This is the Hebrew word for "Rock of Salvation"

"The Rock" represents the foundation of God's Wisdom operating in the foundations for the 'heavenly Jerusalem' used by the spiritual Masters to transfer physical form into spiritual form, and spiritual form into physical form. On planet Earth, the "Eben Shittiyah" is modeled in stone within the Great Pyramid representing the altar to Jehovah. (Isa. 19:19, 20) which contains the Wisdom codes of the divine plane of "deliverance".


A City cosmos which will be used by the Councils of the Divine Mind to accommodate transitions from the planetary bases of preparation into the complex structure of the cosmos. 'In the present program of the Lord, the 'House of Israel' in the heavens which unfolds to permit different floor levels of energy to control and direct the passage of souls and entities on different radiation frequencies and quanta. The 'triggering gates' necessary for the implanting of a Paradis experiment and the offering up of the "Bride and Bridegroom" as peace makers to other worlds in the passages between the heavens. (Eze. 41, 42, 43) 'A prototype city of the Order of Melchizedek marking a base line on the planet where the interpenetrating cosmic forces of the Brotherhoods can commune in certain planting and harvesting seasons. A model for the ancient city of Melchizedek, Salem, Ursalima, Uru-salim, Jerusalem, etc. In a larger sense, the 'mother city' founded above the world and anchored to the earth by special energies at Yohuallichan, Tlamohuanchan, Tula, Xuchatlapan, etc, in order to teach Man how to develop a 'face' that can speak directly with the "divinities" The home of the beloved of the heavens. (Rev. 3:12, 1 Pet. 2:4, 5, 9; Rev. 14:1-4)