Depression, Beating It! Raising Our Consciousness!

One of the biggest emotions that hampers us from spiritual growth is depression. It is that heavy feeling that looms over us like a dark cloud sometimes or all the time and it prevents us from reaching that higher level of consciousness that we want to achieve during this lifetime. It has been said that one day as man completes his evolution, he will only have the emotion of love remaining, which makes sense to me anyway. I am not a professional councilor by any means, but I do feel there are many ways to beat depression.

Depression can stem from grief, physicl illness, low self-esteem, guilt, and from not achieving the happiness and success in careers and romance that we feel due us. As time goes on, each of us is realizing that WE are responsible for our thoughts, our happiness, and our destiny. The more spiritual we become the more we recognize how big a part our thoughts play in our lives and others' lives. We can no longer blame others or God for mishaps or misfortunes in our lives nor can we give our own power to others and ask and totally rely upon them to heal us. We need to take responsibility and create the life we were meant to live, one of joy, good mental/physical health and happiness!

Spend only a brief period visiting the emotion of grief, that feeling of loss of a loved one that has gone through transition. This grief for certain people can turn into depression if it is allowed that much power. Spirits  that have passed on are so saddened from our experience in emotions of grief after their passing as it holds them from moving on. They are doing good, probably far better than the loved ones of theirs still in the physical body on the earth plane. Perhaps for those of you experiencing grief, think about this  . . ., do you think your loved one now in the other realm would want you to be unhappy? Many of you are having dreams with your loved ones in it that are in another realms, these dreams happen for a reason, you are with them in these dreams and they are real! They are still with us and can be with us whenever we need them with us. When you say a prayer and send them love and light, please believe that they hear your thoughts and ARE with you. How many times have you FELT they were with you? How many times did you just know they said something to you in your mind? How many times did you smell the cologne or perfume that they used to wear out of the blue as you were sitting there? How many times did you feel a warm feeling of love around you like you were being embraced by them? These are signs that they are around you! One more thing:), if you can somehow let go of grief, they can come to you so much easier and make themselves more apparent to you. You will be able to communicate with them much more easily, as your aura field will not be as heavy to get through, thus your vibrations will be higher matching their vibration.

Each of you will find truths on your path. The truth is that we are eternal beings, life goes on after physical death. We are powerful spiritual beings and there is not a one of us that is not psychic!

Another big thing for people that are sensitive is empathy. How often have you gotten into a mood, depressed or angry and you had no idea what contributed in your life to that frame of mind? Well if you are a compassionate and caring person along with being psychically sensitive to others in your life, you may find you are picking up on their frame of mind.

Or it could be a negative entitity around you or just negative energy that is around you. Say you get into this frame of mind after going shopping. What may have happened is someone there might have been arguing with another person, and guess what? Tag, those emotions are yours because you are empathetic!

What we need to make sure that we do each day, especially those that are empathetic, is to clear, strengthen, and balance our aura field around us so these negative types of thoughts and emotions do not come into our energy field thus us ending up absorbing what we do not want to absorb. We can prevent this by chanting mantras, visualizing our auras around us as being like shields with no gaps in them. Clearing our chakras each day. There are many ways to do this an easy one is just to imagine a gold or white light entering into our bodies from our heads down, out the feet, and surrounding our bodies. Or imagine one large light going to each of our seven major chakras. Ask the universe to cleanse your aura or for the archangel Michael to help rid you of any negative energy around you. As always we want to help out and give love to friends and families, but how can we help them or spirits out if we are taking on their negative energy? We need to stay light to help others out. One other idea, is let's all start taking in some deep breaths each day from our abdomen versus our chest, that way we will not take so many matters and problems of life in our heart chakra.:)

Forgiveness I feel is an important step to our attaining good mental and physical health. Many of our health problems originated from our thoughts. We have carried various burdens for years and they ended up making us sick or depressed. Why don't we all just release ourselves from these burdens? Let's forgive ourselves or others from any injustices in our lives. Let's start loving others and recognize, that everyone of us is connected and as we look at anothers' face, it is us we are seeing.

Let's concentrate on having positive thoughts and ridding ourselves of any thoughts that are negative. Release anger and hate towards anyone. What good ever comes of holding these feelings? Our thoughts are so very important. Alot of clairvoyants actually can see thought forms. They are the little white or black bubbles you see around yourself and others at times. These thoughts end up becoming entitities and take on a life of their own and can manifest in our lives. Why give these negative thoughts/feelings that power?

Here are some ways to beat depression. When we help others we help ourselves! We are all one!!

1. Meditation-Releasing any negativity and surrounding yourself with white light and ask for love and light to enter your aura and to release any negative energy around you. Extend this white light to your house, your neighborhood, then to the whole earth. Your thoughts can make a difference! You alone can make a difference in doing this once a day for yourself and others, again helping all of us!

2. Call upon Archangel Michael to rid you of any negative ties or negative energy that is weighing you down in life and causing you depression.

3. Take a walk in nature, look at the skies, the trees, and all the wonders of our earth, connect with the earth.

4. Take some Reiki classes and practice this reiki on yourself. It moves negative energy, it balances, and it will increase your vibrations so that you will become much more aware of your psychic abilities and potential.

5.Look at patterns in your life that may contribute to this heavy feeling of depression in your aura. Do you smoke? Do you drink alcohol too much? Do you eat meat, thus taking on the energy of an animal that was slaughtered for us? If you do eat meat, do you bless the meat along with other foods before you eat them, thus removing any negativity from how the animal felt when it died? Are you taking in too much caffeine by way of coffee, tea, or sodas?

Are you eating enough earth foods like vegetables and fruits? Are you overeating at times? Your body is a temple respect it and treat it well.

6. Do you get enough daily exercise? Do you routinely take a walk? Do you have an exercise regiment that you normally do? Exercising is good for the kundalini energy and help us both psychically, physically, and mentally, thus to get the trinity of mind, soul, and body insync.

7. Use incense around the house that can remove negativity and relax us, like lavender, frankincense, sage, or jasmine. Aromatherapy can also work wonders on us and uplift us.

8. There are brain sync tapes by Kelly Howell that are specifically for balance of the brain and that help us reach those higher levels of consciousness so that we can attune to all of our psychic ability. Here is the site for brain sync audiotapes.

Welcome to Brainsync

9. Say mantras like om and aum a few times until you feel a difference in your consciousness and your energy.

10. Take some neutral breaths in and out of the nose.

11. There is an alternative to Prozac for depression called Restore that I have heard truly works wonders on balancing the brain and helps with raising our consciousness so that we can attune to our psychic abilities. Here is the site for that:

12. Hug a tree, honestly this works! :) A tree has a lot of energy just as every living thing does. It can take away and absorb our negative energies.

13. Hug yourself, this too helps alot and say, "I love you" to yourself.

14. Take yourself back to the happiness moment of your life. Now create a circle whatever color that consoles you the most. Step into this circle and feel as you did at the happiness and greatest moment of your life. Embrace the feeling! Now whenever you feel down, step into this circle, as it can be wherever you are.

15. If this depression is staying with you too long, seek professional help and get therapy for it. You do not want to continue feeling this way. You have the right to be happy!

Please take the time to do this because as we help each we help ourselves, we help all. It is time we take personal responsibility for our happiness, health, and success in our lives. We have many inherent gifts inside each of us, please let's all start tapping into those gifts and help ourselves and others out with them.

Those people who have high sensitivities may feel more depression on some days because they are picking it up from loved ones, OR from a situation that is about to happen or is happening somewhere else in the world at the moment.

If one is allowing oneself to be corded by loved ones, you will feel all their emotions along with your own. If you are psychic, you will pick up sad thoughts and feelings from people in bad situations, such as plane crashes, and other bad events going on or about to happen.

If you are counseling someone, you will be corded by that person, an emotional attachment they have put upon you. If you don't wish to carry that burden, you will have to put up a shield to protect yourself and pull those cords out and remain totally objective to the other people you help.

Just be aware, that not all thoughts or feelings are your own, and when you are working with depression especially, make sure that you have your awareness open at all times, that you might be picking up these signals from the consciousness around the earth or even the earth itself.

Anger is another emotion that carries itself along in this way.

Shielding oneself and surrounding yourself with light at all times is the best thing to do. Life is tough enough without carrying all those other burdens as well.

Love, Light, and Joy