News of what happened on Earth Day + Earth Day 2000 - To march or to shop? + More excerpts from Daily Grist + Revelation of a Miracle - A True Story + Comment on World Government + Male Sexual Dysfunction Triggered By Aspartame

Date: 04/24/2000 3:58:51 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (jean hudon)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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To find out some news of what happened on Earth Day...

CNN Earth Day * special coverage * and links to dozens of Earth Day stories...

Greenwire has compiled a massive list of links to news and commentary on
Earth Day. The list has been posted at:

See also Earth Day At 30 -- By Donella Meadows posted at:

"Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the
lot of others. . .they send forth a ripple of hope, and crossing each
other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those
ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of
oppression and resistance."

- Robert F. Kennedy

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Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D."
Subject: New Healing Our World: Earth Day 2000 - To march or to shop?

Hello all,

What does the first Earth Day of the new millennium bring? Fossil fuels still produce most of our energy. Coal is still used to generate 55 percent of our electricity. Toxic wastes fill our oceans and protective legislation is slow and lacks enforcement. What happened to the grand
expectations we had at the first Earth Day, 30 years ago?

Visit this week's Healing Our World commentary on the Environment News Service, hosted by LYCOS at Also, look for
many other special Earth Day features on the ENS site.

I wish you peace as you ponder what direction we should take in this new millennia.

Happy Earth Day.

Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.

P.S. Watch soon for the release of my book, "Healing Our World: A journey from the darkness into the light," a collection of Healing Our World commentaries from the last two years.

Author of "Healing Our World," a weekly column of opinion on the Environment News Service, available on the LYCOS Search Engine and Internet Guide at

Visit Jackie's website on teaching, activism and an archive of over 100 of his articles at

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Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000
From: Grist Magazine
Subject: DAILY GRIST, April 17, 2000


Posed against a scenic background of giant sequoias in California's Sierra Nevada, President Clinton on Saturday designated the nation's newest national monument. Commercial logging, mining, and some recreational activities will be banned in the 328,000-acre Grand Sequoia National Monument, which encompasses 34 groves of the ancient, giant trees. Acting under the 1906 Antiquities Act, which allows presidents to create national monuments without congressional approval, Clinton has now protected more than 3 million acres of federal land. Green groups are pressing him to create additional national monuments in New Mexico and Idaho.

straight to the source: San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner, Associated Press, Terence Hunt, 04.15.00

straight to the source: Albuquerque Journal, Tania Soussan, 04.15.00

straight to the source: Spokane Spokesman-Review, Associated Press, 04.15.00


Thousands of enviros and other demonstrators hit the streets of Washington, D.C., this weekend to protest corporate globalization, hoping to build on the momentum of last year's demonstrations in Seattle against the World Trade Organization. They have been thwarted in their efforts to shut down meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank by police in full riot gear who have been using pepper spray, smoke canisters, and nightsticks. Even before the big demonstrations began, police shut down the protestors' headquarters on Saturday, closed off a large area downtown, and arrested some 600 peaceful demonstrators. Many enviros denounce the World Bank's financing of oil, gas, mining, and other destructive projects, including a 650-mile-long oil pipeline project in Chad and Cameroon and a development project on the fringes of Tibet.

straight to the source: Washington Post, David Montgomery, 04.17.00

the latest protest news from the Washington Post:

the word from the protestors at the Mobilization for Global Justice site:

read it in Grist Magazine: Bill McKibben on the Battle in Seattle


Enviros and human rights activists are celebrating after Russia's Supreme Court yesterday upheld a lower court's acquittal of anti-nuclear activist Alexander Nikitin, who had been accused of revealing state secrets while working with a Norwegian environmental group. Nikitin, a former navy captain, was arrested in 1996 for writing a report about Soviet nuclear
submarine accidents and the dumping of nuclear waste in the Arctic Sea from 1965 to 1989. He was imprisoned for 10 months, then released on condition that he not leave the country. The Supreme Court criticized prosecutors for trying to convict Nikitin on the basis of secret laws that did not even exist when he was first arrested. Enviros and human rights groups warn that Russia is continuing to persecute other green activists.

straight to the source: Planet Ark, Reuters, 04.18.00

straight to the source: Toronto Globe and Mail, Geoffrey York, 04.18.00

In a victory for conservation groups, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe yesterday withdrew controversial proposals to expand international trade in ivory. In a compromise deal reached at a meeting of the U.N. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, delegates agreed that ivory sales will be delayed for at least two years, until a monitoring system can be put in place to prevent poaching. The southern African
nations want to sell stockpiles of ivory and use part of the proceeds to fund elephant conservation programs. But Kenya and India argue that any ivory sales lead to increases in elephant poaching.

straight to the source: BBC News, 04.17.00

straight to the source: MSNBC, Stefan Lovgren, 04.17.00

Yup, global warming is happening and humans seem to be to blame, according to an early draft of a long-awaited report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This new preliminary analysis by the IPCC, an international collaboration of top scientists sponsored by the U.N. and the World Meteorological Organization, comes to the same basic conclusions as the IPCC's last major report in 1995, which found that "the balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate." The new draft report predicts that the Earth's surface will likely warm between 2 and 9 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century, and that the warming we've already seen is "exceptional and unlikely to be solely natural in

straight to the source: Washington Post, Curt Suplee, 04.18.00

brush up on your climate change facts in Grist: Heat Beat

AND FROM April 19, 2000
News summaries from GRIST MAGAZINE


Friends of the Earth, which created a stir by endorsing Bill Bradley over Al Gore in the Democratic presidential primary, may shun Gore again in thegeneral election and give its backing to Green Party candidate Ralph Nader. FOE President Brent Blackwelder said yesterday that the group has been talking to Nader's staff. Meanwhile, Nader is mounting what he says is a real presidential campaign, in contrast to his half-hearted run in 1996. This goal is not to win, but to get more than 5 percent of the vote, which would qualify the Green Party for millions in federal campaign matching funds for future elections. A recent poll by the Zogby Group showed Nader getting 5 percent of the vote, more than the 3 percent support for Patrick Buchanan, the likely Reform Party nominee.

straight to the source: Planet Ark, Reuters, Thomas Ferraro, 04.19.00

straight to the source: New York Times, James Dao, 04.15.00

To subscribe to DAILY GRIST, go at or send a blank email message to

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NOTE FROM JEAN: I received this beautiful story below from Paula Peterson who has been (quietly) on this ERN list for quite a while. I never cease to be amazed by the incredible combined resources available through the wonderful people of the Earth Rainbow Network. It is a blessing and an honor to be at the receiving end of so much wisdom and experience in so many fields of life.

Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000
From: Paula Peterson
Subject: ** Revelation - A True Story

In response to a number of requests from readers to share the many unusual experiences throughout my life, I will begin to offer these, from time to time, in story form. Please feel free to respond with comments and/or to share the stories with others as long as the entire story and mailing information remains intact as this is legally copyrighted material . Thank you!


A True Story

Quaking shakes every place in my body as bold vibrations rumble throughout my being. I lay face up on a solid raised surface covered with a glistening fabric that is unfamiliar. What is it and where am I? A soft voice from an unknown source tells that I am in a place that exists far in the future.

Zap! I jerk awake, startled by these words. It's morning and I lay in my own bed now, my body still quaking from this experience. I am not certain what to call this powerful vibration. It's beautiful, strange and bewildering all at the same time. The same soft voice returns and says, "This is the presence and Spirit of God."

What?! This is too incredible to believe.

I roll out of bed and move about while the trembling gradually subsides. I sit down at the kitchen table with a glass of lemon water, my thoughts consumed with this event. While I'm in contemplation, I notice a pesky fly buzzing about.

I finish my drink and on a whim demand, "Okay, God, if that was really your presence I felt this morning, make that fly fall into my glass."

To my astonishment, the fly immediately falls into my empty glass! I stare in astonishment, watching the fly recover, then take off and return to buzzing about the room.

Unable to believe what I just saw, I challenged God once more. "I bet you can't do that again."

In a flash, the fly is back in the empty glass ! Whoa.....this is getting a bit spooky.

Needless to say, this experience dominates my thoughts for days. By the end of the week, I am mysteriously compelled to make a journey to a favorite high valley location in the Sierra Nevada mountains. With earnest speed, I pack my car with camping gear for a two nights stay, then drive east with anticipation.

Having camped alone in the wilderness many times, I look forward to the solitude and deeper contemplation of my "God Experience" in the peace and quite of the splendid high Sierra meadows. At an elevation of over 8,000 feet, this pristine location is a true retreat into the wilds of nature. Few people come to this place because of its remoteness. I love it for
just that reason.

My camp is now set up in a picturesque area next to a cheerfully gurgling brook. With the arrival of night comes an intense cold. Nevertheless, I sleep well in my cozy sleeping bag. I know that Spirit has led me here for a reason although I do not, as yet, know why.

The next morning is delightfully bright with the early rising sun. I quickly dress and prepare myself for an all day hike. The route that I plan to take will eventually lead me to the top of the highest pinnacle of the area's range of mountains at well over 10,000 feet.

I have never taken this journey before, and yet I feel an urgent need to do so. Taking my first step on the well marked trail, I feel my body adjust to the altitude and soon the energy I need to make the trek surges through me.

The well worn mountain path leads me past cheerful wild flowers, twisted ancient pines and icy-cold water falls gushing out from hidden springs deep inside towering granite cliffs.

The ascent becomes steeper and more arduous. I stop occasionally to rest, snack and admire the views. It's a glorious day and I am feeling unusually clear and energetic.

The sun is well overhead as I arrive at a high alpine meadow rich in vibrant greenery and graced with a sliver of a shimmering stream meandering through it. The sky at this altitude deepens into a rich, electric blue, strikingly contrasted by small, wispy white clouds that lazily float along on a light breeze.

All at once, I fall to my knees and sob. I am overwhelmed with the sudden realization that I have been hiking for hours at high altitude, in a continuous uphill climb without becoming tired. This is a revelation and a miracle for me!

I was born in this life with bronchial asthma, debilitating allergies, a frail immune system and a body so weakened from these ailments that doctors declared that I would likely end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. For most of my young adult life I suffered with depression,
emotional instability, hypoglycemia and chronic fatigue. And if that was not enough, my knees would abruptly give out from under me at any time without warning. Considering the state of my health, it came as no surprise to learn that I developed colon cancer as well.

The answers to constant, fervent prayers, came as persistent guidance and motivation to research knowledge about cleansing my body, eating healthier foods, improving my attitude and outlook on life and above all, to build my faith in God/Spirit. Through these practices, I eliminated all of these severe ailments - every last one of them!

And now, to arrive here in this beautiful meadow with more than enough strength and energy for the journey is an experience that I cannot put into words. I am humbled with gratitude. With eyes swimming in tears, I profusely give thanks to Spirit for my healing and increasing contentment in my life. At that moment, I knew that Spirit had more to show to me.

I raise my gaze to study the remaining trek to the pinnacle summit. The rocky peak would not be easy to reach. From the edge of the grassy meadow where I now sit to the base of the pinnacles was nothing but deep, coarse sand: not a solid foot hold anywhere. The ascent from here continues on at an even steeper angle. There is no clear cut trail, no signs of footprints
from previous travelers. The sand tells no tales.

I estimate that it is another thousand feet or so to reach the lofty crags. I say to myself, "Okay, Great Spirit. It's just you and me now."

The closer I get to the summit, the steeper the ascent becomes. With each upward step my foot slides hopelessly in the sand. I can only take about ten steps at a time and then I must rest. Time seems to pass slowly. Chilly gusts of wind blow, pushing and pulling at me. I'm breathing with greater much effort now. I begin to feel foolish for attempting this part of the climb. And yet, I can't give up. Not now. I've come too far to quit.

I persist. However , the incline is now so steep, that I must dig my hands into the sand to keep from falling backwards. The wind is ferocious and it makes breathing as well as climbing increasingly difficult.

My determination and persistence is well rewarded as I finally clasp my hand firmly around a bit of stone that protrudes through the sand. I have reached the summit!

Crawling to the highest pinnacle, I hang onto the side of the massive rock, gasping for breath. After about three minutes, my labored breathing halts and subsides into a curiously calm and stable rhythm. Hoisting myself up, I gaze about me. The view is magnificent!

On this clear, bright day, I can see hundreds of miles in every direction, over the tops of endless mountain ranges, vast valleys, deep canyon rifts and brilliant silver-blue waters. I am astonished that I breathe so calmly after such a strenuous climb.

With just me and Great Spirit here on the mountain, I reverently raise my open arms and eyes to the sky in deepest gratitude. Then I belt out my very best and loudest Tarzan jungle yell while drumming my chest in victory. Why not? Spirit has a great sense of humor!

I feel greatly triumphant with all that I have learned through this awesome experience. The journey up this mountain has become a stunning metaphor for the journey through life. Spirit showed me that regardless of challenging adversities, through determination, perseverance, persistence and faith, all things are possible and miracles are achieved when we totally accept and build our trust in the infinite power of Spirit.

(c) 2000 - by Paula Peterson

PO Box 3395
Santa Cruz, CA 95063 USA
831-454-1440 office
831-475-6335 home

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From: "Rob Wheeler"
Subject: Comment on World Government
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000

Response to Lord Cybereye and Ed Elkin on world government:

Dear Sirs,

I agree with you completely that "world government" is on its way. The question is what will it look like and who will control it. Right now the corporations and wealthy are rapidly increasing and consolidating their control and resources, often to be used for the wrong purposes of continuing to expand profits and control for their own use rather than for the good of the whole.

It is up to all of us to create a world that works for everyone. Thus my dedication and commitment to developing a network of local and regional and the permanent Global Peoples Assembly for which the Inaugural Session was held in Apia, Samoa from April 2-8, 2000.

Results posted at

The problem with the trickle down theory is that it is just that. Some of the wealth trickles down, while a flood of money and control over resources floods up. More than a billion people live in abject poverty, 800 million go to bed hungry every night, 2 billion lack access to clean water, toilets, and the like, and this is only getting worse.

We have all the know-how to create the world as we would like, it is only up to all of us together to do it. Thanks, Rob

Rob Wheeler
MPAN Coordinator

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Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000
Subject: Dysfunction and loss...

This IS a good idea...people need to listen...and 'get it'...EVERYONE (every single person) is at risk from this chemical...directly and indirectly...we are losing family members by dysfunction and early death caused by aspartame...



Over the past six weeks I have received more orders for my "Virility" program than in any similar timeframe.

In the Tucson paper of April 11th, on page A4, there was an article that spoke to this issue. The article was touting a new sexual potency drug Uprima and addressing the more than 30 million impotent men that are not helped by Viagra. Uprima has some unpleasant side effects, the article went on to say, such as "low blood pressure", and a few people testing the drug did fall and hit their heads, but the FDA said:

"There will be some people who will probably lose their lives because they pass out at the top of stairs or are operating a car when they faint", warned the FDA. But what the hay, with a growing, probable market of over 30 million men, just think of the money they will make.

Put together this information with the article I recently took off the and you will get a better picture of why this has become a national issue.

Beginning next week I am going to buy one six pack of diet Coke, or Pepsi, open one can and throw it away and return the other five to the grocery store with this article. If you join with me in doing the same and get a few of your friends to do the same, and if and when a thousand of us do this in a week, the impact will be immediate.

There is no reason not to act to protect yourself and your family from this poison. If you do not do it, who will. If not now when?

Barrie :)>

Male Sexual Dysfunction Triggered By Aspartame (NutraSweet) By James Bowen, MD 719 332-0033

From Betty Martini 2-23-00

Aspartame damages the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus produces gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GRH). The GRH goes down the stalk between the hypothalamus and pituitary and causes the pituitary then to produce gonadotropins. The ganglia goes to the testicles and causes them to produce testosterone. When you're causing hypothalmic destruction with neuroexcitotoxins like NutraSweet you're suppressing the formation of male hormone without which there is no sexual drive or pleasure for either. In original studies aspartame triggered atrophied testes and testicular tumors. It is by this route.

Aspartame destroys the myelin sheaths and when that happens the nerves and sheaths try to regenerate but now the signals can be crossed. So the pleasure receptor of the penis sends the signals but it arrives at the brain at a different receptor and not recognized as pleasure. Also, the ganglia collections of nerve sheaths and cells that are kind of little mini brains that lie inside the thorax and abdomen in front of the spinal cord are important in both sexual arousal, penile tumesence (erection) and in producing orgasm. The methyl alcohol type of poisoning
from NutraSweet is the foremost known cause of degeneration of the sheaths and the ganglia. Also methyl alcohol type poisoning is the foremost known cause of antimyelin antibodies , so that thereafter the immune system can carry out similar destructions in the absence of aspartame. Now the excitotory area of the cerebral cortex which allows men to be excited, interested and pleasured by sex atrophies when the testosterone is suppressed. Moreoever, you have an independent neurotoxin generated by the isolated phenylalanine. Anytime you have a neurotoxin making the brain sick sexual pleasure is obliterated because the brain is the
most important sexual organ. You have classic alcohol poisoning and alcoholism and alcohol poisoning is notoriously famous for wiping out the male animal.

Serotonin and dopamine levels are suppressed. With your serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the brain obliterated life becomes one long, dark, hopeless, sleepless, pleasureless night. Turns the goodness of sex into a wistful memory instead of a reality. Pepsi isn't so peppy after all!

Pepsi isn't so peppy after all.

James Bowen, M.D. 1720 North Watts, Portland,
Oregon 97217

Betty Martini,
Mission Possible International

Sexual Dysfunction is listed on the FDA report of 92 symptoms triggered by aspartame from 4 types of seizures to coma and death. Send an empty email to for a map of the 600 pages on aspartame on

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Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000
From: Betty Martini
Subject: Fwd: Recurring health problems after discontinuing aspartame
(Polychemical Sensitivity Syndrome - PCS, James Bowen, M.D.)

Dear Support Groups: I have read in the last few days discussions about aspartame reactions recurring again months after having ceased the toxin, and also with detoxifying and losing weight which you would expect releasing poison. I have mentioned in the past it is common to have a severe reaction should you accidently get the least little bit of NutraSweet or even another toxin. James Bowen, M.D., has discussed this with me on several occasions, and since he called tonight I asked if he would dictate some information on the issue so it could be put on the list for all who have had questions. Also, please keep in mind that aspartame is not an additive, it is a chemical poison. The best way to understand NutraSweet is to think of it as a minute dose of nerve gas that eradicates brain and nerve functions. Below are Dr. Bowen's comments.

"I have come across first hand reports of a lady doctor who had her medical degree revoked because she spoke on the aspartame issue. Even I have been threatened by insiders from the political camp of aspartame that they will get my degree revoked. This brings up a topic of equal magnitude of the aspartame topic and directly related to it, polychemical sensitivity syndrome (PCS) or chemical hypersensitivity. Virtually every doctor who has dealt with this problem has had a large group of highly satisfied patients only to see his career destroyed by medical licensure boards and the medical training establishments. This reflects the sure
knowledge that they are destroying people's health with this problem. The Persian Gulf Syndrome is largely polychemical sensitivity from the massive NutraSweet exposure experienced by our men in combat units in the Persian Gulf. The first investigative reports of the Persian Gulf Syndrome noted these facts, only to be followed by reports that these Persian Gulf victims obviously could not have polychemical sensitivity syndrome because such a thing doesn't exist and nothing medicine was doing for them was helping. Therefore, they must be chronically unhappy people who you couldn't be made happy in any manner. This illustrates the highly significant feature of aspartame poisoning, that it is an extreme hypersensitization agent which is highly reactive with other chemicals, especially toxic ones like the nerve gas and nitrogen mustard gas our troops were exposed to in the gulf when our government tried to destroy the stockpiles of these gases they had previously supplied to Saddam Husseim. This is a very poignant part of the NutraSweet issue because those who had problems with Nutrasweet will now experience recurrences of those same problems when exposed to even the most minute doses of various toxic agents. For example, the government studies of formaldehyde hypersensitivity performed many years ago showed once hypersensitized a person can then react to as little as a billionth of a gram of formaldehyde with a violent health problem of some kind. Back in l983 when NutraSweet was put on the market for pop the allowable amount of formaldehyde in ambient air was 500 parts per billion. Our government has subsequently lowered that tolerance level to 50 parts per billion as an official government environmental standard. Yet, the government defends staunchly the marketing of aspartame which as a formaldehyde poisoning is probably 500 times as potent as straight formaldehyde causing aggravated formaldehyde poisoning in its victims. And yet the amount you would get from a can of pop greatly exceeds what you would get from inhaled air, even by the old more lenient standard. The reason I feel its so importnant to publish this information is that those who have been victimized by aspartame really don't have a good shot at enjoying the health they had before unless they recognize the problem and know how to deal with it."

James Bowen, M.D., 719 332-0033

For more information on aspartame access

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From: "Lainie Cofer"
Subject: Re: Various Subjects and Feedbacks:
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000

after reading this posting, i am, once again, thankful that i "unsubscribed my unsubscribe!!" this was chock full of much-needed info. i am grateful for learning as much as i do from what you post. thank you! just one question: what do i need to know about the maharishi mahesh transendental mediation system? all seemed on a good note til you got to that point. please help me here. thanks. keep up the wonderful service you perform. you are helping to change our world!

in light and love,


Dear Lainie

It is really delightful to hear - once again! - that this networking service can be of assistance and interest to ever more people - indeed more and more people are requesting everyday to be added to this Earth Rainbow Network e-list. Thanks for sharing your gratefulness with me/us all. But remember, I'm merely the compiler here as 99% of the good stuff I network comes from others like you in the great circle of Lightbearers around the Earth.

Now concerning the "problem" I see with Mr. Hagelin's association with the well-known spiritual movement promoting the Transcendental Meditation Technique by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is that despite the wonderful policies he promises to implement if he were to be elected President of the United States and his eloquence in doing so, there is not a chance in a zillion years that the U.S. electorate will ever vote en masse for a candidate so closely associated with a movement created by a guru who has marketed a meditation technique and probably made millions with it. To have any chance of really challenging the political establishment of the U.S., an independant candidate must have a much broader appeal and not be tied in any way with any sectarian organization or "special interest group" as they say. Not that this person would need to repudiate any past close connection with a spiritual movement or religion to be acceptable. But he or she could certainly not still be the Director of an Institute created by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as everyone can see at

Warm regards,