As of 10 Dec 1997, Professor D.G. Lahoz of Universitas Americae (UNIAM) announced his discovery of a “circular boundary” around the Cydonia area on Mars. Dr. Lahoz gives the radius of this circular area as approximately 53 kilometers. He says further that there are six ‘monument-like structures’ on the circumference of this boundary which form a regular hexagonal pattern as seen from aerial view.

Further still, Dr. Lahoz says that this radius is ‘intended’ to indicate one-hundredth of the surface distance (arc distance) on Mars from pole to equator.

Upon reading this announcement at the UNIAM website … http://www.ncf.carleton.ca:80/~bp887/

I decided to see if significant results would follow if I converted the approximate value of 53 kilometers to a) 33 statute miles, and then to b) 32.8280635 statute miles. Note: the latter value is an exact base-10 harmonic of RADIAN degrees Squared, or 3282.80635.

Corroborates Work by C.P. Munck:

Carl P. Munck has self-published extensive work involving the ‘re-discovery’ of a very advanced planetary mathematical matrix …. a system apparently designed and used in “prehistory”. This matrix, according to Munck’s work, was based on mathematical constants of the circle ….. Pi, 360 ‘degrees’ on the circumference, and the RADIAN measure in degrees which is 360 / (2Pi) or 57.29577951 degrees. This planetary matrix, or ‘grid’ system, was the basis for our latitude/longitude system of degrees/minutes/seconds … which has survived to this day. Obviously, this implies that ‘advanced knowledge’ did exist many thousands of years ago in so-called “prehistoric” times.

Some information on Munck’s work can be found at the website of Laura Lee …. http://www.lauralee.com …. or, his new mailing address is … P.O. Box 418, Flemington, West Virginia, 26347, USA.

Notice that a radius of 32.8280635 statute miles means a diameter of 65.656127 statute miles. When Munck became involved with Richard C. Hoagland …. http://www.enterprisemission.com …. in the early 1990s, along with Erol Torun, he determined that ‘The Face’ on Mars was situated precisely at a “grid point value” of 656.56127 (see work of Carl P. Munck). Again, we see an exact base-10 harmonic coming into play here ….. the exact location of ‘The Face” on Mars and the diameter of the circular boundary of Dr. Lahoz’s “Museum of Monuments at Cydonia”. Could the DMS (degrees/minutes/seconds) system and the statute Mile have been used on both Mars and Earth? A longitude measurement needs a Prime Meridian from which to start. Munck determined not only that the Martian prime meridian passed through the center of ‘The D&M Pyramid’, but also that the ancient prime meridian on Earth passed through the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Ties to Coordinates of Bethlehem:

Recent copyrighted work by Michael Lawrence Morton (1997; as yet unpublished) reveals, based on Munck’s system, a set of “grid point values” for the probable site of the birth of the historical Jesus Christ …. Bethlehem …. identical to the set of diameters (in statute miles, as discussed above) for the circular boundary of Dr. Lahoz’s “Museum of Monuments at Cydonia”…. 66 and 65.656127. I suggest here that there are two concentric ‘boundary circles’ at Cydonia … of 66 (“outer circle”) statute miles and of 65.656127 (“inner circle”) statute miles.

Two Bethlehem ‘Grid Point Values’

According to the Work of M.L. Morton:

Based on the system of Carl P. Munck ……

Longitude 04 deg 03 min 54 sec East Giza … which is equal to 35 deg 11 min 54.8 sec E. Greenwich Grid Longitude = 04 x 03 x 54 = 648 E. Giza

Latitude 31 deg 41 min 33.6490952 sec North Grid Latitude = 31 x 41 x 33.6490952 = 42768 North Grid Point Value = 42768 / 648 = 66


Longitude (same as above)

Latitude 31 deg 41 min 33.47377679 sec North Grid Latitude = 31 x 41 x 33.47377679 = 42545.1703 North Grid Point Value = 42545.1703 / 648 = 65.656127

Munck’s Figures For Coordinates Of ‘The Face’ on Mars:

Based on the mapping of Cydonia by professional cartographer Erol O. Torun …..

Longitude 06.890283706 min East (of center of D&M Pyramid, marking the Martian prime meridian) Latitude 41 deg 11 min 10.03080581 sec North Grid Latitude = 41 x 11 x 10.03080581 = 4523.893421 North Grid Point Value = 4523.893421 / 6.890283706 = 656.56127

Note: 656.56127 = (360 x RADIAN deg) / (10 x Pi) = (36 / Pi) RADIANS

Note: 4523.893421 = 1440 x Pi …. and; 1440 is the number of corner-angle degrees on the surfaces of two Tetrahedra

Note: 6.890283706 = (Pi / 3) x (2Pi / 3) x Pi

Ties To ‘Grid Point Value’ Of The Great Sphinx:

The number of seconds of longitude at the Bethlehem site … 54 … appears to refer to the grid point value (Munck) of The Great Sphinx ….. which is 5400.

Ties To Polar Circumference Of Earth:

Just as Dr. Lahoz has stated (see above) with regard to the radius of the “Museum of Monuments at Cydonia” indicating one-hundredth of the surface distance (arc distance) on Mars from pole to equator, the 54 longitude seconds at the Bethlehem site refers to not only the 5400 grid point value of The Great Sphinx, but also to the 5400 nautical miles of surface distance (arc distance) on Earth from pole to equator.

Could the polar circumference of Mars be (or have been) 13,200 statute miles? Considering the fact that Earth’s polar circumference is 21,600 nautical miles (and 21,600 arc minutes of latitude), consider this … 21600 / 13200 = 1.636363636 ….. a harmonic of 16 followed by a pattern of repeating 36s. The number 16 is the ‘hexadecimal base’ of current computer language, and the number 36 displays the harmonic of the number of degrees in a circle …. 360. And, as we’ve already seen, the grid point value of ‘The Face’on Mars is equal to (36 / Pi) RADIANS.

‘Surface-Area-of-Hemisphere’ Suggested By Inner-Circumference of “Museum”:

The circumference of the inner-circle boundary of the “Museum of Monuments at Cydonia” would be Pi x 65.656127, or 206.2648062 statute miles. Here we have another precise base-10 harmonic reference… this time to the ‘purely mathematical’ surface-area-of-a-hemisphere ….. using the RADIAN (deg) measure as the unit-distance of the radius of a given hemisphere….   2 x Pi x (RADIAN squared) = (2Pi) x 3282.80635 = 20626.48062 ‘square degrees’ of hemisphere surface area Could this be a ‘metaphorical suggestion’ of a “dome” over the “museum”?


There appears to be a coherent , intelligent, ‘self-aware’, mathematically based matrix/system used in-common on Mars and on Earth …. involving certain identical measurement systems. Further, it appears that there is a ‘conscious connection’ between the likely birthplace of the historical Jesus Christ and the following: a) the grid point value of The Great Sphinx b) the grid point value of ‘The Face’ on Mars c) the polar circumference of Earth d) the polar circumference of Mars, and e) the diameter of the “Museum of Monuments at Cydonia” as discovered by Dr. D.G. Lahoz.

( c ) copyright 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton