by Dee Finney

Dream Interpretations

I see a lot of familiar symbols in dreams, such as three people, sometimes three males (sometimes with a female), or three females (sometimes, in each case, the dreamer is included). My theory is that this is related to various ideas about the Trinity. There is a Triple Male Trinity, and each of these have "Consorts," (or the Triple Goddess). Sometimes the Triple Goddess (the three Consorts) are combined into a single feminine figure. The three males along with the single female is said to be "The Perfect Four" (Blavatsky), or the 3 + 1 Quaternity (Jung).

Part of the Great Change, I believe, is the "Return" of the Goddess, corresponding to Isis, Ishtar, Shekinah, Sakti, the Virgin Mary, etc. This is "The Woman With Child," in Revelation 12, I think. In "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2, Blavatsky said the Woman in Rev. 12 is "Isis."

The "little girl," and "washing" is a frequent theme in today's dreams - and in myths. There is often a "problem" with the little girl. In some cases she is held hostage or put away for a time. At this point, my guess is that this corresponds to the feminine aspect (from the Goddess) within each of us. It is our dreaming/intuitive/right-brain side. In the time cycle, the male portion has been dominant. I had a coincidence back in 1990, when I wrote some notes with theories about Adam and Eve, based on dreams. "They" are ONE person, with a large male aspect, and a small, rib-sized, feminine aspect.

I "just happened" to pick up a book right after that - "The Gnostic Gospels," by Jane Pagles. Some 1,600 years ago, one of the Gnostics had a vision speaking of Adam/Eve as one person. Some two years later, I found Blavatsky's work. She calls Adam/Eve "the first androgen." The "Son" in the Trinity is actually a "Child," an androgen having both male and female attributes.

Further, the theory goes, some dreams and myths seem to portray man/mankind as male, and the dreaming/spiritual side of man/mankind as female. This goes along with the idea that we have a much larger Father/male/rational aspect in the time cycle. We have "forgotten," or put-away the feminine aspect for the cycle of time. The Great Change will bring a balanced condition.

A dream about putting shoes on the feet, may be very significant in terms of my theories about the Solar eclipse of 1999. It also reminds me of Cinderella, which had the Triple female symbolism in the negative aspect, as the step-sisters. The Prince uniting with Cinderella may fit with the idea of the duality balance at the end of the "stage play/film."

My dreaming friend, Catherine, had recurring dreams with this theme:

"While my double and I are swimming, a wild storm comes up and we are carried out to sea/the middle of a lake, beyond sight of land. We awake in the morning on a small island with two pine trees. We stay with the trees for awhile then return to the mainland."

In one of the dreams, she reports:

"In swimming back from the island I swim past three girls standing still on wooden poles sticking up out of the water . . . they wear pails on their heads and seem to have one leg amputated from the knee down . . . on second look they are wearing purple socks on one leg. This later tied into other dreams about a foot in each world, the purple/invisible foot entering the spirit world."

I felt that Catherine's dreams were connected to strange "coincidences" involving the two trees in Revelation 11:11, which stand up after three days and a half  (see Humanity On The Pollen Path). The two trees are related to Joshua and Zerubbabel in Zechariah 3 and 4. They are the two anointed of the Royal Bloodline, the High Priest and King.  I believe this carries a duality symbolism of the inside Self and outside self. In Arthurian/Holy Grail symbolism the two are combined in the Priest/King, which were called the Fisher Kings.

The "island" seems to be one of the symbols concerning humanity in the time cycle. In Biblical terms, this is the 3 1/2 days (or years, or "times"), where the two trees lie dead. Babylon symbolizes the divided condition, and that city was known as "The Island." Also, Revelation 16:20 says, "And every island fled away, and no mountains were to be found."

The "wild storm" may refer the consciousness or emotion in the time cycle, which is anger or fury, evoked by the Babylon harlot of Revelation 17. Interestingly, just before the verse about "every island" fleeing, Revelation 16:19 says, "The great city was split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell, and God remembered great Babylon, to make her drain the cup of the fury of his wrath."

Catherine's "island with two trees" dream where, on returning, she saw "three girls standing still on wooden poles" seems to connect the Triple Goddess symbolism to the other symbols related above.  

The great solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, in my theory, connects with the symbolism of the "Royal Bloodline" of Jesus, as the legends say the "Grail," and/or son of Jesus was taken to Cornwall and on to Glastonbury . . . and became the bloodline of the Kings and Queens of England. Here's some sites about the subject:

The Hidden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail - Part 1 - Nexus Magazine

Lost Tribes Of Israel Study Maps - With Link to Each Volume

In Laurence Gardner's, "Bloodline of the Holy Grail," ("The Hidden History" site above is a lecture-review), on page 68, he says the tradition of the Royal Bloodline traces back to the Egyptian custom, where the Pharoah's simi-divine sister-bride used a substance made of Crocodile fat to anoint him. The word of "crocodile" in Egyptian was "messeh," which corresponds to the Hebrew, "Messiah - The Anointed One."

It is found at a later time in ancient Sumer - where Inanna (Ishtar) takes the shepard Dumuzi (Tammuz) as her bridegroom. Still later, this took the form Asherah and El Elohim in Canaan, then to Matronit and Jehovah.

Psalm 23 speaks of it as the Shepherd and the Bride - "Thou preparest a table before me . . . thou anointest my head with oil."

Strangely perhaps, it is through the females that the true dynastic inheritance was held through the bloodline. David attained his kingship by marrying Michal, the daughter of King Saul. In the biblical "Song of Solomon," the verses are about the love between a sovereign bridegroom and his bride. The potion used symbolically for the espousal was an ointment called "spikenard." Solomon, of course, was the son of King David.

Dreams of bicycles fits with a few things. I mentioned the bicycle as a duality symbol in my 1992 article that appeared in the Dream Network Journal. It's now on-line at:

Crop Circle Mystery

I do agree with most dream researchers - the best interpreter of a dream is the dreamer.

Best regards,

Joe Mason


4-13-90 Dream: I went outside and counted 21 jets way up in the sky leaving short white trails that gave away their position. They were heading East.

I went back into the house to tell someone about it. I went right back outside and saw a green circular light come up over the Northeast horizon. It looked like the moon hanging in the sky, but I knew that the moon always came up orange or yellow and then turn white. This round light stayed green.

I knew that when UFOs come everything turns hazy and you don't know what you're doing and you lose time.

I was imprinted with a list of instructions numbering 12 or 18. If they were followed in numerical order, they would be meaningless and nothing would happen. They had to be followed in reverse order.

I went inside the house where there were two other women. The three of us were to sit down together to write down these instructions in reverse order so they could be followed.

I then was looking through pads of colored paper . The instructions had to be written on fresh paper with no other marks on it and it had to be on the right color paper. I felt as though this was a test, but the three of us were to do it together.

by Dee


7-9-97 3.a.m. I put a Tantra Twin crystal under my pillow. I had an instant vision of a large door opening and I walked inside the door.

I then went into a dream where I entered a white house and was moving white furniture around within the room. It was like in a doll-house with no ceiling.

In the morning, I had more visions, the first of which told me that I would no longer need my friend Joe to give me messages on the Instant messages on my computer. I could get them for myself.

I then heard a male voice announce something which I missed, but then he also announced 1435 Chestnut. (This has to be analyzed)

I then dreamed all night that the crystal was being programmed with numbers and symbols. I knew that if Joe saw the numbers and symbols he would know how it was programmed.

Morning meditation: It was being interfered with by trash truck noise outside which was very annoying.

A voice asked me: "What's the matter?"

I said, "I locked myself out of that other door?"

I made another comment, then heard Joe laughing, "Well! You're going to have to do something about it sooner or later."

I then saw three women wearing white slacks. Each one was on a higher level. The first one had a blue silk shirt on, the second one had a pink silk shirt on, the third one had a white silk shirt on. All had long dark curly hair and all stood with their arms folded like guards. They were impassive. (Joe tells me these were Goddesses)

I found myself standing in front of an ancient door. It was large, weatherbeaten and battered. I was standing in a hallway like a hospital and could see a bright light down at the other end. A short man came rushing down the hall towards me and opened the door for me. The door opened and beyond it was all white light. I walked through the door.

On the ceiling was a huge crystal light fixture brilliantly lit with white light. I thought, "I am enthralled".

Moving towards the left I went past walls that created bays where various tools and machines were kept. On the far left bay which was brilliantly lit, the ceiling as at least 30 feet high and many tools were hanging from the ceiling from cords as well as stored on the floor.

I went to the right and crossed a hallway that led way down to the left with a bright light at the end. In this hallway, there were a series of boxes stacked along one side. I was told by a voice that there were 27 and these were my lives.

A spanish-looking workman dress all in blue came along, looking perplexed like he didn't know what he should do. He asked someone on my right, "What should I do?" On my right, I heard Joe's voice laughingly say, "You're going to have to show her sooner or later."

I then knew that he had 84 things to show me.


9-19-97 - Visions - After Joe and I made love, I closed my eyes and saw three women come across the street towards us. Each one had a little black purse. The one who seemed to be the oldest had a look on her face like she knew something was going on and she had to see what it was.

When they faded out, I saw four people going along a concrete divider/railing. Two men were on the right side, an older white haired man and a younger man. On the left side of the railing was a mother and her son four or five years old. They were looking at the divider/railing and running their hands on it like they were examining it.


9-20-97 - Visions - Following seeing the family in the previous visions, the word 'doric' popped into my mind.

Looking up the word 'doric' on the Internet, brought up pictures of the Roman Doric temple and myths and stories of Gods and Goddesses.

Vision - Following looking on the Internet, I had another vision . I saw the temple "Roman Doric" (which was a drawing of 'doric' type architecture.) I saw two people dressed in white enter the temple and go behind the facade of it. When they emerged, the man of the two brought out in his arms, a fan shaped array of white books of which I believe there were 12.



I went to the hotel I was going to manage. There didn't seem to be any bosses to ask questions of,  but there were lots of people with needs and who needed help. Nobody was being fed to start with. I went to the kitchen and found meat half ground up for sausage, but the machine was dirty, the sausage half dried up.

I cranked the handle once and it was a mess, the old dried up meat was mixed with the new meat. I knew I'd have to throw out all the old meat and start over fresh.

For every task that needed a machine, I saw 100 machines standing there waiting to be used to do the job, but there was nobody doing the jobs and the machines were old and antiquated and not up to the task of the modern day life style.

Every time someone came up to me, I had to find a solution to the problem, find a machine to do the job and find a person who could do the job. This went on for hours and hours and I saw hundreds and hundreds of types of machines. They were all white and all lined up waiting for workers to turn them on to do their job.

I went upstairs and looked out the window where the sun was shining brilliantly. I felt like I had been asleep for years. I heard water running in the bathroom. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:30 a.m. and my mother was in the bathroom getting washed up to start the day and she had needs to be taken care of.

I went back downstairs feeling quite naked and undressed for work. A woman brought me a beautiful heavy brocade, multicolored robe to put on that one of her ancestors had worn. It was really heavy but when I put it on, it fit perfectly like it was made for me, and it felt wonderful to wear it.

Three women came up to me. One of them was black. They began to sing a song about God and how God had said he would provide a wagon for every task that needed doing. In my mind I knew that I had had a dream earlier in the night about a wagon my children had brought me full of books and I knew that if I looked in the Concordance to the Bible I'd find the answers to my dreams in that way because the symbolism was in the Bible.

I took the black woman by the hand, and she in turn took the hand of the next woman, and that woman in turn took the hand of the next woman. They continued singing about God, and I led them to the next room where my baby was being cared for.

I went into the room where my baby was and asked for the baby. The woman caring for the baby had him wrapped in a black towel. I took the baby from her to hold him. She started to hand me all kinds of other things to care for him, a pink diaper bag and hundreds of bottles of formula. I said, "No! You can keep all those things and throw away all the old formula, I will be feeding the baby from my own breast and nurse him back to health.

I told the singers to stand there and keep singing their songs and carried the baby with me to the kitchen where people were lining up to be fed.

There were workers appearing now also, and I gave each one a small task to do and overall the first step towards feeding the people would get done.

I heard a lion roar out the window and saw a magnificent lion roaring, sensing danger over the hill which was quite near. I knew there wasn't much time to get done what had to be done because something was on the other side of that hill coming towards us that we needed to be prepared for.

A man came and asked me for help. He said he needed a train engine to perform a particular task. I told him that all the trains we had were too old for the task, but I'd get him a new modern engine to handle the job.

At that moment, I knew why I had spent the last 11 years learning how to problem solve, because no matter what the problem was, I knew how to find the solution to it. I asked the man to bring me the yellow pages from the phone book, intending to find a train engine manufacturer, to make a new engine for the man.

Then I asked another person where the light switch was for the hotel and I went over and pushed the button and all the lights came on. We were now ready to start the day's work.



10-26-97 - DREAM - I was at a small school where we were going to be rehearsing for a stage play. One of the other people was a beautiful black woman. While we were changing clothes to put costumes on,s he kept admiring my breasts and telling me how beautiful they were. I thanked her. Her own weren't bad, just not quite so big. She went on and on about my beautiful breasts and I started to get an odd feeling that she meant to do me harm because of it. Finally, it became clear that she meant to kill me. I grabbed her purse and a small silver knife fell out of it. I picked up the knife and said I would hold it until the play was over.

My Mother and daughter came to be in the play too. I intended to go home with them. All of a sudden, a huge wind came up, like a hurricane, only stronger, and knocked all three of them down unconscious. I went over to the black woman to see if she was dead. Then I jumped up and down on her body a few times to make sure.

I went to the office to call 911 but the phone was dead. Then my Mother and daughter came back to consciousness and we went home.


10-30-97 - DREAM - I was getting ready for work and a series of people came through my apartment. A man named _____? came and hugged me. I had promised to marry him but I didn't love him. I loved someone else and wanted to marry that man but there were no promises between us (Joe). So, I knew it was better that I be alone (Gag):-) rather than marry someone I didn't love.

I went to work then, and came across a car with three old women in it. The car was perched on top of a rock pile of steps and the back wheels were hanging off into the air precariously. The women were trying to get out of the car without making the car fall off the rock steps. I asked them if they had called a two truck and they said, "Yes!"

I went into the office and the box came in and went into his office but I didn't see him. I was cleaning out cabinets and drawers because nothing fit where it had been. I took the cover off a box of envelopes to see if it would fit better. Meanwhile, I was hearing a male voice in my right ear giving me instructions, but I couldn't quite understand him. My immediate boss, Mr. Reich, came in and commented that it was good that I knew how to keep busy when the boss was in the office.

I opened another cabinet to see if there was room for the envelopes but the cabinet was full of musical piano rolls, all pre-programmed to play. On the floor to my right was a pile of pennies and other things I had to find the proper place to put them.


10-30-97 - DREAM - I went to a movie theatre on Teutonia Ave. and sat in the audience. In the seat ahead of me sat three fat women, each one sitting on the other's lap. The one on the top was "Roseanne (she called herself a 'domestic goddess') on her comedy show.

While I was there, I assisted people to find people who didn't want to be seen there and were hiding out. I met a man there and kidded with each other about feeling guilty for making other people face up to who they really were.

While I was with this man, I saw a bill that I had to pay extra for using Cute Ftp. (I'll have to check on this)


12-10-97 - VISION - I saw a symbol like a crop circle with a circle with 3 arms. They told me I was part of a trinity which made me part of the spiritual, dream, physical connection.

NOTE: On 2-21-98, we received a crop circle magazine in the mail, and lo and behold we saw this pattern which so resembled by dream. I had NOT known of it's existence prior to this. It had been discovered on Aug. 5, 1997. Here are the details of it:

DETAILS: This circle with three arms appeared in a field of ripe wheat in the field next to the 1995 double ringed circle in rape (Sx 1995/001) All crop was laid clockwise or away from the centre. Some stalks noticeably around the edge, were laid in the opposite direction, much like the Newhaven formation. A bowl-like depression was observed in the centre of rotation, a common occurrence often noticed in Sussex formations and not indicative of being man-made. Short, green barley stems growing within the formation were still standing upright. Although the pattern had been present for several days and was clearly visible from the road, it wasn't reported until one day before harvest. The full survey was carried out on what remained two days later.


7-5-98 - 12:10 a.m. DREAM - I was visiting someone. There was a piano there with a thick beige book on the music rack. The music was in the last 1/4 of the book an was written in all whole notes, played very slowly, with long sounding notes. The piano reverberated the notes and it sounded like an organ.

When I had finished played, I closed the book. Some girls came in then and wanted to know if I knew how to play. I said, "Yes!" and they said they wanted to hear me play something.

At first I hit a very discordant chord, but then I found the music in the book and I again was able to play the piano like an organ again.

I then went out in the lobby and sat on the couch waiting for Joe to come back from somewhere. While I was sitting there, I had a long tube which was see-thru but hollow. I was pushing this long, long tube farther and farther down my throat which made the tube go down the circuit to the other end of my computer circuit where the sound and information came from. In the office where the computer was, 3 women were working there. They saw the tube come out at the other end of the computer. One woman said to the tube,"Hello Dolores!" The sound echoed in my head really loud. Then the other two women saw the tube and they all three started saying, "Hello Dolores! Hello Dolores!" and their voices echoed in my head. It was so loud, I couldn't stand having all three women talking at the same time, so I started pulling the tube back out of my mouth and it was coiling up on the floor in front of me It was just too much sound for me to handle.

There was a young man, dressed in a light brown suit sitting on the couch next to me. He struck up a conversation. I told him the story of the tube going to the computer and the too loud sounds like it belonged to someone else. I was too embarrassed to tell him it was me.

It was time to leave there and it seemed this was a place where you had to be over 55 to live there. There were a lot of people sitting around, including the manager who said she had just come back from vacation. She said she didn't want to work anymore and wanted to be on permanent vacation. In my mind I was thinking that I hoped she would quit because then I could apply for her job.

The people were talking about their rent was going to go up when their leases ran out. One man had his wife sitting with him and she had a job at which she had gotten a 10 cent an hour wage increase. He wanted to know if he rent would go up. I told him that their total financial picture would be re-evaluated when their Lease was up and their rent might indeed go up.

Another woman who was a nurse said that her wage-increase had been 10 cents an hour and wanted to know if her rent would go up. I gae her the same advice, that her financial situation would be evaluated when her Lease was up and her rent might indeed go up.

When we were leaving and going down the stairs to the door, I could hear an old woman bitching how she never gets to go anywhere. She was bellyaching and bellyaching that she never go to go anywhere and this was while she was going down the stairs going somewhere with the rest of her family. We were standing at the bottom of the stairs laughing at her, because she kept complaining that she never got to go anywhere while she was actually going somewhere.

I went to visit my mother and father. My father had had two heart attacks in recent days, but he had forgotten what the pain had felt like and was doing okay and walking around like normal.  

My mother said that the day before, my Father had not come downstairs at all, and she hadn't gone upstairs to feed him either. She had just let hi lay there because he was supposed to come down every day.

I was with my family then. We were visiting a house and it was time for the children to go to bed. Before they could go to bed they had to go to the bathroom. I seemed to be temporarily in charge of this little boy and I could feel that his pants were wet. I took him to the bathroom and opened the door and discovered an older woman was sitting on the toilet going #2. I kind of said, "Oops! Sorry!" but she was done and left the room. I pulled down the pants of this little boy who morphed into a little girl. I held her on the toilet and she did #2. I then took some wipette type things to clean her butt. I got her ready for bed. While I was doing this another woman came into the room and saw me cleaning the little girl's butt. I was hoping that the woman didn't think I had done something naughty with the little girl just because I had wiped her butt in getting her cleaned up for bed.

We went to the opposite side of the same house where I and my children were climbing this huge ornate and plush carpeted stairway. It was a stairway that curved up to the right. The carpet on the stairs was royal blue. The steps were not even, some treads were narrower than others. It was difficult climbing the stairs. We were more or less crawling up the stairs using our hands as well as our feet like climbing a mountain. Someone made the comment that only my children had the right to go up that stairway because they were of the right bloodline. Their cousins wouldn't be allowed to go up there because they didn't have the right mother.

When we got to the top of the stairs, it was very plush and ornate, persian tye carpeting, very thick and rich, and the rooms were huge. Someone commented that there were 60 rooms up there and I was hoping we'd get to see them all.

I came to a young girl about age 2 who seemed to be my daughter. She was sitting there spitting out a piece of candy. She had wanted to eat one that was shaped like a peanut and actually had peanut butter inside of it; and the one she had put in her mouth was just solid candy with NO peanut butter in it.

Later, I was with this same girl. She was driving a car and I was the passenger. (She was a young adult now) We were driving north on Teutonia Ave. She wanted to know how to spell the word 'peanut'. We were driving past a string of restaurants with other words like PIZZA, PITA BREAD, but I knew there was one with the word 'peanut' but we had driven past too fast. I told her to go around the block and I'd show her the sign that said the word "peanut." T

This neighborhood was very dark and I was afraid that something might happen, but she drove with confidence. We made a left turn onto Center St. We couldn't go around the block because 14th St. was a one way street going north. So we proceeded to 15th St. and made a left turn. I told the girl who was driving that my Father lived on 16th St.which was just one block over.

I then noticed that it was no longer dark but bright and sunny. The street was newly paved and there was a bridge ahead we had to cross.

We had to stop dead in our tracks though because in the center of the bridge were two young men, beating each other over the head with hockey sticks. They must have been from opposite teams because one was dressed in red and one dressed in blue.

We were too scared to go past them, so we turned around to go back. Our car had morphed into two secretarial chairs with wheels on the 4 legs. Behind us though, was a trio of hockey players with sticks, all dressed alike, but there were two boys and a girl between them.

We were scared because we didn't have any sticks to defend ourselves with.  

I turned and looked back at the first two hockey players who were not standing arm in arm in the middle of the bridge.

I turned the other way and saw the trio of hockey players advance towards us in perfect unison, they skated in a line with their bodies moving in a curving S shape as their feet rolled across the pavement towards us.

I thought our best defense was to just stare at them in the eyes and as I did, I saw a reflection of myself but it was like it was a face from a different lifetime because the shape of the nose was different, straight and not sloped like mine is now and the hair was darker. The trio of hockey players and we two, my daughter and I, kind of slid past each other until they were on the bridge and we were back on Center St.

I wondered if these young hockey players had come across the river from the East side, and what their purpose was for coming across the river.

7-5-98 - VISION I then saw three old white haired ladies, standing in a corn field. The third one in moved to the end place. They wore old fashioned dresses.


8-18-98 - DREAM - I worked in a very large company. It was owned by a very rich powerful family. In my office were 3 wonderful computers One of the men showed me how to access special channels both on audio and video that no one else could get besides being able to do regular work. You could also play video films on these computers. There were various channels on these channels on these computers as well. One button was called FIND, and you push in that button plus one of the channels which were 777, family, sports, and four others I can't remember.

Joe, the maintenance man, asked me to print out some maps from the sports channels on boxing matches. There was one for each button below the sports channel. It appeared there were 12 levels. I started printing them out. Some were just one page, some were multiple pages except the bottom most one which didn't seem to have on programmed for it yet.

I began doing that when 2 women came in, one older and one younger. The older one, a grandmotherly type wanted to see a particular program on the computer. I attempted to access it for her without letting her know I was printing out the instructions for Joe. I suggested we try the family channel and showed her how to press FIND, and then the channel one wanted but we couldn't find what she wanted. I suggested it was probably on video but we didn't have that one handy, so the two women began to leave. I knew they were deposing the old woman. This almost seemed like a strictly structured family and when the younger woman wanted to take the leadership role, the old one had to be put away.

I didn't like knowing this information, but I was caught up in the drama of it non-the-less. what the younger woman didn't know was that the men in the family planned to depose the younger woman too and replace her with ME, because one of the 3 powerful brothers had a crush on me.

The old woman was deposed first in the huge basement of this building. I knew what was going on and had high anxiety over it, but had to do what I had to do and not give away the fact that I 'knew' at the same time. I also felt the need to 'cover up' what was going on at the same time.

I went down into the basement not to find the body of the old woman but to help hid the fact that she was deposed and began turning off lights in the various rooms so on one could see in.

The man who had done the deposing was there as well, and I went around turning off the lights while he went around doing what he had to do to distract others from knowing what he had just done.

The three powerful brothers had each a beautiful wife. The brothers were tall like 6'6" or so, dark haired, and muscular, and the wives were all tall and blonde like Joan Lunden, Princess Diana, and one other I didn't see.

The one who was married to the Joan Lunden type had a crush on me. All of the brothers knew this but the wives didn't.

Now that the old woman was deposed, the Joan Lunden type one had to do all her work and she was trying to get water delivered to her three houses which they owned, one of which was at 1919 W. Marina. I couldn't imagine how she kept three homes clean and running well, but that was her job.

While she was on the phone, I went to deliver the printed out sheets to Joe and was more or less waylayed by one of the three brothers. He had a crush on me and wanted to fool around with me and depose his wife and replace her with me.

At this point, I was naked from the waist up and when I went to the room where the three brothers were, I had to excuse my state of undress as I seemed to surprise them of my presence.

They understood then what was going on and helped the brother I was going to be with, but didn't say anything outwardly.

At the same time, I was trying to go home and avoid being a party to this double triad of people in this family, because I knew eventually, as powerful as these men were, I'd eventually have to be deposed as well.

The brother I was with was ushering me through the 1st floor hallway to take me to one of the homes. as we were walking through the hallway, I saw one of the other brothers usher his wife quickly into an elevator to take her upstairs so she wouldn't be aware of what was going on.

We came to another set of elevators on the other side of the hallway where only black people were using it. They had so many people in the elevator, they couldn't get the doors closed. So we helped push them farther onto the elevator so they could get the door closed and go upstairs.

We went farther along the hallway towards the back of the building and came to a place where there was a huge square blonde oak platform built on the floor and there were 12 men sitting on it. They seemed like regular men and their wives sat alongside the platform taking care of the little children. The men were sitting around doing the planning of what they were going to do while the women watched and cared for the children.

The people were all in the way so we couldn't pass through the corridor and the men didn't move to make way for us either, so the brother I was with challenged these men to a fight.

In a booming voice he said to them, "I'll take you all on one by one. The men looked excited to do this, like they expected to win over this tall man who was challenging them.

So, I helped clear the platform of all the men so the battle could begin, then I helped the women and children to leave so they wouldn't have to watch the battle.

I felt at this point like I was actually going to escape my still dreaded fate, but as we went around the corner to the back hallway, one of the women asked me if I would take care of her children. She said, "Nicholas really likes you." I had to say, "Yes!" I didn't feel I could refuse to take care of her little son and his smaller sister, but at the same time, I felt trapped and there was no escaping what was going to happen.


4-8-98 - DREAM - I was living in a house on the east side of town. Three women slept on one side of the hall and three men slept on the other side of the hall. The women were Barbara Bertinelli, Pat (my friend) and a tall regal looking woman who was my mother. She looked like a cross between Princess Diana and Princess Grace.

The man was Jack from One Life to Live, my husband Jim and I think E.R. but it probably was someone younger.

Our children lived in another house at 121 Robbins not far away.

It was 7:45 am. or quarter to 8. We were all going to be late for work because we didn't get up early enough.

I was looking for slacks to wear but the only ones there were 7 or 8 pair of brown and blue slacks laid out on a bench, each with a belt in the waistband.

Barbara Bertinelli came across the hall where I was and asked if anyone wanted her hair rollers and fingernail polish. The rollers were all yellow and held together by strands of long dark hair.

There were what looked like three rows of 4 rollers. I took them and placed them and placed them on top of a small brown book which was on top of a blue suitcase which was on the floor.

There appeared a big German Shepherd dog in a gateway between the rooms. He was like a guard dog. He did not belong to me. He came down into the room with us. When I put the rollers down on the book, Barbara questioned the wisdom of that, but I told her that I didn't have any dogs or children to disturb it.

The man I haven't identified said that there was a dog and a puppy in the house but he was giving it to the children.


5-8-98 - VISION/VOICE - I heard the words, "Politics from Heaven" A female asked, "Are you a minister?" Then I saw three white goddesses dressed in white lace and pearls with silver crowns upon their heads.


9-19-98 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. My picture was hung on the wall where the clock used to hang. when my sister was born, she had her picture hung next to mine. As the years went by, our pictures looked more and more alike because of the family resemblance. Later still, our cousins so-called picture was added. Now, we didn't really have faces, just outlines of ourselves that were so much alike, I felt rather strange to see the resemblance between the three of us. By the time so-called pictures of two more relatives were added to the collection hanging on the wall, we couldn't event tell who was who anymore. Then as more and more relatives were added, we didn't even have pictures or names anymore just chemical symbols more or less, but with just one or two letters different, because we were so alike we could just barely tell each other apart anymore, we didn't even get our pictures hung up, out letter symbols were just listed on a piece of paper. By then, I was feeling very distressed, we hardly were unique individuals anymore.


9-27-98 - DREAM - I was at home and wanted to go to the mall. For some reason I took my motorcycle. (Oh! yeah! They took my car away from me yesterday! :-) ) I got out on the highway and a truck pulled out in front of me with three girls in the back, standing up. They were out of control and came to a fast stop up ahead of me and all three girls fell out of the truck onto the highway. Two of the girls managed to scramble to their feet and get out of the way of traffic, but the third one (a blonde) wasn't so lucky and must have hit her head and was unconscious on the road. The guy who had been driving dragged her off the highway by the arm.

I looked up to check the light to see if it was red or green as traffic got moving again. My motorcycle wasn't acting right and then I realized I now had my foot on the gas at the same time I had the brake on. That felt stupid. Again I checked the light to see if it was red or green. I saw again that it was green. There was a huge intersection ahead of me with roads going in many different directions. I didn't know which road to take and my motorcycle wasn't acting right, so I pulled over across the street to where there was a mall and stood with my motorcycle in the street. I could see I was going to be in the way where I was because I was in the bus lane where they picked people up. I was pushing the motorcycle up hill at this point and it was hard but I had to figure out which way to go.

I turned the motorcycle around and tried to figure out which road to take to go back home because this was a divided highway and the roads went every which way. From my vantage point I could see a way to go around the block to the left and go back home and thought I would do that. So, I got astride the motorcycle to go again. The motorcycle was angled down toward the front at a strange angle. When I took a good look at it, I could see the front tire had a big hole blown in it which must have happened when I had to stop fast when I tried to avoid hitting the girls that fell out of the truck.

Now I didn't have any choice, I had to push my motorcycle all the way home against traffic. I made sure I wasn't in anyone's way and saw I was far enough off the road so I wasn't in anyone's traffic lane. It was a long walk, uphill all the way, and pushing my motorcycle all the way home.


10-5-98 - DREAM - The scene started on 16th St. and changed mid-dream to like Jackson St. apartments but the building was not like reality.

On 16th St. I needed to go up to Center St. and get my mail at a post office box on the street. To do that, I had to take a computer gadget with me that was quite large like the UPS guys use where they punch in some number and a lazer beam scans the item's numbers sticker before they deliver it.

I had just gone outside and the regular mailman arrived with regular mail, so I took that mail and went back into the house with it, then started out again up the street.

I was about half way up the block when friend of mine was coming towards me going in the other direction. (I'm calling her Alyse/Donna but I know it is something else I can't remember. After the dream was over I recalled that this is the same woman who jumped off the 3rd floor balcony in real life at my Jackson St. apartment building to commit suicide and I had held her hand while we waited for the ambulance. She had broken both ankles and both arms in the fall, but was otherwise uninjured. While she was in the hospital from her injuries and getting her mind back to thinking more clearly, we had moved her stuff to a first floor apartment so she couldn't do such a thing again.)  (Her name was Linda)

She was walking along quite fast and she tripped and fell. She didn't cry out at all, but it was obvious she broke her leg. She got back up and tried to walk but it was too painful. I examined her leg closely. Her right leg was bent sideways at an odd angle right above the ankle. It was turning blue at one point and was already swollen. We were too far from her apartment to walk her all the way there, and I didn't want to leave her laying on the lawn either. So, I helped her to her feet and she hobbled back to my building and we stopped in a tiny room at the back of my apartment building. (We were now on Jackson St.)

There was tiny cubicle of a room. She sat on the floor and I planned to go get a rolling chair from my apartment and bring it back, roll her to where my car was parked, stash the chair in the trunk of my car, drive her around the block to her apartment, and roll her back upstairs on the rolling chair so she could decide if she wanted to call the ambulance or not.  

It was getting chilly outside, so we traded her pink bathrobe for a white blanket that was there. I covered her with the white blanket and I put on her pink bathrobe. She curled up in a corner and I told her not to worry, I would come back for her.

That was easier said than done. When I got to my building's front door, it had changed. When I opened the front door, there were a series of 5 brown screen doors inside that slid sideways. Another woman had to show me how they worked. Inside the lobby, it was very dark until my eyes got used to the light. Inside the carpet was green with a colorful pattern on it. (like a Persian carpet) While I waited for the elevator, an older tenant came tumbling along the hallway, actually doing tumbling rolls and lips and ended up doing a backflip off of a bench and landed on his feet right next to me. He planted a kiss on my lips and from the look in his eyes, I knew he'd behave himself because he looked like he adored me. He had a reddish personage, reddish skin, ruddy skin. I can't remember what color clothes he wore, but I'd describe him as 'puckish' like a jester.

On the way to my apartment upstairs after I got off the elevator, I met numerous people with needs. Three old ladies came looking for along fluorescent light tubes. They said it was quite dim where they were. I sent them to the maintenance room across the hall that was divided into three sections. I directed them to the correct section which was brightly lit, whereupon they were prevented from entering by Jim, my assistant (he was from my New Berlin complex, not Jackson St.) Two other ladies came along who had just moved in and I asked them which apartments they had moved into so I could mark them off on my sheet. I went into my apartment to get the rolling chair and when I did, I got a vision of my friends vital signs like the ambulance had already arrived and as the vital signs came up on the screen, her ankles were called Mars Mars!


10-11-98 - DREAM - I was seeing several e-mails on a computer and it seemed it was a series of arguments about various subjects, but I was seeing only the titles of the arguments and not the arguments themselves.Then it got to the bottom and it said, 'STOP MAIL' STOP MAIL'.

I then went outside and the whole air was dark brown. I thought that was really strange so I looked up into the sky and saw a full, complete, total eclipse of the the sun. The sun was very small, so the moon covering it looked even smaller. I could see the golden corona of the sun around the moon which looked like a round dot.

Then suddenly, it looked like the sun exploded and dozens of small 5 pointed golden stars flew out of the sun in every direction.

I said, "Oh my God! The sun is exploding!" But after the stars flew out of the sun, the sun, still in full eclipse was still there.

I called it to everyone's attention who was nearby and then went back into the building.

My apartment was full of people. Everyone I've known in the last 20 years was there and lots of children I didn't know. Everyone was standing around talking and it had a party atmosphere.

An insurance agent of some kind came in and said he needed to see me. He showed me a sheet of paper with brown writing on it. It was the verbatim arguments of three women of which I was one of them according to him. I saw the names of the other two women and as I recall they were psychic-type women.

According to the insurance guy, I was determined the victor of the argument and as the one who was vindicated, I was being given an award.

He handed me a tall grey metal box that was very thin but wide and I opened it and it was an apartment key box with all the keys hanging on pegs inside. I thanked him and noticed that on the very bottom of this box were two extra keys and padlocks. They were very small less than an inch long. I asked what they were for. He told me they were for the two storage rooms in the basement that the outside contractors used for themselves that no one else had access to. He said that I may as well avail myself of the material there rather than use my own.

I was really pleased with that, so I went downstairs and opened the door. Inside, it was like a grocery store, not that there was a lot of stuff, but what was there was BIG, and on top was the biggest bottles of yellow mustard and red ketchup I've ever seen.

I went back upstairs where the children were getting out of hand. All the kids were in the bedroom on top of the bed and they were trying to do every thing all in the same space. Some were trying to get their homework done, some were trying to build things with legos, some were playing with dolls and some were searching through a big mess of toys trying to decide what to play with.

So, I had to separate the children depending on what task they were doing. The ones who needed to finish their homework were moved out to a white counter in another room, and the other children were moved to different areas depending on what they were doing.

Then I went back to where the older teens and the adults were still chatting and our grandson Ethan came in singing a little song, "Jesus loves me and I let him in." It had a 3rd line which I can't recall, but I asked him if he would sing it to the whole group. At this point I called him Bill and told the group that Bill wanted to sing for them. I picked Ethan up so he was at their level and everyone gathered around and Ethan sang his little song,"Jesus loves me and I let him in," plus the 3rd line I can't remember.

The instant he stopped singing, one of the women in the group whom I knew well, began to pass out what looked like menus and I thought it was for a pizza place. Then she sat down in front of the windows. She was blonde with curly, shoulder length hair, wore a peach colored dress and peach colored lipstick to match. As the sun streamed in the window behind her, she literally glowed with a translucent quality, that surprised even me. She began to tell the women that she had set up a shop at a place that looked like HALL on the sheet but she said Pizzaro where they could learn to look like her, and I woke up.


10-26-98 - DREAM - I seemed to be in a school of some type, one where I lived as well as learned, one where I also taught people and children younger than me.

There was work going on out in the yard and our laundry was hanging on the lines, large items like sheets and blankets. The workmen need the space to work in and shoved out laundry aside, but there was still a white bed coverlet that needed to go out on the line. It was folded in quarters when I found it laying on the ground between two buildings. I had to think about how to hang it up because I had no clothespin so I hung it over the line with half on each side and knew I would have to watch it so the wind wound't blow it away. I sat in the livingroom watching the shadow of the sheet on the wall, blowing in the wind outside in the sunlight.

As I sat there, I saw a little orange kitten come out from under a large livingroom chair. As I watched, 5 more came out, one at a time until there were 6, and then the mother appeared to care for them.

As soon as the cat and the kittens were walking into the next room of the house, a baby golden lion cub came tumbling out from under the same chair I knew it was a lion cub rather than an ordinary cat because of his rounded ears and he was chubbier.

As I watched, another golden lion cub appeared one by one until there were 6. They were very small but I knew they grew to adult size in two months and I knew the mother lion would appear in a moment to care for them in her way.

I noticed then that school was done for the day. I walked out into the lobby and saw  some hand drawn pictures done by the students, hanging on the wall up by the ceiling.

I went outside and saw the students going every which direction to go home. But there were 3 boys who looked like brothers who stood closely together and they were waiting for a bus. I saw them originally standing on the main street on the other side of the intersection, but no bus came, so they came over towards where I was standing to wait for a bus.

A huge, oversized - silver bus came along and pulled up to the curb where I stood. He opened the door and waited for the 3 boys to get on. But the boys were hesitant to get on the bus by themselves and I walked over to help them. The bus driver got off the bus to help too and I told him that the boys shouldn't get on the bus without their parents.

While we were standing there, the bus driver came over to talk to me until the boys parents showed up. We went back into the building then and I was telling the bus driver the story of the 3 gods, then of the kittens, followed by the lions. The bus driver was so enthralled by the story, he kept getting closer and closer to me. It wasn't until then I noticed how huge this guy was ad that he was wearing a red and white striped polo shirt instead of a green bus driver's uniform. I got concerned about the bus and said, "Don't you have a bus to drive?" He got closer to me and said, "I'm just a student!" I was very uncomfortable having him be that close and expected him to go back out and drive the bus.

Meanwhile, I walked back into my livingroom. There, on a table were three packets of jewelry belonging to three young girls. They didn't seem to be interested in having the jewels once they got them and just let them lay around on the table. So, I began to put the jewelry back into the cases into the pockets where they belonged. I decided I would keep them myself if the girls didn't come back to get them.


11-1-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were living in a rented house out in the country. We didn't know it, but the landlord was selling the property and the Real Estate lady came over to discuss the deal with a guy who wanted it. He had obviously lived in the house before because he had a key to it. I started getting all upset because the man was going in and out of the house leaving his junk behind and dumping trash in the yard. I begged Joe to do something and ask the guy for the key, but Joe said to just ignore it. There were 30 days to move even if he bought the house and the deal wasn't even sealed yet because in the other room 7 black women were waiting to put in a bid on the house. I went into the room with them because I would much rather have them own the house than the mean man, but when they all got out their credit cards and wallets they didn't have enough credit or cash to buy the house. They wanted the house really bad though so I left them to figure out their finances and went back into the other room where 3 guys sitting on tall stools were in the middle of the room with the Real Estate lady.

The Real Estate lady introduced me to the 3 men and we stood in the room and put our heads together in a circle and exchanged loving energies. But, the Real Estate lady saw another couple in the corner. The girl was sitting on a chair right in the corner. She had dark hair and a huge dark eyebrows and no makeup.

I introduced the 3 men to her. I told them that she was the Queen of Oklahoma. They immediately surround her and put their heads together in a loving circle. However, I knew what they were up to. All the cared about was that she was a celebrity. She wasn't at all pretty, but she had a title.

I had been hired to do a mailing...stuffing envelopes. Three women came with the stuff...the envelopes and inserts. There were 2000 of them and they wanted them done by 8:00 a.m. they said they wanted people to 'have a choice'.

In the closet, up on a shelf, one woman found all the envelopes and some inserts. She said that if I ran out of inserts I could get them at the office downtown, and I wouldn't get paid until I turned in all the receipts at the bank across the street from the office. Again they reminded me that it had to be done by 8:00a.. in the morning.

Then they brought in some plastic shapes that also had to be stuffed into the envelops. Each envelope had to have a black and white paper brochure, a black plastic insert shape and a white insert shape. I didn't see what the shapes were because they were in rather opaque plastic baggies.

I also saw then that there was a pile of cake decorations for a celebratory cake on the counter and I would have to deliver that as well.

Women were taking samples of the inserts and envelopes and there were only a few left in the box and I knew I was going to have to work all night and then pick up extra at the office to complete the task. It looked pretty hopeless.

8:00 a.m. came so fast, it was hardly a blink of an eye and I was downtown picking up more inserts. I don't know if I did the mailing or if someone else was also working on it, because at 8:00 a.m. sharp, all over the streets, out of the gutters came popping these black plastic shapes out of holes along the street. It was an amazing sight to see.


8-19-99 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. A girl came in with some posters and cards and was showing them to me. They were pretty cool looking.

A man came in, asking for donations of money for a good cause and I came up with a couple handfuls of coins. The man wanted to just take them and I said I wanted to count it so I knew how much we were giving. I started counting dimes, then quarters and the coins turns to small mirrors that were wrapped in brown paper. It seemed that these mirrors were endless and I said, "Why would so many people give mirrors as a gift?"

Then the mirrors turned into small wall plaques, also wrapped in brown paper. (I collect these and hang them on my kitchen wall... they are sort kitchen type prayers)

Then I saw the girl's treasure. She showed me a plaque of three queens with crown on. It was faded by she loved it. All of a sudden she shrieked excitedly and said, "Look what someone gave me."  She showed me the identical picture on an identical plaque with the three queens with crowns in full living color.

I then wondered if she would mind if I kept the faded one, because I would treasure it like she had.

I then had to go back to work and twice I discovered two couples having illicit romances in my office closet. I told them I wasn't peeking, but the man got mad. He said, "Why don't you tell people which apartments are empty so we can just walk in and use them?"

(Three reasons: Stuff gets stolen and people use them for illicit romance and bums and drunks sleep in them. )

In my mind I was thinking that 14 and 16 were empty and he lived in 15. I was thinking, but not telling him an answer.

Then the girl who had showed me the three queens came back and showed me her new treasures, . . . paintings had been done by a male artist friend.  And while I was watching the paintings, I was hearing love songs playing. The last one was two eyes with tears coming down and a pair of red lips below them, and it instantly changed into a scene of an Native American Indian brave, naked from the waist up, with doe skin long pants. He was sitting cross legged on the ground.

I saw them and when I saw the third one, I opened my eyes thinking, "What a great idea!"

See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/luv/luvhrts.htm