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From: rita.eide@ah.telia.no (RITA EIDE)

First I need to introduce myself to you; I am Rita Eide, the channel of "The Celestial Voice of Diana - her spiritual guidance to finding love" and as such I am also the conveyer of her dream for us all. I was contacted by the late princess Diana right after her tragic passage in August 1997 and became her messenger for all together what will become three books, of which the first now is made available in the US.

"The Celestial Voice of Diana"

Working with her messages has been both a great challenge and of a tremendous importance to my own personal growth in awareness - and as such the three books are in fact offering a 3 step evolution in itself. I am however greatly aware of the doubt and controversies the very mention of this book has been arousing in many people. This is as it should be, you should all doubt anything told to you that is not self experienced. The only valid truth for each and every one is the truth that comes from within yourself. However, only a very few people are able to listen inside because of all the noise that is going on at all times and from all directions. And it may be well worth noting that it all comes through "the head"..! Our so-called intelligence is however not equal to the head, since the mind or the brain is only a facility for memorizing and expressing thoughts, but it is not the seat of our intelligence - at least in my experience it isn't. And this may also be very controversial, because our "western minds" had been priced and validated as our main asset for so long.

But now the year 2000 and the new millennium is bringing another set of intelligence than the left brain - and this is dream time..! Yes, it is indeed time for "no-time" and intuition and heartwork on Earth! We have so much heartache to mend..!. All the broken pieces of ourselves that has been lost to "thought" can become whole again by one remedy only, and this is indeed love. We need loads and loads of unconditional love in order to save our sanity and transform all our fears - especially those of the future - which is the result of our past. Please take note of the last remark.

We need to heal our past by taking hold of the future right here, in the here and now. There is no future and there is no past, as far as we experience we only have now. What has happened is gone, it doesn't exist any more, or can you touch it?? And what is yet to come is also untouchable until it happens - if it happens, so leave it alone. But we have the present and it is indeed a present to us all, but we all reject it out of our great fear for our own powers..! Yes, you read me right, indeed we fear our tremendous powers - therefore we choose to remain powerless and blame the past, and fear the future instead.

Now, where is the dream coming in? Right here, but we will start dreaming consciously this time. We will start "telling" our dreams and acting them out instead of waiting for the night in order to only experience them in yet another dream...! For what is night-time dreaming if not the projections of our minds in its frantic attempts to resolve all the unfinished business from our complicated daytime dream? Perhaps it is time for "simplicity" instead of complexity?

Think of the one single "fractal" which multiplies and multiplies itself until it becomes great, perfect web-patterns, unrecognisable to its simple beginning, yet all hidden in every little piece of the seemingly chaotic pattern. This is how I see our living at present. We have complicated everything so much that we have totally lost contact with our souls and innate knowledge, and therefore need to "cut" away the excess weight of all the thoughts that are complicating our lives so much every single day.

You see, the mind will never make us "happy". It cannot, it is simply not the right facilitator for happiness as this is the job for the heart. The intelligence of a heart does not ask for a reason to love, it just loves and that is by and by the one and only "reason" we still fall in love with something and someone at all. Because we do it, despite often "reasoning" otherwise, providing the path to the heart is open, that is.

Then, In order to find love we need to follow the path of our heart and deer trusting an intelligence and authority that is not measured by any grades at school, not to mention academic titles, which is so often used to intimidate those who don't have any. We all have the same wave of love charging trough our hearts and the wonderful thing is that it is available right now, not in some future dream, but in this one! - Can't you feel it..??

Oh yes, my dream. Here I want to tell you a little story that happened to me in November 1999 as I was in Holland in order to promote my book that had been translated and was published there at that time. I had been doing several press interviews and two television appearances and it was my last day before going home as I got approached by a few young people outside the "Reich museum" in Amsterdam, the art museum of the great old Dutch painters. The adolescents were a little camera crew out on a specific mission and they asked me kindly to attend in their survey, not knowing anything about me, of course. Honestly, I didn't really feel like it and had no idea of what to say, but my publisher just pushed me in front of the camera and the light went on. The question was "What is your dream"? To my own and their amazement I was answering: "My dream is too witness everybody else's dreams come true" - and the rest I have forgotten, but this sentence reminded in my head. I thought: "What a wonderful dream to dream within a dream, being here actually wanting just to witness dreams coming true" - yes, this had to become my quest for the upcoming millennium.!

And here I am at the Great Dreams site - and I am so much looking forward to be part of the great wonderful present of now that we are making up every day. Not a distant dream, but the ongoing dream that can always come true - when our life is filled with the love of the our hearts..! What greater dream is there to dream about? Love is all that matters, it always has been and always will be and we can all be part of it, here nobody needs to be left out. It is always available and it follows you everywhere, because it comes from within, from your inner source and not from anybody outside of yourself who can take it away from you.

Your love is your own personal property, so don't let anybody take it (for granted), but be the master in charge of your own heart and rather give it out yourself - freely and to the best of your ability, then you become magnificently empowered..! And don't loose yourself to fear of loving, fear of the now, fear of the past or fear of the future. There is no need, because you have the source of all love available all the time, and it is your very protection from "evil", your precious ticket to life and it belongs in your own hands. Go on opening your hands with the intelligence of your heart, knowing that nobody can take anything away other than that which is not worth having. So give love, give warmth, give compassion and remember, the more you give it away the more you will get it back, for such is the order of the universe. All else is illusion, just dreams of the wandering mind, echoes of the past.

The only reality is the dream of the one great heart, flowing through us with endless compassion and the poetry of the stars. Bless you dreamers, you are to awaken and experience your love - the greatest of all dreams within the ongoing plan of this universal time and space which is called earth plane. Are you ready for take off?

Then, thank you for listening - and now come on and join the experience of our love. Enjoy your dream..!

In love and joyful delight,

Rita Eide

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