1.  We, the authors of this Internet web-site, accept no responsibility of any personal reactions such as emotional stress, nightmares, or fear, nor do we advocate that anyone take any personal actions based on the information provided herewith.  The reader is considered to be at his/her own risk to read anything found on any link provided here.

2.. We give our permission to copy and distribute the material on our pages, with the exception of material that may be copywrited by others. If you are in doubt concerning this issue, please contact us.

3. We are presenting dreams and other ideas and giving opinions as to their possible meanings. We do not intend to suggest that these are facts, and that actions should therefore be taken. The reader is encouraged to determine the meanings for themselves, and decide what actions, if any, are needed. Our hope is that readers will find helpful and positive ideas on these pages.

4. Many of the dreams and prophecies portray horrible tragedies, such as floods, earthquakes, fires, meteor impacts, incredible events in the sky, world war, atomic bomb blasts, pole shifts, UFO/ET events, mass disease, economic collapse, desolation and death. Our personal opinion is that most of these things are primarily symbolic of mass internal changes of mind and ways of being. In some cases, they may refer to past events. We do think some of the disasters will manifest as real events, but that they will be much more minor than expected. We will be presenting our reasons for making these interpretations.

5. We do not claim that our interpretations are the only interpretations. We are attempting to determine the truth of it by gathering dreams, opinions, and other material that we feel to be related.

6. One of our concerns is that many people may be extremely frightened by dreams, prophecies and events in the coming years. The fear itself may be THE major cause of problems and stress. We feel that the changes coming to the world are entirely positive in the long run, and that the fears are mostly unfounded.

7. Another possibility is that the dreams and prophecies speak of potential realities in the future, and that we, humanity, will determine our own fate. Many people are saying that we humans are co-creators of the reality, and we agree. However, we feel that we are unconscious co-creators at this time, and that we will learn to be conscious co-creators in the future. In this theory, it is our belief systems that determine the future. If this theory proves to be valid, it seems to mean that we need to believe in a positive future.

8. Some of the interpretations and opinions on these pages are those of Dee Finney and Joe Mason, the creators of this site. Other opinions are also presented, and we encourage them. Please keep in mind, however, that this does not necessarily mean that we endorse, or agree with all of the opinions.

9. We encourage our readers to check alternate opinions on these subjects. This is one reason we have provided many links to other sites.


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