The Doopie Dolls

My Sister Goes With Jesus


From: Freestone Wilson <>

Saturday, August 29, 1998 9:21 AM

On this nice summer 1982 day...I entered the Valley, alone, in my sister's pickup truck.

Little did I know what lay just ahead...something beyond all rational experience and something that even the twilight Zone...would have difficulty dealing with!!

--all of what I am to write TRUE! Let the"chips fall where they may".....!!

I drove alone, today; Usually, I went with my sister to her College, where she taught Social Work.

{you may know her; she wrote textbooks...Suanna Wilson!}}.

I lived with her, at the time, in another valley...and she taught the courses several days a week, and often I rode with her: today...I ran an  errand for her....over to Johnson City....alone.

This valley was a textbook case of a Appalachian valley. enclosed from the  outside outsiders lived in it...very parochial....celestial...a virtual "heaven"...IF you were one of them; all others keep out!! A lush  ten mile long valley...enclosed by 4000 foot mountains..closed at each end.  In the flats were farms, stores, everything essential.....I was now driving alone at 9 a.m.on this country road...and suddenly I knew that  I was not alone! THEY were with me! I could SEE no one; but I knew I was not alone.

It was as if I could imagine flying along, like birds...were doll-like people! only, they imagined themselves TO me! I could see them, in my imagination: but they were absolutely there....whether I imagined them to be or not!! They were the size of babies...maybe 18 inches tall..but with near-human sized heads. they all wore red dress-like robes!

I called them, to myself..."Doopie Dolls" they did not speak: I could not talk to them...they remained with me..until I came to the end of the valley...then they all flew off, into the distance. Whew!!

My sister moved. I moved with it was 1984. On one day.... I walked back to her office, from downtown...thinking about this experience of several years ago, now.

Suddenly they were there. next to me! Years later and 400 miles away...there they were, the Doopie Dolls! and now I could here their talk!! I listened, in amazement......

"Yes, we are here. the same people you call "dolls". we look like dolls only when we visit your world. Up in our world, where we really live; we look like people normal people. We look like we did when we lived on earth, before we died; only younger! Yes, we lived in that valley, in our lives...we died..and eventually went to live in our Mountain would call it "heaven"... we are close to our valley...and still love it so...not only do we keep track of all the visitors...we can see the earthly valley better...THROUGH SOMEONE ELSE'S EYES! thus we try to get near everyone that we can!

But only a very very few people can see us! We all have grown much more loving and have a better way of life, that we are in heaven.....we often go to hear the sings, in the valley churches; the atmosphere, there, in these churches is more like up in our world.

AND.....we have your address!...we can come to visit you at any time. AND...we know that you separate from your body, at night...and can go visit heavens; why not come visit US?!!!" ---then they were gone.

Then the Dreams began!!!!

{I have got to condense save space...the grammar and all that will not be good!}}

My first dreams were very soon beginning. they were concerned with going to mountain listen to the dwellers tell their life story and of the DEATH and of the this land..that was at the outer reaches of the Mountain Home.{{recuperating after death, the person rests..and reflects upon his earthly life, before Going on...}}

One man..lay in his his REPLICA of his earthly mountain cabin. a coal miner, in west virginia. died in his 50's..of a back dusty lung. a hard; but good life. Now he rests, before going to Home. He told me of his 50 years of life.....

My Next Dream...had me being taken further up the a narrow pass, in the low of those passes that one could miss..unless one had connections to the people inside.

They took me into see....a VAST land . on would be as if it were maybe a 2000 foot the appalachian mountains...but hundreds and hundreds of miles across. Perpetual summer. sky soft and blue...with a very strange luminescence to the if no   shadows are ever cast! Farmlands and rolling hills..way off into the distance...all around..I could see higher mountains. I could hear mountain church gospel in the distance..being if were the "Musak" this land.

Cabins and houses and even "Modern" new age houses!...{in my sister's North Carolina valley...outsiders were welcomed; there were many new agers..who moved from the cities..many retreats and Ashrams..too.}}

I could tell that in this land..all were welcomed who had any CONNECTIONS whatsoever with the mountain people...and loved them..and the land..while on earth.

My sister then died....of a sudden lung condition; followed by my father, the next year.....1987.

Now I was alone...all my relatives gone. I moved to Florida, then back to my upstate New York very small town, where I am, now.

By 1989..or so.....the dreams changed...{ya gotta realize that i went there, to the least once per month...every month...and STILL do!!}}. sister had a house, there! I learned she has in each of several worlds.... I met her...and talked!!

She showed to me...many of her older mountain friends, from her valley ...who have since died, and come here.

I often toured her house!! but I could not look at her...{{she has changed physically; I have no Image model for her..thus I feel her presence, only}}

{{my father spent a week at her North carolina home..before he died}} and...yes!....I met him, too! He has a house there, too!!

But not my mother..who died in the 1970's.......ah!...but only a year ago...I had someone show to me that she lives there, too!!

So....over the years...I have been often, up there...untold thousands of people, in a Mountain Heaven....and I am always surprised.

My last such dream occurred just a few months ago....  I went to see my sister..and she had a surprise for me...she and several other women were to try to take me to a SEER!..a lady who lives off to the side..hidden..who has "her foot in several worlds, at once".

{{Apparently mediums and psychics are needed there, most people in heaven live only in one world....this means.."once a psychic; always a psychic."..all through the heavenly lands!!}}.

They did not know if I could "see' her. If I could; she could consult the life records of souls...and read them! mine!!

So Suanna and her friends took me to a open wooded field..with nothing but grass and trees...and they waited, hopefully....for me to see something. all I could see..was grass and hills and a beautiful land.

Suddenly ..I noted a narrow path..leading to a narrow crack in a row of bushes. Aha!!

Inside..was a large pretty small valley...with a cabin at the end of the trail. The seer seemed to be of "new age"..stock...someone of the wicca movement...or of some other new age way of life.....the ornaments in the house "said"...1970...1990! And she indeed gave to me a reading!!....told me something about my life..based on my soul records..something that i am still working on......

So there.

This Doopie Doll experience..certainly is a gift that keeps on giving! I could fill pages more..of my experiences there my this mountain Home-heaven.... this whole to me..a "PRIMER" instruction of what heaven will be like...when I get there.

At the very LEAST...the Doopie to me that life is ongoing...beyond the door called "the tombstone"!!

NO DOUBT......when I die...there will be a cabin, there, awaiting ME!!


Date: Monday, August 31, 1998 9:49 AM

My Sister Goes with Jesus

I am inspired to put down more of my Spirit experiences.....

In this one....I watch my Deceased sister..being taken to a higher heaven, by Jesus! My greatest critics of this vision...are from those of the Church: they do not like this goes against their dogmic programmings!! but I am sorry, folks...this is a first person account that is very real to me....!!

My sister died in 1986. I had lots of running around to do..taking care of her stuff...and selling it. When you die at 42 years, owning a business...there is a LOT to do... {would you believe: 400 boxes in a warehouse!!}

Since then...over the years...I have had the blessings of being taken to several actually be able to see her and even to talk to her!

Somewhere around 1991...I had this wonderful "taken to heaven" see of her progress, there; as she entered heaven, upon her death in a not too good of a Soul-state...and slowly she advanced upward into better heavens.

vision begins........

I find myself in a room...that is sort of dark. I find myself in a chair, facing about three feet sister Suanna, sitting in another chair..a small table is in front of both of us....the area is of light; but I can only see around us; as if there is a kind of a spotlight onto us.

It IS doubt. She greets me. She then tells me that she has enrolled into a heaven-school. She says that there are hundreds of students in this class.

I ask of her the nature of this course that she is taking. she tells me that she is studying how the earthly life of any soul can be "read" the Soul-face..of that soul...there in heaven. There seems to be a kind of "language"..for this. This is what she is studying. She tells me that the course take 10,000 heavenly hours!!

{someone that I told this dream to...a teacher..tells me that 10,000 hours is about the time a kid spends in school: kindergarten---through 12th grade!}

She then lays out onto the table...a great thick textbook! her textbook. She opens it to show me some of her must be six inches thick---I can actually remember reading some of it! The book went into the language of Soul....however a person lives on earth...the Soul is his earthly life. The soul consists of all the MEANINGS in his life...all the moral..ethical..feeling judgements...etc...etc... it is as if an artist chisels a sculpture of a takes..I read.....10,000 make that head.{ANOTHER meaning of that "10,000 hours!!}.

When that person dies..that completed his heavenly soul..and he will LIVE IN IT!! In heaven..he will LOOK like his soul-life...and draw to him...the corresponding scenery, that goes with it.--------like attracts like!

So what Suanna was studying...was how to read the symbolic language that is encoded into any and all of the faces of any person that has just arrived into heaven, from earth, after death. From this examination; the life just lived, on earth, can be to its moral and ethical meanings, its capability to Love, it ability to have wisdom, and all of the "Damage' that had occurred to the Soul, from living that earthly life!

{I think she was studying to become a heavenly Guide\counselor\consoler, to be able to meet with the new arrivees and help them to progress. MY analogy for her this: a kind of medical school, where she is learning to become a doctor...but not of physical sicknesses...but of Soul-sicknesses, brought up from the earth-life just lived...conditions made from omissions and commissions, in that earthly life.

The "church"..might call them.."Sins"!!...sins not only done BY the person......but sins done by the parents---culture, TO that person! Things done to the person..that was accepted by that person as being "TRUE"!!!

This is where "forgiveness" and "overcoming" and "Transcending" can overcome the Programmings done to us, by our relatives\friends\culture!!}.

Suanna gets up from the chair..she closes the book and takes it...and leaves: Dream ends---but only for a second!!

part two...begins.............

I find myself in a vast open space..under a vivid heavenly blue sky....there is a very small hill, maybe ten foot high...before me....maybe 200 feet away. On this hill...I can see about 300 robed figures...they all wear the very same of a bedsheet. I stand off in the distance..away from the group. There is an imposing-looking man, near me. While he wears also a robe...there is something about his dress and of his face...that speaks... speaks of "authority"!!

He is their teacher........ THIS is Suanna's class! she is amidst them, somewhere......

The teacher turns to me, and tell me that this is the Moment of Graduation for all of these students...and that they all will progress to a higher level of heaven..that is "above' this one that we all are now in. That is...the higher heaven is invisible to anyone here, in the present place, where we and the students are now in.

The teacher now..suddenly...cries out, to all the students...... "PREPARE TO ASCEND"!!

I watch...a very hushed silence...just 300 students...the teacher..and I...under a translucent blue sky!

Suddenly I noted something!

I could see a flock of distant birds approach from way off and way up in the if they were descending from way up on high. They were in a "VEE" formation; much like Canadian geese.

Then....I saw two birds were not birds...they were Angels or Angelic Spirits! And I could see that the leader was JESUS!

So here was Jesus, himself..with a group of take the graduating class..up to their level of heaven. They stopped their descent over the hill and students...they were all about twenty feet over the students. None of them, including Jesus, said anything.

The teacher now repeated his remark....."PREPARE TO ASCEND"!

Suddenly....every single robe feel to the ground, empty!!!! In a was as if the hill were covered with 300 bedsheets or tissues......all the 300 students seemed to instantly increase their soul-vibrations to that of the higher level...that level being the level where we were currently at.

The robes fell, empty!

Only the teacher and I ...were left! the hill was empty of all life, only the robes lay quietly on the grass!

This teacher THEN turned to me and said something to me...just before the dream-vision ended.

He said..."Jesus, in his great Love for all of Humanity...created these lower heavens, for afterlife that no one would SLEEP until the Great Call of ascending, at the end of the Universe's age".

{ meaning; ........... these heavens were created by Jesus and his masters\ that humanity could progress after the lower purgatorical realms of heaven. VERY FEW of humanity would be able to GO right away, immediately after death, to the Celestial spheres of the Throne-worlds of god......too many impurities are made into our Souls from just living in the physical realm!!!!!

Only jesus went right away to the father.......after he died!! Thus..these lower heavens were a "college" get us all ready to someday MEET the father(God)...face to face, on His level...some far off heavenly day!!! These are places to remove these impurities and to learn of Spirit....

If "COLLEGE"..could represent...the Celestial realms then "REMEDIAL SUMMER SCHOOL", after high school is make good and catch up, for the material missed, or miss-used, in the high School, on earth-----to get one up to the Entering freshman curriculum-level of freshman College entry-requirements--------THIS, I find, is a very good analogy....for these pugatorial lower heavens!!}.


Live An Incredible Life!

Freestone Wilson