#5 - 4-4-98


channeled by Dee

"As a global surveyor, I can see that things are not going so well for you "folks". Something needs to be done quickly or it will be "all over". Time will continue, the earth will continue, but there will be no humans on it and very few animals or fish.  Mainly just bugs.  Bugs can survive most anything, especially the cockroach as they say.

However, I do not recommend that anyone wish to become a cockroach, one of the most reviled creatures on earth.

One should desire to be more like the dolphins, the highest spiritually evolved creature on earth. There is no negativity in them whatsoever. Their only goal in life is to serve each other and mankind.  If you observe them long enough, you will see that they are joyful and happy, most loving and caring creatures. They will go out of their way to save a human being or one of their own at any cost or detriment to themselves. They are a well recommended species to be emulated.

Once more we have reached the point in civilization where you have the capacity to wipe each other off the face of the earth and some of you are crazy enough mentally to do so just out of spite and many individuals do just that on a minor scale.

The ones we worry about are men like Saddam Hussein and others of his ilk AND there ARE others. Have no doubt of that. If you get rid of one, there will be another one along in a minute who wishes to step into his shoes.

One, of course, needs to defend oneself and one's country against such tyrants or all of civilization would "go down the toilet" to quote one of your wonderful cliches.

To this extent is the reason for the many wars and conflicts that are going on in these times. Perhaps it is best to pull the plug on this civilization and start over BUT there are many of you there who are attempting to rise above this negative situation and influence and therefore we are giving you another chance to do so.

We are giving you more time to make good on your promises and goals and search for the higher good in all mankind which lies hidden in all individuals whether they realize it or not.

More time has been granted by the Hierarchy and Confederation of Planets to allow Earth to get themselves together and strive for mass spiritual ascension.

There is not a deadline on this as of now, but we will be watching and observing. We wish you well.

In the name of Em ne mok, be well.

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