319 Robin Wood Trail


12-1-10 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment in Milwaukee and a middle-aged couple came to my door saying they were looking for an apartment to rent.

Since I wasn't the rental manager, I told the couple that the office should be open since it was Saturday and they should be able to take a tour and see an apartment.

I planned to give her a piece of paper including my phone number to introduce her and me, but I couldn't f in a single piece of paper with a blank side to write on.  I looked through three small notebooks, a large binder, and finally ripped a page out of an antique book to write on.

While I was writing the note, a process server came to the door and served the woman with papers, and I heard her say she lived at 310 Robin Woods Trail and that she was getting a divorce.

Then I dropped the piece of paper I was writing on and couldn't find it again.  I never did find it, and had to just send her to the Manager's office with no introduction note - with my apology that I couldn't find a piece of paper to write on.

It was VERY frustrating.,+MD&fb=1&cid=0,0,7927583532394582499&near=Scottsdale,+AZ&sa=X&ei=q3H2TIK-HonWtQPxwIDWCw&ved=0CAMQkwMwAw


12-2-10 - DREAM - (I had this dream twice)  I was watching a TV movie and at the end, I was watching a ceremony of a family, consisting of a husband, a wife, and three little girls.  They were dressed all in white for the ceremony, which was to go up a series of stairs in this large white room. 

In the beginning of the ceremony, there was music playing, and their movement were timed to the music, and even when the music stopped I could tell that their progress up the steps was perfectly timed as they all made the same movements at the same time.

What was more spectacular was that each time they went up a step their bodies became less physical looking and more crystalline - in other words clear like glass by the time they made the last step up.

I wanted Joe to see this really bad, so I had to watch the movie a second time and get Joe to see the last scene, but when the movie was over the second time, I heard the announcer of the movie who was female and her voice was full of joy as she announced, "This is the Ten to the Nine"  and I ran to the TV to run the TIVO back so Joe could watch the end of the film, and on the front of the TV, I saw there was no TIVO button and the ceremony had not recorded itself so Joe could watch it and I was so disappointed, I woke up.


12-3-10 - DREAM -  (I like it when people sing in my dreams)  I couldn't identify this man until after I woke up, but I still can't remember his name.  He was on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice show - a singer/songwriter - sang a cowboy song as he climbed the hill behind my house, he was singing "I'll be there".  It was beautiful.  He advertises an organization working towards the cure for Diabetes as he has had it all his life.

In the dream, I was out in the yard. We were picking up piles of leaves and garbage from harvesting food and putting it into piles.  I came close to falling into a hole someone had dug, and then I saw this tree in the hole struggling to survive. Someone had dug around it and it was sprouting new leaves.

I wanted desperately to talk to the man I couldn't identify, and I heard him talking on a cell phone to someone named Dolores, but it was another Dolores, not me.  And then he started singing:

bRET mICHAELS He wasn't this dressed up in the dream. No makeup and work worn clothing.



12-3-10 - NAP DREAM - I was in a room with Joe, typing on a computer.  I needed a particular number for the document which I knew I had written down in another room, so I clicked on SAVE, and the entire document flashed up on the wall in bright colors.  It was an ESCEL file like what I'm using for cost accounting for the community I'm planning.  I didn't know that it could show the whole document on the wall like that. It was a big surprise.

(The number was probably 137 because Joe and I had been talking about that number before I fell asleep.)

I got up to go get the number from the other room, and went through the kitchen, where the washer and dryer was running.

Off in another room, was a brightly lit room that was full of color, and I thought to myself, "I should use that room for my sewing/craft room. 

I heard the dryer shut off then, and went to retrieve the clothes from the dryer, and saw that there was a rope hanging diagonally across the room, on which to hang hangers on with clothes right out of the dryer, rather than folding them.

There was also an ironing board there to put the folded cloths that came out first.

While I was doing that, I could see out into the kitchen hallway, and out there were two beautiful Catholic nuns, also doing laundry in the hallway, and both were mopping the floor with string mops.


12-4-10 - DREAM - I was at my Father's lake cottage, and we decided to go bass fishing. 

Did you know hat cats like to swim?   I didn't either, but cats like fish, so the cats decided they would try to catch fish too, and we had a riotous time trying to keep the cats from getting the bass we caught.

At the same time, many people thought it was fun to swing on the fishing line that was very strong.

By the time we decided we had enough fishing, we all took a break and someone combed all the cats hair so it stood straight up all over their bodies. 

That was really strange to see.


MEDTATION - 12-4-10 - I asked spirit to give me a symbol or sign to tell me something about Termpleton Foundation.  They showed me a beautiful black and white spotted Dalmatian dog, with its head turned left.


12-4-10 - NAP DREAM - I was taking my daughter somewhere which required that we follow my husband who knew which way to go the best.  I also knew how to get there, but since he was also going there, we needed to follow his car with our car, only I was rather like pushing her car ahead of me like a baby buggy.

We came to a stop sign and a large bus got in our way between my husband's car and my car/baby buggy, so we could no longer see his car.

By the time the light changed to green, we could no longer follow my husband, so we had to get to the place by ourselves.

By now, my daughter was following me, rather than me pushing her, so I stopped at large store (like Sears) where I hoped they would have a lunch counter where we could buy something to eat.  At that point, I didn't know if my daughter was following me or not and didn't know if she saw me enter the store.

I looked and looked through all the departments and didn't find any department that sold food, so I went to the front entrance where my daughters friend was coming in the door, followed by my daughter, so then we were all back together.

We then found a place that had a kitchen l like a restaurant, but we couldn't get to the kitchen part because my whole family was there with all their tool boxes full of tools. 

I finally, after yelling at them to get their tools out of the way, to make it to the kitchen, where my son Tom was standing, looking at something written by his girlfriend - I can't remember exactly what it said, but I wasn't pleased that it was written in ink the length of the counter, in very large black letters, and signed by someone named Lorenzo ______  whom I didn't know at all.

So, I started washing the ink off the counter so no one else would see the message.


12-5-10 - A TV program was on the air, showing Dallas, and the Kennedy assassination from the standpoint of the security crew -  who had just gone to Dallas for a reunion.  They stated that they had never even talked to each other since the assassination.

Dream 1  - I was seeing cards with the Kennedys on them - just the faces.

Dream 2 - I was seeing cards with the kids of Bobby Kennedy on them - just their faces.

Dream 3 - I was managing an apartment building and living on the 4th floor.  I wanted to move to the 1st floor and wanted to move to apartment 7 which I knew was going to be vacant. 

When I arrived at apartment 7, the man who lived there had opened up the wall between 7 and 9 and the two apartments together were smaller than the apartment I was living in.  The men were still there and hadn't moved out yet, so I told them not to hurry.  I didn't want the apartment after all.

On my way out of apartment 9 doorway, in the kitchen was a large glass pan with frozen turkey parts frozen.  Some were wrapped in plastic and some weren't.  I also noticed some pieces of hamburger in square bars on the side.  I don't know why, but I picked it up and took it upstairs with me.

When I got upstairs, I felt guilty for taking it, and I didn't have enough room in my freezer to even keep it all, so I figured I should cook some of it.

I chose a turkey leg, which started to thaw, and when it thawed a little, all of a sudden a large clear blue eye opened up on the turkey leg.

I freaked out and woke up.


12-5-10  NAP DREAM  I was teaching someone to play a piece on the piano, during which they had to hit an octave of high G's, then hit a higher G with the thumb, and do this three times.

When you do this, you n need a large hand span, and great agility, because your hand flies back and forth several times.  It looks really neat too.


12-6-20  DREAMS- I was in a small town somewhere, where the houses had tall steps out front of their porches.

I was on the sidewalk looking up at a bunch of girls, all dressed in pink were riding large cogged wheeled pink plastic vehicles, attempting to ride them forward down the steps.  That sounded like disaster, so we made them steep .

Then we had a group of women at the same house and a woman came along with a project idea and told us to cut our sweaters in half and resew them with new seams.  That didn't work out either.

Then the girls came back, again everything was pink, and they were riding pink plastic cars all over the sidewalk. It was just a pretty pink mess, and that didn't work out either.


12-7-10   7:21 a.m.

 DREAM - This dream started in a large office in which I had the only desk, which was light green and up against a wall.  The top of the desk was made such that the top slid off but was locked on with a round red lock and the key was upstairs in my room, not with me.  My bosses office was through a door to the left, and the girl's secretarial office was through a door to the right.  Somehow, I saw the date 1959 on top of the desk, but it really wasn't on the desk, I just saw it there.

I wasn't feeling very well for some unknown reason ad wanted to go home, so I was going to go upstairs and call my husband to come and get me.

I was busy writing down my dreams in my 3 ring binder journal which has 300 to 500 pages in it depending on which year it was.  This particular journal had at least 500 pages in it, but it wasn't yet complete.  I noticed a glob of something on one of the pages, which was identified as 'soup' later on in a conversation, but at this point I didn't know what it was and I didn't want anyone to see it.-  

Several girls came into the room and went into their office.(One of them I identified as Nancy, a high school friend. She and I later raised our kids together and she passed away in 1969) They were talking about dreams and interpretation, and I asked them if they needed a dream interpreted, and they said, "No!" But I commented anyway, that if there are two problems in a dream, one problem is the cause of the second one.  (That is a new concept to me)

A few minutes later, one of the girls came out of the room, which I identified as Sabrina (my daughter-in-law) and she asked to see my dream journal and then identified the glob of something as 'soup'.   Her word for it was better than what I thought, so I left it at that and hid it again.

I then went home, and there was a lot of activity outside.  There was a multitude of trucks, graders, bull dozers, and steam shovels, plus 18 wheeler trucks which were driving so fast that they were almost hitting telephone poles along side the road.  Everything was moving faster than normal.  I didn't take the time to see what they were doing because I was still writing in my dream journal.  It was a 'long' dream.

Finally, all the trucks, bulldozers, and other equipment left, so I went outside to see what they had done.

To the side of the house was a huge garden plot, all dug and graded by machine  It was way bigger than any many could do with a hand-held rototiller. 

I also noticed that trees had been cut down and wood piled near the house.

At that point, I saw a white turtle with black markings on it come crawling toward a pile of rocks,, and as it crawled under the rocks, I saw that this turtle didn't have a normal tail.  The tail was about 3 inches wide and furry, like it was a hybrid of some kind.  I thought maybe the turtle was an albino, but the black markings proved that it wasn't.

Sabina showed up again and we were walking together outside, and she suddenly exclaimed, "Oh My God! The watchers are here!"  She pointed up in the sky.

I looked up in the sky and saw some ugly orangish brown clouds moving along slowly - none of which looked like normal clouds.  Leading the way was a orangish brown cloud that looked like a large turtle upside-down - with all four legs and its tail sticking up into the air like it had died.

It freaked me out so much to see that, I woke up.


MEDITATION I was downloading ultra-violet light, several times, when I started to a huge map of grid times and seemingly housing.  It was too far away and blurry to recognize anything, so I continuously requested that the map come closer and become more clear until I could read something.  Finally, it came close enough so that I could some words, and I read Arizona Air Force Base.  I can't say that all the words were in a row, but that's what I read on the map.

I was evidently  Luke Air Force base I was looking at in my vision that was north of where I was looking at the map.,27744,27788,27798,27946&sugexp=lcprodsca4&xhr=t&q=arizona+air+force+bases&cp=13&wrapid=tljp1291761969715028&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl
As I requested the map be brought closer and more clear, it came downward at the same time to bring the air force base right in front of my eyes, so that would be the only one that fit that scenario.
So, what is special about Luke Air Force Base?  Is that the general direction the Phoenix Lights ufo came from?


12-7-19  NAP DREAM  I was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for the mailman, when Joe came out of the house and said, "Who else gets mail at 2 o'clock in the afternoon?"  and presented me with some photographs of my grandparents from a yellowish brown envelope.

Then he handed me some more photographs that were so clear the people almost looked real.  Joe said, "That's why I bought this brown tone photo copier so we could have photographs like these, and he handed me larger photographs of my grandparents and family, and then on top was a photograph of Arlene Dahl the actress - one of the most beautiful women to ever live on the planet earth.  This was a brown tone photo, but I could see her lying on a bed with her reddish hair flowing all around her, and surrounded by a mass of dogs with all the same color hair as herself, so you couldn't tell the dogs fur from her hair, it was all swirled together.  It was gorgeous.


12-8-10 - LUCID DREAM - 1-17-am - I was having a lucid dream where I was creating a game or graph about web pages about TRUTH and placing them according to what I thought was most important.

I had placed quite a few of these sentences about TRUTH in place, when suddenly, the markings of a turtle's shell appeared over them.

That stopped me right in my thoughts, because wondering about the truth of the turtle's markings and what they meant filled my head immediately.


12-8-10 DREAM - I was following my Mother through a church banquet hall where she had said Aunt Irene was going to be interviewed.  When my Mother got there, she went through the banquet hall so fast, as Followed her, I never really thought I saw Aunt Irene myself, there were so many women there.  One skinny old lady made a nasty comment about all the people walking through like they were sightseers.  We just kept going.  I was trying to keep up with my Mother.

We got through the hall and came out the other side into a larger building, one with stairs and apartments, and I lost track of my Mother completely.

I was trying to find my way through the building by myself now, and I could hear a bunch of guys greeting each other, and as I went through there, their voices sounded like they were right behind my right ear, and all I could see in front of me was a bunch of dogs of many types, all looking at me like they were wondering what I was doing there.

I finally made it out to the street and found myself on Greenfield Ave. in West Allis, WI and I was hungry, not having eaten anything in a few hours.  I thought about stopping at a restaurant along the way, but I wasn't familiar with this section of town and didn't know where one was specifically.

I crossed a street,, thinking I was at about 73rd St., and knew I had to walk about 30 more blocks, and then I came to street reconstruction, huge gaps in the sidewalk which forced me to cross piles of gravel and mud to get to the street so I had somewhere to walk.  Everyone was doing this, so I walked where they did, knowing I would be safe that way.

I gradually woke up as I walked.  It was boring there anyway.


12-8-10 - DREAM - My husband and I were living in an old farmhouse.  We had a lot of people over one day while my husband was having some remodeling work done.  I was entertaining the women and kids, and my husband was working.

While that was going on, two people came to the door and insisted on coming in because they wanted to buy the house. In fact, they said we had to sell the house to them for $10,000 because there was something wrong with our contract when we bought the house and we really didn't own it.

Since my husband had done all the contract work, I was at a loss as to what to say. I just kept insisting that they had to talk to him and he wasn't available at the moment.

As the hours passed, the kids got restless in their playing, and one of my sons went missing and had to be looked for and he wasn't dressed for the weather.  Meanwhile, the youngest kids started gathering under card tables in the livingroom  like they were tents, and started to take naps.  Some kids evidently weren't potty trained either and the livingroom started to smell like a bad bathroom leak. 

Fortunately, the scam artist people had a third person out in the car who came to get them because it was taking so long, and the scam artists left because of the smell of the little kids.

It was a very bizarre day.



DREAM - I was living in the country somewhere, next to a big city.  I was walking in the yard near my house when I saw a big ditch, and some plants that looked like vines were hanging down into the side of the ditch.  Someone nearby said those were potatoes and I knew we'd need to water those if we were going to get a mea  from them later on.

I decided then and there, it would be good to teach teenagers how to recognize food in the wild. First I needed to water the plants and mark the spot they were in.

I then went into the city where the high school was. School was being held despite other things going on in the world, and I had to figure out how to teach kids things they needed to know to run their lives while other people were dying around them, and I had to plan a funeral procedure at the same time.

I was also carrying around a clipboard with a pad of paper on it, writing a novel about ufos so I could tell people about that too without making it too scary.

I went back home and a pair of teenagers who were living with us said they could demonstrate how to have sex, but they didn't want to wait for class and started ahead of time and I decided people didn't need lessons in that. They'd figure it out on their own.

I got a phone call then, and the girl said it was someone named Donovan, and when I took the call, it turned out that it was my daughter-in-law Becky and that she had changed her last name. I didn't know why.   (It probably was her maiden name which sounds similar to that name)

(The last time I dreamed about Becky calling me on the phone an Andromedan woman appeared in the corner of my livingroom and told me not to call Becky while she was visiting me to talk to me.)

I was very intrigued about the novel I was writing on the pad of paper and wanted to complete it.


12-10-10 - DREAM -  I was having marital troubles, so I went home and my Father took me in and we slept together.

In the morning I felt guilty but I didn't have anywhere else to go, and my grown kids were there, so I started cleaning the house. 

There were two vacuum cleaners and neither one was working well, and finally one of them  stopped working.

My Father went away for 4 days and I just kept cleaning the house and straightening things up and keeping my kids from wrecking the place.  Behind a couch cushion, I found all my daughters hair care and skin care products, all in green bottles in a large carrying case, and I knew they didn't belong on the bed, so I put them by the door to put them away and continued to straight up the bed and the couch cushions.

My old boyfriend Roger came to visit, and I sat on the couch with them and reminisced how it was when we met at age 16.  He said he remembered well.

Finally, on the 4th day, my Father came home again, and he was like a new man.  He brought us a black and white vacuum cleaner, and he said, "When this one goes -  that's it!"  Then he went about his business, making business calls from a cell phone while walking around the living room.  He was so much younger - it was amazing.

I just continued cleaning up after the kids, and being amazed how much younger he had become.


12-11-10 - DREAMS -  I had a several dreams about sexuality which I won't bother writing down, but at the end, I was traveling a road, going in opposite direction of hundreds of women who all looked like they might be Mormon, all long dresses, and all types of checkered fabric.  That might be symbolic though.


12-12-10 - DREAM - I was working on what looked like a puzzle page on a computer and working on the secrets of Jesus life from the Bible.

when I woke up I realized that had just been on the television before I went to sleep.


12-12-10 - DREAM - I was at home with my husband and daughter.  My daughter had two little friends with her and my husband suggested we go for a ride and look for a new house to live in.  So he went out front to get the car, and told us to meet him out there.

I got the girls ready and we went out to the front of the house and the car wasn't there.  My husband came walking down the sidewalk and said he had taken the car to get fixed and that we needed to walk down to the bank and pay the bill so we could retrieve the car.

So we walked down to the bank, and my husband was told that he owed $200.  He didn't have it, so he said he needed to borrow it from the bank.

I told him he didn't need to borrow that much from the bank, that I had that much in my purse.

So, I opened my purse and got my wallet out, and found some bills in one of the pockets of my wallet.

I started counting our the bills, thinking they were 'ones', and in slow motion, I counted out twenty dollars.  I thought to myself, "If these were only tens, that would be exactly enough. "  So, I looked in another pocket of my wallet and found exactly $200 so my husband didn't need to borrow any money from the bank.   When I was done counting my money and handed it to the bank clerk, I looked up and my Father was standing there.

But then the embarrassing thing happened.  There was a lunch bag in my purse with a week old lunch in it and I spilled something on the floor - something like mayonnaise, which I had to wipe up off the floor of the bank.

Strange thing was, that when I started wiping up the mayonnaise, it was cleaning the floor so well, the floor of the bank was turning white. 

The clerks in the bank got so excited that my mayonnaise was cleaning the floor that they urged me to keep wiping the floor until the  entire floor of the bank was pure white.

So, when I finally finished that, I and the girls walked around to the other side of the bank where there was a hallway with some rooms in it, and one of the girls admitted that she and her friends had made a mess on the floor there.  I looked at the mess and there were some holes in the floor, so I started wiping up their mess and found that when I pulled on the edge of one of the holes, part of the floor came up and I found four million dollars under there.


12-12-10 - DREAM - (This is all I remember).  I and a friend had pianos sitting side by side.  They looked identical in the beginning.

My friend played some of the notes on her keyboard and they were in perfect tune.

Thinking my piano was also in perfect tune, I hit the same notes on my piano and it made a raucous sound and those keys were tuned to the George Noory show of  and the sound was scratchy. 

I couldn't figure that out, so I played some bars on  the piano that was next to that, and they made a sound like some high notes of an organ.  They were beautiful, but my piano was not sounding like a piano at all. It wasn't turned like a piano at all.


12-13-10 - I had about twelve dreams - all about people complaining about things that weren't happening in their lives, but in the last dream, I took a mental and emotional vacation and took my own advice and just laid around the house - finally it was 10 a.m. and then noon and I still hadn't gotten dressed.

My boss showed up and told me that my ambition had got the best of me and I agreed, and remembered something that Art Bell had talked about on his show - and I said to her - "Yeah! But at least they had someone they could vacation with"...  and we got interrupted by a little old Jewish man, and I pointed him to the bathroom, and I went to find myself something to wear that was appropriate in a brown color.  It was time to get back to work.


12-13-10  According to Alex, the light being who came on line this evening, he told us, "A new time cycle has begun!" On December 21, 2010, time will start accelerating faster and faster.  You will feel it.  The next two years between December 21 2010, and December 21, 2012, the time will fly so fast, it will seem like mere days.  Beyond that, it will go even faster.  Guess what!  NOTHING will happen on December 21, 2012 - NOTHING!

However, fear of the Mayan end date, will cause many to sicken and die from depression, illnesses and even strange accidents.  Those who do not take the higher road toward higher consciousness will not even make it to December 21, 2012.  No one will be to blame except their own consciousness.  Even those who are meant to see this new time period into existence will die if they don't raise their consciousness. 

Raising the consciousness is what they came here for, and if they don't do that, they won't make it to the  other side of the cycle as intended.

A tuning of the earth consciousness is coming quickly.  Only those with higher consciousness can make that tuning tune higher as intended.  Be one of them. 

In months to come, we will give more details.  We will talk about this in more detail soon.

There will be disasters here and there in the next two years, but take heart and don't let them fool you into believing that the World is ending!"  It's not.  More and more movies, and television shows will raise the fear level, but don't be one of those who believes the movies. That is just people trying to make money on fear. 

Believe me when I tell you that December 21, 2012 is already passed.  The Gregorian Calendar was created in such a way that time was altered, and altered wrongly.  It does not match the Mayan Calendar which shows the end of the time cycle on their famous stone.  That stone tells the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle, not the End of the World!  Don't believe those who have incorrectly told you that December 21, 2012 is the date the Mayans had intended.  They had their own calendar, and it was not the Gregorian.

Take heed and live with joy!  You have nothing to worry about.  We will return with more details.


12-15-10 - This might b e multiple dreams - not just one

I was in a hospital, and I saw a single spot of blood on the sheet, which didn't alarm me.  They were sending me home  and I thought they should probably take that sheet off the bed before bringing in the next person, so I started to pull the sheet off the bed, and was stunned to see how much blood was on the other side of the sheet.  Was that from me?  or was that from the person before me?   They gave me a platter of food to take home with me.  The top layer was all pale green vegetables that looked like celery - very pale colored, and some other vegetables I didn't recognize.  There was a second layer beneath that in a large dish that was all chopped up like for a salad or soup, that was all very pale colored too.  No idea what it was, just that it was all pale colored.

I went home then, and called my cousin Paul who was in his last year of college.  I could hear his professor say that their final exam was going to be the toughest exam of all.  That made sense to me - you shouldn't graduate without knowing everything they have to teach you.

In my room was a radio with a series of buttons on the front.  They instructions were that if you pressed button 1, you got 15 stations - all spiritual music.  If you pressed button 5 first, your got 15 different spiritual music stations, and on up the list.  The first button you pushed gave you 15 different stations - all spiritual music , but different. 

I then went outside, and discovered that our neighbor had given us a horse.  It was rather a dappled brown and beige color, a very dainty horse.  I was sure what a horse would eat or where we would care for it.  At the moment, it was tethered to the corner post of the house. 

One of the kids had gone out into the field and was weed whacking the weeds down, and was doing a fairly good job, and I could see that the stubble of the weeds was all pale green - because the sun hadn't reached it was my assumption.

I figured we should go buy the horse some oats to eat along with the grass, but thought then that perhaps we could borrow some oats from a neighbor so we didn't have to drive so far to go to the store.  But as it turned out, the neighbor lived just as far away from us as the store was, so we may as well just go to the store for the oats.

I was walking along the road to the neighbors and met a little girl.  I thought she would like to see our new horse, so I took her by the hand to go back and meet our horse.  But when we got there, the horse was being attacked by a large dog.  It was probably our dog, because I called it by name which started with R.  I don't recall if I called it Ralph r Ruckus or something like that, but the dog wouldn't listen to me.  He just kept nipping at the rear legs of the horse which made the horse start to buck and throw his hind legs around to get rid of the dog.

I then saw that another animal was inside the carcass of the dog making the dog do what it was doing - it was perhaps like a wolf or a coyote or something.  I couldn't really tell what it was.  But I couldn't control the dog as long as it was there.


12-16-10  DREAM - I was in an office that was not very large. I was standing in front of a table that had an empty chair on the other side.  On the table were three folded boxes, on which there was a purchase order next to each box for which we had to return something and have it repaired.  The smallest folded box was about  8/12 x 11 inches - the same size as the purchase order.  The second box was about 2 1/2 feet x 2 1/2 feet, and the third box was about 4 feet x 4 feet.  The smallest box was labeled Thailand.  The other two boxes had not yet been labeled - but whatever was wrong was way larger than Thailand's problem.


12-16-10 - DREAM  I was in my 16th St. house, trying to meditate, and I heard some little girls out on the porch.

I went to the door, and a black woman was standing out there with a bunch of little girls, and while they were standing there, there were a female orange cat, her last spring's kitten and a big male orange cat laying side by side while the female orange cat was very painfully giving birth to another litter of kittens.

I had to watch the girls carefully to keep them from bothering the cats.

While I was doing that, my husband let three old women in the back door - all were short and very old.

I saw them and tried to identify them but didn't really recognize them, except one seemed to be my Great Aunt Cora .

NOTE:  My great Aunt Cora passed on at the age of 94 in 1967.  These other two women would have been her contemporaries.

I tried to call my friend Mikki on the phone to find out if she knew who those mysterious women were, but there was music playing on the phone and then a salesman butted in as well, trying to sell me something, so I had to hang up the phone, and woke up.


12-17-10 - DREAM - I was working with a job description that had negative words in it and the name Mustafa (which is the name of a dog I heard about the other day)  This job description was in relation to a previous boss at A-C who was the head of the Blueprint/Drafting Department I did the typing for.

I was only able to take one negative word out per typing, and I managed to take out about 5 negative words, and when I looked at the final time, I could see the map of Wisconsin with Lake Michigan next to it which was yellow.


12-17-19  DREAM My friend Mikki came to visit me for the day, and we were getting the plants ready for a hard winter, and making Christmas decorations out of scrap ribbon, and other things that were laying around the house that were Christmas colors. Later in the day I came across two colorful gummy worms - a bright blue one, and a bright blue one and ate them without even thinking about it.  After I swallowed them, I started to think that I wouldn't have done that.  I started working harder around the house to undo some things I had done because one bush was totally covered up instead of just protected.  Other things were totally destroyed and just laying on the floor instead of cleaned up.

 It was getting close to the time to when Mikki had to leave, and she asked me if I wanted her to do the rest of the energy work on my new baby Marie Elena.   Mikki walked in front of me and put the baby on a blanket on a small round table, and I walked up to her and said, "When were you going to tell us why you look like you do, instead of how we know you look?  The kids have seen you on TV and they know you don't normally look like this.

At this point, Mikki was as tall as I was, with medium length dark wavy hair, a very slim body like her daughter, and not 5 foot 3 inches tall weighing 250 pounds like she does in real life.

She looked up from the baby and smiled, and I knew that I was seeing things as they really were now because I had eaten the gummy worms and knew I shouldn't have. 

I woke up before Mikki could explain what she knew to me.


12-18-10 - DREAM -  I woke up in the morning to discover that there were three moving vans outside my house. A large one was in the street, and two smaller ones were parked in the side garden on the other side of the driveway.

After I saw the vans, I saw a group of what looked like Aborigine children sitting like they were in an audience looking at our house and cheering.


12-18-10 - DREAM - I was in the downtown area of a city somewhere in the theatre district.  For some reason I wanted to go to the rear door entrance to the theatre and had to go through a narrow alleyway for a couple of blocks long that the theatre was and there were brick buildings on both side of the alley.  

I kept meeting rather nasty black men along the way but I wasn't afraid of them because I knew so many people in this area.  Still, they would pull at my clothes or make nasty remarks about me as I walked along.

At the rear of the theatre was a group of stands where trinkets were being sold, none of which I was interested in, but here too I was meeting men I knew, some of which promised they would watch out for me.

Eventually, I got to the theatre door, where a woman was standing near a bird cage, and said there were little brown birds at the bottom of the cage.  I looked and there were quite a few tiny brown birds, rather like wrens, all just running around the bottom of the cage.

But then, she told me that there were four birds loose by the door of the theatre and she said I could have them if I would help catch them.

I didn't try to use my bare hand because I knew the birds would be scared and would bite me, so I used a large white tissue to catch the birds.  I was successful catching the birds, but I still got bit by the birds through the tissue. One of the birds was bright blue with a long thin yellow beak.  I was trying to identify what kind of birds these were, and none of them looked familiar.  None had beaks like parakeets or canaries, so I didn't even know if I could care for these birds.  But I was going to try because they were so beautiful.


12-19-10  DREAM I was at my New Berlin, WI house with my husband. I , at no time saw my children.

Out in the yard, I met what seemed to be an African man, wearing a bright orange cape-like garment with a separate round of the same cloth around his neck about a foot wide with a bright orange fringe around it, which I assume was to keep off flies.

I don't recall having a conversation with  him, just saw him walking around barefoot in the yard, but not doing anything in particular.

A few minutes later, I saw another African man wearing a bright blue cape-like outfit, also barefoot, with a similar round of fabric around his neck with a fringe, which I also assumed was to keep off flies.

I have no idea why they were there or what they wanted, because neither man said anything as they walked around. Both men seemed to be in their twenties.

After I went back into the house, we got a visitor we called Inez  (a character from One Life to Live who is Mexican American.  She asked me to go shopping with her, that she would drive and I could sit in the car and babysit her kids while she ran into the stores and did her shopping.

I asked her if this was going to be anywhere near her mother's house, and she said, "Yes!"  I still didn't feel good about doing that, though I didn't mind watching her kids for her.  I could have watched the kids at home, and had fun with them, not just sitting in the car.  I thought she was going to do something other than shopping.

A few minutes later, there was some commotion out in the yard, and my husband and some other men discovered a hole in the ground that looked like a small fire pit.  We could see left-over fire ashes in the hole.

The men gathered around, and one man even pulled out a gun to protect us - just in case - and they discussed who had been hanging around casing the neighborhood during the night. They were all very excited about this happening.

A few minutes later, we heard from another neighbor that Inez's husband had been arrested.

One can only assume that Inez's husband had been the one casing the neighborhood to rob it while we were gone shopping.


12-19-10 - VISION - I saw a large group of men in black uniforms jump off of a high pier into the ocean all at the same time like they were in dire emergency situation.


12-19-10 - DREAM -  I was looking at a computer screen and a young man IM'd me with a visual picture.  He was in a classroom, and he said that he moved to a new apartment.  He said it was 1985.

I questioned that date and said back, "You must have a really old computer!"

All of a sudden I was looking at his whole classroom, and there seemed to be dozens of young people in the classroom. All of them were on their feet and running around and laughing.

Next I was in the classroom with the teacher, who was crawling on the floor which had a red fleur-de-lis type of carpet and he was feeling around on the carpet saying, "This is how you create the charge!"


12-20-10  THREE NIGHTMARES.  Each dream had the same character from One Life to Live chasing me.  In two of the dreams, it was one actor, and in the middle dream it was the current actor - but both actors played a semi-bad guy in the same show.  He does bad things to people, but he loves his kids and makes wrong decisions to protect them when they love the wrong person - according to his own opinion.

In the middle dream, I captured him, and then he chased me when he escaped. In the other two dreams, I can't recall a reason why he was chasing me.

In all three dreams, I was running down the street to get away from him.

In the middle dream, I threw orange juice in his eyes while he was chasing me, but in none of the dreams did I hurt him, so in two dreams when he was the taller actor, I don't have any idea why he was chasing me.

All I know is that in all three dreams, I was scared and running from him.


12-21-10 - DREAM -  I don't know where this took place.

I had a job in an office as a record keeper.  I was sitting at the desk doing my job when a friend of mine came in, just having come home from the hospital.  She said she had just been promoted to head record keeper.  So I handed everything I was working on and handed it to her, and then laughed. 

A doctor came in then to check on her to make sure she was okay.  I noticed then that there was a radio playing very nice soft music on a credenza.  I turned it off so they could have a quiet conversation.

I we4nt home then and made lunch for my son Michael and a friend.  Evidently I was making chipped beef sandwiches or salad, and I had to chip the beef myself.  I had it on a counter and Michael told me to cut the beef into 1/4 inch pieces which I was doing.  There was a tiny kitten on the counter, and every time I cut the beef, the kitten jumped three or four inches like I was cutting the meat directly off of him.  I laughed at that because I knew I wasn't, but I had to look to be sure.

I went to the bathroom then which was a very small room.  When I was done, I noticed there was no air freshener in the room, but I couldn't smell anything, so hoped nobody else would either, and I left the room to serve the food without washing my hands.  Oh oh!

I then went to work or shopping - hard o tell because I was observing.

A woman showed me a beautiful diamond ring - like an engagement ring.  She said, "Look at this, and flicked her finger on the diamond, and it came right off, and it looked like a broken tooth on the bottom.  She said, "You wouldn't want this to happen would you?? and I agreed that I wouldn't.

Then a middle-aged couple came in.  The woman's name was Sharon.  Apparently they were on vacation, and he wanted to buy her something to wear for a souvenir.  Sharon picked out a piece of fabric that was so thin one could almost see through it, but it looked like a gingham pattern with a hem on it about a foot high so the fabric was doubled at the bottom, but not where it was important to be thicker and not see-thru. 

The skirt had a small pocket on it and the man offered to buy her something for the pocket.  She picked out a bit of yellow yarn that was still on the knitting needles - only about two inches across and hung it on the outside of the pocket.  It looked really dumb, but she liked it. 

The man paid in cash -  $5 bills.  I assumed they were $100 dollar bills, and the money was really crisp and dark green.

They started to walk out of the store, and she hadn't even taken her stuff with her, so I had to call her name, "Sharon" and hand her the skirt so she could wear it.  She had the skirt on then, and I pitied her because the fabric was so thin.  I also thought perhaps her name wasn't really Sharon because she didn't readily answer to the name.


12-21-10 -    NAP DREAM - An older dark haired man similar to my Father was sitting at a table across from me.

He said, "Oh look!  See what I found!"

I looked at his hand and on the side of his thumb was a little brown something that looked like a caterpillar.

He turned it around and it instantly grew in size and I could see it was made of wood and had three holes in it.  It was an Indian flute.

He began to play:

OO  OO  OO                
      O ,
  ,O       O   ,  
    O   O   ,    
      O   ,      



I opened up a web page to look up thumb flute and at the top of the page was an ad that said, The 2011 Hyandai Sonata.  Coincidence?  I think not.


12-22-10 - DREAM - I had a repeat of the flute dream but can't remember any details this time.

I found thumb flutes on the web,  but they don't have 3 holes in them like in the dream, so I will look up Indian flutes.


12-22-10 - DREAM - I went shopping in a large parking lot where a mall was, but each shop had a small trailer out in the lot.  We wanted to go to Joe-Ann fabrics, and on the way through the parking lot, I noticed that three guys were looking at us from another trailer, and it felt ominous.  We ran up to the Jo-Ann fabrics trailer where all we had to do was tell the woman the number of the pattern we wanted, but Mikki couldn't remember the number.


12-22-10 - NAP DREAM - I was outside in a yard somewhere and a woman came up to me and asked me if I was a cyber-patriot.  I answered her, "If everybody knew how I really am  inside, they would be shocked," and in my mind I drew the shape of a star that I lived in.


12-23-10 -  DREAM - I was living on the north side of Milwaukee, WI somewhere in a small house with my husband and grown daughter.  I was trying to call my friend Nancy on the phone but there was no answer.  I knew she had some kind of problem with her husband, and the phone she had called me from was no longer answering.

My daughter said she was going to visit with a friend, and she had left her husband for this friendship because 'friends' were more important than someone you had stopped loving.

That struck me really hard to realize that I wasn't the only one heartsick over a missing friend.

So, I packed my stuff into the car, made sure I had my cell phone with me, and drove to 27th and national Ave., where I knew she had lived last.

I drove to a park near the river, where I knew that people hung out in a lot, hoping maybe she and her daughter would go there and I'd find them that way.

When I got to the park, there was a long line of women and girls waiting to use the bathroom, and I heard a woman say that she had found a long lost friend standing in that line.

I wasn't actually in the bathroom line, but watching them, and there I saw a chubby blonde woman and her young teenage daughter who was also blonde and cute.  She looked so much like Nancy who I hadn't seen in a long time, but I was afraid to go up to her and ask, "Are you Nancy?"

I was heartsick over missing my friend - but afraid to walk up to a stranger and ask her what her name was.

and I woke up.


12-24-10  DREAM   I was looking at a computer calendar of 21 months.  I noticed that there was a space every three days - more for decoration than practicality, so I started moving the sets of 3 up so there were no spaces, but unfortunately I started get4ing confused then because I lost track of the months when it was compacted into all days.

That would be - starting with January 1, 2001, -  365 days in 2011 and 272 days in 2012.  which comes to September 30, 2012.  which makes -  638 days.

We had to move by then or before.

Hmmm!  what's going to happen if we don't?




12-24-10 -DREAM - I was working in my job as maintenance supervisor in an apartment building.  Each of the men was required to turn in a time sheet showing how much time their job took.  I kept records of their times. One of the men  turned in a sheet that listed the pieces of board he was collecting to repair the roof over a 2nd floor apartment belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Moto.  On the sheet the 'Mrs' was very faintly written.

Apparently, it was the end of the day, and I was cleaning up after people.  One of the things I picked up was what looked like moon stones, along with some other things that were the same size, and I showed the stones to a man who looked like an ex-boss Mr. Gray.  I kept the stones for myself and took them with me.

I also took a newspaper that had not yet been read.

As everyone was getting ready to go, a famous singer who looked like Barry Manilow came through and invited them into another room where he started singing to them.  I can remember part of the tune and the words 'everyday' but I have to look up the tune.

I went to the elevator with another man, and we pressed 2 to go to our apartments, and when the elevator opened and we got off, we found ourselves in the lobby.  The people in the lobby laughed at us for getting off on the wrong floor, and then told us that the other guy who had just gotten on the elevator pressed 5, and there were only 2 stories in our buildings, and they laughed again.

Character in the novels

In Marquand's novels, Moto calls himself I. A. Moto, though it is made clear in some of the books that this is almost certainly an alias. Most of the novels are about intrigue in Pacific Rim countries in the 1930s. The central character is usually an American, former military, who becomes accidentally enmeshed in the action and meets Moto. The ex-military American character usually does not realize that Mr. Moto is an imperial agent until the end of the story.

Mr. Moto is a master at working under cover. Though capable of ruthlessness and controlled violence, he appears to be merely a harmless, easygoing eccentric. Through a series of fast-paced adventures, the characters comprehend how important and formidable Moto really is. Marquand tends to keep Mr. Moto in the background rather than at the center of the action, with the spy's exploits typically described second-hand. It lends a further air of mystery to the character.

In the first five novels, set in the era of expansionist Imperial Japan, Mr. Moto is an agent of the empire. In the final novel, set in the 1950s inside Japan, he claims he is a senior intelligence official in the pro-Western Japanese government. This final novel, titled Stopover: Tokyo (a.k.a. Right You Are, Mr. Moto) is a more conventional spy story and a somewhat darker tale than the earlier novels. The American who encounters Mr. Moto is not an innocent abroad but an agent on the trail of a pro-Soviet assassin. Virtually all the characters in the novel are in the spy business

BARRY MANILOW   9I haven't yet found the right song)

Every single day
We'll remember what we do today
Words we didn't say
We'll remember every single day
Then years go by
To wonder why and wonder what we learned
Was that the bridge we should've crossed?
The one we burned

Every empty night
To regret a life that could'a been
Maybe you were right
Just forget that emptiness within
So if you go
Before that moment's gone
Look at me the way
I'll remember every single day
From now on

You deserve
I don't know‚¬
The man I'd love to be
That's not the way it turned out
No you fell in love with me

Everything you doubt
I will fight for
Every single day
Help me work it out
Make it right for
Every single day
But this I swear
And stake my life upon
If you go or stay
I will love you
As I do today
And I'll love you
Every single day
From now on




I don't know if this mean something or not, but its interesting.

12-24-10 DREAM
This is a little hard to explain. I went to visit a friend who lived in a
small suburban house in an area that was in an area that was still
somewhat city but encroaching on farm land. It was rural, but still somewhat
being developed for a sprawling city.
I was standing on the side of the road where there was a bus stop - not
actually on the asphalt, but on the gravel strip along the roadway. It was
a two lane highway.
While we were standing there, a farmer came by riding a tractor, pulling a
wooden slatted wagon full of vegetables he had grown himself in a raised
bed garden area on our side of the road.
When he drove by, he almost hit one of the men waiting for the bus with
the wagon. The man who almost got hit, went next door - about 1/4 mile over
where his friend lived, and meanwhile, I started to complain to the farmer
to be more careful where he drove because he almost hit someone.
The farmer started arguing with me, that if I wanted to walk next to the
road, I should walk in the designated area, which he pointed out to me was a
ditch next to the road full of trash and overgrown weeds that nobody took
care of.

When I pointed out to him that the area hadn't been taken care of, which
apparently was now his responsibility, he got so mad, he reached down, and
lifted up the entire raised bed of vegetables he was growing and tipped it
upside-down, and then the next one and the next one until the vegetables were
all destroyed under a ton of dirt and wood.
I ran into the house to get help, and told one of the girls there to run
next door - the quarter mile - to get the guy who had almost been hit by the
farmer's wagon, and meanwhile, there was a sailor and an army guy there -
also visiting - - in casual uniform starting to fight with other over
something, and the women had to stop them from fighting amongst themselves, and
when we told them about the farmer situation, I said, "The farmers are
starting to riot!" our own military went out to fight the farmers.
NOTE: is this a sign of something to come?


12-25-10  DREAM -I was at a large school somewhere and invited to sing to the children, the old familiar song, "You Are My Sunshine.  The director gave me the words to the song, but not the song, and I was expected to sing the song and then have the audience sing with me.  But when I got on the stage, the words she gave me didn't fit the music and though some of the words were similar, other words were long and encumbered and there never was a place where it fit the music.  So I stood there like a dummy because I couldn't remember all the real words.














12-24-10 DREAM - I was sitting in an office with a co-worker - a tall blonde who was slightly larger than myself in all ways.  The door was open and I could see down the hall -  she had her back to the door.

A tall man, in his 50's came out of another office, and stopped at a mirror to primp and admire himself in the mirror. He was pudgy and lumpish, but he smiled at himself like he was man's gift to women. hahaha



12-26-10  DREAM

I was in my apartment and Ed came home and demanded all my money so he could get on with his life.  I ended up tying him to a chair with my knitting and stood over him and told him, "YOU WILL NEVER GET ALL MY MONEY"  and he knew I meant it.

I also had a fight physical with a red-headed woman - I can't recall whether she was an old enemy from real life or if she was a TV personality even though I remember what she looked like, but I also won over her and told her she would never win over me either.

I woke up feeling VICTOROIOUS over life.

YAY for me. What a great feeling!




12-26-10 - NAP DREAM -  I was outside in my yard in California, and I was feeding the cats with colored food that looks like Cheerios.   I saw the man next door (about 1/4 mile up the road) drive by as he went to work.

I waved and turned back to feed the cats out in the driveway, and there were three tall light brown ducks in the driveway also eating the cat food.

Just then I heard the neighbor's little girl screaming at the top of her lungs, "Mama, Mama! There's a baby!"  Mama, Mama, There's a baby! 

I looked over towards their house which I normally can't see because of the orchard trees, but since it was fall and the leaves had fallen off the trees, I could see their house, and the garage door, which was facing towards me was open and no car in the garage, and there were three tall light brown ducks on the ground and one up on the eaves of the garage.

I looked back towards my driveway, and there were the three ducks on the ground and one up on the eaves on the barn garage. 

The little girl was still screaming, "Mama, Mama, "There's a baby!"  but all I could see was the ducks -  I had 4 and they had 4.

If they had a baby in their driveway, I couldn't see it from where I was.




dreamed I was watching TV and I recognized several of the actresses, but they are not all on the same show  though it seemed they were in the dream.  These actresses are all older women - not the young ones.

The one woman who is currently on The Bold and the Beautiful said that they were going to have almost enmasse divorces because the men's contracts were up.  She wondered how the audience was going to take that big of a change.

One of the other actresses who used to be on As The World Turns and is now on The Young and the Restless (an older blonde)  said that they were going to be having a fashion show to keep the audience's rapt attention.

The other woman laughed and said, "Yeah! And I know how they are going to keep everyone's attention, that in the fashion show, several women were going to be showing their 'peekies'.  The women seemed rather shocked at that, but within a couple of sentences, they called their body part 'pinkies' and then came right out and called them 'nipples'.

They weren't showing their faces by this time in the conversation, and I could hardly wait to call my friends and tell them to watch the show because of the fashion show going to be put on.

NOTE:  I woke up, desperately trying to remember which show they were on, and then realizing that the women were on several shows.  Does that mean that the standard of nudity on TV is going to change again/


12-27-10 - DREAM  I was in a place I've never been before, and there was a water pool where there was a problem, and I saw that some things that were held together with long strips of duct tape.  I went into the pool and tore the duct tape off so the maintenance crew would fix it properly.

Evidently Joe worked on the maintenance crew that had fixed that pool with duct tape, and the next time Ii saw Joe, I told him about the duct tape fix up job, and as I was looking at him, I saw that his head had a beard on only one side of his face and the other side was clean shaven.  Then as I looked at him and he was trying to figure out how I knew about the duct tape job, six more half heads popped out on the side of his head so he had seven half heads on his neck.

I didn't want to tell him that I talked to one of his co-workers on the phone every day that he didn't know about, and the seven 1/2 heads really bothered me so I woke up.

NOTE:  Does Joe have more than one personality?  Trying to figure this out.

skanda  This is the God Skanda. the second son of Shiva.

skanda god of war

skanda god of war


12-18-10 - THIS WAS A FUN DREAM.  I went to a student reunion, which consisted of people from the same school, but many different years of students.  the place was within walking distance of my 15th St. house, right down the alley.

The building was rather new in the neighborhood, and I had never been in it before. Apparently there were three different meeting venues of the same size.  I discovered there was a wedding in one, the student reunion in one, and an ethnic dance one in a third.  There were also many parents on several floors in this building, mostly men I discovered as I was trying to find the student reunion hall.

When I finally found the student reunion, I was basically one of the first there, and it was all women.  I made friends with several of those women.  One girl's name was Tana and we were dressed in identical colors, a yellow blouse with a long sleeve pink sweater over and we were both wearing brown slacks.  I discovered too late that my sweater sleeve had run down to the cuff and I tried to hide it from the others.

One of the other women was selling jewelry out of a catalog, and Tana and I liked the same pink teddy bears in the catalog.  But the group of decided we would go fishing together, and I offered my husband's motor boat, but not my husband.  We joked that we would home and tell our husbands, "Hey honey!  We girls are going fishing!"  just like they would with a bunch of guys..

A few minutes later, one woman said she knew a millionaire, and I said, "So do I!" and I wondered if she and I had slept with the same millionaire.

I actually walked back home four times during the gathering of the people because I had gone so early, nothing was going on yet. 

The last time I walked home, I wondered if these meeting halls were a similar size to the one in the community I was designing, once I got outside I wondered if I had gone the wrong way. because instead of an alley, I was in an opulent golden facade building which got richer and richer the farther I went.  I finally woke up because I thought I was in the wrong building.


qw-29-10  DREAM - The girls and I went fishing and caught seven golden fish that looked like 6 inch diameter golden dollars. 

The bad part was I realized we had to hit them over the head to kill them before we could scale them and eat them. Ugh!



DREAM -  I was working in the 4th floor office at A-C, it was after hours already, but most of the people were still there, and I was cutting up an old green sheet from the Milwaukee Journal newspaper and making a poster to hang on the wall. 

the engineers were watching me make the poster and reading the articles and looking at the cartoons, and the newspaper was making it look like we were going to go after Germany again.

The engineers loved the poster and urged me to hang it on the wall for everyone to see when they came into work the next day.

At the same time, I was chopping cabbage and carrots to make a salad or soup which everyone loved also, and as people started to go home, they wanted to eat some and then leave.

I was more concerned that I didn't have nice clothes to wear and my black boots were worn out, and I didn't have a nice dress to wear, that I had to wear the same clothes every day unlike them.

I looked at the clock and it was almost 9:30 p.m. and it was too late to go shopping for clothes, so I started putting on my boots and putting the chopped cabbage and carrots into my left boot to take it home with me for dinner.

Just then, the night work crew came in to look at the wall with the clock on it - because the plaster and paint was peeling off and they were going to have to fix the wall.

Right after they left to get their equipment, several sales men came from downstairs looking for people to thank and tell them they did a good job, that Mr. Gollum wanted to thank them for their work,  but nobody was left but me.

I wondered if maybe they would want to take me out for a drink on the way home, but they seemed more interested in the cabbage and carrots than anything else while they waited for Mr. Gollum.


12-30-10 - A DREAM OF A DREAM -  I was working in my office in the Engineering Department at A-C  (Allis-Chalmers), and one of the engineers came in to have me type up pa cover letter  to go with some engineering folders of blueprints he had to send to another company.

I looked at the top folder and the name on the folder was NOI.  That really got my attention, because when I looked at the folder, under the name was a picture of a mythological bird and the name of the discoverer or artist under the picture which was Glickermann.  I then saw that each of the five folders had a similar name like SOI, which was also a mythological bird as were the other folders, which I hadn't looked at yet.

I asked the engineer (who was in his late 50's or early 60's if he minded if I wrote down the names and information about the mythological birds, and he asked me, "Why would want to do that?"  and I responded, "Because I dream of things like that, remembering that I had a dream about the name ROI at one point in my recent dream time.

He seemed to understand and gave me permission to go ahead and copy the information about the mythological birds on each of the folders.  (I assumed the information in the folders was secret and priority.)

When  he left my office, the girl across the hall by the name of Natalie from One Life to Live TV show got all jealous as she was supposedly the head secretary, and she wanted to know why they didn't give her jobs like that, and I said, "Perhaps because you are never in your office!"  and she had to agree that was true.

So, I took the top folder home with me to write down the information on the folder and do some research on my lunch hour on my home computer, and I started doing it, and I got interrupted by David (also from One Life to Live TV show, who supposedly was my brother.  (David means LOVE)

I rant out of time to do the research I needed to do, but I made a copy of the bird picture and information, and figured I could do the same thing at word with the other folders,.

At that point, David was sitting on the floor, and I went over to him and kissed him on the lips in a sisterly fashion, but since he was on the floor and I was standing, I had to get down to his position to reach him, and when the kiss was over, I said to him, "Boy! That was really a stretch!"  and he responded, "Maybe you need to do more of that!"

He decided to walk with me back to work anyway, and we passed a little shop on the corner that had a walk-up window where they sold ice cream, and two girls were standing in the window whistling at David because he really is a tall handsome man.  We both laughed at him.

The problem with walking with David was he kept grabbing at my rear end like he was trying to make out with me, so I had to tell him to stop it or I wouldn't walk with him anymore, and he said, "Just because your my sister doesn't mean you don't have a great rear end."  and he laughed.

Right after that I saw a poster in the window of the theatre of Janet Leigh (movie star) but I thought it was Janet Gaynor (movie star) and she was wearing a tight golden orange sweater and a skirt that had a dozen crinolines petticoats under it like we wore in the 50's)  and I noted that she had a tight belt around her waist to make sure her sweater was on as tight as possible to show off her boobs and rear end - with the hour-glass figure she had.  

I made special note of the belt as it was the same color at the sweater and skirt she had on, and admired how they knowhow to show off the female figure.


12-31-10 DREAM   I  was an adult at a school at the top of a hill.  A meeting had been held and when we were done, we had to walk downhill back towards home. 

On the way down the hill on a city street, we could see a parade of young kids coming up the hill, led by a group of boys on bicycles, followed by young girls who were walking and throwing candy to people on the sidewalks on both sides.

The teachers behind me evidently had experienced this parade before and they said, "Whatever you do, don't breathe in if you are hit by the gas the boys will squirt out of other guns. "

I didn't want to believe the boys would do such a thing, but sure enough, when we got closer, the boys started shooting a liquid out of their toy guns and it wasn't water - it was gasoline or something.

I tried hard not to breathe while I was being squirted by this liquid, but I couldn't hold my breath that long and I had to breathe in finally.  Sure enough, it was like a gas of some kind though I didn't smell anything (which proves this was a dream and not an experience)  I started coughing really hard from whatever the gas was, and by the time we got to the bottom of the hill I could breath without coughing again.

Our group of teachers and kids who were with us were now at the bottom of the hill and the parade was gone up the hill and I noticed that the girls had thrown all kinds of candy and other things onto sofas that were lined up along the street.

I looked at what was laying on the sofas, and it all looked sweet, like chocolate candy bars, and some blocks of something that was wrapped in aluminum foil.  I felt one of them and it felt semi-soft inside like a block of Rice Krispies bars.

I could see all this sweet food go to waste/waist?  so I told the kids who were with us to get some large plastic bags and pick up all this food, and we quickly started gathering all that was laying on the sofas.  It was good clean food as much as I could tell.  We wouldn't let if go to waste.