Oh Oh boy!!!

The year 2000 approaches!

Everywhere i look...read..listen, i sense the "end times feeling"! Cayce...Nostradamus; and numerous prophets speak of how the very earth will overturn..or be burned up in fire!!!

I, myself...began to have..beginning in 1992..a series of End time Visions..visions in depth and scope..to rival even the Prophets.

"No survivors"...one, said!

"It begins to begin to end, in 1996"...another showed to me!

Refugees, migrating North..meet refugees..migrating South:---they meet, and all see that there is no escape;--they all sit down and BAWL and cry great sobs!!!!

From 1992..till about 1995...i received these visions

I received my LAST one, of these series...in 1996.

---a vision of Great Optimism!!!

From: Freestone

What if the End Times Never Came?!!

Date: Thursday, May 21, 1998 9:38 AM


Many Spirits..ala mediums...have things to say about the "end Times", or of the Prophet-seen Earth-changes..that are to come. --they say that these warnings are given as a warning to us all, to help us make "course-corrections..in our ways of life. that" if you continue on so and so path...this or that, will happen". thus, if we change our lives, collectively....certain prophesied disasters may not occur.


i sense that certain people "need" the feeling of the sense of "end times", to create a sense of purpose, in their lives...for a variety of reasons

---i knew of a preacher who wanted "righteous revenge", upon all his enemies!----he even wants Hell to exist..just to be able to look forward to having these enemies be sent to there, by his Righteous, vengeful God!!

(don't these people read the Manual-that-comes-with-everyone-at-birth?...where that Bible says.."God is Love"....and that we send OURSELVES to Hell, by our lives; and not by a vengeful God's actions upon us!)

---i knew of a "hippie" who wanted not to cope with the modern age; he wanted us all to go back to 1820 Frontier days where "men are Men and women cook and clean".....where if "survival" took all one's time and energy...then he would not have to face more subtle issues!...psychological issues of his inner life, perhaps...or maybe of his inability to face the Creative demands, of using what this modern age has to offer, positively, for Soul-growth!

(in my little town that i live in..SO many people are afraid of the NET!...they treat it like a rattlesnake in the bushes!..."too many filthy things on it"..or"there is nothing valuable on it"!!!

---i knew of a man who wanted the "great Market Crash of 1929"...to occur again...to show everyone up! and...to assuage his envy of all the people who have better economic fortune, then he!

---there is Great Psychological Meaning present..if one belongs to a group or even in a cult...that believes that "the end is Near". that great disaster looming momentarily..gives great meaning to one's life...and lots of social bonding occurs, too..in that group.

My first end time vision

Sept. 23, 1992

Hello, folks.

I was living in Florida, at the time....i went to bed as usual..utterly unawares that i was going to be inducted into the "club".

---this is the club of the select few..and SELECTED at that, by Spirit...to be given Great Visions of the "End times". {{the WORLD will not end...but civilization may!!}}.

Cayce...Nostradamus...others, have been given similar visions. Why me?? I can not, here, answer that: but i got to live with what i have been given!

In the morning hours of the 23rd of September of 1992....I was shown a remarkable vision, inferring great great sufferings...

I stood on a small hill, about 20 feet from a road. On this road, was a trudging single-file of refugees. I could see that they had only the clothes on their backs..and maybe what they could carry.

Several hundred of them. I emerged into dream...right next to two men on horse back...i sort of knew that these two men did this all the time: ferry a group of refugees from one place to another.

The sky was grey. But the grass was green. The "road" was really a rutted trail.

A small convoy of trucks passed ..several in a group..as if one should Never drive alone, now!

I was very struck by the expressions on the faces of these refugees. Blank...in shock...stressed beyond the capability to respond......

Then...suddenly a DOG ran up along the line. I could see that it was a black cocker spaniel. As the dog approached the two men, one of them got off his horse, and faced the dog. He gave this dog a violent KICK. I could see that he did not even hesitate. The dog immediately died. This man then turned to his partner and said..."a DOG!! W H O in these days would have a damn Dog..of all the fucking stupid things....." !!!!!!!

{{this tells me more than i ever want to know about the conditions everywhere else. A pet is "anti survival"..good only to eat!!.}}

We all came to a what looked like a school: the resting place. I followed the men over to a table..where they ate and talked......

One guy was remembering when this all started..these times of troubles..... "started in  1996"...he says.

The other says..."three years, then...seeing it is now the 16th of September, of 1999"

end of vision.


The bible code people found an incodation that says..W W III begins in 1996.

But it will be delayed. By God himself. "Delay"..not.."cancel"!

---and then my 1995 vision of the "indian summer".....where Spirit is giving the human race a little extra time to prepare.

So here i go into the future, to look back into a past, that is yet ahead of the present day!

It is a year yet to go, till September of 1999.

Will this column of trudging refugees yet walk...or will they walk: but only for a local condition.

Surely..the people's of Yugoslavia have been through that..done that......over and over..from 1996...to even now!

I have a intuitive feeling that this column WILL be there: it may be up to US..and or God, to see if we all can alter the event through Penitence and Love and Forgiveness.

But if we succeed..Grace may make this line of people be only in one area of the earth!!


Thu, 20 Aug 1998 10:43:41 -0400 (EDT)

I figure it is time to dust off some of my visions..that i had...1992...to 1996

here are some of them: feel free to do what you like with them>


free (???) wrote: last night,i had a vision. it began as a obe experience...which turned into a event where a guide---- a very impressive white-robed figure --- took me to a somewhere to show me something...to do with earth changes..it turns out that what i was being shown. ..was scenes from the future, on earth!!

i saw ,first, a city of 100 foot buildings, but with snow all but filling up the canyons between the buildings. there were DATE PALMS planted along the streets all but covered in the snow!

i was then shown a German-like city, where there was a castle on a cliff, overlooking a river. this guide told me that an earthquake will come, so strong, as to put the whole castle into the river! i was then shown the vatican-st. peters,, in flames, under a black sky- at-noon. this guide then told me that there will be much, MUCH fear, in the peoples daily life. ..that the aura of "fear" will sweep around the world, affecting everyone. I saw cities of whole neighborhoods just saturated with a aura of this fear. I saw a seemingly quiet snow covered city street scene.

.a quiet suburban street..at night time. Ah! ---but i could feel the very fear saturating this neighborhood; it was if every "worry wart handwringing-little old lady", all over the country.

..was worrying in overdrive!!

Fear so thick ya could cut it with the proverbial knife!

i then was shown a quick succession of scenes, of cities; where it was blackness at noon! as if a great volcanic dust shroud covered the entire planet, making even the tropic noon sun invisible, behind miles of atmospheric dust. all i could see, in the scenes, were rubble, nearly invisible, in the black haze "midnight at noon"! I saw quick flashes of city scapes where while the sun was shining..i could see a VAST cloud of dust come up from the western horizon..to imminently cover this city into a thick pall of dark!

i then asked this white-robed figure [???a guide, my higher self???}...a question; "what will become of the survivors?

he replied,"survivors??


what survivors!!"

! ! !----this is a quote of what he said!!!

i gather there will be VERY few! I guess overpopulation and pollution..in the year 2020...is something we all will NOT have to worry about!!

i was then shown a farm. ..there were dozens of people: i was shown that this was HUNDREDS of years beyond the "end times" yes, there were people: they looked different, somehow, than us of today...and a mixture of all races. Mutations and changes, i could tell..had occurred; this is the new race- to-come...the new School-class of Souls...they all had purple or violet colored eyes!!

And i was very impressed over what i saw in a large pasture, next to this farm...the animals had close-cropped the grass. I could see that there was a faint outline of an ancient road, that was there..years and years before. There was a tree, many feet in diameter, in the middle of it..... I take it to mean that maybe 500 years have passed since that road had been used; AND this was a road from "NOW"..our time!!

End of vision!

Years ago, on a drive through south Georgia I saw a couple of signs in front of a rural Ga. church, saying, "the end is near; get right with the lord"!....

I would say...as advice to one and all...from this vision...... finish up unfinished things, and forgive everyone, and let go, and reach out to spirit. Put goodness, truth, Love..into your heart and life.

.to prepare to go on to the new age of Spirit..into the heaven worlds ...get these ways into your lives, here on earth, now..while "Indian Summer" yet lasts!!!


nov. 17--i had a dream...that i went to my high school, and met with fellow students and teachers...from when i was in school, back in the 1950's.

I have the Feeling that this dream was partly astral---there may have been a bunch of people, who OBE--ed to come here. and..somehow i was telling them something...BEYOND my ordinary knowledge...as if i were, myself, channeling it, or receiving inspiration, from a higher level of Spirit.

i hope so!!! for I, who have been receiving all these VISIONS of the end-times, where "IT BEGINS, IN 1996" (!!!) ...i would HOPE that this following dream is true.

---for "i"..merely told these people..."that the Lord, in his mercy, has permitted an INDIAN SUMMER of the spirit, to bless the earth, at this time. ..and that everyone should take great advantage, of this time of grace, to progress one's soul, and to get right with spirit, and to finish up all the creative acts, of one's life"!!!

MY!..what a symbol!!!


..in my childhood place of growing-up (where this high school, is)..there is this thing called, "Indian Summer". ......it is where there is a whole stretch of fall, October , weather...of perfect skies...warm temperatures...calm winds..and the leaves are so so colorful. The Mildness can go on for a week, or even for several weeks. it is a time for to get ready for winter; and a time to enjoy the beauty of upstate New York, at its fine-est. the cold waves are delayed, for weeks...and it is 70 degrees every day, under clear blue skies...and all the leaves fire off their colors.....sometimes all at once!

so, from this dream.....we will, for a year, maybe two..maybe ten......have a calm earth...no great major volcanoes..no great disasters!! it is a time to "finish up the Schoolwork", of one's life-missions...to make amends with all people, to forgive one and all...to be creative..to reach out to Spirit, and to let go of what you cannot take with you.

in the Northlands..if there is an Indian Summer...that seems to go on, perfect; seemingly forever...watch out!!! ---for WHEN the arctic blast comes... .it will roar in BIG TIME ..and freeze everything dead, in one Withering, freezing, blast...of 40 mph winds..and 10 degrees far. temperatures..snow covering all!

so..do it now, during this time of grace!---finish up high school, and prepare for college! Yes, College!-----the new millennium-to-come!

And, you know....maybe we all will die of death!....of natural causes...instead of some great Catastrophe of earth-upheaval...as all that it takes, to kill us all off, here on earth...to send us all into the 7th-millennium Spirit-heavens...is just 60 to 70 more years of living!!


I have a QUESTION, for you all! what if...the end times will not occur?!!!

..i mean..."CANCELED"..or Delayed... no great earthquakes...no volcanoes....no mass destructions!!!

I read of an AIDS patient..who had but a year or two, to live, receive some Disturbing news! the doctors have given him an opportunity, to be healed!!! for----he had, before he was told this news, .......Made Peace with the world..his friends..and to Himself...that he was going to die, in a year or two.

he had already made all the legal "endings"..he had already said "goodbye", to one and all! too...he burned all his career bridges, behind him...cutting all ties with "tomorrow"!

---and NOW, there was going to be a "TOMORROW"!!!! ---and, WHAT was he going to do?!!!....with his "INDIAN SUMMER", of opportunity, caused by this new treatment?!


what if the end times were canceled or delayed?!

what if we all had Five...ten....thirty, years of time, left..???

time left..to grow in spirit and Soul...time to do our lessons of living.

IN the book, "the Bible code"...the writer finds that..yes..the end times WERE to have to begun, in 1996! ---but the Code also states that the Lord will DELAY these end-times...to maybe the year 2000, or 2005, or 2011..or something like those years!!

saying----that we are given a TIME OF GRACE!! MY visions..that i got..in 1992..give "1996"...as the "beginning of the times of troubles".....

Hmm...it is 1998, and counting!!!

we MAY have a few years...and all of the prophets, were only CORRECT!...not "wrong".....as they saw a future reality that has been, in the meantime, been changed, by Spirit....God...Himself!.....maybe because of what changes that WE had made, in our lives!

a small example, follows----of how prophet-seen futures....can become changed, over time..because someone(s) made some different and important alterations in their lives.

In the 1960's..my mother had a dream where she saw that she would be killed in a car wreck, within 10 years..but that her husband would live until he was 72. HER appointment was kept, right down to the color of the car.....but her husband lived until he was 73!!!


why was she off by one year, in the timing..of my Father's death?

in the meantime, after her death, my father(her husband)..turned against me..disliked me. but, as HE lay on his deathbed, in the nursing home...he asked my aunt..FOR ME!----to see me.

I came to see him....in his hospital room. he was, then... 72.

we had a grand reunion. All was forgiven...all of his anger toward me..over the years, was gone!

In its place...was a face filled with JOY. His face lit up with light..every time that i came to see him!

I came to see him nearly every day...for a year. I learned that he had a Conversion Experience..with Spirit...the Holy Spirit...a year before i came to see him!

He, under the influence of his Spirit-growth, made changes in how he felt, toward me....in his heart and Soul: thus Spirit positively altered his future, overwriting his wife's prophecy!

..he died on Christmas day...73 years old. A year later, than what was foreseen!

Spirit gave to him a year of grace, because he made amends with his son...and as a token of that year of Grace...he died on Christmas day.......THE day of the birth of the Great Gift-to humanity!!....the Lord gave to him...a gift of one year of life, in order to make amends, with his son!

And now....he went to Heaven, with Love and Forgiveness..in his heart!

So...maybe you..and the rest of us, Can Make A Difference...in how the "end times", will actually end!!!

We all do not HAVE to go down in Fire and Suffering!! We can see the New Age come.....after we die of Natural causes!

the endtime is delayed or canceled!!!

God so loves the Human Race, that He gives a period of Grace...

use it wisely,...please!!!!

---Freestone wilson

Live An Incredible Life!

Freestone Wilson