Subj: Lost Book of Enki (Mobius) 
Date: 4/13/2002 

History Intact

by Allen Furford
The Mobius Insight

Thanks to Lee Chin also known as the Genesis of Light, I just finished the Lost Book of Enki by Zacheria Sitchin and I am satisfied everything is tracking right in the Mobius Insight. 

The translations of the Lost Book of Enki, all 14 tablets stands as it was written unfragmented. This is a must read book by the master of Sumeria, by the way. It seems we all have to make a shift again about our history from what we know about in this tablet, and Sitchin did this as I have to in view of this crucial information. 

By moving the flood up in my own mind again, and accepting the fact the Annunaki had gathered and saved genes from almost everything they could, and given their level of science plus man┬╣s ability to procreate, it is possible to move this mark closer to present time. How everything worked was well explained on this tablet... 

The fact Zuisudra╣s (Noah╣s) people and craftsmen survived the flood caused from a slipping Antarctic ice pack when Nibiru neared, plus 4 other pair in what is now South America that were admitted survivors by those from off planet, then later admission that these survivors came from the line of Ka-in (Cain) which also made it through in some other areas fits a more logical pathway than depicted in the Christian Bible. In short for all of the Deluge┬╣s destruction, the seeds afloat await the land and the planet Earth had just gone through another and most terrible of many terrible cycles as explained by those we call the gods, or Annunaki. In short, The Lost Book of Enki is your real modern Earth Genesis but genesis is a cycle also and a universal one...

Genesis is a cycle? It seems the Annunaki did not know what their origins were either, and fought such a terrible atomic war as described by Enki that they finally ended up a monarchy with council, plus the inhabitants had gone through so many previous cycles which also disrupted Nibiru as well as Earth╣s stability in its long past; they did not even have fossils of possible Annunaki / Igigi evolution from comments made in the Lost Book. The Igigi were those who stayed in Earth orbit. or manned the relay stations, such as the one on Mars, for the minerals needed by the home planet and imported from Earth to stabilize its atmosphere; gold being the key sought after element.

The total picture of how that other planet works is fascinating to say the least, and because of the moons some of the mass is canceled out allowing life as we know it there. Many of the Earth╣s plants came from there, modified for Earth, and it seems plants also traveled the other direction to Nibiru according to the tablets. Sheep came from there as well as cattle according to these writings, all part of the civilization package handed down by Nibirian decree. Earth presents problems for the Annunaki if they try to live here, aging more rapidly and living in a sense 30 times slower to us. One Annunaki day is like one month Earth time. An Annunaki sleeping for 8 hours on his schedule has just slept for 10 days our present time. They have to take special supplements which for the most part can be grown on Earth to counter the effects of the quick changes from day to night, the high ultraviolet  radiation, the breathable but noticeable difference in the atmosphere and density there of. They also seemed to have aged much faster here on Earth, maybe even as much as 30 to 1 compared to the home planet with the much longer orbit around the sun. Some sort of hibernation was also implied on the world from without, also slowing the aging process, but the prime factor of age clocking seemed to be the speed of the planet around the central star, our sun.

Genesis for Nibiru was more like the natural order of things... Annunaki suddenly appeared  on the scene. When the Annunaki first saw the crude being that was to become man, it was remarked that this clay of Earth possibly was how Annunaki  began life on Nibiru. In short they did not know really from whence they came,  but they did pray to the Creator of All, the Real God, The Great Spirit, The Pure Lord of the Loving Light. In short they were religious and there was only one real God...

The insertion of the messenger Galzu into the Lost Tablet history is also interesting. He also looked like an Annunaki except his face shown with an inner light and it was said by the Annunaki they were of the opinion Galzu was a personal messenger from the Real God. Was he? Could he have been a time traveler? Could he have been from the real seeding race of Man and a member of a greater federation of civilizations? You see, we have found modern footprints that date much farther back than the Annunaki here on Earth, and the Greeks tell us there were 5 races of men. First was the Golden Race, the perfect race of man that went to heaven and died out on Earth, and heaven was not the spirit world in those days as far as the Greeks were concerned, underground across the River Stix was the spirit world. Call Heaven the stars or Nibiru, take your pick...

As far as the real spirit world as I have seen it, as well as seen by too many others going through the same catharsis to even bother to count now, lumps all of Earth┬╣s spirits into the same dimensional area since we are part of this gravity well induced by our sun. Annunaki and Igigi who have died on Earth reincarnate here like the rest of us. They are us... and we are them on Earth. We are hybrids from Mars (Igigi), hybrids from Nibiru (Annunaki) and part of Earth all rolled into one. We can share the same body to transport our souls since the encoding keys are now cut that way by the tool of God we call Enki. Our God is their God, our quirks their quirks. We reattained civilization because of them, they gave us booze, sexual promiscuity, drugs and war along with all the rest of the good and bad attributed to our present situation. We may well have given these gifts to them first if the Greeks are correct to any degree, as the Golden Race of Man. Zuisudra (Noah) was white skinned with blond hair and blue eyes at birth which set him apart from others during his early years, had a gift with animals, and Enki was his father as confessed somewhat in embarrassment. Kingship handed down for Earth rule during the Age of the Bull (Anu╣s idea) never worked so the Annunaki relied upon religion in the end to control mankind. The way it was done even was explained in this literary gift from someone who cared for man, who built man in present form. 

Inanna was the first women╣s liberation leader and failed her subjects miserably so vain was she for just one failing, being just plain nuts for another after losing her lover. We are the mirror image of  the image which may well be that of another mirror from the beginning until the end of time, as we physically know it. The universe is a big place with far more than two occupied planetary systems. We are what we are and some call us Man. I have to smile when I say we have been around for awhile. I am a citizen of the Galaxy and thanks to what seems to be Universal Law, I have a ticket to ride. Outside help we of Earth may well need in our present geophysical situation; a king┬╣s rule I need not from Earth nor Nibiru. The Age of Kings is over....

Both planets have problems, we are all so very related, we have gold, they need gold, we both need a good third planet because of our instability so why not a joint venture? Mankind has gifts to bring for we innovate 30 times faster in present configuration than those we call Annunaki if I am guessing correctly. We also have the capability to move along the path of progress if we do not get hit too bad this go around for the Planet of the Crossing, Planet X. We have to save the manufacturing base as a total package several places felt to be safe on this planet. Repositories of tools and knowledge safe from even nuclear attack and this is no small project as time is running out. You can bet on the fact some of these cousins are here already and we can only hope it will be for the betterment of mankind, because we have not forgotten how they used the Forbidden Weapons of the Old Times to assure no Bond Heaven-Earth (communications) or space flight by Marduk who was supposedly given dominion over the entire Earth, if he could hold it from this new race of man hybrid he helped create. Marduk had been forever banned from Nibiru because he married an Earthling and was in line for Kingship of Nibiru such was his royal lineage until he did this. He had a loyal following from the Igigi from Mars who had to move to Earth after the deluge and intermarried also with the people who would be the new inhabitants of Earth. Genetically we of Earth are closer to the Annunaki then the original species they had started with from the land, and this was
Enki┬╣s embarrassment when he turned the formulas over to Anu. Enki was the son of Anu, King of Nibiru and that meant Man was made in the kings image by way of the son over and over again by gene refreshment from the start of the project called Hu-Man.  It was quite flattering for the only way man could be told apart from those from the other planet was the fact Earthmen had a foreskin on his penis and those from the other planet did not. In all other respects we are identical physically which amazed those who inhabited Nibiru.

They banished Marduk from Nibiru anyway because he broke royal rules and married outside of royalty. Marduk wanted Earth for himself but it cost him all the benefits of longevity which were denied by Enki, taking orders from Anu who was Marduk┬╣s grandfather. From the end of the tablet, Enki and Enlil decided they had to make the decision whether to leave or stay and die on Earth which was coming fast for them then.  Enlil implied her would get the last gold out from the Andes and head home. Enki did not say if he stayed or not, but may well have left figuring extending his life gave him the ability
to oversee his project, as he did not fully trust his son. 

Using the orbit Sitchin originally had tabled with 400 year windows for launch, allowing for Nibiru to have been through last in 1600 B.C. when Anu gave his permission to pull back, these brings us to approximately 1200 B.C. Now it seems at this time all the learning centers man had left were wiped out by some kind of super laser... and you can bet Enlil saw to the flame job as a parting farewell. Well for some reason and at an insane rate of progress the last 600 years we are now in space big time and have over 30,000 Forbidden Weapons world wide ready to go. In short any conflict between planets is going to hurt both sides before it would be over. No one wins... not really. At the moment this observation of sources of conflict, cause and possible future political effect may help adjust your thinking about our current situation. I would not be too fast to choose sides when the time comes for a decision about these so called gods. If they are ruling Earth, look what they have done to us time and again either on purpose as Enlil often tried, or by accident as what happened to Sumer. (Shumer) Like the Prophet Amos said: Ask ye not for the Day of the Lord... but then Amos did not have Area 51 either and machines to cannabilize from other off world cultures...

One last little item: The gods (Annunaki) had dream visions of the future...

Do you?

Allen D. Furford
The Mobius Insight

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