12-25-97 - DREAM

NOTE:  I received a Christmas gift of a pair of silver earrings each with 3 silver feathers dangling from them.  That same night I had the following dream:

I was living in a city.  I found a huge green emerald beaded necklace.  Intertwined in the necklace was another necklace on two silver chains. On the chains was a silver pendant of a particular shape with 3 silver feathers hanging from it.  

I took the silver necklace off the beaded necklace - separated them- and kept the silver necklace with the three feathers.  It twinkled and sparkled as it twisted around on the chains.

I took the green emerald beaded necklace to a woman who collected emeralds like this. She had a whole room full of polished stones and beads as well as rough cut stellae shaped stones by the million. In the center of the room was an uncut emerald as least 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide with millions of other emeralds all around it.

She knew immediately that the silver feathered necklace belonged with the beaded emerald necklace I brought to her.  She knew it was supposed to be an entwined pair. She told me that the silver feathered part was far more valuable than the jewels because it belonged to a people of antiquity.

She immediately sent two of her henchmen out to find the silver parts, not knowing that I had it in my pocket with my hand on it. I became worried that I might be in some kind of trouble for having it because of it's value, but I didn't admit that I had it.

NOTE: After I had this dream, I was compelled to find out why the three silver feathers had more value than her whole room full of emeralds.

This is what I found:  In the book "Dream Feather by Viento Stan-Padilla, a little Indian boy hears a song drifting down from the sun. He knew that from the ancient stone etchings on the cave walls, that the feather was foretold and would be his guide if he but followed it and return to the source.The feather took him on an inner journey where he met a shining presence, where a flash of light and a flame beheld gave him the seed that reunited and fused forever the center of his heart to the circle of creation. He says we should all watch for a Dream Feather and join the circle because when each generation has done so, the wheel of light will be complete.

In Joseph Campbell's book, "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space - Metaphor as Myth and Religion, he shows an Egyptian scene of the weighing of the heart of the deceased against a feather symbolic of Ma'at, goddess of the moral order of the universe. Ma'at is the goddess of truth and represents truth and justice of the Supreme God. The weight of the heart of the deceased is found to be just only if guilt has not made the heart heavier than Ma'at's feather. The heart must be ma'ati (in accordance with Ma'at) if the deceased is to 'become Osiris' (i.e. take on immortality)  If the heart does not pass the test, the soul must be reborn.

Four feathers adorned the headdress of the god Anhur, (Onouris), a warrior-like figure from the Upper Egyptian city of Thiis. The dispeller of demons Beset was also portrayed with a crown of feathers.

The polyvalent god and hero Quetzallccoatl was portrayed as a snake covered with iridescent-green feathers of the quetzal bird. These feathers also made up the insignias of Mexican kings. Each feather in the headdresses of the native inhabitants signified an act of bravery of the wearer.


1991 - DREAM - by Jeff:

I and an oriental man went to a house to buy Avon pefume. It was raining hard. I wrote a check and placed it on the porch. A very big man let us into the house. My oriental companion had to take off his head and hold it under his arm. The big man led us into a split-level bedroom, with the bed on the higher level.

Another very big man was there, who looked mean. This big man started chasing us. They ran for the front door, but the other big man was guarding the door, holding a knife. We all ran around in a circle in the living room. After a while, the big man at the door said he would let us out.

Instantly, the knife turned into a feather and we were set free. The strange thing was - that I realized all along that the knife was really a feather, but for some reason I perceived it as a knife.

Comments from Joe Mason:

Shortly after hearing the dream, I "just happened" to read in "The Sacred Symbols of Mu," that the feather represented "Truth" to the ancient Egyptians. They choose the feather to symbolize Truth, because it can be so easily blown away.

The dream speaks in a big way. The truth will set you free . . . we dwell in the land of Maya/illusion. The oriental man (foreigner from another land) is The Divine Ka, the Divine Double, The Self. The perfume is related to the "flower" symbolism, symbolic of the Oversoul. The check is karma - in the "learning" sense. We have nothing to fear but our own fears. We are eternal beings - nothing can really harm us. etc.


Cultivating & Strange Things In the Field


From: (Bryon Smith)

Dream-Link. org

I was on the big tractor and in the field when I noticed something strange laying between two rows of grain. I'm not sure what this crop was however. Anyway I drove the tractor up near it and it vanished, I couldn't see this thing anymore. I wasn't sure what it was I thought it might be a dead animal but it was like nothing I had ever seen before. I backed up again and there it was and I would draw close to it and it would vanish. I came near it this second time and accidentally ran over some of the crop. I looked down and saw a HUGE white feather laying on the ground between two rows. I recall thinking there's no birds that large on this Earth, it must have fallen from a huge angel.

Again I backed up and this time I looked down and saw what certainly appeared to be a large women laying on the ground at the edge of one of the rows. I stopped and looked at her face wondering if she were dead. I saw no movement or indications of life and the more I looked the more it looked like an illusion. Her face almost looked like it was made up out of cobwebs as it was just that color and texture. I backed the tractor up and the right front wheel came across this form and it appeared to just roll up and vanish.


So here's a strange dream for everyone to try to figure out. We know the crop is the harvest but this crop I didn't recognize even what it was. It was about the height of a bean crop. That first thing I saw was some kind of dead animal all right but the only thing I can think of to describe it was that kind of bird that has a really huge head and beak. The bird isn't all that big but the head is way larger than you would think it would be. I can't think of the name of it. All I can say is this first dead animal I saw reminded me of something like that.

The huge white feather is on the ground. I can say the white feather is an Indian sign of peace and wisdom when wore hanging down over the ear. I really don't know if this is a sign of the end of peace or not in this dream but I get the impression it is a symbol of war to see the large white feather on the ground like this in the middle of a harvest of what ever it was. The harvest itself is a war and death symbol.

The large image on the ground appeared to be a large dead women or dead angel perhaps but it was hollow like a shell made from something else but it looked so very real like you could reach out and touch it.


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