12-1-98 - DREAM - I was seeing a series of maps of the United States, Alaska, and Canada. I was shown various types of maps with all the states marked, each section map like Northeast, midwest, western, then other kinds of maps like topography, and other kinds of separations.

I didn't see any disaster or anything, just all the various separations of many kinds.

NOTE: I created a web page about maps. I started with a section of disaster maps from psychics, followed by real maps of various types just like the dream.


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was laying in bed and Joe stood out in the livingroom and said he was leaving for work but didn't come in and kiss me goodbye. I was feeling guilty that I didn't get up and kiss him goodbye. He went outside then and had to come back in for something. First I visualized myself jumping out of bed and running to the back door to kiss him goodbye and then I actually did it. I ran all the way to kiss him goodbye because I would have felt bad if I hadn't.


12-1-98 - DREAM -  I was sitting on the floor in my apartment in Milwaukee, somewhere I've never actually lived. I was talking on the phone to my friend Alyse. She was telling me that she was doing some paperwork to get a 17 cent refund for something and I was looking at my own stack of paperwork I was completing, including sending in a job application to a place right down the street where I could just take a bus to get to.


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was sitting on the steps of my building, thinking about the maps and of what use they were to do, and a woman drove up in a black car and she said that the value of maps was in the eye of the beholder and not in the eye of the maker.

I then went over to my TV set and saw that there was a map button on the set. I pressed it and all the maps I had seen earlier all came flashing into view again and I thought to myself, "I didn't have a vision of the maps, I just pressed the wrong button on the TV set. I felt very relieved ad stupid at the same time. However, later, I had a vision of a page in my notebook and the writing was so clear, I could have read it into a tape recorder. It was a whole long pompous statement about the value of the maps and the value of $43 was on each line of the statement.

AS soon as I finished reading it, another statement appeared at the top edge of the page written in black on  top of a purple background. It started out:  I execute GADZ both from the physical world and from the dimensional worlds.

I got all upset that I was even reading about executing someone and didn't want to finished reading it much less cooperate in it.


12-1-98 - MICHELE DREAM - I was with Michele on top of Mount Rainier. I was telling of prophecy and danger of how a huge earthquake would come and the dam that held the water back would break loose and rush down the flumes too fast for it to handle.

We were on one side of the flumes where the water would spill over and there was only one way to get to the other side...which was b ya special bridge that my Father had made. She said that the bridge was made in a very strange place high up on the mountain. I told her that one day we would be glad it was there.


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was sitting in a large room at a table that was covered with a pure purple table top that was round. A man sat to my right and I saw that he had written a math equation on the table top. I got so distressed that he had marred the table top and that he was gong to write more that I offered to loan him some paper. I had my dream journal with me so I grabbed two pages to give to him but they had already been written on completely so I couldn't give him those.

So, then I wanted to know if he really ended MY paper instead of providing his own, so I looked in HIS box of writing materials and all he had left in it was one single sheet of formal typing paper and I knew that was too good to be used for scribbling math equations so, feeling sorry for him, I went to get him two sheets of paper he could use and of those two, one was already written on and the other one was not a complete sheet. It looked like the end of a roll where it hadn't been finished. I didn't want to give him imperfect paper ether, so I had to sacrifice two good sheets of my journal book so he could write his math equations.

I then went outside and found that there was talk of this whole place being moved elsewhere. I looked on the ground and saw all my plants, flowers and vines growing so well, I didn't want to move and go through the distress of moving all my plants and risk losing some.

I got inside a yellow car a sat there with my head down, eavesdropping on other conversations about the moving and while I sat there, a huge yellow bulldozer came whizzing by the car and I wondered if he'd push my car right over if I didn't move it.

I went back into the building then to go to work. It would appear to others that I was late, because I was just coming in the building, but I knew I had been there long before anyone else and had gone outside to see what was going on.

I had two offices separated by a high wall, a new inner one and an old outer one. I went first to the new one thinking and hoping that no one would be there and I could slip in unnoticed.

I was hoping that the boss wouldn't see me coming in late. I had caught a glimpse of him out of the corner o for my eye so I knew he was there. I walked into my office which was set up more like the livingroom of a house and all the furniture was purple colored. To my dismay, there was another man there, a medium sized chubby guy and he was repairing a golden colored fishing rod. The only thing he had left to do was wind up the line on the reel. I decided I'd better go to my outer office for awhile so I wouldn't tangle the line by tripping over it.


12-2-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were both dreaming about finding the Lost Tribe.

I was looking for the lost tribe and found a web page for it. It was a pink page with soft gray and rose decorations on it. The page was situated sideways to the screen rather than up and down so you couldn't see all of the screen at the same time but had to scroll sideways to see it.

Joe's dream voice message said, "The hidden text".

NOTE:  That's what I call 'coincidence' AND 'synchronicity'.


12-2-98 - DREAM - My friend Bonnie and her two daughters were creating a play about the lost tribe following from it's modern days back to the aboriginal, while Joe and I were following the lost tribe from it's aboriginal roots to the modern days.

So, we were in kinship in that we were working on the same thing from a different perspective.


12-2-98 - DREAM - I was in an office area. I had a machine component on my desk and I was trying to keep it separate from other machine components that others had placed on my desk.

Some young men gathered in the doorway to fix a machine like a vacuum cleaner. There were so many people standing around watching, I said, "How many people does it take to stand and watch? I'm leaving!"  So I left and went back to my apartment where it appeared that everything had been rearranged.

There was a large man there feeding my baby birds because I had been neglecting them while I was working. The birds were like baby doves but had huge beaks that had not hardened yet and were like feather covered orange, brown, and green rather more like a parrot of some kind.

Because their beaks were not hardened yet, he had to break open the seed for them which had a fluid in them which promoted the feeling of love. some of the fluid dripped down onto his shoulder, which I put my hand up on his shoulder to capture some of the fluid so I could transfer it to Joe.


12-3-98 - DREAM - I dreamed all night about Thebes and the words "seed knowledge" and "seed reincarnation".

NOTE: I made a web page of this. It turned out to be about Ramesses III and his biblical connection.  I chose that theme because the photo they showed me was of Ramesses III tomb.


12-4-98 - DREAM - The event seemed to take place about 35 years ago. I was asked if we could send healing, love, and light to a young boy who was having breathing problems. Instead of doing just that, we actually went to the hospital to visit the young boy. My oldest son was younger than 10 in the dream and the rest were all younger.

To go there, each person had to take an extra pair of boots or shoes. We went into the hospital and commiserated with the boy's mother who thanked us profusely for coming. When we got ready to leave, we had to pick up the boots and shoes and some other stuff we accumulated while there, and cut up paper off the floor which I had to clean up. It ended up we had to take two carts of stuff out of the hospital.  One was full of boots and shoes in a grocery cart and all the other stuff was in a dumpster-like cart.

When we went outside and went home, I discovered that a young female friend had turned the water faucet on and the water was a foot deep near the faucet. I managed to wade through the water and shut it off before it did any damage.


12-4-98 - DREAM - I spent a lot of time reading the web page about Ramesses III.


12-5-98 - DREAM - I was working in an office. I looked at the clock. It was 11 am. on 12/24/98. Everyone had gone home without saying goodbye. I decided I may as well go home too. I went to the room where all the coats were kept. I saw six 1999 calendars laying there. Five of them were rolled, twisted, and crumpled. I decided to take five of them so I'd have one in every room of my house, but left the undamaged one there.


12-5-98 - DREAM - I was with some other people in a place where there was some furniture nobody was using. There were two items I wanted. A tall stool and a telephone table that was the same height. I opened up my purse to get money to buy them. My purse was like a big golden basket. I opened the lid and the purse was empty. I decided not to get upset, that I didn't really need that stuff anyway.


12-6-98 - DREAM - This is a dream of Dejavu, and has a VISION at the end of it, which explains the whole thing.


12-6-98 - DREAM - I came in on a bus at the bus station. A conclave of world leaders was supposed to happen, and many of them were sitting there in the bus station, but there were several world leaders missing and things and situations started going wrong.

Where I was living and working, a light blue vacuum cleaner didn't work right and was put into storage. People's relationships didn't work out including my own. I finally had to give up and threw the last of my stuff into a big blue suitcase on top of my bed. It was only 1/2 full. This was all I had left after a long marriage and having a 6 bedroom home full of stuff. I was taking my daughter away with me. (In the dream she was between 3 and 6 years old. In real life she is an adult with children of her own) I had her suitcase but there was nothing in it.

I met Joe my old maintenance man from Milwaukee, WI. I bemoaned my fate. He said that none of his relationships had worked out either.

I knew where I had kept some jewels stashed and went to get them from the dark closet where the non-working vacuum cleaner was hidden. I decided to take this vacuum cleaner with me and fix it at some point later. I took the long wand first, and would go back for the canister part on a second trip.

An old friend named Terri saw me take the vacuum cleaner wand and made a comment about the vacuum cleaner. I was determined she wasn't going to stop me from taking it with me. (I have 3 past friends named Terri, two are spiritual teachers, one is from the mundane world. This one was from the mundane world, but felt it represented the female spiritual one because of the blue vacuum cleaner)

(I feel that the vacuum cleaner represents the teachings of the spiritual group which I left in 1985 and the group foundered over bad circumstances about the teacher herself) (I have copies of all the teachings thru 1985 and many times have thought about putting them on-line)

I told my daughter to get ready. We were both going to wear two sweaters at the same time. It was all we had left to keep us warm. (My outer sweater looked like Joseph's coat of many colors)

Joe, the maintenance man asked me where I was going to go. I said, "Maybe I'll go to my mothers", but I knew as soon as I said it that my mother wouldn't take me in. She never approved of anything I ever did in my life and now would be no different.

I went to get my daughter but she had gone up to the 6th floor on an elevator. There was a series of elevators. I had just come down one and we had missed each other. I came to one elevator where an old lady was sitting on the floor, cross legged, facing the back. The elevator was tilted and down about a foot. I knew I wasn't taking that one. The last one I came to had a Master on it. He was 9 feet tall, a huge man. I could hear my daughter crying but I couldn't get to her. The Master said, "She's up on the 6th floor and she thinks she is lost." His elevator went to a different higher floor so I couldn't use his either.

I went past the old lady again. She was still sitting there on the floor of the elevator, cross legged with her head down. I felt pity for her.

I had to go to the bus station then, took my packed suitcase and went to where the busses were coming and going. Someone said to me, "Your ex-husband doesn't have anyone now either, why don't you get back together with him?" I suddenly thought, "Well, if several people live together they can split expenses and the idea didn't sound too bad despite the fact that our marriage hadn't worked out in the past.

I thought I saw him getting on the bus I planned to take, but I was looking to see which man was my husband and none of them looked exactly like him. I passed all the men by because they were the wrong ones. Someone else asked,"Well! Where's your husband?"

I shrugged and said, "I guess he took off on one of those other busses. I don't see him anywhere."

Then a huge 9 foot man got off a bus and I knew he was moving into town. I thought he was a Master like the 9 foot man on the elevator.That was a good sign and he would need a place to live. I decided to stay where I was.

Then, another bus came in with a world leader on it, and all the other world leaders were sitting there waiting for him. I recognized all of them...all current world leaders. I got the sense of tremendous Dejavu ...only now I knew...everyone was in place exactly the way it's supposed to be.

Another man was standing next to the world leaders but facing me. He looked at me like he knew what I was thinking and gave me a KNOWING look...'Everything was in the right place at the right time and everything was going forward as it should... NOW.!

I woke up in a fast fade of the dream. As I lay there trying to remember the names of the world leaders I had seen...there were many of them. A vision popped in of a telegram..


The End!


12-6-98 - VISION - My old Collie dog from the '60's appeared next to me. I slipped a folded piece of white paper into a pouch beneath her collar. She then lay down and begged to have me rub her neck and belly. Then I saw a young woman in a thin golden flowing silken pant suit come walking towards me.


12-6-98 - DREAMS - clues to destruction had been given to people in their dreams and writings. Then a program was given to people to find these writings and dreams.

I was the one who was helping to get the program to work so that we could get to the clues. This was a big, important program because the clues were meant to be found.


12-6-98 DREAM - (This is weird) I went to work part-time t o make a few extra dollars. I got a job in an office which I think was on 92nd St, but not positive about that. I don't even know what I did there, just hung around and have no idea how much I made per hour.

The boss came in. I think his name was Paul. He looked like kind of a shady character. This is when things changed. Now that we were preparing a quote for a party they were going to have for someone. I got the idea it was political. They seemed a little inept at doing this. A woman came in and sat in front of the front window on a chair while the rest of us scrambled around figuring out what this party was going to cost. The main secretary climbed up on a ladder and started remodeling an upper room that was long and narrow.

The bosses birthday was coming. I have him 6 cards myself. Other people were giving him cards that were sparkly on the outside, hundreds of them. Mine felt inadequate at the moment. Everyone wanted to give only the best.

Suddenly they told me that the bookkeeping was being moved to Bellevue office. I didn't know who was going to replace her, but suddenly after I did only one small calculation for the party, the offered me a $4.50 per hour raise and told me I would have to train on Bellevue. I knew I'd have to get my brown car but it would only be temporary.

The boss wanted to win an election and didn't know if he could win. I looked at the map and suggested that if he moved the precinct lines he had a better change because it divide the properties of party lines better.

For some reason they were measuring the upper room with  6 menstrual pads and they were full of blood. I thought maybe I had my period and didn't know it. They had to be matched up two by two. Nobody went alone...only two by two nd they measured the upper room with 6 limp pads and I knew I could do better if I doubled that number to 12.

I hollered, "Party!!!!!!"  My boss all of a sudden seemed to like me better, but I felt ill at ease because arranging parties was not my idea of a great job.

I went outside to go home and I was still standing on th porch when I heard glass break around the corner. All of a sudden,  I saw 3 thieves standing there and knew they saw me see them.

I felt I needed to hide so they wouldn't try to hurt me because I was a witness, as I ran back inside the building. Things seemed to go a little wild now. One girl there needed to go to the bathroom and couldn't find it. I knew there was one way at the back through a long hallway where there was a secret apartment. There was also an older black woman who got scared about the 3 thieves too so I sent her back there too to hide.

Now, I felt like I was where I belonged. I was giving orders and saving people from what seemed like sure disaster. I herded the people through a long dark hallway way to the back, pulled their ratty looking coats off of doorways where they were hung up. The black woman said she didn't need her ratty looking green coat, but I told her that if she didn't take it, the thieves would know someone was hiding back here.

There were some rooms where I could see the lights were on, but I chose the darkest room to hide in. I didn't even turn the light on and herded these people into the room to hide. There was a younger, chubby guy there too. I didn't know who he was but I let him stay.

Then I ran out front and hid the entrance to the secret hideaway room with a pile of C.D.s I ran down the darkened hall and saw that the light was now on in the room and the carpet was red. Loud music was playing and they welcomed me by singing, "The Queen of the Red Room!".


12-6-98 - DREAM - This dream ends in dejavu.

I came in on a bus at a bus station. A conclave for world leaders was supposed to happen but there were several people missing and things and situations started going wrong...machinery didn't work right and was put in storage. People's relationships didn't work out including my own. I threw the last of my stuff into a big blue suitcase. It was only 1/2 full. this was all I had left after owning a 6 bedroom house full of stuff. I was taking my daughter with me. I had her suitcase with nothing in it. I met Joe the maintenance man and bemoaned my fate. He said that none of his relationships had worked out either.

I knew where some jewels were stashed and I went to get them from the closet where the non-working vacuum cleaner was.  I had to make more than one trip. I took the long vacuum cleaner wand first. I was light blue. An old friend named Terri saw me take it and she said something about the vacuum cleaner and I was determined she wasn't going to stop me from taking it with me.

I told my daughter to get ready. We were both going to wear two sweaters at the same time. It was all we had left to keep us warm. Joe asked me where I was going to go. I said, "Maybe I'll go to my mothers!" but I knew as soon as I said that, my mother wouldn't take me in. She never approved of anything I ever did in my life and now would be no different.

I went to get my daughter and she had gone up to the 6th floor. There was a series of elevators. I had just gotten off of one, so she had to have taken one of the others. I came to one elevator where an old lady was sitting on the floor cross legged facing the back. The elevator was tilted down about a foot. I knew I wasn't taking that one. The last one I came to had a Master on it. He was 9 feet tall...a huge man. I could hear my daughter crying but I couldn't get to her. The Master said, "She' sup on the 6th floor and she thinks she's lost!" His elevator went to a different floor so I couldn't use his elevator.

I went past the old lady still sitting there sitting on the elevator, cross legged with her head down. I felt pity for her.

I had to go the bus station then, took my packed suitcase and went to where the busses were coming and going. someone said to me, "Your husband doesn't have anyone now either, why don't you get back together with him?"  I suddenly thought, "Well, if several people live together they can split expenses", and the idea didn't sound too bad despite the fact that our marriage hadn't worked out.

I thought I saw him getting on the bus I planned to take, but I was looking to see which man was my husband and none of them looked exactly like him. I passed all the men by because they were the wrong ones. Someone asked, "Well, where's your husband?" I shrugged and said, "I guess he took off on one of those other busses. I don't see him anywhere.

Then a huge 9 foot tall man got off the bus and I knew he would be moving to town. That was a good sign and he would need a place to live.

Then another bus came in with a world leader on it and all the other world leaders were sitting there waiting for him. I recognized all of them...all current world leaders. I got the sense of tremendous DEJAVU only now I knew...everyone was in place exactly the way it's supposed to be.

Another man standing next to the world leaders but facing me looked at me like he knew what I was thinking with a KNOWING look...everything was at the right time and everything was going forward as it should...NOW...and in a fast fade I was awake.

As I lay there trying to name the world leaders in my mind...I got a vision of a telegram. It said, "THE PLACEMENT OF THE STARS OPEN THE OPPORTUNITY FOR THINGS TO TAKE PLACE.!"


12-7-98 - DREAM - I only remember pieces of this dream and don't remember how I got from one scene to another. The ending seems to be the most important.

I was at my 16th St. house. I was in the garden in the back yard. I heard a woman complaining about her young daughter. She was very precocious for a 3 year old. I looked at the girl. She reminded me of my own oldest son Michael at the same age. The little girl was cute and blonde and ware a dress that was rather triangle shaped without the top point like a pyramid without the capstone. I thought to myself that I could make a dress for that little girl with the new sewing machine I was getting.

NOTE: I got a new sewing machine for Christmas.


12-7-98 - DREAM - I was at a restaurant and didn't no money for a pizza so someone from the group I was with gave me a green bill to pay for it with and told me to keep the change. Later, at home, a young black man came up to me and said, "Remember, my mother said you could keep the change from the restaurant? Well! I need the money!" I opened my wallet and gave the young man the money, but he didn't want the change part. I looked in my purse and it seemed I must have done this a lot in the past because my purse was full of change, but they looked like light brown wooden beads. I had accumulated a lot of them.


12-7-98 - DREAM - I was in the hospital for something. I don't know what. I got out of bed and went home. This is confusing. I may actually have lived there and it seems like it was the same room as the money scene from the dream above.

I seemed to be the manage of the building anyway. I went out into the hall and saw the mail for our floor stacked by the stairway wall. When I bent down to pick it up, I overheard a conversation between the mailman and another person on the 1st floor like there was an open communication tube between me on the 3rd floor and them on the 1st floor. The mailman wanted to know if it would be okay to leave the advertising fliers on the floor by the mailboxes to save time rather than stuffing them into the mailboxes. That was standard practice in many apartment buildings. He wanted to ask permission before he did it.

I overheard the mailman say they would place a call to the woman in apartment 303 which was down by the front corner of the building on the right in hopes I might be down in that direction. He gave the woman's name. It was long starting with a "K".

So, I walked fast down to the other end of the hallway. The woman from 303 was standing by the door talking to a woman who looked like Hilary Clinton. It seemed she was aware that I was going to get the phone call.

I don't remember the phone ringing but I rushed into the room and picked up the receiver. The voice on the other end was T.M., my old spiritual teacher. He said, "How did you get to the phone on the 1st ring?" I was shocked to hear his voice. He couldn't have known I was there nor the phone number and I had been expecting it to be the mailman on the phone. T.M. said a few mundane things I can't remember. I apologized and said I had to cut the call short because I was expecting a call from the mailman.

I hung up the phone and decided to run downstairs and meet the mailman in person instead. I ran down to where the mailboxes were, still carrying all the advertising flyers I had for the mailboxes.

When I got there, there was no one there but since I had a pile of flyers myself, I began to arrange them on the floor in a nice display so people could pick one up if they cared to. The flyers began to morph smaller and smaller as I arranged them and ended up as a small plastic tag with a number on it with 3 plastic keys and a plastic lock to open. They were like simple suitcase keys with one little hook on them. The advertising said that whoever could open the lock would win a prize.

I don't recall what the prize was. Several people came walking up to get their mail. A young woman picked up one of the padlocks with a numbered tag and keys. She couldn't get hers to work and was all disappointed. I looked at her tag. I was number 01. I tried the key out on the lock. It was a little difficult and didn't work the first time, but then popped open. I gave it back to her, saying, "Here! I opened! You win the prize!"  She was all excited and ran off to claim her prize.

It was time to go home for the day. There seemed to be some kind of urgency to get there and I got a ride from someone who took a shortcut through an industrial park to get there. The driver of this car seems to have several identities in my mind but I can't remember seeing him at all. We arrived at the building which seemed to be work/hospital/home.

I opened the car door to get out and a whole bunch of people came rushing out of the building to meet me. I saw T.M. in the group, dressed all in black but with his pants rolled up and barefoot. I thought I saw his wife with him. Along with him there were several other people including Billy Graham and his wife. Billy Graham looked very old and quite ill. A relative of person of some authority came running over to me ahead of the group. He and his female companion were all big smiles and grins. Their smiles were all just to one side of their faces. It seemed like when they smiled, their face pulled to the left to show big sized teeth.

He was beaming and said, "You look Irish, almost like you are a visitation by our Aunt Kathryn. (sp?) I was going to say, "Well, my name IS Finney, but I'm not really Irish. It's just my married name.)

He went on to say, "You are responsible for this man's bills. I kind of went into a sort of mental shock, thinking Billy Graham must have put in my old room and the name on the billing didn't get changed or something. He went on to say, "Here are the pills he must take."

He produce a white envelope full of capsules. He said, "I want you to see why these are important." He began to pour out a couple into his hand and pills fell out of the envelope. I managed to catch one in my own hand. Many others fell and the other people scrambled to pick them up. The man held one pill up to the light. I could see a series of straight lines lines up around the central point where the 2 ends met in the middle. He said, "A spinning form is created in the center of each pill". I could see that the light shining through the pill would create a spinning image in the middle  * like a star form. The man told me that Billy Graham would pay for the bills but it was my responsibility to make sure he took the pills.


12-7-98 - Meditation for Billy Graham - It started out that there was a baby which needed healing, so we got it ready to go to the hospital and it was placed in a buggy-like cart. Then there was another baby which needed healing so we put that one next to the 1st one, wrapped it tightly and put it in the buggy with the 1st baby. Then there was a 3rd baby which needed healing. We put it too into the buggy to take it to the hospital for healing. I tried wrapping the baby tightly for the trip and we put a blanket around the baby tightly.

but the babies became one baby and we couldn't wrap the babies tightly enough. I had a blue blanket, a yellow blanket, and a white blanket and when I put them all together the baby became so strong, I could not wrap the baby tight enough to keep it from seeing where it was going.

A finally had to pick the baby up, hopefully to rewrap it for the trip to the hospital and the entire baby and the buggy was wet underneath.

It didn't need just a diaper changed, but it's whole clothes and the blankets. The baby seemed not to need healing. It was so strong as the 3 in one baby. It was obvious that when I put a new white outfit on the baby, it was a whole and healthy baby.

I saw many web pages about Billy Graham and I created a web page with music and the music was , "His Love Amazes Me."

NOTE:  We put the music "His Love Amazes Me" on the front page of our web site for a week prior to Christmas.


12-8-98 - Meditation - I went to the High Mental healing temple and called Billy Graham's name. I saw several men and women by a table and then a man came in from the right and shook hands with them. I could see well enough to tell if that was Billy Graham though. I asked to have my vision clarified and it did somewhat but only enough to determine that it was a man who looked like billy Graham. He was in a chair or wheelchair.

I slipped into a computer dream and was scrolling down the page and clearly saw the name Bruce Cathie. I did a web search for Bruce Cathie and many other subjects came up that he had written about.


12-8-98 - DREAM - The dream started out at a huge company I work at. They had done some remodeling so you couldn't walk straight down the hallway anymore. The area right next to mine was now like a receptionist area, plushly carpeted and it smelled wonderful, kind of perfumy. It had become my responsibility to make sure that everyone got a Christmas present. I discovered that there was still a lot of work going on in the company, the immense filing rooms and engineering rooms were now off to either side of this perfumed smelling room and it was all separated from walk-thru traffic by a huge wall.

I began to call people to come in and pick out a present. None of them were wrapped, they could choose exactly what they wanted. My cousin Shirley was there. she was always my favorite cousin. She said she really didn't want a new present...she wanted a silver dish rack that had been left behind by a girl who had moved out. I told her that after everyone left for the day she should go ahead and take it. No one would miss it and when a new person moved in they would never know it had ever been there. She said, "Well I really don't need to take that one, I could just get one out of the storage room. when people move out and leave stuff behind, we put it in storage for 2 years. I said, "What? I've been working here since 1973 and I didn't know there was an area like that." She said, "Well, where are you at 2 a.m.? That's when we have the auctions every 2 years."

I was absolutely dumbfounded to think that this had been going on so long and I hadn't known about it.

I went back to my computer again to look at Bruce Cathie's work. He had a link number 45 and when you clicked on it, it listed all the subjects he had written about.

Then I discovered that my father was in a rest home in California, that he hadn't actually died like I thought. He had decided when his creative days were done and all he could do was observe what was going on, he had gone to a rest home in California. Since I had moved to California, I wondered if it possible I could go visit him.

I looked on my father's link on the computer. It was #56. I clicked on it and instead of a printed list of subjects he was responsible for, pages of colorful circles appeared, each one with a picture of the subject matter it concerned. I could hardly wait to start look at those.


12-9-98 - DREAM - I spent the whole night working on reading web pages by two people and trying to print them. Both files had to do with the Giza Pyramid. The woman's name was Nancy(?) Albright and it was about the Unified Pet theory and Paul Bright whose page was also about the Pyramid and I was trying to print his files.


12-9-98 - DREAM/VISION - I was flying in the sky and saw a woman in the clouds. I heard the words: Aye Yaki Akh! which meant "A woman - O God!"   It probably was  Ay Akh ee Akh!


12-10-98 - DREAM - I was in my livingroom. Everyone had left for the day. I was resting on the couch, the drapes were mostly closed, but there was filtered light coming in on a corner table where I had 5 or 6 plants clustered together.  They were a variety of plants, the two I recognized the names of were Philodendron vine and Shefflera vines which were relatively young but established well in their pots.

I was hearing small voices but didn't pay too much attention until I noticed that these two plants leaves were seemingly moving in a draft from the windows. Then it dawned on me...these small voices were those two plants talking to each other. I watched them with interests, understanding what they were saying because they were speaking English. They had male voices such as the voices of male elves in the movies. It slowly came into my awareness..."This is NOT normal. Plants don't talk!"  But it was still not through my head enough to break free...PLANTS DON'T TALK!!!.  THIS IS NEWS!!!!!!"

I got excited. I wanted to tell the world. I thought about it a couple minutes. Who could I tell????  I sat there thinking..."Well! I'll just call the local newspaper and when he comes out to write the'll get passed on to the big newspapers.  It's a GREAT news story.

Just then, a family member came in the room...a man...I don't know what relationship he was to me. I quietly told him that the plants were talking to each other which they still were in the corner.  I whispered to him..."Want to make some money???  Get rich??? Our plants are talking to each other!!!!!"

He looked at a surprised look on his face and ran from the room.

In moments, other people were in the room, the drapes pulled wide apart, the patio door opened, and a cold breeze was blowing through the room. The two talking plants were separated from the others and brought out into the bright light. They sat there...silent!

The men who came in to see the plants saw and heard nothing and I could tell that the plants were like in 'shock'. They didn't even look the same. The men were acting like they were angry, like they had been called out on a wild goose chase.

I was angry because they had made a mess of my livingroom, moved my plants around and the window open and the room was cold.

So, I hollered at them to leave. When they did, I closed the drapes to where they had been, moved the plants back to where they had been, close to each other.

My sister was the only other person in the room with me, and we sat back to watch the plants. I KNEW they could talk and maybe...just maybe...I would be able to hear them again.


12-10-98 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house it seemed. We were working on the house to make it look better. Some people came to the house who were interested in making some money. I thought the work on the house would go faster if we paid them to pain the walls and pillars, etc. and make it look prettier. But since my Father was the one with the money, we had to get his permission. My Father wasn't home at the time so we had to wait for him to return. I had a vision in my head of a beautiful house, bright and shiny with paint and wallpaper.

Then my Father came home and began assigning the work jobs to those willing to work. He told them to go out in the back with a shovel and wheelbarrow and dig gravel from the hill and bring it down into the yard and fill in the low spots so it would be more even.

I was so disappointed and I experienced DEJAVU to my childhood experience where I spent weekends for 10 summers doing exactly the same thing at our lake cottage. Every weekend, our chore was to get at least 5 coaster wagons full of gravel and fill in the low spots. He could easily have afforded to have a truck and have the whole yard landscaped all at once like the neighbors yards were that were now 2 feet higher than ours. But our yard was still wild with grass and natural plants and trees while theirs had rock hard dirt and weeds and no trees at all.


12-10-98 - DREAM -  I was dreaming about a timeline. Three subjects that had a timeline of 12 weeks have been brought down to 5 weeks. Things that were going to be worked on in churches are now going to be worked on at home. They were marked L at right angels.

After I had the dream, I got together with Michele. I had to get all my music and work out of the church and take it home. I was at the church and all the lights were turned out. Michele was driving a huge white car. I told her about my dream. I was sitting on the passenger side with my arm on the window sill with the window rolled down. She was driving too fast as usual and when she came to a curve to the left, she almost clipped a tree on the right and I flinched and pulled my arm in.

We stopped the car at my house and I opened the back door and get my stuff out. We were across the street from the house, not at the house. As I was getting our little girl out of the back seat, (this is Michelle's baby, but I'm taking care of it while she's working), a guy named Georgie came along. I deliberately kept my head down, pretending to be too busy to talk to him. I actually didn't even want to see him, and then walked across the street with our little girl. There was no traffic at all.

I went into the house and two black women were there who wanted to earn money to clean the house, but the house was perfectly clean and there was nothing for them to do. I told them something about an outdoor job that entailed making dirt slide down a ramp, but I can't remember what it was.


12-11-98 - DREAM - I was on a web page and found a link to the Pyramid of Giza. On that page, I found a link to a modern day page about Y2K. I told a friend of mine to connect to it.

12-12-98 - DREAM - I was walking down a city street and came to a big stone wall.On one of the stones was written the word 'SURVIVE'. I looked at the word and said to my male companion, "Oh! My God! That's one subject I don't have in my program!"  We rushed off to a building where I used to work to make sure I got the word in the program on my computer.

When I was in the office, my old boss came in. (A high ranking Jew) He didn't remember that I didn't work for him anymore and asked me to go get a contract he had forgotten from his office. Rather than explain anything to him, I looked at the name on a piece of paper, (Carlson?) and walked down to his office. He had told me that the contract he wanted was in the topmost drawer on the right.

When I was in the office, there were many sets of file drawers with some cards, but none that was big enough to hold contracts. Whether out of curiosity or out of desperation, I began looking in those drawers for the contract and saw that he had had someone type up lists and lists of names on these cards and there drawers and drawers of them. I never did come up with the contract.

As I was walking back down the hall, I saw another one of my old bosses. This one was female. she was explaining to a guy that she dressed in a certain way so that if she was asked to return a stolen piece of cloth from a restaurant table, she'd still have another to cover herself with.

In this case, she wore two large golden orange table napkins folded and crossed over her breasts like a summer halter-type bra and crossed in the front like an X. Over this she wore a matching golden orange shirt I heard her explain to her male companion that when she went into the restaurant and they made her give back one of the napkins, she'd still have the other one to cover herself with.

I always though she was a very wise woman and always taught me everything she knew so that I could do it and she did have to. that made me wise with knowledge and more valuable to the company so they paid me more too.

So,  I decided to do exactly as she did and then I'd always be a success because she was and I too fashioned myself a bra of two crossed napkins of golden orange and a blouse of the same color.


12-12-98 - MEDITATION - I saw my coat of many colors. It was opened up and had a white lining but it was twisted and stretched until it was straight. i then saw like a poster or 'story board' pulled out of a box and it was flipped over and had many stories on the back that were in layers, yet connected on the ends.

I then heard, "Call a doctor' and saw a check written. (I had been worried about diabetes the way I collapse into tiredness and then have to lay down to sleep)

I then heard, "Joe! Take it one step at a time. You are making too many leaps from story to story."


12-12-98 - DREAM - I was at a big farm house with a bunch of people. I had to keep peeing a lot...every few minutes. I found a physicians book on a shelf. I wanted to look up Diabetes. The book was empty except for recipes pasted in.

One of the kids there brought in a huge book to show me. It was similar in color and was about Christianity. The boy said, "You know what this is about/" I said, "No! What?" He opened it up and inside...written on a line, it said, "Earthchanges!"  He was so excited he took it back with him to read.

I then went over to another boy who was laying on an upper bunk bed. There was a square long bar in a track over his head. I was going to move it just a little bit, but it flew half way across the room and hit the opposite wall.

Some other women came in with some tiny green mittens. She was looking for people to knit children's mittens. I apologized and told her I had lost all my phone numbers so hadn't been able to contact anyone to do that, but volunteered to knit mittens for little children who didn't have any.

Then she showed me a heavy man's boot, she said was for college age kids. It was rubber and heavy duty. But there was only one...not a pair and she opened it and where you put your foot in, it was zippered shut with flimsy netting. Even she turned up her nose at it. I had to go pee so bad, that's all I could think of and woke up.


12-12-98 - MEDITATION - I closed my eyes and I could see myself laying on the bed like I was out of body. I could see a silver, blue/white ribbon about 2 1/2" wide undulating and gradually emerging from the top of my head. I then heard Joe walking by out in the livingroom and it jerked me back to full consciousness. At the same time I heard a loud noise like crackling tissue paper or tin foil and the ribbon suddenly dissipated.


12-13-98 - DREAM -  I was dreaming about web pages multiple times called:


(I didn't find anything on the web to match this).


12-13-98 - DREAM - I was taking over as manager of an apartment building . when I got there, the old manager, who was a young female with many children, had the place in an uproar. Children and other people were running in and out every door, along with dogs and the place was a mess. She left with her kids, and i cleaned the place up spic n span and it was so quiet one could hear a pin drop.

All of a sudden a young female child came running in a door which  I hadn't seen before. She was all excited and said there was a man out on the street in trouble.

I went outside to see what was going on, doubly making sure I wasn't locking myself out. The man out on the street was standing by his car, double parked and a cop was writing him a ticket. This was nothing I needed to get involved in.

Just then, a big brown dog (a police type dog) came out of the house. It had been left over from the other women.

I went back to my apartment through that same door and made sure it was locked. I then looked around my apartment and saw that I had racks and racks of clothing all over the place all washed, ironed and hung up neatly. I thought to myself, "I sure don't have to buy anymore clothes." I then went to the telephone and had a discussion with my friend Wendy who was planning to move and she wanted to make sure that Veronica had a good school to go to in Shorewood.


12-14-98 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house and a friend came and gave me credit for creating a web page with instructions for saving web pages to your harddrive so you don't lose the information. I thanked him but didn't want to take credit for something I didn't do, though actually did save whole web sites to my harddrive so in case they went off line, I still had them myself.

Then I went outside and was walking down the street and again someone gave me credit for the web page about saving web pages to the harddrive and again I denied having done the page. I finally went on the computer and looked the page and whoever put the page up, also gave me credit for saving web pages to the harddrive.

I felt really good that people appreciated my ideas, but I really hadn't done the page myself.


12-14-98 - VISION - This was a poem. Much of it was xd out. The remainder said, "Because of a bad October, I promise you an extraordinary winter."


12-14-98 - DREAM - I lived on the East side of Milwaukee. There was a lot of junk on top of an old silver sink sitting on a diagonal on the corner. There was a lot of junk on it. Several people came by who I knew. I helped them pick out things they might need like a big can opener.

I went to my apartment, there were lots of people there. They were all in process of sorting things out. A little boy baby I was caring for needed his diapers changed. When I took off his diaper which was like see-thru plastic. There was more poop showing outside than there was inside the diaper.

My ex-husband showed up...he sat in a bathtub full of soap water in the kitchen. He looked pale and weak. He said he had contracted some kind of disease that started with the letter "M" but sounded like "Bosnia". I can't remember what it was. He said he was getting better.

He went upstairs then and I followed him but was waylayed by a little girl I was taking care of who wanted to take her toys upstairs to play with. I let her take her toys upstairs to play with. I let her take a table and some books, but I wouldn't let her take any of her red-plastic gardening tools. I told her they belonged outside.

Then my father showed up in a 1922 Model T. It needed some repairs, but it was huge and it ran perfect. I was thinking maybe he'd let me drive it. It had some rusty grid-like parts on the roof but was as big as a room in a house inside.


12-14-98 - DREAM - This was basically a cleaning dream. I picked up all the kid's toys from the floor. I was doing the dishes in the bathtub, but the bathtub was in the livingroom.

A friend came to visit and sat in my mother's chair. When she got up and left, the bottom cushion came out and the whole chair collapsed into itself like a portable wheelchair would. I put the black cushion back into the basic green chair, thinking that my mother would think this chair unsafe, but it really wasn't.

The baby boy I care for woke up and went to eat breakfast with the other children. I asked him if he needed his diaper changed and then said, "Of course you do."

Out on the sidewalk I saw my supervisor talking to a girl on the sidewalk...renting an apartment I supposed. The phone rang then which we called "Paul's phone", but it only rang twice and I couldn't get to it because I was reaching for a pen to take notes with. I planned to use that for an excuse if he should question me.

I went back to finish the dishes and was washing a large silver pan which had like chocolate cake dough on it. I noticed the tub was about to run over. I was wearing my Joseph's coat of many colors and plunged my left arm down into the water and released the plunger so the water out.

I recall that my right earring popped out and I bent over and picked up two earring 'backs' but didn't see the earring. I knew I'd find it if I looked for it on the floor.

I continued to pick up things from the floor. The children wanted to play with their toys but I had just picked them up. I put the last of them on top of the buffet in the livingroom. The dust was like in a big ball and that I threw away into an ash tray which I knew I would have to empty later on. The children were left to play with little miniature crystal shoes about an inch long.

I had to go for an interview of some kind for a TV show. Two little girls were also there. The man took them upstairs and it sounded like they were walking on a creaky attic floor over my head. They came back down and were very upset. He had interviewed the two girls like they were enemies and not sisters.

I decided to leave rather than go through that.


12-15-98 - DREAM - THE CHRISTMAS LIGHT - (When I went to bed last night, and turned off the light, I noticed a bright light shining on my pillow right where I was going to lay my head. I must have seen this light hundreds of times before because it was the light from the yard across the street on a tall pole. We have one of those big blue lights too...perched high on the house that comes on automatically when it gets dark outside and shines in every direction to provide us all with a sense of safety. Our light shines into our neighbor's yards like our neighbors light shines into ours. During the night, our outside world is bathed in a blue glow from those lights. Out neighbors, in turn also have these large blue lights. Our world is never dark.)

When I closed my eyes after my head lay gently on my pillow, I immediately saw a web page titled "The Christmas Light". The houses and trees in our neighborhood these days is all aglow with multiple white and colored lights festooned everywhere and people drive around to see each other's Christmas lights. But the original Christmas had it's own blue light, "The Star of Bethlehem".

The web page I was seeing then showed me a photograph of a Hindu man, holding in his arms a baby...not the baby Jesus, but a 7 headed being with a skinny body. It was most grotesque to see. I wondered what that had to do with the Christmas light. I came to find that there was indeed a 7 headed being responsible for our creation, and without it there would be no Christmas light. I presented this page here:

"The Star of Bethlehem".


12-15-98 - DREAM - (I went to bed arguing with my own thoughts and calling myself 'obstinate and stubborn', but that's the way I am. I don't write anything down unless I 'hear' the voice...not my own thoughts.)

This started off with a vision of two pages spread in a book. It was way too large and too wide to capture the whole thing. The only thing I really got was an angel? with wings sitting in a rowboat in the wide expanse of the sky, and stuff on the ground, but what I don't know. They refused to repeat, so 'the hell with it'!

Then the noise started, too fast to comprehend, so 'the hell with it'!

It ended with web pages about the Star of Bethlehem and then a 3 dimension brown and blue picture of a sky and stuff on the ground.  The voice said, "Lebanon should be in the foreground, the sky in the background, and 'something' I can't remember on the ground.

Pisses me off because it's so stupid.


12-17-98 - DREAM - This was more conceptual than really...I was seeing tubes of varying sizes. The first one was the largest. A hole was drilled down from the top and a nuclear bomb was dropped down and detonated inside the tube. After the bomb exploded, the streets were full of melted colored gell.

The next 3 tubes were short and wide and these tubes represented concepts as well and holes were drilled down from the top and detonated as well. I don't recall what these concepts were but I knew they could not work anymore.  These last three looked like oil tanks.

NOTE: The bombing of Bhagdad started at 2 p.m. They plan to bomb for 4 days.

I had a people dream following that but it was all about how things couldn't work. I ended up sitting in a room with 4 other people. It was an irony of sorts. Each of us was married t someone yet, alone so we created our own family to survive.


12-16-98 - 11 p.m.  VOICE: "We said we weren't going to do this until June. Everyone compromised on this."


12-16-98 - VISION - "Watch  "That the first time God ever did anything funny for Isaiah and _________ "


12-17-98 - DREAM - I was at a Jewish house helping to clean up. There was a lot of work and remodeling going on here.  I was going to take a shower here and went past a mirror that made me look young and thin. I never wanted to leave this place.

Outside, a guy on a machine with a big sucky hose was removing a hill and making a wide path. He promised to make me 3 flower pots I wanted. I wanted to go up 3 steps in the sand that had stone delineating them. Trying to go up these steps was impossible because every time I put my foot on the sand, my weight would collapse the sand beneath it. The last step I made revealed a peach colored stone. It was not round - more like a decohedron - but it clearly had the Star of David painted on it.


12-17-98 - DREAM - I was at a place where work was going on and I was helping. At the end I saw a bar of some kind and on it were 5 stars of David in a row. Then, they showed me Robert F. Kennedy's typewriter chair, desk. They were going to sell it to raise money for a project. Then they showed me a large rectangular shallow pool in the ground that was drained of water. The voice said, "look in the Northwest corner of the Robert F. Kennedy pool!"

The stars all had holes in the center.


12-17-98 - VISION - "Do a web search for Robert F. Kennedy Memorial"

VISION - "Frank discussion of Robert F. Kennedy needed.



12-17-98 - VISION/VOICE - "When you get involved with the bji and 133, it will win you 4333".

12-17-98 - "BJI is trash removal.   133 is sidewalk and headquarters"

"Please see headquarters. If sidewalk is missing (which it was) please read article.

"As a human we should do all we can do."


VISION - I saw a tong, like I use to turn over meat. "THIS IS A DEVICE USED TO REVEAL ALL THE TRUTH"

Note:  Oh God! I'm starting to get it. RFK Memorial is a football stadium. Joe's connection to the football stadium is big with coincidences. Geeze. I need Joe's input on this.

The football stadium stands for the 'whole of life'. The people represent mankind. The sidewalk represents 'the path.'

See:  Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Page.


12-17-98 - DREAM - I was working at a company that was laid out like A-C but seemed bigger. I was taking a book down to the mailroom to discuss it with my friend Wendy who worked there. (Wendy actually worked in Word Processing with my friend Alice).

I was taking my brown chair with me which I alternately pushed ahead of me or carried because pushing it made so much noise on the floor.

When I got to the lobby area, I had to use a wall size computer and using a computer mouse point and click on the wall to open the door to the mailroom which was designated by an "M" on the wall.

I was having trouble opening my eyes. I could only open them well when I was looking down toward the floor. If I wanted to look straight ahead, I couldn't open my eyes. My eyelids would flutter a little but that's as far as they would go.

So, when a man and a little boy, a woman passing by and the maintenance man Michael came walking by, I could only see from the shoulders on down because my eyes wouldn't open up if I tried to look at their faces.

The man, who was wearing a business man's dark blue suit, I knew very well but can't name because I couldn't see his face. I knew Michael by his voice and his hands and feet because of the clothes he wore, his hands and feet because he had big knuckles from cracking them and were distinctive and his odd duck waddle walk he always walked splay footed.

I was standing there with my chair and the book preparing to go into the mailroom when they all came by. I heard the woman tell Michael she appreciated so much that he had decorated the lobbies with Christmas scenes because it made her feel so much better.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that he had started this lobby too. The walls were painted dark blue like a night sky. There was brown land and then he was going to put trees and other scenes in front of it.

I asked the man if he wanted to show the other lobby to his other boy because i was done and I told the little boy that Michael could carry hi over there to see it. The man in the blue suit then said he would go too.

It was then I realized that in the grey book I was carrying were tracing patterns you could use to draw pictures of snowmen, Santa claus, and other figures.  I offered it to Michael so he could use it to make everyone feel good for the Holiday season.


12-18-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were in bed sleeping in one of the bedrooms I grew up in as a child. The door was closed. I heard a noise by the door and immediately felt scared. I crept out of bed and snatched open the door. There was no one there. The light was on in my Father's room so I went across the hall and a young Chinese girl was just crawling into my Father's bed. (I did not see him in bed with her.) She was all upset. I asked her what was wrong. She showed me a note she had received. It said something about a man with a beard had been seen with a young white boy and now the government wasn't going to pay the Indian Tribes rent.

I didn't understand that. She was still upset so I asked her if she wanted to crawl into bed with me. She said, "No!" so I left the room.

For some reason I went into the other bedroom I slept in as a child. The door was closed and I was down on my knees doing something on the floor and I heard a noise by the door and got all scared again. Since I was right by the door I snatched it open and there was no one there. But the light was on in my Father's room soo I went across the hall and the Chinese girl was just crawling into my Father's bed. She was all upset. I asked her what was wrong. She said that she had been accused of taking 9 different kinds of cheese. I hadn't heard of more than 7, so I didn't understand that. I again asked her if she wanted to crawl into bed with me. she said, "No!" I left the room and when I opened the door to my own room I woke up.


12-18-98 - VISION - #1 -Liz found Genesis I and Genesis II
#2 - Liz found Genesis I and Genesis II
#3 - I started reading Genesis I and Genesis II
#4 - I received Genesis I and Genesis II from IVANSCAN7 and signed by Janet Darling
#5 - I saw a repeat of IVANSCAN7 and Janet Darling


12-18-98 - DREAM - I was on 3rd and Center Streets. The road was brick. From the way it looked, I would say I was indoors and this was like a stage play road. A woman drove up to where I was and said she was trying to get to the mall. She was very upset that she would have to go back the way she came from over the bridge behind her. There was a brick covered bridge to the west but there was a bridge and door to the East as well. I told her she could proceed East to get to a different mall and she could get what she wanted. She had trouble understanding that she had to go through a door before she could cross the bridge. I told her I'd go with her. The door was metallic and all beat up from other cars bumping the door open. We went through the door and we were now inside a long hallway like a hospital with white walls but narrower halls.

We met one person coming towards us, dressed all in white. Beyond her was a room labeled Hollywood. The woman I was with was very happy to see that. We went into the room. The only thing I saw was a TV set with Art Bell with big yellow teeth interviewing Dr. Ruth. The woman I was with was so thrilled she lay on the floor in a strange way hoping to be noticed.  It was pretty pathetic and I left her there because she was so happy.


12-18-98 - DREAM - I seemed to be in the the same building with long narrow hallways. I was with a man who was in a wheelchair. I was going to take him outside but at the door was a porch and stairway down with a large pool of water beyond which someone could not possibly cross.

I could see that I could not go that way, so backed up. I attempted to take him up another hallway but there was a stairway going up several steps. I very clearly said to myself, "What is this dream about...wheelchair access?"

I took the man farther down the hallway looking for a way out of the building but every direction had stairways down and it seemed that the whole building was surrounded by water too deep to walk through. I came to a place where there was a window that looked into a narrow room that had white foam or plastic balls several feet deep on the bottom like a child's play room kids love to jump in. The same woman from the previous dream was now inside the room with the balls, playing around with a man. They seemed to be having a good time. The man in the wheelchair was happy watching them through the window so I left him at the window watching and left and  I woke up.


12-19-98 - DREAM -  I volunteered to babysit for a tiny girl...less than a year old. At the same time, I was moving into a new apartment on Jackson St. and starting a new job.

I went to change her diaper. Everything was there but we had to make room to lay her down on a changing table. As soon as I laid her down and took off her wet diaper, she peed again and got me. I laughed and said, that was the first time a girl baby ever got me.

My box was sitting in the office. It was like a combination of Ralph/Paul. As I walked by they gave me an order. He said, "First thing Monday morning at 7:45 a.m., I want you to sweep the gutters all the way around the buildings. I remember having my old maintenance man do that in the past. It wasn't that tough a job. A black man was moving from apartment 111 to 107 and I was moving into 106.

I saw a reflection of myself, wearing a longish black flowered dress and 3" spike heeled shoes. I carried the girl baby down to #1006 to lay her down for a nap. She was already sleeping. I was given the key to my apartment but it seemed there was no door, that the apartment was an extension of the hallway. On the outside wall it was all windows.


12-19-98 - VOICE - "We can go to the bank and power you down!"

I had just remembered the evil list. (See below)

"It's not contemptuous to teach a teacher a law they don't know."


12-19-98 - DREAM - I remembered that I forgot to put the list of evil things on the web pages and I was busily inserting them and came to one and clicked on it and it went to the "Lion King" page.

In the dream, I was carrying a bear cub...a black one. It was cute but needed to be caged and I was at a railway station. I went to an area where I could close two sets of glass doors and slammed them shut and clicked the locks together sideways and made a glass cage for the bear cub.

Two young women were there who though the bear cub was so cut but didn't know how dangerous he could become.

I was with someone and suggested what a great idea it would be to jump on a train and to go just a short distance to the next town and come back just so I could say I had been on a train. The train came by and ran over my foot as it went by.

NOTE: On 12-20-98 - there was a train crash which killed many people after having hit and killed an old woman several miles before it crashed.


12-20-98 - DREAM - (The radio was on with Art Bell interviewing OBE expert Al Taylor)  In the dream, Al Taylor was interviewing Art Bell and I thought I heard him say he had a book of Masters for sale for $43. I didn't want to interrupt the interview to ask the question even though I was in the same room with them, so I went into the next room to ask my brother if he had heard them, but he was sleeping, so I planned to e-mail Al Taylor at his address:


12-20-98 - DREAM - I was in a large room. There was like 3 computer-like or information transferring machines in the room. I was working at the central one. The guy on my left was sending information to the woman on my right, but it had to go through my machine to get there. The problem was it had to go in sentence at a time and I was trying to figure out how I could capture an entire page if it before passing it on. I was making progress with it but there was just one glitch in my idea yet because I saw a glob of dark jelly on the paper and I didn't want to gum up the machine to do it.

I then went into the kitchen where Becky was doing the laundry and shelling beans at the same time. It was fairly dark in there.

I had a TV set with a big antenna, as I put that in place and affixed the antenna and turned it on and it lit up the whole room.

I thought it was really great that she was shelling beans. I had mine already done and they were in a basket high up on a shelf. I went to look at my beans and they were all moldy because there was tomatoes smashed on the shelf and it had contaminated the dried beans. Now neither one was any good. So Becky had been wise to wait to shell her beans later than me, and I set about to help her shell her beans.

I went to another office type room and the old white haired mean looking boss man came in. I thought he'd be in a better mood if he had some coffee. There was coffee cups sitting around but ever cup to be picked up had already been used. I felt kind of embarrassed that I didn't have a clean coffee cup to give to the old boss man because he looked really mean, so I offered to go look in the pantry cabinet where I was sure there had to be at least one clean cup.

I went into the pantry and it was more like a small parking lot. There were huge Rolls Royces parked in there so close together we couldn't get to the cabinet where the coffee cups were. On top of that, there was 1/2 gallon of milk standing on top of one of the cars for the same reason. We couldn't get past the cars to put the milk into the refrigerator.

Finally I saw that we could get past the cars by going around behind them, but at the same time and a tall dark man looking guy came and wanted to move his black car out of the lot. He bellowed at us, "What are you doing by my car?" I tried to explain to him the problem of getting a clean coffee cup for the boss and putting the milk away so it wouldn't spoil.

He was going to leave so we had room to do what we needed to do, but then I noticed that there was a baby crawling on the floor between the cars and I prayed he wouldn't be run over as the dark man left.


12-20-98 - VISION - I went out into the yard. A great tree...all blackened and burned. Where all the karma in the coffee cups had been hanging there...all the karma was burned up and gone.


12-20-98 - VISION - This was a white scene. The voice said, "I could present all the karmic information at once but then it would be too complicated to understand.


12-20-98 - VISION - This was a dark message followed by a Light message. The voice said, "I present focus dreams and then you miss the message and I hit myself in the head and say, "ooooohhhhh" and moan!"


12-20-98 - MEDITATION - Q. What should I do with the RFK page? A. Present stories of the struggles against inhumanities, then present the stories of the victories and good things people do with virtues. (The page is:


12-20-98 - DREAM - Someone called me on the phone and voiced concern that I seemed to know an awful lot of information. She was concerned that someone who was up to no good was giving me the information and they were concerned for my safety. (The name Cynthia Turnage Meriweather was mentioned) I didn't think I knew all that much and went about my business. I went into another room where a young man told me that he had a visitor in his room. He didn't know who she was or what she wanted so I decided to just walk in unannounced and see what was going on. When I went into the room there was a woman laying in the bed and when I asked her a question, she flipped back the blanket and there was a young man, perhaps as young as a teen and a very young girl maybe about 3 years old or less.

It was the young girl who was the most vocal and told me I was in trouble for knowing too much. She too said the name Cynthia Turnage..this time the last name also started with Meri____ and I started to say Weatherman instead.

I left the room and I again got a phone call from the original woman. She now had her Father with her and again they voiced concern for my safety and again said the name Cynthia Turnage Weatherman like a website I was at the other day about radar.

I then went outside to use the outhouse and as I was going across the yard a light flashed on the ground at my feet. I looked up in the sky and two large lighted flying craft. They were going in different directions. One was an airplane. I wasn't sure what the other light was. I said to someone, if they had seen the light on the ground? They said they had. It seemed to a signal of some kind. I went into the outhouse to pee and guess who showed up to take her turn right after me!  Cynthia Turnage!

NOTE: I don't know Cynthia Turnage and have not read her work. There is next to nothing on-line about her. But, I understand she believes in the Zechariah Sitchin version of E.T.s


12-21-98 - DREAM - I was working on a page about UFOs, copying and pasting from one web page to another. I copied part of the page, then skipped a section that showed a row of 4 C.D.s. I copies a few more lines below that which were (take 1 line from row 2) and (insert line 6 from column B) sort of thing.

when I was finished I went into a regular dream which began when I was in the bedroom and a man appeared outside who was going to give me an estimate to re-sash all the windows in the house. I was just going to go pee and now I did'nt have time, so I opened the window where he was at, told him, "I'll be right there," and then took a round laundry basket that was lue and had grids on the outside. I planned to pee in it out of his possible line-of-site. I took the basket to a hallway that couldn't be seen from that particular window but as soon as I did, Scott, the maintenance man from Milwaukee appeared in another room with a big grin on his face and I knew I couldn't pee first. I was stuck.

Right after that my husband/companion showed up who had been to the hardware store pricing the parts. Before the two men could present their estimate, my husband showed me a piece of paper with a number on it that the estimate should come close to because he had done his own estimate. The number was $217_42.  The other men could only fill in the blank number...their only leeway.

Scott said, "Man! If I would have know you did that estimate, I would have looked at the number first!"

I went outside then. The men's van was a purplish color and really nice looking, but when I got to the rear of it, it was just a hollow shell and had nothing in it. The back doors were standing wide open.

My son Bill arrived and said he wanted to see the lake down the hill. I knew it was 3 miles downhill on a winding road so I suggested that I drive us down there.

The estimator's truck doors were rather sticking out quite far. I went around the truck and discovered that when I slammed the doors shut, the truck became a solid red fire truck.


12-23-98 - DREAM - I was standing on top of a high hill in the dark with a younger woman. Off in the distance, I could see traffic coming into the city from two different directions...from the Northwest and from the West. The strings of car lights were so pretty seen from the distance. As the two streams of cars came toward each other, they merged at a specific point and became one larger string and came into the city.The girl and I were going in the opposite direction. She wanted to know which road we were going to take. I told her we didn't have to make that decision until we reached Highway 16. Then we could decide. She was behind me like we were standing on a magic carpet. She was not really close to me but was standing on the carpet. The carpet rose in the air like a magic carpet. We started moving forward. The freeway entrance was just ahead. I made sure she was ready and the carpet started moving along the highway faster and faster as we swooped down into the darkness towards the strings of lights coming out way. It was an exhilarating ride swooping along the through the darkness. There were no other cars on the road going this way with us. Finally we had to reach the point of decision and headed towards the Northwest. On and on we went and I could feel the carpet stretched out behind me almost like superman's cape. Finally we reached the destination and I felt the carpet shortening behind me. When I stopped totally, the carpet felt like a belt around my waist. I turned around to speak to the other woman and she was not there. I wondered then if she had ever begun the trip with me at all. I had not seen her since the carpet began to move and for all I know she may be standing on the hill, still waiting to make her decision.

At this point I was in a city that had a Middle Eastern feel to it, like bricks made of Adobe or brick of multicolored brown, reddish, and yellow clay.

Then I was looking at a computer screen and on it was an animated Santa Claus which also had a Middle Eastern uniform on and a big moustache and he showed me the title of the page with 16 lines beneath it. It was 'The 16 Points of Peace.'


12-23-98  - VISION - I was inside a room like a barn. A large brown crate was brought in .


12-23-98 - VISION - As I lay there, I saw a toy doll sort of creature...maybe just a doll. I saw these two visions over and over.


12-23-98 - VISION - I was wondering why I don't see spirits like Michelle. I saw a blue disk covered with a Chia pet. They hadn't sprouted yet, but I had them.

(James Van Praugh has these too. :-)  )


12-23-98 - DREAM - Same dream as last night...twice more only with added details. This time there was a large paragraph and a small paragraph. Each one described the same thing only in a different way. The inner one was named Suzilynn (Suzilynn is noted to me for her humorous joke she sends me)  In this case I was shown that the large paragraph was pasted on the inside front cover of a book and the small paragraph was attached to the large paragraph and was folded over on the inside of the cover of a book. Later on, when the book was recovered, and the larger outer paragraph was no longer needed...two side bars of the inner paragraph were removed because they were the persons phone numbers and all that was left was the humorous description.


12-24-98 - DREAM - I was working on Christmas decorate web page with the same ghosted Pointsettias that my own page is. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and saw the name and address of the author. It said '13 Christmas songs'.

I then worked on the '16 Points of Peace' onto the '13 Christmas songs' page.

NOTE: 13 + 16 = 29 - 11


12-24-98 - DREAM - I was living in a place with some other people. I took on the job of doing the dishes and had 3 sinks full of water. Still, when someone wanted a teaspoon I couldn't find one. All the other silverware was clean but I couldn't find a teaspoon.


12-24-98 - DREAM - I was working in an office with other women. I was given a raise and a promotion and asked to work in a team with 5 other women. We would be sitting  in a 6 pointed star shape and as a team we would each work on the same things and helping each other out. I saw who all the other women were. They were the best of the best I have ever worked with and now I would be working directly with them.


12-24-98 - DREAM - I was driving a brand new car, driving east on Grange Ave. I knew I was dreaming and saw ahead of me a white horse galloping and a boy with his dog. I thought to myself, "I hope they aren't going to make me hit them." But I was in control and I made a right turn onto 111th St. I couldn't go far because there were two trees fallen into the road. I could have driven around the trees but called F11 for each of the trees. I made U turn and drove west on Grange Ave. I experienced the smooth bumpless ride and the great feel of being in this car. I saw that the sun had gone down and all the busses and cars going east had their lights on. I turned on my lights as well, and saw the reflection of my lights on those cars.  But, I was careful not to turn on the brights so I wouldn't blind the oncoming cars.

VOICE - After I woke up I heard a voice like "Rove's" tell me that I had done a good job on my Christmas web page with the graphics and music. Then I saw the motion of two arms go X and felt it meant "DONE!!"  and woke up. This page is THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM AND THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS


12-25-98 - DREAM - I was on a web page where hundreds of quotes were put together about someone. They were all negative and when I clicked on them they would make a nasty noise.

Finally, there was one good one and it flipped to another page that had 4 good things on it.

Suddenly I was in a kitchen with a man and he had slips the two forelegs of a calf lengthwise. Towards the ankle part was a seed in each one. They were shaped like tomato seeds. He said, "Do not eat the seeds of bitterness." He then took the calf legs which were miniature size and threw them away.


12-25-98 - DREAM - Everytime someone was thirsty, they would get cigarette smoke blown in their face.

I was at my 16th St. house and a young girl made the same suggestion, then went upstairs and I had no idea what was wrong with her.

I then saw a woman take the picture window out of the front window, reach in to get her mail off a table, and then put the window back in. I was very upset at such a dangerous thing so I locked the window so she couldn't do it again, because she did it too fast for me to yell at her.

I went to the front door to see if there was any mail out there and saw a man's foot laying at the bottom of the stairs on the sidewalk.

Then a woman was trying to start a large orange tractor on the porch and was pumping the gas pedal. It was flooded and wouldn't start. The whole porch was full of smoke. I told her how to hold her foot down on the pedal instead of pumping it, but she want a MAN to help her, not me, so I went back into the house to find someone who could tell her what to do.


12-25-98 - VISIONS/VOICES - On a web page it said, "SCORPIO PROGRAMMING - RIGEL.

A voice said, "Nobody should try to take their final vacation of the year before June 6th"

12-25-98 - DREAM - I had three dreams the same - web pages about Scorpio timing programming with Rigel. I then slipped into a people dream in which I was working in an office where I got my secret metaphysical training back in the early 80's.

The teacher tried to see me, but he got blocked by this old guy  who ran the place. A short, chubby guy with balding head, very old.

He told everyone not to try to take their final vacation before June 6th.  All the young girls giggled when he said that. I was going to shut down my computer and go to my apartment which was in the same building, but  when I shut down my computer, there was a radio playing the same voices right next to it. At the same time I got a phone call from a woman named Terry ...coincidentally the same name as the woman who taught our metaphysical group. She was on the phone with me, telling me that she had a secret program about the Scorpio - Rigel timing program and nobody else had it. She was very mysterious about it, but she really wanted to tell me about it. While she was saying this, the old guy went around the office asking the men if they had the information about the Scorpio - Rigel timing program. Nobody did, and he was anxious to get his hands on it. While he was doing this, one of the guys named David who worked there, sneaked home to tell his wife Terry (who was on the phone with me) that the boss was trying to find out their secret information.


I went on the web and found some really incredible stuff  about the constellations and the timing of them regarding the book of Revelations. Coincidentally, it is about the Constellation Scorpio in mythology trying to kill the Constellation Orion which comes right after it in the nighttime sky next spring. According to the timing of the web site I was on, 1 day = 1 year, however, the chart I looked at showed 5 years. Now if the chart is actually 5 months, then June of 99 could be bad.

12-26-98 - I had 3 dreams of web pages showing me lists of information about Belgium invading another country.There was a name involved with this starting with the letter "D". I thought I would remember it, but I didn't and I'm not actually sure about the Belgium either, but can't get the word out of my mind. The dream was definitely a "B" name.

This afternoon, I decided I would try to lucid dream about this subject and here is what I got:

I dreamed that todays invasion page had to do with Art Bell. He is in denial about it like it can't happen if he doesn't believe it. There was a light shining on the page and at the bottom was an upsidedown pyramid shape of links where you could click for more information or sign up to help with the cause. The link right in the center was to "Pray Every Day"!


12-26-98 - DREAM - I dreamed I woke up in the morning feeling like I was starting my period. I asked Joe to bring me a towel because I could feel the blood flowing. After I put the towel between my legs, I got up and saw that the slacks I had worn the night before had blood all over the part where I sat, so I had to do laundry.  I noticed that when I started to pick up the laundry, it was black, but I began to pick up other  people's laundry as well, it all turned blue. There was a lot of people there and I did all their laundry too.


12-27-98 - DREAM  - I was looking at a magazine page where an article was about the ETs. Suddenly I noticed that if certain words were removed from the text, it said, "The ET stood arm in arm with the man," taken from "Unaccompanied Magazine."

NOTE: I feel the ET thing is a screen memory because I know I was dreaming a war coming and the sentence I saw was about a war and not ETs, but it was like I was forced to write ETs when I wanted to write something else. My memory was being squeezed.


12-27-98 - DREAM - This is almost impossible to write because I don't understand it. I was multiple people or on different levels of dimension or both.

It started out I was trying to hide something in a closet and it had something to do with ETs. I ran downstairs and now I was trying to help someone else who was hiding, then I ran downstairs and was chasing someone else who was hiding and grabbed something out of a closet and we both ran downstairs and now I was the mother and I was freaking out because I could feel an implanted tube under my right jaw line that felt like it was plastic which somehow got bent or stuck or something.  I was then in a hospital chasing someone and feeling the tube under my jaw and it was freaking me out. I ran into a nurse fingering this tube and she saw it and grabbed me and forced me into a chair and instantly whipped out a long syringe and injected me with anesthetic in the roof of my mouth. I could feel myself going unconscious and woke up in bed with my mouth feeling numb and I was having trouble breathing. I had to open my mouth to breathe. I was trying to remember what happened and started to fall asleep and go back into the chair where my mouth was anesthetized so I made myself wake up again.

This thing I was hiding was #8259


12-27-98 - DREAM - I was managing a building but also in charge of employees. I began to do employee reviews. The first one was Frank _______ whom I know is deceased. He was distressed that he was being checked on. His review sheet was plastic and peanuts were stuck inside of it when he folded it over. He tried sneaking a peek at what  had written down, but my boss ( a female) reprimanded him and told him she had to look at it first and then would talk to him in private. That didn't make him feel any better.

In this dream, there were numerous black guys with power tools tapping into the electricity yon the ceiling. I don't know what they were going to make, but I didn't try to stop them.

I was waiting for the telephone company to come and install a new line for a new resident named Sarah. We were so full, we installed a 3 feet wall in the hallway to surround her stuff. I walked by and she was laying naked up against the wall. I wondered if she thought that we couldn't see her or if she thought it was okay.

It was then I noticed that I didn't have any pants on myself and everything showed beneath where my blouse and suitcoat came to. I did have shoes on but didn't see socks or stockings. Now I felt embarrassed because a young guy had made a pass at me and I wondered what he would want with an old lady like me.

I began to climb a ladder-like stairway. I t was very difficult because the stairs were very narrow and I had to put my purse up a few stairs, climb a few steps, put the purse up again, climb a few more stairs, etc. At the same time, I realized anyone who followed me would see I was naked from the waist down and I couldn't forget that.

Once I got upstairs and found that the computers and TVs were taped over with tape so nobody could see the screen, I saw the number 1052 on the tape. I don't know if that represented a date or time?  

I then went outside to a park-like area. The kids were playing and having fun. A bunch of baby sized kids were hanging from the branches of a tree and I was watching them. a miniature sized convertible car came off the street and pulled up to the tree. The guy driving it was teenaged or young 20's. He began kissing and sucking on the babies' arms and enjoying it way too much. I went over to stop him and tell him to get away. The guy threatened to dump something on me. It was either oatmeal or cottage cheese-like. He threw it at me just as I grabbed him by the back of the collar and told him, "That's okay! I'm going to beat the crap out of you!"  

I woke up with my heart pounding.


12-28-98 - VISION -  I was looking at a web page bout people who rewarded for getting over adversity.


12-28-98 - DREAM - This was about my friend who overcame panic attacks and illness. I gave her a big hug.


12-29-98 - DREAM - I was looking at two long web pages about Dilbert and various situations.


12-29-98 - DREAM - I was living on Jackson St. It seemed that I had been ill or in the hospital and the maintenance crew and some other people had packed all my stuff to move me from apartment 118 to apartment 311 or 310. They even had an entire outfit in white for me to change into before I moved upstairs.

I also had to go to the bathroom before I moved upstairs.

One of the maintenance men went with me when I went upstairs. It was obvious I was managing the building and picking up little pieces of trash as I went. On the 3rd floor, two little girls had arranged a series of stones and rocks on the carpet where it wasn't fastened down even on the floor. This was their way of protesting the imperfection of the carpet. I picked up all the stones and rocks and carried them to my apartment.

I wanted to go to the grocery store but my Father was making a speech in the Great Hall and I didn't want him to know I wasn't listening to it, so I was trying to plan how I could get to my car in the parking lot without him seeing me.


12-30-98 - DREAM - I was taking care of an infant. I don't know if it was mine or someone elses, but it was doing things that were way beyond the capabilities of what I thought an infant would do. I went to get it some food to feed it, and it was sucking on a hamburger and pickles.  Then the baby made it's own hamburger on a tray and the lettuce pile was three feet high and 3 feet wide and the hamburger part was way too top-heavy ad fell over on the floor. A waitress and others picked up all the lettuce. We ate it anyway so it wouldn't go to waste.

A girl visitor wanted to go to 35th St. We had to take the baby with us in a cart, pulled behind a jeep. I was trying to figure out the logistics of getting her there and still have a car to drive and leave anyone stranded.


12-30-98 - DREAM - I was at home (not anywhere I've ever lived) A lot of people were there of all ages. I had to clean up after everyone, continuously pick up their toys. I could never catch up. I worked all the time. I got so frustrated I told the kids I was going to throw away all the toys. I barely had  a trial to walk through the house. Nobody ever picked up anything. I asked where the toy box was. It was laying over on it's side. When I righted it, t was full already. There was nowhere left to put anything.

There was a pretty green settee-type sofa out in the middle of the room that someone had given me. I thought it would look nice along the wall, so went to move the plants and other furniture to make room for it. As soon as I touched it, it all fell apart and it was only a big flat board on top of a dozen chairs. There were only two of each type of chair and they all had rounded backs so I couldn't balance the board on top of it.

The main thing I noticed was my tall lamp stand. It was as tall as I was. The light wasn't lit, but I made sure the bulb worked, then continued on with trying to get the board balanced. As soon as the chairs were there, they filled up with people. I tried to get my son to cut off the tops of a couple chair so I could balance the board easier but he was busy doing something else.

My mother must have gone down the street and saw some guy doing something he wasn't supposed to. His red-headed daughter came to the door to apologize for him. I didn't even know who she was. Then while I was standing there talking to her, several of her friends came and they were all excitedly talking about going somewhere exciting to meditate. They were very effusive about it and right up in my face. I excused myself because I had so much work to do, envying their leisure time to meditate.

Then my Father came home from work and he told me he was taking my mother and a friend to go see some famous meditator on stage.

My Father's big black shiny car was sitting in my garage which was so full of stuff that there was no way to drive it out. So I quickly volunteered to clean the stuff out of the garage so my Father could drive the car out. But my Father got the car out by magic and I was still left with all the work. There was no end to the work. Everyone else was out meditating and I just stood there with all the endless work.


12-31-98 - DREAM - I and a male companion were called out of our apartment to receive crowns as awards. I was originally dressed in a thin gown and put on a thin blue overgrown to run down the hallway to the place where we were going to be crowned.

I recognized several familiar faces as we walked down the hall and wondered if those people knew who I was.

NOTE:  This has heavy ET mothership overtones and memories

I went to a gymnasium where teams of pole vaulters were practicing.  All of the pole vaulters were 7 or more feet tall, but others of more normal size were striving to be pole vaulters as well. I recognized both of my brothers there as well as some other familiar faces.

One young girl was particularly afraid to try to pole vault so they handed her the stalks of 3 sunflowers that had small dried heads on top and asked her if she'd be afraid to climb the stalks to the 2nd leaf or something. She said, "No!"  So she did a practice run and jump and flew up so high her feet hit the ceiling lights. Then she fell backwards again and the crowd caught her as she came back down backwards.

The coach praised her and told her that was the 1st time he ever had to worry about chipping of the paint on top of the light fixtures. Everyone laughed but were so proud of the girl for trying.


12-31-98 - DREAM - I was working on a web page of my dreams. They were all typed in red and they entire year was on one long page. I was cutting and pasting the various section into months.

NOTE: I had actually been doing that in the physical too.


12-31-98 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen which was like a TV. On the screen was a beautiful country club scene. It must have been on a river because there was a real high long bridge in the distance. It was so beautiful there.

Bob G. the painter stood on my left and another man stood on my right and we were ooohing and aahing over how beautiful it was. Bob G., the painter said, "Oh! I wish we could be there now."  I was trying to scroll on the screen with the mouse to bring the picture in better and the picture was rolling fast. Bob said he wished he could see it better. I got the picture to zoom in and stop rolling and the other guy and I were telling Bob that we had tried to buy property there but there was something wrong with the contracts because of some inspection problems and the deal didn't go through.

NOTE: The dream ended then because Joe came home from work in the physical and made noise that woke me up.