Dream Gates

( by Mobius) 



Dreams and the Dimensional Gates
by Allen D. Furford
The Mobius Insight

Thanks to a Canadian herb mix called Radical Focus, I learned something which has been confusing me about these dream visions I have been having for some time now, something I have suspected but just could not put my finger on. When I dream travel normally I am in a conveyance, a vehicle that I am familiar with and it could be looked upon as a crutch or launching tool. Not all the time but most of the time and this afternoon nap I was in one. It was Susan's 1990 Ford Thunderbird and the second time I used that car in a vision as she and my son Brian were with me. We never got to the future on this trip because I allowed something to happen that I had always tried to prevent on prior occasions by way of instinct.

I have always suspected that to get to the future one had to travel first though an area bounded by the spirit world, a suspicion that seems to have borne through today, in a sad and yet wonderful way. First things first however and that is the herb mix for I have had four dreams that are very clear thus far and I was told before I tried them this often happened, one can remember the dreams with great clarity. The Indian shamans knew this and used the mix for their own purposes as well as medical when treating a patient for memory problems. This has proven to be true as these herbs are formulated for clear thought and work well with the elderly for one. They do not cause the dreams but allow the dreamer to remember the visions quite well upon awakening.  The capsules which are a blend consist of 450 MG of first choice Blessed Thistle, Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, Hyssop, Echinacea Purpurea, Blue Vervain, Wood Betony, and Spirulina. Normal dosage 2 caps as needed. By the way, those of you who think you get a buzz off of this mix and want to try it for this purpose guess again. You would not even realize you have consumed it. They can only be purchased in the United States by way of A & A Vaughn Special Products who has the exclusive rights, and this is an ethical outfit concerned about your health and well being regardless of your age. I have known and worked with Lee Vaughn since 1992 and I have had nothing but success working with his products, including infections, arthritis and cancer as many others have. You might say God gave Lee and I to each other and let it go at that.

Radical Focus draws on the Indian herbal traditions of Native North America; the mix is enhanced with Spirulina, and is a natural blend of ingredients that encourages well being through nature's offerings. The mix is for clarity of thought and we used it before on my father Harry of "Harry should be Dead", a book still in rough form about a man's battle against the odds of Advanced Parkinson Disease. Lee Vaughn asked if I would like to try some, stating the fact he also dreamed but had a hard time remembering most of them until he used this product, a bitch I often related to him about my own dream visions. I decided to give them a try and see if the effect would be the same for me. It proved to be true and this is why I am writing things down as fast as I can to share this interesting experience with the reader.

The three of us were driving to Portland Oregon for some reason and we detoured off I-5 in what I believe to be the Vancouver WA. area because of road problems. The trick was to get across the Columbia River as Portland and Vancouver are split by that body of water. Traveling through unfamiliar streets, I took what appeared to be a main byway and was shunted off into the right hand lane when the car suddenly seemed to have a will of its own, something I have always prevented before by stopping the vehicle or at least trying to. Suddenly the smooth highway became a rough gravel road as we passed some buildings and then we went down a short hill at sudden night which also set in about that time, always a clue as I am a seasoned dreamer, a classic understatement if I have ever made one. In short I knew I was in a dimensional shift and for a change had some control over it. This is the part of dreaming that normally frightens some people but I do not scare easily, dreams not withstanding. The headlights automatically came on in this car as they do, compliments of Ford Motor Company, but they were very dim, another clue telling me I was going through a warp. We can call this phenomena what we will but warp will suffice until we learn more about these visions.

I realized suddenly the road actually turned to the right but a very unused portion teed off straight ahead up a short hill and one could not see the rough bumpy track over the hood because of the incline, and I knew we were going into a river, not the main Columbia but a tributary of some kind. Susan was yelling to slow down and I yelled there was no control... In we went even as I shut the ignition off before the splash.

My wife was hanging all over me and I told her: "Jesus, for the Love of God let go Susan and I will get us out of this!" Those were the right words and she backed off while I explained to my son and Susan the power windows should still work as soon as I turn the key back on without trying to start the engine. Cars will do this in fresh water most of the time. Water filled the car, and the water was bath water warm, summer water for sure in the given area, and we did not sink that deeply with about 5 feet of water over the top of the car as near as I could guess. I told both of the passengers to breath and get ready to hold their breaths until the pressure equalized so we could open the doors, the windows were faithful at the last as the air bubble ran out and I used the chosen procedure.  Some water came in under reduced pressure and stopped allowing me to open the door and we got out and rose to the surface and climbed ashore.

Now the reader must keep in mind this is a real experience, in dream state or not. This type of state is as real to the participant as to the reader the conscious day, so it can be quite frightening to some and they would call it a nightmare after they awoke. This is not a nightmare to me by the way, merely another problem to face and solve. I felt real bad about the car, morose in fact, as the three of us trudged back up the short hill and went into what appeared to be a small cafe on the rural outskirts of somewhere, back on the old paved section of the road where the side road had cut off in the first place. There was no one save what seemed to be a cleaning man and he motioned us through a door at the back of the cafe which we went through, all quite soddenly wet. Another man was on a cot there and he knew instantly what had happened as I asked if there was a wrecker tow truck close by. The man told me there was but the truck was off towing and would not be back for two days, which would then be Monday. This told me the day was Friday. He told my son and wife they could stay there and pointed to two other cots in the small but cozy warm room, and I left them there to see if there was something else I could do about this situation.

As I walked out of the cafe and crossed the street, another man came out of no where and told me we could use his trailer to stay in but only for two months as he was leaving for awhile. I politely said: "Excuse me but I do not recall asking to use you trailer sir, and I have absolutely no intention of staying here for two damn months." He looked a little startled and then hurt as I headed back down the pavement to where it became rough gravel and walked the road inspecting the entire scene quite carefully. I felt bad about being so abrupt with the man but I knew they wanted me to stay in this dimension for a little time that I wanted no part of. I can be a very focused person with no pun intended, something others have noted in dealing with me in the flesh. When one is in a dream state like this, one is not in the flesh but one does have the same identity...

It was growing lighter and where the turn was with the short hilly straight we went off, there were three other cars blocking the way. One was a 1955 green Chevy two door post, quite old with patches of rust and fresh water mussels hanging off the tires. One was an old pickup, a black 1940's Ford in about the same condition in front of the Chevy. The last was so bad I could not tell what it was except it was black and built in the 1940's some time, very early 40's to make a guess. It was growing lighter and children were playing on this dike as that was what I had run off of, a levee of some sort for flood control. I could now see down the levee just as you can see things in the early dawn. A boy came up to me, red haired and very young, about 6 I would guess. I looked at him and I knew what was going on because I am used to these dream visions. I pointed to the Chevy and and stated: "You died in this car, didn't you son..." He replied yes and told me all the kids I could see were dead and came from these three vehicles. He told me he was happy though and it was not a bad place. I felt very sad and yet quite a peace with the dead children, knowing somehow God had led me to them and wanted me to visit with them, which I did as they played. There was light all around us by now as if the day was there. I asked the red haired child then if he could get the Thunderbird out and he said sure, and called the other 6 kids. As I walked out of the way and turned around, the other vehicles were now gone and the Thunderbird was on the levee levitated in some manner, even pointed the right direction. The children had raised the car and opening the doors we let the water out and I watched the color change of the blue interior as it drained down out of the cloth. That was when I heard a voice behind us from up the road and I turned again to see the man who told me to use his trailer.

I turned back to the children and they were gone and the Thunderbird had began to shape change in front of my eyes changing into a van. The man asked me if I had tried to start it and I said no, so he got inside and after a couple of clicks, it turned over and sputtered, stopping. He did this about 3 or 4 more times and it started. We drove back up to the parking area in the trees by the cafe and the van then changed into a truck and trailer, the T-Bird was gone leaving this in its place. It was dark again and the man was talking fast.

I looked into my wallet then which was a wet mess but it still had my I.D. in it including my drivers license and I was looking at the insurance card for a phone number. Again he was trying to tell me stay and visit for awhile and I decided if the insurance people were not handy I was going to call my brother-in-law Harold because there was no way we were going to stay under these circumstances. I called loudly for my wife and son from outside the cafe as the man tried again to convince me to stay. That was when I woke up.

This is the second time I have had a dream vision about missing children and small families regarding this area of Washington State, people who plunged off a dyke road in the middle of the night many years ago for one reason or another. The odd part is I know know one down in that area nor am I familiar with it at all and never have been. It was the absolute recall upon awakening that got to me, plus what the children told me about the way they died and the terror they felt as they sank in the river and that is the reason I am passing this vision on. They were there on post to save others from the same fate...

Lee Vaughn was right about the absolute clarity Radical Focus induces and I am not going to try to interpret this vision. Some will say I found some missing families from old tragedies located in the Columbia river system and close to Vancouver WA. I am sure vehicles have disappeared in bad weather in the area around that watershed. Others will have other ideas, some of which will be pure nonsense but suits their purposes. I will just say I visited with some dead children and enjoyed their play, happiness and purpose before God. You see, we had one thing in common in the Light. We loved each other, they knew I was from the other side, and they helped me. I think they wanted us to know they were real and wanted to help...

Though sometime I walk in The Valley of the Shadow, I fear no evil. Do you...?


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A. D. Furford
The Mobius Projects