by Dee Finney





9-17-89 - DREAM: I was at my 16th St house. My whole family was there, the generation before me, and the generation after me. My Father had an elephant and we were all afraid of it.

He always brought it out to perform for whomever came to the house and this was going to be one of those days. My kids and I were outside together and I showed them I could easily scale the nearest mountain. But when we were back at home, my Father brought out the elephant and we were all afraid. My Father had promised to get rid of the elephant but in this case, he had also promised he would give one last performance in honor of someone special in town. The kids and I all ran upstairs to the attic to hide behind some old furniture.

But I knew that my Father would bring the elephant upstairs and his trunk could reach behind the furniture and get us anyway, so I decided to run away from home.

I sneaked downstairs, expecting to see the elephant but I didn't. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. Each second that went by, I expected the elephant to appear but it didn't. I was sneaking out the front door when my Father yelled at me to stop, but I wouldn't. I was down the front stairs and up the sidewalk in a flash, expecting every moment I'd see the elephant and it would see me.

Suddenly, my daughter came up to me. She was about 10 years old. She was determined she wasn't going to be left behind. She was wearing a bright red dress, white socks and patent leather black shoes. suddenly, I spotted the elephant. To accommodate my fears, my Father had put the elephant in a rubber suit and it was laying down all tied up. Even it's head and ears were covered. I was surprised, but even seeing that wasn't going to stop me.

I was going to go to my girlfriend's house in the next block where sensible people lived.

My daughter was yelling at me to wait for her, but I wouldn't slow down. I grabbed her by the hand and dragged her with me. Then her left shoe came off and she started to cry. I wouldn't let that stop me either. I ran across Clark St. and dragged her with me. Then she fell head long on the sidewalk. I wasn't going to let that stop me either. I picked her up and attempted to carry her.

She was crying and she was dead weight. I couldn't carry her. She was too heavy, so I grabbed her by the dress and dragged her with me. I said I was going to get there no matter what. Nothing was going to stop me.

Then my daughter started to shriek. She shrieked so loud I thought it would pierce my eardrums. It was so loud I woke up and as I woke up the thought went through my mind that there was an old wive's tale that if you shrieked in a dream, you would die in your sleep.

I woke up from the dream feeling perfectly calm, but wondering who was going to die. Her or me? That's the way I wanted to die.


NOTE:  The elephant represents memories as the elephant is noted to have a long memory. The trunk of the elephant can symbolize the sixth sense. The elephant uses it's trunk not only to smell, but to feed itself, to clean itself with water and dust itself with dirt to keep bugs off of it. The size of the elephant can also represent the higher consciousness.

The mountain represents fears which we have to conquer, overcoming various types of beasts.  At that point all the beasts are extinct and can't come back.

Zechariah 4: (The angel of the Lord is speaking to Zechariah after seeing a vision of the two lamp stands and the 7 candles on them and two olive trees standing by them. Revelation 11:11 refers to this verse as well) 6. "Then he said to me, 'This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts. 7: "What are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel, you shall become a plain; and he shall bring forward a top stone amidst shouts of 'Grace, grace to it!' 8. Moreover the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 9. "The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house: his hands shall also complete it. Then you will know the Lord of Hosts has sent me to you.'


3-17-90 - DREAM - I was talking to my locksmith boss on the phone. He said to me, "I'm coming over to show you what I want." He arrived and I saw his truck pull up and park and he rushed down the sidewalk to come into the building. I hurried to greet him at the door. He and the salesman for the business came in. He said, "We don't have a lot of money to offer you, but this is what we do have and he showed me a huge picture of an elephant and the elephant winked at me. I said, "Oh how cute! He winked at me."

Then a man who used to live in apt. #211 and didn't pay his rent and refused to pay his rent grabbed my left wrist. I asked him what he wanted, but he didn't say anything. I was afraid he was going to break my arm so I shook him off. I was looking through the accounting book for #106 for Marcella, but her accounting sheet was missing and so was #107. They were gone

NOTE: In real life (the physical) this same person had indeed stolen much rent money and lost her job for juggling the accounting books.


7-21-90 - DREAM - I dreamed that my friend David received a birth certificate for a newborn child. He already had two children. I helped clean up his house and then went out to the car to get the children. Two elephants were right there to carry the children, but I grabbed them and carried them in myself.


8-9-92 - DREAM - We went outside and there was a big political rally or party going on. A whole line of elephants was going by and I had to run under several of them to get to the other side of the street.

A Philippine woman deliberately tried to run me down with a dirty, muddy, greenish motor bike. She kept hollering, "Coppa, coppa, coppa". (I think it means ' cup')  I reached into my left hand pocket and I had a big white coffee mug there. I pulled it out and showed her that I had it. I pretended I was going to smash it on the ground and she backed off, afraid that I might break the cup and destroy something precious that was hidden in it.

I said that opportunity to run back under the elephants and into a house on the other side of the street. I was running low, hunched over and a man was with me. He helped hide me in this house that had reddish carpeting.  

I woke up to the phone ringing.


11-10-93 - DREAM - I was walking along a street looking at a church, when I heard a voice of a man off to my left. I couldn't understand what he was saying, but I finally spotted him off in the wilderness. When he saw me, he came running wildly down a narrow path towards me with an ass in front of him. Another man was running up the hill to defend us followed by a donkey and an elephant. He put off the man long enough to give us time to run back down the hill and take refuge. We had nothing to build a house with, so we waylayed a man coming down the hill on a donkey. He had huge green packages on his head and on the donkey's back. I began to hit the man with a big grey sack and knocked the man off his donkey. The packages were full of food, butter, eggs, milk, cheese, bread. I knew then that we wouldn't starve and we set up housekeeping with what we got from him.


5-21-96 - DREAM - I heard a low pitched phone like a message coming in. Then went into the dream.

I told Becky I was reading a really good book by Stephen King. (The book is Insomnia) I started showing her some pages and it was about real estate. I came to a page about parking space. It was underground...like an old abandoned salt mine. It was smoothly carved out with pillars left every so often to hold up the roof. Inside was a drawing of an elephant, some other large animal and a dinosaur. This was to show that it was large enough to hold 727 jets. The dream continued as a series of photographs showing these underground spaces. ~


6-1-98 - DREAM - I was at an airport. I seemed like we lived there. The ceilings were really high, but there was a living area with trees and plants and other furniture and my daughter and her children were there also.

I was looking out the window at a large passenger plane coming in and a small jet came in at a slightly different angle. The large plane turned sharply to avoid the obvious crash of the two planes. Then, a strange thing happened, the small jet shape-shifted and became cartoonish and bent it's nose over to avoid the crash. It then shape-shifted several more times as it seemed to play with the big plane and it bend and darted around the big plane. I was still standing there watching this happen and it all evaporated in a "poof" and in its place was a huge dark green ...almost black government helicopter which had created a hologram of the two planes.

When we saw the government helicopter we became terrified that it had seen us.We must  have flipped off the lights because it was suddenly dark. I sat down quickly at a table and put my arms over my head.

The helicopter turned on a spotlight and showed it around the room looking for people. Everyone was hidden. The lights swept over me, but I didn't know if it saw me or not.

When the helicopter left, my daughter (who was her real adult age) jumped up, turned on the light and ran over to the corner of the room. She began pulling on a dark screen which eventually ran all around the room walls from floor to ceiling. (It did not block the ceiling or the floor) I noted that 4 trees against the wall were left on the outside of the screen, but some other objects in the room which were in the way of pulling out the screen, there was a door in the screen that these things were able to slip past so they were inside the screened area.

We continued to pull this screen down a long hallway area which seemed like a mall. On the outside of the screen sat my mother and her sisters on a bench. (all are deceased except my mother). We pulled the screen down to a shop on the corner which was run by all Polish women. They were all terrified of the government helicopter as well and as we pulled the screen through their area, they began packing up everything in boxes as they didn't want our government to see all the things they had handcrafted.

I looked at what they were packing up and on the table were numerous ceramic jungle animals, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, tiger, antelope, etc. I thought to myself, "these are all commonplace animals, why do they think they have to protect them?"

I then saw a box of jewels which were strung on necklaces. I wanted one desperately. I bent over the box and tried to stuff the largest tear drop shaped diamond down the front of my shirt but it didn't fit. I couldn't see any opening in the front of my yellow shirt to put it through, so I ended up selecting a smaller one, less perfect and bumpy, it seemed and pushed it down my shirt where it buttoned at the throat.

We got everything packed up then went and sat in the livingroom, playing with my daughter's children. I was holding her youngest daughter Gabrielle on my lap when we heard a loud droning sound. We looked out the window and saw a UFO shaped object coming towards the house. It was barely above the treetops and coming downward. My daughter said, "It's not normal for them to come so low!" I was thinking that it reminded me of advertising blimps because it was so colorful and shiny. It was glinting colors of red, white, and blue.

My daughter said, "Don't let my daughter see it, and I clutched the baby on my lap, within my arms and bend my head low over her to hide her.

The UFO made a second pass over the house and then it left and I saw up again, and held the baby up, saying, "She seems just like a doll!" She didnt' seem real anymore.

I then got really hungry and decided to go out and get some donuts. I was going to have to walk, but another girl who was getting ready for work and dressed up in a neat suit-dress said she would drive me there and drop me off. I thanked her for offering the ride. Then the woman said, "Yes! I have to get there by 8 a.m. and we looked at the clock and it was actually almost nine o'clock. We had lost almost one hour of missing time.

NOTE: On 6-5-98, a news report came out that there had been 20 major misses of two jet aircraft reported from January thru April. The government said that the air controllers had to undergo 10 hours of training within the next month to counteract the danger.


6-27-98- DREAM - This dream started at my New Berlin house but my family was not there. The people in the house had malformations of the head. One person had growths all over her head like 'elephant man'. One woman had like a sculpted frame built around her head with skewers to hold her skull together. I was so gross out by those two women but I forced myself to look at them. I knew this was for a reason I had to do this. At one point, I was helping to repair a table lamp by taking parts from another table lamp.

Another guy had just shaved his beard and he had cut off these huge growths on his fact that were like long tentacles. I had to prove to him that he was loved anyway and I had to prove that by eating something gross-looking that touched his face.

I then went outside and walked around the house to the front. I saw my family standing on the lawn about 30 feet away. As I came around the front of the house, I saw a huge yellow UFO appear in the sky suddenly. I stood there in awe with my mouth hanging open. I hollered to my family to look.

As we watched, the yellow UFO morphed into a rocket shape and a big American flag appeared and waved in the wind. We were so shocked, we couldn't believe our eyes.

Then a big rocket appeared in the western sky. It was going upward, but getting closer and it seemed ominous. Then another rocket appeared and crossed paths with the first rocket and instantly a huge silver flat faced balloon shot up out of the 2nd rocket and the balloon had the face of an astronaut on it with an American flag behind him.

My family was in awe and stood there with me, mouths hanging open and then, not knowing what else to do, we started to applaud.

Just then, another UFO appeared in the southern sky. As we watched another spacecraft appeared. Again, an American flag shot up from the 2nd spacecraft like it had confronted the 1st one and won. Again, we applauded heartedly.

As I sat there, an astronaut appeared on the lawn up on the hill behind the house. He was in black and white ... not color like the rest of the dream. It was Wally Shirra. I don't know how I knew it was him but I'm as positive about that s I know my own name. He was wearing one of those puffy white spacesuits like they wear in outer space. It had black bands around the upper arms, and waist, and by his ankles. I saw his face clearly, so I know he was not wearing a helmet.

NOTE: On 7-22-98 - Astronaut Alan Shepherd died of leukemia.

He began to speak to me. I was in awe but tried to answer his questions. (I can't remember what he said.) When I tried to talk, my lips could move, but my teeth didn't come apart and I was mumbling like I was half asleep.

I was so discomforted about speaking to the famous Wally Shirra while mumbling, I finally said to him, "I feel like I'm half asleep". He said then, "Oh! Then I won't bother you, and he evaporated.

I was so disappointed. I felt like I had chased him away by being rude. I felt really bad. But then, I wanted to tell someone about my 'dream'.

The scene changed and I was at a large school. As I walked across the schoolyard, there were many children playing there, and I picked up things that were dropped and handed them back and patted heads and smiled at them.

Off to my left, all of the female teachers were playing a game of baseball. They were all wearing white tops and black longish shorts. As I got to the school door, the double doors closed and I saw that there were no handles on the outside to open the doors. However, when I tried to pry the doors apart in the center, I discovered that the doors pushed inward very easily.

I stood there in the hallway, looking for someone I could tell my Wally Shirra dream to. The teachers came in from the baseball field and they were all now wearing long shimmering robes of multicolored purple, blue, and rose. They were talking together amongst themselves and some of them were dispersing to up a stairway, so I ran amongst them hollering, "Ladies! Ladies! I want to tell you about my dream. It was about UFOs!" They were all instantly interested and wanted to hear my dream.

There was a large conference room there, so I entered it and found it to be full of the male teachers sitting on the floor facing the front like they had just been lectured to from the podium. They were all dressed in longish black shorts, and white nubby cotton tops.

I told them that I had something to tell them and they all moved back to make a square opening in front for the female teachers to come in.

For some reason I wasn't shocked but as the female teachers filed in, they were all wearing pajamas and robes and were crippled in one way or another.

The tallest woman had no hair and was on crutches. She seemed to be referring to the light I had been helping to repair earlier, and told me that if I needed parts to repair anything, there was a junk yard on 108th St. that carried all kinds of parts and could probably get me anything I needed.

NOTE: Interestingly enough, 108 is the number of Goddesses in the Hindu religion.


10-31-98 - DREAM - It seemed that Joe was the creator. A shape like this:     appeared on the ground.  It was golden. That shape became:           From that a series of shapes appeared:

Someone didn't like what those shapes did or represented and they were wiped out and the ground paved over with these shapes:

Each of these paving stone type things which were gray/white , were divided into 4 parts, and each quarter section, had a unique design on it. They looked like a series of grave markers. On the far left paving stone, I recall that the bottom left design was the same as this: (Not positive it was this number of circles)

and the top left hand corner was a series of triangles (I believe there were 3 triangles within the quarter section. (Means the 3 aspects of God)

(There was more but my memory is gone) I woke up and thought about what this meant and it suddenly hit me that this was the series of events of Creation in the Old Testament.


The "key" is the three triangles and the quarter section. The quarter section represents the material or physical world. The triangles are the Spiritual worlds and the personal/impersonal relationships existing therein. Four and three are seven: the perfection of man in Christ. The significant directions are North and East.

God Love you

On the same morning, about an hour later, I went back to bed to meditate on the meaning of these symbols. While I was asking to see the dream again, the word "Tetraktys". I had to ask Joe what it meant because I didn't know.

Then I heard, "See David's book on creation. It's the same story."
"It's unveiled." This was stated by a woman sitting next to me on the bed.
I then saw a Mayan priest looking left up into the sky. He was wearing long robes, brown with green squared designs around the front edges.
"Other examples are 'Celebration Feasts'.

I then saw a brown hairy animal. It looked like a cross between a hairy elephant with a long face like a horse.

I then saw a little crystal shaped like the above nipple shapes. It was called an "Amphora". It was placed in front of me. It was about finger size or smaller.
I then heard, "There is a lot of hard evidence."
"His name is Taylor" and he laughed. then he said, "How do you know?" and laughed again. (I think he laughed because our granddaughter is named Taylar."

I then saw a web page with 6 rectangles over on the right side. I'm thinking it might be Laura Lees. One of the rectangles said, "Soundcast". (This made me think the author is well-known.)

NOTE: After I got out of bed, I went outside to get the mail and paper in. Towards the East was two triangle shaped clouds. one was pointed East and the other one pointed north. They were almost side by side in the sky, and looked like they were painted in the sky with a paint brush with lines and were very small.  The other clouds in the sky in the south and the west were normal roundish clouds and were large.


11-13-98 - DREAM - There was a list of ET words or something and then I came to a section where 4 words described the animals I most resembled...cow, whale, dolphin, elephant. I was supposed to show this to people. There were people around but can't remember who.

11-13-98 - DREAM - (NOTE: I was a little distressed at being compared to such large animals at first, but thought of positive qualities before going back to sleep.)


3-3-99 - DREAM - I found myself on the corner of 12th and State sts. after school left out. It wasn't too far to walk to 16th and Center St where I lived so I began to cross State St. and walk north on 12th St. but when I did, I saw that there were no street lights on and the sky was pitch black. That made me nervous and frightened so I turned around and looked south on 12th St. and saw that there was a telephone booth with a light over it on the corner one block south and I would call my Father to come and get me. I didn't know how to call him though because I didn't have any money with me.

When I got down to that corner, I found myself on the ground of a huge zoo where they were giving demonstrations. The animals were all lined up in a row and on command would do whatever they were trained to do, then return to their cage to eat. The animals had human-like expressions on their faces so it was easy to see how they felt about what they were doing.

These animals were not normal size, they were at least twice normal size if not bigger. They actually looked more nervous than I was but they were huge. The zookeeper was introducing the animals one by one to the people.

Just as I got there, the zookeeper had introduced the lions to the people and offered a lion cub to the people. It seemed my Father was there and he said, "I don't think we'll need one of your lion cubs, it looks like we're going to have one of our own." I looked across the yard and saw three full grown lions laying at his feet.

Next, I was supposed to be introduced to the camels and elephants. There were many of them. They were all really shy and had backed up and wanted to go into their cage and eat, but the zookeeper was in full control of them and was going to call them back into line.

I wanted no part of it, so I took off running for the nearest door to the zoo house where people could go inside and view the animals inside their cages. But when I was getting near the door I could see huge hippopotamus was in there and I'd probably meet him face to face if I continued that direction and I could see how huge one leg was so I headed towards the second door as fast as I could. I dashed inside just as the camels got lined up behind me.

I was now in a hallways and a woman ahead of me had applied for a job at the zoo. The personnel guy was kind of yelling at her, "Do you think I can't tell when you're not qualified and have been kicked out of your last job?" She looked really embarrassed. The personnel guy said, "I give you Guru Al Gordon." He pointed next to me and there was a medium sized skinny guy with a dark mustache and dark hair. The skinny guy looked so embarrassed as the woman had and startled to be pointed out and I woke up.


5-25-99 - DREAM - This dream had a nightmarish quality though some of it seemed normal as well. I remember all the scenes but not necessarily in the correct order.

I was with a lot of people in this dream. We were having a party, getting near to Christmas and celebrating. We were all having a good time until the celebration took on a circus quality. I heard a circus band playing instead of religious music and when I opened a cabinet in the kitchen, clownish clothes started tumbling out; mens shirts with designs you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. Some fell out that were yellow and reds; large checks and somebody tried to shove the clothes back in until a retarded-like jerky blonde kid said, "No! No! No! Those are from me! I paid for all that! It's okay!" And he gave me a sickly smile.

I was humiliated for him, if anything, but had to pretend I was grateful for his generosity.

I didn't want to be near this guy. It was so ridiculous to do this stupid thing for Christmas but it was out of my hands.

I went outside and got the bright idea to go for a bus ride. It only cost a quarter to ride to the end of the line and back. Then I asked my daughter, who was about 10 years old, if she would like to go too. I thought it would be fun and a treat for her. I calculated in my mind that it would only cost 50 cents . . . 2 quarters. But then her friend Allison asked if she could go too. I said, "Sure!" and calculated that it would only cost 75 cents . . . 3 quarters.

We missed the first bus so I hurried the girls up the street, hopefully to catch the next bus at the transfer point but the street turned into a river and it wasn't doing so well. The street was getting marshy along the edges and the further I went, the worse it got. It seemed like the river was backing up and coming upstream.

There were a lot of black women here. It seems they were trying to tell me how to get across without getting my feet wet but can't remember what they said specifically.

I then went to the bus terminal garage. This place was huge with posts every so often, holding up the roof. This place was definitely a nightmare. Instead of busses, there were huge, oversize robotic elephants and their long trunks were like steam shovels, looking for garbage to throw over their backs. They were ominous looking, made out of steel and when you came near the sight of one, it would come rushing toward you. I was desperate to get through this underground garage which it seemed to be, but there were hundreds of these robotic elephants and if you got past one, you had the next one to deal with. I had gotten past the third one and saw dozens more ahead of me.

I was feeling a little panicky when all of a sudden all the elephants were made to line up way down at the other end. It happened so fast, it was eerie and I don't know who gave the order to call them off.

I then went back to the house and I was showing apartments. I had a vacancy on the third floor and also on the first floor. An older teen wanted the one on the third floor. It was a nice apartment, but mostly older people lived up there. I was afraid his loud stereo music would bother everyone. At the same time, an older couple came and all that was left was the lower apartment, and then two of the first guy's friends, so I did some fast talking and convinced the first guy to live on the first floor with his friends in trade for letting the old people live on the third floor. Everyone seemed happy about the arrangement and I spent some time getting everyone settled down for the night and making sure they were comfortable.

I started to feel hungry then and decided to run downstairs to find something to eat. The steps were narrow and steep and I went down them really fast even where I could barely see the steps, the steps were made so that your natural rhythm of walking took your feet the appropriate stride and you couldn't miss.

I got downstairs. I remember lights blinking and I know that stupid older kid was teasing me about getting a late night snack, but all of a sudden I saw a baby in distress on the floor. He was choking and gagging and strangling to breathe. I picked him up and mushy, half digested peas poured out of his mouth. He gasped for air and started retching again and more peas stuck in his throat. I pulled a couple out with my fingernails which loosened a few more which came rolling out. He gasped for air again and then another round of retching made more peas stuck in his throat. Again and again I reached into his throat and loosened more peas and more rolled out.Each time he'd manage to get one gasp of air and then retch more peas which got stuck and I'd have to reach in his throat and loosen more whole peas which he had shoved in his mouth whole when the circus act had thrown them around when they had come to perform at the Christmas party.

I wondered who was watching the baby then. How could he have swallowed all those peas and nobody watched him?

I save the kids life but I was angry that all this had been allowed to happen in the first place.


7-22-99 - DREAM - This was another reminder dream. This was a giant elephant dream. The giant elephant came out of the jungle and I was shown the word 'EXITATIONS' in the center of the page.

NOTE: In one area in Africa... all of the large elephants were killed so they wouldn't tear out the trees. However, the rest of the elephants then didn't know what to do and ran wild and didn't know how to behave.


9-15-99 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house and was sitting by the piano and was told by someone that a famous football coach, when things got out of control on his team, would call out, "Matthew 21:7" and things would settle down. This was his secret.

I then went to 20th St. school (K-8). I was on the football field next to the school and the kids were practicing. I saw the coach and decided I wanted to see what he would do if he knew that someone knew his secret, so I hollered, "Matthew 21!"

Everything came to a standstill, as if they were waiting for the verse to be announced and it was like chaos reigned and everything went berserk. The coach came out on the field hollering, "Matthew 21, verse 7" and I ran off the field, through the alley which is '19.5' and went down to the corner of 19th St.

There on the corner, I saw a cute little roly poly blue and white striped Hinduish decorated elephant pulling an oriental wooden cart with a roly poly Hinduish garbed guy driving it, pulling out of the alley going south at 19.5 and he came down to the corner at 19th St. At the same time, a huge grey elephant came running up the street going west from 18th St. to the corner at 19th St. and it collided with the Hindu elephant and the cart went flying end over end.

I ran south on 19th St. back towards the school which backs on 19.5 hollering, "Time to put the animals in the cages! Time to put the animals in the cages!"

I ran to the school which was like a zoo and the guy who ran the thing was manhandling a whole string of 7 glass cases which actually looked like what you put on the back of pick up trucks with windows. (I can't remember what that is called)

He had a stack of them 3 or 4 high there to use for animal cages. He said to me, "I hope nobody gives me any more of these cages."

I said, "Why not? They are free, aren't they?" He said, "Initially they are, but then I have to start paying!"


NOTE: I don't know if the dream would have continued, but Joe, who was laying next to me started yelling in his sleep and I woke up and steeled myself, waiting to see if he was going to chant in his Indian voice, or just holler for help in a lucid dream. It sounded more like he was hollering for help, but he stopped on his own and I didn't have to shake him to wake him up.

NOTE: Matthew 21:6-7 - (And the disciples went, and did as Jesus commended them, (7) And brought the ass, and the colt, and put on them their clothes, and they set 'him' thereon.

In the dream which followed I was seeing a series of religious symbols, one of which was 4 wine glasses sitting on a small square plaque with 4 squares on it, and one of which was a scene of an ivory colored statue of a man, which was standing a small round pedestal type table. I could see a man's hand holding a small round incense container with a bell on it, in which the incense was smoking, and as strange music played, he waved the incense smoke towards the statue 21 times.


October 27, 1999 - DREAM - It started out at home, that I had forgotten I had a job and was walking around in my green and white striped bathrobe. (This is my own). After I remembered that I had a job, I was making excuses in my mind that other people get sick and don't call in and one missed day wasn't so bad, etc. However, once I remembered I had a job, I had to go in which I did and then tried to pretend that I had been there all the time, they just hadn't seen me.

I was on my way to my office and kept getting waylayed by various people who wanted me to look at this or that and give my opinion on it like it really counted.

I had to walk through an auditorium/lunchroom type place and I was still changing clothes from my bathrobe to office attire. I was naked from the waist up, but holding two short sleeved sweaters in front of me, one beige and one white one. I was trying to pretend this was normal and everybody did this.

I saw someone was taking care of my baby daughter and feeding it some milk from a bottle.

Other people were keeping me so busy I couldn't do this myself so I relented and allowed others to do this. I tried to keep my eye on who had her, but finally I lost track of her completely. A lot of the people had left and I had no idea where she was.

I went into a closet like area where other clothes were hanging on hangers and pulled one of the sweaters over my head. However, when it came down over my body, it wasn't at all like the sweaters I had been carried. This outfit was green, orange,and yellow and was like a Halloween costume and it seemed Chinese. It went all the way down to the tops of my shoes. I started to laugh because I had never seen anything like this before. Some men came by and asked my opinion on something they were doing and I showed them my outfit while laughing, and they laughed too, but as they walked away, I heard one guy say, "That really wasn't funny at all."

At that point, a woman came near me and showed me that her skin was hard like stone. However, she was walking around okay anyway like everyone else.

A moment later, I was nearing my office and a woman, dressed like a detective with a slouch hat pulled half way over her face and a trench coat on, came up to me and told me that my baby had been taken to the hospital. It had been found out that someone who had been feeding her, had put liquid chalk into the bottle and was attempting to fill my child's system with chalk to make her like stone and kill her. However, they were able to pump her stomach at the hospital and that she would be fine.

I thanked the woman and continued on towards my office. I passed by my bosses office whose door was open and I could hear him talking to someone on the phone. I sneaked past his door and got to my own door. There was a mailbox on the outside wall there and there were gifts and flowers all over the place. I couldn't even get in the door without picking them all up and carrying them. However, other women were still asking my opinion on things and stopping me from actually going into the office.

At this point, I started having visions within the dream, rather superimposed over the scene. The first one was "The Chinese Phonic Afterlife".

After I got into my office, there were stuffed animals all over the desk and I had to rearrange them on the floor behind me. There was a big colorful rabbit and one was a white elephant pulling a white two wheeled cart behind him.

I finally managed to turn around to begin work and saw another vision as I woke up, it said, "The Phonic Life".


Note: I've probably forgotten some details... like the things I was asked my opinion on, but the visions of the Phonic Life were very prominent towards the end and I know they are correct.


11-14-99 - DREAM - I may have been in Seattle. Some of the characters were real and some were from TV and others I don't know.

I was in a house where business was being done and preparations being made for visitors.

There was a blue and white sheet on a bed and I knew the sheet would have to be changed but another woman threw another blue sheet over it, but after she did it, there was a tiny elephant statue standing on the edge of the bed whose job it was to catch the drippings from tomato juice processing and one drop got past him and dripped on the sheet. The woman got mad because the sheet would now have to be washed and I said I would change the sheets. She was angry and said, "I would do it if someone would pay me for my time!" We were all volunteers there as far as I could tell. None got paid to do what we did voluntarily.

There was a bearded man to my right who I didn't know.

Lee Chin was there and got upset. She went across the hall to have a cigarette. There was another woman on the right also... I didn't her...a chubby woman. I put out my arms to Lee Chin to console her and gave her a big hug.

I began to tell her how life can change in a moment and we shouldn't sweat the small things. I began to tell her the story of a young woman who was killed on the day of her engagement, that her left leg had been snapped off four inches above the ankle and how that one moment changed all their lives in a moment... forever.

I said, "That was the day of T.J.s wedding and in my mind's eye I saw T.J. and Sabrina together.

I then went to an Greek Orthodox church on the corner. I don't know if I was alone or with the bearded man, but once I sat down in a side pew near the front, the bearded man was standing near the back making a loud dissertation about karma.

People began to arrive for a service and I looked up and a couple women I've seen a TV show acknowledged me by name and said, "Hi Dolores!"

I replied, "Hi!" Then other people began arriving and one family from Montana arrived. A Greek Orthodox group of priests came and stood at the lectern high on the right side of the church... (my immediate left from where I was sitting) They asked the people from Montana to introduce themselves because they were strangers. The spokeswoman of the group said that their Father had died and they had spent every day of their lives except for 9 with him and they were mourning his loss.

The whole church was full of people by now and Kimber and Luke came and sat next to me on my right.

I had an oval platter on my lap and ate the meat and three large clusters of grapes left... red, green, and bluish. I offered Kimber the grapes if she wanted some and Kimber offered them to Luke and they both said, "No thank you!"  So, I sat with the platter of grapes on my lap.

One of the three Greek Orthodox priests move over to another lectern high up on the left wall in the center, which was directly straight across from me. He welcomed the people to the church. He began the service but the bearded man walked over and stood below him... interrupting the service and drowning out the voice of the priest and loudly started to tell the people about karma in an angry sounding voice.


1-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a house which was not mine but we were visiting. My son was there with me and some other people and T.M. was there. We were having a meeting. My son went into another room like a library and was picking out some books and magazines he wanted to read. I spotted a magazine that had some archaeological photos of a new find they had made in an Arizona canyon where some ancient tribe had carved like doorways in the mountain . . . more like picture frames and each frame had a hand gesture like telling a story with the hands.

Everyone was so excited by this find. It had never before been seen by white man. I pointed this out to my son. We, by then had 5 books and the magazine.

T.M. pointed at the author of the smallest book. It was a black leather book and part of the name he read was Veritas. T.M. was very impressed by my sons' choice. I had the companion book at home so I knew he liked the same subject matter that I did.

We then went into a small meeting and at the end T.M. went to sit in a high backed chair and he asked me to sit on his lap. He said that this was only going to happen once in our lifetimes so no one should get upset by this. I agreed to go along with it. So, I sat on T.M.'s lap and two other people put a basket on my lap with a high handle to which were tied 7 candles (each about 5" tall) so that the handle looked like a Menorah. There was a yellowish cloth hanging down over the handle so that I couldn't see through the basket to whoever was on the other side of it.

Someone lit the candles and T.M. and I began to pray. I didn't know what else to pray, so I started praying the 'Our Father" and T.M. started chanting . . . not words, but high pitched sound which got more and more intense . . . just one long note. I got to a point where I got really into the praying and said in the loudest voice I've ever spoken in, "THE POWER OF GOD!" and pushed my fist through the cloth on the basket and T.M. pushed his fist through the wall behind him. ( I remind you... this was VERY INTENSE!)

I opened my eyes and we were no longer in the room. We had gone through the fabric of time and space and were in the canyon that I had seen in the magazine. Above us, on a ledge along the walls of this purple, blue, and red canyon walls I could see the Indian doorway carvings.

People were up on the ledge and saw us below them and began throwing rocks at us. I didn't know what we looked like but we were not the white humans we had been before. I had the feeling we were like Mammoth elephants, but we could have been like bigfoot. I don't know... just that that we were different.

We began to run away from these people up on the ledge as they threw rocks after us.

Somehow either the scene changed, or I began to see what was going on in the room we had just left. Everyone was so excited by what they had experienced that T.M. and I were gone that they wanted to do it again. I was with them, observing, like I could see them but they couldn't see me.

We went out through a theatre and the manager of the theatre was angry because there was a mess left behind. He said, 'whoever was sitting in seat 502 better clean up the mess there.' I looked over and saw that there was a white sheet and a lot of water.

I stopped to help clean up and so did the others. One of the girls was acting strangely and she went behind the seats and was trying to retrieve something I was using for a cloth to wipe up the water. I managed to keep the cloth. Perhaps it was the cloth that had been on the basket in the beginning. I heard one of the boys say, "We've got to do that again!" and I woke up.

The page that came from this dream is HANDS


2-11-00 - DREAM BY MICHELLE OF DEE - Michelle was at a religious boarding school. She was there rather as a subversive spy to find out what secret writing they had that they weren't supposed to have. She was a child's age.

Michelle's room was very small and she had to climb up a ladder to get there, and then up another ladder into her room. She had a dresser and a bed and piles of toys and stuff, and the room was so small she couldn't lay down on the bed, nor stand up straight and had to sleep at an angle so she wouldn't hit her head on the ceiling.

Michelle wanted to leave the school so badly and was planning on running away but didn't know how to do it without getting caught by the nuns.

Michelle went down to the cafeteria where they refused to feed her, saying that they wouldn't feed badly behaved children, that she was far too willful and did things that were against their rules.

When she was in the cafeteria, Michelle met Dee who was a tall adult, wearing a voluminous gold gown and had on a pendant with an elephant's head on it. The elephants head seemed to move but Michelle could never catch it moving. Every time she looked it was in a different position, but she could never see it actually move.

Michelle told Dee she wanted to leave and Dee asked her if she had gotten the writing that she had come there to get. Michelle said, "Yes!" and then Dee agreed to help her get out of there, but first they had to go to Michelle's room and retrieve the writing.

Michelle said that she had copied down the writing, but couldn't actually read it. She had it on a yellow legal pad which she handed to Dee who was too tall to get into the room. Dee stood on the ladder while Michelle was in the room trying to decide what to take.

Michelle's school uniform was hanging on a hook. The skirt was gray and purple plaid. Dee told Michelle she could only take three things. So Michelle took some time trying to decide what to take. She had choices of dolls, books, drawing pads, clothes, etc.

Finally Michelle picked up three drawing pads and asked Dee if she could count that as one thing because they were all the same. Dee told her "No!" That is three things!" So Michelle took the three drawing pads and Dee took the yellow legal pad with the secret writings of the boarding school run by the nuns.

The last thing Michelle saw was the pendant with the elephant head, trying to figure out if it was really moving or not.


3-2-00 - DREAM - I was at the school grounds on 20th St. There was a baseball game going on. Someone threw the ball too far ...past the fence.

I was sitting on top of a small green car ... A boy drove me to the corner of 19th and Meinecke. (This is the intersection where I saw the elephants in this exact same type scene the last time)

The boy got out of the car and went to stand in the intersection while I continued to sit on top of this little green car. I then saw another small car come out of the alley at 19.5 on Meinecke and come towards the boy in the intersection.

I was just wondering what they were going to say to each other and the telephone rang. I jumped up to answer it by the second ring... and it just clicked... there was no one there.


6-29-00 - DREAM - I went somewhere to help someone with something. (I can't remember where or what I did. It seems that it was not outside) When I came back I was standing in the diningroom of my 16th St. house telling someone about this job I had done. The other person was telling me how brave I was to have done this. I said, "I don't think I was brave. I would have sensed intuitively I was going to die if I was in danger."

While I said that, I had a vision of a wild charging Indian elephant coming towards me. (The Indian elephants are the ones with the large flapping ears, as opposed to the African elephants which have small ears close to the body)


11-6-00 - VISIONS - As soon as I lay down, I started to see a picture of an inaugural type parade it seemed with many flags flying in the cars that went by. A voice said, "This is very important." I acknowledged that the election was very important.

Then it went to a gray sky picture ... the voice said, "The library of Texas came at a very high price ... and all I could see was the top of a man's head and an a gray cloudy sky.

I then saw a convertible car full of men that seemed to have Teddy Kennedy and the sky was gray and ominous as well. It seemed to be like a funeral procession.

I went back to bed and was troubled over how I would tell people this. Then I saw two bald, large headed pasty white ETs, wearing long dark blue velour robes. One said, "You want the truth?  The Mahatma is coming."

Eventually I went back to bed again but still couldn't go to sleep. I was seeing various scenes in different places, some outside, some inside.  I saw some young girls and women, all wearing white dresses with dark blue polkadots on them.

I still couldn't sleep. Then I saw a bunkhouse type room full of cowboys in brown leather clothes and cowboy hats.  One tall man said, "We know you really want to know the truth."

The scene shifted either in the same room or another livingroom. There was a couch there with people sitting in it, but the people had blue donkey heads and elephant heads.  One really big guy standing in front of the couch pointed to the next room and said, "The doctor will be in there for two days yet!"

NOTE:  The election on November 7th is the tightest I ever experienced.  On the 8th, there is a recount going on and nobody has been declared the winner yet.

11-16-00 - DREAM - I was living in a city, more like in a suburban area.  I saw on television that a woman had taken her daughter home and gave her an iron or other small appliance with a longer cord than normal, then let her sit on the back of her bicycle and when the cord dropped onto the road and the bicycle road over it, it caused the bicycle to flip over and the girl was killed.

The fact that she deliberately gave the girl a longer cord than normal was tantamount to murder and the woman was arrested for murder.

While I watched this on television, I was somehow transported to the scene where the so-called accident happened. This time though, the girl wasn't dead and I stood with her, her mother, my Father, and a huge bull elephant on the street corner where the accident had happened.

My Father said, "The elephant is more afraid of you, than you are of it!  He follows you because he is afraid of you."

To test this theory out, I took the little girl who was somewhere between 3 and 6 years old, held her hand and walked down the street with her.  

Sure enough, the elephant followed us and we were plenty scared. The elephant actually cut us off from going through some bushes into a field and we had to turn around and go back the way we came.

When we did that, my Father and another woman named Carol went after the elephant, cutting it off and distracting it from following us back to the corner where the accident had happened.

While I was walking across the grass, I almost fell into a deep well in the ground that had water in it.  I told my Father about the well and he looked at it and said, "How deep is it?"  Before I could tell him how deep it was, he jumped in on purpose and went so far down the water covered him completely up.  All I could see was his upstretched hands as he stood on the bottom of the well.

I grabbed my Father's hand and pulled him up so that his head was above water, but I didn't know how we were going to pull him up out of the well. It was really narrow.

I was trying to figure that out when I woke up. (Don't tell me I have to go get the elephant)  :-)


2-13-01 - DREAM - I spent a long time looking up the news about Bigfoot, (which I really do) and posting it on a page about the existence of the humanoid ape creature. I posted these articles on the page and archived them. This took a long time.  When I was done with that, I was taken way up in the air and shown a series of dead elephants laid out on the ground. I was then questioned, "Why are you so diligent about arhiving news about Bigfoot, and not about dead elephants?"

NOTE:  That's a very good question.