2-1-10 - DREAM -  I went to the front door where I saw my current mailman riding a red motorcycle - a really nice one.  He said he was going on vacation. 

My attention was turned to a cop on the sidewalk telling a young boy that the street was closed further on down the road.

Just then, the mailman started up his motorcycle and road out into the street to leave and he drove right under a green car that was going by.  The green car was high up enough so that the mailman and the motorcycle went right under it, and the car, still moving dragged him on down the street and was killed.

NOTE:  Do I ask my mailman if he owns a motorcycle and if he does, what color is it?  and if its red, do I tell him the dream?

That's a lot of ifs.


2-2-10- - DREAM -  It seems this took place in Wisconsin, but not in a house I've ever lived in.

In my living room, in the corner, stood a curio cabinet with a Queen Anne chair in front of it.  On top of the curio cabinet I kept some rather tall religious artifacts made of wood.  One was an ornate cross, one was a wooden cup on a pedestal, and some other things I don't recall.

In the evening, one of the artifacts fell off the top of the curio cabinet when my son Ken was there and almost hit him on the head, so he took it off of the cabinet to repair it.

That same evening, my friend Irene came over and we decided to go to the lake the next day just to relax - just the two of us.

Irene is so obviously not her real name - I don't even know why I was calling her that.  From my awake state, I can't even remember her real name, and I know we were never good friends if I can't remember who she was.

The next morning came and we were supposed to get up, get the cars gassed up, and buy some snacks for the trip which was about 55 miles one way.  However, I was so tired, I didn't even get out of bed until noon.  When I did get up, Irene's mother was in my kitchen doing something and I saw her through the glass in the doorway which was closed. 

I felt no urgency to get up and feeling groggy still, I went back to bed to sleep some more.

Sometime later, I got up, remembering we were supposed to go to the lake for a day of relaxation and I had forgotten to go to the gas station and the store to get some snacks. 

Irene came then, and she didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave either - and she hadn't gone to the gas station or to the store to buy snacks either.

She sat in the living room, and I was still in bed - too groggy to get up, until two men came to visit -  One was my ex-husband Ed and the other guy was my boyfriend.  (I can't name him either - though I think he was from a TV show - a tall thin dark-haired guy) Ed is shorter and blonde and blue eyes. so they are opposites in appearance. Every time I try to think of his name - it slips out of my mind -  but after I finished typing the dream, it finally came to me.  His name is Simon and he is on "As the World Turns".  He is a jewel thief and very good looking, and he is a womanizer - dating only rich women - who are also morally corrupt - but beautiful.  However, he is attracted to women who are angelic in nature and wants to settle down and have a family -  that just isn't the type of guy he has always been.

Ed sat in a comfortable chair in the living room and the dark-haired guy sat in the Queen Anne's chair in front of the curio cabinet.  I knew that Ed had been working at a job - some kind of metal working.  The other guy had been working too.  (Ed's clean-cut handsomeness belies his true nature unfortunately - he would be best friends to Simon if he could)

Irene didn't know either one of the men, so I introduced them to her and her to them as they didn't know who she was either.  Even I hesitated when I told them her name -  Irene - like I wasn't sure of it either. 

Irene made a couple really inappropriate comments to both guys about their jobs - insinuating that both guys had been sitting around all day doing nothing, when they really had been working.  So, I corrected her about that issue, and she sat in another chair in the living room, at the opposite corner from the guy in the curio cabinet.

Just as I finished telling Irene that the guys had been working all day, the tall cup on the pedestal fell off the curio cabinet and almost hit the dark-haired guy on the head.  I rushed across the room and grabbed the cup, looking up at the same time to see if anything else was going to fall and looked directly at the tall cross which was atop of broader structure beneath - like a church - all made of dark-brown wood. 

Because the church structure with the cross was broad on the bottom, I was certain there was no chance of it falling even though the cup had toppled over.

I placed the cup on a long table that had a white cloth on it in front of the window.

Then I crossed the room to where Irene sat and made a comment about not having gone to the gas station and the store to buy snacks, and apologized for having slept so late.  Apparently, she hadn't even given it much thought either.

I asked her to come into the other room - the bedroom - and suggested to her that we go to Walgreen's and get some burgers and fries, and invite the guys to go with us - my treat.

She agreed - and I woke up.

NOTE:  Irene is a name derived from the Greek word which means '-peace'.  It may refer to the Greek goddess Eirene, which is one of the Horae.  Irene was also a Christian martyr. She was from Tomar and died c.658.

The Horae were the Greek goddess of the hours or seasons and the natural portions of time.  They presided over the revolutions of the heavenly constellations by which the year was measured, whole their three sisters spinned out the web of fate.  The Horai also guarded the gates of Olympus and rallied the stars and constellations of heaven.  The Horai were particularly honoured by farmers who planted and tended their crops in time with the seasons.


2-3-10 - DREAM -  I was in Wisconsin with my first husband.

At first, I was inside the house building a short wall buttress  with a white substance I was gathering from the right - worrying that there might be cat pee in it, but not seeing any.  I used this substance to embed religious artifacts so they couldn't topple over.  There was one artifact for each major religion. 

Some unknown people were watching me from behind and cheering me on to do this.  I saw the same broad based church with the cross on it - same as the one from the previous dream, a Buddhist statue from China, a Hindu deity, and some others - there were 5 of them.  I knew that these religious artifacts could not fall down once this wall was built and hardened.

Outside, a few minutes later, I found my husband gathering up huge black plastic bags full of clothing, quilts, afghans, and such, getting them ready to throw away.  I could see that some were old, but some were brand new.  He had just gone around the house and gathered up everything that was loose on the floor, the chairs, the sofa, and the beds - just because they were loose.

So, I went through the items one by one and pulled them back out of the bags, including some of the old quilts, because those were hand-made treasures and washed many times.  I wasn't going to allow him to throw away all those meaningful items to the family just because they weren't nailed down.

After that I went out to the car and sat in the passenger seat of our old blue car.  I saw that there were two pedals to drive with on the driver's side, but there were three pedals on the passenger side.  Two to drive by just like on the driver's side, but a third one which I didn't know how it did until I tried it out.  The third pedal was a bit smaller than the other two and raised up higher also.

So, I pressed on the pedal with my foot and discovered that the pedal adjusted the seat, up down and backwards.  I didn't like the down and backwards position, so I adjusted the seat so it felt like sitting on a high throne.

My husband came out to the car then and got in on the driver's side, and I demonstrated that I could adjust the speed of the car from my side and revved up the engine faster than normal.  He said,  "Go for it!"  and we both laughed.

At that point, I saw his right hand, which had been severely injured many years ago when his fingers had been cut off and repaired again.  I had helped nurse those fingers back to health each day when he had to soak them and keep them clean.  At this point, I could see the bones through the padded flesh around them and the hand looked like a large bear paw with the broken bones inside.  It was hard to look at, but he could still use it to drive and do things around the house that weren't little things like sewing with a needle for example. It was just hard to look at for me - emotional to see such a horrible injury and have to live with.

.NOTE: Considering he wouldn't allow me to drive until  I was 35 and needed to get a job, this is very meaningful.


2-3-10 - NAP DREAM - It seems I was in my second floor apartment in Milwaukee.  The telephone rang and a man was on the line.  He said his name was Orrin  Freed (sp?) and that he wanted to come in on Sunday and see an apartment.  I said that would be okay, knowing that I wasn't going to be working that day.  So, I went downstairs to the office, followed by a dark haired young woman.  At the bottom of the stairs, she stopped to talk to someone, and I went down the hall toward the office where I ran into my boss in the hallway "Viki"  from one Life to Live TV show.  She was headed in the opposite direction from me, but I stopped her long enough to tell her I needed to talk to her in the office, and she said she'd be right there.

NOTE; I couldn't find anyone with that exact name no matter how I spelled the last name.

The boy's name Orrin \o(r)-

rin\ is pronounced OR-en. It is of English origin. The name of a river in England. Utah Senator Orrin Hatch.

Orrin has 3 variant forms: Oren, Orran and Orren.



2-4-10 - DREAM -  I was living in a house, but I don't know which one it was.

I invited three women to come and look at my handmade jewelry to see if they would like any of it.

I invited my friend Michelle,  Barbara Kozick who I used to go to school with, and another girl I used to be friends with.  That third girl never responded to my written invitation I had sent her, so I'm not sure she even got it.  Barbara responded, but never showed up.  Only Michelle came.

I didn't get around to showing Michelle the jewelry anyway.  I gave her a canvas shield one uses when power washing a car so you don't get wet.  It was ugly dark army green.

We then went into the kitchen where I had a chunk of leftover birthday cake from the party I had the other day.

The two pieces of cake were sitting on a long narrow board on the edge of the kitchen counter.  When we went into the kitchen, the chunk of the white coconut cake fell off the board and landed on the floor.  Using the 5 second rule  (smile :-)   I picked the cake up so it could be eaten anyway.  I noticed that the yellow cake looked like it had lemon meringue filling in it.

end of dream

I was waking up, thinking about the dream, and I heard a telephone ring in my right ear.  (That is unusual - its usually the left ear) I said, "I'm ready for a message".  I didn't hear anything for a few seconds, then I heard the sound of the screen door of our house closing.  I said again, "I'm ready for a message" remembering my own rule,  "Never say  Come In".   Then I got worried about who it was and said,  "I can't invite you in if you don't say who you are."  and I heard nothing further.


2-4-10-NAP DREAM - I was outside my house and I came across a grey kitten - several months old and he looked like he was starving and wouldn't go out and eat with the other cats and kittens.  He just laid in the box like he was dying - which he looked like he was starving.  I got a box for him and started carrying him towards the house where I could take care of him and made sure he ate, but then he jumped out of the box and ran under the house - where the dog and other cats could chase after him and he still wouldn't eat.  But I couldn't get to him there and help him.  He had to live or starve according to his own will.


2-5-10  3:30 a.m.

- DREAM - I was living in a house/apartment - it seems that these scenes were possibly past-lives as seen in the hallway.

At one point, I was watching a woman standing in front of a white door that had three sets of ovals in oval rings and in the center of each oval ring was a dark brown substance like the shell of a walnut covering.  She stood there with a knife in her hand and removed each of those brown centers of the ovals, and I heard the words, "American Slavery".

At the end, she was in an apartment and I was now myself, looking out over a modern city street, and a doorway opened on my right and an older man came in and said, "I assume you are going to be up until midnight!"  and I knew that I still wasn't going to get any privacy or sleep.


2-5-10 - NAP DREAM #1 -  I was sitting astride a green bicycle - a male bicycle - it was tied loosely to the back of a large green truck used to haul things, and there was canvas on the sides which was also tied on with rope.

The truck was parked the wrong way on the street and was empty and was left in neutral - and the brakes let loose and the truck started rolling downhill pulling the bicycle with it.

I saw the rope between the bicycle and the truck let loose, but as we were already rolling down the hill, the traffic coming uphill didn't know that the truck

was coming towards them until it was too late, so at the next intersection I was watching the near collision of trucks, cars, and a bus trying to avoid the green truck rolling downhill with nobody in it.

Somehow before anything crashed, Rex was on the bicycle, and he rode free and he said it was just like Old Gold and Big Red.

I thought maybe they were race horses.

I woke up and was thinking about the colors Old Gold and Big Red and fell asleep again.



NAP DREAM #2 -  I was in a house with some kids and we were supposed to be wrapping some candy into tubular rolls - it was red and gold.  However, one of the girls  - Danny from One Life to Live TV show - had knitted something that looked like a sweater - just the one side - we'll say it was the front side - so it looked like a big fat T - and it was made of alternating red and gold stitches.

I was wondering why she had done that when everyone else was rolling red and gold candy, so I went outside to ask her the question.

When I got outside, I saw her laying face down on a horizontal branch at the very top of a tree  - sunbathing. She was wearing a blue bikini swimsuit so she could get a tan.

Rex came by again and made another comment about it being just like Old Gold and Big Red.


2-6-10 - DREAM -  I was at home in New Berlin, WI, waiting for a series of backhoes to come and do some digging for me.  They were labeled,  nine, ten Jack, Queen, King, Ace,  (I can tell I've been playing solitaire for too long here)

When the backhoes arrived, I could clearly see their labels, but they stopped about a mile down the road, and a man got out of the lead backhoe and started marking off in a field where he was going to start digging house foundations.

I was very disappointed he wasn't coming to my house.


2-6-10 - DREAM  - I was living in Wisconsin with my first husband.  He decided we should go to California.  We jumped into the car and drove the whole way without stopping.

We were visiting some people he knew - seemed like relatives -  I didn't know them.  There were some cute little girls there.  I watched a gecko climbing up the kitchen back door, and it was so cute, I captured it by letting it walk on a piece of cardboard and then I put it into a large box with food in it.  I told one of the girls I had done that and she got all excited about it. 

I then did some laundry and separated my laundry from the kids laundry,  and I noticed that all my clothing and my husband's shirts had dried with no wrinkles in it and I loved that.  I was able to hang them right up without ironing.

We had evidently traveled in a closed pick up truck and our clothes were hanging up on hangars in the back of the truck.

It was time to go back home to Wisconsin and  I didn't want to go.  I really liked Sunny California where it never rained most of  the year. I decided we should get a job running a hotel, or a rooming house or apartment building.  My husband thought that was a good idea. 

We hadn't told anyone where we were going to begin with and they still didn't know where we were, but I didn't want to go back.

We then got into the pickup truck and started driving, and no matter which direction we went, there were blockades up with logging trucks and blockades made of cut logs stuck in big X's up in trees by the roadway, or on overhead boards, by the sides of the road, and finally we caught up to the logging trucks. 

The trucks drove along the road, swerving from side to side dangerously and the log blockades fell off the sides of the trucks in both directions.

My husband wouldn't slow down when they slowed down and he finally bumped right into the back of a logging truck, and when the logging truck drove to the left, he quickly passed the truck on the right, and even there - there were piles of logs in the road we had to drive after.

Evidently, we were supposed to stay in California, and not try to go back to Wisconsin.


2-7-10 -  NAP DREAM -  I was at my computer and found out that someone had a contest about Bob Hope and asked some very interesting, but not well-known informational questions about him.  I had no problem answering the questions because I always liked Bob Hope and the fact that his wife's name was Dolores. like mine

Received in a recent e-mail

[Thanks for the Memories...]

For those of you too young to remember Bob Hope, ask your Grandparents.
  And thanks for the memories.


Tribute to a man who DID make a difference.


'You still chase women, but only downhill'.

'That's the time of your life when even your birthday suit needs pressing.'

'You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.'

'I don't feel old.  In fact, I don't feel anything until noon.  Then it's time for my nap.'


'I ruined my hands in the ring.  The referee kept stepping on them.'


'Welcome to the Academy Awards or, as it's called at my home, 'Passover'.


'Golf is my profession. Show business is just to pay the green fees.'


'I have performed for 12 presidents and entertained only six.'


'When I was born, the doctor said to my mother, Congratulations, you have an eight pound ham.

'I feel very humble, but I think I have the strength of character to fight it.'


'Four of us slept in the one bed.  When it got cold,
 mother threw on another brother.'


'That's how I learned to dance.  Waiting for the bathroom.'


'I would not have had anything to eat if it wasn't for
 the stuff the audience threw at me.'


'I've done benefits for ALL religions. I'd hate to blow the hereafter on a technicality.'


Give me a sense of humor. Lord, Give me the grace to see a joke, to get some humor out of life, and pass it on to other folks



2-8-10 -  DREAM PORTION:  I was raising two types of onions by the window in my house.  The pots were within a foot of each other.  I also had some birds and cats which kept jumping back and forth between the two types of onions like they were in a frenzy and couldn't figure out where they wanted to be.

So I moved one of the onion pots to a spot where the onions couldn't 'see' each other, and the birds and cats stopped their frenzied jumping back and forth between the onions as well.



This is the important part of a longer dream in which I had a little girl who was about a year old and I had been neglecting her and her older brothers and sister were taking care of her.  She was dressed in a winter coat and hat and was sitting in a small empty refrigerator and I was worried about her being in there. I went over to her and gave her a hug and kiss and then went back to what I had been doing.

Note: A very intelligent woman today - at the same time told someone that when she thinks of her soul, it's like opening a refrigerator door and there is nothing inside.  (That can't be a coincidence - there is a connection of some kind between me and her)

My husband/father walked by and said he was going to go get a job.  I wondered if someone would hire him because he was 71 years old, the same age as myself.

When he came back home, he said he had met a guy named Riff and Riff told him to make four matching necklaces.  He described them as being green  (Adventurine)  and then he gave me a list of things he needed to make the necklaces -  including the tools and all the parts. 

I looked at the list and I told him I had everything to make those necklaces upstairs in the attic.

So we headed upstairs - a winding stairway.  Half way up the stairs was a desk type thing built on a gate.  I asked him if it had to be there  it was too high for me to crawl over and because my daughter had piled all kinds of pillows and blankets there - mostly black and brown.

I asked my daughter why all that stuff was there and she said she didn't need it anymore.  So I reminded her that there was a space above her bedroom in the attic where she could store it -  I said, "Just mark off a space and put your stuff altogether in one place.

When we came back down from the attic, my husband said he was going to work -  must have been second shift.  I asked him if he thought they might hire me too - because I was 71 but had a lot of good qualifications. 

My father answered that he was certain that I had really good qualifications for them to hire me.

The I looked at my father/husband, and he was sitting on a chair and he had his face painted like a clown, with a perfectly white oval on the center of his face.


\2-8-10 - NAP DREAM -  I was in a small town, around the corner from here the train tracks went through town.

There was a lot of traffic going both ways on the street I was on, and traffic going both ways across the tracks around the corner as well.  Everyone was in a hurry, so that when my line of traffic made the left turn to go around the corner and across the tracks, my consciousness stayed still while the car moved forward so fast with the traffic, that I actually wasn't inside the car.  I jammed on the brakes, hoping the car wasn't sitting on the tracks, because the red light was flashing that the train was coming, but I couldn't actually see the car from where I was. 

Then the train went by really fast and I didn't feel a crash so assumed the train didn't hit my car and I breathed a sigh of relief.

A few moments later< i iwas in a house on the other side of the tracks but so near the tracks i could almost feel the wind from the train on my skin>

First a fast   train went by an d then a fast passenger traIn.  The train was so close to the house, I could see the faces of the passengers, and it almost felt like the train was going up my right arm.


2-9-10- DREAM -  I was in my old building on Wisconsin AVe. where I used to work.  Apparently, everyone was moving out of it and going elsewhere>  Most of the furniture was gone. cut ehre were some pieces still in the rooms. There was paper garbage on the floor everywhere - nothing important _ just little pieces.

i went into my bosses old office and found a woman talking to her lawyer in there>  i pretended i was the clenaning lady and started picking up the papers under the table where she sat, trying to eavesdrop on what they were sayinig but never discovered why exactly they were there.

Then other women started coming out of an inner office and it was apparent they were there for a different reason< having a meeting of just women for some purpose i couldn"t determine.  They all looked familiar but i can"t name them _ just women i"ve seen in offices before.

one of the women apparentlyy was a drapery expert, and i thought i"d get some hints from her about making drapes, but when i was holding some knitting in my hands, she was more interested in undoing some work i had already done and I had to stop her.

My boss came in then  and so did my husband a few minutes later.  My boss brought his dog in with him. a large Collie, similar to one i used to own, but this one was mostly white with golden spots on it.  it looked very feminine but my boss kept saying HE when referring to the dog.  The dog just lay on the floor and looked very happy.

While my husband talked to my boss,  I used that opportunity to go up one floor and down the hall to a room i had used as a bedroom.
  "There was still a few pieces of furniture there, but no bed, just a highrise dresser or two and that was all. There was still some things stored in it _ particularly jewelry boxes and a box of coins on top of the dresser.  I took what I could carry, wondering why someone hadn"t already stolen what was there. I looked into the drawer of the second dresser and found an old photograph there.  Someone had doctored the photograph which was of a mother and child and pasted the face of King Tut onto the child"s more modern face _ like he had been reincarnated into that child.  So I kept the photograph tooo and headed back to my bosses office to get my husband so we could go home.

2-12-10 - I don't have full memory of today's dreams.  I was in car with someone and we were driving past a beach.

We could see they were having a beauty contest on the beach, so we decided to stop and watch it, but as things enfolded, I decided to enter the contest myself. 

The contest had an entrance fee of $20 and I only had $10, but a gentleman watching the contest paid the other $10 and I was allowed to participate.

I was wearing a gorgeous, almost fluorescent one piece bathing suit of blue, and I could see myself walking down the beach towards the water where the contest was.  I appeared to be about 18 to 21 years old, with a shape that every model would want.  I really liked how I looked.

I actually won the contest, but unfortunately when it was over, we discovered that the sand fleas on the beach had collected on my backside and took all the joy away from winning the contest because that was so embarrassing.

DREAM 2 -  I was in a building made of dark stone.  It seemed to be made in a large circle. On the inner side was a series of walkways that were covered with stone overhead and had open windows looking out into a large grassy courtyard below.  I didn't want to get too close to the windows because I get queasy looking down, but then I noticed that there was a driveway not that far down that other people were getting into cars and driving away - maybe through the building but I couldn't any way out of there except these windows along the walkway.

As we stepped out into the walkway, there were several pair of leather boots laying there, and I suggested to my companion that we put those boots on so we didn't hurt out feet walking on the stone.  I told him that I had worn boots like before and they were very comfortable.  I noticed though that the foot part was very long - much longer than human's would have, but the same width humans have.  I can't say they were boots for giants, because the width was narrow - so whoever the boots belonged to had narrow, but long feet.


2-12-10 - NAP DREAM -  I don't know where I was, but I was outside my house, looking around the yard.  I did have neighbors.  I could hear a woman yellling at her kids incessantly.  I got to the edge of my property and met a young man who lived in the house next door - a nice looking boy/man.  I said to him, 'I was hoping she didn't live around here." and he agreed with me saying, 'I know what you mean!"

I looked inside a brick gatepost type thing that had dirt in the top and it was supposed to have plants growing in it, but there was only dirt.  It was apparent the plant had been pulled right out of the ground.  I looked around nearby and there were no plants there either.  I asked the young man if he knew anything about what happened to the plants, and he said he didn't know with a shrug.

Nearby, was a table with some unique handmade clay objects which I liked.  They were purple and black - I can't remember now if the faces were purple and the backgrounds black, or black faces on purple backgrounds.  Then I saw another object with a black man on a purple background shaped like the continent of Africa, and another one shaped like India.

I really liked these objects because of the colors and wanted to save them, so I picked them up and took them home with me.

Home was apparently an apartment building.  I stopped in to visit a young woman who lived in another apartment and while sitting there, someone handed me some large envelopes forwarded to me from Allis-Chalmers.  They were addressed to Janet Carlson, and because she had left A-C, they delivered her mail to me instead, not knowing that I no longer worked there either. 

I didn't know any of the other women who were coming into the apartment, so I took the envelopes into my own apartment and got a phone call, asking me to dispatch one of the workmen who was supposed to install a television equipment box to another building and make sure that it was connected and working before he left.

I managed to tell the guy who lived upstairs at the other end of the building about the job, but forgot to tell him that he was supposed to make sure it was connected and working before he left, and he didn't have a cell phone or a two-way radio either so I couldn't get the message to him.

While I was sorting out this dilemma in my head, another neighbor came into my apartment, bringing his dinner with him, and he sat at the table with a big smile on his face, enjoying his meal.

But I had to get the message to the television installer guy and left the apartment and started walking down the hall to his apartment, and I couldn't remember the number of it and while I was walking down thehall, someone yelled the name Hey!  "RAMSTOCK".


2-14-10k - DREAM

I was apparently living in West Allie, WI in an apartment building.  From my windows, I could see both south and west, and my apartment was very close to, or right on Greenfield Ave.

I also had an apartment on the East side of the city and had just moved to this one. 

There was a lot going on in the city.  It was early in the day, and kids all over were shooting thousands of fireworks into the sky - not colored ones - just white ones.  I could see the streaks of the fireworks going up and coming back down out of both windows.

I also saw a pickup truck fly off a taller building and onto the top of a lower building to the south of my building, like it was jumping across the street.

Right after that I saw a big firetruck coming down the street, but it went west on Greenfield Ave., because our street was too narrow for it to make the turn to go west where the fire was.

By then, we could see smoke coming up from several buildings, dark billowing smoke - but no flames were seen.

There was a large business office downstairs, and I attempted to call it but there was no answer by the 4th ring so I hung up, feeling frustrated that I couldn't warn them about the fires in the city because of the kids and their fireworks.  There was a danger to our building too at that point.

I opened the door to the hallway and there were other people out there concerned as well, and when I came back in, a door to the other hallway on the north side of my apartment opened, and a young man came in and pointed out to me that there was the mark of a bloody body on my throw rug - he said - either from a stroke or a murder.

I didn' want to believe it at first because I had been there the whole time and hadn't seen it.  It was there when I came back from the hallway though.

All of a sudden, the fireman came through the hallway - he was not in uniform - he was wearing a light mint green shirt and dark pants.  I asked him to look at the throw rug and see what he thought about the bloody body mark. 

The fireman agreed that it looked like a bloody mark, and then he showed me blood on a sheet nearby that had even more blood on it.

Just then a little boy came into the room and asked if I would like him to remove the sheet - he only charged $1 a sheet.

I thanked him and started making the bed, as I was embarrassed that the fireman had come in and the bed wasn't made yet.

The fireman was busy investigating the blood on the throw rug and the sheet though, and my unmade bed didn't bother him.

My first husband came and so did my kids, and I realized I had to make up my mind where I wanted to live, that it was the 6th of the month and too late to give a 30 day notice for the month, and I was going to have to pay for two apartments, and I couldn't decide whether I wanted to stay in this apartment or go back to the east side, where my son Michael also had an apartment next to mine.

Then the women from the office downstairs came into the apartment and they wanted to take a survey on their phone answering skills, so we discussed how large offices handle answering the phones, with a telephone answering person, who handles answering all the phones from one desk, and the other women can go about their other work, like filing, getting copies made etc. without having to run to the phone or be rude and not answer at all.  That was a very animated discussion as I explained how that worked in large business offices.  They liked that idea.


2-13-10 - NAP DREAM - I was at work at Allis-Chalmers.  On my desk was some stuff taken from my apartment desk and two keys - one for the mail box and another key I hoped opened a door there, though it didn't look like a regular door key.

With the keys was what looked like corn flakes, which I knew I didn't eat for breakfast that day, and it didn't make sense that it was with the keys.  Also, next to the keys was a pint jar with a golden lid on it.  I turned it upside down and water ran out, so I looked at the lid and there were many holes punched in the lid.  So I looked inside the jar, and I could see a spider busily hovering over and taking care of a cocoon full of its baby eggs and that was attached to the side of the jar.

I didn't need that but I didn't want to harm the spider either, so I took that with me as well as the keys and headed down the front stairs to the street to go to my apartment which was one block east from where I worked.

I stepped outside the front door out onto the sidewalk and looked east and it was really nasty outside.  The air looked blue and foggy and smokey and so nasty, I went right back in the door to go back up to my office upstairs.

When I entered the hallway, to my right, I could hear two people talking - older people - a burly guy who worked in the basement, and a woman housekeeper type woman who had an office right near the front door.  They were laughing together like they were sweethearts or trying to be sweethearts in the future.  The stairway there, went down to the basement.

The next stairway I came too also went down the basement.  I thought there should be one that spiraled up too, but it didn't - it just went down.

I assumed the next stairway would go upstairs, but when I opened the door, that stairway also went down -  very steeply down and not the direction I wanted to go.

The next doorway went to a women's bathroom.  It had three steps up, but it didn't go upstairs where I wanted to go.  Hoping the next stairway went up, I continued down the hall.

The next stairway did indeed go up, but was very strange.  A tall black man was ahead of me and told the guard that he wanted to go upstairs, but to up this stairway, you had to pull down a 6-stepped yellow ladder that was attached to the stairway and you had to climb up the yellow ladder, then go up the stairs. 

Since the black man was ahead of me, he climbed up the yellow ladder, and then the ladder changed to some kind of open car and the guard at the bottom of the stairs pushed a button and the yellow car went shooting up the stairs and off into the distance.

I wasn't about to follow the black man up that stairway, so I continued down the hall to find a normal stairway going upstairs.

I couldn't find one, and I slowly woke up.



I evidently had won a contest with a television station and my favorite TV show, One Life to Live.

The night before the visit, I dreamed the two women came in the door and sang a duet to me of just two notes. It was neat harmony, so when the real visit time came, I was expecting the same.

They were supposed to arrive at 7 p.m. by cab so at precisely 7 p.m. I went to the front door and turned on the porch light so they wouldn't trip coming up the stairs. 

It was at that moment, I realized I was living in my Father's house on 16th St.

I was pretty nervous, but precisely 7 p.m. the door bell rang and the two women arrived.  I opened the door and let them in, and we had a brief hug and a pretend kiss on the cheek, then went to sit down in the livingroom.

Nora Buchanan (Hillary B Smith) was the main woman who had arrived, (she is the District Attorney) and I still haven't figured out who the other woman was.  She was also supposed to be from One Life to Live TV show.  (They seemed to be about the same age)

We started out the conversation about the color of their hair, and they were blonder than I thought they were on TV. That seemed to go well with both women answering the question.

From there, the other woman didn' seem interested in anything I said.

Nora ended up sitting on a blue flowered upholstered child's chair on top of another upholstered chair and I told her that it was a child's chair and she put it back down on the floor.  Then she asked me if I would help her find some nice children's furniture, and I said I would love to, but the only catalog I had in the house was J. C. Penney.  She asked me if there were any children's wholesale furniture places in town, and I said there were, but she was afraid you had to be a member to get in, and I offered as a joke - "maybe you have to prove you are pregnant to buy there."

By then, I was sitting on a pile of quilts and blankets on the floor.  The other woman was sitting on a sofa.

I said from where I sat - "I'm so happy that we are becoming friends."  Both women just barely grimaced a smile and I was afraid I had overstepped the bounds of the visit, but I was doing the best I could with the conversation.

I thought perhaps I had ignored the other woman, so I looked up at her and asked her to tell me about herself. 

She seemed hestitant. 

I knew she was interested in art, so I picked up a magazine and went and sat on the sofa next to her, and opened the magazine to a painting which she seemed interested in.  The magazine went into detail about the costume the woman was wearing in the painting, so I pointed out the other photographs about the costume and how revealing it was made on the model - and she may have said 'uh huh', but thats all she said.

So, since the conversation wasn't going very well, I asked the women if they had had dinner.  They both jumped to their feet like that really interested them and then I suggested we could go out for pizza and that Milwaukee had great pizza, and their faces dropped to flat and they didn't make any comment.

So, I suggested next that perhaps we could order pizza and have it delivered. That seemed to be an even worse suggestion. They made no comment whatsoever.  Their expression didn't even change.

There was a knock at the door, and it was two men from the hardware store, who had been underpaid and they wanted to settle the account.  My husband had made the purchase, but I gave the man 3 dollars, and they were happy and both went away feeling good hat the account had been settled.

I turned back to the women to find out what they wanted to do for dinner and they were gone and I woke up.

NOTE:  During the dream, I felt like I was talking too much, and not drawing them out more about talking about themselves, but nothing really worked well.  Nora seemed to be the only one who was willing to talk at all.  I probably should have asked them about the show itself instead of them personally. I don't know exactly what I did wrong.


2-15-10 - DREAM -  I was out in the country.  I saw a farm that looked so beautiful, I got out of my car and sneaked around the barn to get a closer look at the farmer's fields.

The farmers fields were 'perfect' - not only were the plants 'perfect', even the dirt was 'perfect'.  In fact, not only were there no weeds, the dirt was so smooth, it looked like it was made of a solid single sheet of plastic.

I didn't want the farmer to see me looking at his 'perfect' fields, but evidently the farmer wasn't the only one out there with me. Another man was watching me watch the farmer, and he didn't want me to tell anyone what I saw.

Before I got 12 steps, the other man stopped me and I got the impression that he meant to kill me before I talked about the plastic farm plants. 

However, as he had ahold of  my arm, my daughter-in-law Becky stopped her car along the road as she saw me standing there with the man. 

The man didn't want witnesses to what he was about to do, so he let me go, and I got in the car with Becky and she took me home.

Back at home, I was sitting at the kitchen table and my young daughter was with me.  

Someone knocked loudly on the door and just then, my other daughter came into the room from the living room.  She said he FBI was out there and had asked her a bunch of questions, which she said she answered.

My younger daughter was afraid to answer the door if it was the FBI, but I told her to go ahead and open the door and let them in.  I wouldn't lie to them about anything I saw.  Everyone should know we were being fed plastic plants.

The scene changed, and I was in a doctor's office to get a blood test.  The doctor had an emergency and he didn't do the test.  He told me to wait for him, and he took a two-way radio with him so I could hear what he was saying at a distance.

When he got back, he handed me some see-thru plastic boxes - quite large, that slid up under the upper eye-lid and behind the eye.  I wasn't quite sure the purpose of these plastic boxes - but it made me feel very privileged to get these plastic boxes for free so I could see better. 


2-16-10 - DREAM -  I was at work in an office.  I had to go to the bathroom, and I couldn't find a women's bathroom, so I quickly went into the men's bathroom and used that one.  At first I got a few stares, but then noticed there were three other women doing the same thing.  It wasn't long and there was a line waiting to use the few stalls there were.

I noticed then that there was a trough up off the ground and lined up in the trough were many darker brown dogs that looked similar to dachsunds - not quite as long though.  Every time I looked up though, I was seeing the hides of lions and tigers out of the corner of my eye - not the whole animal - just the hides.

One of the men said, This gives us a better chance to know each other."


2-16-10 - DREAM -  I was in a small office and David from All My Children was there.  He had a computer that was doing calculations, but there was no screen to look at the results or graphics on. 

When I found his computer off, I put a small old-fashioned disk in the slot and turned on his computer and he stopped me and told me to turn the computer back\ off, which I did.  He reminded me that putting my disk in his computer would automatically download my data onto his computer.  I didn't think so, but did as he said. I realized though, I could download his data onto my disk though and look at it on my own computer.



DREAM -  I was in a large building that had apartments on the lowest level, the first floor - a school on the second level, and a church for the residents above it. 

On the lowest level people lived in the apartments, and they were given information from the school above them on the second level.  It was a special school, where they did astronomy, astrology, and made maps and drawings - all on the study of a Star named Hades which they said was coming.  They were trying to figure out when it was coming and hadn't quite figured it out yet. They just knew it had been in our skies before and it was coming back at some point.

Some of the people who got copies of the drawings were already moving out of the building in preparation to find a place safe to live from the Star Hades arrival.

I saw a copy of the drawing of the Star. It was explained to me that when drawing the Star Hades, one shouldn't draw it in the center of the picture - one should start the drawing with the star on the left and then a big space which was black to the right of it.  The danger wasn't from the Star itself, but the passage of the Star through space.  They said the danger would start even before the Star Hades could be seen.

The date hadn't been figured out yet, and the school was working feverishly on figuring it out.

In one of the apartments where the people had moved out, someone had left a dresser drawer open because they just left the furniture behind and just took their clothing and food with them.  I looked in the open drawer and found six large gold coins - larger than coins we would spend at the store - they were palm size.  When one held them in the palm of the hand, just the fingers and thumb could surround the coins \and the palm hid them from view.  They were so large, one couldn't make a fist around them.

I didn't want anyone to know I took the six gold coins which I noticed had a large picture of the sun with rays all the way around it, so I palmed them and started running up the stairs to find a new place to hide the coins.

A blonde, blue-eyed friend saw me run through the hall and up the stairs, and she decided to run after me to tell me more information about the Star Hades, but I didn't want her to see that I had the gold coins with the sun engraved on them.

I ran up to the third level and went past the church which was having a service.  I could hear them singing a song which evidently was about God protecting them from Hades. 

Little did they know they were singing about the Star that was coming.

My blonde friend continued to follow me, so I ran up to the fourth level.  In the beginning it was finished off, but when I got to the center of the building, the roof and walls were just bare, unpainted boards, like an attic and I hollered back to my friend, "This is unusable. There are no windows. 

Just then, six men came out of the darkness, wearing dark blue clothes like workmen would wear.  They seemed to be in pairs, two by two by two.  The first two men, said they should grab me and my friend and rape us.  The middle two seemed uncommitted to the act, and the third two men said that their Father was a member of the FBI and the first two would be caught by their Father.

So, my friend and I were allowed to leave and go back downstairs and when we got there, all we could talk about was the drawings of the Star Hades.  We knew that people had to know about it, but there was no way for two women to communicate to the whole world about the coming of the Star Hades.  So, we decided we would make two copies of the drawing for each family we knew, and tell them to make copies for each person they knew, with instructions for them to make two copies for each person they knew.  In that way, the word would spread to the whole world, as long as each person did what they were instructed to do.

NOTES:  I don't know what I did with the six gold coins, but I no longer had them in my hand when I went back downstairs.




2-18-10 - DREAM -  It was about 8 a.m. - evidently in Milwaukee, WI - in my apartment.

I was with 2 men whom I liked a lot.  I'm not sure now who exactly they were, maybe Joe and Jim, or David and Jim.  I worked with all of them at one point or another. We were listening to an old-fashioned radio and kibbitzing with each other, teasing each other about all kinds of things.  We were having a nice time just being friends, hoping for a little more than friendship eventually.

The phone rang and the man on the phone said he was John Kerry and was waiting for a man to arrive.  [I've forgotten his name]  I took the message but wrote it on a scrap piece of paper, then looked for a work telephone pad to put the message on.

Then another woman came in who was a rival. I think it was Debbie.  She wanted to be with both men just like I did.

We kidded around with each other like I had with the men earlier, but behind the kidding, I knew she was serious. She'd really do anything to get the men away from me and pay attention to her instead.

For a few minutes, I tried to get better radio reception on a more modern radio so we could hear the news better.

None of us had eaten breakfast yet, so we talked about food, and I remember putting liverwurst on a plate - it wasn't round though, it was rectangular slices.

NOTE: Wish I could remember who John Kerry was waiting for.


2-19-10 - DREAM - I was sitting in my car in a large parking lot at a dentist's office. My son Michael who was in his 20's was sitting in the passenger seat, up against the door, with his eyes closed like he was sleeping or just thinking to himself.

One of the women who worked in the dentists office came out to the car and woke Michael up.  She said a few words to him that sounded accusatory about something, so I went into the office where she worked and talked to her female boss and asked her if the woman was accusing Michael of smoking pot or something worse. 

The boss woman said, "What's wrong with smoking pot?  It has TCP in it!"

At that point, a nurse came in who I had known well in the past.  She sat down next to me on  a bench and I was admiring her haircut.  It was short, somewhat swept off to the left, but where it was cut, it was in multiple layers and colors two or three tone of blonde and dark.  I thought it looked really great on her and I told her so.

Then the woman who had accused Michael of something approached me, and I opened my purse to look for something and out popped my coin purse which was gold lame' on a long silver chain.   I asked her if she would like to have it. 

She made some comments about not needing it and I went to put it back in my purse and a large piece of paper came out of my purse that looked like a purchase order or some official document.  It clearly said "WEST ALLIS" on it and "BECKER" home family treatment center or somelike that on it.  It also had a lot of other lines with information which I couldn't make out.

I put it back into my purse along with the gold lame coin purse, and we went hone,

NOTE:  There are Becker's in our family line, but I can't help wondering why that name was emphasized rather than our last name of Bauer.



2-20-10 - DREAM -  I was visiting some people somewhere.  The house was full of kids of all ages.  One of the litle girls was taking pictures of everyone as she walked around in the house.

At one point, I looked out the window and saw a huge round cloud, but in the center was a black center - not a hole exactly, but it was so stark a difference in color and perfectly round and indented deeply.

I called to the little girl to come and take a picture out the window of the cloud but she had put the camera down on top of a rolltop desk, and it took her almost a minute to go get the camera and come back.  By then, the cloud was folding over in a craggy way and the little girl was fumbling with the camera and wasn't taking a picture.  So I grabbed the camera from her and not knowing which button to push to take a picture, I ended up taking a video of he cloud folding over instead of a still photograph. 

Just then, a tall young man named Kevin came in - he was related to someone in the house - he walked by carrying a piece of junk that looked vaguely like a piece of equipment that someone would use to survey land with.  It wasn't the whole thing though - just a part of it.  He seemed to know what he had and said he found it along the road somewhere.  He took it into another room to look at it closely.

Not much longer later, the little girl who had been taking pictures came by with a larger piece of the same survey equipment. This time is was a box made of wood that looked like it would stand on a tripod that you could look through.  I told her to take it to Kevin to see if it fit with the piece that he had come home with earlier.

Then some other people came in - this time they were adults, and they brought their dogs with them.  One of the dogs was as tall as a Great Dane, but larger around in body - a huge dog - and it came over and stood next to my chair facing me - its face was right by my arm and elbow.

I was petrified by this dog's size but I didn't move, nor speak to it - it just stood there - breathing on my arm - and I sat there like a piece of stone, afraid to move even a finger.  Finally it got distracted by someone else, and walked away and I breathed a sigh of relief.  * This may relate to the story of the Fenris wolf.



After the dogs left, I got up to walk around the house a bit, and I saw that in one room that belonged to the man of the house, the doors were made of solid slabs of wood - maybe from a redwood tree - all the doors in this room matched, and when I opened a door to what was a closet - there was another slab of wood just like it behind it and these doors folded out smoothly without revealing what was in the closet and I didn't want to be too nosy, so I didn't open the second door.  But still curious, I opened the next door, and revealed behind hat was a set of drawers and cabinets that went all the way up to the ceiling. All this wood matched the doors - like it was all from the same tree.  It was amazing to see.

Just then, the men came into the room and saw me admiring the wood.  Then men were almost as tall as the ceiling themselves, and the man who owned the house was larger than the other two (there were three men) .  He smiled as he saw me admiring the cabinet.  He didn't get angry because I hadn't peeked in the drawers, so he just let me look at the wood and admire it.  He was so proud of what he owned.

I just knew that another tree like that wouldn't grow in my lifetime or his.

The boy's name Kevin \k(e)- vin\ is pronounced KEV-in. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "handsome beloved". Saint Kevin (seventh century) founded a monastery that became famous as an educational center .


2-20-10 - NAP DREAM - I was watching some kind of pageant being put on by kids in a big back yard.

In the center of the kids was a woman wearing a royal blue dress, who also wore black ice skates with large rubber blades on the bottom, similar to hockey skates but larger and longer.

I couldn't figure out how she could climb a ladder in skates - it was an A frame ladder, but she did and when she came down the front of the ladder, there was nowhere to skate so she walked around on the rubber blades.

I went across the parking lot and sat down next to a big tree which was growing on the edge of the new pavement.  I noticed some very tiny leaves on the pavement - which may have been 3-leaf clovers - but very tiny.

An old-fashioned gold car came through the parking lot and parked on the lawn next to the tree.  The driver was a black man.

I asked him how and why that woman was walking around in rubber bladed skates.


2-21-10 - DREAM - I was living in a second floor apartment with my husband and daughter.  For a long time, I played a game of solitaire with cards and markers.  I played it alone until I won.  To win, I had to line up all the cards with markers interspersed starting from 1 to however many there were of Kings, Queens, Princesses, and Princes.

Having finished the game successfully, my husband said he would take us out for burgers and fries.  He went to get our vehicle, while my daughter and I changed clothes. 

We put on soft, thin, silk open robes of pink and gold over our gowns.  Then we went to the dresser to pick our rings for every finger and something triangle that went in our hair.  We started putting away the extra jewelry when I noticed that my daughter had left her window wide open and someone could crawl up to the second level and come right into her room.  So I made her close her window.

When we went into the hallway, we found a man laying down in a box that had a thin wire grid over it, but I spotted him and forced him to get out of the box and then I noticed he was dressed just like we were in pink and gold robes.  I didn't recognize him however.

I then went to my library and aligned all my instruction manuals that were lined up on the top of the bookcase, to make sure they were in order. The instruction manuals were thin books, maximum 1/2" thick, most of them less than that - perhaps the size of paperbacks.

I don't recall anything past that - I think it ended there.

NOTE: I think the dream just indicates that I've been playing too much solitaire on the computer.


2-22-10 - DREAM -  I was in a house with a lot of women - which I can't remember

DREAM #2 - I was in the same house, this time with a lot of kids.  A bear came into the house and was playing basketball with the kids in the upstairs hallway.  My husband Ed came home then and went to bed, and the bear lay on the floor on its back, completely relaxed, next to my husband on his right side.

I was terrified of this bear being there, but I didn't say anything to the kids because I didn't want them to be afraid.  I needed to go to the kitchen but I couldn't figure out how to get to the kitchen without using the stairs because the bear was sleeping right at the top of the stairs and I didn't want to wake it up. Fortunately, there was a separate stairway that went to the kitchen, and I remarked to someone that we should remodel the house so that one stairway met the other stairway.

Finally, I went outside and got into the car and a cop came up to my side of the car.I wanted to ask the cop how to get rid of the bear in my house, and instead he came up to me and told me that there was a fish hanging off the back end of my car. 

Since I was the passenger and not responsible for the car, I couldn't figure out why that was my responsibility.  I told him I hadn't seen it and he pointed to it, and there was fishing pole with a long silver fish hanging down from the end of the pole.

I started to wake up, and a window-like box appeared in the lower left corner of the dream scene, and all the characters who were in the dream started coming into that window and looking out like they were on a stage and going to take a bow for being in my dream.


2-23-10 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment on the east side of Milwaukee, but I also lived on 16th St. in Milwaukee - my father's house.

I was taken for a ride in a really fast jeep on a road going east by  Erv.  It was pretty rural and there was a lot of construction digging alongside the road on the south side - apparently for apartment buildings or something.  We were going really fast in this open jeep.

But we stopped at the apartment where I lived, and we got a phone call from Erv's boss who wanted him to check on something.  I was taking notes because I would be helping him in the evening - like sales work.  He would do a certain thing, and I would do a certain thing, but he had the responsibility of the project/sales job himself.  I was just a helper.

I wrote down the date as September 23.

I was then told to find Charles Maglione to help me.  Apparently he lived further east than I did from what I was told.  I thought it was on the east side of Milwaukee.

NOTE: I actually found him in Virginia/Washington D.C. area.  through LinkedIn.

Then when Erv went out to do something, my husband and his friend Gene (IOSOUS) came to visit.  IOSOUS wanted to dance with me even though it was barely after breakfast on a Saturday.

He held me in his arms and we didn't really dance, we just rocked back and forth for a bit, and then when he let go, some yellow tubes that had been blocking something on my hands all fell off onto the floor.  (It seemed like a sexual thing, but I don't know what)  Apparently, my husband had never done that for me.

All of the men left, and a woman named Mary came and she pointed out to me which way Charles Maglione lived and I left to go find him.


2-24-10 - DREAM -  I was dreaming of inserting pink and green ribbons into something.

2-24-10 - DREAM -  I was dreaming that I had a pain in my lower abdomen on the right side.

I woke up with the same pain in the same place.

2-24-10 - NAP DREAM - I wanted to go to the store but couldn't  find my shoes.  I was living in a very large apartment building.  The people I met were all from the television soap operas I watch and some I don't watch.  Everyone wanted to help me find my shoes, go to the store with me, or tell me about my dog.

I remember seeing a purple scarab, but don't remember where.

I woke up going down the stairs, and woke up with the same pain in my abdomen I had this morning but not as bad.


2-25-10 - DREAM PORTION - I was in an electronic test equipment design and experiment shop place where several men wer making test equipment.  The youngest man there wanted to test the piece of equipment where you plugged something into both ends of the gizmo.  I was familiar enough with this piece of test equipment, I told him, "This piece doesn't come with an instruction book I don't believe."  He looked rather stunned, and I said, "You are supposed to go to school to learn how to use this stuff.  His boss agreed with me.

As I woke up, a male voice said, "Harry wants licensing", and I saw the man's craggy young face.

I thought maybe I could find him on the internet, but I wasn't able to.

There was a ring of red ceramic pieces that went together like a puzzle, in a box, and I helped a kid find all the pieces.  A few were broken however, and I picked out the broken pieces and threw them away..


2-26-10 - DREAM -  I called my friend Michelle to help me cross over the ghost of the woman from across the street who had moved in with me.  She answered the phone and started yelling at me not to call her because the call knocked her off the internet.

NOTE:  This morning I told her the dream, and she said that last night her phone was out and so was their internet because of the ice/rain/slush storm they had going on.  So the dream actually told me was really going on at her house.


2-26-10 - DREAM - I was working in  an office building with a lot of other people.  At one point we got on the elevator and went up to the 8th floor.  The elevator went really fast and actually went up to about 8 1/2, then slowly lowered down to 8 so the door would open.  Standing in the hallway  was a good looking man in a beige suit waiting to go back down the elevator by himself.

Later, when I went back down to the first floor, I was helping three other women move a large square box with handles on it.  The box was white, but I felt like there was a body in it that had to be moved, but it wasn't coffin shaped.  We had to carefully carry it to another room without dropping it down a large square hole in the floor.  We made it okay into the room with the light in it.

NOTE:  Perhaps that was the woman from across the street.  I hope so.  This has been my first experience with a ghost, and believe me, it feels nasty because the woman was so depressed when she died, thats what it did to me.  It must have been horrible to live that way.  I know I wouldn't want to.


2-27-10 - DREAM - I was with my family and we went down a long straight road to a place where we wanted to construct a new house.  When we got there, the whole area had been flooded and there was no way anyone could build in that mud.

We got out of the car on the gravel road and to our surprise another family we knew came to look at the land right next to where we wanted to be.  We were all surprised.

Not long after that, other people we knew came, and the men set up a baseball game.  The  women prepared a contest to see who could eat the most food at a picnic.

I changed into a yellow summer dress with ruffles that went all the way to my feet.

I recall seeing Bill and Hillary Clinton at the baseball game - just watching.  Then we went into a building nearby where people were filling out forms and paperwork for the new stockmarket that was forming, which included Japan, but Japan had to fill out the paperwork separately because no one knew what the exchange rate was going to be.

I didn't want to wake up but the TV was on very softly and people talking, and Joe said, Oh My God, there was a 8.8 earthquake in Chili.

That ended the dreaming.


2-28-10 - DREAM -  I was living in a first floor apartment somewhere.  I didn't have a lot of energy and I wanted more, so someone suggested I take a pill.  The pill they suggested was pelikan (pelican?)  The window was open and a young man came to the window and said he could me some of the pelikan pills.  I didn't know who he was and he said his name was Pauli _______  (I've forgotten what he said)   Another young man who was in the room with me said to the young man very upsettedly, "You told her your real name!"   The guy outside the window looked embarrassed for telling me his real name.

NOTE: An internet search says that a company named Pelikan makes a special antibiotic. 

I don't think thats the problem with me.