Mar. 30, 1998

Here's the Question:

Can millions of people, focusing their minds on inner and world peace, heal the world in an instant?

Can we, through scientific and quantifiable means, prove that we are indeed the creators of the world we perceive, and that by changing our perception, the  world itself  changes?

This is "The Great Experiment."

It's time we prove scientifically what the saints and sages have always told us that we are powerful spiritual beings with the ability to create a world based on the laws of love, instead of the rules of fear. With the help of scientists, we are about to put an end to doubt forever.

Two months ago, James Twyman, author of the bestselling book, "Emissary of Light," was invited by the government of Iraq to perform his "Peace concert" in Baghdad. The situation seemed desparate war seemed almost inevitable and diplomatic efforts seemed to have failed.

"I was being used by the Iraqi government," Twyman said. "But we had the  same goal: to avoid this terrible war. I was given permission to sing the Muslim prayer for peace to Saddam Hussein and I wanted the world to join us in this prayer. Hundreds of thousands of people over the world participated, and when it was complete, I  felt a profound shift in the energy of that whole region. Three days later, a peace agreement was signing, something which seemed impossible before the prayer vigil began."

But The Story Continues . . .

"A week later, I was invited by the government of Northern Ireland to sing at Stormout Castle in Belfast — the building where the peace talks were being held. For days, bombs were exploding all around that area. Many people were trying to interrupt the peace process and it seemed like the talks might fall apart. Once again, thousands around the world joined us in prayer, and three days later there was a breakthrough in the talks. A peace agreement in May now seems inevitable."

The evidence is there — we do have the power within us to change the world. Princeton scientist, Dr. Roger Nelson, has measured the statistically significant effect that focused meditations and events have upon the earth's energy field. Dr. Nelson has measured these effects during the GaiaMind Meditation and during Princess Diana's funeral. His studies show that the greatest effects occur when groups synchronize their focus.

During "The Great Experiment," we will meditate upon specific affirmations in unison to achieve the power of a singular group focus.


"If enough people join their minds and hearts for peace, we can heal the world."

"The Great Experiment" will take place on April 23rd at 6:30 PM Eastern Time ( This  would be 11:30 AM GMT ) Please mark your calendars now, and tell everyone that you know to join with us.

James Twyman has been invited to sing the peace prayers from the twelve major religions at the United Nations building in New York on April 23rd. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for us all. Dr. Doreen Virtue, best-selling author of The Lightworker's Way, and Gregg Braden, geologist and author of Awaken to Zero Point, join James in conducting this incredible experiment. Authors, entertainers, and other celebrities, will participate by sharing their vision of "a world transformed by love."

Here's how you can participate:

1. Tell everyone you know. Share this with everyone on your mailing list so that everyone can participate. Feel free to print this out and make copies.

The goal is to get as many people focused on this meditation.

2. Begin preparing your spirit and mind for the event by spending a few moments in silence everyday. This will help build the energy.

3. Join at least one other person for the vigil on April 23rd. This is an experience to share. "Where two or more are gathered."

The Format of the Meditation:

We are asking everyone to follow this simple format during the meditation.  As scientific studies at Princeton University show, the more focused a group meditation or event is, the stronger the effect.

1. Opening:

Begin with this affirmation, said with great power and committment:

I am an Emissary of Light.

I extend this Light to all beings, in compassion and love, knowing that they are one within me. this moment the world is healed — and I along with it.

I will it — and it is so.

2. Then spend five minutes creating a sound (such as "Aum") to carry the spiritual energy and vibration. This can be done with a single tone or by singing a song such as "Amazing Grace."

3. Spend five minutes in silence allowing your spirit to receive the light and love which you yourself extended to the world.

4. End with this prayer:

"It is done!

I am one with all — and all is healed.

Let love reign where fear once was.

I accept this for myself and for the world.

I am an Emissary of Light now and always. Amen"

Then, with reverence, bow your head and thank God for this grand opportunity. The universe gives thanks to you for being part of this great experiment.

If you have any questions regarding this Great Experiment, please write: