronunciation: (EHR ih kah); (EHR ee kah)   [Guide]




DREAM: I was working at my office at A-C.  I was typing material that had nothing to do with my job while no one was looking.

My boss Norb Drifka was in his office nearby yelling on the phone at someone, sounding really angry. 

I decided it was time for me to get out of my office and go the bathroom - just get out of there.  I couldn't remember where I had hung my winter coat when I came in, and I didn't know how I was going to get home without a coat. 

As I left the office, there was a guy sitting in a chair next to his desk with just a blank stare on his face.

As I left the office, I said to him, "I can't remember where I left my coat," and he didn't say a word - he just kept staring straight ahead.

I walked down the hallway and a short guy came up behind me and asked, "Did you know that Security Clearance SC-50 has been rescinded?

I answered, "Yes! I know all about that stuff.  By now, I know so much stuff about conspiracy theories, I could have wrote the book."

I sounded flippant, but inside my head, I didn't fell so self-assured, I felt like I had been mind-wiped.  How the heck did I even get to work when I didn't know where my coat was hung? 

I began going up and down elevators, and going through doors that went nowhere.  There were lots of people around, a lot of young woman, and they didn't seem to be able to even work the doors when they tried to leave either.

All I wanted to do was go home and go to bed and hide for awhile.  I knew something was going on there, but I didn't know what, and I didn't even want to know - I just wanted to go home.

I woke up - glad to be out of that place.


NATIVE AMERICAN TROOPS  native-troops.htm


12-04-08 - DREAM - In the early morning, I found my granddaughter Christiana in a corner behind a lamp, making predictions about two men named Roland and Robert who were going to ask my sister for $300.

I picked up the baby who was about 18 months old and took her to her mother - my sister Bernice, and told her the prophecy which she was very upset about.

By the end of the day, my sister was holding baby clinics where her daughter Christiana was making predictions for all the other children there.

In the meantime, an older man came into her apartment, with his book collection. These books were big and fancy like law books, with gold edged pages - very expensive books.  He put them into her bookcase, then covered over half of that bookcase with a cheaper bookcase full of cheap books, and behind that bookcase, he had a hidden door through which he took deliveries of things they took upstairs, which I couldn't see what that was being delivered.

I then went out into the hallway and was going to go upstairs, and there was another older man in a brown suit who came down the elevator, and it looked like he was about to hang himself on a shoestring, so I didn't get into the elevator  -  good thing I didn't because the elevator was about 3 feet down into the pit.

Later, when I went home, I had to bring the newspaper to my sister because it was full of articles that my daughter's baby had predicted.  That's when I found the baby in the middle of the baby clinic my sister was hosting.


12-5-08 - NAP DREAM - I was in love with a man who looked almost exactly like John McBain from One Life to Live TV show.  We were in a room together doing something electrical.  I'll call him John for the dream's sake because I don't know his real  name.  He was working on something on the floor behind me and I was by the sink or stove where the electrical outlets were.  Instead of pulling the plug out of the wall by the plug, I just yanked on the cord and it came out of the plug. I was standing there with the cord in my hand, feeling a slight tingling in my right arm, though I could see the cord wasn't plugged into the wall.

Suddenly I thought I was being electrocuted, and I had all the symptoms of being electrocuted. I couldn't speak out loud and felt dizzy.  I tried to call out to John for help, that I was being electrocuted, but I couldn't speak out loud.  I couldn't yell for help or even turn around to face him. 

After a couple of minutes of attempting to yell for help and tell him I was being electrocuted, I managed to turn around half way, and I could see he was right there about three feet behind me, happily working on whatever project was on the floor.

He started to get up and walk out of the room, ignoring me and whatever I was doing - when I finally managed to squeak out enough sound to tell him I was being electrocuted. 

I was managing somehow to turn further around little by little, and finally I got out the words, "Help me!  I'm being electrocuted,"  but by turning around, I dislodged myself from whatever was causing the tingling going down my right arm and I managed to yell, "Help me!  I'm being electrocuted."

By then, I really wasn't being electrocuted, and he could see that or I wouldn't have been able to say the words, and he just looked at me like I was nuts, and he walked out the front door to the porch, while I started yelling at him how ungrateful he was to have me, and how selfish, and self-absorbed he was.

He looked back at me through the door as though he was thinking what a terrible person I was for saying those things to him and turned and walked down the stairs of the porch and around the house toward the back on the alley side.

And seeing him walk away from me, feeling angry, made me realize what I had said, and I thought to myself, "But I love you anyway!" and I turned and ran down the back steps to the back door as fast as I could go so I would catch him coming into the yard, which is what I did."

I ran outside and grabbed him by the arm, and said, as tenderly as I could, "I love you!  I still love you."

I looked up at him, and for just a second I saw that his left eye was pure white like it was dead - but that whiteness vanished quickly and his eye became normal again.

He answered, "I wondered if you loved me, because I saw you with your ex-husband the other day."

I remember too then, that I was sitting next to my ex-husband and never once looked him in the eye when I talked to him.

So I said to John, "You fought to get me all this time, and you finally got me, and now you treat me like this.!"

He looked down at me, and I realized I had said something negative again, and said again, "But I love you anyway!" and we started kissing right there in the yard where anyone could see us.

Finally, we let go of each other, and I turned and went back into the house, and John went to the garage to get something he needed for his project.

I went back up the stairs into the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table which had a red top and silver aluminum sides. The chairs were red seated and backed and had rounded silver aluminum sides and rungs on the bottom.  The kitchen wasn't that large so that when I was seated, and there were two other chairs against the far wall, the table and chairs filled the entire space between the wall and the sink behind me.

My three daughters came into the room.  They were like 7, 8, and 9. The two oldest had dark hair and the youngest was blonde.

The blonde daughter was on my left and the two dark-haired girls came in the back door.  None of them could go past the table because I was sitting at it in the only passable space there was.

The blonde daughter took a huge wad of gum out of her mouth and flung it across the room. At first I didn't see where it landed and I told her, "Go get that gum!"

She was unable to pass me and get the gum and she just stood there unmoving.

The other two girls stood on the other end of the table, and pointed at the gum which had landed on the edge of the table on the far end - to my right.

So, I hollered at my blonde daughter again, "Go get that gum!"  which she couldn't do.

So, I took her by the hand and made her climb up on my lap and walk across my legs and back down on the floor on my right and told her to pick up her gum, which she did, and put it back into her mouth.

Ugh!  It wasn't really dirty - it had only been stuck to the clean table.

So, I let the girls go back outside the back way, and I noticed that there were plants hanging on long ropes from the ceiling and that they probably needed watering, so I was just about to get up from the chair and do that, when I started hearing a love song playing from somewhere, and then I heard a man humming the song, and Otto, the maintenance man came walking up from the basement into another hallway through a door that was hidden from me from where I was seated.

He walked into the hallway, humming the love song, and I felt like humming the love song at the same time, but when I saw Otto in the hallways, I began to wonder where he had really come from, and woke up.



DREAM - I was living in an apartment I hadn't been living in very long.  TM came to visit and he had just moved also. 

I had written TM a letter but hadn't mailed it because I didn't know what street he had moved to.  I asked him if he lived on 36th St. but he didn't answer. He said he would take the letter to the mailbox and mail it.  It was an old 'used' envelope - brown in color, and I took a black marker and inked out the old address that was on it.  (36 is a base Gematrian number -  all Gematrian numbers are based on the number 9 and their multiples)

TM told me that I needed to get rid of the garbage in the place. I said OK, and he started taking out the garbage which consisted of boxes that appliances came in, like the vacuum cleaner and the fan - you could tell what came in the boxes because the boxes had the same shape as the contents.

end of dream


12-7-08 - DREAM - I've had this same dream at least twice before in my lifetime and journaled it.  It was about mobs of unreal - podlike people lined up for Christmas - thousands of people - all non-descript pod people - all lined up - jammed up in various ways -  just waiting for Christmas.

Kinda reminds me of the mobs of people that got injured last Friday shopping at 6 a.m.  One guy even ended up dead because he fell down and the mob walked right over him.


I had that kind of experience myself one time, where the mob pressure picked me right up off the ground.  I didn't even have my feet on the ground and the pressure of the people just carried me right along into the store. It was lucky I didn't fall down and get walked on too that time.  It was really scary.


    12-7-08 - NAP DREAM-  It seemed to be this house, but the house wasn't exactly the same.

I was sitting in the livingroom on the couch, winding up knitting yarn and straightening out my project yarns.

Joe was planning to go somewhere to a football game.  While he was getting ready to go, he complained that someone was smashed an orange into the bottom of a plastic jump seat for the baby. He was really having a fit about it, but I knew it would wash right off and I didn't think it was a big deal.

Joe's ex-wife Debe came over to watch a football game on the TV at 2 p.m.  She turned on the TV to watch the game. It looked like a black and white TV - not in color.  I told her if she wasn't watching the Packers, I'd go upstairs and watch TV up there.

I asked her who was playing.  She didn't know.

Just then Ray from church came over and wanted to use the telephone in the bedroom, but he couldn't find it.  (That's because our telephone in the bedroom looks like Mickey Mouse) 

Joe left for the football game without saying goodbye, so I asked Debe if Joe had left and she didn't know, but she answered the question like she was on television. (She was evidently saying the words from the real television bleed through - which was an interview with Condoleezza Rice.)

I mouthed at her, "I really don't care what you are saying."  and I walked into the kitchen to wash the dishes - and was cleaning chocolate off of everything.

(Yeah! I know I ate too much chocolate this week) :-)


12-8-08 - DREAM -  I was in a large two story house  with some people.  Some of these people were relatives.  It seemed that my sister and some other people were missing.

A tall handsome man was there and he was going to go looking for the missing people, but before he left, he smiled broadly at me and  let me know that he wanted me to wait for him and not be with anyone else.

I saw that he was carrying a laptop he was going to take with him, but he ran upstairs and brought down an IBM electric typewriter with a plastic cover on it and handed it to me. He said, "Use this while I am gone.  Make sure that while you are waiting for me you are home 'ALONE', and heavily emphasized the word 'alone'.

I pressed on a key of the typewriter and it must have been electric because the machine typed the same letter about 100 times with just one touch.

He then went out in the yard where he was roasting some meat in a stone oven.  He brought out the meat on a platter and put the platter in front of me to eat some. I started eating the coating which was like barbecue and it was semi-sweet, but the meat was so tough I couldn't get a fork into it.

My mother was standing nearby and I asked her, "What is this?"

My mother said, "Probably Triceratops".



12-09-08 - DREAM - I had determined in a previous dream that I was going to go to Capital Court to buy a facial kit because I had skin peeling off my face. I woke up before I got going because 5 blonde dogs and two blonde women got into my car and my driver had to take them home first.

So, now I got into my car to drive myself to Capital Court to buy the facial kit.

I started driving north on a highway that jogged to the left at an intersection but it had snowed a little and I didn't realize the road jogged and I drove straight ahead into a plowed field that had a row of trees on my left.  I could hear the driver's behind me hollering, , "Doesn't the road jog to the left here?"  as they had followed me into the plowed field with the snow on top.

So, realizing I made a mistake, I drove through a gap in the trees and drove back onto the road on the other side of the trees.

Now, that I was on the real road, I had to drive around big trucks of various kinds because either they were driving too slow, or I was driving too fast. It was a wild drive.

It was a lot farther than I thought it was, and finally it seemed I was on 60th St. and the road narrowed down.  But the intersection went over a really wide highway that had just been laid down and was pitch black with no lines on and no stop signs in either direction.  So first I went to stop and not seeing a stop sign, I cautiously went forward and then faster because I didn't see any east-west traffic at all.

But now, the road was very narrow - almost like a hallway and I was suddenly walking instead of driving and started meeting cousins and friends I hadn't seen in a long time - in fact - they are probably all dead.

So we started saying to each other, "Do you remember me?  It's been a long time since we saw each other."  and that kind of thing.. I know one of them was my school-chum Mary - we knew each other from kindergarten all the way through high school and we only lived one block from each other on 16th St.  When we were kids we had a little sewing club together and went to each other's house and embroidered.  Wasn't that sweet?  hahaha


12-9-08 - DREAM - I was in my apartment building inspecting the lower level. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had food on my face, and skin peeling.  I needed a facial bad and didn't have my fancy lotions to do it with, so I was going to go the drug store and get me some.

Before I could do that though, I met Bob the painter and 5 carpenters who were going to remodel a meeting room because the door was set too high in the wall.  I thought they could maybe build 3 steps up and 3 steps down, through the doorway, but they said they could take out part of the wall so people could walk straight through.

Then I met five firemen. I don't recall seeing a fire but they were inspecting the building and I made sure all the doors got closed that were supposed to be closed.

Then I met J.R. from All My Children  and he looked drunk, but when I took a closer look, he had a bloody hole that went out the back of his neck, so I ran to get him some help.

I met five nurses on the elevator and I managed to convince them to go take care of J.R.

At the elevator, I met an old boss named Adam.. He resembled Clinton. He was with a woman and he acted very strangely with her like he didn't wan to acknowledge he was actually with her.

I went down the elevator one floor and outside.  I was going to drive to the drugstore, but five scrawny blonde dogs were there and between me and the driver, we managed to get all give dogs into the car and then two blonde woman and the driver took them where they needed to  go, and I walked to the drug store and woke up.

NOTE:  It took me to the end of the month to actually buy some real facial lotion so I could take care of my face.


12-10-08 - DREAM - I was in Wisconsin with Joe and his T.J. and another guy who was a friend of T.J.s.

they weren't gone all that long and when they came back, Joe said they had been to Wyoming.

I said, "You couldn't have, you weren't gone that long. Then Joe changed his story and said they had for sure gone to Iowa, which was more plausible.

At the point, I was helping them get ready for another trip and to do that, they had to take what I thought were golf balls but there were a little bigger than that. (The were the size of cue balls)

I asked them how many they needed and T.J. said 34. 

I had a huge yellow bag of these balls. the bag was double layered like horse feed comes in - and it was large like that too.

I tried getting 3 balls at a time but that was too hard to do, so I grabbed two at a time until I had flung 34 balls across the floor where they would repack them for this trip.

While they were gone, I was with a group of horsewomen, on horseback. The line of all brown horses was very long. I don't know how many there were, but my estimate is 'over 100".

All the horses were identical brown horses and my memory tells me that all the women were wearing brown riding outfits as well.

This was practice for an upcoming event.

The women lined up their horses on the edge of a very large field and started riding the horses out into the field on an angle and at a certain point the lead horse turned and cut across the path of the other horses, but all the horses followed the horse in front of it.

The lead horse every so often turned and cut through the path of the horses again and all of a sudden my vision zoomed from way up in the air so I could see this pattern the horses below me and around the edge of the field, the path looked like this:




DREAM - I was living in a city, but on a large piece of property. 

I heard some noise outside and went out to find my Mother and Father laying on cots side by side in the yard.  My Mother asked, "Who is your best teacher?"

I didn't want to choose between them, so I didn't answer.

My Father said, "You saved me $250,000 so I have something for you."  He handed me a bag that held 7 balls in it.  The balls were the size of cue balls and each one was marked different, but not with numbers.  Each one had a symbol on it.

So, I took the bag out into the yard to look at it, and as I did, the bag was getting larger and I could see that the balls were actually seeds of various kinds.

I'm always wanting to grow seeds so I was quite happy with what I had received from my Father.

I started unpacking the bag and one of the balls became a garden and the flowers were already coming into bloom.  Another ball became like a bird sanctuary, and one of the birds had a very long beak, and as I held it in my hand, I coaxed it to eat a yellow and orange seed and it gently picked up the seed with its beak and then I set the bird down so it could swallow the seed.

By then, I knew I was going to have to spread out the seeds into a grand garden, and when I turned around, there was a garden already set up - it wasn't dirt, it was more like sand and my footprints were about 4 inches deep and I could tell the sand was moist. 

I walked over a bit to inspect the garden - each plant or hole was about 4 feet apart from each other.  I got rather a shock when I came to the first hole and looked inside.  There were 3 large pumpkins in the hole and they looked ripe enough for each seed they held to sprout as soon as it was covered, so I pushed some sand over into the hole and covered it so the pumpkins could do their thing.

The next hole, when I looked down into it, already had a blooming bush and flowers that were purplish in color, and here I opened the hole a little more so that the plants got more sun.

At that moment, a group of people came into the yard.  They said they were the instructors for one of the balls that had a Z on it.  A tall blonde woman was going to be the spokes person and she came closer and stood in the sun at the edge of a large structure that had an awning over it.  She had the sun in her eyes, so I told her she could stand wherever she liked to give her little speech.

She thanked me and said she would like to see my garden, so we both went exploring in the garden to see what each plant was that were already growing.  Every plant was already growing and full of flowers - it was just amazing to see.

My Father had truly given me a great gift and it was mine to care for.




12-12-08 - I keep dreaming that I'm writing a book about growing fruits and vegetables - 3 days in a row now.


12-13-08 - DREAM - I was young, attending night school. - a music class.  It was 7-1-07 and we were going to all meet at school to attend a concert in the 7th month, on the 7th Day at 7 p.m. in Hartford, WI.   We were standing outside our school, telling each other little stories. None of us had cars, so that's why we had to meet and have someone drive us there.

6-21-07 -   07 / 07 / 07 - PREPARE YOUR HEART & SPIRIT






12-13-08 - DREAM - I was going out early in the morning with my husband. Our car didn't work in the parking lot, so my husband told me to get in this big old yellow station wagon, and we drove to another place near a park where he met someone named Bob and his wife - who called herself Tee.

My husband left me in the car and went into the restaurant with Bob and they were talking and talking and talking. 

Finally they came out and I found out that his wife Tee had been eating breakfast with them too.

I asked him how come I hadn't been invited in, and he ignored me.  I was really mad by now, and all of a sudden he got out of the car and went somewhere.

My daughter-in-law Debe and my son Ken appeared and I was talking to them, and then they left to collect newspapers.

I was waiting for my husband to come back, and all of a sudden I heard this weird noise behind me, and I turned around and there is my Father spraying the inside of the car with a bug sprayer like we had back in the 40's. 

I got mad because I was sitting in the car and he's spraying for bugs, so I got out of the car on the driver's side, and all of a sudden my Father goes and throws himself down on a bench and I went over to see what was the matter and he started saying, "Ever since WWII  C. F. Pirnie and the Koreans ....  and he paused so I said,  "And?????"   and he didn't say anymore and I woke up.

I looked up  C.F. Purney and that didn't work, so I tried Purney and that didn't give me anything, then  suggest Pirnie - so I pursued Pirnie and found a lot of Pirnies killed in the Korean war - but that still doesn't fit what my Father said.

Searching for Bob and Tee got me nowhere either.



12-15-08 - DREAM WITHIN A DREAM -  I was laying in bed and went to sleep and started dreaming that I was looking at a building from within and the building was made of stone blocks  -like a castle might be - not like the pyramid - but dark greyish colored.

All of sudden, I raised up through he atmosphere and I knew I was on Saturn.



12-15-08 - DREAM #1 -  I was so happy to be getting back my job as manager of Juneau Village Garden Apartments.  I saw myself in the dream and I looked like I was in my 40's.  I had a female roommate, and we both had boyfriends who were supposed to come over for breakfast and then we'd go to work.

For some reason, the boyfriends didn't show up so I was going around the building looking at empty apartments.  I have to say that the refrigerators looked like they were 40 years old too.

We didn't have any furniture in our apartment yet, and a few minutes later the current manager brought me a really long list of stuff to look at that I was going to have to deal with the next day.  I just set it aside for the moment because out in the hallway, I met a 4-legged young boy about age 15. He said his name was HAG - short for Hagie or Hagee -that he was from Hungary, and then he said he needed something to drink but he hated water.  I tried to convince him to drink some water anyway, but he was very reluctant so I took him down the street to the local ice cream store and bought him an ice cream.

My boyfriend showed up there to my surprise. He was a really big guy - not only tall, but round and he gave me a big smackaroo kiss on the lips and I woke up.

end dream #1 -  I woke up with a headache and aching all over from the flu or a cold. I went to the bathroom and warmed up some rice and raisins for breakfast and made some tea - Echinacea with bilberry, lemon zinger tea, a tsp of Colloid Silver, and a garlic capsule 500 mgs.

After I ate breakfast and sipped a little tea, I laid down on the couch and went back to sleep.

DREAM #2.  I was back in the apartment building.  I entered our apartment - which was #208 at the end of the building -  and when I opened the door I discovered that my roommate had moved her furniture into the apartment already and it so large - the room didn't seem as big as it had been.

I went to my own room to change clothes to get ready for work and there were two people in the room like my bedroom was also the office.  A young boy was in there and I asked who he was. He said he lived in apartment 235 E which was a different building across the courtyard - my apartment was in building F.

There was a young woman doing paperwork at a desk in the corner.

I decided I would look at the list the current manager had given to me, and it turned out to be a list of cleaning supplies that she had ordered that were going to be deliver the next day.  That was no big deal. - so I set the paper back down on the desk and went back out into the hallway.

There, I saw HAG and he now had only 2 legs like everyone else.  I was surprised that he had surgery to remove the extra legs and healed so quickly, and someone near me said, "President Clinton refused to pay for the surgery."

and I woke up again.


********************* TORNADO FROM THE NORTHEAST

12-17-08 - NAP DREAM -  I'm trying to place the time of year of this dream and it confusing because two young neighbors came over with an early birthday gift of a cheesecake, then they took it to the kitchen and made themselves at home and started slicing it up for everyone to eat.

I knew it was early for my birthday and there were no Christmas decorations up, and everyone went outside to picnic in the yard.  There were several groups of people, including neighbors, so it was more like 4th of July.  There were picnic tables set up and people, adjust and kids were all sitting, standing, playing, running around, babies in strollers waiting to be fed, etc.  The grass was green.

I started walking across the lawn towards one group of people, and towards the northeast, I saw a huge black tornado cloud (not the tornado itself)  but the black cloud with rain coming down - and the cloud was separate from everything else as the sun was shining too.  I saw the tornado cloud looming and heading our direction (not the normal direction for storms either in Wisconsin)  I started screaming, tornado, tornado, grab the kids and get inside. 

I could see there were too many people to stuff them all in the house, and lots of laggards who didn't want to believe me or get up off their chairs, and I really started yelling at individuals, "move it, move it"  and then when I noticed we wouldn't all fit into the house, I told someone to take all the people to the barn basement which was built into the hill and more likely not to get destroyed from a tornado.

I started praying there was enough time to get everyone over there before the tornado hit.


12-18-08 -  A MAYAN PAGEANT -  I was helping a man who was a musician plan a Mayan pageant that would include at least 300 people who were singers and dancers.

The backdrop of the whole piece was a dark blue sky with drawings of the universe, planets, galaxies, etc.  with music that portrayed the same thing.

Then rainbow colored candies were distributed to show the differences between the people, their food, their moods, which became more sensual and sexual.

Then the music would get more and more violent sounding and the dancers would take over and show violent movements bodily to show the pageants' bloody decapitations, heart wrenching drama.

Then the music would diminish and become more and more drum like and simple as the people became less and less powerful, and the path was shown like brown flagstones, and then diminish more and more until there were no more people.

As magnificent a pageant that this would be, I felt very incapable of doing such a thing myself.


12-19-08 - ALIEN HANDS - DREAM - I was working on a html type of page on a computer about alien information.. It was a very simple task. All I had to do was get the mouse pointer between one line and the following space and press enter and the whole line would shift down one space and over one space. This created a new square and a new column at the same time to align the information with that above and to the left.

I was getting confused after awhile and wasn't sure where exactly to put the mouse pointer and all of a sudden a little person's finger pointed to where I had to put the cursor next.  The thumb or finger was white colored, with a white nail, closely cut like a male finger would be manicured.  I saw it several times as the person's finger/thumb assisted me with the process.

I wasn't finished with the work, but I started getting lucid in the dream and then I could hear the TV on talking about a short speech by Carolyn Kennedy running for Senate this year.



I was working in a very large newspaper or television news office.  The machine I was using embedded photographs onto pieces of paper but for someone, I always got a black bar across the person's face.  It was obvious I didn't know how to use this machine.  Also on the desk was a large computer screen with the little squares with the alien information like the dream prior.

A young woman called on the phone from elsewhere and I heard her call and she said she was looking for information about someone dreaming about an auto and a crop circle, but she didn't want a dream with an old auto like Studebaker - she wanted one with a modern car in it.

I thought I remembered having a dream about a crop circle and a 'Ford' car.

She woman was talking to Frank Magee  of NBC news who either retired or died and he wasn't able to find the information she wanted, so I ran over to his desk to type in and on his desk, I started typing on this antique typewriter that was so old, it had one of those curved handles on the side that you had to hit to get to the next line and it made a ding sound.  I couldn't believe Frank was still working much less that he wasn't even on the internet yet.


12-20-08 -  10-10-10 - DREAM - I was working on my web pages about space-weather.  I saw 5 empty spaces and each one was labeled 10-10-10.

I wondered what 10-10-10 represented and I flipped the page over to the HTML side and clearly written in the 5 empty spaces were five long statements about love and how it magnetizes and what it means.

I was able to read it all clearly, bit it didn't have any meaning to me because it was just words.

When I flipped the web page back to the physical side, I could no longer see the words nor remember the five statements.

So I decided to go to a church and ask the minister if he knew what 10-10-10 represented.

So I drove east, down a major highway - towards town and stopped at a modern church that was build of wood and had a flat roof on it.

The had a parking garage in the basement so I drove my white car down into the garage and parked it.  Then I walked upstairs with some other people to the church.

Rather than pews, the people sat in a semi-circle on chair facing basically north towards the road and across the street was a green meadow with the sun shining on it.

I was still standing by the door when I saw the minister, a tall blonde, blue-eyed man wearing a beige suit and he walked along the row of chairs from one end of the semi-circle to the other, asking if anyone wanted a healing.

Evidently, no one had anything wrong with them, so when he got down to my end of the semi-circle on the far east end, I spoke up and said, "I would like a general cleansing," knowing that would cure any problems I had.

He stood near me but not facing me, his right side toward my right side. He didn't breathe on me, but I felt something between us which I recognized as sexual energy - not specifically a cleansing feeling. It was more intimate than that.

It was only a moment and then the service was over and he went over to stand at the window, looking out at the meadow across the street.

Two other black guys in the congregation also saw the meadow and one of them said, "One day someone will decide to build a freeway across that meadow."

I said to the minister, "I feel that man's prophecy will come true."  The minister said sadly, "I agree with you."

The minister and I were standing side by side facing the window, looking at the meadow, and that's when I asked him, "Do you know what 10-10-10 is all about?"

He said, "No!  I have no idea!"

I said, "It's all about love," but I didn't elaborate on that statement.

By then, most of the people had left and the minister offered to walk downstairs to help me find my car.

When we got down there, a lot of cars were gone, but there were still many white cars down there.  I looked at all of them - many different ages, sizes, and shapes, but none were mine.

I said, "I think someone stole my car."

We looked and looked but none of these white cars were mine.

Then somehow the minister gave me two white chess pawns and stacked on top of one another, I put them into my vagina and masturbated myself on them until I reached the , "Oh my God" point.

NOTE:  A woman wrote to me in December about a similar experience with a Reptilian. She even sent me a photo of its leg, which was yellow and hairy like a goat, but it had  rather human foot, but it looked like it had electricity flowing around its foot and toes.

It felt incredible, and I knew I was lucid and woke up at that point.

The minister said, "Let my wife drive you home," and I agreed.

I don't remember the ride home, but all of a sudden we were at my house and I saw the minister's wife. She was a little shorter than me, a little on the pudgy side, mostly from having children I assumed. She had reddish-brown hair and her whole face was a mass of freckles.

She asked me, "What did you give to your little girls?"  I knew they were 12 and 3 but not their names.

I answered, "I bought them each a white dress."

Then she asked," And what did you give to your sons?"

I could remember how old he was and I had to admit I hadn't given him anything.

She said, "Let me get you something from my house."

A moment later, she was back with a shiny black toy I assumed was a race car.

Another moment later, the minister arrived and was parking a full size black race car away from our house and was going to drive it over the cliff.

The other man who had come with him said, "Don't worry, he'll ump out at the last second, just like a stunt driver."

A moment later, my husband, my son who was a teenager, and I were back at the church in the parking garage.

My husband was in the back seat, my son was driving for the first time, and I was the white-knuckled passenger on the right front seat.

We were in a huge white station wagon which was evidently the car I had originally driven tot he church in.

My son was driving very smoothly without hitting anything and I was proud of his driving ability.

To get out of the basement garage, my son drive up a really steep set of wooden stairs and I could see the minister ascending the stairs near the top.

As we drove up the wooden stairs, my son had to give the car a lot of power and I could hear organ music reaching a crescendo as we reached the top.  And just then the minister reached the top of the stairs first and sang loudly,  "Alleluia, Alleluia!"  and from behind me my husband bellowed  "RAWLES!"  at the Bellagio - Las Vegas  the chorus

Lou Rawls songs


12-21-08 - DREAM -  I heard that if you want good drugs, you should go to school, so I decided to find out if that was true.

I went to the nurse's office of the local high school to find out the truth.  The nurse wasn't there, and nothing was locked, so I just took a look for myself.

I opened the medicine cabinet and saw some tall, narrow vials of pills for girls and opened it.  Inside were octagonal pink pills meant to be tranquilizers. These pills were so tiny a person could hardly pick one up and certainly wouldn't do much, yet I knew instinctively that if you took enough of these you could get 'really' relaxed.  Since these pills were so small I knew she wasn't counting them, especially considering they weren't locked up, so I poured a few into my purse.

Then I went to see what the boys and men could get.  I didn't 'see' the pills, but I saw the results.

I then saw a man who looked like German politician I hate_____  and heard him talking about his schedule for the afternoon. He said he wanted to allow enough time for his firebox - whatever that was.



DREAM -  I and my lover were planning a wonderful trip to Florida - one of those once in a lifetime type trips. We were making special preparations for this trip.

A whole group of us were going on this trip, in a caravan, like a wedding trip where the marriage would take place in Florida, but we lived in the north - like Wisconsin - so it would be a long trip.

I was going to be the bride, and I had chosen a bridesmaid who was going to jump out of a plane with me for the ceremony.  She and I were going to be attached to each other with a long pink train behind me.  The pink train was made like a blanket with long tubes for air embedded in it,  It was specially made so that the bridesmaid could breathe on the way down - and she would be breathing the air in the pink blanket through the tubes.

We stood on the edge of the airplane with this pink blanket train behind me, and she tested the air to make sure she could breathe the air and then we jumped.

As we jumped I could see not just one pink blanket train behind me, but a series of them, and they weren't pretty pink, they looked stained brown and dirty, and as we jumped and flew through the air, these pink blanket trains, connected to each other all flopped and tangled, and twisted, and jumbled against each other and they were all useless for breathing.

Also, we were going to take a whole caravan of vehicles with us, and my lover worked for a car repair place, and in this place, an ambulance was being prepared for the journey.  I thought it would be a good idea to take an ambulance on the journey for any emergencies that might happen. I even suggested maybe we drive the ambulance.  But my lover said, "No!  It would be better if we pulled it behind us!"  So I agreed, thinking he knew better.

But this ambulance was undergoing some repairs. All of a sudden something wasn't going right, and one of the men who had been hired special to repair a certain part of the ambulance was found to be doing something wrong on purpose.  My lover discovered this and said,  "S_____, (Satan?) you're fired." 

I don't know how the rest of the repairs went on the ambulance. I was hoping it was fixed properly.

We were getting ready to go on the journey then, and the caravan was parked out in the street.  I had prepared special music for the trip, and there was a huge music turntable in the street, and in the center of the turntable, I had prepared what looked like a pink bridesmaid hat with special music that my lover would like best.  So, I put the pink hat-like thing on the turntable and the turntable started spinning but no sound came out.  I thought maybe the needle hadn't gotten engaged or something, so while my lover was standing there, I started the music over on the pink hat-like part. 

This time the music started and it was all in Spanish - all love songs my lover would appreciate and love me all the more for choosing for him.  And after the music started and the singing started, a goat came up to the turntable and started spitting gross dark dirty stuff out of his mouth all over the pink hat-like turntable, and ruined the music.


12-23-08 - DREAM  Deerin and Darren - young blonde boys. They were about 4 years old.  They came running across the road towards our house and they almost got hit by a school bus.  I took them in and cleaned them up and they explained that they lived in the house behind ours (maybe in the farm way in the back?)  There is no house behind us. They told me they had been down at the river swimming.   I told them all about Joe and how he used to go swimming in the river when he was a kid too.

There was more to that dream about farming and planting but I don't remember that part. I was seeing it going on outside like it was spring.

The boy's name Darren \d(ar)-ren\ is pronounced DARE-en. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "great". Originally a surname, first used as a given name in the 20th century.

Darren has 10 variant forms: Daren, Darin, Daron, Darran, Darrin, Darring, Darron, Darryn, Derrin and Derron.



12-24-08 - DREAM - I was sitting at a large screen computer and 5 men were having an on-line conference - each one typing in their own column about some topic which I don't know what it was.  But I saved the screen on my own computer and then Robert Grace who was the 5th man in the conference said he wanted one of his postings erased and the conference wanted him to pay $5.00 to have it removed.

I had saved it before he had it removed.  What he had done was written the word Solfeggio about a dozen times (or it was a picture of it) because it was in cursive writing.


12-24-08 - DREAM -  I was a live conference at NASA or another office where NASA was doing a debriefing or disclosure meeting for a group of people. I was sitting in one of the back rows of people at the conference next to Chuck (an attorney who lived in my Juneau Village apartments)  We were sitting very closely and he had his hand on my knee and our heads were very close to each other.

Meanwhile, in front of the long table where a lot of men were sitting - they were being introduced to groups of aliens who were being introduced - one of each kind - 12 at a time. The ones who were the most memorable were the last group who all were a little taller than man size and looked a cross between monkeys and dogs.  One of them looked me right in the eye and I recognized him as one of the monkey-dogs that had tried to mate with me in another incident some years earlier.  We had been real close and personal and he remembered me.

All of a sudden, Chuck stood up and started fighting with one of the other men who were paying more attention to what Chuck and I were talking about than the aliens.  Chuck was about to propose to me and one of the other guys called me a 'carrot'.  That really pissed Chuck off and they starting hitting each other.

Both men were taken to the men's room to get the blood washed off their faces, and then they came back out and Chuck came back and sat next to me again. I never heard him say the words, but it was acknowledged that he was going to propose to me, and we started talking about where our kids were going to live. He was living with his son, and all my sons and my daughter were living with me.  I told him it would be no problem - because my sons could move back home and live with their father. That seemed to settle that problem and I realized I had to give two months notice to my boss because I'd be moving and getting married.

Then Chuck and I went outside and a young woman was demonstrating her garden idea of sowing seeds already in a pattern, which she gave a name to - some kind of curlicue - but it was just a long looping row of seeds sprinkled in curled rows in the garden.  By the time the plants grew, you wouldn't really see the pattern, because she planted so many seeds, but the seed rows looked really neat in the curlicue loops. 


12-24-08 - DREAM - This was all about my friends from high school and what happened to them 10 or 15 years after graduation. The most memorable was about my boyfriend R from school, who eventually married my rival friend M after her husband died. They had one son that I know of.  I saw him sitting on a box over in the corner and someone said, "Oh, he's really heavy into bidding!  (meaning gambling).  That was bad news.  Glad I didn't get him.


12-25-08 - NAP DREAM -  woke up just before noon.  I was living in a house that was unfamiliar to me. I had just had a new baby and when I came in the door, my Mom was in the back corner holding up a piece of the ceiling that was caving in, and stuff was sliding down into the first floor from the attic.  I don't remember who said this, but it was related to 'This would happen every 120 days".  Not good news.

All of a sudden two men came to the door, one of whom was an F.B.I. investigator, and the other a helper guy.  The F.B.I. guy said, "Someone reported gunshots in here." 

I had no response to that because I never heard anything.

I grabbed my new baby by one arm, and ran down the street to my neighbors house where all the kids were playing out in the yard.  I quickly motioned them to all go into the house so the F.B.I. wouldn't question them about anything.  I left my baby with them and went back home to see what was going on, still worried about my Mom holding up the corner of the ceiling from the attic.  I didn't know if they knew she was there or not.

When I went back into the house, two men, dressed all in white,  (don't know if it was the same two guys), were standing on ladders and replastering the ceiling in the livingroom, and a friend of mine (female)  was repainting all the woodwork - color was forest green with gold overlay. 

I told her how beautiful the color was and she smiled. I didn't know what to say about the ceiling. They were replastering the whole thing, but not where my Mom had been holding it up preventing stuff from sliding down out of the attic.


12-26-08 - DREAM - George Noory from  drove me to a radio producer's office.  It was called  SAVECORE, and was at  2605 N 5th St.  It was a really nice glass-fronted building. 

We walked in there and George said, "When you go into the office, just tell them your name, and that's all you have to say."

So, I walked in the office, went past two secretaries, and announced to the producer, "My name is Dolores Finney".  His face lit up like it was Christmas.

When I walked out of the office, I went up to George and said, "I'm going to have to have my own radio show - all about dreams." 

That was great!   I wish you could have seen the joy on that guy's face.  It was great - especially since today is my 70th birthday. :-)


12-26-08 - DREAM - I was working with a group of people who were creating new cars.  Each type of car had a number.  I remember  563, 863, and 900.  There were a few others, but I didn't remember them. 

After I woke up , someone showed me the word  EOIRE and made sure I knew how to spell it.  I looked it up on line and saw that Benjamin Franklin had his portrait painted there.  It was nice that he was thinking of me on my special 70th birthday. :-)

After the Second World War a French railroad worker named André Picard got the idea of sending America a Forty and F’ight boxcar full of various local products as a way of saying thanks. This enterprise caught on across France. Trainmen restored 49 aging freight cars (one for each state and one for Hawaii and the District of Columbia to share), and six million families gave something: perfume and hats, the world’s first motorcycle, children’s drawings on coarse paper, wines from Alsace and the Eoire Valley, Houdon’s original bust of Benjamin Franklin, wedding dresses from the silk-making town of Eyon, and, from one romantic soul, black lingerie intended for “a beautiful blonde.” When the freighter entered New York Harbor, passing beneath the torch of another not-so-bad gift from France, tens of thousands saw the high white letters painted on its hull: MERCI AMERICA. The cars rolled into every state, and the gifts were absorbed into the nation’s capillaries, and everyone was delighted (except, perhaps, residents of the fiftieth-state-to-be; the Washingtonians had proved such thorough recipients that all Hawaii got was a boxcar full of packing straw).



12-27-08 - DREAM - I seemed to be just an observer, watching a bunch of women helping each other out.

This seemed to be Kentucky but I don't know for certain. It could have been anywhere that had high hills and flat farms in the same area.

I was in the house of a woman who looked like my friend Kimber.  She was making a hot breakfast for the man who lived in the rear house of the property.  In order to deliver the breakfast, the woman who lived down the road apiece, came to get the bowl of cereal and a pat of butter, they put it in a bag, and the woman took it out to her car and drove it to the back house and left it in their mailbox.   She left it there and went back home.

I observed the woman who lived in the back house, come out and retrieve the cereal in its bag from the mail box and take it inside the house.

I noted that the distance wasn't that far that it couldn't have been walked over - just a matter of a few feet between the two houses.

Then the Kimber-like woman went out to a building on the other side of the house that looked like it was covered in white plaster.  She turned on some really hot water and filled a tank that was sitting down in a well-like aperture of a basement window.  At the same time, she turned on a water sprinkler system that watered a large grassy area at the base of quite a large forested hill.  I saw that this area was yellowing and very dry, so it made sense to sprinkle it to keep it from drying out too much, but I couldn't tell that there was anything particular growing there but tall grasses.  The water plumes in the air went up at least 20 feet and swiveled to cover a large area.

The water was left on, and the woman went to her car to make a milk run as she called it.  She got into this huge blue Buick - like they had in 80's or before. It must have used an awful lot of gas.  I was in the car as she drove on her milk run, and this big old car did not make tight turns out onto the road, and it barely made it across a wooden bridge that was part of the road to the farm where she went to get the milk.

That farm was large and fertile looking.  There was corn growing in the middle of the road, like a truck had dropped some kernels as it drove along and they were just allowed to grow or not, according to their own will. 

The farmers will building a brand new house.  Just the shell of the house was standing .and the farmer was building it himself, while the wife handled the milk duties.

The Kimber-like woman picked up the milk and put it into the car. I didn't note what kind of container it was in - but it was large - a gallon or more.

The drive back to her own property was made and the milk put away somewhere which I didn't note, but then a group of women came to the house and stood in a row along the back driveway against another building I hadn't noticed earlier.  All these women were wearing pastel tan deer hide dresses that came down almost to the ankles.  I understood that they were going to be putting on a pageant of some kind and this was the dress rehearsal.

I then observed the Kimber-like woman say to herself. -  "I'm going to have to rethink that breakfast run."




12-27-08 -  NAP DREAM - I had just watched the soap Another World -  and I was dating Brian - the gay guy - and we were kissing passionately and I suddenly realized how could he be with me when he was on television every day.  He said, "Well, I guess you got me!"

I said, "How could you be on TV every day and here at the same time?" 

He started laughing and describing a scene he had done on a beach and asked me, "How did you think I got from the beach to here so quickly."

Then I realized that the show took place in Oakdale and that is only 10 miles from my house, and he laughed and over in the corner, Gwen who is also on the show was messing around with the some stuff over in the corner and she was one of my friends too.

We were sitting on the couch, still kissing passionately, and he said he had just written a poem to me and it was titled, "I'm seeing you" and he smiled.

I looked at the clock, and realized that it was 5 minutes to 11 o'clock when the show comes on, so I uncurled myself from him and ran across the room to turn on the TV so we could watch him on TV.  But something went wrong with the tuner on the TV and I couldn't get the channel.  there was another TV next to it and I couldn't get that one to tune in to the right channel either. 

There was a fancy telephone over the TV, and I accidentally turned that on, and it was like a music box. 

Brian was sitting on the sofa, waiting for me to come back and I wanted desperately to get the station tuned in and it just kept getting worse, and I woke up instead.



12-28-08 - DREAM - This might have been a prison building.  At one point my second husband was on an elevator with me along with some other prisoners and they were trying to transport a pill of some kind along with their equipment.  He tried to get me to transport the pill for him and I managed to dump it without being seen. I refused to participate in that game.

Most of the men were large like weight lifters.  The elevators were very large and would hold the equivalent of 4 Volkswagen cars plus 4 passengers at the same time.  The people were that large also.  At first I only saw men, but then I saw there was a group of large women who were so big they were assisted in moving using body slings made of canvas.  I assumed they were there for weight loss. 

The men were not all nice guys.  One guy somehow got a gun and was waving it around, trying to get out of the place.  Those of us who were in the elevator with him, allowed him to get off and wave his gun elsewhere.  We decided to just keep quiet and hoped he'd get lost in the place and not come back, and was a good decision. We didn't see him again.

When I got off that elevator, I was walking along the hallways, and I came across very large men, laying on the floor in pools of vomit.  I don't know why they got sick, but I didn't stay to find out.

When it was time to leave, I found the women's side of the building and they were all leaving to go home.  I took elevator number 13, telling the women with me that it was a lucky number, because I had taken elevator 13 in - and my luck was good, so 13 out would be just as lucky.

I don't know how many elevators were in this building.  I personally saw at least 16 if I count 4 women's and 4 men's across on both sides of a hallway, and then behind those elevators, there were at least 4 women's and 4 men's elevators.  That would be the minimum number.  I didn't go into the gymnasium part of the building though - all I did was ride the elevators.


12-28-08 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen of my house (nowhere I've ever really lived).  The place was a mess.  People were calling me to work on telephones that were in other places, including the beauty parlor and a business office where I didn't work anymore.  I told them to call me direct at home, but I didn't know what my number was.  I told them to look up my name in the directory and I wasn't sure I was even in the directory. 

The kids were throwing their dolls face down into the dishwater in the sink, and the sink was covered in laundry that needed to be done in the basement.

I took the laundry to the basement and discovered that a new batch of black and white kittens had been born a couple of weeks earlier and the kids started bringing them upstairs.

I went back to the sink and discovered that there was a batch of flat rocks in the sink that all had to be washed also, so I did that first and set them aside so I had room for the dishes to be washed.

There was just too much to be done all at once.


I don't know why I dreamed this. I hadn't been thinking about family before I fell asleep.
12-29-08 - DREAM - I was standing on the sidewalk at approximately  10th or 11th and Wells St.  near downtown Milwaukee, with my Mom (Lucille Wilke), Aunt Cora Van Altena and Aunt Cora's Mom - Jane Van Altena.

It was late evening - almost 9 p.m.  and we stood there talking about how to get home.

My Mom and I said that J.C. Penney's was toward the southeast and pointed towards that direction.  Then we said that going straight south to Wisconsin Ave. and west toward 12th street was how you had to go to walk home  (up 12th St. towards Teutonia Ave. north),  and if you went straight west from where we were you'd be heading toward the freeway that went straight west through town.

Aunt Cora and her Mom started climbing a steep stairway which would take them up a hill toward 12th street and then to walk home.

My Mom and I decided to go to J.C. Penney before taking the bus home afterward.

I didn't think it was a good idea for Aunt Cora and her Mom to walk home - it was really dark up at the top of that stairway.

I knew that downtown Milwaukee was brightly lit, and I and my Mom would be okay.

NOTE:  Seems that there was a slight slope south from Wells Street toward Wisconsin Ave., but not a steep hill that a stairway went up. 


12-29-08 - DREAM - I and my mother were standing on the side of the road and my grandmother Jennie Van Altena Wilke went whizzing by on a gold  bicycle. All of a sudden the bicycle slid and fell over and I saw a glint of gold metal go sliding down the road in the distance and heard a grinding sound.

I cried out, "Oh my God!  we've got to get to her,", but my Mom was ahead of me and she said, "Don't bother, she's gone!"

I looked ahead in the distance and I could see my grandmother, dressed in a long green gown with a white front on it and flowers all over the dress, and then when I looked again, I could see 75 of her - and I stood there and counted them again and their were 75 women all dressed alike laying there. in the road. I noted that they were in groups of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, etc. 

I turned away from my grandmother and looked to the left and there was a blonde young man standing there in a pastel colored linen suit from the 1800's and I saw him shoot himself in the head to kill himself - and when he fell, I counted 75 of him also.  (Yes,  I counted them).  When I looked back to the right, now I saw other men (all dressed alike)  laying in the road, and I counted 75 of them also - they all looked identical like my grandmother had.

When I turned left, again, there were 75 bodies laying there on the ground.

The Number 75

Prime Factors of 75=3x5x5.

75 can be Partitioned 38 times with each term no larger than 2.

75 can be Partitioned 507 times with each term no larger than 3.

75 is a Nonagonal Number.

75 is a 26-gonal Number.

75 is a Pentagonal Pyramidal Number.

The Chemical Element Rhenium has an atomic number of 75.

The Chemical Element Arsenic has one Stable Isotope. It has 75 neutrons


Divisors of the Positive Integer 75

1, 3, 5, 15, 25, 75

Sum of all the Divisors of 75, including itself


Sum of the Proper Divisors of 75


Properties of the number 75

The integer 75 is an odd number.
The integer 75 is a Composite number.
49 is less than 75, so 75 is a deficient number.

The number 75 as a Roman Numeral


Number Seventy-Five: The Old Farmer's Almanac Calculated on a New and Improved Plan for the Year of Our Lord 1867 Being Third After Bissextile of Leap Year and Until July 4th 91st of American Independence Fitted for Boston But (Title Cont. In
Desc.) Boston, Brewer & Tileston. (title cont.): "Will Answer For All the New England States, Containing Besides the Large Number of Astronomical Calculations and the Farmer's Calendar for Every Month in the Year,

Jacob was compelled to go down into Egypt, by a famine which forced him out of Canaan, a dearth (which was a great affliction), to that degree that our fathers found no sustenance in Canaan, v. 11. That fruitful land was turned into barrenness. But, hearing that there was corn in Egypt (treasured up by the wisdom of his own son), he sent out our fathers first to fetch corn, v. 12. And the second time that they went, Joseph, who at first made himself strange to them, made himself known to them, and it was notified to Pharaoh that they were Joseph's kindred and had a dependence upon him (v. 13), whereupon, with Pharaoh's leave, Joseph sent for his father Jacob to him into Egypt, with all his kindred and family, to the number of seventy-five souls, to be subsisted there, v. 13. In Genesis they are said to be seventy souls, Gen. 46:27. But the Septuagint there makes them seventy-five, and Stephen or Luke follows that version, as Lu. 3:36, where Cainan is inserted, which is not in the Hebrew text, but in the Septuagint. Some, by excluding Joseph and his sons, who were in Egypt before (which reduces the number to sixty-four), and adding the sons of the eleven patriarch, make the number seventy-five.


Located near Genesee, this house is constructed of brick, three stories in height, in size 108 by 53 feet, including two wings. Attached is a farm of 118 acres, yielding a revenue of $2,000.00 The basements are occupied by male lunatics to a limited extent. The number of inmates was seventy-five, the sexes equally divided; of these forty were of foreign birth, thirty-five native born. Twenty-five were children, under sixteen years of age. The sexes are kept separate at all times. They are under two keepers, a male and female. Five or six paupers are sometimes placed in one room. The rooms are warmed by stoves and a furnace, no means of ventilation are furnished. The rooms and wards number seventy-five. The average number of inmates is 107, supported at a weekly expense of seventy-four and a half cents, inclusive of the products of the farm. The stronger males labor on the farm and the women about the house. Once during the past year the house has been inspected by the supervisors. It is supplied with Bibles, but there are no regular arrangements for religious services or instruction.


6. The Bhikkhu and Good Conduct Rules

1. A Bhikkhu must behave well. He should be a model person in his mode and manner of behaviour.

2. In order to secure this purpose the Blessed Lord framed a number of Good Conduct Rules.

3. These Good Conduct Rules were called Sekhiya Dhamma. They number seventy-five.



psalms 75: 3

The earth and all the inhabitants6 thereof are dissolved:12 I bear up14 the pillars of it. Selah.


Chapter 75


To the chief Musician,18 Altaschith, 7843 55 516 A Psalm [or] Song of Asaph.
Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks,52 [unto thee] do we give thanks:52 for [that] thy name is near thy wondrous works12 declare.14



When I shall receive4 the congregation I will judge4 uprightly.



The earth and all the inhabitants6 thereof are dissolved:12 I bear up14 the pillars of it. Selah.



I said1 unto the fools,6 Deal not foolishly:4 and to the wicked, Lift not up55 the horn:



Lift not up55 your horn on high: speak17 [not with] a stiff neck.



For promotion53 2022 [cometh] neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.



But God [is] the judge:6 he putteth down55 one, and setteth up55 another.



For in the hand of the LORD [there is] a cup, and the wine is red;1 it is full of mixture; and he poureth out55 of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring [them] out,4 [and] drink4 [them].



But I will declare55 for ever; I will sing praises17 to the God of Jacob.



All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off;17 [but] the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.37


Hebrew word 75

H-75. 'abac,   aw-bas';

          a prim. root; to fodder:--fatted, stalled.

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The New Testament Greek Lexicon


 Strong's Number:  75 a)gwniðzomai
Original Word Word Origin
  a)gwniðzomai   from (73)
Transliterated Word Phonetic Spelling
  Agonizomai   ag-o-nid'-zom-ahee
Parts of Speech TDNT
  Verb   1:135,20
  1. to enter a contest: contend in the gymnastic games
  2. to contend with adversaries, fight
  3. metaph. to contend, struggle, with difficulties and dangers
  4. to endeavour with strenuous zeal, strive: to obtain something
 Translated Words
  KJV (7) - fight, 3; labour fervently, 1; strive, 3;

NAS (8) - competes in the games, 1; fight, 1; fighting, 1; fought, 1; laboring earnestly, 1; strive, 2; striving, 1;

 Verse Count
Luke 1
John 1
1 Corinthians 1
Colossians 2
1 Timothy 1
2 Timothy 1
Luke 1
John 1
1 Corinthians 1
Colossians 2
1 Timothy 2
2 Timothy 1


  1. Bible Concordance: Fortress

    Multi-Version Concordance. Fortress (75 Occurrences) ... 2 Samuel 22:33 God is my strong fortress. He makes my way perfect. (WEB JPS ASV DBY NAS) ...

Proverbs: 15:17 Better 2896 [is] a dinner 737 of herbs 3419 where love 160 is, than a stalled 75-7 ox 7794 and hatred 8135 therewith.

The Stars

Like the Bible, 1 Enoch typically depicts stars as living, anthropomorphic beings. The Sons of the Gods are also dealt with in 1 Enoch, and they are associated with stars. This is consistent with Job 38:7, which says that when the earth's cornerstone was laid “the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted aloud.”

As mentioned earlier, Matthew 24:29 and Revelation 6:13 deal with stars that fall to earth. The image comes from Enoch, but Matthew and John omit some details. In 1 Enoch 88:1, a star that fell from the sky is seized, bound hand and foot, and thrown into an abyss. A few verses later, other stars “whose sexual organs were like the organs of horses” are likewise bound hand and foot and cast “into the pits of the earth (1 Enoch 88:3).”

Most stars just go through their motions night after night. Some stars never set, and Enoch was shown their chariots (1 Enoch 75:8). Stars that do rise and set do so through openings in dome, just like the sun and moon. God, according to 1 Enoch, runs a tight universe, and stars that do not rise on time are thrown into the celestial slammer. Showing Enoch a hellish scene, the angel Uriel explains:

This place is the (ultimate) end of heaven and earth: it is the prison house for the stars and the powers of heaven. And the stars which roll over upon the fire, they are the ones which have transgressed the commandments of God from the beginning of their rising because they did not arrive punctually (1 Enoch 18:14-15).

Enoch was not told the sentence for tardy rising, but Uriel later shows him other stars “which have transgressed the commandments of the Lord,” for which they were doing ten million years of hard time (1 Enoch 21:6). Enoch also was shown an even more terrible place, a fiery prison house where fallen angels were detained forever (1 Enoch 21:10).


Finally, Matthew 26:75, Mark 14:72, and Luke 22:61 confirm that we are dealing with just 3 denials.

Therefore, we may tally the 4 accounts in parallel. (The expanded edition of The New Oxford Annotated Bible* applies throughout unless otherwise noted.)

Let us see how these accounts stack up.

The Data


Accuser #1, the accusation, and Peter's response


One of the servant girls approached Peter.
"You also were with Jesus the Galilean."
I do not know what you mean."


One of the High Priest's servant girls came by and looked at Peter.
"You also were with the Nazarene, Jesus."
I neither know nor understand what you mean."


A servant girl looked right at Peter.
"This man also was with him."
Woman, I do not know him."


The girl who was attending the gate questioned Peter.
"Are not you also one of this man's disciples?"
I am not."

The location of the first denial


Peter is sitting in the courtyard with others, these presumably being the guards with whom Peter initially sat.


Peter is warming himself by the fire in the courtyard, presumably still sharing it with the guards.


Peter is sitting by the fire in the middle of the courtyard, sharing it with those who seized Jesus.


The girl who questioned Peter is stationed at the gate. The denial plainly occurs just after Peter enters and before he has moved beyond the range for a normal conversation. (There is no suggestion that either the girl or Peter were shouting over a distance, and we must not rewrite the text to conform to our prejudices.)

The timing of the first denial


The sequence of events is identical to Mark's account.


The denial occurs after Peter seats himself in the courtyard, after Jesus is questioned at some length and confronted with many witnesses. (Jesus is questioned in the presence of all the chief priests and elders, and they ask him if he is the son of God. His answer causes the High Priest to ask, "Why do we still need witnesses?" The fatal question--and final judgment --occurred that night.) In many translations a cock crows immediately after Peter's denial.


Those who had seized Jesus had kindled a fire and were seated. Peter joins them. An unspecified (but apparently short) interval passes before the denial.


There is no appreciable delay as Peter had followed at a distance and was shortly admitted to the courtyard. The

denial occurs as Peter passes the gate, before he warms himself at the fire, before Jesus is questioned.

Accuser #2, the accusation, and Peter's response


A servant girl recognized Peter near the entrance to the courtyard and pointed him out to bystanders. (She is a different girl than accuser #1.)
"This man was with Jesus of Nazareth."
I do not know the man." (As an oath.)


A servant girl saw Peter in the gateway or passageway and pointed him out to some bystanders. ("And the maid saw him, and began again to say..." can only refer to the previous maid mentioned in Mark 14:66.
Thus, she is the same girl as accuser #1.)
"This man is one of them."
Scripture only tells us that Peter denied the accusation.


A man passing by recognized Peter. (The "some one else" who saw Peter, presumably at the campfire, would not be one of that group. Those around the campfire were already aware of Peter's presence.)
"You also are one of them."
Man, I am not."


A spokesman for some of those around the campfire put the question to Peter. (They are the "others" [Good News Bible] who are near enough to converse with Peter.)
"Are not you also one of his disciples?"
I am not."

The location of the second denial


Peter went out to the "porch." (The Good News Bible interprets the location as "the entrance of the courtyard" and The New English Bible speaks of a "gateway.") It is there that Peter is pointed out.


Peter is in the "gateway" ("passageway" or "porch") when he is pointed out. (This appears to be the same spot as in Matthew's account.)


There is no sign that Peter has moved from the campfire when someone else notices him "a little later."


Peter is standing near the fire to keep warm.

The timing of the second denial


Peter walks a short distance, presumably because the first accusation left him in an uncomfortable spot. A servant girl quickly spots him. ("And when he went out to the porch, another maid saw him...")


Peter walks a short distance, presumably because the first accusation left him in an uncomfortable spot. He is spotted again by his first accuser.


A "little later" Peter is again identified.


The High Priest questions Jesus about his disciples and about his teaching. How long this took is not clear.

Accuser #3, the accusation, and Peter's response


The bystanders who had witnessed the second denial approached Peter.
"Certainly you are also one of them, for your accent betrays you."
I do not know the man." (Sworn with a curse.)


The bystanders who had witnessed the second denial soon questioned Peter again.
"Certainly you are one of them; for you are a Galilean."
I do not know this man of whom you speak." (Sworn with a curse.)


Another man, who had not previously accused Peter, lodged the third accusation.
"Certainly this man also was with him; for he is a Galilean."
Man, I do not know what you are saying."


One of the servants of the High Priest, a relative of the man whose ear Peter had cut off, questioned Peter. (He is probably a member of the campfire group since his question immediately challenges the second denial.)
"Did I not see you in the garden with him?"
Scripture only tells us that Peter denied the accusation.

The location of the third denial


A little earlier Peter had been in the gateway or entrance of the courtyard.
He is probably still there.


Peter still seems to be in the "gateway" ("passageway" or "porch") as the same bystanders accuse him again after a little while. There is no suggestion that they had to seek Peter out.


Peter is probably still warming himself at the fire. The third accusation, which consists of a forceful statement combined with evidence, is likely a delayed response to Peter's first or second denial. We have the same audience which witnessed Peter's earlier denial's) and, thus, a stronger accusation is required. Therefore, Peter is probably still at the campfire. In Luke, all the action seems to take place around the campfire, and there is not the slightest hint that Peter left the area during the course of his three denials.


Peter is standing by the fire warming himself when the second accusation occurs, and the third accusation appears to follow immediately.

The timing of the third denial


A little while passes. At the third denial the cock immediately crows. ("And Peter remembered the saying of Jesus, 'Before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.'") There is no hint of two cock's crows.


A little while passes. At the third denial the cock immediately crowed a second time. ("And Peter remembered how Jesus had said to him, 'Before the cock crows twice, you will deny me three times.'") The next morning all the officials gather to plan their strategy; there is no evidence that Jesus was questioned further.


About an hour passes. Peter had not finished his third denial when the cock crowed. ("And Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how he had said to him, 'Before the cock crows today, you will deny me three times.'") There is no hint that the cock crowed a second time. Luke actually tells us that the cock would not crow that day until the third denial! The next morning the chief priests and scribes gather and ask Jesus if he is the son of God. Jesus' answer causes one of them to ask, "What further testimony do we need?" The fatal question occurred that morning. Obviously, final judgment has not been pronounced before that moment.


Possibly only a few seconds have elapsed. The third accusation follows on the heels of the second, and it appears to challenge Peter's second denial. And, at once, the cock crowed.



RAPTURE - January, 11,  2009 -


12-30-08 - DREAM -  I was working on a large circular piece of stone - at least 5 feet across, and inscribing circles, triangles and lines onto this stone and then inserting pieces of silver around the edges of the stone and into the lines and polishing it.  This was a very big job and took a long time to do.  (It looked very much like the Mayan calendar)

Later on, I was in process of moving from one place to another, and had everything but the food packed.  I asked my two sons Michael and Ken to bring me a box to put the cereal boxes into for the moving. 

At the same time, I was putting on a belt made of stone and sinew.  The stone was black - about 2 1/2 inches in length with beveled edged corners and the sinew strung through its length.  I also had stone earrings that were also strung on sinew about 2 feet long of similar black stones strung together.

Ken told me that a man in the basement had stone or silver to give us, but I didn't want Ken to go down there alone, so I was going to go myself, even though I was already dressed to travel with all my jewelry on.

The basement stairway was all made of greyish stone - this was not a modern wooden home.

Recall that Xmas day 25th brought in the "8" resonance at higher level
as 80 series began.
8 shape is a loop back as well as loop fwd. Loopback is a recapitulation
of something previous. The Beijing 8/8/8 is the major recap influence

85 = December 30...Creation
95 = Tuesday...Process
180 ( here is the "80" of December 25 repeated )

180 as turning point of a sine wave or circle. Tarot #14 The Hanged Man
signifies a 180; today's 95 is a 14, and 85 is a 13 ~ the 13,14 of 3 day
Easter sequence. Tomorrow as 31st is the third day of this final 3 day

Today's 180 + 2008 = 2188, where 188 is the mathematical influence for
2009 relative to Cube 13. 31 = Cube, and its reverse 13 is the Cube 13
encoded in 31st. ( Cube 13 sum is 2197 - 2009 = 188; 189 for 2008, and
89 = Complete, Success )

December 30 as 85 = Rectangle.
December 31 as 86 = Triangle

Strangely, for the past few days a large empty rectangle aquarium has
been sitting under the staircase outside my apt door. No clue who put it
there. This apt porch is now an "open" rectangle, with the screen and
railings gone. hmm, the aquarium is open at top, the porch rectangle is
open at its front / side. Rectangles such as these are double cubes.

Tomorrow as Wednesday = 100, so full date sum is 186.
100 = Primary, Mirrored, Harmonics
86 = Triangle, Pyramid, Symbol

Harmonics symbol is a diamond. The new crystal ball for the "Times
Square New Year's Eve midnite countdown event" is made of diamond shapes
in a huge sphere. Diamond crystal like Ball.

Universal Harmonics Analysis


12-31-08 -  DREAM - I was seeing a bright red disk with dozens of circles on it, with the names of banks on it.  After some time, the disk turned white and the names were more visible and I heard someone say that Citibank had reduced the amount of interest charged.


12-31-08 - DREAM -  It was early morning.  I was living in a first floor apartment, and I realized that if the lights were on in the apartment, someone could look into the apartment through the edges of the drapes and watch me walk around naked.  So I made sure my clothes covered me in front as I walked around. But I needed to change clothes and I couldn't find a place in my apartment where there were no windows to look into.

Then I looked outside and there was a young man outside my window. He was very handsome and as I was admiring him, he turned around and saw me and started flexing his muscles.  I hollered through the window, "I like it!"  and smiled.

It was only a moment later, I saw this little man sitting on my sofa by the livingroom window.  He had the same size head as the guy outside, but his body was only about 4 inches tall.  It was rather gross to look at. 

I grabbed my clothes and ran into the bedroom to put them, and when I came back out, he was gone.


12-31-08 - DREAM -  Joe and I were sleeping in the car overnight in front of the house.  I dreamed that two white passenger trains went past - going east and right after that, a white Volkswagen car ran off the road into our yard going west.

I woke up and as we sat there, a white passenger train went past the house going east, and our car bounced up and down like we were on an earthquake fault. 

I poked Joe and told him I had just dreamed about two white passengers trains going past and then a white Volkswagen drove into our yard going west.. 

All of a sudden, a white Volkswagen car drove into our yard and that really woke me up good because my dream had already come true.

Just then Greg's van drove into the yard so he could work in the orchard.  I couldn't see his van because he had driven it into the trees, but to me it meant it was 6 a.m. and we should probably go into the house and get our own day started.

I looked out the back window of the car and saw our black and white cats that we really have, and we got out of the car and walked into the house.

Inside the house, there was a young woman walking around who seemed to belong there.  I said to her, "Don't you think it's dumb to sleep in the car when you could be sleeping in a warm bed.?"

She answered, "Sometimes if you just need to talk, talking in the car is a good place to do it!"

That made sense to me.  I then walked into the kitchen and on the table was several piles of laundry that had been washed, dried and stacked, but not yet put away.  I looked out the window, and there was Greg's mother Ruby working on a table outside.  I felt guilty that my table was full of clothes and I hadn't put them away yet, so I started picking up the laundry to put it away so Ruby could come into the house and work.

As I put away a blouse, I noticed that it was really old and it started coming apart at the seams, and I commented to Joe, "Look how rotten this old material is", and he agreed, and I decided I needed to buy some new clothes.