December, 1995

12-7-95 - DREAM - I was responsible to release a spiritual program for the spiritual development of people. It began as a 3" pure sky blue circle. It expanded to fit a person's vision from horizon to horizon in every direction.  This I did.

This spiritual program had been used successfully once before and was related to what was done in Thebes, Egypt.

The program was circular in nature and was divided into 47 sections. In the classroom I passed out blue rectangular envelopes to write on and each blue rectangle had a white square envelope on each side of it. The blue and white could not be equal in size. The blue had to be larger.

In each blue rectangle, you had to write a word that described an action in your life that was less than pure. The white spaces separated these actions from each other.

The concept was that by erasing the bad actions from your life, an automatic increase in spirituality occurred.

I was able to get across to one person the concept that b eliminating the dirt of our life in the physical, you automatically eliminated the dirt from your spiritual life.

NOTE: I made a drawing of a circle divided into 47 sections. Starting at the top with one blue rectangle with a white square on each end and ending at the bottom with one blue rectangle with a white square at each end. Unfortunately, that comes out to be 48. The rows would be 3,5,7,9,9,7,5,3,

12-6-95 - DREAM - N.M. and I wanted to be together, but just couldn't work out the logistics of it.Finally, we were able to sit down at a table and at least touch each other. I noted that he had a torn born sweater on and I could see his chest. On his right front chest, by his lung was a black wound like a gun shot would about 1 1/2 inches across. I correlated this to lung cancer from cigarette smoking.

NOTE:  By the time a year went by, N.M. was on complete 24 hour oxygen from emphysema. He never quit smoking despite his disability and could no longer work and spent his whole day just trying to breathe. He then had to have a lung removed.

12-12-95 - DREAM - I was instructed to get out the blueprint for an impeller 150 x 125. This was for a heating plant to be used in the future. I went down into the factory and we tested the heating plant. It was using all the oxygen and we had to escape to open air. The female safety inspector said that the concrete walls of the basement should have been higher than the ground level before the stone walls were raised.

12-29-95 - DREAM - I was concerned about having to make a choice about 3 different ways out of Milwaukee. Someone showed me that there were three roads to New York and three roads to Washington State. He took away the roads to the southwest and told me, "These are the only two choices you will have to make."

NOTE: In 1997 I ended up making a choice between New York, Tennessee, and California, and eventually went to California. Obviously, choices can change

12-29-95 - DREAM - I wanted to be with N.M. but he hadn't arrived yet, so when a race started for ice skates, I started without him. There were many right turns to make on a track that went around to the left and I managed to make them all right. Finally, N.M. showed up and I tried to show him how well I was doing, but he didn't seem to care. Then we were going south on 20th St. and I pointed out a large yellow building that I had gone to with a friend of his. He got all pissed off at me and walked on the left side of the road while I walked on the right. I had many coins in my hand that I wanted to give to him. On the other side of the street, many beautiful women made him offers but he turned them all down. We both had to make a right turn and when he did I caught a hold of him and walked arm  in arm with him. We came to a place where there were other men around and I asked him to lean on me. He refused and told me off that he didn't lean on anyone. Then my feelings were hurt and I walked away slowly by myself. I felt he was watching me still, but I couldn't see him.

NOTE: This relationship ended up exactly like that.


12-17-95 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. I was attempting to get ready to leave. The daughter-in-laws were standing in the corner, separate from my sons, talking amongst themselves and acting against everything.

I said, "There is no name calling"  I called one a bitch and left the room, going upstairs to pack. I did a lot of work, very methodicaly cleaning the room as I went.

When I got to the desk, I came to a blueprint which was on blue paper. It was dated November, and I knew it was March and i had delayed a long time in making a copy of it before I sent it back.  I dodn't knowo what the object was, but on the bottom, it had a valve which looked like a flattened Ying Yang symbol on it's side. It was called an "S" valve and when installed under a building, it would take the pressure and rocking from an earthquake and the building wouldn't collapse.

I rolled the blueprint up and went to the closet to get a tube to mail the print back to its sender.

I then continued to clean until the room was perfect. I was thinking that the room would be perfect enough for my Father to return. I heard a voice in the outer room and knew that even then he was at the door. (A biblical passage?)

I went to my son's room and they were sleeping. I got angry, wondering why they weren't packing to leeave. There was a fat woman in the center room and she told me that they didn't need to be ready yet, because they weren't leavng until the next day.  

I was so angry at her. I wanted to throw what I had in my hand at her, but I restrained myself because I knew what I had in my hand was valuable ... it was a hand sized gemstone ... it was light blue ... and that it would hurt her if I threw it and I told her that. I looked at her room and everything was in perfect order and she was ready to go, but the boys weren't and I was angry at that.

In the next scene, I was in a car with a woman who was driving me somewhere very fast through deep snow drifits. I complimented her on her driving so she wouldn't know I was scared to go so fast.

Third scene: I was back to cleaning and getting ready to leave and a man like my husband came to drive me somewhere. We were going east and came to a huge drop-off where there was a cliff and the land broke off. There had been accidents there but there were no warning signs or barricades and people were always driving off the edge.

I questioned that and he said it didn't make any difference because the center of gravity or something was centered back under West Allis, WI or something. I seemed to understand that the land was balanced at that point, but the loss of people didn't seem to make any difference.

He drove very fast on the road that edge the cliff and it was like a long runway. It was going uphill and we went faster and faster. When we got to the top of the hill, we flew up into space. I was holding his hand and I was hoping he was seeing what I as seeing because of a psychic connection between our minds.

We flew through the atmosphere up into black space and continued on up toward the stars. This felt so fabulous. I was like in ecstacy. It seemed real, but at the same time, I rather sensed it was a vision rather than real.

However, we continued on toward the stars and came to a misty place ahead and gradually I sensed a round ball in the mist that was mustard yellow.

The yellow mustard ball became clearer and clearer as we got closer to it and I said, "It must be a 'sand planet'"

We landed on the planet and below the mist, there was clear air just like on Earth.

I marveled at what I saw. The ground was pebbly rather than fine sand and I saw no mountains like on earth, but high yellow pebbly hills.

There was a huge bug crawling up one hill. It looked similar to an earth bug, but it's wings and body looked scaly and hard, more like fish scales.

I didn't get a really good look, but there was a very small person on the ground to my right. He seemed to be built kind of like a cartoon character ... "The Little King"., but his clothing was like armor plated also.

Then the scene faded and I realized it had been a vision, and we were in a room in my own home. I was still holding my husband's hand and he wasn't seeing what I had seen. He was scrubbing the floor with his other hand with a substance like blue kitchen cleanser. Other people were arriving with very somber looking faces .

I woke suddenly.