12-12-94 - DREAM - I was in a car with my husband and children. We were driving north on the coast highway. We went as far north as the road went.

The water in the ocean was very high and outlying islands and rocks were covered.

When we got to the end, a man dressed in a light blue work shirt came up tome and asked me, "Why aren't you working here."

I was very surprised that he asked because I thought we were on vacation.

So, I and the children turned to walk back up the road to where the clubhouse was. The kids were riding bikes and playing along the way. I went ahead, knowing they would follow me.

I went past some women who were crippled in various ways. I was surprised but pleased that even disabled people could be here.

I climbed a very steep hill to get up to the house. I entered the house and saw several rooms and many people inside.

I was told to start collecting clothing. I saw my mother sitting there. She said my Dad was coming up to get her .

NOTE:  This dream took place in Washington State. I looked on the map and found the area which I think the dream was about. There are state parks along the highway there.


12-12-94 - DREAM - I had a fish tank and had many tiny goldfish had been born. I knew I had to separate the out and set up a new tank for them.


12-14-94 - DREAM - I was shown a newspaper and how to look for a job in the classified ads. Then they gave me a silver key that would guarantee me a job.


12-14-94 - DREAM - I dreamed that Debbie Reynolds, the movie star had to give a presentation for a large audience. It was winter and she complained about the cold weather and wore a heavy black and silver brocade gown. I was shocked to see how unprepared she was as she stumbled over the words and seemed somewhat tongue tied. It was a very pathetic scene.


12-15-94 - DREAM - I was with my husband and children and we had driven a long way to visit some relatives. We were in the car ready to leave for home and I turned to talk to my children about a particular metaphysical book I had read. I had the book in the car with me. My husband was driving as I began to tell my children about the book. My husband got so angry that he put his foot down on the gas pedal.

I had never felt speed like that before. He lost control of the car and it hurtled straight onward when he came to the first corner I sensed we were going to crash and expected to die.

However, I didn't feel the crash happen ... just sensed that my head had been pierced painlessly. In the next moment, knowing that I was still alive, I knew people were going to wonder how I lived through the crash.


12-14-94 - This was one of those all white dreams.

DREAM - Bonnie and I were brought together by the aliens in a huge house and shown that it was important for her and I and to increased the energy flow in two different areas of this house.  The aliens were very tall, human appearing with white skin and  wore all white robes and had long white flowing hair. They didn't come close, but stood at a distance from us ... seemingly glowing.  There were at least 7 of them.

Then Bonnie and I separately went through all the other rooms in the house to make sure that the energy was flowing freely in all the rooms of the house. The rooms were all white and all the electrical outlets were open and not enclosed by plates like in a normal house. This entire house glowed white.

Later on, I saw Bonnie's daughter there just as they were ready to leave. They wanted me to go with them, but I had some other agenda to attend to.

Then an older friend of mine appeared (June) and she said she had to prepare to die and someone else she knew was very close to dying, but she didn't know how to go about this process.

I told her I would help her and touched her dress which was light brown and just barely held on by huge basting stitches. I took a needle and thread and took a couple of stitches in the dress at the waistline to make it a little more secure on her to help her.

She said that when I touched her, she could feel energy coming from me and that made her feel better. I told her that was good and she could take all the energy she wanted from me. That's why I was there. I told her to lay down on the couch and covered her with a light brown blanket. Then I sat by her to keep touch with her to continue to give her energy and told her that the first step in creating her heavenly home was to use her imagination and create the furniture for it, but to create it colorless so it didn't use so much of her energy, just to create the shapes first.


12-12-94 - DREAM - I just got a new job at A-C in Purchasing and my job was to buy gravel. I met two men there whom I knew worked upstairs and wondered if they recognized me from when I worked there before.

I went to my rom and they followed me. The one man pulled out a brilliant blue saxophone. He gave me the key to it. The key was unusual in that it was long and circular ... more like a vending machine key. I closed the door to the room because they were going to play it. Both men tried but could get no sound out of it since September and couldn't make it sound out. I suggested he pucker his lips more.

The two men took the saxophone into the closet and the other man was going to try to blow it. The other man closed the door to the closet and tried blowing it but I could hear nothing. The men were unsuccessful and came back out of the closet.

I still had the key in my hand but it now looked like a set of bull's horns. They were silver. I tossed the key back to the man and said, "This belongs to you," and the two men left.

NOTE: Since I have the trumpets locked in my safe, I question whether I should blow the first one.  So I meditated on it.

MEDITATION:  Q. Should I blow the first trumpet?

A. The trumpet should be blown on the 2nd Saturday after the 1st of the year. It will be blown by the man with the saxophone. He has the saxophone and the key.

The blue saxophone is not connected to the trumpets locked in the safe. This dream was given to awaken your awareness that the time is coming soon for this to take place.


12-25-94 - DREAM - I was getting very sick. A disease that I had had previously was coming back. My muscles were getting weaker and weaker, my hair was falling out in big chunks. I knew I could no longer walk more than 4 blocks.

My husband didn't care when I told him about it, I may have as well been saying, "blah, blah, blah, blah,"  His response was , "Yeah! uh-huh!" but he really heard nothing I said.

I wanted to call the doctor, but I knew he was leaving town soon because I had just bought him a lottery ticket and he expected to win. I was trying to find a telephone to call him, but all the phones were plugged into a disk jockey place and only played music.

As I walked down the street to find a telephone, I heard about something very important, but scary going on in New York and a girl who had just come from there was joking about wanting to be there so she could see first hand what was going on, but really was glad she wasn't.

In two scenes I had to walk over piles of bills. I tossed them into a hole in the ground and told a kid to go find a box for them.

The last scene I told a guy to go fix a window screen. The whole bottom end was loose.


12-25-94 - DREAM - I was with some people and an invisible witch was patting me on my left shoulder so I knew she was there. I decided we had to get rid of her. So we went through the house and broke all the broom sticks in half so she couldn't ride them.


12-25-94 - DREAM - I dreamed that the water was 2795 acid and it was supposed to be +6595 alkaline and that's why I was sick. My system was out of balance. (I think it was another chemical that was out of alignment, but I related it to acid/alkaline balance.)

NOTE:  Edgar Cayce talked a lot about the acid/alkaline balance and the foods it takes to keep the PH of the body balanced. The perfect balance of water/food is +7.  Fish tanks are also perfectly balanced at +7


12-26-94 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. I was in the woods behind the house way up on the hill. There was a man there with me. He said he liked it there and indicated that he liked the shady area under the trees. I was responsible for him to be on the train that would take him home from school but right where we were, I didn't know what time the train was coming and his fare hadn't been paid yet.

I listened carefully and I could hear the train coming way off in the distance but he couldn't. I listened again and the train was getting closer. Since I was responsible for him to be on the train, I had to run to the train station and pay his fare so he could get on the train. The fare was $2 dollars. I could still hear the train coming, so I headed down the hill towards the valley, hoping I'd be on time.

I now realized I was responsible for making up the schedule as well. I walked as fast as I could go, at times catching my second wind where I could move faster and easier. I was going through the valley and the train was pulling into the station at the school on top of the next hill.

I started up the hill realizing that there was no shortcuts to the station. I had to go on the circuitous route the way the road went. The school was being newly constructed and I noticed I was barefoot which meant I had to carefully pick my way through the construction site, praying I wouldn't step on any nails.

I got up to the top of the hill easily enough and now had to go through the school and met the woman who took the fares. At that moment Edward came up to me and asked me for $15. I looked at my hand and I was holding a wallet, and also had a $10 bill, a $5 bill, and two $1 bills. I gave him the wallet and the $15 and gave the woman the two $1 bills for the fare and got the schedule for the train.

My mission completed and on time, another woman went with me down the hill towards my own home. I started out walking but she put her hand on my shoulder to guide me and I was soon sliding down the narrow way on my butt right on the edge of the river.

I didn't know how I was doing this so easily, but her hand on my shoulder was reassuring and met two other guides along the way that helped to keep me on the path as well. We got down into the valley and were going through a small city in kind of a restaurant area. She said, "This city is condemned!" and went through the kitchen area breaking and smashing all the dishes as we went, scattering the people in her wake. She then helped me through the valley and back up the hill to my own home.


12-27-94 - DREAM - This dream was alien related. The message was "MOVING" is approved.


12-27-94 - DREAM - I was working at A-C. People were being eliminated very quickly, but I kept getting promoted until finally I was working directly for the President. He had a problem in that he treated an Asian woman as less than a human and expected her to do a strip dance for him in order to keep her job. He then saw that I knew he was up to and he gave me an assignment.

A green pen was manifested out of the air and wrote by itself on the paper. The pen wrote down in outline form all of the times and details of the President's action regarding his prejudices and treatment of women as sub-human. This project was called, 'MANKIND". When the outline was completed, the pen no longer wrote and President could no longer mistreat women because he knew 'spirit' was watching.

NOTE: Shades of Monica Lewinski


12-28-94 - DREAM - I was working for Marjean (my current boss) but I had a boss who was more important than her. He was making changes on some blueprints which I had to have copied and then sent somewhere by Express mail.

I told Marjean that I had to work for him this afternoon. There was also a letter I had to finish typing and a card sent out which should have been done a long time ago and had not been done yet.