by Lee Chin

A photo captures your energy. Your handwriting is an expenditure of your energy, as is your voice over a phone or electronic recording

Any such medium as the above can be used for the methodology to divine your energy codex? Your energy signature identifies you to the Higher Soul's family "The Bio-Genesis of the Children of Light"

When I began my intuitive writings, I was inspired to keep my thought projections in simple terms so that the reader could also intuit his/her own pictographic memory cell. We have enough neural threads, that if unwound, could go all the way to the moon and back. (240,000 mile roundtrip.)

NO written words are recorded in our cellular memory banks, only pictographs which can be re-interpreted to tell a thousand words for your own receptive interpretations.

You are the keeper of the original copy of your own Akashic Record. A copy of it is in the collective Akashic Library of our Universal Consciousness. Our many incarnations provide the opportunity to edit and re-write our own Earth histories.

When we return to the Source and its co-creative library all is available for our educational review. That is why so many incarnate returnees lay claim to having been Cleopatra, Tutankhamen, etc.

It is much like the childhood dream of being Robin Hood or Cinderella. In other words, the fantasy temporarily becomes their dreamscape and their moral codes and or traumas become instrumental in their adoptive life style re-enactments. Until they receive their wake-up call, their co-created drama continues.

When I look into a mirror I see what I perceive as self. It took me many years to discover that this is only a reflection of the outer garment that I chose to wear in today's 3rd dimensional school room. If you can visualize a double sided mirror, put a butterfly on one side of it and a frog on the other. Now place a singular thought caption over them both. I AM created in the image and similitude of God. This is correct!

We are resident co-creations within one Uni-versal thought cell filled with its ocean of liquid Light. A Higher Source "thought" the image and we are the co-combined elemental particulates of the uni-versal extended energies of its similitude. There are many such mansion Uni-versal Thought Cells. Each is a containment vessel for the geometries of spectral energies orchestrated to the harmonies for the continuum of its own expanding enlightenments. The Greater I AM THOUGHT, and creation was made manifest!

We are the co-collective of the expanded energies of one harmonic verse. This is our UNI-Verse and it is mirror imaged into our own physical temples. Thusly, the enlightenments we seek are to be re-discovered from within. One octave of color, sound and frequency vibration rhythmically resonates within your own temple. Your temporary physical body is the containment "coat for the inner garment of its many colors"

ALL of the colorful signatures aligned within that one octave of uni-versal geometries are the light-life force that surges through the E-M ley lines of the acupuncture meridians. Its many acupuncture points are harbored within their assigned docking space in its like spectral river of energy. Yes, they are the frequency generators to re-broadcast the messages of continuum to the arenas they service within the organisms of the body of Mother Earth, and even so, her own co-creations.

All co-creations are the "Torch Bearers" of the Uni-Versal geometries. No one person can claim to be the only bearer of the torch! The 12 harmonics of spectral geometries are the arcs of the angles on assignment (only) identified to the ladder of the 3rd dimensional octave. Each can manifest its pictographic memories to us as an Archangel on assignment to broadcast its own message of intent from the Greater co-collective conscience.

The next higher octave is aligned with the geometric arcs of its own identifiable harmonic spectrum. This being another (UNI/one) verse in the orchestration of the expanding enlightenments of continuum.

When the spectral ladder was let down for the creation of our planet each rung was a primary level of the structuring of the co-creative dream. These were likened to the (mis-understood) 7 days of creation. Each rung established it co-creative foothold with its Soul imprint. The creative schedule was harmonized by the side supports of the enharmonic spectral arc so assigned to provide the linkage.

Our present 3rd dimensional octave has 7 rungs and 5 enharmonic side supports. It originally had 8 rungs and 6 enharmonics. You can see for yourself where there is a fallen away enharmonic resonator. Then and ONLY then was the pentagram intended for this creative program. The continuum for our earthly programming was re-balanced by the overseer energies of the star of David.

The enharmonics are the combined apportionments of the two rungs intended to link the building program together from its foundation and upwards. When the building program is nearing completion the ladder is uplifted and the foundation prepares the created architecture for yet another higher realm.

Watch the message being displayed in the Rainbow. Even now, its spectral arcs are changing as this octave reaches its orchestrated completion. The spectral generators and their genesis are being realigned and no longer can their chakra energy wheels put the brakes on our evolution. The 13th frequency IS the zero point for the free will of your own choice to ascend to the next level or re-wind the clock and repeat the 3rd dimensional re-programming.

The 12 pair of alternating currents that flow to and from the Universal Consciousness are the Light energy arcs so aligned to the 12 pair of acupuncture meridians that circumnavigate within the body of Mother Earth, her universal brethren, and even so her co-creations you and I.

These harmonics were balanced to the original co-creators by the equal apportionments of the messaging intent within each of the arenas confined within their ley lined grids.

The predominant message is thusly balanced by one lesser energy quotient within the whole of the 3rd dimensional family within the spectrum. Therefore each grid has a predominant energy signature for the body of Mother Earth and is mirror imaged by the identifiable codex to the ATOMS on assignment to combine with the ADAMS.

It is this codex that resonates within the DNA blueprint of the Electro-magnetic signature within the bio-genesis of each creation. It is this brighter torch that is the identifiable banner held by each of the 12 armies of Light Workers marching towards the expanding continuum for and with the Greater Light.

YES, this torch awaits recognition of its divine guidance for your own missioned intent. The Universal Consciousness holds no secrets from those who seek  such enlightenments.

This scribe holds but one piece of the puzzle for the grander picture. It is my own small way of keeping the torch lit.

*Are there more addendums to clarify this insight? Of course, they are archived within your own memory cells, as they are within my own. Many have already been scribed as my own communications from self, to self. My library is full of my own thought perceptions and constantly being reviewed for editing and re-writes.

The pictographic cover for that of my own insights does not change. "From Atoms to Adams, we are the Bio-Genesis of the Children of the Light".

I AM loving us all, >lee>