2-15-98 - DREAM - I was watching people in canoes floating down river. They came to a city and went into a theatre. Inside the theatre was a game show going on. The theatre and the audience was really large. It was impossible to finish the game show all in one day, so I was asked to make an announcement to the people to get them to stay overnight and finish the game the next day. They gave me a deck of blue playing cards. There were 57 cards and each one represented a prize. There were many more than 57 people in the audience, but I fanned out the card in front of them to entice them to stay until the next day and win a prize. Each of the 57 chosen people would be able to pick their own card from the deck, but nobody knew which people would be chosen, and nobody would know what the prize was until after it was revealed later on. Nobody got up to leave.

The scene changed when I walked into another room in the theatre building. There was a long brown table in the room. I sat at the end of the table. There were other people in the room, both men and women. An old, old, black woman came into the room carrying a little black girl child about a year old, who in turn was carrying an infant black girl child clutched in her arms. One of the women in the room tried to take the child out of the arms of the old black woman, but the child refused to go to her.

The old black woman sat down to my right around the corner of the table and offered the child to me to hold. The child was terrified and clutched tightly to her own little child. We placed a child's sized rocker on top of the table in front of us and eased the child onto the rocking chair. She was held onto the chair with a brown seat belt. The old black woman and I both had our hands on the child to hold her safely and securely. I was rocking the chair gently with my foot somehow to soothe the child. The old woman and I were both talking to the child softly and telling her she was going to be okay and she was safe and we pointed out that she couldn't fall out of the chair because of the seat belt. We had to do this in order to make the change from the old black woman to me.

The child gradually became more calm and we could see the fear leave the child's eyes. Gradually then, the old black woman removed her hands from the child while mine continued to hold her securely on the chair. Then, right in front of us, the old woman fell over on the floor and died.

I was as shocked at anyone to see the old woman die, but we turned the child's rocker around so she couldn't see the old woman's dead body and some of the men in the room prepared a schoolroom type event at the other end of the long table where they had glass enclosed cages filled with little white baby animals. They were the babies of every species imaginable.

All the babies were jumping around like baby animals do. They were really cute. The test was going to be for the girl child now to name the animals one by one.

Because there were so many animals, we removed the larger common ones like the puppy, kitten, and bunny rabbit, because they were so common and were also the largest and blocked the view of the others. I wiped the glass clean so the child could see the animals clearly, and I took up a long pointer stick to point to each animal so she could name them.


by Dee - 2-15-98

Joe's Interpretation of Dee's "End of the Age" Dream

Dee told me this dream right after we woke up this morning (2-15-98).

My first reaction was that it was about the end of the age, because I recognized symbols that are similar to other dreams which I believe are related to certain myths and religions.

The most outstanding feature to me is the death of the black woman. I believe she represents the eastern goddess Kali, who is often depicted as black or dark blue. I and several other people have had dreams of a black woman. They seem to be important dreams and do not fit with the daily life circumstances. One woman, for example, dreamed of a dead black woman in her bath tub.

In the eastern religions we are said to be in the Kali-Yuga, the Age of Iron.  According to H. P. Blavatsky, we rid ourselves of Kali at the end of the Kali-Yuga.

In my theory, the harlot of Revelation 17 has the same meaning as Kali.  The age that is near its end is a karmic cycle. Kali is depicted with a  girdle of severed human hands. As the instruments of our works, this indicates the karmic function. Personally, I feel that the traditional  interpretation of karma is not quite right. It seems to be more of a learning experience, rather than a reward-punishment system. The game show, the deck of cards, and the prizes in Dee's dream may suggest karma.

The men in the room preparing a schoolroom type event may suggest the learning function.

Some of my dreams seemed to suggest that the goddess symbolism represents a type of energy, similar to a generator. The earth is like a motor being powered by the generator-goddess. The goddess is replaced by another in the new cycle, like a new energy becoming manifest. Kali, and other goddesses in the eastern systems are the aspects of the One Goddess, Sakti.

Kali is a destroyer goddess. This is called "death or destruction creation," and equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is destroyed in the process of the plants growth. In other words, in the overall, it is positive.

I believe this is the context of "the end of the world." The way of living and being in the time cycle is the "seed" that is destroyed, but the new "plant" will replace it.

In our system we are in the Age of Pisces. This is often associated with water. The people in Dee's dream are floating down a river in canoes. Blavatsky also said that the story of Noah's Ark represents the Age of Pisces. So, the canoes, the water, and the animals in Dee's dream may suggest this.

Dreams of babies are common. They are often associated with goddess figures, such as the Woman With Child in Revelation 12, the pregnant  earth goddess "Serpent Skirt" in the Aztec myth, and little Horus setting on his mother, Isis' lap. I believe this is saying something about mankind.

Babies are often said to represent new ideas and ways, like "birthing" a new idea.

Dee's dream is unique, I believe, in that the year-old girl child is carrying an infant. My guess is that the year-old child represents an aspect of humanity, and the infant symbolizes ideas/beliefs that are in their infancy.

The fear and refusal of the child to let go seems to indicate humanity clinging to old ways because of the fear of change. Other dreams, I think, are similar, such as clinging to a tree limb and being blown off  by the wind.

A combination of various people's dreams led me to a theory about the Noah story. In one of Jeff's dreams, many animals came to his front porch because they felt warmth there. My son, Mike, had a recurring dream when he was a child, of going down to his grammar school playground at night, where he spoke to all the animals.

The idea is that the Ark represents mankind's dream "voyage" during the Age of Pisces. All the animals must be brought aboard because they represent the dream symbols.

Naming the animals, such as in the story of Adam, would indicate the interpretations given to the (animals) symbols. In Dee's dream the animals are white babies. White, I believe, is a symbol of purity or truth. The "test" would indicate our ability to interpret the dream symbols correctly.

To me, this fits with various symbols indicating that the truth will come at the end of the cycle. For example, in the Aztec myth the earth goddess is impregnated by feathers from Heaven. The Egyptians used the feather to symbolize truth, because it can be so easily blown  away. Another example is the Hopi creation myth of Spider Grandmother.

After three stages underground, she comes again, this time assisted by birds. Birds are said to represent the descent of the Deity or messengers thereof into the field of time. And, of course, they are covered by feathers.

I believe there is a hint of this in Revelation 1:12-16, where the sharp two-edged sword issues from the mouth of the son of man. He speaks with a voice like the sound of many waters. In Rev. 17:15 "waters" are said to be peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues. This seems to indicate that the truth that will cut through the old beliefs and ways will be spoken by many.

Interestingly, Jeff had a dream where he and his oriental partner were chased around in a house by a huge man, as another huge man guarded the door with a knife. Then, the man at the door said they would be let out. Instantly, the knife turned into a feather. When Jeff told me the dream in 1991, neither one of us knew that the feather represented "truth."

This part of the dream reminded me of something I read in a crop circle journals several years ago. It quoted the Mayan shaman, Hunbatz Men, as saying that in the world change, the sacred symbols will be newly understood.

Dee explained to me that the animals were not full sized, so the relative sizes of the animals did not match real life. The common ones like the puppy, kitten, and bunny rabbit, were larger than the others, and blocked the view, perhaps meaning they are more common dream symbols that make interpretation more difficult, especially on the collective level.

Wiping the glass clean and pointing with the stick, I figure, indicates Dee's work helping people with their dreams. In one of Jeff's dreams he was dressed all in white, and saw a pregnant oriental woman in the back courtyard of a restaurant. Later he saw oriental children in a van with dirty windows. The dream ended with Jeff cleaning the windows of the van.

Some say that men and women in dreams can represent aspects of the self.

I believe the female images are often indicating the dreaming, night time, inspirational, right-brain, intuitive side, and that the males are the rational, day time, left-brain side. One theory is that Adam and Eve are one person with a much larger male-rational aspect, with only a rib-sized portion of the female-dreaming aspect. Eve, then, takes the fruit from the dream-tree first, and then gives it to Adam. Perhaps misinterpretations caused "the fall."

This is interesting in regard to the part of Dee's dream where she helped the child feel safe . . . that she would not fall out of the chair.

In my dream symbols, black can sometimes mean "invisible." If this holds true with Dee's dream, the black females would suggest invisible spiritual entities and/or forces.

The idea that the events in the dream took place in a theater fits with many other dreams. I believe some of them are suggesting that the world is like a stage play or film. Several such dreams are on this site. They can be found by clicking on the link labeled "The Movie Theater" in the Featured Dreams section on the main page.

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