12-01-03 - After listening to John Lear and Art Bell on the radio, I had this dream:

DREAM - Joe and I were at the water treatment plant and leaving to go home after listening to John Lear and Art Bell on the radio. I really wanted to tell someone about this show.

It was dark outside and as we pulled around curve in the road to the left, we passed blue pick up truck with an old man sitting behind the driver's wheel.  I also saw a big monkey sitting on top of the cab of the truck nonchalantly eating peanuts.

Then I looked on the road ahead of us and there were 9 more monkeys sitting on the ground and on the road, all sitting there nonchalantly eating peanuts.

The first monkey was off on the side of the road so he wasn't really a problem, but the 2nd monkey was sitting right straight ahead of us and he wasn't moving, so we had to stop. There were more monkeys lined up behind him, but we had to deal with the 2nd monkey before we had to worry about the others.

So Joe got out of the car to go talk to the old man about his monkeys and meanwhile I decided I may as well put gas in the car for the remainder of the drive home.

We were parked right next to the gas pump, but there was a big post right there, which was in my way, so I climbed up on top of the car to get to the other side with the hose.

In trying to do this, I got the hose wrapped around my arm and Joe and an old woman were standing on the other end of the car talking about the monkeys.

I heard a woman's voice behind me, talking about putting gas in my car and I realized I was standing on top of the car with the air hose - not the gas hose.

I woke up with the phone ringing in the other room and I knew it was my friend Michelle calling as she usually does first thing in the morning.

I was too lazy to get up, so I lay there in bed and fell asleep again.

Dream #2

I'm now at home and I have a brown blanket I need to wash which belongs to the dog. So I wash it, then throw it into the dryer and set the dial for the DOG setting which is 1/2 a knob up in heat from what I usually use, but its not full heat like one would use for drying cotton.

As soon as I turned on the dryer, lights start flashing like its shorting out and when the lights flash, I can see there is a digital timer behind the dial that I couldn't see when the lights weren't flashing from whatever was shorting out.  I briefly saw the time was 2:35.  

Over on the right where the dryer timer dial was, it was going around and around really fast it had already done 2 hours and that scared me that the time was going too fast, so I quickly turned off the dryer.

I went out into the hall and saw that I was in a school and there was a woman standing and waiting for an elevator who looked so much like myself that it rather freaked em out a bit, but when I saw her, I knew it was only 11:30 a.m. and not 2:35 like my dryer clock said.

Running the dryer for the dog blanket was speeding up time in my house.

So I went back in my room and the telephone rang. I picked up the receiver which was like a yellow princess type phone. Michelle was on the hone and I wanted to tell her about John Lear and Art Bell and the monkey incident. I heard her husband Paul behind Michelle make a droll joke about something and then Paul said into Michelle's phone, "I always tell her that so she gets mad and tells me to shut up." it was a little joke he pulled on her.

But I didn't say anything about that, I was too anxious to tell Michelle about John Lear, Art Bell and the monkey incident and now because of the dog blanket shorting out the dryer and making time run so fast, I was running out of time too.

All of a sudden, I saw Michelle who was manifested into the room with me and she was laying on the floor, lolling against another dog blanket talking into a telephone and I was standing there by my drying talking in to my yellow telephone.

Joe is standing by my side now and I whisper to Joe, "Do you see Michelle laying on the floor against the dog blanket?" and he nodded, so I said, "Then why do we stand here talking on the telephone?" and was about to hang up and just talk to Michelle face to face, when she, her telephone, and her dog blanket vanished into thin air. I heard her son Ian making the same droll comment that Paul had to make Michelle mad and tell him to shut up.

That whole thing just about blew my mind - but I was stilling talking to Michelle on the yellow telephone and really needed to tell her about John Lear and Art Bell and I suddenly had a flash vision about the monkeys and in my mind's eye I suddenly saw the words, 'TREE OF LIFE', in bright white letters and I realized that the monkeys were sitting in the positions of the sphere's on the Tree of Life and that the First monkey was off to the side and we didn't have to deal with him, but the 2nd monkey which represented the 2nd chakra and all the 2nd chakra and all it stood for, was what we needed to deal with now and because  time had speeded up for us, we didn't have much time left.


12-02-03 - VISION - I started to meditate and saw a sign come up that said, PLEASE STOP NOW .  It was in red, white, and blue.  That really bothered me, so I stopped.


12-02-03 - DREAM - I gave my daughter a peach-colored dress that had a large crocheted summer hat like a big flower and the dress itself was made in 12 panels with tiny flowers crocheted in rows between the panels.  (That's what the flower of life looks like)

When I went through another door, I went outside and saw a rocket-ship floating by. It was really colorful - then other rocket sips came floating by - like they were cars - it was like a future scene.  The rocket ships made no sound whatsoever.


12-03-03 - DREAM -

      This was embedded on the top of a podium-like table in light blue and white ceramic, but with colored triangle edges, exactly like this drawing by Joe Mason.

I was laying on the couch, (which was where I really was). I had written some notes on top of this design on the podium table and when I went to wash it off with water, the colored edges came off.

A salesman came in and told me that I should never wash the design with water, but to coat the design with wax to protect it.

I ordered some of that. was on a computer and paid for it with a VISA credit card so that my long time friend Norbie would automatically get some too.

Somehow the field to the east of me was flooded with 6" or so of water between where I was laying on the couch and the nearest road, so I had to lay on the couch and not put my feet down on the floor.

But there was a white cat in the kitchen which did something on the white-tiled floor and I had to go mop the floor. I managed to get there and mopped the floor. I used a lot of water but that was okay because it would just drain down to where the floor in the living room and the field was already flooded.


12-04-03 - DREAM - The radio was on while I was dreaming so I didn't know any of the people in my house and Oriel Samuelson of the Farm report which comes on about 5 a.m. greeted me, 'Good Day' as I went through the hallways to leave the house.

I was moving from wherever we were to 2626 N 26th St.  which adds to 888 = 24= 6.  888 is the Greek Gematria for Jesus Christ.


12-05-03 - VISION - Some held up two hangars with little girl's sweaters that they took out of a closet - and a voice said, "We're not coming!"

The sweaters were white with a sky blue cross-stitch design on the front.

NOTE: At the end of November I had a dream where I had two little girls upstairs in bed and hadn't fed them that day. I went  upstairs and they were laying in the cribs in separate bedrooms sucking on empty milk bottles.


12-06-03 - DREAM - I was at home in New Berlin. Everyone in the house was sleeping, but it was early morning and my sons got up and went outside to start their cars in the garage and warm them up because it was the dead of winter and cars start slowly when its that cold outside.

My daughter got up to get ready for the day and laid out 3 long red knee socks with green edges by the toes.

My Father got up as it was getting light out at the dawn of the day, and when I looked out the window, I saw the sun was out and there was a heavy strong wind blowing and the cloud's shadows on the ground were moving really fast.

My Father put on his heavy winter jacket and went out into the yard and walked past our oak trees and started walking across the fields to the next property where it was still dark and shadowy.

I tried to walk with him, but I hadn't put on my winter jacket and I apologized to my Father that I couldn't follow him all the way on his journey, because I wasn't dressed for it and wasn't prepared.

So I scurried back to the house following my own trail back across the field and around the oak tree back to the house.

Outside the house was a felled tree and on this tree was a magnificent eagle chained to the felled tree, along with its female mate.

It was being prepared by a woman TV producer to be put on display for the cameras. That seemed all well and good, but then when I got inside the house, I saw that the woman had two smaller eagle pairs ready to go on TV also and was getting them ready to show the two smaller eagles flanking the large eagle which was chained to the felled tree outside.


12-06-03 - DREAM - I was working in an office, finishing up for the day and I was asked to clean a table off for a designer who was coming in for a special project.

A young woman came in from a dark back room and looked at the table which had spots of Plaster of Paris all over it.

She said she wanted the table cleaned and polished for her work.

I found the polishes easily enough on top of a cabinet, but  I didn't have a cleaning rag handy, so I went looking for one.

So I went out to the garage where some work was being done and saw a lot of broken plaster molds out there too, which needed cleaning up. I pushed some of the plaster off the steps with my foot but I was in a hurry to get back to the office.

Then I spotted some people having dinner in the darkened garage and my husband asked me to sit down and eat some meat with him and some guests he had. I sat down for just a minute to be polite. I didn't recognize his guests because it was pretty dark in the room.  I had to excuse myself to get back to work.

As I left the garage, a man I knew came running in and showed me a handful of newly minted pennies he had found laying in the grass. He said if I ever found any like these, I should save them because they would become very valuable in the future.

The pennies he handed me were all grossly misshapen and 1/3 of the bottom was sheared off and when I looked closely at them, they had Richard Milhous Nixon's picture on them instead of Lincoln.

I could believe the government had actually replaced our beloved Lincoln with Nixon.

Now the broken plaster molds made sense.

I rushed back to the office with a rag I found in the garage, and when I got there, I couldn't even figure out which table had needed cleaning for the design work because everything was covered up with white table clothes and everybody was partying and pretending like nothing was wrong or had every happened there.

I was so stunned, I woke up.


12-07-03 - DREAM - I was at a large house in the country on a hill. My daughter was planting seed in the garden and needed to water it right away, but there was a storm coming over the horizon. It was moving in fast and there wasn't enough time to finish planting and watering before the storm arrived and soaked us all. I kept hollering for everyone to get into the house, but particularly her.

I don't know if it was the same day or the next day, we were all outside. Two little boys were underneath a car playing with little toy cars. Two other boys were playing with toy cars in the driveway when I saw a woman driving some kind of plowing machine come u the driveway. She watched out of the boys so they would get hurt also.

That night, we stood on the hill by the house and watching pretty colored light going around in a circular pattern. At first we didn't know what it was, but eventually we determined it was the rides going around at a carnival that we were seeing. One circle of lights was the Merry go Round, and the other circle of lights was the Ferris Wheel. I saw a path that the plow machine had made and my daughter-in-law Debe and a friend of hers were coming from the carnival towards the house.

Then the mechanic from the carnival came to the house and complained, "I didn't light the carnival grounds, so why did I pick a moonless night to have the carnival?"


12-08-03 - DREAM - I was in a large building. There was going to be a wedding or something. I was given a bouquet of chrysanthemums of various pastel colors, which I hung on the wall and kept adding fresh flowers to. It turned out to be rather cross shaped over time. There was a man singing who sounded kind of like Frank Sinatra, but it turned out he was drunk and when they walk him out, he sounded more like the old TV show guy, Rock N Roll's American Bandstand - Dick Clark and they made him go home.


12-09-03 - DREAM - I was seeing two statements like BC something vs FC something. To me that means Black Cheek and Fawn Cheek, but it was about people, not finches.

I woke up obsessed with thinking about death being exciting and was looking for death on TV news.  There was 45 injured in Iraq - the girl from Nebraska Sue ________ was assumed dead - then Michelle's 3 dogs fell into her pond and nearly drowned to death.

I was glad I didn't tell her my waking obsession with death.


12-10-03 - DREAM - I was in the front of a church in the area where people who participate in the service sit. There was an Orthodox Catholic Church  (perhaps Coptic) it seemed.  A group of monks or priests came down the aisle of the church to teach some lessons, but there were no people in the church but myself, my husband who sat to my left and some other people to my right. We were all dress in robes - rather like the monks/priests, but I was wearing white and the men each had their own colors- they weren't all dressed in ritual colored robes.

The group of monks/priests approached us and the youngest monk/priests in the center, had short black curly hair and was wearing a two tone, two level set of robes of green and brown, held together in the front with a twisted golden rope-type cinch that hung down to his feet after going around his waist. He was barefoot in sandals.

He came over to where I and my husband were sitting. He stood immediately in front of me and wit his Bible in his left hand, he reached over towards me with his right hand and tapped me twice on the forehead with the back of his second and third fingers.

I can't say I really felt something other than the tapping, but a sense of knowing came over me that I was going to stand up and speak to the group.

As I sat there and waited for the spirit to overtake me, I saw my husband go to sleep.

I wanted him to see what was going on, but the more I tried to get his attention, the harder he went to sleep.

Finally, the spirit overcame me, and I felt its presence within me and I stood proudly and raised my arms sideways, palms up and began to speak in the voice of a woman named Mary.

I started out, "I, Mary ....   "

I didn't remember what I said when it was over.

When it was over, I sat again, having done my part in providing the voice for the spirit. It was an awesome feeling to be allowed the privilege to provide the voice of Mary.

After the service, I was standing in the church next to my husband who was still groggy. He had missed the whole thing.

I wanted to tell him what happened, but as soon as I did, he fell asleep again, standing right where he was and I noticed he was darker skin colored - not Caucasian.

Obviously he wasn't supposed to know so he wouldn't go around bragging that I was the channel of Mary.

Then as we walked home from church, we were in a sandy country with palm trees. The men walked ahead in a group - talking to teach other. I walked by myself behind them.

My husband must have been an archaeologist, because I heard him telling the men, "I discovered the proof of the Tree of Life and in the Garden of Eden, and as we walked past a grove of palm trees, I too saw a palm tree that was so old, it was actually embedded partially in the wall of an adobe building and it cross over another palm tree - perhaps that was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

I knew my husband would get his recognition in his own way.



12-11-03 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new apartment building. I didn't know I was manager of it, but evidently I was. My husband Ed had just arrived. My husband Ed had just arrived. He didn't do anything but his value was doubled even thought he didn't get paid a salary. I asked him if he wanted to start work the following Monday and he said, "Yes!"

Just then five people who worked for the building came into the apartment and acted like I was their boss. That's how I knew I was the Manager.

I got out a huge container of ice cream to serve them - after I noticed that they had all been sprinkled on with water and I needed to know why.

I grabbed a legal pad and pen to take notes and then got out 5 silver spoons for them in addition to mine and my husbands.

I decided I should go to the building office as soon as our meeting was over.

After lunch, I was trying to cross a street at a large intersection and huge trucks - like cement mixers were backing up towards me, with oozing ice cream coming out the backs of them.





DREAM - I was given the opportunity to completely change my life. That meant everything was changed. I got a new family where I was going to adopt someone else's baby, have a different husband, have different relatives, change religions, become a Lutheran Sunday School teacher for little kids, get a different job, changed my hair, wear makeup every day, then I had to go to school again, and study classes I had taken before - but this school used electronic books, and you had to read every word and answer the questions in the book with an electronic stylus. There were 3 of us in the classroom and each of us had a different subject we were studying.

I was also given new writings from a grandmother on the 7th level who had passed on and I was going to take them over and reanimate them and give them life.

The writings weren't necessarily poetry, but they were all about flowers.

Then I was given a new telephone directory and each page had a big picture of what kind of people had certain communication codes. Some pages only showed 5 houses for 1 code, some only had 1 name with its own code. I could hardly believe my eyes to see this telephone directory. My own communication code was 17.

When I went off to work, I was working with Nora, (the attorney/lawyer) from One Life to Live TV show) I really admired her so I wanted to emulate her as much as possible. I couldn't actually 'be' her, but I could be 'like' her.

So I did everything she did, ware same makeup, same hairdo, etc. The only difference I noticed was that when she meditate, she only heard music and she was very peaceful with that. When I meditated, I also got pictures and noises.

I woke up as I was putting on the makeup and fixing my hair and making myself as beautiful as possible.


12-13-03 - NAP DREAM - I heard the voice of a man say something, but promptly forgot what he said.

Dream was about my health - something had been leaking from my spine after I had injection for it. A friend of mine said I had been complaining about it all along. She said I had been complaining about it all along. She said, "that is the problem - you complain about, then do nothing about it." I promised I would call the doctor about it on Monday.

For some reason - I thought my husbands name was "Thomas Henry".


12-15-03 - DREAM - I was keeping a large silver seal in my bedroom. After I fed him, he needed to get a drink of water, so I opened the door to the bedroom, and then across the hall to the bathroom so he could get a drink of water from the toilet.

There had been a man in the house who was about 9 feet tall. He had to bend over to talk to my husband who was on the other side of a doorway - who was only 6 ft. tall.


12-15-03 - DREAM - I was raising a circular flower bed of tall gladiolus flowers in my bedroom. They were in a circular design.

Then I found a bag of cabbages and cut gladiolas in the bedroom that my son was saving. I didn't think was a good idea, so I bagged them up to take them downstairs.

This upset several people who said the gladiolus would last forever which I knew they wouldn't. Besides, I was growing live ones in the bedroom and I didn't need cut ones too.

So I took the bags out into the hallway to take them downstairs where the cabbages and gladiolus turned into umbrellas of various colors.

I then started the laundry which was all bath towels in white and yellow. One of the of the towels got stuck in the door so I had to shut the dryer off again so the whole mass of towels wouldn't get twisted into one grand mess inside.

Then a man I knew well drove me somewhere I had been before. We made a right turn onto Highway 51. I told the guy the place was easy to find.


12-16-03 - DREAM - I was at my house, but don't know what city. A huge old tree caught fire in front of the house and at first I thought it was no big deal, but then I realized that the branches reached up and over the house and the house could catch fire. So I rushed inside the house and attempted to run a water-hose up the stairs, but I was actually using vacuum cleaner hose and stretched it. I kept calling for help from my kids, but they didn't come to help. Finally I got the hose stretched all the way upstairs and aimed to hose out the front screen window and saw that Tom and Robert had already put out the fire with an outside standpipe and hose.

Then when I was telling someone about the fire, I realized I hadn't been calling my kids by their right names. I was calling Tom - Michael and calling Robert - Tom. No wonder they didn't come to help me. Nevertheless the fire was out and there was just a smoking pipe standing in front of the house.

I then went to a neighborhood bar where they were having a pool table delivered. I was trying to help them even thought they were going about it all wrong. They wanted to place it on the 1st floor, but they took it down an outside basement stairs and then up to the 1st floor via an inner stairway. But they didn't have anything out of the way and all the gardening equipment was on the stairs - like the rototiller and the wheelbarrow and other large metal tools. I told them that stuff was too heavy for me to lift.

Then a whole group of people came down to help - everyone was dressed in pajamas and bathrobes and was jolly and laughing.

I told the bar owner and I had always though I would like to go into the bar business.

All he was worried about was being arrested for not having a pool table license for 2 hours before closing time.

I was the last one up the rickety stairs to the 1st floor. The owner did everything wrong - I don't know how he ran the business at all.


12-17-03 - DREAM - This dream was implanted as it occurred after I heard a loud beeping sound in my left ear and asked for the message.

I was working in a large office in the purchasing dept. My boss was out of the office so I had his folder of working orders on my desk. There was only one purchase order in it which hadn't been placed yet.

My boss came into the office with another man. They closed the door behind them and I heard them on a speaker phone conversation with his daughter.

While they were talking, the approval came in for the purchase order. It was for 15 bricks to repair something - that was the last purchase order to place.

When the phone call was over, the men left and I took the purchase order file into the office, and there was a young woman sitting and taking dictation of everything that had been said. I hadn't realized she was in there.

The woman looked familiar, but I can't remember who she is exactly. I called her Miss Perfection because she was going to clean the office before we all went home.

There were 2 puzzles on the floor  -one with small pieces and 1 with large pieces. These had to be put together before we could leave.

So, I did the large pieced puzzle. It was of the United States. The right half of the U.S. was divided from the left half, at the Mississippi River.

So, I pulled the right half over to the left half and stuck them together. Missouri was a large Teddy Bear. Wyoming had a train locomotive with smoke coming out of its stack and was lower than the other pieces like there was a layer missing.   (Wyoming is where Yellowstone is)

While we were finishing this up, I heard that Blair's apartment door had been kicked in by her 'father' or boyfriend. I can't remember which one it was. I said, "That's going to cost you $50.00." and realized that she lived with me. (Blair is from One Life to Live TV show)

I finished up my part of the cleaning and left to go home. On the way, it was like I was flying over the roadway and all the traffic was going East and people were in a panic and passing each other in their hurry. I saw two cars crash and roll end over end. I stopped to access the crash and damage and I watched, along with other people as the car repaired itself into a picture like a house until it looked better than brand new. It was amazing to watch.

I arrived at my apartment building and met Blair in the hallway. She was partying with friends on the 1st floor. She stopped me and asked me if I wanted to play Bridge with her. I thanked her and said I wanted to see what my apartment had been doing all day. I took the elevator upstairs. I worried that I didn't have my keys and searched the pockets of my coat and another coat I was carrying. The keys fell out on the carpet, along with long strands of hair.

I noticed there was a 4" patch on the door above the lock, but I put the key in the lock quickly as I heard ominous angry male voiced behind me.

I turned the key, opened the door, entered and slammed the door behind me so I didn't see who the voices belonged to.

I turned around and my house was wall to wall computers with lights flashing everywhere. There was a cot and a chair in the room to sit or lay down on and that was it. The rest of the place was wall to wall computers.

There were some small size people running the computers, but I was too stunned to actually look at them and see who they were.


12-17-03 - VISION - I saw the outline of two blue pigs sitting upright - back to back.


12-19-03 - DREAM - I was living at home in New Berlin and my son Michael had gotten married and bought a house across the street. After some time went by a rainstorm came along and while it was raining Michael and his buddies were driving their cars around and around in his front driveway and parking lot. Two of my younger sons got out their bicycles and warned them "No racing! No racing"!. They promised they would race, but counted to rid their bikes in the rain because large paddles were forming and it was fun to ride in them. So I said, "Okay!"

But after they left, I could hear someone screening off in the distance and I looked over at Michaels house and one of his sons was sitting on the grass screaming bloody murder and a bunch of other kids came hovering over him.

I ran across the street and the other kids said that Michael's son had gotten his finger pinched by a wooden clothes pin, but that he had gotten it off. I looked at what he called a clothespin and it was dark wood about 2 feet long and had a long pincher action on it - it was actually a clothespin - but some other kind of pinching device.

But I got credit for saving Michael's son, and was invited into the house whereupon all the relatives and their friends came to greet me and they all filed by and smiled at me like I was like some kind of celebrity.

Afterward, we all went inside and I sat on the couch/sofa which was on the floor with no legs on it and I sat and crocheted while people visited.

One of the people who had been in the line looked like an Arab woman with a sort of burka on, but her face looked tattooed the same color of wood as the long pincher thing and that felt rather ominous to see her walk by amongst their friends.

My Father was driven out and he sat on the front stoop of a house across the street. He said the last time he had left the house was the year before and it was an ordeal to go that far, so I went over to give him a hug.

My Father's mother was sitting on the stoop of the house next to it and she couldn't walk anywhere either, so I went over and gave her a hug next, just to say, "Hello" I don't recall whether she said anything to me though.

NOTE: I never met my Father's Mother in real life. She died a couple years before I was born.


12-19-03 - DREAM - I pulled up at home in my convertible car and there was a pretty young woman in a convertible car parked there. She came over to my car with a banquet of red flowers - (not roses) and tried to give them to me. I knew it was a ploy of some kind and refused to take them. as it turned out, I was right, she was selling magazines, but in order to get the subscription to the magazines you had to take all kinds of other things you didn't need.

I told her I understood that she needed to earn a living, but I didn't need all this stuff.

There was a house nearby so I suggested that she try selling the magazines there instead. I actually went with her and there was nobody home. But the door was unlocked and we went in anyway.

When we got inside, my cell phone rang and I tried to answer it. I knew it was my friend Michelle. I tried talking but it wouldn't stop ringing and when I pressed the button to talk, it started ringing all over again.

We finally left the house after walking around aimlessly inside. We didn't see a dog inside the house, but they had a dog gate and I made sure it was in place where it belonged when we left.

Again, I apologized to the woman for not buying her magazines and as I walked along the sidewalk, I saw a huge box full of yellow coffee cups and other things I couldn't identify that someone else was trying to peddle.

There was always something.

I wanted to go visit Michelle but she had moved to a farm and had stayed there the night before. It was a big old farm house with lots of old furniture in it and there was a lot of work to do in it.

I knew approximately where it was and it wasn't too far from where I was, but I couldn't remember the name of the road you had to turn on and I didn't want to get lost so I couldn't go until I got my phone fixed.

So I went to Michelle's old house and luckily she had come back to it while I was with the magazine lady.

Paul was out in the driveway pushing a baby hippo around other people's cars on some kind of flat bed truck. I had a baby hippo of my own - also on a flat bed truck and I pushed mine out a different driveway past the old people's home and he pushed his out to the main street.

Seems like it started with the letter H like Henderson or something like that.


12-20-03 - DREAM - It seems that either I was demoted from my Manager's job, or I had been somewhere else and had just moved back to town and was starting over from the bottom up.

I finished cleaning the building I was taking care of and I saw President Clinton and some other bit-shot guy coming through the building. I ran into a large living room and curled up in a chair like I was asleep so I wouldn't have to greet them and talk to them, but they came into the living room anyway and President Clinton pulled up a chair and sat there jiggling his foot and staring at me until I opened my eyes to see what he wanted of me.

So I sat up and he wanted to know what I thought of a cable service in the building and why I had chosen them over the cable service people that had serviced the building before.

I explained to him that the previous management company had already hired them on a trial basis and I thought that their service was good so as people moved out, I switched the cable service to the new company. I said, "They take care of everything except provide video tapes."

He thanked me for my advice and as he was leaving, I said, "You know - I really liked the Manager's job. I think I'll apply for it again."

President Clinton thought that was a good idea and I said proudly, "They would be getting their money's worth." and he responded, "No doubt they would!" and we all laughed.

Then a short guy came in and similar to a jockey and he said he needed his horse taken care of and the people who were supposed to do the job weren't around or had quit.

Taking care of a horse wasn't part of my responsibility and I didn't know the first thing about taking care of a horse, so I told him so.  But he said he had a 'care' manual for his horse and he rather loudly 'sang' the title of the book. I laughed and said, "Now there is a book I'd like to read."

So he went and got the horse care manual and a clipboard and pencil so I could take notes. We walked together over to the next building and when we got there, he walked around the outside of the room on a black and white squared linoleum path and I crossed over the middle of the floor where there were a lot of car salesmen seated - waiting their turn for job interviews or something.

The short man turned and angrily admonished me to 'always' walk on the black and white squared path on the outside of the room and NEVER take a shortcut across the center.

I said, "Okay!" but under my breath I was saying, "Screw you! I walk where I want to walk."

Then he showed me where the horse was housed at night. It had a bedroom fancier than any I've ever slept in myself. After that he showed me a sample of the black and white floor and told me he wanted the floor cleaned and polished like his sample.

I said, "I don't do floors," but I'll sweep up after the horse." 

Then there was another bedroom stall next to it for its mate. The Mates name was Dalrymple or something like that. The horse was out for stud or something so the mare I was supposed take care of was very moody, because it missed its mate.

These bedrooms were like what you would see in a royal palace - they were that fancy.

So I walked back to my own building, careful to walk on the black and white squared path around the outside of the room, muttering to myself about having to do this.

While I was going through that room, a tall, handsome light-skinned black man came up behind me and whispered in my ear, "Do you carry a grudge?"  

I turned and said, "No!" and he responded, "So then why are you still thinking about it.?"

I realized he was right and released my angry thoughts. 

So I went back to the big underground garage where  I had first met the short man who looked like a jockey and I mixed the grain in a big feeding trough. But I didn't know if the horse was supposed to eat the grain wet or dry.

Besides, that time was passing fast. I didn't know if I was supposed to go get the horse and bring her to where the grain was, or take the grain to where the horse was.

Just then, James Garner, the actor came walking through the room. He saw me and greeted me warmly with a hug and asked me if I knew how to read medical records. 

I said, "I know a little about them," so he showed me a little card that had a bunch of low numbers next to some medical terms.

It looked like a report card on a shiny black booklet cover. It appeared like he had taken a new job as caretaker somewhere and his was his first report card.

I thought I might take advantage of our friendship and said, "That looks very impressive", not really knowing what it meant, and went on, "What do you know about horses?"  I planned to ask him to help me feed the horse.

But he said, "Not much - but I really don't have time to take on anything new right now," and he turned and walked away. 

So, that left me to take care of the horse myself and I had to do it right then, because it was getting dark out.

I thought seriously about re-applying for the Manager's job, because then I could just tell others what to do -  I didn't actually have to do the work myself. 


12-21-03 - DREAM - I was living in a house with my family. Behind the house, there was a pipe standing in the ground with wires coming out of it. I saw smoke coming out of the pipe. The men talked about it, trying to figure out what was possibly causing the smoke, but nobody did anything about it. The smoke got thicker and thicker outside and still nobody did anything. I considered calling the fire department but it seemed that we would be charged a fee if we did that, so didn't call. Then one day, the smoke got really thick and I had to get my daughter and son out of the attic and get them downstairs where the smoke wasn't so thick. But now I more seriously considered calling the fire department. The men thought perhaps their was a mine at the bottom of the pipe.

I was still thinking about what to do about the smoke and a fire man appeared and he took a bucket of water and dumped it down the pipe and the smoke went away. I don't know why the fire men came, but it didn't cost us anything and the smoke was gone.


12-21-03 - DREAM - I was in the afterlife and I knew that's where I was. I met a variety of people who were working towards coming back to earth. 

The TV program Entertainment Tonight show was mentioned several times. One girl was featured and a female black singer who had lost a lot of weight that she painted a #10 on her short dress and on her left thigh. In fact, I was so proud of her, I helped her paint the numbers on her.

Another singer, a handsome male, was tall and thin. He had thousands of fans and was being interviewed by a reporter from Entertainment Tonight and he was unique because he was a Christian Singer and the reporter wanted to know why he was so popular. He said that he knew all his fans were dedicated and when asked how he reacted to all these dedicated fans, he said he was "forever grateful". 

I knew I was going to have to watch for the rest of the interview on that show, because they had gone through a double set of doors and I couldn't follow him and all those people. 

Then I met my long-time girlfriend Nancy (from high school and 20's). I've been watching her both in the physical until she died at age 29, and in the afterlife where I've dreamed about her numerous times. The last time I dreamed about her, she said she was waiting for me to come back there.

This time she said she wanted to come back here, but she wanted to bring something back here to earn her way. I told her that she didn't need anything to either bring with her or to earn her way. She said that she wanted to pay a pound of coffee to earn her way back but she didn't have that much. When I reiterated that she didn't have to pay anything to come back or earn her way, she insisted that she felt she had to. Then she said that all she had was a packet of coffee that made 1 cupful of coffee.

I told her that was plenty of coffee to earn her way back and she came towards me to hand it to me. As I reached out my hand to take her packet of coffee, I saw her face change and saw tat she had 3 opal gemstones embedded in her face. One was in the area of the 3rd eye, and the other 2 were embedded in her face on either side. 

As we hugged, knowing she was coming back, I felt a tremendous and overwhelming feeling of sadness and a kind of fear for her. I knew she wasn't going to be happy - ... again!


12-22-03 - DREAM - The hoax in this dream was so real, it was like a hoax within a hoax, within a hoax. I really don't know if I've dreamed this scene before or not, or have just hoaxed myself again? In order to tell the story I have to go back to the beginning and tell every hoax within each hoax, because I really don't know. 

To begin with, I was watching TV about America being attacked by planes in the sky that was like a super-hoax put on by the American Army and there was this huge long explosive looking cloud in the sky that planes came out of to attack America - large droning planes. When the movie was over, I decided to make a video of myself watching the film and pretending like it was me hoaxing some other people with this TV hoax of planes attacking America. So I made the video of myself watching TV using a script I wrote out and as each scene went by, I had a list of things I both saw and said.

Then I called some family members in and filmed myself and them watching my film of making the hoax film. But it was surreal to them, they too were caught up in the hoax and at the end of the film, we were looking out the window and a whole line of cars was parked by the road because it seemed somehow they too were being caught up by a hoax within a hoax and out in the road was a woman dressed all in black in one of those Quaker buggies and she was going from car to car preaching to people and up in the sky was one of those clouds and suddenly I was seeing planes coming out of the cloud.

I was freaking out because it was too real. 

So I started showing my video of filming my video to some other people and decided to film their reaction to me hoaxing the last group, and this time at the end, we looked out the window and it was like looking out onto a California landscape and fancy dressed Indian was sneaking across the lawn from one house to another. It was just too real and the people in the house - not wanted to believe they were part of a hoax - it was too real - there I was out in the parking lot with an Irish couple and a Japanese couple and we were all running around - chasing each other because it was all too real.

So then I went back into the house where there was a whole other crowd of friends who came to see the video. I figured I may as well video -tape them watching the hoax film.

I opened up the refrigerator to offer them some beverage because I didn't know what I had in there and exactly like in the 1st film, there was the exact number of cans of soda, beer, V-8, and meat juice that was required for the group in the house and I looked out the window and there was that big explosive cloud in the sky and I was ready to freak out again - was this real or another hoax.


12-22-03 - DREAM - I was working in an office that had a boss and 2 secretaries. I was retirement age and the other girl was about 20 years old.

The boss was busy, so when a group of salesmen came in  -about 9 men - I was told to take notes while the younger girl interviewed them.

I introduced myself to each man, but  I did not stand up , and I had something in my hand - it was either a credit card or a tiny notebook, so when they shook hands, none of them could give me a firm handshake. I said to each one, "Hi! I'm Dolores!"

At first the small notebook I had was totally inappropriate and I had to write between the lines of what was already in it. It was a list of numbers spaced out across every line of every page like a code.

The other girl helped find a tablet that was bent like an L. We couldn't even find a flat piece of paper in the office.

The lead man finally started telling us about his company. The name was Probst and he said they had done 15 million dollars worth of business which was way more than had been reported.

I don't recall him saying anything more, nor taking further notes, but I ended up binding 2 booklets together at the top and was told to make two lists. One list was what would you take with you if you had to move the next day, and the other was to make a list of foods that would last 10 weeks for however many people you had to feed.



12-23-03 - DREAM - There was a man I admired a lot, but a food friend of mine was dating him. She worked at a different place than I did, but we talked on the telephone with each other during the day. She had a speaker phone on her desk, and while I was talking to her, she answered another line on which her boyfriend called. I couldn't help but overhear her conversation with him. and heard how nasty he was to her and arguing with her about the repair of a car part. He got nastier and nastier as he spoke. Listening to that one conversation made me happy that I didn't get him myself.


12-24-03 - DREAM - (I don't remember the whole dream) I was kissing a man I thought was Joe and his face turned into a one-eyed man. His one eye was in the center of his face and had no eyelid on it. It was a little uncomfortable to stare into his one eye but I did it anyway. (This was no closed-eye kissing) 


12-24-03 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin outside the house. I saw a bunch of odd dark clouds coming from the northwest. I knew that UFOs were behind them, so I called my husband to come and watch se he wouldn't miss them.


12-24-03 - DREAM - I was at a dance-hall bar -type place and I saw a sign that said you could hang out with the band afterwards for an additional $40. So my husband paid the additional $40, but then we left. I didn't understand why we were leaving and thought that maybe it was for another day and it didn't get explained to me.

We were an older couple (but we didn't look like we really do)  I would saw we looked about 40 years old. We were on our way to work together and had to take an elevator to where our job was. This was an outside elevator  -not enclosed and there was only a couple rods to hang onto as it went up and it wasn't easy. So I said to my husband, "Lets give it the old college try," and as the elevator rose, I saw a list of 5 colleges, and I woke up.


12-24-03 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and we had 5 black and white kittens and some other cats.

For some reason, my husband flood the whole yard with blue-white water about 4" deep. All the kittens and cats had to walk around in that water and none of them could like down. I thought maybe the water would evaporate eventually, but I didn't know if it would.

NOTE: We had a lot of rain this winter.


12-25-03 - DREAM - ( I think I was Becky in this dream)  I moved into a new apartment and painted the walls myself. It was a pretty yellow color. But then someone came in and inspected the walls and showed me where the paint had run down and made nasty/unsightly lumps. I said, "That's okay -  I can fix that." and I took a chisel and chiseled the largest lumps of paint and daubed new paint on those spots.

The whole place was ultimately going to be re-inspected by someone with the highest authority in the building, but I can't remember his title, But he owned everything in the building.

I went to make a phone call to someone and I heard it ring on the other end and a woman answered. I recognized the voice as Karen - my ex-daughter-in-law - ex-friend) That wasn't who I had dialed. It seems I had dialed 4704 . Twice more I tried calling someone and it automatically called Karen. It had to have been a cell phone number because on the last call she said she was in Las Vegas.  I told her I didn't want to bother her there and hung up again.

I then went outside and a salesman drove up. He resembled comedian John Goodman, and he was singing a song about this product while he was quickly putting on a see-thru plastic protective suit and covered it with a place see-thru plastic coverall - like a tent.

I was laughing really hard when he walked over to me and said to him, how do you expect to sell anything when you are dressed like this? He said, "That precisely the point", and he showed me a list of ingredients that one sees on manmade products in the grocery store. I told him, "I'm allergic to most of that stuff". 

He said, "Most people are allergic to all but 4 of them."

I looked at the list again and said, "I think I'm allergic to all but one. There is no way I would buy this."

He said, "Well! Somebody else will." and he went off knocking on doors to sell his product.  

I was standing in the hallway of my building then and a couple maintenance men came onto the floor where I was. One of them was dressed in black and he knocked on my door - the other one who was dressed in a light color coverall went into the public bathroom. (I was just observing)

I didn't say anything to the maintenance man dressed in black and I knew the door had locked automatically when I had left the apartment. But since I didn't answer, he got out his master key and went into my apartment. After he went in, I heard him call out ..."This bathroom has a walk-in closet." 

I thought to myself, "Don't all bathrooms have walk-in closets?"

The other maintenance man came out of the public bathroom and went down to my apartment and I heard him say to the other guy, "The boss doesn't like it that you go around dressed in black. You'd better dress more like me."

(It seems that the other maintenance man was like Dr. Larry on One Life to Live TV show.)


12-26-03 - DREAM  I was walking in the hallways of a large apartment building. It was like the whole building was full of white foam until it dissipated.

Then I saw that there were toys all over the hallway floor and I started picking them up, but before I got all of them a man in a giant-sized ball rolled by me.  I could see through the ball and he was standing inside of it. He made it all the way to the street entrance before I got there. But the rest of the toys I got and confiscated them until the kids learned to pick them up.

I was then in a car on a mountain road and we were racing another car who was behind us. The road was icy and snowy and the snow would blow onto the windshield and make it hard to see so it was dangerous. Before we got to the top of the mountain, we had an extra challenge.

Now we were on foot and at each opening along the road, we were offered various sizes of beautiful crystals. The more crystals you picked, the slower you could run. I didn't want to pass by all the crystals, figuring I could carry some of them, so I chose the small crystals that were easy to carry and bypassed the large ones that were like builders. Before I got to the end, I saw a plate of crystals and one of them was an emerald, but after I picked up the emerald, the first crystals I had chosen disappeared and I don't know what happened to them, but I won the race anyway.

Then I was back in the apartment building and got challenged to a baseball game by some other girls. They thought they had an easy win because they were dressed to play baseball and I was wearing along skinny white dress. But when they issued the challenge.

I ran and pulled on a pair of blue jeans under the white skirt which I then took off and fastened a bright blue shiny cummerbund around my waist. Then the girls remembered the last game I had played against them. I had swung the bat 3 times and got a home run each time and beat them 3 to 1. I asked them if anyone wanted to pitched to me so I could have batting practice and instead one of the girls stole the ball so I couldn't beat them again.

Then the hallway filled up with white foam again and we had to walk in this stuff a gain until it dissipated and I woke up instead.


12-27-03 - DREAM  I started out planning a web page about mars to go along with Richard Hoagland's interview with Art Bell last night. 

Instead of getting up and doing it on the computer, I was doing the planning in my head even though I knew it would be better if I got up and really did it.

The dream started switching to telling me I was going to be moving to a farm in the hills and I started to worry about how far out it was and if I could handle being so far out of town.

At the same time, I was being informed I would be living with a short dark-haired woman and it seemed that this would be a rather lesbian relationship and I sure wasn't ready for that. I also knew it would be higher society and I pictured myself in a red dancing dress and in the closet I was dancing by myself, practicing for my new life that was coming.

I decided I'd better get going and get to the office and get my work done and I needed to find a bathroom.

I went through a room where all white cats, kittens and rabbits were being kept in cages to keep them out of harm. Many were way smaller than normal.

I decided I would walk to the office and went outside where I was in a big city. I had to cross an intersection where the lights were changing and all the traffic was stopped. It was a large intersection and we were hurrying and as we got to the other side  I started drifting to the left and decided I would take the entrance on the left on the 1st floor - which looked like a service entrance.

I was carrying a large bag in my arms in which I thought were my plans and maps for the future. I noticed that my bag of plans was just a bag of white rocks.

Inside the building, I saw it was being remodeled and there was lots of white raw plaster, unpainted in various stages of raw preparation for construction and painting.

I walked past an elderly man - probably around 60ish and said, "Hello!"  He looked familiar and was dressed in white coveralls like a worker. He asked me who I was, and I said, "Dolores - I work in 'electrical'.

As I walked along the hall, I was going past areas where old construction materials were kept and going past open doors where I could see that there were all storage rooms that went way back into the building. It looked like these were coal mine entrances and the farther I went along this hallway the deeper I was getting into a coal mine and the men I was meeting coming out of these rooms were covered in coal dust. I started to worry that I wasn't going to get to my office by going this way, so I quickly retraced by steps until I got to the white part of the building again and woke up.


12-27-03 - NAP DREAM - I was at home and was making plans to call 2 friends. They had phone numbers ending in 7771 and 7779. But I didn't have my phone listing for the 1st part of the numbers. I was waiting for my Father and I thought I would be nice to call my friends while I waited.

All of a sudden my Father showed up wearing his tan jacket and cap (like a golf cap) When he showed up, I couldn't call my friends at all because he was there with me. 

NOTE: 7771 and 7779 are my own numbers on the internet in some places.


12-28-03 - DREAM - I moved into an upstairs apartment somewhere on the East Coast. There were other people living here too. I got up one morning and my only desire was to go the bathroom, but there were all these other people around who made this difficult to do.

All the characters were from One Life to Live TV show except 2  me and Marilyn Monroe.

A delivery van brought some really big furniture which was wrapped in brown butcher paper to protect it. There was a printed label on it that Majic Music Co, It looked like an (Passaic NJ) on the upright piano. There was another flat piece on top of it. Maybe that was the bench to sit on, all wrapped up. I don't know. 

There was a desk built into the wall and Dr. Troy McGiver sat there, going through his mail. My own mail looked like junk. I stacked it on the right and through to myself. "I'll throw it away later."

I decided to go across the hall to use the bathroom them. When I got there, Marilyn Monroe was sitting in a corner - way in the back. She looked really beautiful.

The toilet was near a wall but facing the wall. I really had to go, so sat down on it. While I was sitting there, two other women came in. Female attorney Nora Buchanan came in and wanted to talk. Then another woman came in -  Renee - who ran the hotel.  

After she sat down, a man came who was trying to sell her real estate and telling her that this was going to be her only opportunity.

Then as we all sat there, music started to play and Marilyn Monroe got up and started to prance through the room and went over to the mirror where she started to take her blonde wig off in time to the music. At the same time the TV came on and there was a contest show where people had to guess what Marilyn Monroe really looked like.

I was watching Marilyn I the mirror so I could see her from both the front and the back at the same time.

I started to think that Marilyn was really a male-female impersonator but then she took off a tight cap she had on over her real hair, and it was really a woman and she shook out her hair and it was dark grey and white streaked and when I looked at the back of it, there were purple, blue and green splotches of color on it. Her face was old and devoid of makeup and she looked like any other older woman with no makeup.

The TV continued playing with an audience cheering and announcing the winner of the contest.

Marilyn was still alive and was living in obscurity in Passaic, NJ.


12-28-03 - DREAM - I was flying in the air. ( I don't recall how that came to be) I came upon a farm where the farmhouse had been demolished and destroyed. I had a long sharp knife in my hands and as I swooped around the landscape, I saw ponds and marshes at the bottom of the hill. But I turned and went back and on the side of the hill, I cut a large inward moving spiral with many loops. 


... A topic I didn't know a lot about was crop circles until I met Joe Mason in 1997. ... 
Third row on that page was the Peak of my insight to those crop circles. ...

12-29-03 - DREAM - I was at home in New Berlin. I had been laid off from my job at A-C two weeks earlier, but I still worked for them at home on a special project basis.

I asked a neighbor, Virginia R. to drive me to the office to see if they had anything for me to work on for the week.

Instead of taking the regular road I expect her to take, she drove straight up the hill (which was extremely steep)  and I discovered that each home on the hill had its own hidden driveway which I didn't know about, because they were hidden behind trees and bushes. 

Once we reached the top of the hill, we drove at break-neck speed behind the houses and I prayed there were no children out playing that we might accidentally hit.

On top of the hill, all these roads came back together until the final road which was very narrow and precariously undercut and hardly wide enough for a vehicle to fit on and I could see the road was balanced on narrow railroad tracks too.

We finally got to the office and it was totally chaotic. There were so many people working here, one could hardly get through the pack of women. The women were all ages, including some who were older that me. 

At this point, I wondered why they had me working at projects at home. There were certainly plenty of women working here.

At the same time, I was looking for specific women I had been friends with and was told they had been laid off like I was.

They were all getting ready for a big meeting and gathering in chairs set along the wall, but I hoped to get my assignment before the meeting started.

I walked into the Quality-Assurance - Engineering office where I worked and one of the other girls was just running out crying. The boss called after her. "Okay! You're an A-B - you'll get there eventually."

It was apparent she wanted to be an A and didn't quite make it. 

The boss and the others were just about to leave to go into the big meeting so I asked him if I could interrupt him for just a second.

He didn't answer me, but turned and opened the top file cabinet and started picking out things for me to work on. 

While he was doing that, I could see my reflection in the glass behind him - I was wearing a very short, red, lacy dress that barely covered me and red high heeled shoes.

He gathered about a 6" stack of material, most of it looked like 8 1/2 x 11 size booklets explaining products, meeting notes, etc.  

I was an extremely fast typist, but the machine I had at home wasn't as fast as the ones in the office. 

While I stood there, an old man, waiting to go to the meeting tried to touch me inappropriately and I yelled at him loudly, "Don't ever touch me!"

I was expecting him perhaps to say that I should make up new files for each of the booklets, but he also handed me brown paper bags like you get at the grocery stores and I heard him say, "Make up and label a garbage bag for each of these items."

He then handed me the whole pile to take home and work on.

None of this made any sense to me. I wanted to ask him what size print he wanted me to use, because all these bags had a variety of different size print advertising the store, but I decided I would just use a black marker and label the bag with the name of the item inside it. 


12-30-03 - I was dreaming about doing a web page on Mars and the name MONROVIA appeared in big letters. 

NOTE: Forty-one students, teachers and parents from the Monrovia, Calif., campus of Lycee International de Los Angeles spent an afternoon 'playing' in the Mars rover test area, ogling JPL's wealth of planetary images, and strapping on 3-D glasses to take a virtual tour of distant worlds. The tour, arranged by JPL's Earth science public engagement team in conjunction with Mars team members, highlighted how Earth science studies help expand our knowledge and exploration of places like Mars.

Test-Flying a Mars Airplane
Working under contract to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, engineers at AeroVironment, Inc. of Monrovia, California, built and flight tested a full-scale (five-foot wingspan) model of their Mars glider, Otto, in California's Red Rock Canyon in April 1999. The folding, 10-pound vehicle got its name from German aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal. Otto's first flight, documented by a tail-mounted camera, lasted about 40 minutes longer than the first Mars flight is likely to last. (Video AeroVironment Inc.)
--Tony Reichhardt



12-31-03 - DREAM - I was manager of an apartment building. I not only rented apartments, we hired people to help us around the property to keep it clean, paint, do outside chores, - all the things needed to keep a nice place looking nice.

I got called to the office over a wage dispute. One of our employees had been padding her time card, in other words putting on more hours than she worked. Anyone who has ever worked an hourly job knows you can't do that.

Normally, the employment office, or human relations office takes care of those things, and large companies have strict rules about those things and the rules are followed strictly, no matter who the person is who breaks them.

But in our case, I was the one who made the decisions, and when you were confronted with an issue, especially when the person was black, they would always say you were a racist and use that as an excuse, because I was white.

I was always being accused of being prejudiced.  It never mattered that they were doing something wrong against the rules.

While I was doing this, I saw a group of women on the side of the office, weaving baskets of bent sticks.

When I got done check the time card and having to talk to the person that a remedy had to be reached and they would be notified, I left the place by going through a low tunnel which had a metal door on each end. I was not the only person who walked through this tunnel, obviously - there was an old woman standing on the outside of the opposite door, telling whoever came through the tunnel to go back the way they had come.

Inside the tunnel, it was pure white, and it looked like it was made of pillars of salt. Printed on the pillar, it had a sign, 'DO NOT USE STREAMS OF WATER TO CLEAN THIS SURFACE."  That made a lot of sense.

So the old woman made me go back the way I had come, and before I even go tout of the tunnel, someone else was trying to go through it.

When I got back to my office, my husband came in to visit. He was an 8 foot tall, thin black man. I don't want to use specific names here, but he looked like a particular famous black basketball player.

We greeted each other cordially, not romantically, because we were in a public office with other people. I said I was glad to see him. He came back with, "I'm usually glad to see you, but sometimes I see you at a distance, and you are screaming at someone, "You are killing me!"

I didn't remember saying that to anyone, so I denied it and he sat there at the end of a long legal table, and said to me, "Do you know the difference between a honky and a nigger?"

He looked really angry at me and  I said to him," If you don't like white people, why are you with me?"

Just then, a friend of his came in, another tall black man. He was an older man, very distinguishes, and dressed like an attorney. He decided to change the subject, from a personal one to a more general one and he held up a newspaper and asked me if I knew of the problems in Guatemala and the drugs that were  being sent out of there."

I said, "All I know is, if the would stop growing drugs and growing food to eat instead, they would be a lot better off."

The man sat down in a chair at the side of the legal table, and began reading paragraphs from the article, but I couldn't hear him very well, because it was a long table and at the same time, another tall black man came in the room, and heard what I said about the drug problem in Guatemala.

He said, "Do you know the difference between a honky and a nigger?"

I had just heard my husband say the same thing, which sounded to me like a prejudiced attack, and I said to him, "What is it with you guys? Every time an issue comes up, those are the first words that come bubbling up out of your mouths!"

Now I was feeling really angry.

The lawyer stood up and came over to me with the newspaper and laid it on the table in front of me. I saw a list of 7 major problems in the country and large map of Guatemala in full color, showing all the jungles the people lived in.

I apologized to the lawyer, that I couldn't hear him well at a distance, but now I could see the problem right in front of me.

After I left the office, I went outside to see what was going on. Outside, there was a black woman standing there watering the lawn with a large green hose.

Right after I saw her standing there, I saw a black woman and a white woman who worked in my office, walking down the street. It was too far for me to yell to them and tell them I needed to talk to them, so I asked the black woman with the water hose if she knew how to make the water spray further by putting her thumb into the water stream.

She said, "No!" so I took the water hose from her and stuck my thumb don into the water stream and sprayed it at the black woman and the white woman to get their attention.