12-1-01 - DREAM - I was working on a computer, releasing fils that were all yellow, all blue, and all red.

This went on a long and I don't know what the files referred to.


12-1-01 - DREAM - I don't know if I was meant to remember tis dream or not. as I only remember the last scene.

This also had to do with color and laundry. In the last scene , my friend G.. was there, telling me he had to finish something else before he could return. I was very upset that he was not returning yet. I don't know if I told him this or just thought it - that he'd better make up his mind whether he was going to return soon, or I was going to move on to someone else. I then started picking up clothes from the floor to do laundry and picked up a black outfirt to wear that had tiny flowers all over it, which I was going to wear meanwhile.



NOTE: I'm working on a page about 3 frogs. This is taking a long time.


12-1-01 - DREAM - Joe and I were both sitting at our computers in the office. We both have our own access to AOL. I noted though that there was also a Joe B. account.

Then I heard a voice from the livingroom. It was Gerta Van Susteren. She wanted to use a computer to get the news. I asked her if she wanted to use a real computer or the laptop, which is in the livingroom. She said, 'The laptop will do fine!"

 I then realized that if she used the laptop, I would have to give her the Joe B account but my phone line, but I was willing to do that because of who she was.

So I went into the livingroom and Greta was sitting in the dark on the floor with a man who was using a regular computer.

I turned on the laptop which flashed brightly as it did. She said, "Oh wow! I didn't realize you could get that much light out of a laptop!"


 12-2-01 - DREAM - I was working on a computer with a list of links, seemingly about other places and worlds. I knew that if someone clicked on these links that your energy went ot those places and that wasn't necessarily a good thing to have happen. The meaning was, don't just look at links you don't want to waste your energy on, be discerning and be aware.


12-2-01 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere in Milwaukee. I had originally gone there to take care of the children. Then I discovered that a murder had accurred in the UFO community in Milwaukee and I was looking for clues.

Meanwhile, some people came by who were looking for an apartment to rent, so I showed them an empty babies room, which somehow linked to another whole apartment that was furnished but not being used. On one wall, was a whole rack of tools that were red, yellow and blue. I was very surprised to see that.

There was a tall, thin young man at the head of this UFO group. I received a letter from a man named Church

In the letter he explained how far we are allowed to look into people's lives who are UFO witnesses, that we can look on the surface of things and make note of what we see, but we are not allowed to go into their cabinets and files and 'read' their personal informaton. Only the authorities are allowed to do that.

While I was looking around in this apartment, I found two pencils on the floor, one was broken on both ends and one was nearly new. I picked them both up and laid them carefully on top of a colorful, multicolored scarf on a dresser. The broken pencil felt sticky and I knew it was a clue to the murder and now my fingerprints were all over it.

I called the young man who ran the UFO group and explained the instructions from the letter I had received and he thanked me for telling him.

I then went to a public bathroom in the building. While I was standing there, I noticed some young black girls were in there with only a small light on, so I turned on the overhead light so they could see better.

I also saw that there were 3 stacks of comic books stacked on the floor. One stack was all funny comics like Archie and Veronica. The other two stacks were all men's type comics, about racing cars, murders, and things like that. All the covers were purple and black. I thought perhaps those whould have been stacked in the men's bathroom.

But two real dark black women came by and saw those magazines and grabbed both stacks and then moved a dark colored leather armchair over the spot so nobody could see that something was missing.

I had already grabbed the stack of Archie and Veronica comics and had put those on top of the dresser nearby along with some books.

One of the black women showed a cursory interest in those books but not in the comics. My intention was to look at the magazines and then put them back for others to read.

I noticed the letter 'A' at the bottom of the stack and looked carefully to see if that hidden magazine was something important and I should have and it wasn't so I left it there.

12-2-01 - NOTE: is a Christian website with very prominent quotations of Jesus.


12-2-01 - VISION - While thinking about the UFO murders, I had a vision of a map. It was black and white and very clear. It showed from the Mississippi River east to Maine and didn't not include any of the Gulf of Mexico states or Florida or Georgia.


12-3-01 - After listening to a radio show about the pattern of dead singers and rock stars, I started dreaming their names.

I saved the file to my computer program but all the hyperlinks disappeared. I saved the file again t another program so the hyperlinks would still be there and I couldn't do it. They could no longer be reached.


12-3-01 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house, getting ready to go to work. It was nighttime and I didn't look like I do now.

My hair was bright red and was long enough to hang straight down about a foot below the length of my dress. A plait of my hair in the back had been braided so when that part was combed out, it rippled rather than hung straight. It was really beautiful.

My mother came in and I showed her how long my hair was. She also had bright red hair, but it was wound up on her head in a huge bun-like affair on the back of her head. She said that her hair was longer than mine.

From looking at the size of her bun, I could believe that. 

After I woke up, I heard a voice say, "You are no ordinary princess come to earth"

NOTE: This is the way women wear their hair in the 'Home World' (ETs)


12-4-01 - VISION - I heard a bell ring loudly in my right ear. I said I was ready for a message which i heard but it didn't register in my mind. I then saw a celebration of red and white confetti bieng thrown off a balcony and knew that England had won their war over someone.


12-4-01 - DREAM - I was in a room and someone came by with a box with stones in the bottom. They were larger than fist size stones - those were well-rounded stones like in ocean surf or river bottom type.

I chose 5 red and white stones. They weren't all the same darkness of red, but were all granite-type stones. However, there was one more red stone. I couldn't carry in one armful and needed to return to get that last, deepest red stone.

I was then in the city street behind a car belonging to a political fleet of cars which drove politicians and dignitaries from one place to another in Washington D.C. 

I stood behind the car as it signaled with its lights what it was going to do. I knew that at some point, it was signaling that whoever was riding in the car would be changing seats. 

I was then inside the car, in the back seat and had moved way over to the right in case someone should want to kill me. I wasn't sitting in the same place I had before. 

We were driving up hill at great speed, faster than the traffic. There were 5 intersection we had to go through and the lights were red, but they turned green just before we got to each one. 

Finally, we pulled up to a building on the left side of the street and there was a man standing in the street.

It looked like Larry C., from apt. 207 at Juneau Village, but I keep wanting to say Tony Blair.


There was going to be an attack against Petra in Jordan that was foiled just a few days ago.

Nebedchanezzar pulled out a rock by no human hands and broke the image.

The old age is shattered by a rock to become a new age.

The tablets - Moses - the Law on the rock.


12-5-01 - DREAM - I was shown a list of at least 25 places that Bin Laden guys plans to hit in the world. Unfortunately I couldn't remember any of them.


12-6-01 - DREAM - I was working in a large company. I got a job promotion which gave me my own private office. I was replacing a girl (who I always called Susie Q)  she had been promoted as well, to an office upstairs. But she wasn't happy about the promotion area though she was going to be 'acting assistant something'.

I had to dress appropriately and was wearing a white flowery, flowing dress with flouncy petticoats under it, with silver shoes and a grey coat that had a little red blow under the collar. 

I had nothing to do until the next day so I went back to visit the office at AC where I used to work.  I bought a newspaper on the way. There didn't seem to be anything of interest there. I separated the news from the comics and then gave the newspaper away to a guy in the drafting department.

It seemed like all the girls in the office were sick with colds, but still working.

I didn't stop to talk to anyone. I walked down the hall to the pump department where I had originally started. They had moved elsewhere and all the doors were closed, though I could see sunlight in the rooms behind the doors through the cracks under the doors. I could hear the voices of little children from somewhere but I didn't know where.

NOTE:  This whole area is gone now and all there would be in that space is sunshine. 

I got to the stairway and started to walk down them and then met up with some other people. One woman was really short. I explained to them about the job promotion but until I actually started the next day, I had nothing to do.

The smallest woman said, "Well, I'm helping someone else move.", like I should volunteer to help, but I really wasn't interested in doing that physical of a job. I watched her, as small as she was, go ver to a cabinet of some kind and look for stuff to move. I really admired her ambition. I didn't have any of that energy she had.  


12-8-01 - DREAM - It seems I was on a computer. I was told to create 7 rings. These were edged in black and were more like rounded edged rectangles. I only had room to create 6 of these - and I figured I could create the 7th ring later if I got more space. Inside the rectangle was the word ' THERIG'

I don't know if that is misspelled and means 'THE RING' or if THERIG is correct. 

NOTE:  See$583



I also came across an anagram site.  Here is the word anagrammed:

The Rig

Grit He

He Grit


12-8-01 - DREAM - I was in a large building. There were two offices or apartments side by side. I had been in one and I saw that the door was open to the one next to mine and several men came running out of the door rather suspiciously.

I went into this room which turned out to be a large apartment. It seemed like a normal nice apartment, rather cozy and there was  large round table in the center of the room which seemed like a dining area for a group of people.

While I was standing there, two huge black dogs came running out.  They were long legged dogs with short fur - much taller than Labrador, but I can't say they were as large as Great Danes. They were gamboling around me and seemed to like me, so I was asked by someone unseen if I would watch them while they went out and did something. I said, "Okay!"  It was then I noticed there were 7 black puppies. They were adorable but I didn't know that was part of the deal when I said, "Okay!"

I had to go to the bathroom really bad and the bathroom was out in the hall - around the corner in another room. 

I saw two of the puppies trying to get out under the door before I even got to it.  I opened the door and spotted a young girl, dressed in green walking by. I called out to her to ask her if she could watch the dogs so I cold go tot the bathroom. She said, "Okay! I'm already dog-sitting."

So, she went into the apartment and I went out into the hall and around the corner. 

Inside the bathroom was two areas. The 1st one was like a small office and there was a file cabinet with a bottom drawer open with a lid on it with a hold in the middle. There were men around it and I knew I couldn't sit on a facility like that in public. 

The next area was like a restaurant and there were a lot of young women sitting at booth-like tables rather like McDonalds has in some places.

I was already trying to reach under my dress to pull my panties down while I as walking past them to go tot he bathroom area. They all looked at me as I walked by so I had to be careful not to show too much leg as I walked past.

NOTE: I woke up and had to go tot he bathroom and really dizzy and almost fell over about 5 times trying to get to the bathroom. 


12-8-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office and was asked to send out a file with blueprints for an order.

Before I could do this, I had to make a copy of the blueprint so we had a copy too. 

I headed for the copy machine and opened the folder and there was no blueprint to copy.

I was already at the copy machine and saw T.M. coming towards me. He said, really loudly, "Hello Dolores ..." I can't remember which of my last names he used. (I've had 3 of them) He said it loudly so other people in the office would know we weren't meeting secretly as there were engineers working in cubicles on either side ofo the aisle to the copy machine.

T.M. then handed me a business card, backside up. On it was a drawing of a small community, which looked like houses and cars around a small rectangular lake or pond. 

I knew I was supposed to make a copy of 'this' blueprint. 


12-9-01 - DREAM - A girlfriend approached me and said she wanted to show me something interesting. We headed west and by the time we got to 108th St., I knew she wanted me to get involved with making pornographic films. She hadn't told me in so many words, but her implications were like that. I didn't want any part of that so I started to head for home.

Somehow she was following the same path but I tried to stay out of sight of her.

I saw her make a right turn and that was the only way to go, so I had to follow her.

When I reached the intersection, I took a shortcut through an old woman's garden. There, between the rows, I saw a white cat. Loving cats like I do, I had to see the cat, and there between the garden rows lay the mother cat with 7 kittens. No two kittens were the same color but two of the kittens were fluffy coated like lambs and were multicolored like pastel rainbows. I tried desparately to catch the multicolored colored rainbow kittens but they were growing fast and were too fast and too elusive for me to catch them. 

So I went on down the road which turned out to be 64th St. This was the street that divided the town in half - it divided east from west and divided good from bad. 

All the railway tracks that came into town met and followed 64th st. through town. 

Rather than follow one of the tracks, I decided to walk alongside the track, which was the west side.

Just before another intersection came up, there were rows of seats on one side of the tracks and a large mall on the other side of the tracks.

I decided to sit down on one of the seats and rest for a bit. These seats were all white and made of wood. While I sat there, a handsome guy came along. His name was Seth. He was dressed all in black. He was one ofo the younger characters from the TV show, "One Life to Live". His character grew up on the bad side of the tracks in the show and it seems he is trying to make good and change into one of the good guys because his heart is changing and he can see the value of being on the good side of life.

I was sitting there in the seat with handsome Seth, all in black, by my side, when suddenly an old-white-haired man appeared standing on the sidewalk across the tracks from me. The white-haired man was wearing a long white robe. I suddenly knew I belonged with him rather than the handsome Seth, all in black. 

So, I got up and walked across the street. The old white-haired man, dressed all in white, put his arms around me in a loving way and it was so much more loving than being with Seth, I had to be with him. 

The old white-haired man and I were walking into the mall when a woman came along who worked in the mall. She called his attention to a large chandelier on the ceiling where one of the lights was going out. 

Without saying a word, the old white-haired man rant to the woman's assistance to repair the light so it could shine brightly again.

While he was busy, I walked down the mall and saw Seth sitting by himself across the tracks. I was torn then, - should I got back and sit with Seth who had all the time in the world to sit and talk to me, or should I wait for the old white-haired man to finish repairing the lights? I kept being drawn back down the mall hallways to the old white-haired man, and then back to Seth who sat there alone with all the time and attention. Twice I was drawn back down the hallway to the old-white-haired man, and then back to Seth and then back to the old white-haired man.

I finally decided that it was better to wait for the old white-haired man whose love felt real than to sit with Seth who had nothing but time to offer.


12-9-02 - DREAM - I was in a large house with my family. A man who I went to highschool with was learning to be a chef and decided to cook everything he knew how to cook and feed it to my kids. (He has a name very similar to the killer in the movie Psycho)

All this food looked great, but I couldn't eat any of it because I'm allergic to it. I looked and looked and couldn't find anything I could eat. Meanwhile my kids were having a great time and were extremely happy. I spotted a platter of scrambled eggs which I could eat, but by the time I got there, the kids had eaten them already. There was a big plastic bag of raw beef sitting on the table and I could see things nasty growing on the surface and told them they had better get it refrigerated before it killed someone.

There was an orange cat which kept trying to get up on the table with the food. I picked it up and dropped it on the floor. I thought it hit its head on the back of the chair but it didn't seem to phase it.

I was still looking for something to eat and finally, up high, out of everyone elses' reach, I found a basket of french fries, so I filled my plate with these. 

Meanwhile, from upstairs, I could hear gospel music being played on a radio. Then I heard a young girl complaining about the music. She said, "My old white-haired Father keeps following me everywhere I go, and every time I turn on the radio, all I get is gospel music. She was really upset about this. 

Just then, her boyfriend appeared at the doorway to see what my kids were doing, eating all this wonderful food and being happy together. He stood in the doorway, dressed only in a white bikini bathing trunks and his skin was golden oiled, or looked like a golden body builder.

I saw what this girl had that her old white-haired father gave her and I knew that the girl was a 'fool' and oped she would come to her senses soon. 


12-10-01 - DREAM - (Strange)

(Yesterday was our daughter-in-laws Sabrina came over with the kids and went through the kids toy box and pulled out all the Ghostbusters and Ninja turtle toys. She said she was going to wash them when she got home. All the ninja turtles and tools and swords and other fighting instruments)

DREAM - I was in the master bedroom and was going to study and write. I had to go to the bathroom really bad and couldn't find it, so I went BM right on the bed and ended up holding it in long yellow ribbons in my hands. There was a man there who looked at it and said that was okay and judged my BM to be of excellent quality and approved of it.

I went downstairs to wash a dresser drawer set. It was supposed to be stacked on top of the other, 

_____ but someone else put it together ]]]]  . It worked that way too and I had never thought of that.

While I was doing the laundry Joe took a shower and came down the steps in boxer shorts and nothing else on and his hair was slicked back.

My neighbor Ruth said he should run for mayor, but Joe's friend turned around, he had a label on this chest that said  'Judge'. I looked at that and said I would vote for Joe to be 'Judge' because he was always weighing everything fairly.

I then went ot get the clothes out of the dryer and saw that my purple sweater was laying in the fire belowo the dryer and it was melted from the flames.

Then I saw all the Ninja turtle tools and swords. They had all been melted into yellow balls. 


12-11-01 - (Joe and I watched a lesson on kabbala just prior to sleep)

DREAM - I was just moving into a new apartment. A handsome Jewish man lived in the next apartment which was #307. When I opened my mailbox to get my mail, the key to apartment #307 was right there with a short chain and a wooden rod at the end of the chain about 4 or 5 inches long. The door was right in front of my face and I wanted to see what was in the Jewish man's apartment so I used the key and opened the lock to apt. #307. 

But before I could get the door open more than an inch I heard him coming down the hall, talking to some other people. I quickly closed the door but I didn't have time to lock the lock again. So I hid the key to his apartment behind a photograph of myself on a high shelf by my own door and hoped he wouldn't notice that is door was unlocked when he got to it.

I guess he didn't because nothing was said about the door being open when he got to it. 

I entered my own apartment which had all my stuff in it, but I hadn't had time to put everything in its proper place yet.

As soon as I entered the livingroom  I saw that my livingroom and the Jewish man's livingroom ajoined each other with a big wide doorway between which had no door  on it, so he and his guests could see everything in my apartment while I could see everything in his apartment as well. 

I didn't want the woman in his apartment to see everything I owned, much less the baby things I had so I quickly moved all the diaper bags and other baby equipment I had to a spot where it couldn't be seen. 

I then went outside to repark my car. All the cars on the road, including mine were little short roadster-type race cars. I can't remember that any of them had a color and I remember that at least most, if not all of them were black. 

The cars were not all parked evenly along the road and traffic was fast. Also to repark my car, I had to make a sharp right turn to get onto the road, but I was going the opposite way of most of the traffic, so I had to quickly get my car to a good parking sot and then get it so it was facing the same way as everyone else. 


12-11-01 - DREAM - I was back in the apartment building and closed my door and left the keys inside. The Jewish man was in the hallway too, so I asked him if I could borrow his mailbox key and get into the box where all the keys were. He said he didn't think he had it, but he did. I then borrowed his apartment door key and discovered that the apartment door key not only opened his door mine, AND the guy who lived on the other side of me as well.

So then I went inside the apartment and  wanted to find a nice ring to put my keys on, but only found a large awkward gadget that was too large to carry around. I wanted to go the corner drug store and buy a simple key ring, but a man and woman volunteered to drive me instead. I can't remember who they were and the dream got weird after this. 

I didn't have my seatbelt on in the car, which bothered me and I sat in the center front seat of the car with the man driving and the woman on the right.

He made a big sweeping turn with the car and then I got out and went into a building where dozens of women, who all looked like fat dwarfs were standing on high-riser benches facing away from the aisle so all one saw was their back, a short skirt and huge fat cellulite legs. They were all the same disgusting fatness except some had big red veins on their legs too.

I then saw a letter on a computer screen from someone important - a woman whose name started with "L" I wanted to save the letter or copy and paste it into an e-mail and send it to myself. I then saw a page about drugs which said, "You cant mix 'methiolate' or something like with other drugs.

NOTE: Maybe that's why I woke up sick last night again. 


12-11-01 - DREAM - I don't know where this was, but it is symbolic. 

I was at a large house. I had my collie dog laid out on his side on a humongous black driveway of a gas station.

I was combing his fur with a rake to get the 'seeds' out and gather them. I was then shown by a woman that hisi fur ruff aorund his neck which is similar to a 'lion's ruff' was where the 'wormholes were. I was then shown that the wormholes were in sets of 3 all the way around and were like the tubes through 'spools'. These wormholes were aligned in sets like like   @  @


all the way around.

A red jeep came to gas up at the gas station and I made sure he had plenty of room to get around mea nd didn't run over the dog. He drove around the dog. I was told to call these wormholes 'wingsoflove.htm'. 

I then went up into the house and there was a girl working there too putting up a couple pillars or something in the hallway. I needed room to put a rolled-up rug or something like that where she was standing. She went home for dinner and I went into the corner of the kitchen where on top of the refrigerator was a huge blue ice block. I was able to take this ice-block out in one whole piece and get it outside where we were going to have a large banquet at 4:30 p.m. 

At that exact moment my husband came home and said he was all set - he had called in sick for the next day so we could go shopping. He planned to get me something really big.

I was rather perturbed because i had this banquet to work on and finish with the ice-block which would melt quickly and get back to the dog and the wormholes. 

NOTE: Wormholes are bends in the space-time continuum so vehicles can travel through them without going vast distances. 


12-12-01 - DREAM - I was in a house with some other people. There was a quilt on a bed that was in two layers which needed to be finished. The top upper corner looked like it was meant to be a flag in red, blue, and yellow. I thought it represented India. Is aw that the bottom row needed to be split in half along a seam, reversed and sewn back together. 

Outside, we were discussing how to get to the mountain. It was actually straight ahead of us and had a golden top like some Mosques do. However, the road didn't go straight to it. One had to zig zag to get there but it wasn't that hard if you kept your eye on where the mountain was.

There was a girl child with us who was wearing white walking shoes that were a little large for her. I suggested we might have to carry her part of the way.

In another scene, I was commenting to the people in a house that if they cleaned strenuously one hour a day, every day, they could keep it clean.  (That was probably a comment to myself. :-) 


12-12-01 - MEDITATION - After reading about alien types in Voyager Book I by Anna Hayes, I decided to call a "Ranthian" who supposedly are like light beings which appear like little white greys to humans.

I asked to see a Ranthian and came into a classroom where a little white slant-eyed being was sitting or standing next to a one-armed desk in which a dark-haired woman was sitting. He was telling her, "You wouldn't understand."

He looked exactly as Anna Hayes drew him -


I was about to ask what wouldn't the woman understand when they faded from view. 


12-12-01 - DREAM - I was in a theatre. There weren't very many people in the theatre - some were in front of me and some were behind me. I was hearing movie music but the screen up front was dark. I assume the movie was about to start, but then it must have been just ending or between movies.

The lights in the theatre were on and some teenage boys were across the aisle and stood up.

My husband, whom I didn't actually see was sitting to my left, and i asked him for my notebook so I could write in it. He handed me a black notebook, about 4 x 6" and a pencil that was white. I flipped through the pages which were already written and decided to fill in an empty space towards the front. I began to write with the pencil which had two other white pencils with blue markings on them. They were awkwardly attached like antennas.  

I started to write in the notebook and there was a ruckus behind me. It seemed that my husband and some other men were throwing the teenage boys out of the theatre out the side exit door into a greenish colored hallway.

At the same time some small child-sized/men with mustaches, dressed in darker green army type uniforms were trying to come into the theatre through the exit. They were carrying wires and metal strips. 

so my husband, a black security guard who was normal size was trying to stop them from coming in.

I assisted with this. I told them I was the manager, though I had nothing with me to prove it. I told them they couldn't come in unless they told me who they were. 

None of them spoke, though I thought I heard a grunt from one of the ones in back.

Again, I put out my hand to sto ptheir forward progress and told them they couldn't come in unless they told me who they were.

The security guard said, Wait! I'm getting signed receipts" and he handed me a little yellow piece of paper that said AT&T.

But after I saw it, I can't be sure had the T on it. Just the AT. 


12-12-01 - VISION - "Write the stories from the Tower"


12-12-01 - DREAM - within a dream - I dreamed I woke up and saw that my front door was open, so I got up and shut the door.

Then I woke up again and saw that the front door was open and I went to the front door and saw that two cars had collided in the driveway across the street (there is no driveway there)

I looked in the office room and saw two black women there talking on a radio telephone. They were wearing dark blue-like uniforms, but they weren't wearing badges. 

I asked them what they were doing in my house but they didn't answer, they kept messing with the radio, which was telling stories about black women with problems. 

I said, "Hey! That's enough of that." The radio then turned into an old fashioned telephone with the case off. I dialed 911 with the open dial with difficulty.

Again, I managed to get to it done, I hollered at them, "What are you doing in my house?" One of the women started going through the drawers in the desk under the telephone, then the other one went to a dresser, got down on her knees and started stuffing pennies from the bottom drawer into her mouth. 

I ran over to her and grabbed her arm and dragged her to her feet. Her whole mouth was full of dirty pennies. I put my arm around her and coaxed her to sit the dirty money out of her mouth. she wasn't too happy but she spit out all the money our of her mouth into my hand.

Some other women came into the house then and I asked them if they saw the two crashed cars in the driveway across the street.  They said, "Yes!" and I asked if the people were okay. They said, "Yes!" So I relaxed.

I then asked that the women were carrying sun-catchers on strings with the characters of fairy tales.

The one woman had the characters of the 3 little pigs. I didn't notice which characters the other women had.

I then looked in the mirror and I was wearing a white lace bridal gown over blue jeans and a shirt.

I went into the next room and all the women in the room were also wearing lace bridal gowns over blue jeans and shirts.

I saw that Princess Diana, dressed in a bridal gown was in a photo on the wall. 

Between me and the other women, there were 6 of us and Princess Diana made the 7th.

I held my hands out to them and said, "Let's form a circle and dance together. They all came towards me and we all held our hands out and held on and started circling to the left together, (clockwise)

As I woke up, I saw two Indian feet prints, they were reddish colored. One was facing 1 way and I was facing the other way. They were labeled NA and ME. Together they spell NAME. But I don't know if they have separate meanings.


12-13-01 - DREAM - I was in a large building where nothing was completed yet. I went along with the electrician and carpenter and helped them measure, but then it was lunchtime and nothing got done.  

I went out in the parking lot where a young man was learning to drive the schoolbus backwards. He did that well and I got a ride in the bus backwards from one end of the parking lot to the other. 

I also got a ride in a car that was rolling backwards and managed to stop it by dragging my feet on the ground so no one got hurt. 

My daughter came to visit and she drove the silver station wagon backwards from place to place in the parking lot, almost getting hit, but not quite by other people going backwards.

When I woke up, I was hearing stupid singing, 'Dum de dum de dum!"


12-13-01 - DREAM - I was in a school room with some young teens. Everything was covered with old tan dust, which I was trying to get off of them and everything else. Someone had even taken the dust rags, so I had to use a new white towel to do this.

My impression of this is that I was either in Israel or in a Jewish school. 

One of the boys, who I was dusting off, who was about 14 years old asked me a legal question.

He asked whether I would agree that if he did something wrong, that if his accusers did something even worse if he should be let off. I told him that someone else doing something wrong, doesn't make his own deed any less wrong. A large woman with black hair and a blue mark on her cheek that was similar to a dual symbol of something agreed with me that two wrongs don't make either side right. 


12-14-01 - DREAM - I was out on a street with some teenagers. There was a mess of clothes and jackets laying on the sidewalk.

There was also a washing machine on the sidewalk, so I began picking up the clothes and putting them in the washing machine.

I started to hear a loud buzzing noise and saw a trillion or so black beetles come out from under the clothes and go dashing down the street. I was aghast to see this.

I found 6 combs in the pile of clothes and set them aside for the boys and then washed their clothes.  

I then went to visit my mother and saw that the yellow linoleum someone had wallpapered her back hallway with was dirty and nailed to the wall where it seemed hundreds of people must have put their hands as they went up and down the stairs.

There were a couple of young men there. I admonished them that they could paint the yellow linoleum with yellow paint or at least wash it.

I then swept the back hall floor with a broom and cleaned it up for her. 


12-15-01 - DREAM - I was living n a small town and was going to the store in my car. Everytime I started to slow down for an intersection, the car would step and I had to reach under with my foot, step on a button under the car with the toe of my left foot and turn the key and put my foot on the gas to restart the car. The 5th time I had to also upsh the car with my foot the last 20 feet up to the intersection. 

When I got to the intersection, another woman dressed in blue was watching me from her car go through this process.

On the other side of me, the same thing happened to a young girl and she became hysterical. The man who owned the gas station on the other side of the street put his arm around the hysterical girl's car and said he would help her. 

I drove my car into the parking lot of the gas station and went up to the owner.  There were 3 men there then, the station owner, the head mechanic and a doctor who had an office upstairs. They offered me a job but they said they couldn't fix my car. They told the other girl the same thing.

I was pretty pissed off that they were refusing to fix my car and still trying to be nice to me. I planned to take my car to a different garage. I tried to commiserate with the young girl because they weren't going to fix her car either. She had a small dog in a paper bag in her car. She said she kept it in the bag, otherwise its feet got wet and would get paw prints all over her. She also said that she only fed it twice a week because it was small. 

I planned to tell her to feed it every day, just smaller amounts. 


12-15-01 - MEDITATION - I asked to go to the healing temple. I met a tall older man with a brilliant smile. All his teeth were separated a little.


12-15-01 - VISION - I heard Sabrina say, "I was here first. She wore 3 sparkly turquoise crystals on her right little finger on a ring and one large sparkly turquoise crystal ring on her left index finger. 


12-16-01 - DREAM - I was upstairs in my house, cleaning and doing laundry. I thought I heard it raining, but then it sounded like water was running inside the house. So I went to look and water was pouring out of a wall in a closet and an even large leak was coming out of the wall in the hallway.  I knew I had to get major help for that maintenance man. 

I heard my mother coming home with the groceries so I went outside to help carry them in. She brought them home in a huge truck and everything looked fresh. I tried to carry a 25 pound sack of baking otatoes first but they were too heavy so I decided to leave them for someone else to carry.

There was a 10 pound bag of onions next to them which I could have taken, but I saw a lunch of loose tomatoes had fallen out of the truck so I decided to pick them up. I needed a bag to put them in. My mother told me to take the potato chips out of a bag and replace them with the fresh tomatoes.  One of them was heart-shaped.

My husband then drove in the yard, so I got the passenger side next to him. Just then, two teenage boys drove out of their driveway across the street and deliberately drove their car straight at us and their car smashed into us and even though I had moved over as close to my husband as I could, their car came right through our car and came to rest against my right side and pinned me in. 

I had to crawl across my husband and fell out of the car on his side and then pull him out because he was unconscious. I opened the back door and saw the two boys in the back seat of our car and they were unconscious too. 

My husband came back to awareness and told me to lock the front car door from the inside so nobody could try to drive the car away, so I did that and locked ourselves out of the car.

I then saw the two boys running back towards their own house across the street. 

I didn't know what to do and I saw some lights on in the house across the street in the other direction where a man named Bill and his daughter lived. So I yelled across the street, "Bill - call 911. I heard Bill call out "113".

His daughter then ran over tot he boys house to commiserate with them. I heard her say tot hem, "Yeah1 I know she's trying to kill you."

I was really distraught now and went back to my house to fix some things up. 

There was a garden in front of the house and I started to rake up some old leaves and plant some new things, but it seemed that nothing lined up and nothing was centered, so I knew I had to work on that.

Then I saw there were 2 vines growing across the yard, one old one and one new one, growing side by side. But then I saw that the old one had broken off near the leading edge and there were no leading edge on it, so I started bending it back on itself about every 3 feet until it was near its original trunk where it came out of the ground.

Way back there it was too thick to break off by hand, so I just lay the vine down next to it. 

The man next door came over then and said he would help with something, but I told him we needed help with something else. (I can't remember what)

I then went upstairs where some young girls were moving things around. This seemed to be a gardening room. I saw some jade plant sprouts by the door, so I took one of the sprouts to put into water in my own room.

I then started to repair a gap in a knitted circle and took 3 stitches in the white section near the center. I heard a voice tell me that what I had done was derogatory. (There were 5 stitches and 2 were out of alignment so I crocheted them in the gap so only 3 showed.

NOTE: I was thinking this might be Christian, Jewish, Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism.

NOTE 2:  Several days later, Joe and I were driving to a restaurant to meet his two sons and he made a left turn against traffic and if he would have been any slower, the cars would have crushed me on the right side, just like in the dream.


12-18-01 - DREAM - I was in a school of some kind in Milwaukee - seemed like a parochial school. Written on the wall was a longhand written announcement and rules for the members of the church. It said that members were not allowed to bring in 'colding' people. I had to ask what 'colding people' were and was told that it meant 'strangers'.

I attended this church from time to time which was located down the street and was worried that they wouldn't allow myself in either. So I decided that I would go down to the church and talk to them about this rule, because if strangers were never allowed, I would never have been allowed in the church in the first place. 

It then came to me that I had been pushed 598 times from one side and 798 times from the other side.

A Master then came and said he wanted to take me to lunch for the Holidays. I told him to make it next Monday because that was when Joe was off and would be available. He said, "That's not a good day for me and I wanted to take you to lunch on the near north side."

I knew what kind of neighborhood that was, but I also knew that they had good restaurants there. That was a hard decision to make. 


12-18-01 - DREAM - I was in a house and looked across the street. Across the street was a mall-like area with K-Mart in it. I knew that my friends Bonnie and Jim were shopping there. So I went across the street to the parking lot. In the parking lot, a light blue car was parked and several people were standing around it. On the hood of the car was a lot of rectangular boxes drawn. Within each box were lists of different types of aliens. (I can't remember what they were) In one box, it said, "Angelic Realities"( which is the name of Anna Hayes 3rd book.)


12-19-01 - DREAM - I was in the country and along the road was a big fenced in field. The hills were rolling. Just over the first low hill was a mass of fresh graves. There were no headstones on any of these graves. They were all unmarked.  Then a massive herd of beautiful horses came running over the hills and ran over the fresh graves. I wanted to stop them but there was no way to do that. Two horses tried to jump the fence and knocked it down. Then all of the horses were running for the fence. 

I was afraid of the horses and cowered against the fence and hoped that if I stood real still, they wouldn't hurt me. 


12-19-01 - DREAM - I was in a school. My daughter was there as well as a lot of other people. All of a sudden a small dwarf man appeared and got right in my face. Smiling, he said to me, "Let's talk!"

I didn't say, "Yes or No!" I was shown a list of topics which I don't remember and can't repeat here, but I feel they have something to do with Anna Hayes teachings.

I started to become lucid and I recognized the voice with the French accent to be the 'lightbeing' ROV. That's who the dwarf was - shape-shifted.


12-20-01 - DREAM - I don't recall there were any people in this dream. It rather seems that it might have been a healing type dream and consisted of spinning brown energies twice towards the left as it moved upward from the ground.


12-20-01 - DREAM - I was working on a project  which was to finish laying a smooth path alongside the road made of concrete, not sand like those before me had done. I was pretty much used to doing this by myself with nobody paying any attention.

Then one day, it was announced that we had a visitor who was interested in my work. I asked who it was and they said it was  someone like Robert Lee from ? University. I didn't know who he was. I saw him as he went by, a young guy , just someone I didn't know - I wasn't too impressed though I was intrigued that someone other than myself really cared. 

I looked across the street and saw that there was large gap in the sidewalk where kids had played and there were large rocks that stack up where people could trip over. I wanted to make sure that the path was smooth for everyone. So I went over to where the work was being done and concrete was being mixed. I helped mix the concrete until it was ready to pour into the mold and I looked up and asked if the mold was ready. the others were still messing around trying to decide what to put the concrete in.

I said, "The concrete is ready to pour," and I heard a loud noise and woke up to thunder roaring across the sky.


12-22-01 - DREAM - (writing under protest because it seems useless, yet there is at least one clue in each one that seems meaningful, that may come to light later)

#1 - I was looking for my Mother. It seemed that my sister may have taken her to the hospital because she was in bad health. I was driving along what looked like a new road. I ended up at my aunt's house on 16th St. All my aunts were there. (All deceased) I asked if my mother was there. My aunt Irene told me that my sister had taken my mother shopping because she was feeling better.

As I woke up, I was told this was the path of the 77

#2 - DREAM VISION - I saw a black and white cartoon like Family Circus. As the cartoon figures flipped through a series of revolving, a lion showed up - followed by the #49

NOTE: 49 - 7 x 7


12-23-01 - DREAM - This is so bizarre. I didn't want to write it down, but am only doing so because of who is in it.

This started out upstairs in my New Berlin house. I was going through the clothes upstairs then went downstairs and decided to hang all my daughters dressed into the front hall closet. 

I grabbed an armful of dresses with the hangars and took them to the closet and saw that the rod to hold the hangars was running in the opposite direction than I thought it was. 

While I was standing there, trying to figure this out, my daughter, who was now grown, said that she wanted to use the closet for her computer. The closet was now larger. 

Meanwhile, the house was full of women who were sitting around small round tables like we were having a party. Along the wall in the diningroom were shelves of toy boxes. I thought about selling these girls toys to the women at this meeting. I thought would sell them for $1 to $7, but each one for $1 less than what they cost me, just to sell them, however the boxes had barcodes on them and not actual price stickers and they wouldn't know if I was telling them if I was telling the truth about the price or not. 

All of a a sudden, all the women were leaving. They were all wearing winter coats in brown leather. I wanted to stop them and tell them about the girls toys I wanted to sell them because I knew they would want them, but I looked at the shelves where I had the toys and they were gone. I was told that a woman named RICERS had taken them.

(After I woke up, I thought this might be Condalesa Rice. She works for President Bush)

I was distraught that the toys were gone and I couldn't sell them and the women all left, so I went back to the frnt hall closet which was now even larger.

While I was looking at it, a huge man, dressed in army fatigues came in. He talked like he was going to help remodel the closet. The man was about 6'8"  or 7 feet tall and about 4 feet wide. He was HUGE.

As I talked to him, he was losing weight from the waist up. I mentioned to him that his weight loss was working well and he agreed, but from the waist down, he would still be big butted. 

All of a sudden we were outside, but I knew we were still inside the house. This was an illusion and I knew it.

The big butted man became invisible and in my mind's eye I cold see that he was the same height, but he looked like a stick-man ET. He then reappeared down the street like he had been before. 

Then I was facing a row of beds and on one which had a plush blue and white flowered quilt, a blonde woman appeared with a basket-like purse. She wanted to show me what was in it, and I was assuming it was makeup.

There was a red wig at the top and she acted all nervous. She handed the basket purse to me and told me to do it. 

I couldn't get past the red wig either, but I finally did. 

Underneath it was a large round chocolate bar. I asked her if that was it and she said, "No!"

So I pulled that out of the way and beneath it was a clump of "Thin Mints" wrapped in green foil paper. There were 10 or 12 of them clumped together. I pulled them out and handed them to her.

She made a comment about becoming an exotic dancer and all of a sudden Bill Clinton was standing there with the army guy. Bill Clinton told her that she may as well just strap those "Thin Mints" to her chest wall.

Bill Clinton and the army guy then walked into the closet to talk about remodeling it. 


12-25-01 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere - There was a man there who was always at odds with everyone else. He hung his clothes on 6 pegs on the wall instead of on hangars like everyone else.

All her clothes were an odd shade of orange except for a vest that was black and red. Sabrina said that he was very bad at color coordination.

Then was some plush blue vests there that for some reason were being shoved and the material was getting thinner and thinner, all the plush got shaved off.

All of a sudden the dream ended with a little white bar with the number 1945 over it.


12-25-01 - VISION - Three tiny children, smiling and laughing.

I was told that I should look at the book of Ezekiel as each chapter is a separate event.

I then saw a baby coughing like he had a piece of cellophane candy wrappers stuck in his mouth and we couldn't get to him to get it out of his mouth.

I saw a white square with a bright blue war ship on it with all sails flying - circa 1492 or thereabouts.


12-25-01 - DREAM - I was sitting in the courtyard of my apartment building, next to my cousin Shirley. I looked at her and put my arm around her and said, "You know I loved you so much, don't you? "

She looked stunned, then said, "I guess I can understand why you like me, BUT, I have something I have to tell you."

I knew she wanted to tell me off about my prophecies because I been demonstrating the blue sailing ships and the 6 slayers on the same chalk-board to other people.  (Ezekiel - north upper gate - along with the man dressed in linen, with the writing case. He goes about the city and marks the foreheads of the people who are listed in the writing case)

Shirley got interrupted by a couple cats who were slithering underneath some weed growing next to her.

I stood up to figure out what to do with the cats, and when I turned back around, the whole area was wet with water. Someone had turned on the sprinkler system full blast and there wasn't a dry seat to be hand so I couldn't sit down again.

There was a small built Jewish man - dressed all in black like New York Hasidic Jews - he was sitting on the chair where I had been sitting and hew as kinda hunched over talking to Shirley.

My notebook with my dreams was all wet as well. 

I suddenly realized I was the manager of the place and I could control whether the water system was on or off, so I decided to go to the maintenance room and ask someone to turn off the outside sprinkler system until it was really needed.

I went inside the door and found myself inside a school. I saw teens in the distance raising their hands up as if to wave "Hello" and then realized they were just answering their ringing cell phones.

I walked down to the end of the hall and then realized I was in the wrong building. I found myself in a cafeteria area of many round tables with young girls sitting around them.

I excused myself as I got to the front window and walked around the last table.

One girl said, "Everyone ends up here at lunchtime." I then went back to the main building, visualizing what was going to happen, that it was noon and I'd knock on the closed door of the maintenance room and Joe and Kenny and Michael would be there and Joe and Kenny would hide because they weren't supposed to be there.


12-26-01 - DREAM - I was at a mall, school, apartment building. this was spring and the first day of girls baseball.

In the apartment phase, there was a meeting going on and the men were being chosen to be umpires or coaches for the baseball game by how good they could whistle. I thought I could whistle too and I tried really hard, but I couldn't whistle a single note. My boss thought I could whistle too, and showed me the whole scale of harmony which was in the shape of a horseshoe.

I couldn't do it no matter how I did and I figured it was because my lips were too dry. I needed to 'wet my whistle'.

I went to the refrigerator to see what was in it. All there was in there was about 7 or 8 small heads of lettuce, small cans of corn in the clear, lower vegetable drawers and some large green plants growing on the top shelf.

I decided there was 'nothing' to eat so I went upstairs to visit my mother and see if she had anything to eat.

There was a water spigot by her door, but I walked in and said, "I came upstairs to get something to eat, and don't tell met here isn't anything."

She said, "Don't be so sure of that outside of breadcrumbs."

I looked in her cupboards and she as right. Outside of breadcrumbs on the counter next to the toaster there was nothing to eat there either. 

So, I went outside and began pulling up green plants along the roadside that I could replant in the garden. They were like tomato plants that one could pull and would grow roots off the stems. Most of the plants I pulled off, also had plant stems and leaves that would regrow where I pulled the long stems off the top.

I then went to the school and was standing in the street out in front. T.J. left to go umpire or coach the girls baseball team which was at a field a short distance away. 

Stephanie - T.J's old girlfriend was sitting in a bright car in the back seat and was trying to keep T.J. from going to the baseball game by whistling in a sexy manner after him. She was surrounded by a group of men in a semi-circle like the horseshoe shape again. She was dressed in red and white. 

I was then talking to some people about the baseball game and as now outside a shopping mall which was also horseshoe shaped around me.

I was telling the people that I had a salon on the 2nd level right in front. I did hair or nails or something for women. One of the men, who was a cop went into the building and when the door closed, there was a sound like he fell headlong on a linoleum floor. 


12-26-01 - DREAM - I was in a house with young women. I messed up the vacuum cleaner suction,  but at the same time a young girl's gerbil ran under the carpet. I warned her about the gerbil getting lost under the carpet and then I helped her adjust the vacuum cleaner as it sucked better.

I then went out to my Father's lake cottage in a car. We were following a car, but instead of the lights in the back being red, they were white. I then saw the license plate number. It was WTF555. 

I then met a woman I used to work with. She said she and her husband moved to 12th St. and were starting up a lawn mower business and were going to fix them for free, just for the experience. I told her I was certain we could work together and get her some business.


12-26-01 - VISION - A red jeep with an American flag in the back seat. A voice said, "Go for it!"


12-26-01 - DREAM - I was being invited to move into the house on the hill. There were two women who lived in that house.

I was wearing my pink bathrobe. I went out into the yard where a lot of people were. I sat next to a black man who seemed to be in charge. I said to him, "Your daughters sure care for you a lot!"



I was at a school. There was a wall-size computer screen. On the screen were some words from a story which another person was going to publish, but there were a couple words that needed correcting, so I changed those words. The other person then printed this on her end and I had no control over it and the outcome.

On my end I had a typewriter of some kind and tan sheets of paper that were about 5 feet long. This was going to be a book with a story and poetry in it. The words were still being changed or corrected and I was going to add the page of poetry to finalize the book before it was published.

I discovered then that the room I was using was a classroom which was being used for a class so I couldn't complete the work right then. So I left with another woman and a man. I can't remember what my relationship to the people was - a man and a woman. They were doing the driving. 

As it turned out, the man was a volunteer fireman. as we drove along we saw the smoke from a fire that turned out to be more than a single source. The houses that were burning were built high in the air along crystal tracks which held them up, but connected them. Also along these crystal tracks were huge peach-colored flowers - they may have been vines but my impression was that they were gigantic trees. This made fighting the fire all the more difficult. I heard someone say that they might have to change the crystalline tracks holding the houses together with metal to prevent the fires from spreading any further. I was hoping not, because these crystalline tracks were so beautiful amongst the flowers and houses. 

We were driving really fast along the road skirting the fires to get beyond the last fire so we wouldn't bein the way. We were going backwards at top speed to get out of the way. 

All of a sudden, right in front of us was this huge fire fighting machine and driving it was G.H.  He saw me and his face lit up in the most brilliant smile. He and I were both shocked to see each other. Neither of us was ever intended to see each other again. Our relationship had been so painful - so full of love, but at the same time, we both had other lives that kept us apart which we had responsibilities too. We could never be together. We were like star-crossed lovers through an entire lifetime. I kept dreaming of him, but I could never be with him.

I knew that those 5 foot long sheets of paper was the story of he and I and our love. 

He had to go fight the fire, along with the teacher, so the woman took me to her house.

After I was there, I was looking at the papers and editing them. Right on the first line, I wrote, "One thousand four hundred years." - that meant through many lifetimes we had had some kind of relationship. It seemed unbelievable.

The telephone kept ringing. It wasn't my phone so I didn't answer it. This was the teacher's hoouse. But the phone was so persistent, I finally answered it. 

The person on the other end sounded Spanish. I was going to tell them they had the wrong number, but then the voice sounded like an old Jewish man. 

He said, speaking of my 1st husband, "He's going to publish the story told from his side."

I was tired of hiding the story, the agony of thinking about lifetimes of love and agony - the pain of the love that was all that remained. 

I thought for a second, then said, "Tell him to go ahead, tell him to go ahead."

It was time for the story to be told. It would finally be out in the open. 

Would that mean we could finally be together?  I don't know.


12-28-01 - DREAM - I was outside a house, picking up little boys clothes that were strewn around. A little boy, about age 7 came up to me. He didn't have a jacket on and it was cold outside, so I told him to put on his jacket which was laying on the steps of the house.

I handed him his jacket. I could then hear the boy fighting with his brother. It was just words at first, then I heard the other brother crying, "He hit me in the eye, he hit me in the eye." 

then I saw the other brother. He was a small, frail boy, no jacket or shirt on, but wearing a black turban and dark pants. He was sitting in a decorative wooden cubicle in front of a small square table with a lamp stand on it, which had 3 light bulbs on it. One on each side and one on top. I then saw 5 such cubicles, each with a black turbaned boy with identical lampstands. 


12-28-01 - VOICE - 'GAS IN KANSAS CITY'.


12-29-01 - DREAM - I changed my hair to short and curly in a dark reddish auburn color. It looked great. 


12-30-01 - DREAM - All symbolic.

There were 7 bluebirds coming down from above wit hollow triangular spaces in their bodies which I had to fill in. That was successful. 

Then there was 100 somethings - I can't remember the shape. I had to do something similar with them. That was also successful. 

Then I was wearing a brown flowered sarong, standing in front of a mirror. There were 3 of us. I had to color out the image I didn't want. That felt successful.

Then I was in a house with thousands of black cats from thimble size to regular cat-size. I had to walk through them without stepping on them and get them all to go from one room to outside. I wasn't very good at the latter part and got some help. I don't remember how that ended.

Then I was sitting in a car at a stop-light on Center St and Teutonia. the light was red and the lane I was in, I could not go forward because there was construction going on. I had planned to go straight ahead but that was impossible at the moment.  There was a car to my left so I couldn't get a jump start on traffic and go around the construction either and there were hundreds of people crossing the street in front of me.

I decided I would turn right instead, but I wasn't in the right turn lane and all those people were in the way. But I decided to try. I turned the key in the ignition and started the car. 

Suddenly, 5 boyscouts appeared in front of my car. I told them I'd give them each 5 dollars if they could get me around the corner. 

The pulled my car around the corner and it was now a long yellow schoolbus. 

I pulled it up to the first house on the left that had numerous Mexican people standing outside it. I decided I would go inside this building to pay the boyscouts. Only two of the boyscouts showed up. they said they would give the money to the other 3 boyscouts but I didn't trust them. I gave them each $5 and told them to send the other 3 in for payment. I actually had 10 five dollar bills and I gave them 10, which left me with 8 five dollar bills, which I stuffed in my bed and decided to find a bathroom meanwhile. 

There were numerous bedrooms in this house, each with their own toilet, but each of the toilets was stuffed with toilet paper and non-functioning. I heard a toilet flush behind a closed door, but I could use that one as someone else as.

So in one bedroom was a hassock with a yellow towel laid on it so I did my 'job' on the yellow towel and discovered too late that I was sitting between the legs of a woman who was laying face down in front of me.

I could hardly wait to get out of there unobserved.

Off to the right, behind closed doors, I could hear T.J. and Sabrina and Stephanie talking to the old Spanish/Mexican grandmother and telling her their troubles. I thought that was a great idea. I decided to elave then and go back out to my bus, but I don't know what happened to my money.

NOTE: We got invited to a Mexican restaurant by Sabrina, T.J. and Stephanie were there. Stephanie told JOe her dream in which she was tested about her belief in witchcraft. 


12-31-01 - I prefer to ignore stupid dreams, particularly when they are long and involved and this one is particularly bizarre, but then again, maybe it means something.

DREAM - I worked in a large building. I discovered by accident that I lived on the 11th floor, but I worked with people on all floors. Everything seemed new or newly remodeled, but bizarre. The elevator was all carpeted, including the walls, a different color on each wall and my guess is that the elevator was a cage and the carpeting wasn't attached except at the top and bottom, maybe just at the top. I didn't want to test that theory and scare myself.

The only floor the elevator stopped at properly was the 1st floor. All other floors we tried to stop at, the elevator would be up to 5 feet off the level. It depended on what floor we tried. 

So, I and another woman who was older got back off on the 1st floor and walked all the way up. It seemed that none of the stairs met on each floor either. When I got to the top of one stairway, the next one was over a foot or so and had broken bricks at the bottom so one had to be somewhat of an athlete and jump across the gap.

It seemed that my own working office was on the 8th floor, but I also did some work on the 10th floor.

We were awaiting the delivery of an impeller that day. I seemed to be the secretary of that department and part of my job was to make sure that others did their jobs, so I had the schedules and lists of what was to be done on my desk to make sure it got done.

I took the impeller order to the office where the man who was supposedly to go don to the factory and make sure it was there. All the offices I passed had one person sitting at a desk, but from the looks of it, that's all they did. My desk was the only one with paper on it. Nobody else had paper, books, pencils, pens, typewriters, computer - nothing - just a small weird looking guy sitting at an empty desk in an empty brand new clean room.

My  own husband, who looked like a doctor from the TV show One Life to Live, was supposed to start work at 11 a.m. but he had some kind of appointment at 11 on the 11th floor and never showed up again. 

I then discovered a really weird event. Babies were born, weighing about 25 pounds. However, no baby had a head, hands or feet. They were just bodies and very chubby. They were judged on quality by how many questions they could answer off of a written test. How they could answer without heads, I couldn't say.

The woman who gave birth to these babies was similar to the babies. She was like a baby machine. - no head, no hands, no feet.  If you wanted a baby, you placed some kind of material into a large door into the woman's abdomen, and when it was deemed ready, one opened the door in the woman's stomach and took the baby out.

It was completely bloodless and unemotional.

Finally, I went to an all white office where a couple of women were working and it seemed that my husband, the doctor was sitting at a third desk.

This all looked brand new too. One of the women was spending all her time sliding across the room on her 4 wheeled chair, making marks on the floor with her chair. That's all she did while I was there. I commented to her about the marks and she just laughed, and kept doing it, at which point, the other woman decided to do it in the opposite direction so her 4 wheels made marks on the floor that crossed the other woman's marks, like a grid.

My doctor/husband decided to go back to our apartment at that point.

I followed him and went past a blonde woman, with longer curly hair. As I went by she gave me kind of a dirty look. I didn't know why.

When I got to the apartment, I made sure I had a key to the door to make sure I couldn't get locked out and put it in my pocket. It was a silver key. 

When I got back to where other women were, a discussion ensued about the reasons women make friends with each other. One woman said that omen tend to make friends with other women whose husbands they like. I denied that, but after I thought about it for a couple minutes, I had to admit that was probably true.

I never had a friend whose husband I didn't like as well or better than I liked her. 

I also saw body parts made this way like an extra limb - arm or leg.

At no time did I ever see a head, hands, or feet.