by Dee Finney

On 5-25-98 I had this dream:

I was seeing a web page with a small rectangular window on it on which positive statements were appearing. I clicked on the window and it became larger. More and more sentences appeared at various places in the window seemingly at random but increasingly filling in the space. A long narrow arrow appeared at the bottom of the window, such as like a pool cue. It was similar to a slide bar with one end smaller than the other. I knew that clicking on that arrow would affect the window and it's contents. I tentatively and hesitantly clicked on the larger end of the arrow and the window instantly got larger. More and more positive statements appeared at random within that window until the space was filled. When it was full, a large graphic appeared suddenly, superimposed over the window. It had large open eye within a Triangle above it, it said, "THURSDAY" which reminded me of the CBS logo and the dollar bill.

NOTE: It was a Thursday April 6, 2000 when I saw the connection to this dream, the crop formations and the creation being brought into manifestation in the Universe called by us as the Planetary Nebula NGC 6751 when a new page was called to my attention.  The new page was celebrating Hubble's anniversary and showing Nebula NGC 6751 which it found in 1998.

Suddenly, all these things fell into place that the crop formations were created specifically to tell us that we would soon see what the makers of these glyphs had already known about. When you read the other information I found later on in the day, earlier civilizations knew about this long before we did.  The knowledge had been lost or ignored by other civilizations which came later.  Strange how Hubble is only now finding what previous civilizations knew before writing came into being when picture writing is all they knew.



1994 - created by an unknown source on July 19/20, 1994 at the east field of Alton Barnes, UK.  It was 3 trams lines wide. Most dowsers found various energy lines. An anomalous light was reported in the area of the formation. See how small the people are in comparison in the center of the eye.

1994 - By the size of the people standing in this formation, gives an idea of the size comparison.

The center detail of this formation was made of thin lines forming a double-diamond round 'pupil' of the large elaborate Eye formation.  





To the Sufi, creative expression which results from participation mystique - that is, a state of being one with nature, although not conscious of the Divine Presence - is an expression of one's vision of self within self. It is an expression which is not reflective, not polished, not aware of the total possibilities inherent in the nature of things. It is only through conscious expression that one has the more perfect vision of self reflected in the qualities of something else. The only way that expression can serve in its full capacity is when it is reflective; it becomes reflective only when conscious of the Divine Presence. The reflective surface now reflects something which is  contained, a Spirit which is not only one's own. this is the Spirit which is universal to all things; to the Sufi, it is the 'desire' which exists within things 'to be known'.

The Breath of the Compassionate. The preparedness within a thing, it's inner Archetype, is actualized in an intelligible form at the moment when its Name flows into it through a Word. The Divine Spirit or Logos flows into  a thing through the process of the Divine Breath, the Breath of the Divine name 'Rahman', Compassionate. The Name of the Compassionate manifested through the Divine Breath, is just one of the many symbolic processes which the traditional craftsman emulates. By blowing  or chanting the Divine Names upon the form to be transformed, the creative process of the breath, which contains the Divine Presence through a Name, transforms the object in hand. The creator participates as active agent and the object participates as passive recipient.

There is a Tradition of the Prophet in which he says, 'God created the universe through the Breath of the Compassionate.' The Compassionate 'Rahman' is the higher of the names, Ideas or ARchetypes. "Where was your Lord before creating the visible Creation? someone asked the Prophet. His answer: "in a cloud. There was no space either above or below'. This cloud which the Divine Being exhaled, and in which it originally was, receives all forms at the same time as it gives beings their forms. It is the act of making things to exist. The Absolute, appearing in the Name, Compassion, overflowing with goodness, gives existence without limit and without end.

When the desire to be known, the preparedness, arises within a thing, the Divine in Compassion extends Itself as Archetype to the thing and becomes its receptivity, its ability to receive the theophany. This receptivity is actually what the Archetype, in its state of concrete essence, desires. Therefore, the actual effect of Compassion is to give a thing the possibility of receiving sensible existence. Compassion is given without any discrimination; Mercy, the complement, is given only for an act done. Compassion, in a sense, is the universal form of Divine giving; Mercy is the particular aspect.

Through the Name of Compassion, the Absolute breathes out upon the other Names or Archetypes. This breathing out is a means of being things into existence.  By means of the Command 'Be!" the Absolute through Compassion sends into the external, phenomenal world that which has been compressed within it.

This Divine Breath is Nature itself, just as the Breath contains all the forms of the universe in a potential state and actualizes them by exhaling, so Nature holds all forms of expression in a potential state of preparedness in which they await the appearance of the Breath of the Compassionate, the Spirit, the Logos, in order to be known.

This breath is essentially the initial act of the metaphysic of love. Love is the cause and secret of all creation and thereby the principle of all motion from desire to being known. the creation of the world, in this sense, was the motion of love towards perfection and completion. The absolute loves to be perfect in both types of forms intelligible and sensible.

Ultimately, one who wishes to know the Breath of the Compassionate need only know Self, for Self is the Lord who is manifested in the form. One's innermost being is most directly expressed through speech. Speech on the human plane reflects the Divine Word or Logos; it was the Word that create the universe and it is through the Word that it returns to God. Invocation (zikr) is the means of reaching the very substance of things within us.

Everything contains the Presence of the Divine. The ideas of intellections in our minds are like those Ideas in the mind of the Absolute.  A word contains both a meaning and the thing itself, which has a form. the meaning is permanent, the Divine Idea; the form the thing takes is but a shadow, transient. The Ideas are made temporal through the Breath of the Compassionate. In Sufism, christ symbolizes the particular Divine Quality of the Breath of the Compassionate, for it is through the Breath that all things receive life. When the Word of God comes into the hart of anyone and the Divine Inspiration enters his heart and soul, its nature is such that there is produce in him a spiritual child having the breath of Jesus that revives the dead.'  (R. Nicholson, Mathnawl.)

The Universe, in the Sufi view, is being re-created at every moment. At every moment what appears to be a time-connected universe returns to God. There is continuous, instantaneous expansion and contraction.

The manifestation of actualized individual things occurs continually, as in successive waves. At every moment creation is annihilated  and re-created. Wtih each heartbeat we die and are reborn. the world is in intense motion, ascending towards the vertical axis within all things to meet the descent of the Absolute in manifested forms. The flow occurs in such an orderly, successive manner, according to definite patterns, that we are unaware of it, and the world appears to us to stay the same. This ever-new creation is a process which only the human form endowed with consciousness of Self can come to know.

The wonder of wonders is that the human form and all other created things are in a perpetual process of ascending. And yet one is not ordinarily aware of this because of the extreme thinness and fineness of the veil (when one looks at something through a very transparent veil, one does not become aware of the veil between oneself and the object) or because of the extreme similarity between the successive forms. How splendid is God's description of the universe, and of its perpetual renewal with each Divine Breath which constitutes an ever new creation in one single entity!  

But this is perceived by only a few, as the Quran says: "Nay, they are in utter confusion regarding the new creation." (50:15)  These people who do not perceive are in confusion because they do not know the constant renewal of things with each Divine Breath." (T. Izutsu.)

Taken from: 'Sufi  Expressions of the Mystic Quest' by Laleh Bakhtiar

1995 - This crop circle may have been a hoax as a band in England uses a symbol
very like this as their logo.  It is not known for certain. The band was playing in the area right after the formation appeared. However, many bands have used  various crop circles on their CD covers as their logo since crop circles have become known. The eye is a well known symbol of history.


The Reverse side of the Dollar Bill. The Great Seal of the United States.

The Eye of the Holy spirit, here shown at the summit of a Pyramid of Creation,
is a counterpart of the Eye of Vishnu mentioned in the Indian tale of the "Humbling
of Indra". One may think of it as connoting, metaphorically, that mysterious 'impulse'
out of which the Big Bang of creation sent flying into distances that are still
receding in expanding space, hundreds of millions of exploding atomic furnaces
which are seen from this earth as stars, constellations, and a Milky Way of 
unnumberable points of light.

The present pyramid is not, however, of that first creation, but of a second, a 'new
order of the world" (novus ordo seclorum), represented here as constituted of
exactly 13 courses allegorical of our 13 original states. And whereas behind the
new pyramid there is only a desert to be seen, before and around it are the sprouting
seeds of a new and fresh beginning, dated 1776: 1 + 7 + 7 + 6 = 21.  Mankind,
that is to say, has herewith come of age and taken to itself responsibility and
authority for the shaping of human lives according to Reason.

Moreover, between the dated course at the the pyramid's base, which tells of an
occurrence in Time, and the Eye at the top, which is of Eternity, there are 12 courses
this being the number of signs of the belt of the Zodiac as defining the limits of the
physical world. The number 13, accordingly, which is that of the dated course at
the base, represents a creative transcendence of the boundary; of death, as appears
in the popular superstition of 13 at table, but an achieved life beyond death, as
signified in the model of the table at the Last Supper, where the 12 apostles were
of the number of the belt of the zodiac by which the physical world is bounded,
whereas the incarnate God who was about to die, though indeed among them in the
field of Time, was of Eternity, beyond the pale of death. Thus the number 13 of
our 13 originating states is here interpreted and celebrated as the sign of a
resurrection of life out of death, fresh leaves from a desert, a wholesome gift of
the light of Reason as an awakener to maturity of the mind in its social conscience.


The Eye of Vishnu - The Humbling of Indra

"When every blink of the eyes of Vishnu marks the passing of a Brahma, it necessarily follows that everything is as insubstantial as a cloud taking shape and dissolving.  I therefore devote myself exclusively to meditation on the eviternal lotus feet of Vishnu. Rese in transcendent Vishnu is more than redemption, since every joy, even heavenly bliss, is fragile as a dream and only interferes with concentration on the Supreme.

"Shiva, the peace-bestowing, highest spiritual guide, taught me this wisdom," said the old man as he vanished. The boy also disappeared. And the king, Indra, sat alone, bewildered and unstrung."

Taken from "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space- Metaphor as Myth and as Religion"
by Joseph Campbell



Larger View

Central Details of the "Eye" Nebula

The Hubble telescope, in 1998,  spied a giant celestial "eye," known as planetary nebula NGC 6751. Glowing in the constellation Aquila, the nebula is a cloud of gas ejected several thousand years ago from the hot star visible in its center. Planetary nebulae have nothing to do with planets. They are shells of gas thrown off by Sun-like stars nearing the ends of their lives. The star's loss of its outer, gaseous layers exposes the hot stellar core, whose strong ultraviolet radiation then causes the ejected gas to fluoresce as the planetary nebula.

"Planetary nebulae" are named after their round shapes as seen visually in small telescopes, and have nothing else to do with planets. Our own Sun is predicted to eject its planetary nebula some 6 billion years from now.

The Hubble observations were obtained in 1998 with the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) by a team of astronomers led by Arsen Hajian of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, DC. The Hubble Heritage team, working at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, has prepared this color rendition by combining the Hajian team's WFPC2 images taken through three different color filters that isolate nebular gases of different temperatures.

The nebula shows several remarkable and poorly understood features. Blue regions mark the hottest glowing gas, which forms a roughly circular ring around the central stellar remnant. Orange and red show the locations of cooler gas. The cool gas tends to lie in long streamers pointing away from the central star, and in a surrounding, tattered-looking ring at the outer edge of the nebula. The origin of these cooler clouds within the nebula is still uncertain, but the streamers are clear evidence that their shapes are affected by radiation and stellar winds from the hot star at the center. The star's surface temperature is estimated at a scorching 140,000 degrees Celsius (250,000 degrees Fahrenheit).

Hajian and his team are scheduled to reobserve NGC 6751 with Hubble's WFPC2 in 2001. Due to the expansion of the nebula, at a speed of about 40 kilometers per second (25 miles per second), the high resolution of Hubble's camera will reveal the slight increase in the size of the nebula since 1998. This measurement will allow the astronomers to calculate an accurate distance to NGC 6751. In the meantime, current estimates are that NGC 6751 is roughly 6,500 light-years from Earth. The nebula's diameter is 0.8 light-years, some 600 times the diameter of our own solar system.

Credit: NASA, The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

The Glowing Eye of NGC6751
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The Hourglass Nebula
Hubble Finds an Hourglass Nebula Around A Dying Star

STScI-PRC96-07 - January 16, 1996