Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Other natural disasters

Dreams from 1952

In 1952 when I was five years old, I would have nightly dreams about flying over cities and looking at all the destruction. I kept seeing buildings crumbled. I was trying to help rescue people. I was an adult in the dreams - not my real self which was a little girl at the time.

I wore a box on my chest that had some dials on it which allowed me to fly and gave me "superman-like" powers. I had to safeguard this box at all times because I could not fly or have any "powers" without it. Sometimes evil people would try to steal this box.

These dreams would occur each night and were serial in nature -- in other words, the next night's dream would begin where the other one left off. I was always excited about going to bed because my nightly dreams were such an adventure and I really looked forward to them. (No, we did not have TVat this time).

I would tell my brother about these dreams...every day he would want to hear what I did the prior night. Sometimes he would even "dare" me to fly because I talked about doing it so much. I would tell him about all the "powers" that I had and the things I could do.

These dreams continued for approximately a year. In 1953 we moved to a new house in a different part of the city. I was now sleeping in a new room and just entering the first grade. The dreams never occurred again.

I remember going to sleep hoping each night I would be able to fly again. But as hard as I would try....I lost my "powers" and the ability to fly. These dreams never returned...

by Anonymous


11/14/95 - We were having some kind of family get together out in my yard. The whole family was there. The weather was fair and beautiful. Suddenly, unexpectantly, big black clouds came rolling in. I kept trying to warn people that we should go in. I tried to tell them how serious it was, but no one would listen to me. --Ann


6/25/97 - I was trapped in a basement and the building above it had been destroyed. It was not a house. There were cement block walls and corridors. Wiring and twisted metal meshing were hanging from the ceiling where it had fallen in.

A man came and helped me find my way out. It was very hazardous going. Outside, I could see other buildings had been damaged. They were all on a hillside. The sky was clear, and I didn't understand what had caused the destruction. --Ann

Note: I heard on the news in August of 1997, about an Australian ski lodge that slid down a hill into another ski lodge, because of a landslide. The lowere lodge collapsed trapping people inside. Rescuers worked for days to free people. At least 20 people died.


Date: 98-02-02 22:44:17 EST

In my dream, I was looking high up into the sky and I saw the Earth. The   continents of the southern hemisphere moved north and all continents were  compressed then they retreated back south. This occurred several times. Finally, all of Europe (west of the Ural Mountains) broke off and fell into the ocean (Atlantic).

by Anonymous



The dream of an 8 year old child:

I have dreams about the earth ending. My first one happened

when I was eight years old. (now 17) I am a full native american and my   parents told me that the dreams I had were predictions of the future.

My first dream started out in my home town Perth-Andover N.B. I was   walking down the street and out of no where a man walked out of the   woods and stepped in front of me. He sis not say anything to me and he   held out his hand. I took his hand in mine and he told me "I have to show you something very important." All of a sudden we were in Mexico and he was showing me all the polution they have there.

He took me to alot of places where polution was a problem. Then all of a   sudden we were in space and I was looking at the earth and the man had disapeared. I was looking at the Earth and a voice started talking to me. It was one of them voices where you can't tell if it is a man of women. It told me "Starr, this is what is going to happen if you humans don't start taking care of the Earth..." I looked at the Earth and all of a sudden it blew up in my face. I remember seeing chunks of earth, on fire comming towards me and then I woke up.

Starr Perley


5/22/98 - I felt small earthquakes. We were living in the upstairs of a house in a large city. I think it was in Washington state, but I'm not sure. It was an area I'm not familiar with.

I was looking out of a window, and I saw a volcano erupt. I saw large clouds of ash go into the air with each earthquake. Actually they felt like shock waves. I told the people we were living with, but they didn't seem concerned. As I watched a huge cloud of ash seemed to billow toward us. The volcano was quite a distance away, but ash began to rain on us heavily.

The woman in the house just got irritated like she had seen it before. Then I saw rocks of hot coals falling, and things began to start on fire as they hit. I became very alarmed, and ran upstairs to get my children. My husband and I were grabbing things getting ready to leave. --Ann

Note: I didn't know any of the people in this dream. In fact I don't think I was in my own body.

by Ann


3/10/98 - I was living in a cottage near a bridge. It was dark outside, and I could see lava flowing under a bridge and getting higher by the minute. My husband drove up in a pick-up truck. He had come from the "main house". We were separated. I was very angry, and wanted to know what he would do about the lava. He didn't seem very concerned. The heat was getting intense. He just took our young child, a girl, and said he would see me at the house. I was worried about the bridge because that seemed to be our only way out.

Note: As in the previous dream, I didn't know any of these people. I felt like we were in a mountainous area that was separated from the main area by this bridge.

by Ann


You are in a DREAM WINDOW

Two Dreams of Florida's Destruction by Asteroid/Tsunami

An email I received today (May 15, 2001) reminded me of a dream I had late last month that I have been meaning to post. First I will present my dream, then what follows will be the vision contained in the email.

McClellan (4/28/01):

I was some distance away from land, I am not sure how far. It seemed I was in an ocean.

The waters were churning violently and boiling and it was dark as night. In fact, I assumed this was happening at night. There was a great deal of steam rising from the waters and in the darkness I saw also mixed within it a blood red colour. There was much blackness and blood red steam. I saw nothing in the sky but black and red vapour.

Then I was looking down upon a great city that was on the harbour. It was like a helicopter view. I saw tongues of water sloshing down the streets and splashing upwards on the buildings. Most of them did not seem too high from the ground level. Then I saw one tongue of water that filled the avenue and lapped so high that it covered an entire block of high-rise buildings. I began to see more of these tongues that lapped high, splashing water almost to where I was. As the scene progressed I saw less and less of the buildings and more and more sloshing, roiling water.

Then I was shown a map where this was happening. I could distinctly see the Florida peninsula. Then I awoke.

Comment: This was a very vivid dream. What I found most interesting was that the action took place in Florida. I have never been to Florida and most prophecies concerning destruction of American cities that I have been familiar with focus on New England, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, the Midwest, and, of course, the West Coast. So why a dream of Florida?

I may have received my answer in one of a series of prophecy "spam" (multiple emails) sent courtesy of G. Baptist (John Lallier). The vision is by Dan and Donna Smith as related to G. Baptist on 1/26/01. It was one of a number of emails sent to me today by G. Baptist (May 15).

Smith (1/26/01): The Lord took me in the spirit to outer space and I saw very dim stars. Then the lights came on and I saw an asteroid, brown in color, coming to the planet earth.

The Lord took me in the spirit and showed me driving down the east coast of Florida and back up the west coast. When I got to Orlando, the Lord cut Florida in half and I said, “Lord have mercy”. He said “No more mercy”. Again I asked “Lord have mercy” and again He repeated “No more mercy. I asked Him, “Lord why are You doing this”. He answered “death of the innocents." I saw south Florida, Kissimmee to Miami, underwater. Then He showed me portable buildings stacked like a train all connected together. The buildings were full of people with legs and arms missing. I ran into the buildings and there was no end to them.

I saw an asteroid race right by Florida. What a horrible sound it made as it hit us. Then I saw helicopters and out of them came men with guns. When they came to me, I disappeared. Then I was somewhere else and I put out my hand and an apple was there and I ate it. The Lord will take care of His true servants, have no fear.

I was in a red suit, riding in a red car and something was holding me from passing and going to the sea. Then the restraint was removed and I got to the sea. I dropped my cell phone and I went into the sea and entered a building that was vary strong and safe.

There was an interpretation included I assume was written by Smith. I have included it here:

Interpretation (Smith):

I have a great call on my life Isaiah 63, 64 and 65. Red is the blood of Christ and power of the Lord. The sea is the people ready to be harvested. The building is Christ. The cell phone is my connection to this world.

We are to be led by the spirit and hearing Gods voice and not sold out to the world. God’s Kingdom is not of this world. I died 17 years ago when I got the Holy Spirit and I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus. We must give ourselves completely to Him and we will do great exploits for the end time harvest. Jesus said that we will do greater things than He, because He will send the Holy Ghost. Mark 16 & 17. Be one of them and give God the glory.

COMMENT (McClellan): Most of the vision above is self-evident and inspired by God. It supports my April dream of an asteroid/meteor-related tsunami that destroys a part of Florida.

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