12-1-09 - I heard my best friend calling me at 1:30 a.m. but when she started talking, I lost the connection.  :-(

12-1-09  - DREAM - I was working at an apartment manager  -seemed like my old building on Jackson St.  I didn't know most of the people I met, so I must have just started.  The numbering was wrong.  Apartment 14 was upstairs in the northeast corner and the maintenance men were going to move into it. 

There was an old grandma meeting her granddaughter Diana for lunch, and she asked me to go get her.  I couldn't remember for sure who she was, and when she showed up for lunch, I didn't know her.  The grandma was a white woman, and the Diana that showed up was a black woman, very short, and she apparently didn't like me because she let me know real quick, I wasn't wanted at the luncheon with her grandma. She was very rude.

As it got later, I was going to go home and my boss told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted to 'start' work and give me instructions for a project.

There is just no rest in the dream world.




12-3-09 - DREAM 




I was living in a small house with another woman - it might have been a boarding house.

I was walking past one of the rooms downstairs and I saw a man who looked like Charles Bronson or someone who looked like him

I remembered he had been in a movie called "The Dawn of Ann"  or Red Dawn

I was excited to see him in our house and wanted to tell everyone else that he was in our house, and when I got a chance to speak to him later, I asked him if he had ever seen "the Dawn of Ann"  or the "Red Dawn"

He said, "No!"

We had a small church meeting.  The church only had about 5 pews in it and all the women were older.  Behind the pews were dress racks, and I took a look at the dresses on one of the racks, it was pure white silk with a shiny design of white fleur de lis and it actually shimmered.

A black woman came into the church while I was fingering the dress, admiring it, and she asked me what I was looking for, and I pretend to be looking for something to eat - like candy or gum.  The woman accepted my excuse as truth.  She was looking at the dresses for herself as well.

Back in the office of this boarding house, we got a special visitors. a very old man, wearing a powder blue suit.  I'm going to call him "Uncle Louie" He was having a very quiet and sedate conversation with the woman who ran the boarding house.

Meanwhile, I got a phone call from my old boyfriend Norman.  I can't remember anything we said, but at the end of the call he said he was going to go shopping before the stores closed and we said goodbye.  I forgot to tell him about the visitor who played in the movie "The Dawn of Ann" and I dialed his number back.  The phone started to ring on his end, and I decided my news could wait for another day, and I hung up before he could answer.

The old man was going to go up to his room, so I got up to escort him so he didn't fall on the stairs and hurt himself.  I kissed him on the cheek of his face as we got to the stairs. I held his arm all the way up the stairs, thinking, "I'll never go upstairs with another man who has the capacity to do anything!" 

We got to the top of the stairs and he stopped in his tracks.  I was behind him on the stairway still, and he just stood there looking at something.  There were only two rooms up there, and I couldn't imagine what he was seeing that would make him stop dead in his tracks like that.

and woke up



DREAM -  I was living on a farm, working for another woman who was about middle-age.  She ran the farm herself, hiring other people to help her when she needed it. This particular farm must have been in California because it was December, and it was warm enough outside not to have to wear a coat and the grass was greening up again after a dry summer.

I followed the woman from the house to an out building.  It wasn't exactly a barn because upstairs there were large rooms that were carpeted like for holding meetings.

On the way to this building, we were walking slightly uphill and there was a huge turtle near some bushes, looking like it was trying to find a hiding place for the winter.

She had hired a man to clean the carpets and there were two vacuum cleaners up there.  I went upstairs with the woman and saw the man working in one of the large rooms.  The woman left, leaving me up there, and I was looking around when I heard a telephone ring.

Since there was more than one telephone up there, I quickly picked up the extension phone and turned on a tape recorder to record the conversation the man was having with someone - I assumed it was the woman giving him specific instructions about something.

When the phone call was over, I hung up my phone extension, turned off the tape recorder, and put it in my pocket to listen to the tape later.

I heard the woman coming back, I grabbed the handle of the wand of the second vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming the carpet in the other room, which was pale beige and very large.

The woman asked me to go with her on an errand which I was happy to do. 

We got into an old yellow pickup truck, which had no back window, so someone had put apiece of plywood back there so no one would fall off the seat backwards into the back of the truck.

The woman said, "We have to go find the woman with the turtle."  and she quickly drove down the driveway and made a right turn onto the highway. She drove so quickly she drove right over the culvert ditch by the side of the road. She repeated, "We have to find the 'turtle woman'.


12-5-09 - 12:30 a.m.  DREAM -  I had this same dream many years ago.  I was an observer in a school which was more like a college lab type lecture. The room was not very large. There was nobody there but me and I was not sitting in the seats, but looking at them, while listening to the lecture.  Maybe it was on tape with earphones or something.  The lecture was all about groups of people (aliens) by name.  I can't  remember a single word of the lecture, but remember that after the lecture was over, a test was given which was more like a crossword puzzle where you fill in the name of the group talked about in the spaces given.  Many of the names required were on a diagonal, not straight across or up and down - more like on an X trajectory.


I went back to bed at 4:30 a.m to get more sleep.  I had a dream and woke up and remembered absolutely nothing, so I went back to sleep again.

DREAM:  8:30 a.m.  I went to a wedding apparently, though  I don't remember the wedding, I do remember the reception which was outside partly and in a house partly.  There were many people there and everyone was having a good time.  I didn't see the wedding party at all, just the people attending the reception.  I started talking about going to the lecture (see above)  and that the name Merloe (my own spelling)  was embedded into the woven fabric of the crossword puzzle type thing I saw at the end of the lecture.  While I was talking, someone came out with a movie they made of the reception, and the pictures were really bad - out of focus mostly.  Someone said, "That is nothing compared to the wedding."  Embedded in the movie was a scene of the weather of the wedding itself to compare to the bad pictures -  we were looking at a corner of a brick structure that was next to where the wedding was held, and I could see some chairs people had been sitting on at the outdoor wedding.  A violent wind was blowing dirt, dust and smoke past the corner of the building, and evidently the violent storm chased everyone inside the building.  I was surprised that the photographer taking videos had the time to insert that scene into the video we were now watching of a movie of the event I was currently attending.  That was fast editing.

I started to wake up, and I saw what looked like a book cover - the scene was dimly lit, and there was a tall, thin man standing in a forest glen, wearing an all white suit that reminded me of the Hindu Indians with stovepipe pants on the tight fitting suit.  On top of the man's head was a cloud of white curls or perhaps it was a turban.  It was hard to determine for sure because of the dimness of the light.  Underneath the man on the book cover, was the name  MERLOH.

NOTE: Google also offers  MERLO, MERLOT, AND MERLOE


What's In The Name Of A Place

By Ravichandran D.J. Paul

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 2 (Bernama) -- The name of a place reflects the history, culture and traditions of the location, and there can be no end to the folklore, myths and reasons for the name.

Many of us may have been amused by such curious names of places in Malaysia; Bayan Lepas (escaped parrots), Gelang Patah (broken bangle), Malim Nawar (the religious pundit who creates charm), Selinsing (roll up your sleeves) and Gertak Sanggul (shaken hair bun).

There are also abundant meaningless names. We may have heard enough of Ayer Kuning , Ayer Putih, Pasir Panjang , Pasir Puteh and Pasir Mas. Yet, how did all these names come about?

An old book entitled `Malayan Places Names - Port Weld to Kuantan by S.Durai Raja Singam provides an interesting account of the meaning and the origins of the names of various places.

The book was first published in 1939, with the authors preface dated January the same year, with G.Hawkins of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society scripting the foreword.

Durai Raja Singham noted that in the early 19th century the most common words used to name a place were: Pengkalan or Bagan (a landing point); Bukit (hill); Gunung (mountain); Kampung (village); Kota (fort); Kuala (river mouth); Pulau (island); Sungai (river); Tanjung (promontory or cape); Tasik (lake); Teluk (bay) and Ulu - (upper reaches of a river).


The author noted that the place names were to a great extend bound with the Malay language and history, though some names were of Javanese, Sanskrit, Tamil, Chinese and aboriginal influence.

However, the book pointed that some names became peculiar due to the local dialect or entirely lost through the metamorphosis of the tongue twisters, clippings, the vagaries of quaint pronunciation by village folk and non- Malay lingual difficulties.

A good example is Ringlet in Cameron Highlands, the rendering of the difficult aboriginal word "Ringgiriok, a tree species known to the Semai tribe, which the colonial masters found difficult to pronounce.

The names of places like Gopeng, Kampar, Taiping are Chinese in origin; Chendriang, Kinta, Selama - of aboriginal origin; Bukit Chintamani (Pahang), and Langkawi are of Tamil or Sanskrit origins.

The book notes that Taiping (everlasting peace) is probably the only pure Chinese name, even displacing Malay influence. The name is often encountered in China.


Many of the place names in Malaysia remain the same since time immemorial while some have been changed or modified to suit with times. Yet the stories behind many of the names baffle both believers in myths and linguistics.

The story how Temerloh in Pahang got its name is a good example. In old Malay 'MERLOH' means sleep and the prefix 'ter' denotes an unintentional action, hence 'termerloh means to fall asleep unintentionally.

According to folklore there was a big durian orchard there belonging to a Malay man who employed an aborigine to collect the durians. One day the aborigine dozed off and the durians were stolen. When the owner asked for an explanation, the aborigine replied "Termerloh, tuan" (I fell asleep, sir). Thus the orchard, which eventually evolved into a settlement, was named Temerloh.

Then there is this interesting folklore of a giant with a toothache striding along the Baling district. He is said to have seized the offending tooth in Kuala 'Pegang' (seize), twisted it savagely at Pulai (local accent for the word pulas, which means to seize), pulled it out and hurled the tooth away in a great circle at Baling (throw). The name of the place where the tooth landed, which should surely come into the story is not known. Did it go too far?

Do you know how Kajang got its name? The book relates that in those days people travelled up and down along the Sungai Langat and used to stop at a point to buy or mend their kajang-kajang (water-proof matting used on boats). Its probable this is how the town of Kajang got its name.

When the railway department asked the Port Dickson district officer what should be the name for the new station eventually called Sirusa, he replied "Perhentian Siput". It only dawned on the railway authorities much later that they have christened their station as "the stopping place of the snail"!

Today's exclusive address of Damansara is probably the corruption of the original name for the port on Sungai Gombak, which was 'Labohan Sara. But how did this happen? The explanation is given in the book but seems a bit complicated.

Fraser's Hill, formerly part of Ulu Tras, is named after the late L.J. Fraser who pioneered mining in the area. Gambang in Pahang is a mining village and the name refers to Javanese xylophone, the gambang gangsa and gambang kayu.

According to the book, Chukai in Terengganu is where the crocodiles in a river there were reputed to take a toll (cukai) of one fisherman every year.

We may be familiar with how Ipoh got is name but early references to this place points as Epu. According to one account the present day city inherited the name from the giant Ipoh tree that existed in the vicinity of the present central market and Laxamana road. However, F.W Douglas in his writings has mentioned that another name for Ipoh as Paloh (pools).


Peninsula Malaysia's highest mountain, Gunung Tahan, where according to legend, the summit holds fabulous treasure in the form of gold and jewels, was initially referred as Bukit Larangan (Forbidden Hill). The book states the scholar Munshi Abdullah mentioned this name to Colonel Farquhar in 1819.

Gunung Bubu with its strange looking cleft summit that can be seen from Taiping is said to be a fish trap, 'bubu', which a giant used to catch fish. In case of Gunung Ledang, the fairy, the widow of Nakhoda Ragam, still lives on top of this mountain with a tiger to keep her company.

Gunung Kerbau, is the corruption of Indonesian word 'korbu' meaning mountain.

The names of the islands hold the imagination and affection of its inhabitants. There is Pulau Kendi at southwest of Penang. Legend has it that the famous rover Nahkoda Ragam when passing the spot dropped his water goglet (kendi) overboard, which immediately transformed into the island in question.

A close scrutiny of the Penang map would reveal that there are three small nearby islands with names relating to maternity - Pulau Bunting (pregnant island), Pulau Panggil (the island of the messenger) and Pulau Bidan, (midwife island).

Legend says thousands of years ago there dwelt a demon in Pulau Bunting, which today resembles like a pregnant woman lying on her back. One day the demon saw a princess in labour pain lying on the beach. She had sent a messenger to call for a midwife, but he was gone for so long gone that she had to sent another, who out ran the first one and was returning with a midwife.

But the demon wanted to make sure the birth did not take place. Thus they were all transformed into hills, of which 'Bunting' was the princess, 'Panggilan' the messenger, and 'Bidan' the midwife. The legend adds that during this period, the hills along with Sonsong formed a portion of the mainland.

How did Tioman get its name? One day the elders of the island met to decide on a name. While they were discussing different names, there came a boy chasing his bird (a tiong). When they asked him why he was running, he replied Tiong Man (My tiong). One elder said lets call the island Tiongman and they all agreed but with the passage of time the name evolved into Tioman.


Despite the peculiarities in the names, the mythical giants and demons, to the uninitiated foreigners during the colonial days, these names were attractive. Thus an English writer in 1910 succumbed to the magic of the names and had described them not as exactly as stated in the book.

"The playful Changkat has every right to slumber by the Langkat and the chittering Cherosenese Kamuning in their nest is quite idyllic.

Even now, with settlements expanding continuously, new names and new places are cropping up all over the nation. Places like Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Kulim-Bandar Baru, Subang Jaya, Iskandar Malaysia, Nilai 1 and Nilai 3 are good examples.

But they are no longer named after rocks, birds, flower or legends but after the goals and aspirations of a progressive nation, Malaysia.


12-6-09 - DREAM - Another alien lecture similar to yesterday.  Saw no one, and no names were revealed.

DREAM 2 -  I was driving around the block, and I saw a gasoline truck tip over in front of me.  First he tipped over to the left, and then bounced and then tipped over to the right into a ditch. I was in an apartment building and there was an older man I thought was spying on me.  I found out that there was a fire and lots of smoke on the other end of our block but we couldn't get there to look at it.  I had to assume it was the gasoline truck.

I got a phone call from a stranger after I dialed 1, 2 3 and hung up.  The man said his phone had rung and he went into total bliss. 

We didn't reveal any phone number. I told him my name was Dee and that he could call me any time.

DREAM 3 -  I was with my daughter, trying to start my blue car.  I was in front of the car by the engine and she was behind the wheel,  I was sucking air over the engine and telling her to press on the gas pedal and nothing was happening.  As it turned out the engine was already running silently and we didn't know it.

Later in the this same dream, I was trudging up hill in the snow on a rather steep road, and my husband was trying to pick me up so I could ride with him, but he was driving way too far to the right so there wasn't room for me to get in the door, so I finally climbed into the car from the top like it was a convertible.

At the last, I was riding in a car driven by my son Tom and he was photographing a beautiful garden in front of a house on a hill.  And he used his last picture on the camera taking that photo.

Dumb dreams. except for the bliss guy. :-)


12-6-09 - NAP DREAM (I had been watching Kurt Warner (age 38 - Cardinals) against  Brett Favre (age 40 Vikings) playing Sunday Night football.  The Vikings were way behind so I shut the TV off and went to sleep.

In the dream, I found myself at a football stadium, and there were kids there practicing to become quarterbacks and throwing the ball in a championship.  A young black man came up to the line.  He looked like a young Superman - his face looked like Sanjaya Malakar from American Idol.  He was more recently on the TV reality show, "‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ "

He wound up the ball several times like he was going to do a "Hail Mary" pass, and then he threw the ball away behind him into a crowd of people.

Someone said he had a broken wing.

I then started walking away down a sidewalk and saw a small dove on the sidewalk.  It's wing looked broken, so I called a young woman over I knew she knew how to handle birds.  I didn't want to hurt it by frightening it.

She quickly picked up the dove and held it in her hand, and indeed its left wing had a broken feather - broken way down near where it comes out of the skin.  Someone else said, "That wing will never heal".

and I woke up


12-7-09 - DREAM - I'm skipping the details of this dream, because none of the people are currently in my life, one was a TV star - J. R. and I knew that these negative events in my life where everything was being taken away from me, was a test of my spiritual self to prevent me from ascending and I wasn't going to let that happen.


12-8-09 -  DREAM - I was sewing a long narrow cloth for someone with a single white thread and each pass through the cloth was the picture of big fat white dog (polar bear)?

Long winter?


12-8-09 - NAP DREAM - I had a lot of little scenes.  I was in a doctor's office and we were standing around a table - the doctor, the nurse and myself.  The doctor asked me why I was there and I said, "About my allergies, I have trouble breathing,"  and the doctor replied,  "And about your heart too!"  and I agree that was part of the problem  (This would be true, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, choking on phlegm from allergies and my heart is either racing and pounding really slow and hard.  That hasn't happened recently though.)

Back outside there was a man and a little boy with me.  The boy had a new toy bugle-type thing, that played like an accordion or something - with toy sounds, and I told myself that I could teach him to read music.

I recall that Joe told me we didn't have any eggs and I got upset because I can't make potato salad without eggs and I had 4 potatoes in the refrigerator ready to go.

Then we were in the front yard, ready to leave with our car and a green and yellow jeep pulled in right in front of our car and we almost hit it.


After I woke up, I was thinking about the dream, and I heard an old man with a familiar raspy voice -  he said, "I'm dead!  Yup !  I'm dead!"

I can't remember who that voice belonged too - but it sure was familiar.


12-9-09 - DREAM #1 - woke at 4:30 a.m. - was sleeping on the sofa:
A large group of people, many blacks, was gathered together by a man.  All these people were gathered together -  onto large brown parallelogram shapes that each individual stood on.  The shapes were all the same size and held only one person.  The people were all happy until they discovered that they were standing in the ocean and the water was three feet deep.

DREAM #2 -  woke at 8:45 a.m.  - was sleeping in the bed where I had moved to after the previous dream.

A large group of people were gathered together and put on teardrop shapes that were rainbow colored.  All the people, standing on individual teardrop shapes were placed in small round houses or containers I could see into - all the points of the teardrops were in the center of the circle in order to get the maximum number of people into each container at the same time.

They called him, "the K man".


12-10-09 - DREAM -  MR. SPLASH:  Joe and I were in a car, driving up a narrow dirt road into a very woodsy area to look for a house.  Alongside the road was a brown sign with a yellow-diamond warning in the center that said, "Mr. Splash".

We ignored the warning sign because it wasn't raining so we continued up the hill, laughing about the warning sign that seemed so out of place.

We were driving fast over the top of the hill and when we did we were shocked because the road was missing.  We were flying through the air on a downward trajectory through the air over a huge hole in the ground that looked like a bomb had taken it out.  The hole was somewhere between 75 and 100 feet deep and across.  There was a small river going through at the bottom of the hole, but my worst worry that we would hit a tree before we landed in the water.

Thankfully we missed the tree and the car landed in the water with a big splash.

I instantly had a vision of a dirty white towel and printed or embroidered at the bottom in Black was the words  Mr. Splash.


12-11-09 - dream about gay men being watched over by another type of man. I can't remember any details.


12-12-09 - DREAM -  We had just moved into a new house.  The bed and dresser had been placed on the wrong walls.  There were little children in the kitchen eating pizza and getting it all over the floor. 

An old man came into the kitchen and sat down and started creating large pastel paper flowers.  There was a blonde woman there, who was a relative of both the old man and my husband and she told me the old man was making the flowers for the party.  (I have a feeling this is Aranuth)  See:

I had forgotten all about the party.  (I dreamed about having the party last week and I completely forgot about it) 

She and I went into the bedroom to find clothes to wear, which is when we discovered the furniture in the wrong place.  She wanted all the men to wear 'wood' clothing, and I said I might find some made out of leather, but not wood.

My husband came home from work then, and he was really angry and in a bad mood, and he was making comments about me probably having everything locked up from him accessing it like we had had a big fight where I had threatened divorce.  I assured him that nothing was locked up.  I felt bad that I hadn't rushed up to him and kissed him when he came in the door, but with all the people there, I had neglected to do that.  I hoped he would calm down so we could have the party.

I and the woman started going through the clothes in my closet to find something appropriate to wear for the party.  I wasn't having much luck.

NOTE:  I remember the whole dream about this woman telling me we were going to have a party. I can't find it in my journal though.  I wonder if I had the dream and just didn't write it down (not likely)  or I had the dream during the night and forgot it by morning.  I still can't figure out why men would wear wooden clothing.

Remember in the dream you analyzed below - there were men coming to the party and had to wear wooden clothes.  Well, in the 5 p.m. vague dream, I was at the party, and the only man I could vaguely see was wearing a blue plaid shirt and i 'knew' that it was Richard Hoagland.
Interestingly enough, you will find Richard Hoagland on the web page I was working on today.
I gave him credit for being the closest one in analysis of the Blue Beam to anyone else's speculation of what happened. 
This may not be the true definition, but it fits except for the color of the shirt of Richard Hoagland:    Men in a Masonic Lodge.
Political Graveyard:
Fairy Tale: Three Little Men in the Wood:
Lord of the Rings Wood Men
Woodmen of the World Grave Marker Images:
I just remembered that one of my guides Earthwise, appears as a tree:
Perhaps this is the sign of my guide's return. 
I listened to the Richard Hoagland video which I hadn't heard before, and I believe everything he says in there.  I should really read the book  "Dark Mission" which I have but haven't even cracked open yet.  :-)
Some people don't like Hoagland because he jumps to conclusions that are rather 'off the wall' so to speak, but when he explains them - they make so much sense.
His girlfriend is a friend of mine as well on the internet.  She is a doctor of alternative methods of healing - she sells healing 'machines'.  She's no dummy! :-)
So much for the party dream for today.  Tomorrow will be something totally different, I can assure you. hahaha
Love, Light, and Joy


12-13-09 - DREAM - A tall man named Mark came to help us do something, and as he was about to leave, he turned in John Wayne who was at least 10 feet tall  (larger than life).  He just wanted to make sure we knew he had to go back home when he was done working, and we agreed to that. 


12-13-09 - DREAM - It was early morning and I looked out the front window expecting to see an empty field with a house next to it, but there was a large dark grey brick or stone house there, set way back from the road. 

Whether it was this house or a new house we are going to move to I don't know - but it was totally unexpected.


12-14-09 - (I've had this dream before)  I was running away from a bunch of guys from New York City, because I knew a woman named Mary who had had a horserace fixed there and they were on the losing end.

In this dream, I got a ride home from Ron Klofta (a guy a worked with) and people laughed about that.  Then somehow someone cut my lower gum in my mouth and I had to hitch a ride with another guy who had no job and his wife was just going to take him job hunting.  The people insisted I had to get to a dentist and get stitches.

Thats when I met the guys on the street corner in New Berlin by the bank, and they overheard me talking about Mary and the horserace - so thats when the chase started.

We ended up in a large building somewhere, running through hallways, up and down elevators, up and down stairways.

I finally forced myself awake because I didn't want to die when they tried to shoot me.


12-15-09 - no dreams - just watching myself sew and paint dinosaur necks on a piece of cloth.  Probably because the TV was on. a show about dinosaurs.

12-16-09 - no dreams


12-16-09 - VISION - I saw a tall, thin man coming out of a room that had a double wooden slatted door on it - that was dark wood.  In his left hand, he had a big wooden key dangling from a chain.


12-17-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was living in a two story house.  I was very upset.  I started to cry because I couldn't stand the stress of the noise, the mess, whatever and while I was crying, my daughter's friend came over with her new baby, and I just couldn't handle it.  So I ran upstairs and found my three oldest boys (about ages 7, 8, and 9) huddled at a northern window, watching some other boys outside who had gathered to hurt them.  I told the boys to go downstairs and go outside and work it out.  Then I looked out the window and saw a storm cloud coming from the northeast and it came low to the ground.  I saw a tornado dip down out of the cloud all the way to the ground.  That scared me so much, I stopped crying long enoug to run downstairs and yell at the kids to all get back in the house - that a tornado was touching down. 

By then, the kids were watching the storm cloud too - so low it was almost on the ground, with the tornado coming out of it.  They were so fascinated by it, they could only stand and gawk at it.  I just kept yelling, "Get in the house, get in the house!"  Then the tornado lifted from the ground and the storm cloud moved on down the road, and all was peaceful again.


12-18-09 - DREAM - This was a lucid dream.  I was creating and shifting lines and threads all in black and white and there were ridges alongs the threads that were vertical. 

I have had multiple dreams like this recently.


12-18-09 - DREAM -  I was living in an apartment complex - seemingly where lower class people lived.  My apartment door fronted on a sidewalk that had an awning of some type over it, held up by poles all along the walkway so people could walk from apartment to apartment without getting wet from rain or whatever.

My door was open, and people were walking by and kids were outside playing.  All of a sudden, a little girl got hit by a car and she ended up curled in a ball right outside my door.  I noted that she was dressed in black and white and was very small. 

I immediately called the police through 911 and asked for an ambulance.  The longer I talked to them, the madder I got because the man on the other end talked in slow motion it seemed, and instead of taking down what I was telling him, he insisted on asking questions at his rate of speed and ignoring what I was saying.  At one point, he said, "George Noory says,"  and proceeded to tell me that I should just answer his questions. He sounded like he was quite old for his job.  I managed to tell him about the little girl, her age (10) and that she had been hit by a car and that we needed an ambulance.  After I hung up the phone, really pissed off at the guy and called him a son-of-a-bitch to a neighbor - I realized that I hadn't given him the address where I lived, but then figured he probably had that information on a screen in front of him at the station taken from the phone call that was coming in.

Before I could go back outside, another neighbor, also dressed in black and white, scooped up the little girl and ran off with her down the sidewalk and took her to her apartment, which I noted was also #10.  I knew you should never move a victim of an accident and hoped she hadn't made things worse by picking up the little girl.

I ran down to her apartment to make sure the little girl was okay and found the little girl laying on the floor in the woman's apartment, still curled up in a little ball, realizing how small she was for her age. 

Other people were coming by and telling me their problems.  One woman said she had lost her keys to her kitchen door, and I asked her if she had had her lock changed.  She said she hadn't and ran down to the apartment complex office to ask to have that done.

I went back outside to wait for the ambulance at the end of walkway by the street, having to get past three large men who were carrying leather mattresses and couches in a tan color down the walkway.  Fortunately, they went into the apartment complex office and got out of my way, just as the ambulance driver pulled up with a cart to put the little girl on to take her to the hospital.  I noted that he was also in black and white and the cart was black.

I told the ambulance driver where the little girl was and he rushed down to apartment 10 with his cart to take care of the little girl.

I woke up, but don't know why, but I can't remember anything else after the ambulance driver arrived.

Either before or after, I could hear a man telling me that the next time I created a grid, I shouldn't leave ridges on the lines.


12-18-09 - VISION -  the words   seven seven seven"   -  probably means  777


12-18-09 - NAP DREAM - I was in Wisconsin, seemingly on Calhoun Rd., but nothing looked like it used to - more modern.

I wanted to go north to National Ave., but for some reason I didn't want to go directly there, so I drove south, turned right, then was going to turn right on another street that didn't exist when I was there last -  but I stopped because I saw my son Bob being harrassed by another kid and his Mom, so I stopped my car to see what was going on.  The other kid was telling Bob that he couldn't go that way. 

I can't remember what I said, but I knew that nobody could stop Bob from doing what he wanted, or going where he wanted to go.


12-19-09 - DREAM -  I met someone who had some new - unique ufo material that had never been seen before, so I called Marilyn on the phone and we agreed to meet and discuss going on a speaking tour to talk about it. 

I met with Marilyn  (she was wearing a red and black outfit with black boots).  We were sitting across from each other in a room lined with wooden, round-backed chairs of a light color.  Another older, chubby woman (wearing a two piece red and black dress)  joined us who told us she was the mother of an alien hybrid child, and we decided we would all travel together on this speaking tour.  We would speak three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Unfortunately then, my husband Ed came home from prison, and he wanted to travel with a band, which I knew was the worst thing he could do because the band played at bars and Ed had a serious drinking and drug problem.  So, I offered Ed the job of traveling with us to be our security lookout.  It would keep him out of trouble and keep him too busy to think about the band he wanted to follow.

The following day, I went outside to check on a man and woman who were walking past my farm and came into the yard.  They were rather creepy looking. The woman was young with long blonde curly frizzy hair and a cotton yellow print dress, rather below her knees length.  The guy was in a T-shirt and tight jeans.

I decided to confront them, and when I was walking up to them, he picked up some green balls from the grass, which looked rather like fresh picked unripe walnuts, still in their thick covering before they are ripe.

I asked him what they were doing in my yard, and he took these green balls, and indicated something like he was using them to search the ground for something in a line in the ground, which I didn't understand.

I woke up and fell back asleep again.

I found myself looking at three women, dressed in nice casual dresses, but all three wore glittery, gold shoes that had cameras hidden in the heels.  They were going to travel with us and photograph the people who attended the talks we did.


12-18-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was living in an old house with a long stairway that went up into the back of the house where the kitchen was.

Some girl said, "Meet me on the stairway".  She didn't say why, but I went through the house and didn't find her on the front stairway, so I went to the back stairway.   I still didn't find her, but when I was on the back stairway, I heard my son Michael come in.  He apologized for breaking something next door.

I asked him, "What did you break?"

He said, "There is an old garage next door and we found an old box between the cars that had some glass stuff in it and when I moved it I broke something in the box."

I was going to say, "That's okay, just don't go back there."  when he told me, "There are 13 old cars in that garage and when they move the cars, they'll discover that the stuff is broken.  You ought to go over there and see if there is anything in that box worth keeping."

I thought to myself, "Yeah!  I'll take something out of that old box and they'll find it in my house and I'll end up doing 40 years for theft!"

I said to him, "Well!  If its just old stuff, they won't find out about the broken stuff until they move the cars!"

He replied, "They are taking down the garage tomorrow!"

That was news to me.  I hadn't known that.  I wanted to see what he broke, and see if there was anything in the box worth having, suddenly thinking there might be something in the box worth money that they would sell for some old fuddy duddy to show off in their house, and I suddenly felt I had to look and see what was there.

At that moment, my little four year old daughter came along, and I didn't want her going along, so I carried her on my back, walking on the sidewalk to get my shoes."

I found my shoes by a big old tree.  They were dirty green gardening shoes.  I put my daughter down on the ground and put on my gardening shoes.  I then called my mother who I knew was in the kitchen, and when she came to the door, I told her to watch my daughter because I was going next door to look at what Michael had broken.   She said, "Okay!"  and my daughter went up the stairs into the kitchen.

I started walking toward the old garage and woke up.

NOTE:    Night of Broken Glass.  Took place in Germany on November 9-10-1938

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This occurred before I was born, but while I was still in my mother's womb.  I was born 12-26-1938.


12-20-09 - DREAM - I was creating and replacing rows both horizontal and vertical alignment in larger blocks than previously.  At one point I said, "I need to change this because you are the only one who killed his sister."  At another point I realized that every horizontal replacement made the whole larger and that was not my intention.  To make a larger pattern was not the intent. I could at no time see the entire grid this time. It was all in black and white.


12-21-09 - DREAM EXCERPT  (The phone woke me up)

I was behind my house and it was spring.  A garden that had been growing in the ground from the year before was coming up, so an old grandfatherly man was with me and he was helping me get the garden cleaned up and watered so it could grow again.  I was putting something between the plants like fertilizer or something.


12-22-09 - DREAM -  The entire dream took place in a pair of offices.  My extracurricular job revolved around a thick pad of paper on which I was hand writing notes about various stars relating to certain people.  It did not seem to be about astrology however, but about the characteristics of the stars - not about the people.  I had a stack of papers at least three feet high. It barely fit under the desk and I was sorting out the information about the stars that belonged to each person.  It wasn't about the person though, just about the stars.  Each person had different stars than the others.

At one point I had to leave the office and talk with another woman and when I came back, there were two female bosses in the office.  All the office furniture had been stolen, leaving all the papers just where I had left them.  The bosses blamed the robbery on me because I had left the office.

See: -  December 23 article about the stellar cloud we are going through.


12-22-09 - NAP DREAM - Joe and I went shopping in a place like Barnes & Noble book store.  We were walking around in the store, never really together.  Other people were sitting in like school desks, reading and having coffee between the stacks of books.  Twice I bumped into a young man who was sitting in a school desk, drinking coffee.  I apologized both times because the space was so narrow and my hips so wide.  I had been trying to pick up a little brown animal, something like a Zuzu -only alive. Joe came over then, and I said to Joe, "Please tell this young man I'm sorry I bumped into him," and before Joe could say anything, the young man said to Joe, "Please tell your wife that she should be so clumsy".

There was no point continuing to apologize so I picked up a red and white (red brim) that was for sale, and put it on my red, knowing I had a white hair clip on the back of my head and the hat had to fit over it.

We then headed for the checkout - neither one of us knowing exactly where it was.  We just looked for a line of people, figuring that must be the place.

I woke up, thinking the name Deimler  (they make Mercedes-Benz cars)


12-23-09 - DREAM - I was at a party with my relatives and everyone had their coats and hats on to go home. I was waiting for people to get up and head for the front door, and I noticed that everyone, still dressed to go home, headed for the diningroom.

There was a little boy sitting in the livingroom, with his plate that two kinds of meat on it, and one of the pieces of meat had rolled oats on it and he was picking iit off because he didn't want to eat it, so I helped him do that, and then he ate the meat and left the plate sitting there.  I took the plate to the kitchen where the hostess was cleaning up and I was sorting out the garbage on the counter from the parts that could still be eaten and I put the meat into the refrigerator.  I never did go into the diningroom to eat with the others, and everyone was disappearing one by one from the house.  (the hostess was All My Children's main character, Erica Kane.)

As I cleaned up the leftovers in the kitchen and finally all I was finding was fresh uncut vegetables still in the bags they had been brought home in.  I told Erica that everything was put away including the meat and she thanked me.

I went past the diningroom and everyone was gone, and I was the only one left there and I was alone.

(This would be true - all my relatives above me in age are gone from this realm)


12-24-09 - SERIES OF DREAMS - SOME LUCID  - It took about 2 or more hours to dream this.

I  was creating an open grid of rainbow colored squares - both horizontal and vertical.  It was so pretty to look at, I wanted to save it as a computer file so I could cross stitch it in a needlepoint type work of art.  But I realized I couldn't save it in a computer file from a dream.  I also realized then that this grid was way too large to fit on a computer file. 

All of a sudden, I realized I was in a large warehouse type room because I saw two tan file cabinets behind the grid, and then I saw two Indian men dressed in deer skin full length garb with pants crouched down in front of the file cabinets.

Even thought I knew I couldn't save this grid to a computer file, I still wanted to work with the grid, and then I saw the name Black Elk behind the grid.

I then was in a room preparing to cut up the grid and eat it so it was part of me somehow. I had a knife, fork, and another large implement set up with a plate to do this on a counter.

NOTE: In Revelation, St. John was told to 'eat' the scroll and part of it was bitter.

The Angel with the Open Scroll

The failure of God's purpose is not the last word. In order to transcend failure and bring about repentance, human participation is required--and human suffering. Therefore John himself becomes an actor in the unfolding drama. He sees another angel (10:1) in addition to the four who had released the terrible invading cavalry from the east (9:14-15). This angel is distinguished from those four, and from most angels in John's visions, by being called mighty, or strong. The only "mighty angel" we have met before is the one John had seen in heaven "proclaiming with a loud voice, `Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?'" (5:2). The mighty angel in the present scene also has "a loud voice" (NASB) like the roar of a lion (v. 3). Moreover, the rainbow above his head (v. 1) recalls the rainbow encircling the throne of God in John's first glimpse of heaven (4:3), while the comparison of his face to the sun recalls the angel in John's introductory vision (1:16) who identified himself as the risen one (1:17-18).

In short, this mighty angel has an aura of divinity about him that prompted some older commentators to see him as none other than Jesus Christ himself. This is highly unlikely, yet the angel does represent God, or the power of God, in a way that most other angelic figures do not. He stands astride land and sea as one who is sovereign over both (v. 2; compare God's judgment on the land and the sea in connection with the first two trumpets). Although he is not Christ in person, he can be viewed as a divine agent acting on behalf of God and the Lamb. That Jesus uses certain angels to represent him in John's visions will become explicit in 22:16: "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches."

The mighty angel here, like the one in 5:2, is introduced in connection with a scroll (v. 2). The scroll in chapter 5 was last seen in the possession of the Lamb, and if this angel holds the same scroll, now open, it is clear that he is acting as the Lamb's agent or representative. Most commentators hesitate to identify the two scrolls because the first was called simply "a scroll" (Greek biblion, 5:1), while this one is a little scroll (using a diminutive form, biblaridion, vv. 1, 9, 10). Moreover, John mentions it as if seeing it for the first time (v. 2). Yet later (v. 8) he is told to take the scroll (Greek to biblion) from the angel's hand, indicating that the terms "scroll" and "little scroll" are used interchangeably. Perhaps the scroll is "little" only in relation to the gigantic angel who holds it. Its most conspicuous characteristic is that it lies open in the angel's hand (vv. 2, 8). By contrast, the scroll in chapter 5 was sealed. The overriding question in that chapter was when and by whom it would be opened (compare 5:2, 3, 5, 9). The simplest conclusion is that the scroll John will take from the angel's hand in this chapter is none other than the scroll taken by the Lamb in chapter 5 (see Mazzaferri 1989:271-74; Bauckham 1993:80-81). John has witnessed the breaking of its seals (6:1--8:5), so there is no reason why the scroll should not be open. Just as in chapter 5 the Lamb took the scroll in the presence of a "mighty angel" in order to open it, John must now take the open scroll from a mighty angel's hand in order for the plan of God to run its course (vv. 8-11).

First, however, the mighty angel and a voice from heaven (v. 4), acting together, supply a kind of fanfare to raise our level of excitement and expectancy. When the angel shouted, the voices of the seven thunders spoke (v. 3). John is about to write down their messages when the heavenly voice stops him: Seal up what the seven thunders have said and do not write it down (v. 4). Richard Bauckham rightly observes that "the process of increasingly severe warning judgments is not to be extended any further" because "such judgments do not produce repentance" (Bauckham 1993:82). He implies, however, that the seven thunders were somehow canceled simply because John did not write them down. On the contrary, John's point is that he has heard and therefore knows far more than he is telling. If anything, the seven thunders are more mysterious and more frightening for not being described in detail. Like the best modern writers of horror and fantasy (M. R. James, for example), John knows that sometimes "less is more," and that understatement can be an effective vehicle for wonder and suspense.

Nevertheless, the suppression of the seven thunders does hasten matters toward their conclusion. The mighty angel backs up the command not to write them down by swearing a solemn oath (vv. 5-7). His gesture of raising his right hand toward heaven (v. 5) recalls the "man clothed in linen" in one of Daniel's visions. He announced an interval of "a time, times, and half a time" before the prophecies would be fulfilled (Dan 12:7). The mighty angel, by contrast, swears that there will be no more delay (v. 6). Like the figure in Daniel, he swears by him who lives for ever and ever. But adds to this oath an elaborate reference to God's sovereignty as creator over the sky and earth and sea and everything in them (v. 6). This comes as a further reminder of the first four trumpets, with their demonstrations of God's power over each of these spheres of the created order (see 8:7-12).

The solemn assurance that there will be no more delay should not be taken literally. We have, after all, twelve more chapters to go. All it means is that seven thunders will not intervene before things move to their conclusion.

That the fulfillment is still future to John is shown by the expression in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet (v. 7). This does not happen until 11:15, after a period spread out over at least forty-two montes (11:2) or 1,260 days (11:3)--the prophetic equivalent of Daniel's "time, times and half a time" (see note on 11:2). The accent falls less on no more delay (v. 6) than on the fact that what is to come is God's mystery (v. 7). Because the future is in God's hands, it is bright, despite all the terrible things John has seen. Mystery does not imply a deep, dark secret. On the contrary, it is an open secret, or divine plan, that God announced to his servants the prophets (v. 7). The word "announce" is literally "to preach the gospel, or good news" (Greek euangelizo). The purpose of the mighty angel's oath is to assure John that the "bad news" of the first six trumpets is not God's last word. But in order to transform "bad news" into "good news," John himself must be drawn into the action, and with him all the people of God.

John's part in the realization of the mystery of God is made known to him by an experience similar to one that the prophet Ezekiel had (Ezek 2:9--3:3). Again the "voice from heaven" (vv. 4, 8) and the "mighty angel" act together (vv. 8-11). The voice tells John to take the scroll from the angel's hand. When he does so, the angel gives him further instructions: Take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, but in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey (v. 9). The thought of eating the scroll instead of reading it is arresting. It is a thought that would probably not have occurred to any of us had we been writing the story. It appears that the common metaphor of "devouring" an interesting book has been taken literally!

We must know Ezekiel's story in order to understand what is going on. Ezekiel too was told to eat a scroll and "then go and speak to the house of Israel" (Ezek 3:1). Unlike John, Ezekiel had seen the scroll actually being unrolled. "On both sides of it were written words of lament and mourning and woe" (Ezek 2:9). When he ate it, "it tasted as sweet as honey" (Ezek 3:3), suggesting that Ezekiel's message would be sweet to him, though bitter to his hearers. John's experience is more complex. Nothing is said of what is written on the scroll, but the message is sweet as honey in John's mouth and sour in his stomach (v. 10). Even though John (and his fellow prophets) have the sweet privilege of hearing and delivering God's "good news" (v. 7), their prophecies will inevitably bring them sorrow and suffering. John knows this, for he is already a "brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus." He is on Patmos "because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus" (1:9).

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+The Prophecy of the Two Witnesses

Black Elk's rainbow

Black Elk's Vision

[The following is taken from the book Black Elk Speaks, by John G. Neihardt (New York: Washington Square Press, 1972), originally published in 1932. The book is Neihardt's recreation in English of the oral history that Black Elk, a medicine man (or "shaman," of the Oglala Sioux Indians, recounted for him in the Sioux language in 1931. I have selected those chapters and sections of chapters that deal most directly with Black Elk's visions and this ritual enactment of them for his tribe.]

From Chapter 2: Early Boyhood

I was four years old then, and I think it must have been the next summer that I first heard the voices. It was a happy summer and nothing was afraid, because in the Moon When the Ponies Shed (May) word came from the Wasichus [the White Men] that there would be peace and that they would not use the road any more and that all the soldiers would go away. The soldiers did go away and their towns were torn down; and in the Moon of Falling Leaves (November), they made a treaty with Red Cloud that said our country would be ours as long as grass should grow and water flow. You can see that it is not the grass and the water that have forgotten.

Maybe it was not this summer when I first heard the voices, but I think it was, because I know it was before I played with bows and arrows or rode a horse, and I was out playing alone when I heard them. It was like somebody calling me, and I thought it was my mother, but there was nobody there. This happened more than once, and always made me afraid, so that I ran home.

It was when I was five years old that my Grandfather made me a bow and some arrows. The grass was young and I was horseback. A thunder storm was coming from where the sun goes down, and just as I was riding into the woods along a creek, there was a kingbird sitting on a limb. This was not a dream, it happened. And I was going to shoot at the kingbird with the bow my Grandfather made, when the bird spoke and said: "The clouds all over are one-sided." Perhaps it meant that all the clouds were looking at me. And then it said: "Listen! A voice is calling you!" Then I looked up at the clouds, and two men were coming there, headfirst like arrows slanting down; and as they came, they sang a sacred song and the thunder was like drumming. I will sing it for you. The song and the drumming were like this:

Behold, a sacred voice is calling you;

All over the sky a sacred voice is calling.

I sat there gazing at them, and they were coming from the place where the giant lives (north). But when they were very close to me, they wheeled about toward where the sun goes down, and suddenly they were geese. Then they were gone, and the rain came with a big wind and a roaring. I did not tell this vision to any one. I liked to think about it, but I was afraid to tell it.

Chapter 3: The Great Vision

What happened after that until the summer I was nine years old is not a story. There were winters and summers, and they were good; for the Wasichus had made their iron road along the Platte and traveled there. This had cut the bison herd in two, but those that stayed in our country with us were more than could be counted, and we wandered without trouble in our land.

Now and then the voices would come back when I was out alone, like someone calling me, but what they wanted me to do I did not know. This did not happen very often, and when it did not happen, I forgot about it; for I was growing taller and was riding horses now and could shoot prairie chickens and rabbits with my bow. The boys of my people began very young to learn the ways of men, and no one taught us; we just learned by doing what we saw, and we were warriors at a time when boys now are like girls.

It was the summer when I was nine years old, and our people were moving slowly towards the Rocky Mountains. We camped one evening in a valley beside a little creek just before it ran into the Greasy Grass and there was a man by the name of Man Hip who liked me and asked me to eat with him in his tepee.

While I was eating, a voice came and said: "It is time; now they are calling you." The voice was so loud and clear that I believed it, and I thought I would just go where it wanted me to go. So I got right up and started. As I came out of the tepee, both my thighs began to hurt me, and suddenly it was like waking from a dream, and there wasn't any voice. So I went back into the tepee, but I didn't want to eat. Man Hip looked at me in a strange way and asked me what was wrong. I told him that my legs were hurting me.

The next morning the camp moved again, and I was riding with some boys. We stopped to get a drink from a creek, and when I got off my horse, my legs crumpled under me and I could not walk. So the boys helped me up and put me on my horse; and when we camped again that evening, I was sick. The next day the camp moved on to where the different bands of our people were coming together, and I rode in a pony drag, for I was very sick. Both my legs and both my arms were swollen badly and my face was all puffed up.

When we had camped again, I was lying in our tepee and my mother and father were sitting beside me. I could see out through the opening, and there two men were coming from the clouds, headfirst like arrows slanting down, and I knew they were the same that I had seen before. Each now carried a long spear, and from the points of these a jagged lightning flashed. They came clear down to the ground this time and stood a little way off and looked at me and said: "Hurry! Come! Your Grandfathers are calling you!"

Then they turned and left the ground like arrows slanting upward from the bow. When I got up to follow, my legs did not hurt me any more and I was very light. I went outside the tepee, and yonder where the men with flaming spears were going, a little cloud was coming very fast. It came and stooped and took me and turned back to where it came from, flying fast. And when I looked down I could see my mother and my father yonder, and I felt sorry to be leaving them.

Then there was nothing but the air and the swiftness of the little cloud that bore me and those two men still leading up to where white clouds were piled like mountains on a wide blue plain, and in them thunder beings lived and leaped and flashed. Now suddenly there was nothing but a world of cloud, and we three were there alone in the middle of a great white plain with snowy hills and mountains staring at us; and it was very still; but there were whispers.

Then the two men spoke together and they said: "Behold him, the being with four legs!"

I looked and saw a bay horse standing there, and he began to speak: "Behold me!" he said. "My life history you shall see." Then he wheeled about to where the sun goes down, and said: "Behold them! Their history you shall know."

I looked, and there were twelve black horses yonder all abreast with necklaces of bison hoofs, and they were beautiful, but I was frightened, because their manes were lightning and there was thunder in their nostrils.

Then the bay horse wheeled to where the great white giant lives (the north) and said: "Behold!" And yonder there were twelve white horses all abreast. Their manes were flowing like a blizzard wind and from their noses came a roaring, and all about them white geese soared and circled.

Then the bay wheeled round to where the sun shines continually (the east) and bade me look; and there twelve sorrel horses, with necklaces of elk's teeth, stood abreast with eyes that glimmered like the daybreak star and manes of morning light.

Then the bay wheeled once again to look upon the place where you are always facing (the south), and yonder stood twelve buckskins all abreast with horns upon their heads and manes that lived and grew like trees and grasses.

And when I had seen all these, the bay horse said: "Your Grandfathers are having a council. These shall take you; so have courage."

Then all the horses went into formation, four abreast--the blacks, the whites, the sorrels, and the buckskins--and stood behind the bay, who turned now to the west and neighed; and yonder suddenly the sky was terrible with a storm of plunging horses in all colors that shook the world with thunder, neighing back.

Now turning to the north the bay horse whinnied, and yonder all the sky roared with a mighty wind of running horses in all colors, neighing back.

And when he whinnied to the east, there too the sky was filled with glowing clouds of manes and tails of horses, in all colors singing back. Then to the south he called, and it was crowded with many colored, happy horses, nickering.

Then the bay horse spoke to me again and said: "See how your horses all come dancing!" I looked, and there were horses, horses everywhere--a whole skyful of horses dancing round me.

"Make haste!" the bay horse said; and we walked together side by side, while the blacks, the whites, the sorrels, and the buckskins followed, marching four by four.

I looked about me once again, and suddenly the dancing horses without number changed into animals of every kind and into all the fowls that are, and these fled back to the four quarters of the world from whence the horses came, and vanished.

Then as we walked, there was a heaped up cloud ahead that changed into a tepee, and a rainbow was the open door of it; and through the door I saw six old men sitting in a row.

The two men with the spears now stood beside me, one on either hand, and the horses took their places in their quarters, looking inward, four by four. And the oldest of the Grandfathers spoke with a kind voice and said: "Come right in and do not fear." And as he spoke, all the horses of the four quarters neighed to cheer me. So I went in and stood before the six, and they looked older than men can ever be--old like hills, like stars.

The oldest spoke again: "Your Grandfathers all over the world are having a council, and they have called you here to teach you." His voice was very kind, but I shook all over with fear now, for I knew that these were not old men, but the Powers of the World. And the first was the Power of the West; the second, of the North; the third, of the East; the fourth, of the South; the fifth, of the Sky; the sixth, of the Earth. I knew this, and was afraid, until the first Grandfather spoke again: "Behold them yonder where the sun goes down, the thunder beings! You shall see, and have from them my power; and they shall take you to the high and lonely center of the earth that you may see: even to the place where the sun continually shines, they shall take you there to understand."

And as he spoke of understanding, I looked up and saw the rainbow leap with flames of many colors over me.

Now there was a wooden cup in his hand and it was full of water and in the water was the sky.

"Take this," he said. "It is the power to make live, and it is yours."

Now he had a bow in his hands. "Take this," he said. "It is the power to destroy, and it is yours."

Then he pointed to himself and said: "Look close at him who is your spirit now, for you are his body and his name is Eagle Wing Stretches."

And saying this, he got up very tall and started running toward where the sun goes down; and suddenly he was a black horse that stopped and turned and looked at me, and the horse was very poor and sick; his ribs stood out.

Then the second Grandfather, he of the North, arose with a herb of power in his hand, and said: "Take this and hurry." I took and held it toward the black horse yonder. He fattened and was happy and came prancing to his place again and was the first Grandfather sitting there.

The second Grandfather, he of the North, spoke again: "Take courage. younger brother," he said; "on earth a nation you shall make live, for yours shall be the power of the white giant's wing, the cleansing wing." Then he got up very tall and started running toward the north; and when he turned toward me, it was a white goose wheeling. I looked about me now, and the horses in the west were thunders and the horses of the north were geese. And the second Grandfather sang two songs that were like this:

They are appearing, may you behold!

They are appearing, may you behold!

The thunder nation is appearing, behold!

They are appearing, may you behold!

They are appearing, may you behold!

The white geese nation is appearing,


And now it was the third Grandfather who spoke, he of where the sun shines continually. "Take courage, younger brother," he said, "for across the earth they shall take you!" Then he pointed to where the daybreak star was shining, and beneath the star two men were flying. "From them you shall have power," he said, "from them who have awakened all the beings of the earth with roots and legs and wings." And as he said this, he held in his hand a peace pipe which had a spotted eagle outstretched upon the stem; and this eagle seemed alive, for it was poised there, fluttering, and its eyes were looking at me. "With this pipe," the Grandfather said, "you shall walk upon the earth, and whatever sickens there you shall make well." Then he pointed to a man who was bright red all over, the color of good and of plenty, and as he pointed, the red man lay down and rolled and changed into a bison that got up, and galloped toward the sorrel horses of the east, and they too turned to bison, fat and many.

And now the fourth Grandfather spoke, he of the place where you are always facing (the south), whence comes the power to grow. "Younger brother," he said, "with the powers of the four quarters you shall walk, a relative. Behold, the living center of a nation I shall give you, and with it many you shall save." And I saw that he was holding in his hand a bright red stick that was alive, and as I looked it sprouted at the top and sent forth branches, and on the branches many leaves came out and murmured and in the leaves the birds began to sing. And then for just a little while I thought I saw beneath it in the shade the circled villages of people and every living thing with roots or legs or wings, and all were happy. "It shall stand in the center of the nation's circle," said the Grandfather, "a cane to walk with and a people's heart; and by your powers you shall make it blossom."

Then when he had been still a little while to hear the birds sing, he spoke again: "Behold the earth!" So I looked down and saw it lying yonder like a hoop of peoples. and in the center bloomed the holy stick that was a tree, and where it stood there crossed two roads, a red one and a black. "From where the giant lives (the north) to where you always face (the south) the red road goes, the road of good," the Grandfather said, "and on it shall your nation walk. The black road goes from where the thunder beings live (the west) to where the sun continually shines (the east), a fearful road, a road of troubles and of war. On this also you shall walk, and from it you shall have the power to destroy a people's foes. In four ascents you shall walk the earth with Power."

I think he meant that I should see four generations, counting me, and now I am seeing the third.

Then he rose very tall and started running toward the south, and was an elk; and as he stood among the buckskins yonder, they too were elks.

Now the fifth Grandfather spoke, the oldest of them all, the Spirit of the Sky. "My boy," he said, "I have sent for you and you have come. My power you shall see!" He stretched his arms and turned into a spotted eagle hovering. "Behold," he said, "all the wings of the air shall come to you, and they and the winds and the stars shall be like relatives. You shall go across the earth with my power." Then the eagle soared above my head and fluttered there; and suddenly the sky was full of friendly wings all coming toward me.

Now I knew the sixth Grandfather was about to speak, he who was the Spirit of the Earth, and I saw that he was very old, but more as men are old. His hair was long and white, his face was all in wrinkles and his eyes were deep and dim. I stared at him, for it seemed I knew him somehow; and as I stared, he slowly changed, for he was growing backwards into youth, and when he had become a boy, I knew that he was myself with all the years that would be mine at last. When he was old again, he said: "My boy, have courage, for my power shall be yours, and you shall need it, for your nation on the earth will have great troubles. Come."

He rose and tottered out through the rainbow door, and as I followed I was riding on the bay horse who had talked to me at first and led me to that place.

Then the bay horse stopped and faced the black horses of the west, and a voice said: "They have given you the cup of water to make live the greening day, and also the bow and arrow to destroy." The bay neighed, and the twelve black horses came and stood behind me, four abreast.

The bay faced the sorrels of the east, and I saw that they had morning stars upon their foreheads and they were very bright. And the voice said: "They have given you the sacred pipe and the power that is peace, and the good red day." The bay neighed and the twelve sorrels stood behind me, four abreast

My horse now faced the buckskins of the south and a voice said: "They have given you the sacred stick and your nation's hoop, and the yellow day and in the center of the hoop you shall set the stick and make it grow into a shielding tree, and bloom." The bay neighed, and the twelve buckskins came and stood behind me, four abreast.

Then I knew that there were riders on all the horses there behind me, and a voice said: "Now you shall walk the black road with these; and as you walk, all the nations that have roots or legs or wings shall fear you."

So I started, riding toward the east down the fearful road, and behind me came the horsebacks four abreast--the blacks, the whites, the sorrels, and the buckskins--and far away above the fearful road the daybreak star was rising very dim.

I looked below me where the earth was silent in a sick green light, and saw the hills look up afraid and the grasses on the hills and all the animals; and everywhere about me were the cries of frightened birds and sounds of fleeing wings. I was the chief of all the heavens riding there, and when I looked behind me, all the twelve black horses reared and plunged and thundered and their manes and tails were whirling hail and their nostrils snorted lightning. And when I looked below again, I saw the slant hail falling and the long, sharp rain, and where we passed, the trees bowed low and all the hills were dim.

Now the earth was bright again as we rode. I could see the hills and valleys and the creeks and rivers passing under. We came above a place where three streams made a big one--a source of mighty waters--and something terrible was there. Flames were rising from the waters and in the flames a blue man lived. The dust was floating all about him in the air, the grass was short and withered, the trees were wilting, two-legged and four-legged beings lay there thin and panting, and wings too weak to fly.

Then the black horse riders shouted "Hoka hey!" and charged down upon the blue man, but were driven back. And the white troop shouted, charging, and was beaten; then the red troop and the yellow.

And when each had failed. they all cried together: "Eagle Wing Stretches, hurry!" And all the world was filled with voices of all kinds that cheered me, so I charged. I had the cup of water in one hand and in the other was the bow that turned into a spear as the bay and I swooped down, and the spear's head was sharp lightning. It stabbed the blue man's heart, and as it struck I could hear the thunder rolling and many voices that cried "Un-hee!," meaning I had killed. The flames died. The trees and grasses were not withered any more and murmured happily together, and every living being cried in gladness with whatever voice it had. Then the four troops of horse men charged down and struck the dead body of the blue man, counting coup; and suddenly it was only a harmless turtle.

You see, I had been riding with the storm clouds, and had come to earth as rain, and it was drought that I had killed with the power that the Six Grandfathers gave me. So we were riding on the earth now down along the river flowing full from the source of waters, and soon I saw ahead the circled village of a people in the valley. And a Voice said: "Behold a nation; it is yours. Make haste, Eagle Wing Stretches!"

I entered the village, riding, with the four horse troops behind me--the blacks, the whites, the sorrels, and the buckskins; and the place was filled with moaning and with mourning for the dead. The wind was blowing from the south like fever, and when I looked around I saw that in nearly every tepee the women and the children and the men lay dying with the dead.

So I rode around the circle of the village, looking in upon the sick and dead, and I felt like crying as I rode. But when I looked behind me, all the women and the children and the men were getting up and coming forth with happy faces.

And a Voice said: "Behold, they have given you the center of the nation's hoop to make it live."

So I rode to the center of the village, with the horse troops in their quarters round about me, and there the people gathered. And the Voice said: "Give them now the flowering stick that they may flourish, and the sacred pipe that they may know the power that is peace, and the wing of the white giant that they may have endurance and face all winds with courage."

So I took the bright red stick and at the center of the nation's hoop I thrust it in the earth. As it touched the earth it leaped mightily in my hand and was a waga chun, the rustling tree, very tall and full of leafy branches and of all birds singing. And beneath it all the animals were mingling with the people like relatives and making happy cries. The women raised their tremolo of joy, and the men shouted all together: "Here we shall raise our children and be as little chickens under the mother sheo's wing."

Then I heard the white wind blowing gently through the tree and singing there, and from the east the sacred pipe came flying on its eagle wings, and stopped before me there beneath the tree, spreading deep peace around it.

Then the daybreak star was rising, and a Voice said: "It shall be a relative to them; and who shall see it, shall see much more, for thence comes wisdom; and those who do not see it shall be dark." And all the people raised their faces to the east, and the star's light fell upon them, and all the dogs barked loudly and the horses whinnied.

Then when the many little voices ceased, the great Voice said: "Behold the circle of the nation's hoop, for it is holy, being endless, and thus all powers shall be one power in the people without end. Now they shall break camp and go forth upon the red road, and your Grandfathers shall walk with them." So the people broke camp and took the good road with the white wing on their faces, and the order of their going was like this:

First, the black horse riders with the cup of water; and the white horse riders with the white wing and the sacred herb; and the sorrel riders with the holy pipe: and the buckskins with the flowering stick. And after these the little children and the youths and maidens followed in a band.

Second, came the tribe's four chieftains, and their band was all young men and women.

Third, the nation's four advisers leading men and women neither young nor old.

Fourth, the old men hobbling with their canes and looking to the earth.

Fifth, old women hobbling with their canes and looking to the earth.

Sixth, myself all alone upon the bay with the bow and arrows that the First Grandfather gave me. But I was not the last; for when I looked behind me there were ghosts of people like a trailing fog as far as I could see--grandfathers of grandfathers and grandmothers of grandmothers without number. And over these a great Voice--the Voice that was the South--lived, and I could feel it silent.

And as we went the Voice behind me said: "Behold a good nation walking in a sacred manner in a good land!"

Then I looked up and saw that there were four ascents ahead, and these were generations I should know. Now we were on the first ascent, and all the land was green. And as the long line climbed, all the old men and women raised their hands, palms forward, to the far sky yonder and began to croon a song together, and the sky ahead was filled with clouds of baby faces.

When we came to the end of the first ascent we camped in the sacred circle as before, and in the center stood the holy tree, and still the land about us was all green.

Then we started on the second ascent, marching as before, and still the land was green, but it was getting steeper. And as I looked ahead, the people changed into elks and bison and all four-footed beings and even into fowls, all walking in a sacred manner on the good red road together. And I myself was a spotted eagle soaring over them. But just before we stopped to camp at the end of that ascent, all the marching animals grew restless and afraid that they were not what they had been, and began sending forth voices of trouble, calling to their chiefs. And when they camped at the end of that ascent, I looked down and saw that leaves were falling from the holy tree.

And the Voice said: "Behold your nation, and remember what your Six Grandfathers gave you, for thenceforth your people walk in difficulties."

Then the people broke camp again, and saw the black road before them towards where the sun goes down, and black clouds coming yonder; and they did not want to go but could not stay. And as they walked the third ascent, all the animals and fowls that were the people ran here and there, for each one seemed to have his own little vision that he followed and his own rules; and all over the universe I could hear the winds at war like wild beasts fighting.

And when we reached the summit of the third ascent and camped, the nation's hoop was broken like a ring of smoke that spreads and scatters and the holy tree seemed dying and all its birds were gone. And when I looked ahead I saw that the fourth ascent would be terrible.

Then when the people were getting ready to begin the fourth ascent, the Voice spoke like some one weeping, and it said: "Look there upon your nation." And when I looked down, the people were all changed back to human, and they were thin, their faces sharp, for they were starving. Their ponies were only hide and bones. and the holy tree was gone.

And as I looked and wept, I saw that there stood on the north side of the starving camp a sacred man who was painted red all over his body, and he held a spear as he walked into the center of the people, and there he lay down and rolled. And when he got up, it was a fat bison standing there, and where the bison stood a sacred herb sprang up right where the tree had been in the center of the nation's hoop. The herb grew and bore four blossoms on a single stem while I was looking--a blue, a white, a scarlet, and a yellow--and the bright rays of these flashed to the heavens.

I know now what this meant, that the bison were the gift of a good spirit and were our strength, but we should lose them, and from the same good spirit we must find another strength. For the people all seemed better when the herb had grown and bloomed, and the horses raised their tails and neighed and pranced around, and I could see a light breeze going from the north among the people like a ghost; and suddenly the flowering tree was there again at the center of the nation's hoop where the four-rayed herb had blossomed.

I was still the spotted eagle floating and I could see that I was already in the fourth ascent and the people were camping yonder at the top of the third long rise. It was dark and terrible about me, for all the winds of the world were fighting. It was like rapid gunfire and like whirling smoke, and like women and children wailing and like horses screaming all over the world.

I could see my people yonder running about, setting the smokeflap poles and fastening down their tepees against the wind, for the storm cloud was coming on them very fast and black, and there were frightened swallows without number fleeing before the cloud.

Then a song of power came to me and I sang it there in the midst of that terrible place where I was. It went like this:

A good nation I will make live.

This the nation above has said.

They have given me the power

to make over.

And when I had sung this, a Voice said: "To the four quarters you shall run for help, and nothing shall be strong before you. Behold him!"

Now I was on my bay horse again, because the horse is of the earth, and it was there my power would be used. And as I obeyed the Voice and looked, there was a horse all skin and bones yonder in the west, a faded brownish black. And a Voice there said: "Take this and make him over; and it was the four-rayed herb that I was holding in my hand. So I rode above the poor horse in a circle, and as I did this I could hear the people yonder calling for spirit power, "A-hey! a-hey! a-hey! a-hey!" Then the poor horse neighed and rolled and got up, and he was a big, shiny, black stallion with dapples all over him and his mane about him like a cloud. He was the chief of all the horses; and when he snorted, it was a flash of lightning and his eyes were like the sunset star. He dashed to the west and neighed, and the west was filled with a dust of hoofs, and horses without number, shiny black, came plunging from the dust. Then he dashed toward the north and neighed, and to the east and to the south. and the dust clouds answered, giving forth their plunging horses without number--whites and sorrels and buckskins, fat, shiny, rejoicing in their fleetness and their strength. It was beautiful, but it was also terrible.

Then they all stopped short, rearing, and were standing in a great hoop about their black chief at the center, and were still. And as they stood, four virgins, more beautiful than women of the earth can be, came through the circle, dressed in scarlet, one from each of the four quarters, and stood about the great black stallion in their places; and one held the wooden cup of water, and one the white wing, and one the pipe, and one the nation's hoop. All the universe was silent, listening; and then the great black stallion raised his voice and sang. The song he sang was this:

My horses, prancing they are coming.

My horses, neighing they are coming;

Prancing. they are coming.

All over the universe they come.

They will dance; may you behold them.

(4 times)

A horse nation, they will dance.

May you behold them. (4 times)

His voice was not loud, but it went all over the universe and filled it. There was nothing that did not hear, and it was more beautiful than anything can be. It was so beautiful that nothing anywhere could keep from dancing. The virgins danced, and all the circled horses. The leaves on the trees, the grasses on the hills and in the valleys, the water in the creeks and in the rivers and the lakes, the four-legged and the two-legged and the wings of the air--all danced together to the music of the stallion's song.

And when I looked down upon my people yonder, the cloud passed over, blessing them with friendly rain, and stood in the east with a flaming rainbow over it.

Then all the horses went singing back to their places beyond the summit of the fourth ascent, and all thing sang along with them as they walked.

And a Voice said: "All over the universe they have finished a day of happiness." And looking down, I saw that the whole wide circle of the day was beautiful and green, with all fruits growing and all things kind and happy.

Then a Voice said: "Behold this day, for it is yours to make. Now you shall stand upon the center of the earth to see, for there they are taking you." I was still on my bay horse, and once more I felt the riders of the west, the north, the east, the south, behind me in formation, as before, and we were going east. I looked ahead and saw the mountains there with rocks and forests on them, and from the mountains flashed all colors upward to the heavens. Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being. And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy.

Then as I stood there, two men were coming from the east, head first like arrows flying, and between them rose the daybreak star. They came and gave a herb to me and said: "With this on earth you shall undertake anything and do it." It was the daybreak-star herb, the herb of understanding, and they told me to drop it on the earth. I saw it falling far, and when it struck the earth it rooted and grew and flowered, four blossoms on one stem, a blue, a white, a scarlet, and a yellow; and the rays from these streamed upward to the heavens so that all creatures saw it and in no place was there darkness.

Then the Voice said: "Your Six Grandfathers--now you shall go back to them."

I had not noticed how I was dressed until now, and I saw that I was painted red all over, and my joints were painted black, with white stripes between the joints. My bay had lightning stripes all over him, and his mane was cloud. And when I breathed, my breath was lightning.

Now two men were leading me, head first like arrows slanting upward--the two that brought me from the earth. And as I followed on the bay, they turned into four flocks of geese that flew in circles, one above each quarter, sending forth a sacred voice as they flew: Br-r-r-p, br-r-r-p, br-r-r-p, br-r-r-p!

Then I saw ahead the rainbow flaming above the tepee of the Six Grandfathers, built and roofed with cloud and sewed with thongs of lightning; and underneath it were all the wings of the air and under them the animals and men. All these were rejoicing and thunder was like happy laughter.

As I rode in through the rainbow door, there were cheering voices from all over the universe, and I saw the Six Grandfathers sitting in a row, with their arms held toward me and their hands, palms out; and behind them in the cloud were faces thronging, without number, of the people yet to be.

"He has triumphed!" cried the six together, making thunder. And as I passed before them there, each gave again the gift that he had given me before--the cup of water and the bow and arrows, the power to make live and to destroy; the white wing of cleansing and the healing herb; the sacred pipe; the flowering stick. And each one spoke in turn from west to south, explaining what he gave as he had done before, and as each one spoke he melted down into the earth and rose again; and as each did this, I felt nearer to the earth.

Then the oldest of them all said: "Grandson, all over the universe you have seen. Now you shall go back with power to the place from whence you came, and it shall happen yonder that hundreds shall be sacred, hundreds shall be flames! Behold!"

I looked below and saw my people there, and all were well and happy except one, and he was lying like the dead--and that one was myself. Then the oldest Grandfather sang, and his song was like this:

There is someone lying on earth

in a sacred manner.

There is someone--on earth he lies.

In a sacred manner I have made him to walk.

Now the tepee, built and roofed with cloud, began to sway back and forth as in a wind, and the flaming rainbow door was growing dimmer. I could hear voices of all kinds crying from outside: "Eagle Wine Stretches is coming forth! Behold him!"

When I went through the door, the face of the day of earth was appearing with the daybreak star upon its forehead; and the sun leaped up and looked upon me, and I was going forth alone.

And as I walked alone, I heard the sun singing as it arose, and it sang like this:

With visible face I am appearing.

In a sacred manner I appear.

For the greening earth a pleasantness

I make.

The center of the nation's hoop

I have made pleasant.

With visible face, behold me!

The four-leggeds and two-leggeds,

I have made them to walk;

The wings of the air, I have made

them to fly.

With visible face I appear.

My day, I have made it holy.

When the singing stopped, I was feeling lost and very lonely. Then a Voice above me said: "Look back!" It was a spotted eagle that was hovering over me and spoke. I looked, and where the flaming rainbow tepee, built and roofed with cloud, had been, I saw only the tall rock mountain at the center of the world.

I was all alone on a broad plain now with my feet upon the earth, alone but for the spotted eagle guarding me. I could see my people's village far ahead, and I walked very fast, for I was homesick now. Then I saw my own tepee, and inside I saw my mother and my father, bending over a sick boy that was myself. And as I entered the tepee, some one was saying: "The boy is coming to; you had better give him some water."

Then I was sitting up; and I was sad because my mother and my father didn't seem to know I had been so far away.

from Chapter 4: The Bison Hunt

When I got back to my father and mother and was sitting up there in our tepee, my face was still all puffed and my legs and arms were badly swollen; but I felt good all over and wanted to get right up and run around. My parents would not let me. They told me I had been sick twelve days, lying like dead all the while, and that Whirlwind Chaser, who was Standing Bear's uncle and a medicine man, had brought me back to life. I knew it was the Grandfathers in the Flaming Rainbow Tepee who had cured me; but I felt afraid to say so. My father gave Whirlwind Chaser the best horse he had for making me well, and many people came to look at me, and there was much talk about the great power of Whirlwind Chaser who had made me well all at once when I was almost the same as dead. Everybody was glad that I was living; but as I lay there thinking about the wonderful place where I had been and all that I had seen, I was very sad; for it seemed to me that everybody ought to know about it, but I was afraid to tell, because I knew that nobody would believe me, little as I was, for I was only nine years old. Also, as I lay there thinking of my vision, I could see it all again and feel the meaning with a part of me like a strange power glowing in my body; but when the part of me that talks would try to make words for the meaning, it would be like fog and get away from me.

[From this point much of Black Elk's narrative is taken up with the description of the suffering that his people endured at the hands of the "Wasichus" or White Men. By the time Black Elk was sixteen years old his tribe had been decimated, and what remained of his people would soon be subjected to living on the terms of the White Man, on what were to become Indian reservations. All during this time Black Elk avoids speaking of his vision to anyone, although he often draws strength from it privately. Eventually, however, his uncertainty about its significance and the continued secrecy begin to be too much for him.]

From Chapter 13: The Compelling Fear

I was sixteen years old and more, and I had not yet done anything the Grandfathers wanted me to do, but they had been helping me. I did not know how to do what they wanted me to do.

A terrible time began for me then, and I could not tell anybody, not even my father and mother. I was afraid to see a cloud coming up; and whenever one did, I could hear the thunder beings calling to me: "Behold your Grandfathers! Make haste!" I could understand the birds when they sang, and they were always saying: "It is time! It is time!" The crows in the day and the coyotes at night all called and called to me: "It is time! It is time! It is time!"

Time to do what? I did not know. Whenever I awoke before daybreak and went out of the tepee because I was afraid of the stillness when everyone was sleeping, there were many low voices talking together in the east, and the daybreak star would sing this song in the silence:

In a sacred manner you shall walk!

Your nation shall behold you!

I could not get along with people now, and I would take my horse and go far out from camp alone and compare everything on the earth and in the sky with my vision. Crows would see me and shout to each other as though they were making fun of me: "Behold him! Behold him!"

When the frosts began I was glad, because there would not be any more thunder storms for a long while, and I was more and more afraid of them all the time, for always there would be the voices crying!: "Oo oohey! It is time! It is time!"

The fear was not so great all the while in the winter, but sometimes it was bad. Sometimes the crying of coyotes out in the cold made me so afraid that I would run out of one tepee into another, and I would do this until I was worn out and fell asleep. I wondered if maybe I was only crazy; and my father and mother worried a great deal about me. They said: "It is the strange sickness he had that time when we gave the horse to Whirlwind Chaser for curing him; and he is not cured." I could not tell them what was the matter, for then they would only think I was queerer than ever.

I was seventeen years old that winter.

When the grasses were beginning to show their tender faces again, my father and mother asked an old medicine man by the name of Black Road to come over and see what he could do for me. Black Road was in a tepee all alone with me, and he asked me to tell him if I had seen something that troubled me. By now I was so afraid of being afraid of everything that I told him about my vision, and when I was through he looked long at me and said: "Ah-h-h-h!," meaning that he was much surprised. Then he said to me: "Nephew, I know now what the trouble is! You must do what the bay horse in your vision wanted you to do. You must do your duty and perform this vision for your people upon earth. You must have the horse dance first for the people to see. Then the fear will leave you; but if you do not do this, something very bad will happen to you."

So we began to get ready for the horse dance.

Chapter 14: The Horse Dance

There was a man by the name of Bear Sings, and he was very old and wise. So Black Road asked him to help, and he did.

First they sent a crier around in the morning who told the people to camp in a circle at a certain place a little way up the Tongue from where the soldiers were. They did this, and in the middle of the circle Bear Sings and Black Road set up a sacred tepee of bison hide, and on it they painted pictures from my vision. On the west side they painted a bow and a cup of water; on the north. white geese and the herb; on the east. the daybreak star and the pipe; on the south, the flowering stick and the nation's hoop. Also, they painted horses, elk. and bison. Then over the door of the sacred tepee, they painted the flaming rainbow. It took them all day to do this, and it was beautiful.

They told me I must not eat anything until the horse dance was over, and I had to purify myself in a sweat lodge with sage spread on the floor of it, and afterwards I had to wipe myself dry with sage.

That evening Black Road and Bear Sings told me to come to the painted tepee. We were in there alone, and nobody dared come near us to listen. They asked me if I had heard any songs in my vision, and if I had I must teach the songs to them. So I sang to them all the songs that I had heard in my vision, and it took most of the night to teach these songs to them. While we were in there singing, we could hear low thunder rumbling all over the village outside, and we knew the thunder beings were glad and had come to help us.

My father and mother had been helping too by hunting up all that we should need in the dance. The next morning they had everything ready. There were four black horses to represent the west; four white horses for the north; four sorrels for the east; four buckskins for the south. For all of these, young riders had been chosen. Also there was a bay horse for me to ride, as in my vision. Four of the most beautiful maidens in the village were ready to take their part, and there were six very old men for the Grandfathers.

Now it was time to paint and dress for the dance. The four maidens and the sixteen horses all faced the sacred tepee. Black Road and Bear Sings then sang a song, and all the others sang along with them, like this:

Father, paint the earth on me.

Father, paint the earth on me.

Father, paint the earth on me.

A nation I will make over.

A two-legged nation I will make holy.

Father. paint the earth on me.

After that the painting was done.

The four black-horse riders were painted all black with blue lightning stripes down their legs and arms and white hail spots on their hips, and there were blue streaks of lightning on the horses' legs.

The white-horse riders were painted all white with red streaks of lightning on their arms and legs, and on the legs of the horses there were streaks of red lightning, and all the white riders wore plumes of white horse hair on their heads to look like geese.

The riders of the sorrels of the east were painted all red with straight black lines of lightning on their limbs and across their breasts, and there was straight black lightning on the limbs and breasts of the horses too.

The riders of the buckskins of the south were painted all yellow and streaked with black lightning. The horses were black from the knees down, and black lightning streaks were on their upper legs and breasts.

My bay horse had bright red streaks of lightning on his limbs, and on his back a spotted eagle, outstretching was painted where I sat. I was painted red all over with black lightning on my limbs. I wore a black mask, and across my forehead a single eagle feather hung.

When the horses and the men were painted they looked beautiful; but they looked fearful too.

The men were naked, except for a breech-clout; but the four maidens wore buckskin dresses dyed scarlet, and their faces were scarlet too. Their hair was braided, and they had wreaths of the sweet and cleansing sage, the sacred sage, around their heads, and from the wreath of each in front a single eagle feather hung. They were very beautiful to see.

All this time I was in the sacred tepee with the Six Grandfathers, and the four sacred virgins were in there too. No one outside was to see me until the dance began.

Right in the middle of the tepee the Grandfathers made a circle in the ground with a little trench, and across this they painted two roads--the red one running north and south, the black one, east and west. On the west side of this they placed a cup of water with a little bow and arrow laid across it; and on the east they painted the daybreak star. Then to the maiden who would represent the north they gave the healing herb to carry and a white goose wing, the cleansing wind. To her of the east they gave the holy pipe. To her of the south they gave the flowering stick; and to her who would represent the west they gave the nation's hoop. Thus the four maidens, good and beautiful, held in their hands the life of the nation.

All I carried was a red stick to represent the sacred arrow, the power of the thunder beings of the west.

We were now ready to begin the dance. The Six Grandfathers began to sing, announcing the riders of the different quarters. First they sang of the black horse riders, like this:

They will appear--may you behold them!

They will appear--may you behold them!

A horse nation will appear.

A thunder-being nation will appear.

They will appear, behold!

They will appear, behold!

Then the black riders mounted their horses and stood four abreast facing the place where the sun goes down.

Next the Six Grandfathers sang:

They will appear, may you behold them!

A horse nation will appear, behold!

A geese nation will appear, may you


Then the four white horsemen mounted and stood four abreast, facing the place where the White Giant lives.

Next the Six Grandfathers sang:

Where the sun shines continually,

they will appear!

A buffalo nation, they will appear, behold!

A horse nation, they will appear,

may you behold!

Then the red horsemen mounted and stood four abreast facing the east.

Next the Grandfathers sang:

Where you are always facing,

an elk nation will appear!

May you behold!

A horse nation will appear,


The four yellow riders mounted their buckskins and stood four abreast facing the south.

Now it was time for me to go forth from the sacred tepee, but before I went forth I sang this song to the drums of the Grandfathers:

He will appear, may you behold him!

An eagle for the eagle nation will appear.

May you behold!

While I was singing thus in the sacred tepee I could hear my horse snorting and prancing outside. The virgins went forth four abreast and I followed them, mounting my horse and standing behind them facing the west.

Next the Six Grandfathers came forth and stood abreast behind my bay, and they began to sing a rapid, lively song to the drums, like this:

They are dancing.

They are coming to behold you.

The horse nation of the west is dancing.

They are coming to behold!

Then they sang the same of the horses of the north and of the east and of the south. And as they sang of each troop in turn, it wheeled and came and took its place behind the Grandfathers--the blacks, the whites, the sorrels and the buckskins, standing four abreast and facing the west. They came prancing to the lively air of the Grandfathers' song, and they pranced as they stood in line. And all the while my bay was rearing too and prancing to the music of the sacred song.

Now when we were all in line, facing the west, I looked up into a dark cloud that was coming there and the people all became quiet and the horses quit prancing. And when there was silence but for low thunder yonder, I sent a voice to the spirits of the cloud, holding forth my right hand, thus, palm outward, as I cried four times:

Hey-a-a-hey! hey-a-a-hey! hey-a-a-hey! hey-a-a-hey!

Then the Grandfathers behind me sang another sacred song from my vision, the one that goes like this:

At the center of the earth,

behold a four-legged.

They have said this to me!

And as they sang a strange thing happened. My bay pricked up his ears and raised his tail and pawed the earth, neighing long and loud to where the sun goes down. And the four black horses raised their voices, neighing long and loud, and the whites and the sorrels and the buckskins did the same; and all the other horses in the village neighed, and even those out grazing in the valley and on the hill slopes raised their heads and neighed together. Then suddenly, as I sat there looking at the cloud, I saw my vision yonder once again--the tepee built of cloud and sewed with lightning the flaming rainbow door and, underneath, the Six Grandfathers sitting, and all the horses thronging in their quarters; and also there was I myself upon my bay before the tepee. I looked about me and could see that what we then were doing was like a shadow cast upon the earth from yonder vision in the heavens, so bright it was and clear. I knew the real was yonder and the darkened dream of it was here.

And as I looked, the Six Grandfathers yonder in the cloud and all the riders of the horses, and even I myself upon the bay up there, all held their hands palms outward toward me, and when they did this, I had to pray, and so I cried:

Grandfathers, you behold me!

Spirits of the World, you behold!

What you have said to me,

I am now performing!

Hear me and help me!

Then the vision went out, and the thunder cloud was coming on with lightning on its front and many voices in it, and the split-tail swallows swooped above us in a swarm.

The people of the village ran to fasten down their tepees, while the black horse riders sang to the drums that rolled like thunder, and this is what they sang:

I myself made them fear.

Myself, I wore an eagle relic.

I myself made them fear.

Myself, a lightning power I wore.

I myself made them fear,

Made them fear.

The power of the hail I wore,

I myself made them fear,

Made them fear!

Behold me!

And as they sang, the hail and rain were falling yonder just a little way from us, and we could see it, but the cloud stood there and flashed and thundered, and only a little sprinkle fell on us. The thunder beings were glad and had come in a great crowd to see the dance.

Now the four virgins held high the sacred relics that they carried, the herb and the white wing, the sacred pipe, the flowering stick, the nation's hoop, offering these to the spirits of the west. Then people who were sick or sad came to the virgins, making scarlet offerings to them, and after they had done this, they all felt better and some were cured of sickness and began to dance for joy.

Now the Grandfathers beat their drums again and the dance began. The four black horsemen, who had stood behind the Grandfathers, went ahead of the virgins, riding toward the west side of the circled village, and all the others followed in their order while the horses pranced and reared.

When the black horse troop had reached the western side, it wheeled around and fell to the rear behind the buckskins, and the white horse band came up and led until it reached the north side of the village. Then these fell back and took the rear behind the blacks, and the sorrels led until they reached the east. Then these fell back behind the whites, and the buckskins led until they reached the south. Then they fell back and took the rear, so that the blacks were leading as before toward the western quarter that was theirs. Each time the leading horse troop reached its quarter, the Six Grandfathers sang of the powers of that quarter, and there my bay faced, pricking up his ears and neighing loud, till all the other horses raised their voices neighing. When I thus faced the north, I sent a voice again and said: "Grandfather, behold me! What you gave me I have given to the people--the power of the healing herb and the cleansing wind. Thus my nation is made over. Hear and help me!"

And when we reached the east, and after the Grandfathers had sung, I sent a voice: "Grandfather, behold me! My people, with difficulty they walk. Give them wisdom and guide them. Hear and help me!"

Between each quarter, as we marched and danced, we all sang together:

A horse nation all over the universe,

Neighing, they come!

Prancing, they come!

May you behold them.

When we had reached the south and the Grandfathers had sung of the power of growing, my horse faced yonder and neighed again, and all the horses raised their voices as before. And then I prayed with hand upraised: "Grandfather, the flowering stick you gave me and the nation's sacred hoop I have given to the people. Hear me, you who have the power to make grow! Guide the people that they may be as blossoms on your holy tree, and make it flourish deep in Mother Earth and make it full of leaves and singing birds."

Then once more the blacks were leading, and as we marched and sang and danced toward the quarter of the west, the black hail cloud, still standing yonder watching, filled with voices crying: "Hey-hey! hey-hey!" They were cheering and rejoicing that my work was being done. And all the people now were happy and rejoicing, sending voices back, "hey-hey, hey-hey"; and all the horses neighed, rejoicing with the spirits and the people. Four times we marched and danced around the circle of the village, singing as we went, the leaders changing at the quarters, the Six Grandfathers singing to the power of each quarter, and to each I sent a voice. And at each quarter, as we stood, somebody who was sick or sad would come with offerings to the virgins--little scarlet bags of the chacun sha sha, the red willow bark. And when the offering was made, the giver would feel better and begin to dance with joy.

And on the second time around, many of the people who had horses joined the dance with them, milling round and round the Six Grandfathers and the virgins as we danced ahead. And more and more got on their horses, milling round us as we went, until there was a whirl of prancing horses all about us at the end, and all the others danced afoot behind us, and everybody sang what we were singing.

When we reached the quarter of the west the fourth time, we stopped in new formation, facing inward toward the sacred tepee in the center of the village. First stood the virgins, next I stood upon the bay; then came the Six Grandfathers with eight riders on either side of them--the sorrels and the buckskins on their right hand; the blacks and whites upon their left. And when we stood so, the oldest of the Grandfathers, he who was the Spirit of the Sky, cried out: "Let all the people be ready. He shall send a voice four times, and at the last voice you shall go forth and coup [hit] the sacred tepee, and who shall coup it first shall have new power!"

All the riders were eager for the charge, and even the horses seemed to understand and were rearing and trying to get away. Then I raised my hand and cried hey-hey four times, and at the fourth the riders all yelled "hoka hey," and charged upon the tepee. My horse plunged inward along with all the others, but many were ahead of me and many couped the tepee before I did.

Then the horses were all rubbed down with sacred sage and led away, and we began going into the tepee to see what might have happened there while we were dancing. The Grandfathers had sprinkled fresh soil on the nation's hoop that they had made in there with the red and black roads across it, and all around this little circle of the nation's hoop we saw the prints of tiny pony hoofs as though the spirit horses had been dancing while we danced.

Now Black Road, who had helped me to perform the dance, took the sacred pipe from the virgin of the east. After filling it with chacun sha sha, the bark of the red willow, he lit and offered it to the Powers of the World, sending a voice thus:

"Grandfathers, you where the sun goes down, you of the sacred wind where the white giant lives, you where the day comes forth and the morning star, you where lives the power to grow, you of the sky and you of the earth, wings of the air and four-leggeds of the world, behold! I, myself, with my horse nation have done what I was to do on earth. To all of you I offer this pipe that my people may live!"

Then he smoked and passed the pipe. It went all over the village until every one had smoked at least a puff.

After the horse dance was over, it seemed that I was above the ground and did not touch it when I walked. I felt very happy, for I could see that my people were all happier. Many crowded around me and said that they or their relatives who had been feeling sick were well again, and these gave me many gifts. Even the horses seemed to be healthier and happier after the dance.

The fear that was on me so long was gone, and when thunder clouds appeared I was always glad to see them, for they came as relatives now to visit me. Everything seemed good and beautiful now, and kind.

Before this, the medicine men would not talk to me, but now they would come to me to talk about my vision.

From that time on, I always got up very early to see the rising of the daybreak star. People knew that I did this, and many would get up to see it with me, and when it came we said: "Behold the star of understanding!


From Chapter 18: The Powers of the Bison and the Elk

I think I have told you, but if I have not, you must have understood, that a man who has a vision is not able to use the power of it until after he has performed the vision on earth for the people to see. You remember that my great vision came to me when I was only nine years old, and you have seen that I was not much good for anything until after I had performed the horse dance near the mouth of the Tongue River during my eighteenth summer. And if the great fear had not come upon me, as it did, and forced me to do my duty, I might have been less good to the people than some man who had never dreamed at all, even with the memory of so great a vision in me. But the fear came and if I had not obeyed it, I am sure it would have killed me in a little while.

It was even then only after the heyoka ceremony in which I performed my dog vision, that I had the power to practice as a medicine man, curing sick people; and many I cured with the power that came through me. Of course it was not I who cured. It was the power from the outer world, and the visions and ceremonies had only made me like a hole through which the power could come to the two-leggeds. If I thought that I was doing it myself, the hole would close up and no power could come through. Then everything I could do would be foolish. There were other parts of my great vision that I still had to perform before I could use the power that was in those parts. If you think about my great vision again, you will remember how the red man turned into a bison and rolled, and that the people found the good red road after that. If you will read again what is written, you will see how it was.

To use the power of the bison, I had to perform that part of my vision for the people to see. It was during the summer of my first cure that this was done. I carried the pipe to Fox Belly, a wise and good old medicine man, and asked him to help me do this duty. He was glad to help me, but first I had to tell him how it was in that part of my vision. I did not tell him all my vision, only that part. I had never told any one all of it, and even until now nobody ever heard it all. Even my old friend, Standing Bear, and my son here have heard it now for the first time when I have told it to you. Of course there was very much in the vision that even I cannot tell when I try hard, because very much of it was not for words. But I have told what can be told.

It has made me very sad to do this at last, and I have lain awake at night worrying and wondering if I was doing right; for I know I have given away my power when I have given away my vision, and maybe I cannot live very long now. But I think I have done right to save the vision in this way, even though I may die sooner because I did it; for I know the meaning of the vision is wise and beautiful and good; and you can see that I am only a pitiful old man after all.

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12-25-09- More dreams about the grid.  They started out with the rainbow grid twice, then the further down the grid it went, the more dense, unmovable and black it became.  It finally ended showing me blue websites - all my own - 5 about the grids.


12-25-09 - NAP DREAM-   I was working as a greeter in the lobby of an office building.  I sat on the stairs in the lobby, working on a piece of fabric that had embroidery on it attached to a thin board that was about 1 1/2 ft by 3 ft rectangular shape.  It was Christmas time, and one of the people came in and gave me a small box of brownies with chocolate and white frosting on it. 

No sooner had the people left, and I put the box down to cut a piece to eat, two little twin girls in beautiful new satin blue dresses came out of an office and came into the lobby.  They saw my brownies and wanted a piece.  I was willing to share, but they didn't wait for me to hand it to them, they just stuck their fingers into the frosting, and then wiped their fingers onto the fronts of their dresses.

I knew I was in trouble for allowing this to happen, but to make things worse, the little girls, knowing they had done something wrong, immediately peed their pants and all over the floor making the tile slippery.

No sooner did that happen, when an old man brought a woman into the lobby from outside who needed assistance, and I couldn't let her slip in the wet peed floor, so I had to turn my attention away from the twin girls, and to the woman who didn't know which way to go to the office she needed to get to.

She needed to go upstairs, so I assisted her to the stairs and then helped her get up some stairs, until I saw the upstairs lady come to get her from up there and we met half way up the stairs.

I came back down the stairs, and needed to find the maintenance man to clean up the pee, and he was in the downstairs level of the building.

The little girls had disappeared into office on the first level behind some swinging doors, and I didn't know what to do first, because I had to quickly go to where the girls were and apologize to their mother for all the chocolate being on the girl's dresses.

Before I could decide, another woman came into the lobby from outside, and I had to help her get past the peed floor - which was now running across the floor and down the stairs to the basement.

I saw the maintenance man coming up the stairs, and I held the woman's arm to escort her past the dangerous spots and into the first floor office down the hall, and by the time I got there, I realized I had to find the mother of the girls and apologize for the mess their daughters had become because of me.



12-25-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was at a family party and Ethan came up to Joe and started talking a foreign language. At that moment, I immediately started feeling inept and stupid because a kid his age (15?)  could speak a foreign language and I couldn't.


12-25-09 - NAP DREAM - I was getting down to the bottom of the grid pattern and it was almost solid black and immovable, so I start overlaying the black with gold.  That made all the difference in its beauty.


12-26-09 - DREAM -  (My birthday) -  I was looking at a closeup picture of a tomato bush - and the picture was a total grid formation with no spaces in it.  Someone to the side of me said, "A tomato cannot be photographed well unless it has been recently cut!"  So the remainder of the dream was of me pondering how one could cut a tomato to photograph it and have it keep growing.  I determined finally that it couldn't be cut and keep growing - that a cut tomato would soon dry up and rot away.  So then, can a tomato never be photographed well?  Finally, at the end, I started to notice spaces in the grid that had to be filled in, and when they were filled in from the top, the grid spaces were dark.


12-26-09 - NAP DREAM - I was looking at a piece of fabric that wias filling in with a medium shade of brown grids and when it was done, they all magically turned a sky blue color.


12-26-09 - NAP DREAM - My husband bought 5 city lots for a price of $200 each.  I then sold each one for $2,000 and pocketed the money.  Later, when my husband didn't have any money left, I told him what I had done.


12-26-09 - NAP DREAM  - I was living in a house that was being remodeled.  My room was on the first floor and my husbands room was on the 6th floor.  It seemed like an apartment building.  The remodeling became way more extensive than I expected, they were even digging a new basement, so I asked one of the workmen if they were going to leave us at least 1 bathroom to use as they were tearing out all the others.  He said I will show you which one is not changing, and we went up to my husband 6th floor room, where the bathroom was already completed except the toilet hadn't been installed yet. 

The room was a mess from the children playing in it.

A couple of women followed me up to the room to check on the status of the remodeling. 

I sat down in a chair, and one of women who looked like the new CEO of Forester Creations (Katy)  reached over and touched me around the back of the neck, and a wonderful smell came to my nostrils.  She then sat sideways on my lap.  She was light as a feather.  She asked me if I liked the mink glove oil she had put on the back of my neck.  I said, "Yes!  It was wonderful!"  She talked about how 'light' and 'smoothing' and 'soothing it was.

Then another woman walked up to Katy and tried putting her hand on Katy's shoulder and Katy snarled at her, "Don't touch me!  I don't like to be touched."  which is just the opposite of how she was with me, so I knew it was a personal thing between them.

After Katy seemed shocked that my room was on the first floor, Katy and I discussed where my room was, and I told her my room was on the first floor because that's where the customers came, and it was room #1.

I can't remember anything after that.


12-26-09 - NAP DREAM - I was sitting on the stoop in front of my apartment building with some friends, and other people were walking by.  One woman got off the bus that stopped right there and complained sadly that her boyfriend wouldn't marry her.  Just as she said that, her boyfriend walked up the sidewalk and stood nearby.  I said to her, so he could hear it, "Well, then you can have  more fun tonight!"  He spoke up and said, "I just didn't have enough love for her."  I replied, "Two people have to love ach other equally for it to work."

I looked back at them and they had vanished.


12-26-09 - NAP DREAM  - I was in a car being driven by my husband and we were along the curb and some girls drove by in sky blue cars that said "Drivers Learning" on the side doors.  There were a few of them, and it was apparent that none of the girls knew how to drive at all, and we nearly hit all of them, but stopped just shy of crashing into them.


12-27-09 - DREAM -  I was working on creating a grid - and it was all light brown squares.  When it was complete, I went over the center squares is sky blue 0's.  It was pretty, but more than that - they had a purpose.


12-27-09 - DREAM - I went back to my old apartment building on Jackson St.  I went up to the 2nd floor on the elevator.  There were a lot of people around and nobody seemed to know anyone else, so I just wandered around and gave myself a tour of the building.

The building itself had been remodeled into an open concept on the west side of the building, which I thought was beautiful, but I wondered how people liked being on display behind those glass walls where people could see everything they did.

I met a lot of people and they were all friendly, but it was amazing to me to see so many people.  It had never been like that when I managed it. People stayed in their apartments and minded their own business and took care of business.  This seemed overly friendly.

I continued to walk around until I came to what appeared to be the office.  This too was an open concept - there was no door on it.  There were stacks and stacks of copy paper wrapped in pink paper, and when I walked into the office itself, the manager was not there yet as it was early in the morning, but when I walked around the end of the desk, I saw two younger women standing at a chest level set of file drawers where they were sorting blue note cards - evidently tenant records.

Then the manager walked in, she was a middle-aged tough broad I would call her. I didn't know her name.  I said to her, "I'm here not to cause trouble, but just to talk."   I knew that I was there for a job interview, but the girls didn't.

Her response was, "Well people expect us to talk about powder puffs and bunny rabbits here!" 

I said, "I can do that, but it only goes so far", and I showed her my sharp fingernails that stuck out beyond how far the powder puffs and bunny rabbits would go.

Some other women then came into the office.  One of them was as tall as myself, but had pure white hair.  The others were more middle-aged. Apparently there was going to be a meeting.

Then the big boss walked in.  He looked like Dr. Phil.  He said, "Good morning ladies,"  Hello Dolores!  and then when he told the others to find a place to sit and take notes, he indicated where I was to sit, and he said, "The Big One will sit here,"  and he pointed to a desk right behind the Manager.  I knew then, I had the job.

I grabbed a stack of notebooks and asked for a pencil which was readily available and sat down ready to take notes from what he was about to say.

The white-haired woman then said to him, "I can't pay my rent tomorrow, but perhaps the next day."

I saw the look on his face, and I said to him, "I know where you are going with this."  and I knew that my rent was going to be paid on time because my ex-husband was supporting me and as soon as he got home from work that night, the check would go right into the bank and I could pay my rent.

I knew the ropes in this business.  Everyone has to pay their rent by the first of the month - or there are consequences.

I woke up wishing I could have stayed there, because I loved my job there.


12-28-09 - DREAM - I remember seeing a really old house - probably American but I've forgotten that part of the dream.

I was in a room with what looked like some Christmas candy - it was green and was tied up with a black rope-like string.  When it was opened, I knew that five Elfin animals were inside.


I took out all the search words that were not really about the real deal.


12-29-09 - DREAM -  I was feeding my family all the food left in the refrigerator.  It was all fresh and a wide variety of food, but not much of any one thing.  When I served it on the table, each child got a different selection from the rest, and I heard Ken say, "It looks like she's cleaning out the refrigerator."


12-30-09 - DREAM  - I was living in a house and Beau the dog was in the kitchen scratching at a bunch of boards stacked in the corner and knocked them all down.  It made a lot of racket. 

Two neighbors came over to find out what all the racket was about and I told them about Beau knocking down all the boards in the kitchen.

The older woman said, "No. The problem is that your cats don't have any food. "

I showed her that the cats had their food in the livingroom which had linoleum on the floor.

Just then the phone rang, and an old man named Morrison was on the phone and he ordered some Lawn Bark.  I don't think he gave me his first name, but I got that he lived in Waterford, and I was sure he said he lived on Lloyd 'something' street.  He started looking up his address in the telephone directory. I could hear the pages riffling in the background while he looked.  I clearly wrote Morrison down on a piece of cardboard with my fingernail when he said it, so I'm sure of the name.

NOTE:  I looked up the name in the phone book this morning.  There is no Morrison living in Waterford - and my first thought was that it was Jim Morrison.  When I told Joe the dream, he thought the same thing.


12-31-09 - DREAM - I was riding in a car with a woman who was supposed to be a friend.  I was sitting in the back seat with my legs and feet hanging out the left side of the car - similar to how someone would ride a horse side saddle. 

To make things worse, she drove the car so far to the left, I was almost hitting things on the left with my feet.  I asked her not to drive so far left, but she said she was doing the best she could and just barely missing trees, other cars, and trucks going by the other direction.

We came around a corner, and ahead of us was a big sheet of ice.  All of a sudden three workman came from behind us, passed us and started yelling and put up a sign in the road that said, INVOICE.  Beyond the blockade in the road, the ice started breaking up quickly and turned into a massive flood.  There was no way to go forward past the ice and water flood.

We got out of the car and headed for a big barn.  The three workmen were there in the doorway of the barn, facing inward, sitting on an old car seat - just chatting.

I could see a lot of dirt on the concrete outside the door or the barn, so I decided I would clean it up and make myself useful.  The only machine I could find was an old vaccum cleaner, but after getting out the vaccum cleaner, I saw that it had a huge 3 pronged plug like an electric stove might have, and it didn't fit the 3 pronged plug that was embedded in the ground outside the barn.  The prongs were at the wrong angle to fit it.

So I dragged the vacuum cleaner back into the barn, telling the men the plug needed repair.  They pretty much ignored me, still just chatting with each other.

I wanted to get their attention, but realized that they couldn't even see me because there was a wall between them and me.