by Dee Finney

11-2-92 - MEDITATION - "The Goddess Norelle, who was in charge of this project has lost her strength."  You would never make it to Wausau."

"Saddam Hussein and the Chinese have gained strength. There is danger of nuclear war."


2-21-98 - NOTE: Joe and  I saw down to do a special worldwide meditation with a candle to send good energies to Saddam Hussein in an effort to stop the war in the Middle East. We both fell asleep. This is my dream.

DREAM - Joe and I were in a theatre on National television. WE were all sending little pink or yellow light like E.T. had a light on the end of his finger. Bob Hope was the moderator of the show and told the story of a beautiful little baby boy that had been born and then called the little boy out on stage to show him how to send light to Saddam Hussein. The little boy came out on stage. We were surprised to see that he was 3 or 4 years old. He was wearing a sweat shirt and had his hands tucked under his shirt. Bob Hope tried to explain to the little boy what we were doing. The little bo y pulled his hands out from under his shirt and 'flipped the bird' with his hand.

6-6-01 - DREAM - I was walking down the hallway of a large building, probably an apartment building with a man I assumed was the janitor, but he looked like the reporter Bernard Shaw.

I was showing him that I only had two gold keys which looked like mailbox keys, that I had lost my apartment keys. I rather pictured the lost keys in my mind then as to their shape, the regular apartment keys and the Master building keys with the large square heads on them.

I somehow was then in my apartment, planning to get dressed for the day. I was attempting to pull my nightgown and robe off over my head for some reason together and was having great difficulty. I then discovered the reason, I had a pullover brown sweater on over it.

However, my boss walked into the room and I sat down on the bed and decided I would wait until he left before I changed clothes.

He walked past me sitting on the edge of the bed, past an ironing board which was standing open between me and the window and he went into the closet.

I don't recall what he did in the closet but I was observing then an IM (Instant Message) on a computer between two people. the whole thing was in red - I was between two people - Solitaire and Solitaire 13. Unfortunately, I don't think I could read the words they were actually saying.

I was then in the kitchen setting my hair so it would be curly. I was sitting at the kitchen table. I had jelled my hair and was attempting to wind my hair around small round black and red Chinese boxes that were about 3" across. They did n't have covers on them. I had one done and was attempting to do a 2nd one and just couldn't et it to work. I finally gave up and decided to do it the old fashioned way with just the jell and the giant size gold bobby pins I had.

A young black woman came into the kitchen then, stood close behind me and held me in her arms and was trying to cajole me into giving her my car keys. She said she would go get me the best tasting pizza or anything else I wanted to eat. I noted that she had a single rose petal attached to the front of her throat.

I finally told her, "If I need anything, I am capable of driving myself to go get it."

She got mad and left, leaving me alone to finish setting my hair.

At some point, I recall seeing the sky divided into two on an angle, pitch black on top and bright red on the bottom.

NOTE: Bernard Shaw was CNN's principal Washington, D.C., anchor. His regular co-anchor assignments included Inside Politics, the nation's only daily program devoted exclusively to political news, airing weekdays at 5 p.m. (ET), and CNN Worldview, a half-hour international newscast that examines major stories and issues around the world, airing weekdays at 6 p.m. He also co-anchored CNN&TIME, a weekly prime-time investigative newsmagazine, airing Sundays at 9 p.m.

On Feb. 28, 2001, Shaw will stepped back from his duties at CNN to write his autobiography and other books, and to spend more time with his family. Shaw had been a member of the CNN anchor team since the network's inception in 1980.

On Jan. 16, 1991, Shaw was one of three CNN reporters who captivated a worldwide audience of more than 1 billion with continuous coverage of the first night of the Allied Forces' bombing of Baghdad during Operation Desert Storm. Shaw was in the Iraqi capital to update his exclusive interview with President Saddam Hussein conducted in October 1990.

2-16-92 - DREAM - I saw Saddam Hussein coming out of a large building.  He was dressed only in his underwear.  He came close to show me what he had in his pants -

A voice from behind me said, "Saddam wishes to show you hwat he has - that he has balls" and Saddam showed me that his penis was the neck and head of a huge black dog - similar to a Pit Bull. 

I knew immediately that he will defend his country with a fight like a 'Junk Yard Dog'.

Then we saw what else Saddam Hussein had - I saw a series of red and gold condom packages - On the front they said, "ISRAELISM - 105".


http://news.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2002/02/19/wirq19.xml&sSheet=/news/2 002/02/19/ixnewstop.html

Germany and France warn Bush on Iraq

By Toby Helm in Berlin and Ben Fenton in Washington

(Filed: 19/02/2002)

THE transatlantic rift deepened yesterday when Germany joined France in opposing military strikes against Iraq as part of a new front in the war on terrorism.

President Bush said he was keeping "all options on the table" to deal with Baghdad, but Chancellor Gerhard Schroder's government said it would not back American "adventures" unless there was proof that Saddam Hussein's regime was directly linked to the September 11 attacks.

John Manley, Canada's deputy foreign minister, answered concerns that his country would be sucked into an attack on Iraq by saying: "We decide for ourselves what we're going to do."

Vice-President Dick Cheney repeated the promise to prevent Iraq, Iran and North Korea from threatening America or its allies.

Asked yesterday about comments by Hubert Vedrine, the French foreign minister, criticising US policy on terrorism, Mr Bush said: "The leaders I've talked to fully understand exactly what needs to happen . . . We're going to seize the moment, and do it."

The public airing of European doubts is causing growing irritation in the Bush administration. Gen Colin Powell, the secretary of state, accused M Vedrine of having an attack of "the vapours".

Joschka Fischer, Germany's foreign minister, aired worries about military strikes on Iraq and what lay behind Mr Bush's talk of an "axis of evil" between Iran, Iraq and North Korea. "There is a debate that is getting more intense and that we view with concern," he told the Die Welt newspaper.

The magazine Der Spiegel said Mr Fischer had told the cabinet the fight against terrorism should not be allowed to become a global military campaign. "The day could come when the Europeans have to make clear that this is not their policy."

In a seemingly concerted effort by Germany to show the extent of its worries, Karsten Voigt, the Foreign Ministry's co-ordinator for US-German co-operation, said Berlin also wanted a new regime in Baghdad, but doubted whether military action was the best way.

United Nations inspectors should be allowed in to check whether Saddam was stockpiling nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. But fighting the spread of weapons of mass destruction "is not the same subject as the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington," Mr Voigt told a radio station.

Washington was infuriated last week by attacks from Chris Patten, the European Union's external affairs commissioner, who said: "To brand a disparate group of countries as an axis of evil did not strike me as the finest phrase ever produced by the president's speech writers."

Growing US hostility to Iran and North Korea was seen in Brussels as a calculated slap in the face, because the EU is promoting friendly ties with the regimes of Iran and North Korea.

EU diplomats say Washington was warned in the clearest terms before the speech that military action against Iraq would shatter the post-September 11 alliance unless there was proof of Saddam's involvement.

The row has ended a period of remarkable transatlantic solidarity in which Nato invoked Article 5 for the first time, agreeing spontaneously that the alliance had been attacked as a single entity, and the EU backed military action against the Taliban as legitimate self-defence by America.

Relations between Europe and Washington are also strained by US policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Many European leaders are said to feel that Washington is too pro-Israel.

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