12-1-02 - DREAM

I was living in an apartment with a bunch of other people. The place was being remodeled as well so there was a painter, a carpenter, a large heavy machine, and some other people.

Edward (my ex-husband) came home from prison. I wasn't upset at first, but a narrow bed was put in the same room as the children's beds and a woman named Diane was sleeping there as well. She had the covers over her head, so I didn't see her face at first.

I had work to do - a lot of it, so everyone was in bed sleeping except the painter, the carpenter, other workers and myself.

I warned the workers to be very careful because the floor was thin plywood and not braced underneath and the machine was heavy too.

As for myself, I stood along the walls where the floor was braced and not in the center where the floor wasn't braced.

After a time I started to get upset because Edward just laid in bed sleeping instead of getting up and going out to look for a job and taking his place in society and the family.

As soon as I asked the question, the woman Diane jumped out of bed to answer the question for all prisoners - not just Edward.

She had a list of 5 things that prisoners were taught and getting a job wasn't one of them.

To begin with, Diane didn't have a human face - it was more like a Dali painting - small head, crooked nose that was sideways on the face. The face itself was delicately painted in pastel colors like a Hopi or Navajo design.

She held up a small T shirt in front of me with the 5 things prisoners are taught

#1 was 'hot not to be lonely within themselves
#2 ?
#3 ?
#4 "
#5 "

All 5 things were psychological and spiritual - not practical - like how to get a job.

I could understand why a prisoner needed to know these things. There were wise things to know - good things to know for the self. But they didn't serve society in the whole like being a citizen that served others in a the community and being a paying citizen.


12-1-02 - DREAM - I've been having number dreams - There were 9 black cats I tried to separate and put on individual web pages.

I dream about 5 numbered things I was trying to keep track of on a web page. One was dated 11-28-01 - it was important to know that it happened - it was like a bench marker for what was to come.

NOTE: I looked at the headlines for that date, but couldn't determine what might be a benchmark for the future.


12-2-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office where the boss and his Vice President sat out in the front office, which was neat and tidy. However, the inner room behind them was in chaos with toys on the floor, all in a jumble and even the furniture was in chaos, none of the chairs matched, nor even faced a desk or table.

I didn't actually see the boss and the Vice President, but I heard them voices, as they were trying to reassure an auditorium full of people that everything was great.

The boss introduced the Vice President in glowing terms, about how hard he worked, but I knew how either he really did, he had a black box on his desk and he hid behind a single prospectors paper when he sat at his desk. He did nothing else.

There was a woman the boss introduced and told the audience," she only wears "gray" when there is bad news."

I wanted to interrupt him and tell the audience , "She always wears gray".

Indeed, she always wore a gray suitdress. She stood up at the introduction and was wearing a gray suitdress, but not only that, she was wearing a hat made of a long black plume feather that draped around her face and ended under her chin - the sign of death.

I then saw her business card and her name was McBuffet.

I decided to go into the inner room and try to clean up the chaos.

I started by putting the 4 chairs around a small table in the center of the room. The chairs each had a different color - red, orange, yellow, and green.

Then, finally I saw the President of the company. He not only was wearing a gray suit, he was draped completely from head to toe in long black plumed feathers.



12-3-02 - DREAM - I was working in a huge factory - my job was in the office. It wasn't bright enough, so I went over to the wall, turned on the light switch.

The second shift guys were just coming in to work - they were older white-haired men, but really spry and energetic.

The painter was dressed all in white, but there was also a carpenter and a man who was in control of the water system.

The man who was in control of the water said, "Starting tonight, I'm going to put out the word that we want all the water to come in from one direction." The man indicated with his hands that all the piping should be controlled from one direction and disbursed to the other factory parts from there.

We all agreed that was a good idea and we would spread the word that that was best.

I went back to my office and some people were looking out the window, remarking about how unusual the sunset was - a storm was blowing across the sky, but we could still see breaks in the clouds where the red sunlight was trying to shine through before it went down.

I then saw two big ominous donut shaped black and white clouds side by side in the sky. I called another woman over to look at them.

When she came over to the window, I tried to point out the donut clouds in the sky, but what I was seeing was really the back ends of 3 shiny silver oil tanker trucks parked side by side in the parking lot.

I didn't' quite know what to make of that.

I got a phone call then from Mike - Joe's son - who said he got a second job at night fixing refrigerators. He was based out of Oakdale (where Hwy 108 and 120 meet) While he talked, I had a vision of a large list of cities he was responsible for. He said that his Dad could work with him - there was so much work to do - he could divide the work into two territories.

I could see from the list how much work there was to do, but I said, "Yeah! That would be a great idea, but you know your Dad doesn't like to go back out again at night, once he is sitting down.



12-4-02 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere - I was walking between two large buildings that had a railroad track between them. I was walking next to the track on the right side.

A huge green painted train came along. Three men, dressed in old-fashioned clothes like Bosnian peasants wear (They could have been French or any other country as well) These men were older - ages 40 to 60 - I couldn't really tell. But one man was older than the other two.

The men jumped off the train and ran ahead of it, but the older man couldn't keep up and the train passed him. He ran next to the train in the rea where I was walking then. The train stopped then and the men ran into the building on the left side of the tracks.

I entered a building as well. There was a party going on. The men at the party were also dressed like foreign born - French or Italian. They were in a long galley kitchen. I looked at the mess they had made. They had at least a dozen loaves of bread started and opened. The bread was rather coarse looking, not the squishy American stuff we have here.

There were two galley kitchens in this apartment and I didn't see any reason to use both of them, so I told the men to take all the food to the other kitchen so I could clean it up.

Even the floor was lumpy and soft like they were walking on dropped bread.

Once I got the kitchen cleaned, I went to my bedroom and was sitting on the bed when a young blonde woman came running in with a huge container of popcorn. She was all excited and jumped onto the bed with me. Popcorn fell out of the bowl onto the bed. It smelled so good, I ate 5 pieces before I remembered I was allergic to it and stopped eating it. By then two more girls came running in - These girls were about 16 or 17 years old.

Now that the girls were in my room, I realized it was time to clean out the Master bedroom for T.M. to move into it. The furniture would stay, but I cleaned the room for the new occupancy.

(It seems that my Father had stayed in that room previously) I can't say I know where he moved to.

Once that was done, I had to clean up after all the partiers.

I saw two rooms at a distance. One was the cobalt blue room - though I saw it as black and white. The other was the wolf room. Both rooms had furniture in, but nothing else. On the floors of the entire apartment was leftover popcorn, cornflakes, and other sundry food particles I couldn't identify - it would be a big job to clean it up.

NOTE: This seems to be about my food allergies.


12-5-02 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin. I looked out the front window of the house and saw that water was rising out in the street and then I saw that the water went all the way across the valley to the south and west of us. I was grateful at that moment that we lived on the side of the hill, but at the same time, I wondered if we had enough food in the house to last until the water went down again. I knew there was no way to get the car from the garage, down the driveway to the street so we could go to the store. It was too late to get prepared for the flood now - the water was already too high.


12-5-02 - DREAM - I was living in the country. I had a beautiful garden plot there. I even had little jars of water on pedestals where I was rooting new plants. I took a watering can and added a little water to each plant to keep them growing well.

But then I saw my neighbor - a Mexican woman rototilling out the cabbage plot.

The cabbage plot had 16 cabbages in it. 1/2 of the cabbages were mine and 1/2 of them belonged to the Mexican woman. We had planted the cabbages, one at a time, so each one was a different size so we would only harvest one at a time and not waste them as the rest would still be growing to full size.

I couldn't really say anything if the Mexican woman destroyed her own half of the cabbage plot but she rototilled out my 1/2 as well - even the beautiful big cabbage that was almost large enough to harvest.

I ran over to the garden but it was too late to save any of the cabbages - one piece looked like a big Reptilian foot.

I demanded to know if the Mexican woman intended to feed me and my family during the winter after destroying our food.

She said, "The farmer who owns this land said the cabbages had to go - so they are gone."

I asked her, "Do you know how long it takes to grow a new garden?" and I saw a yard stick laying there -ready to measure out a new garden.



DREAMS OF RECORDS AND CDS - ... There were 3 green cabbages growing in the grass, he had built a concrete car that could go nowhere, and he had built a ... ...

DEES DREAMS AND VISIONS - APRIL, 2001 ... The deal was, when you bought the cabbages, you were in charge of what happened with them. You could control your own cabbages. ...

DEE'S DREAMS AND VISIONS - MARCH, 1992 ... *****. 3-25-92 - DREAM - I got a letter in which it said it was time to plant cabbages here in pots for later setting out. ****. ...

DEES DREAMS AND VISION - SEPTEMBER, 1998 ... There were 3 green cabbages growing in the grass, he had built a concrete car that could go nowhere, and he had built a bathtub in the yard and connected it ...


12-06-02 - DREAM - I was in a school with some older teenages. One of the teachers, who was also a young man said that they were all there so he could teach them what a difference LIGHT could make.

At that point, it was dark outside, so it was dark inside the school too except for moonlight coming in the windows.

The teacher reached out to a circuit breaker to turn on the LIGHT, but all there was, was a loud crackling noise and a bright flash over in one corner of the class room.

There was an electrician there, so he and the teacher went to see where the 'short' in the wiring occurred.

As for myself, I went out into a hallways and it look like I was in a hospital corridor.

I walked through the building, looking for the door. I finally found the entrance doors down a side hallway. So I went to the door and it was pouring rain outside. There was no way I was going out there.

After a moment, two men came walking by, striding fast, but with their heads down.

As i stood there, a young black man came along and introduced himself as Matthew. He asked me if I was participating in the school hike.

Looking at the pouring rain, I said, "No!"

He aid, "I was hoping you were. I have some thing to tell you."

I looked up at him and said, "Okay! Then I will".

At that point, the rain stopped and we began walking down the street. It was still dark outside.

As we walked we came to 16th St. where I lived as I was growing up. When we got to the corner of Clarke St., we met two young Jewish people, a man and woman named Mary. They were also on this hike but had left a little earlier than I had.

The Jewish man said to Mary," It seem you are becoming more comfortable around here, you even farted in front of the other men."

Knowing how embarrassing that it is or a woman to fart in front of a man, I just patter her on the shoulder and we all continued on the hike.

The Jewish man and Mary led the way, which got more difficult as we claimed some stone stairs. The stairs were laid out though so one could catch ones breath on the flat section between the stairs portions. I tried to let the muscles in my legs do all the work so I didn't get so out of breath.

By now, dawn had arrived and it was LIGHT outside for the rest of the hike, following the Jewish man and Mary.

NOTE:  After this point I seem to have a LOT of dreams focusing on the Jewish nation and my beliefs.

12-7-02 - DREAM - I was working in the kitchen of a home. Animals started to die - the cats and dogs all lay on the floor as if dead, then later the dogs started to come back to life and limp around.

Women were looking for a new boyfriend. I ironed a yellow suit jacket - running the wrinkles on the jacket back into 5 parts. Each division had the names of groups of pages and blackened the name of Mozzshad Zzu.

My iron burned the name of Moshad ZU  It was area code 784 - then i saw the word 'forever'



12-8-02 - It seemed that this dream took place in a foreign country, but all the speech was English. The men in the dream were dressed rather like Indiana JOnes - It had that feeling. The dream was about teaching people to read:

DREAM - A man who was a film-maker had a new concept of teaching people to read. He was showing us the words. The words themselves were English letters but had no vowels - only consonants.

One of the words appeared and where the vowel should have been in the world, there was a circle with the number 17 in it. And when I saw the number 17, I heard the name 'Mohammad'. (When I saw the number 17, my physical 4th toe on my right foot cramped up so bad, I was instantly awakened and the pain was so bad, I was forced to throw off the covers and stand up.)  I then lay back down and went instantly to sleep and the dream continued.



12-8-02 - DREAM  I and another woman saw a film of a bar scene. The scene had an Indian JOnes type of atmosphere - a huge room with a high ceiling, smoky atmosphere, rough looking men with black hair and moustaches - and a middle-eastern feeling.

The men had a round ball that looked like a coconut with a seam all the way around it  They swung the object on a long rope from the ceiling and this ball swayed and swung a number of times until the exact right moment and someone would have a special 'knowing' to grab that swung ball and crack it open and drink it - prior to that time it wouldn't be ready to drink.

When I saw that film, I also knew that's how one learned to read - it was word recognition - one had a 'knowing' that the letters one saw in front of them sounded a specific way - That was reading - the 'knowing' .

I and the other woman called the filmmaker into our room to show him this film and show him what reading really was.

So the filmmaker sat in the brown chair, and the film was projected on a white screen on the wall and again we watched the film of the brown ball with the seam all around it swinging back and forth until one of the men got that 'knowing ' when to crack the ball open and drink it.

When the film ended, we had a little girl there about 7 years old. she had a bright face with an eager look in her eyes and we told the filmmaker that this little girl learned to read in this way when she got that 'knowing' on sight with the words.


12-09-02 - DREAM - The first part of the dream was nasty. A man who looked something like my 1st husband, but not quite, tried to make me do something to him sexually that I found repugnant and refused to do. He was pretty upset over it, but I didn't let that persuade me. I still wouldn't do it.  So I got dressed and left the room and was in a restaurant, where I found my beige purse underneath the chair where I had been sitting for dinner. I was surprised n one had taken it.

I then had to go sit at a large table where the only spot left was next to a young woman who didn't like me. I was on her left. I sat back aways so she didn't have to look at me. I then helped a woman prepare some kind of batter that was cake-like that bubbles in it like you get from baking powder. this stuff was to put on people's faces to change them - something like plastic putty.


12-10-02 - DREAM - I came down the mountain to go to work on an unpaved highway at 75 miles an hour with no brakes on the car. The road was rough with deep ruts, but the ride was smooth and had no traffic.

I was then back at Juneau Village apartment, taking over as Manager. The building had undergone some remodeling. There was a new large lobby, but the work on the 3rd floor wasn't done and people were living in apartments that had no walls or doors.

The office hours were extended to 7:30 .m. MOnday thru Friday, but still closed at 5 on Saturday and Sunday.

I met the boss - the Jewish Judge on the 3rd floor at the lobby and he gave me 3 bags of quarters. I dumped out the 1st bag on the counter. It also contained dimes and nickels and little wooden animals that got lined up on the counter. Once out of the bag, the animals were larger than the bag they came from.

I gave one of the animals to a  young boy who was there. The money went into my right-hand coat pocket.

The building seemed to be divided into ethnic groups. The russian Jews were on the 3rd floor, but now I planned to drive to Kohls grocery store on Capital Dr. and was going to pick up some food for a couple who lived on 52nd St. as well.

I was with a man and his son - I have no clue who they are, but they were going to go shopping with me.

The hart part was finding the stairs that led to the basement garage because the building had been remodeled. The stairs were near where they were, but hard to find because there were false stairwells that didn't go all the way down.

I finally found the original stairwell by the lobby that went down to the garage. I hadn't been given my master keys yet, and the door to the garage was locked.

There were two options open to get to my car - buy a ticket to open the door or wait for someone else to open it and run through.

The machine took quarters and luckily I had the quarters that the Jewish Judge had given me, so I put a quarter which I got from my right coat pocket and inserted it into the machine. I turned the handle and out came a pink ticket with the number 10 on it.

The ticket acted like a key in the knob of the door and I opened the door and woke up.


12-11-02 - DREAM/VISIONS - I was seeing long lists of people - about grey wolf and survival. I couldn't really read their names, but they were famous people.


12-12-02 - DREAM - I was shown a series of 6 portrait paintings of a woman, dressed in old-fashioned clothing - like a Gibson girl. The first one was bright in color and then each portrait had less and less color and the last one was all grey.

The scene switched and I was now in a house looking at the sky through the window. The sky was blue but the sun wasn't shining and there was a huge grey cloud bank heading our way. I looked over further in the sky and it looked like there was a huge cloud bank in that direction too, and the blue sky was just a huge hole in a massive cloud bank.   (This dream came true on 12-14-02)

Then I wondered why the sun wasn't shining through the hole in the clouds - was the sun behind the clouds? But why weren't there any sun rays coming through the holes in the clouds. I wondered perhaps if the sun maybe hadn't come up yet? But the sky was so blue - that didn't make sense either. Where was the sun?

I heard some noise in the room behind me and turned around to realize that my husband had disconnected the plumbing - there was no water either to drink, or to flush a toilet, but even worse, there was no electricity either.

I wrote on the wall in yellow chalk - 'I NEED MY KITCHEN'.

I walked across the floor barefoot and accidentally stepped on my husband's belt. It lay like a snake on the floor and the prong of the buckle went through my foot. I didn't feel any pain, but my husband pushed the belt buckle out of my foot and I woke up.

NOTE: "Loose the cord of the Belt of Orion'.  Job 38:31

The Ganesh story of the snake belt.  


12-14-02 - DREAM - I was at a mall. I was going to blow a hole in the window of a store and go inside and rob the safe. When I got there, a maintenance man was there and I merely walked in. I didn't have to blow it up. The maintenance man didn't know me and was going to call the cops, but I behaved so aggressively with him, I threw him off guard long enough that he didn't and he thought I was one of the employees.  I couldn't get into the safe, so I started going through desk drawers, looking for money and there was none. Then I looked on the shelves next to the big old wooden desks and didn't see anything there worth stealing either.

I started to leave the store and one of the bosses arrived. I greeted him like I knew him. He spoke in German like he thought I was one of the employees. I went out into the lobby and two tall men walking by were speaking German as well.

I then went to meet my husband who was picking me up (He is Austrian - very similar to German language)

He had had the car repaired - (This is strange) There was 800 feet of dirt inside the car and he had 500 feet of it removed so there was only 300 feet left.

He started to drive away and I said, "are you going to let mein or not? He acted as though he had forgotten that's why he was there. I wondered if there was enough dirt in the car to support my weight.

He started showing me his teeth inside his mouth. They were beautifully white. He said the dentist had been drilling his teeth and it still hurt. He said, "I damn near screamed."  (He actually did have his teeth fixed and repaired recently)

We were about to pull back onto the highway which had heavy traffic on it and a big dirty old oil tanker truck came barreling along and made a right turn in front of us. It nearly hit us - it was way off the road in the grass - even though we were parked way off on the right.

A fast-moving car - driven by a young woman, with a young man followed the oil tanker truck. She drove like she was oblivious to the danger.


12-13-02 - DREAM - I was recreating a calendar.  The blank calendar was a pretty bright yellow. It had nice spaces on it to write things in.

I started at the top, redoing the month of January, and got as far as May - and realized as I woke up - I was recreating 1958 into 2003.


12-15-02 - DREAM - I went out into the country to look at farm land.

At a distance, I saw a group of men, walking along a road, also inspecting the land. They walked into a rip wheat field and I heard one of them say that he owned this 40,000 acre farm. (That is huge by American farm standards. My in-laws owned 120 acres and rented another 100 acres in order to eke out a living and one of the boys sold insurance o the side to bring in extra money)

My husband picked me up at some point with the car. We were driving on a service road alongside a major highway. He stopped at a gas station, where they had food as well. I got out of the car and he took off after I told him that he had to take the highway back to Milwaukee. The service road ended at the small intersection.

He nodded like he understood and then suddenly turned and went the opposite ways heading north.

I needed to get back to Milwaukee so started walking, hoping I could hitchhike back to town.

I was wearing summer sandals, not prepared to walk for miles through snowdrifts which I saw ahead, but I started walking anyway.

I hadn't gone too far when two girls came up behind me. I asked them if they had access to a vehicle. They said, "No!" but they might be able to get me some help and asked me where I was headed.

I told them I needed to get back to Milwaukee within the week - not wanting to rush them.

They said they would help me, so I followed them through a narrow gate that went through a high white stucco wall.

We went through a narrow passageway, walking on a narrow concrete walkway that had drainage holes full of water every 4 feet.

We came to a heavy blue door and one of the girls opened it and we went inside.

Inside the house was an Arab family. It looked like they were about to eat dinner, but they were seated at a series of table praying.

along the wall was a narrow brown table just for praying. That's where the dark-haired girl went and sat down. the blonde girl went to a different able and sat next to a girl who looked just like her.

I saw a separate table by the far wall where a couple teenage boys sat with a book open in front of them.

The father sat at the end of a long table where the young children sat. The father had black hair and a big moustache and he was reading and praying in Arabic. Then he asked one of the teenage boys to read from his book - he also spoke in Arabic.

We had obviously come into the house at prayer time before dinner.

I saw some extra chairs along the far wall, which I could move to whichever table I wanted to sit at.

I was going to move one of those 3 chairs over next to the dark-haired girl who was sitting at the narrow prayer table - and woke up


12-15-02 - LUCID DREAM - It didn't feel like I was sleeping and I didn't see anything happening. I was standing in a room with a group of people that all looked like Barbie and Ken dolls.

I looked in a mirror - or saw one of the people close up and the face looked ETish with no hair - I thought I was looking at myself.


12-15-02 - DREAM - I was in a large white house, trying to clean the floor by flooding it with water. I had to make sure the plumbing pipes were connected properly so the water didn't spray all over the place.

I looked out the window at one point and in the distance I saw a giraffe walking around. I tried to get upstairs, but kept getting blocked from getting there by the people or I couldn't find the stairs.

I know I finally made it, but didn't write it down when I woke up, so I've forgotten it.


12-16-02 - DREAM - I was managing a large apartment building. I saw T.M. and Irv R (recently deceased) in a small, brightly lit ante-room talking about relationships. T.M. was about to tell Irv about his secret love and I wanted to join the conversation and hear what T.M. had to say about that, but I got delayed by someone asking me a question.

I started heading for  the room to talk to T.M. and Irv but they had gotten up and were heading for the lobby door.

I rushed to catch up to them, but by the time I got to the lobby door, they were by then outside getting into a car together.

I quickly opened the door, but I was too late and all I could see was two red lights going down the street into the darkness.

I noticed how dark it was on the porch and in the lobby, so I reached over and turned on the light switch.

Immediately, a man came up the stairs and handed me a bouquet of flowers as he came past me and immediately another man cane up the stairs and and commented  on how beautiful the flowers were.

So I attached the flowers to my vacuum cleaner and got busy with my work cleaning the floor.

I was feeling a little depressed, so lay down to take a nap.

12-17-02 - NAP DREAM - I was sitting at my computer, bidding on auction items and two of my black cats stole my black shoes.

I got up to get my shoes back and all my other black cats rushed to my feet so I couldn't walk without stepping on them. There must have been 100 or more black cats of every imaginable size.

I wanted my black shoes back and saw the two cats run towards the left, each one carrying one of the shoes. I went to follow them and all the cats hissed together...."They went that way," indicating the opposite direction.

I thought I saw one of my black shoes under the freezer section behind some blue wash clothes and there were little cats sitting int he refrigerator on to of the wash clothes that were hiding the shoe. I didn't want to hurt the cat or have it bite me, so I slid the washcloth out from underneath the pile and the shoe wasn't there.

I then thought I saw a black cat drag my shoe behind the sofa.

There were some loose sofa covers laying on the sofa, but so large, they hid the floor, so I moved the cover and found a second sofa behind the other one. There was a green sofa in front of the blue sofa, and both with white covers over them. My thought was, "if I removed the front sofa, the room would be much larger.

I then saw a black cat run from the room with my black shoe so I ran after it to get my shoe back.

I heard some noise at the front door and I looked and my daughter Jeanne and her friend Allison came in.

I thought it would be neat to tell my daughter and her friend how the cats protected each other when they stole my black shoes, so I started telling them the story, because I wanted them to believe me - and woke up.


12-18-02 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. there was a public library and reading room on the 1st floor where people could rather read books for free.

I also had a private library and reading room in my upstairs apartment where I had a few tables an chairs as well. on the table was a sign that said, "we will share our thoughts and ideas until we become ONE."


12-19-02 - DREAM - I lived in an apartment with a lot of people. I decided to take some classes to fill in some time. they started at 8 p.m.

I was taking French, math, and history.

I had to change clothes to go to school and it was difficult because there were so many windows and I could see young boys trying look in the side window and some of the men were laying on the ground at the end of the building being obnoxious and boors.

I couldn't find the right pair of slacks I wanted to wear to class, so I wore a navy blue dress instead which had always been a favorite of mine.

I grabbed my books and notebooks and headed for the front door so I wouldn't be late.

I looked at the title of the top book I was carrying. It said, " Pre-cult" and lower down, it said, "Kings".

When I got to the school which was held in a local motel, the woman warned me that a certain famous criminal had stayed there 3 times that month.

I replied, "That's okay! I'm not spending the night."


12-21-02 - DREAM - I was a rabbit. There was a male rabbit there who had 8 children - 4 girls and 4 boys. They all stood up like humans.

I was told later that nobody would know the true meaning of the rabbit symbolism until 2080.


12-22-02 - DREAM - I was elected Mayor of a church. The church had 7 different groups and each one met on a different night of the week. I asked the Pastor of the church if I was expect to attend every meeting and he said, "Yes!"  

I answered, "I thought so!'

I hoped I wasn't' expect to buy something from the group that was holding a church auction, but I was looking forward to reading a story to the sunday school classes.


12-22-02 - DREAM - I went to my office, turned on the light then went to my desk, turned on the computer and sat down and started writing myself a letter about how lonely I was. I was putting in details about specific people I knew and some of their problems and that maybe they had sexual proclivities they were hiding because they were embarrassed by them. But I still liked these people because of their personalities.

But I was lonely and started to think about what bar I could go to to meet someone new - one bar had patrons that were white collar-tye guys and another bar had mostly blue collar workers. So i was going to decide at some point which I preferred and fit in with best.

While I was tying all that down, I had been visualizing these scenes in my mind which made it seem like I had really been there.

By the time I got that far, I decided I had better start cleaning off my bosses desk and dust it. So I had to go down the hall and get something to do that with.

On the way, I was wondering if someone might have Robin's phone number. She had moved a couple times and I had lost track of her, but I really liked her and thought it would be nice to talk to her.

While I was going through the hall, I was looking in the other offices to see if someone might have known Robin and might have her current phone number. I didn't see anyone who looked familiar.

I was coming back to my office and was met by a telephone repairman who said, "How is it that your telephone frequency changed all by itself?  We're going to have to fix it, so we need to know what you did that might have influenced it. By the way, I erased the letter you were writing."

All of a sudden I realized how embarrassing that letter to myself would be if someone else read it, so I thanked him for doing that.

I started to tell him in what order I had turned on the lights and machines and another telephone repairman came in. he wasn't eve good looking, but his presence made me realize that I liked guys like him better than white collar guys and that made my decision for me. I didn't need to go to a bar to meet someone, that someone would be brought into my life by circumstances.

Back in my office,a  bunch of women had gathered and were having a luncheon.

I wasn't part of this group, but they were having lunch in MY space. One woman was really nice and she told me I didn't have to clean up after them, that I should leave everything where it was and she would come back and clean it up. then she left.

No sooner had she left, when another woman near me started complaining about my pencils and pens and things from my desk was in her way.

I grabbed my stuff away from her, including a little clay pot and decided I was no longer lonely. I didn't need unpleasant people like that in my life.

The other woman hadn't come back yet, and women were starting to leave the luncheon, I started picking up empty bread wrappers to throw away. There were still 5 loaves of hot breads on the tables which I rewrapped and put in one area. I saw that their final bill was $120.00.

Finally, the other woman came back. I really liked her. She looked so familiar to me like I've known her before, but I can't come up with a name for her. I wanted desperately to ask for her phone number so I'd have someone to talk to.

But I picked up my two writing pen cases off the desk and turned around and she was gone again and I woke up feeling lonely again.

NOTE: My frequency was obviously changed again because its been real quiet for several months and all of a sudden I started having visions and voices again.


12-23-02 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house and was trying to move some skirts on hangars from one spot to another and it was too dark to see easily so I reached over to the light switch to turn on the light. The bulbs immediately burned out. I was only a few feet from the diningroom light switch, so I reached around the corner and got a huge shock from the switch because the lightbulb was off and I caught my glove on the loose screen. I got really angry and went back out into the parlor where there was a large elf statue hanging.

I was so angry, I ripped its arm off and went to hit it on the head with its own arm. It started to speak like it was alive and I instantly apologized and said I was sorry.

The elf said, "If anything happens, will you protect us?"

I said, "Of course I would."

He said, "(this was printed on his teeth) Well Reuters Newspath just announced ... " and nothing further came. But he had been looking upward - like he was indicating the sky to the Northeast.

I woke up all upset that he didn't finish the message.  

NOTE: I jumped up and turned on the TV - there was nothing new.


12-24-02 - The dates and colors must be significant while crocheting Barbie Dress - red and black lace like August and September 1993 - black with pink edge. June 1995


12-24-02 - DREAM - use sparkle tones and colors

Joe and I were in a class where people were being taught to use specific words - take them apart by syllables and make colored marks above them which made them do special things. At this point we didn't know what these words did, but everyone was supposed to go home and practicing saying these words with the special intonations.

We were sitting in the back of the class, watching a cop with a cape, which he had over two little kids on either side of him. I was worried that he was molesting them under there. finally, the kid's mother showed up. She had a small white-chaired child in a stroller who was said to be a special child. She was more or less replacing her deceased 12 year old sister who had died in some mysterious way.

When the mother came in, she began toning these words in a really high-pitched voice. It was hard to listen to these sounds and I hoped she would go home and practice.

Off on the side, my ex-husband Ed was missing a couple of birds I had in a cage. I had been instructed to cut back the wing feathers on these birds and daub some wet paste on these feathers to keep them from flying, otherwise you couldn't keep them down - they would be flying all the time.

I was told by a woman here that when making the colored marks on the words, to use sparkle tones. This had something to do with using the words and their intonations which is what made a vehicle fly.

I went over in the corner to discuss this with Joe who was talking on the telephone to someone secretly. I asked him who he was talking to and he said finally, "Al Roker."  (The weatherman)

I wanted to discuss the concept of intoning the words to make a vehicle fly and Joe's eyes glazed over and he crawled under a peach colored blanket on a cat and went right to sleep. I couldn't get him interested enough to keep him awake.

After he fell sleep, I went to the opposite side of the room and looked back across the space of the room. The whole thing was yellow inside and I realized that it looked like the inside of a vehicle and if I intoned these words properly, the whole thing would just take off and fly.


12-25-02 - DREAM - I don't remember how I got to this place but I was in a huge warehouse like place. I knew I was pregnant with twins by two different fathers. I have no idea how this happened or who the fathers were. I went to the store to buy the things I needed for the babies and the shelves were absolutely empty. I told the store people what I needed so a male clerk went to their warehouse in the back and brought out two of each thing and put it on the top shelf so I could choose what I wanted.

I also needed dog food. There was two large bags o the shelf, but they looked old, so I decided to get the dog food elsewhere where it was fresher.

I seems there was a lot more to this dream prior to that, but its gone.


12-25-02 - VISION - I saw this number at the top of a check -  EHM 91 at 19m

I saw this again on a dinner plate that was white with some green viney leaves on it.

I was told to WRITE THIS DOWN

I then saw two Minnie Mouse people. They had the rug pulled out from under them and they fell.

I then saw a large book cover with numerous nighttime scenes of buildings lit up at night. A newscaster was in the lower left hand corner - comments - but I can't remember what he said.

I then saw the intersection of Highways 132 and Western Ave., making a left hand turn behind a red pickup truck.

I then saw  KLONDIKE OIL discovery - Then I heard  B ____

I was thinking about how to save the elves and a voice said, "The angels are coming to your people!"  

Back in bed, I started seeing NEWSFLASH:  One was SG - Stargate announces new ship


12-25-02 - DREAM - I kept trying to figure out how extremely hazardous material 91 and 19 meters was connected. I was on my way to Michelle's mother's house as she was Grandma. I was certain that if I went there, there was a connection to the hazardous material growing on a plate there and I could prevent something disastrous from happening.

But they decided to eat at a restaurant instead.

So we go to the building where the restaurant was and I wanted to So we got to the building where the restaurant was and I wanted to discuss this with a couple of the men in the family.

I went through a door into an outer lobby but only one of the guys followed me. The other one went to the restroom.

So we headed down the hall and the waitress got ahead of me with the other guy and I lost track of which restaurant they went to, the upstairs or the downstairs one.

So I went into two different areas of the upstairs restaurants. I was well known here so several people said, "Hi Dee" as I searched for the guys. But they weren't in the upstairs restaurants.

So I headed for the stairs to the downstairs restaurant and I heard someone say, "Do you thin, Dion Sanders is going to play tomorrow?"


12-26-02 - MY 64TH BIRTHDAY!

1. I and my family were expected to make Barbie Dolls - it looked more like Gumby and they were silver, white and shiny.

2. I saw a shiny sequiny blue gumby.

3. I saw a splatter pattern of stars in the same shiny sequiny blue color.

4. I saw a planter box with criss crossed plant seedlings in it.

DREAM - I worked in a factory office. I had two purses - a black one for every day and a bright green one. I kept the bright green one at work and hit it and kept it just for myself. I had to take a bathroom break, so I hid my green purse and wallet in my desk and I took an elevator to a higher floor. There were official looking officer up here, behind glass doors. I went way to the end of the corridor and entered the last office and went up to the service counter. There was a water fountain there. I took a big sip of water from the fountain and woke up.


12-27-02 - VISION - I got an IM from someone named DreamBoy - I forgot my pencil and I forgot your birthday!"



12-17-02 - DREAM - I was at 20th St. school where I went to kindergarten through 8th grade, but someone had turned it into an apartment building. I was the new manager and they had put me in the northwest corner on the 2nd floor - the coldest apartment, next to the model apartment which was on the northeast corner - the warmest apartment. I understood that they would put the manager in the worst - most unrentable apartment and the model was the best apartment so people would think that was what they were getting.

However, I was determined to change my apartment into the best apartment by remodeling it myself with the help of friends and relatives. I already had new windows lined up, all the parts needed to fix up my apartment into how I wanted it.

I noticed on the clock it was almost 1 p.m. and I wanted to watch One Life to Live TV show - my favorite. However, there was another V show on with all men talking and even though I got up on a chair and fixed the antenna, I couldn't get rid of the show that all the men were talking about law.

Finally, it was past 1:30 p.m. and I still couldn't fix the channel or get any help from the men in my life to change my apartment the way I wanted it, so I went outside to work in the y ard.

I decided to remodel a garden memorial for people who had passed on. while I was working in this garden, I was having visions of a series of words used in past generations of how things were done and arranged and the words were such that I didn't understand them, and I couldn't change them either.

I needed to mow the lawn around the garden and started doing that, hoping one of the men would volunteer to help me with this work, but nobody did. I finally got all the grass mowed and there still were some weeds in the vegetable garden which I mowed off but was careful not to disturb the carrots which looked ready to harvest.

Joe came along and looked at my small Memorial garden and suggest that it reminded him of one of those deep 10 ft. diving pools and that's what he wanted right next to it. So instead of helping with what was already there, he started a new project - to dig the 10 foot deep diving pool.

Finally, some people came to look at the Memorial garden, a father, mother grandfather, and a little girl.

The grandfather looked like Asa, the patriarch of the family in the TV show, One Life to Live, but he spoke with the voice of Roosevelt, the President in the 40's.

In his hands he held conscript money - kind of like in the Civil War, and the little girl walked up to him and handed him a tiny trinket size piece of heavy paper like a child-sized piece of money.

Asa said in Roosevelt's voice, "Now this is the way it should be, the men should get paid the largest stipend and the children should get the least."

I knew that as long as Patriarchal law was in effect and people believed in it, nothing would change.


12-28-02 - DREAMS can come true - even in dreams -

3 dreams

1.  I received a piece of paper that had 4 rows of crochet instruction son it, so I decided I would crochet each one and see what they looked like.

So I started crocheting the first line and when I got to the end of the first line like a computer program, a page flipped and now I had a page with10 lines of crochet plus a complete instruction for the first original line.

I was very curious what would happen if I crocheted the second line of this page and when I got to the end of the line, the page flipped and now instead of 10 crochet pattern, there were now 15.

I was anxious to find out what would happen if I finished the 15th line, so I jumped ahead and crocheted the 15th  line and the page flipped and gave me the 15th pattern but now I had missed all the others.

So I turned the page back and went back and diligently crocheted each line until the page flipped and gave me the complete pattern. then I went back and crocheted each line in turn so the page flipped and gave me the complete pattern.

This took a long time because I didn't want to miss any of the 1st 10 patterns.

And sure enough when I finished the 1st 10, the page flipped again and gave me 15 more, so now, if I diligently did each of these I would have all 25 complete patterns and that was a good feeling of accomplishment.


2  DREAM - I was crocheting and working on a computer program like a web page as well. There was a great magazine article I wanted to copy. But there were 4 beautiful c    c pictures within the article that were advertising and I didn't want those pictures. I just wanted the words, so I went back to type just the words.

When I finished that I took a nap and when I got up, I went out to the public place like a small restaurant where there were some unhappy people sitting around, so I sat down with one and started talking to her and finally got her to smile. That felt real good, so I decided to try it on the second one and eventually got her to smile as well. I continued until I had all 4 people smiling.

Then I realized that's what the 1st 4 crochet patterns were all about and I saw the whole finished pattern - 4 bowls of cereal with 4 glasses of milk on a round table - a balanced meal to serve 4 people.

It was a good and successful feeling.


3  DREAM - Again I was crocheting and realized I was re-living what I had dreamed previously and set about to re-create what I had successfully dreamed.

But now with the real people interacting, it was more difficult to achieve the same pattern I had achieved in the dream because the people were doing their own responses which made it more difficult. I was no longer just dreaming their responses.

But by teh time I got the 1st girl to smile, I had hope that I could achieve the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th goal as well.

In the meantime though, other people arrived with different agendas, making offers which were nice that I also wanted to achieve and extra things that needed to be done to prevent other bad events from happening, so I had to work harder and achieve those extra things too and then go back and achieve the original plan as well, which complicated things along the way.

And then an old family friend came along and asked me to with hm to the store because the lottery was going to be 153 million dollars.

I could hardly say "No!" to that opportunity because it was an additional bonus.

But first I had to go move and adjust the parking arrangement of the 3 vehicles in front of the house so nobody got a ticket and on the way to do that, I had to stop my husband from leaving, otherwise that would change the original pattern, and I had to be extra nice to him to get him to cooperate, so I could achieve that first successful dreamed pattern.

It was getting more and more complicated as I was going along.


PER Michele: we was taken on board the ship. Paul, Michelle, I and another woman were taken to a room where there was a computer in a table with 4 different pictures to choose from to meditate on. Once chosen, the picture was shown on a screen on the wall. Michelle wanted to hear sound, rather than the picture. I decided to write about it instead. the pictures represented energy, magnetics, peoples attitudes and earthchanges.


12-28-02 - DREAM - I woke up from my dreams and wrote them down in my book and then Joe's ex-wife Debbie came to visit and we sat on my bed talking about who had the better memory for remembering dreams. Since I had the only journal, it looked pretty certain that I had the better memory.

Then Joe came to the door and said he was going to start smoking again. I told him, "If you can get through the next 5 minutes, without smoking, you can get through anything."

He walked away. I assumed he was going to go smoke a cigarette and I was going to tell him he couldn't smoke in the house anymore because it was hard enough to breathe as it was. I was also going to tell him to slap a nicotine patched on his arm - that was all he needed but I couldn't find him in the house. Here again I assume that he went outside to smoke a cigarette, but I went to the door and didn't find him. I didn't smell any cigarette smoke either.

I went back to my bedroom and all my kids showed up and started watering my plants. One of them was rooting in water. Bill said, "It all depends on the soil quality how they do."

They all walked out of the room and I couldn't get out of the room, and I couldn't get out of the room. I realized that the reason for that was because I had plastered the door shut except for a little doggie crawl-away at the bottom. I had painted the plaster bright sky blue and it was really pretty.

NOTE:  I woke up all congested in my chest and had a runny nose. It was gone by noon.


12-30-02 - DREAM - There was a lot of things going on at the same time here - I was moving from one apartment building to another one close by.

I was also pregnant and the doctor came in and wanted to examine me before I gave birth - (a few days ago - I dreamed I was pregnant with twins)

I looked at myself and knew I wasn't big enough for twins and wondered if the ETs had taken one of my babies.

I lay down on the cot for the exam and almost simultaneously, the doctor handed me a boy baby with pajamas on that was at least 6 or 7 month sold. So I was carrying the boy baby around for the rest of the dream.

I had some help for the move to the new apartment building. I was told ahead of time that the new place was a place where they liked to party, but kept their party supplies hidden.

After I got to the new place, the same people spread rumours that I was the one who supplied the partiers and gave me a bad reputation.

All of a sudden I. R. showed up and I started telling him of the things that had happened to me before he got there. (He died just a few days ago)

We were standing near a window facing west - it was sunset and the sky was red with purple clouds and a growing storm.

I saw a lightning strike come down in a grove of trees that was across the street and the storm was headed our way.

I.R. actually had himself framed in the window like he was trying to get struck by lightning.

I screamed at him to get out of the window while clutching my new baby to me to keep him safe.

In the sky above I knew that it was full of those little lightning fingers because I could see little flashes of light coming down and lighting up the top of I.R.'s head.

Then there was blinding flash of light as the lightning strike came down and blew I.R. out of the window.

An instant later, I was standing there with a piece of paper in my hand with a time schedule on it written by an 80 year old railroad man.

It said:  Sunset 8 p.m.

            Lightning 8:40 p.m.


12-30-02 - DREAM ENDING - I was asked to help with the rehearsal for a large wedding.

I was handed a long white runner and told to place it on the floor and place some objects on it to represent the brides.

The objects looked like huge white tarantula spiders, which morphed into giant crab-like things with snapping teeth.

I knew I couldn't deal with this by myself and screamed and woke up.


12-31-02 - DREAM - In front of me was a sheet of paper. On 10 lines there was 2 Barbie dresses. There were no two alike.

(I am crocheting Barbie dresses myself)

On the 11th line, were two astronauts. I saw them close up with dirt in their hair and face. I knew that something bad had happened.


I don't remember what day this happened. Later in the month -


I saw two people in yellow/gold uniforms come and they said, "You have to decide tonight if you want to do this the rest of your life."

I slipped into a dream where I was in a building next to a highway. It was kind of like a gas station with no pumps. I was given a radio.

Cary L. (a psychologist friend) had the other radio and was out in the car. I could see her out the window. She said on the radio, "Which was is the freeway from here." I said, "I can't tell you because I don't know where I am."

I knew I had come in by  freeway, but i didn't know which way I went to get to the building i was in. I got the feeling I was working for the NSA, but nobody ever said that.

A young woman was there. She said, "You know this is way better than it used to be. You never had a moment to yourself, people were lined up to talk to you day and night, even on your lunch break."

I agreed this was better, but when I started working, I had to interview a whole train car load of men and woman who were either witnesses or abductees of aliens. They had elected a guy to be spokesman for them, but I was way bigger than them. I was holding the train car in my hands and looking into the back end of the train car with one eye and saying, "YOU WILL BE talking to me. It is imperative that you do."

I put the train car down tot give them time to calm down and then Joe and Kenny (who are ex-navy seals) showed up.

Joe said that I was in a place that was called Porcupine Gulch or something like that because there were so many porcupines around. I looked across the street and sur enough, there was porcupine running in front of the building and it looked like there was a dead man laying on the ground in front of the store.

Joe and I were sitting on a bench, talking about working together again. Joe laughed at Kenney and said, "From today forward, you're going to be working every day again. The NSA is now a part of the Home Security Forces and that means you too."

Kenny was laying on an adjacent bench with no legs because they had both been amputated.

Joe laughed and said, "Don't worry! No matter what condition you are in, they'll find something for you to do."

We all laughed and Kenny pulled himself up to his true height and he was larger than when I saw him the last time and his legs were there, even if prosthesis. He was read to work for the NSA.

I was going to ask Joe for his home phone, but all of a sudden his beeper went off and he said, "Hang on!" and he pressed the button o his beeper and we could hear his phone ringing at home. It rang a few times, but nobody left a message. I knew at that moment that it was 5 a.m. and the day was just beginning. We were all working for the NSA together.

NOTE:  On 12-27-02 - a body was found in the canal on the other side of our property. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on which side yu are on, I heard a big loud truck go through the side driveway after dark the night before, but did'nt look out the window to see who it was.