by Dee Finney


come from the High Priest's breastplate.

Each tribe had its own jewel.

Exodus 39:10 And they set in it (breastplate) four rows of stones. A row of sardius, topaz, and carbuncle was the first row; and the second row, an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond; and the third row, a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst; and the fourth row, a beryl, an onyx, and a jaspar: they were enclosed in enclosings of gold in their settings and the stones were according to the names of the children of Israel, twelve, according to their names; like the engravings of a signet, every one according to his name, for the twelve tribes.

1-18-89 - DREAM - My son had an emerald on a gold chain around his neck. I thought he stole it and told him to give it back. It had come from the Repair department in the basement. When I went down there, it was dark and nobody was there. After several tries, a voice came over the wall and said the gem was given to my son because he had been stolen from previously and it was being returned to him. The voice said that he owed them money, but he didn't have to pay it back unless he wanted to.


3-7-92 - DREAM - I was walking down a city street sightseeing. I went to a stadium to watch some awards being given. A young man came up to me and asked if he could sit beside me. I said, "Yes!" His hand touched mine and there was a great attraction between us. But he felt cold to me and he said that I felt hot. I took him in my arms and warmed him. then he got down on his knees in front of me and held out two rings to me to choose from. They were both beautiful. I said, "Does this mean something special?", expecting him to ask me to marry him. He didn't say anything, but he was looking into my eyes. A mask came over his face so I couldn't look into his eyes, like goggles. He still didn't say anything and I felt uncomfortable not being able to see into his eyes, so I unmasked him and looked into his eyes and he looked away. A preacher came along offering salvation to people and many people accepted Christ as their Savior. The man with me said, "I can't believe, but I want to," and started to cry. I took him into my arms and said, "It's such a simple thing to say, "Jesus! I believe in you," to be saved, all you have to do is believe what he taught, and say, "Jesus! I believe". He just cried.

We walked on then through a crowd of some very rough gangs. He surreptitiously handed me both rings and said, "Here! Hold these." I held them tightly in my left hand so no one could see them. We passed through the gangs unharmed and then came to a corner. There was a green house there and it was empty. It was a "Milwaukee bungalow". (A specific type of house in Milwaukee, WI.)

Another preacher came along and my friend said to the man, "Please explain to me the 5 parts of salvation."

Since I was already considered "Saved and Born Again", I decided to go across the street and look at the green house and a man on the porch where we were said that he would show it to me.

While I was crossing the street, I slipped the rings on my fingers and took a really good look at them. I slipped one on my little finger on the right hand and saw that it had three emeralds and above each emerald was a gold cross. The one I slipped on my left 'ring' finger was a gold crown with a diamond at the center.

Then it came to me what the rings really were and I had to take them both off immediately and could not accept either ring.

Then, I knew that the man I was with had killed the man who owned these rings, a high priest. I couldn't let anyone see that I had them. I put them both in my right coat pocket and jammed my gloves in on top of them and then kept my hands in my pockets to make sure they didn't fall out.

We went into the green house then and it turned out to be a nightclub. The people inside welcomed me warmly as though I would be their new boss, but the place wasn't for me. I asked to see the bathroom. You had to take turns to get in, but knew that the cleanliness of the bathroom would tell me how well the whole building was kept. I made the tour. It was hard to get in and almost impossible to get back out because of the crowds of women, all dressed in pink.

I had to get back to the man to see if he had accepted Christ as his Savior. I would give the rings back to him, so he could turn them in to the authorities and I would marry him and stand by him as long as his prison sentence would be, probably for life.


12-24-97 - DREAM - I was in a city. I found a huge green emerald (green) beaded necklace. Intertwined in the necklace, was another necklace on two silver chains. On the chain was a silver pendant of a particular shape with 3 silver feathers hanging from it. (I just got earrings like that from Joe) I took the silver necklace off the beaded necklace - separated them - and kept the silver one. It twinkled and sparkled as it twisted around on the chain.

I took the green beaded necklace to a woman who collected stones like this. She had a whole room full of polished stones and beads as well as rough cut stellae shaped pieces by the million. She knew immediately that the silver feathered necklace belonged with the emerald necklace like an entwined pair. She told me that the silver feathered part was far more valuable than the jewels because it belonged to a people of antiquity.

She immediately sent two of her henchman out to find the silver parts, not knowing that I had it in my pocket with my hand on it. I became worried that we might be in some kind of trouble for having it because of it's value, but didn't admit I had it.


12-10-99 - I was meditating on the "Halls of Amenti" again and was seeing partial scenes, like looking out a window on the right side of the room... but I couldn't see exactly what was out there.  I also some other partial things and got the impression that maybe I wasn't supposed to be seeing this.

I switched to meditating on Swissair Flight 741 and saw a web page that was white and was a whole page of fraction math problems.

I switched back to meditating on the "Halls of Amenti" again and saw two sentences:


I then meditated on the words "Halls of Amenti" again and saw this bird:

I meditated on the words "Hall of Amenti" again and heard this message, "Look for the keys in a 6 year filing cabinet."

NOTE:  I have two filing cabinets which I bought exactly 6 years ago. I went to look in the drawers and came up with a file on Egypt which had a printed out copy of the book of the Emerald tablets by Thoth the Atlantean.

NOTE:  If you take the number 741 - add the mirror image of it 147, it equals 888  which means Jesus Christ in Greek Gematria.  Does this mean that Jesus Christ had his hand on these people to take them to Heaven when it crashed?

The reason we added the mirror image of the numbers was the double crosses on the bird's belly. That was the clue.


7-11-00 - MEDITATION - I did an early morning mediation using Anna Hayes healing tapes after I discovered my mind was all disturbed by thoughts of events that occurred 15 years ago that were very distressing. I had told someone about them earlier today and the painful events still linger in my subconscious. I have noted recently that I react violently to sudden noise or close quick movement.

After I finished the meditation, I rolled over and closed my eyes. After a few moments, I had a vision of several black lines ... at the end of which lay cartoon-like white dead animals like mice and other rodents. I then saw a brilliant colored necklace of gold wire wrapped Lapis Lazuli and a brilliant colored necklace of gold wire wrapped Emerald colored stones. They were more like large beads than rough stones.

This is the closest I found: http://www.galarneausgems.com/Page11.html

I can get the beads easily. Maybe I need to learn how to wire wrap them.


10-22-00 - DREAM - I worked for 'the blonde woman' (who shall remain nameless) I was taking care of the mail. We hadn't looked at it in a long time but 'the blonde woman' wasn't interested in what people had to say or what their questions were. She was too busy 'doing her thing', so she could do more workshops and sell books.

I felt sorry for the people who wrote and got no answers, so I was taking it upon myself to send them thank you notes for writing and apologizing that 'the blonde woman' didn't have time to write letters to them.

I did make note that nobody sent a self-address stamped envelope so it was costing me money to buy the envelopes and I didn't get paid to do this either. I was a volunteer. I still had another job to earn a living with.

One young woman wrote and asked simply for a map. I didn't know what she needed a map for ... to come to the house, maybe? The blonde woman didn't really want anyone to know where she lived.

Finally, I opened an envelope from a woman who I thought really deserved something in return, so I wrapped up two beaded necklaces for that person ... these were my own. One was a green emerald necklace and the other one was a rainbow gemstone colored one. I found two small white jewelry boxes and put one inside each one and then taped them together to mail them to her.


1-20-01 - DREAM - I was with some people and the girl was pregnant and went into labor. She had to be taken to the hospital and I was to go along and help her. However, there wasn't room in the truck for me to go with her, so I had to run along behind the truck. Eventually, I couldn't keep up and was several blocks behind the truck which was pretending to be am ambulance so it wouldn't have to stop at the intersections.

We went through the worst neighborhoods and it was dark out ... not even any street lights.

I saw some people up ahead on the sidewalk and thought to myself, "oh oh, I'm in trouble now!"

I tried pretending I wasn't even aware that there were people coming towards me on the other side of the street. As it was, the first group of guys were busy singing in a little group and they didn't bother me. However, though I decided to walk down the center of the road, some girls blocked my way and wouldn't let me pass.

One of the girls was acting really mean and was going to hurt me to see what I was carrying with me, when one of the girls noticed that I was trying to help the other woman deliver her baby and she stopped them and let me pass.

I got to the hospital and helped get the baby delivered and everything was fine. The guy who drove the truck to get the girl and her baby to the hospital got his picture taken by the hospital photographer. They took 120 pictures of him. The nurse then said that I deserved to have my photo taken too and took me into a special room where they took pictures of people.

She pulled out a large backdrop board which had pictures of flowers all over it. She was going to take my picture standing in front of that. However, the camera didn't have any film left in it. She looked and looked and couldn't find any film, nor did anyone have another camera, like a polaroid or anything.

I woke up and couldn't remember how the dream ended ... and fell asleep again and the dream continued.

Now, I was writing down the dream, trying to remember what happened at the end ...

As I wrote it, it seemed to embellish itself, and I added cut up pictures from magazines and decorated the pages, wrote details that weren't in the original story ... such as a stone I found on the street when the truck crashed into a tree in the beginning. I named the stone 'M' and it was like a green emerald ... shaped like a football. It sparkled in the light.

The truck got going and the story remained the same until we got to the hospital. In the hospital I was writing down the story and it was getting longer and longer. I decided to run the papers through a copier in an office so I had more than one copy of what I wrote. The paper came out the other end, not only duplicated, but even longer than when it went in. The machine itself had written even more details than I had. I was going through the sheets, trying to figure out what I wrote and what the machine wrote ... I saw words I didn't even know, some in italics, some handwritten like I had, some in block print ... a language I didn't even know. This was really strange.

Then my ex-husband Ed showed up and he wanted to go somewhere. I was trying to get all this paper together and his stuff too because I knew we wouldn't be back and I didn't want to leave any evidence behind that we had been there.

Then Ed went downstairs ahead of me and met some guy who said he'd take him to the store while I was packing. I knew what that meant... he was going to get drunk and there would be hell to pay ...

I tried to stop him and worked even faster to delay him and throw all my stuff in a big duffle bag type thing I found on the floor. I had to leave all my clothes behind that was in the duffle bag and just throw the paper in it so I'd have the story.

But I was too late and Ed left with the other guy.

I now had the green stone which I showed to some women and told them it was named 'M', I then discovered that the girl who had the baby was in trouble because one of the nurses had given her an injection and it was infected and bleeding internally. The name of the vein which was punctured mistakenly was named 'M' and I wondered how I would have known that subconsciously in order to name the stone the same thing as the vein.

I started to wake up and knew I was dreaming and decided I'd better quit dreaming or I'd forget what the original dream was.