#7 - 4-21-98


Hi All: This was today's message. I tried avoiding doing this since the 6th message because I didn't want to lead anyone astray. If you read message #4, you will see that the events did not come off as stated. This ET is obviously not psychic. There were extenuating circumstances which came out later. If you read the interview of the fired JPL employee which took place last week, you will see that there is still a NASA coverup of the photos of Mars. You can hear the interview on my Cydonia page at:

OR by going to Art Bell's page direct at:

There is other evidence of some strange photo development which the experts are discussing. There is much controversy about these photos.

Today, I had no choice but to comply. I don't mean that in a bad way, however, my computer kept booting me off, and my head sensations were so strong, I would have had to lay down whether I wanted to or not. However, it was my choice to pick up the pen and write it down as it came in.


4-21-98 - The ET. speaks:

You have stated a question about the E.T. messages sounding like the same tenor as George Adamski's E.T. messages which a woman on the internet informed you of You have noted that some abductees complain that everyone gets the same messages, therefore it must be a government or alien conspiracy or joint conspiracy.

Here is my response.

It is true that we give the same messages to everyone. How else will humanity understand what is important? If just one person gets a message to clean up the environment, how much impact does that have on a world with billions of people?

However, if we give that same message to thousands upon thousands of people, see how much more impact that has.

We currently are working on changing humanity to a higher consciousness of thinking. You can see this everywhere with the multitude of people who are working toward good causes.

There will always be those who cannot be reached through society at large because of their damaged intellect for of a variety of reasons, but eventually, the majority of humanity will be raised up.

Consider too, that we do not work in all areas of the world. Those areas are left to others. We take care of those who are ultimately in power and the influence of those will rub off onto the areas which are not so developed.

You say you do not understand why all of humanity is not developed at the same rate and some are still so primitive.

You will note that it is the most developed nations that need the most work because improvement in intellect, unfortunately, also brings with it the ultimate destruction of the environment. Those peoples which are left undeveloped have not ruined their environment. So, we leave them that way.

Say for instance, your nation and another nation have a nuclear war and wipe each other out, then those undeveloped people will be alive and move up a bit over time in responsibility and intelligence and we will have a base of humanity left to work with like we did way back time of earth long ago.

You could call a safety cache of humanity. They will be there to replenish the earth if the others like you annihilate yourselves by accident or otherwise.

As for myself, I prefer it that way. Where we come from, it happened to us the same way. We developed the entire planet and when the destruction came there was nothing left to work with and we had to move on and find another place to live and another way to recreate ourselves...only better. That is why we are here now.

You ask where I am from. We prefer not to say so you will not go looking for the place we destroyed in our folly of our past and your future. There is no hurry for you to get there. Unless we can raise your consciousness, you will get there soon enough.

Ah hah! I can hear the gears of your mind turning and your thoughts are racing to where they should not go. Do not make assumptions that you know to what I was referring. You will be wrong. Do not jump to conclusions. No one shall know the exact place we came from because we do not wish for you to go there in any way, shape, or form, whether physically, mentally, psychically, or by remote viewing as you call it, or astral projection or O.B.E. (Out of Body Experience)

We have much to fix/repair from our own past mistakes. Better that you not go there. You have plenty to worry about right here.

That will be all for today. I hope you will be available more frequently. There is much to say and much to accomplish. Please do not be afraid that we will take you over. That we could have done long ago, had we wished to. You are safe enough where and as you are. If that should change, we will tell you well enough in advance.

You ask about the weather phenomenon going on? Just briefly! There are forces at work on your earth...people who think they are doing good for the future where they would have been better off letting things be as they are. In trying to control everything, you eventually lose control of it all. It cannot be done. No one will ever control everything they think needs to be controlled. That's what eventually leads to destruction.

That is all. Good day to all.

End of message.


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