Dee's dreams mad VISIONS

February 2011




2-1-11 - DREAM -  I was in a very large room where Jack LaLanne (the famous exercise man who died at the age of 96 last week).  He showed us an  exercise, and then he said, "I used to do this with my wife,"  and then he left the room. 

The other women wanted to do the exercise and asked me how many I wanted to do, and I didn't want to do anything, so I went next door and bought some perfume lotion, which had a very subtle flowery lemon scent.

I brought the perfume back and showed it to the other women and asked them to smell it and none of them wanted to.


2-2-11 0 DREAM - - I was about 18 years old and attended a school somewhere.  My classmate was a very large girl - about 400 pounds or so and she was asked to sing in front of a group of people in order to be promoted to the level of Sergeant.  (I don't know of what group that was)  She was very afraid and said she just couldn't do it. I saw her sitting in a corner - scared half to death.

While she was sitting there, I went into my own clothes closet and chose brown slacks and a yellow shirt, which is what I was going to wear to watch her sing. 

Eventually, instead of singing, she went to bed and wouldn't get up again, so I said I would sing in her place, though I had never sung in front of anywhere either.

As it turned out, I didn't have to sing, but because I was willing to do it, I was promoted to Sergeant.  I felt very proud of that.

I still don't know Sergeant of what though.



I slowly fell asleep while watching TV.  It felt like I was hypnotized by the TV screen.

2=3-11- FREAK OUT NAP DREAM - In this dream, I had had a dream - a short one, in which Joe and didn't agree on the interpretation of the last line of th dream, so I called a dream analyst on the phone to analyze the dream for me. 

On th telephone call, there were four voices besides my own, and they all had Arab names.

I had a video/voice copy of the whole conversation, and after it was over, I invited my friend Michelle to come over and listen to the audio and watch the image of the interpretation with me.

The video played like it was on a DVD and played on the screen of a small rectangular flat box, similar to an I-box that are sold recently - about 4 x 6 inches and it was bright ted.

Michelle sat on a chair while she watched it, and I stood by the wall where the phone line was plugged into.

I saw myself on the video and I also saw the words of the dream on the screen, and the one word that Joe and I couldn't agree on the interpreted was in the last line.

When Michelle was there, there was also a small girl there about 8 to 10 years old who had written a book all by herself - it was 365 pages she said, and she asked me if I wanted to read it and I said, "Sure, I'd like to read it, and I looked at the book which was bright red, and the pages looked like my dog eared books are, wider than the book was originally printed.  On opened the book at random, and each page was line by line edited in red ink, telling the girl what was wrong with her punctuation or grammar.

I took the book and Michelle and the girl left the apartment.

I closed the door after they walked out, and I had a thin, long yellow umbrella I needed to put away, and noticed there were two closets on my left in an alcove - a regular door, and a thin, n arrow door on e might store an ironing board in, standing on end.

On the right wall, where I ended up leaning the umbrella, the wall was bright blue, and replastered very badly where someone had bashed places and broken out the thick plaster and the patches were white and badly done.

I went back into the livingroom to watch the video again, and this time sat in a chair and closed my eyes to listen to the conversation with the Arab man and the other men on the audio.

As I sat in the chair, it felt like the dream interpreter was sitting behind me on a low stool and he had his hands around me, and was clutching my breasts tenderly.  I opened my eyes, and saw his hands and arms coming from behind me, just like it felt, and it felt so good, I wanted him to touch my nipples to. 

Then the freaky thing happened.  In his right hand, he held a scalpel between his thumb and finger, and he cut a tiny snippet of my nipple off, and then cut his own thumb with a slice of the scalpel too. 

I turned my head and I could see the dream interpreter sitting behind me, and he was bald, and the left frontal lobe of his head was badly scarred and patched just like the walls of the apartment were.

I woke up at the point, but I had a hard time staying awake,, and I could still feel him clutching my breasts.  It is possible the blanket I had over my lap was making those feelings, but it was freaky, especially since I had a hard time waking up like I was still half hypnotized.


2-4-11 -  - DREAM -  I went to work and it was just starting to sleet outside, but I don't really know what city it was.  There were few people at work, maybe one person per office.  I  didn't see anyone in the hallways.  I went to my office and turned on the computer. 

On a screen, similar to Facebook it seemed, I typed in my name, but flubbed up on the last couple letters of my last name, and the computer did a search for all the different criteria of who I was, including my employer number which was 070.

Somehow that led me to meet a really handsome blonde guy and why he had a bed in his office I don't know, but we were very close when his mother walked into the room and spent some time with us. 

After she left, he rather apologized that she showed up and I said, "She was just worried about you . That's what we mothers do." 

While I was in bed with him, I started asking him what his numbers were, and his name which I've forgotten - (darn)  and he said he would put all that on the computer, and I knew that if I didn't put the numbers and name in myself, I'd never find him again.

I woke up then, knowing I didn't know who he was.  He sure was cute though.


2-4-11 - DREAM -  I was in a small apartment on the 1st floor that used to be a store, talking to some people.  One guy came in and suggested I might like to attend a group he met with called "The Reformant" and it was like a think thank.  I told him I would consider it, but he never said where it was or gave me his phone number, though I thought of giving him my business card.  He left without saying another word, seemingly quite happy with himself.

I watched him drive away, and then the phone rang, and the man said that Pat was drunk and they didn't know how to get her home and Pat was insisting she could drive herself.  I told him to let Pat drive and he could sit beside her and hold the steering wheel when necessary.

It wasn't long and the phone rang and the man said they were bringing Pat inside and taking her up to her apartment.  So I and another woman took the elevator up to the 4th floor to apartment 5, and there Pat was curled up in a fetal position on the couch, kicking her bare feet like a child.  Everyone else was just sitting around in other chairs just watching her act out.

So, I sat on the couch at her feet and took each foot into one hand and started softly stroking her feet gently. Her feet were clean and very soft, so it was easy to do. 

Pat started calming down, and really got into the feeling of the foot stroking and it started to feel very sexual to her, and she said she had never felt so good in her life, and the she lay down on the floor at my feet while I continued stroking her feet until she arched back like she was having an orgasm, and then she lay back down like she was going to sleep.

A little boy that was there said he wanted to be her baby, and lay down between her legs like she had just given birth to him, and Pat, being more sober by then started talking about music in the key of G, and when the little boy said he wanted to play music with her, she said they'd have to change the key to G-28, she changed the whole conversation to music.

So, I slowly got myself together, and walked across the room and opened the door and left.

As I opened the door, I woke up.  Feeling very satisfied I had done what needed to be done.



2-4-11 - DREAM -  I was manager at Juneau Village Apartments and was on the 1st floor near the lobby.  I hadn't received any mail at all in a long time, like 4 or 5 months, not even junk mail, and I wondered where the mailman was delivery the mail.

The mailboxes used to hang on the wall in the lobby, and when the mailboxes were taken down - the last one disappeared last  month in a dream, no more mail had been delivered.

Now I saw a door in the wall and saw a woman open the door and go into it.

Just then, by coincidence or synchronicity, the mailman's truck pulled up to the building.  I thought it was the wrong color - it was maroon colored rather than green or white, and I couldn't get to the truck because other trucks and cars got in my way, but it appeared that the mailman had dumped the mail into a hopper at the side of the building.  By the time I got past the other vehicles, the mailman was gone already, so there was no one to ask where our mail was.

I woke up as I re-entered the building.

NOTE:  Now that I'm awake, it seems that the mail hopper went into that little room where the woman went into off the lobby that I had never seen before, so that woman had all our mail and was keeping it from us.


2-5-11 - lucid dream and dream

Most of the night I was lucid dreaming, advertising and taking phone calls to arrange auditions for all ages of people to audition for music groups of singing and musical instruments - (something I had thought of yesterday several times)  In this group of people's name were a group called The Sons of the Sons of Pioneers - a fiddle and singing group.  This was mentioned and written down several times in the listings of people.

At the end of the night, I went into a real dream where I had been working all night on this audition listings and I had to change clothes for the day to do housework.  So I took off my bright powder blue sweat suit I had worn all night, along with a purple paisley long sleeve shirt, to change into work clothes.  My husband found a box of candy leftover, and asked me where the crab cakes were, and I said I never promised him crab cakes, and showed him some slices of brownies and chocolates, which we sampled before changing clothes.

I went downstairs in my New Berlin, WI house and found that my kids had been very messy and someone had dumped the cat litter box of sand onto the floor right in front of the stairs.

The orange cat kept wanting to use me as a bridge to my husband by jumping from the back of a chair onto my shoulders and then onto his shoulders and I kept moving away from it so he couldn't leap that far.

Then I told my son Bill to sweep up the floor that had kitty litter sand and dried on scraps of paper all along the south wall, and I knew I'd have to use water and a chisel to get the floor clean.  But first I took the broom and started sweeping the kitty litter sand over towards the litter box, and some of the sand was pink and actually started moving all by itself ahead of the broom which seemed quite unusual to me, but I allowed it because it helped me do the work.


Roy Rogers and the tumbling tumbleweeds






2-5-11 -     NAP DREAM.  My family had just moved into a very large house with large double doors at the front entrance.  There were large rooms, and the steps into the house were very low and wide. 

When I got inside the house, there were large packing boxes laying on the floor and I thought we should save them in case we might need them again.

I was carrying a book in my right hand, and was about half way through it and felt very excited about what I was reading.

Two men came to the door, and my son Bob was there as well.  I wanted Bob to go get something at the store and started waving a $10 bill at him with which to purchase the thing we needed.

At the same time I wanted everyone to know about the book I was reading because it was so exciting.  So I ran back into the house to retrieve the book and read a passage off the page where I had left off.

I opened the book and right at the top of the page, I read the name Alexander Hamilton, but what I read below that was very boring, and I couldn't remember why I was so excited about the book right then.

So I reluctantly went back outside with the book and told them I couldn't find the exciting part and just then, the tall thin man and the shorter man picked up the packing box I wanted to save, and started folding it in half.  I immediately stopped them, seeing that they had already crumpled up the best part of the box - the wide flat sides.  I was very disappointed at that, but still wanted to save the box.

NOTE:  I've written about Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton before, and interestingly enough, Thomas Jefferson in a previous dream was a tattered boy shredded and bloodied by war, and I found him crying in a large box in a church.

I believe the man folding up the box in this dream was Alexander Hamilton.



NOTE;  Our friend Mark had two important dreams:   In one he was with the Knights of old,, but he couldn't recognize what country he was in.

Founding Fathers In dream two, he was in a pub with Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and several other important men, having a meeting and he was sitting with them.  He doesn't know specifically who he was, but he seemed to be one of them.

NOTE:  For me, those are very important dreams to remember and study the documents so our community follows these principles.


2-6-11 -  I'm NOT ME DREAM - I was sitting in my living room with my Mother, watching TV, and a show came on about me.  There was a young woman, who had become a successful and beautiful dancer after going to college.  She looked like me, sounded like me, had my name, and they brought in friends she (I) had gone to school with, whom I didn't keep in contact with after school.  She was happy, single, successful, and lived alone and was being celebrated on TV.

I turned to my Mom who was sitting with me, and I saw photographs of my kids on a table behind her, and I started to cry, "I'm not even me!"   

Then who am I really?"



2-6-11 -  ALWAYS BE PREPARED - DREAM -  I and some other people were starting a restaurant.   We wanted to copy a restaurant we liked on the East side of Milwaukee.  It looked like a big red street car (the kind that used to run on tracks like in San Francisco.)

I had in my hands what looked like an I-pad, and the address 3131 was on the screen, so I called the restaurant on the phone and said, "We are coming to your restaurant. We will be there in a couple o minutes."

The voice on the other end of the phone said, "Where are you now?" and I replied, "2424 N Water St."   I could almost hear a gasp on the other end of the phone because they weren't ready.


2-7--11 - dream -  I was managing an apartment building and I knew someone had moved out so I walked all lye way down to the north end and climbed a stairway ladder to avoid meeting other people because I didn't want anyone else to know where I was going.

I climbed the ladder and there was a name of a person on the ladder that said, "General H _____.

I can't remember the last name.

On the second floor, I found the apartment door open. On the floor was clothing belonging to two different people that looked like it was blown up like a balloon and the people had just evaporated out of it.

A young man followed me into the apartment that I know well but can't name - someone from one of the TV shows I watch. He looks rather gay to be polite - but he may not be.

This young man said that his car had crashed or run over something that damaged it and he didn't know what to do with it.  I took a quick look at his car which was black but he had run over some kind of pink powder.  By looking at the whole situation, I told him to just let the car go and not bother to fix it and get a new one.  He agreed, then followed me back to the unoccupied apartment.

Inside the apartment, I saw no couch, just the entire room was lined with old wooden furniture, all clean and shiny with exquisite wood patterns on it.  It all appeared to be from the early 1900's and I wanted it all for myself because the young man said the occupants of that apartment were long gone and didn't want anything that was in the apartment.

There was a piano, an armoire that closed on top that I could see had a television set installed in it.  The bedroom furniture was all tall with lots of drawers which we didn't look in.  The only piece I didn't want was the sewing machine because I already had one so I told the young man he could have it and he was happy to get it.

My boss showed up then and said that at the other end of the building was an apartment that had an extra carpet I could have, so we all walked down to the other end of the building where we went into a fabulously large apartment that a large carpet and a smaller carpet that matched, so I said I would take the smaller one because in my apartment it would fit nicely.

So I folded up the carpet and carried it out, and my boss said, "You bitch!" for some unknown reason.

All I cared about was that the furniture would fit on the elevator to get it downstairs to my apartment.

PART 2 - I was in my apartment on the first floor and it was 10 times larger than the apartment upstairs.  All the furniture and carpet fit into it perfectly.

My boss walked in right after two little boys ran in and they were so thirsty they both stuck the ends of a hose on that had nozzles on both ends somehow, and my boss said, "You bitch!" and grinned like that was a compliment.


epic nightmare - dream 2-9-11 - Apparently I was newly married with a new baby.  I have no idea where this was located, but was on a farm.

It was around noon, and we were just waking up and crawling out of bed.  The house was a complete mess, and we didn't even have the sleep wiped out of our eyes yet, and all my husband's relatives showed up to visit, see the house and the new baby.  The timing couldn't have been worse.

I threw on a robe and tried to be friendly.  My mother-in-law was sting in the sunshine, and I could see she had a lot of makeup that didn't quite cover up an old face, full of zit scars from childhood, which the makeup didn't quite cover , and her skin was really bumpy even at this age.

I apologized for the mess and went to get the baby up. 

The baby was in his bed and there was a huge green Daddy long legs type of spider crawling across his bed.  The baby said, "I don't play with that kind."

We went outside, and I could see we were on a farm, and my husband was now outside, spray painting the side of the house barn red with a spray can.  I could see in this light that he was missing huge spots.  I told him that if he had another spray can I would help, but apparently he didn't.

Then I saw a puppy chasing a cat across the yard and the baby started crawling after the puppy as fast as he could, and he toppled over and started screaming, and I could see that his left arm was completely broke off and bleeding profusely on the ground.

In my mind's eye, I pictured myself wrapping up his arm and strapping it to his chest while on the way to the hospital, but I wasn't really doing that - just imagining doing it - meanwhile trying to get my husband to stop spray painting the house and take us to the hospital.



Dream 1 -  there were light colored dogs, diving into the butt ends of chickens

In dream 2 - there were larger blonde dogs, absorbing their puppies back into themselves no matter how hard I willed them not to do it.

As I woke up it came to me that I was too self-absorbed.

After I got up I was so angry at that, I hurt myself five times while I was making breakfast.

I'm still pissed off.


2-10-11 - DREAM - All I remember is that there were crushed stones on the kitchen counter and the pieces were similar to sand, and they were many colors.


2-10-11 - DREAM -  I was living in a house in Wisconsin.  I went into my closet upstairs and only found a single pair of black pants. Attached to the zipper was a tiny cream colored plastic cross, and at the bottom it looked melted, and whatever it was that was melted had stained the paints around the zipper which was on the side. It was mustard colored.

A few minutes later, I was downstairs, and the mailman brought us a large envelope that had four thin, but large mesh bags, which had been returned by the prison system, apparently from Robb David Russo.  (He was actually in prison for 4 years - innocent but accused and served the time for fraud) Inside one of the mesh bags was a substance that looked like broken shells of almonds or some kind of nuts - the same color as the stain on my pants. The return address on the envelope said, "Art Bell" with some numbers under it.

Next, Erica Cain (from All My Children TV show) came into the house and we went upstairs to the closet, and I showed her the black pants with the Christian cross on the zipper.  I don't recall the conversation, but a few minutes later, I made a phone call to someone and a woman  answered.  I think it was an insurance company, and all I said to her was, "Are you interested in Christianity?"   There was no response and I hung up.

Then we got another large envelope in the mail, again with thin mesh bags from the prison, and this time, one of the bags had something smeared on it that looked like mashed potatoes.

I couldn't figure out why Robb was having these mesh bags sent to us and what it meant.

Then I went into the pantry, which was empty and was followed by Erica Cain.  Again we discussed the Christian cross attached to the pair of pants, but now I was wearing pale blue slacks and they were quite loose on me like I had lost a great deal of weight. 

The pantry had been remodeled like it had been hidden from outsiders and had been walled in with bare plywood panels, and the door was in a different place than normal.  I said to Erica, I can't figure out how to get out of here now that the door has been moved to a different place. "

There was nothing in the pantry - no dishes, no food - nothing.  It was now completely empty.

I went through the door to leave the pantry, and a voice in my head said, "Freedom Fighter."

NOTE: The last time I heard Art Bell on the radio, he was living in the Philippines with his wife and young daughter because the United States refused to allow his wife to come to the United States to live though he had paid them thousands of dollars to pay for the paperwork documents they required in the filing procedure.


1-11-11 - DREAM - We joined a book club.  The name of the first book was, "The Breathing Furnace.  The title alone was too scary to even contemplate reading the book, so I woke up.


2-11-11 - DREAM -  Our son took swimming lessons from a man who had been a coast guard diver.  Our son wasn't doing very well in the class, so the man wrote a report in red.  We were called in to read the report.  The problem was the farther down the page he wrote the farther apart the words and letters were until I couldn't even read the words, so I w

woke up.************

2-11-11 - DREAM -  I went to a health club and I went up to a woman to give her a massage.  I remembered the woman.  Her name was Angela.  She was comfortably seated on a chair and it was her turn to get a massage, so I straddled her legs and sat down on her knees, and asked her if she remember me, and she said "No! "  but I was already massaging her shoulders and upper back with my hands so she just let me do that for her.  She liked it.


2-11-11 - DREAM - A chubby woman, wearing thin glasses came and said she would take on the spiritual project at our community.


2-12-11 - DREAM - I was with my son-in-law Mike in this dream.  We started out separately driving to a large hospital, but when we had to go on the freeway, we got together in the same car because there was so much traffic and I don't drive on freeways voluntarily  all by myself.

We got to the hospital, and some guys who were standing in the hallway that I didn't know started to laugh and talk about us being together because they thought Mike and I were dating, but we weren't.

I met a female friend Margaret, whom I also called Peggy and a shorter version of the name Margaret which I've forgotten.

When I was with Margaret Peggy, we met two tall men who invited us to go out for drinks and to ride on the rides at a park nearby.  We were just about to leave, when Mike grabbed me by the arm and said, 'Oh no you don't, we have work to do." 

Mike showed me two huge stacks of little books of various sizes, cans of milk, and other products that we had to autograph before we left.  He pointed the two stacks out and called them "mvj".  I was a little upset about having to sign all those books and products because I couldn't leave with Margaret Peggy ________. 

Then we started signing the books merely as  'MIKE', on everything.

I was then given a small dream journal by a woman, where you write down your dream on each dated page.

I made a note on the current days page, that I didn't have the dream to predict something, but that I had the dream because the event had already happened, and I wrote that in red in the book on that date.


2-13-11 - WHERE IS CINDY?  DREAM -  I seemed to be living in an apartment, but it may have been a house on a farm.

We got out of bed, struggling to wake up even though it was 11 a.m., and went into the kitchen and sat by the window, feeling groggy.

Then, my boss Aaron came (his first name is Tom) Aaron is a locksmith and I worked for him for seven years, but I didn't realize I was supposed to be working.  The phone hadn't rung at all, and Aaron came to the door to remind me he was working and so was I. AAron only worked on Sundays, so evidently, this was Sunday. I told him, "I don't have a radio."  He responded that I didn't need one.  All I had to do was call him.

Aaron left and I was talking to a young man - maybe a son or just a son's friend.  I didn't get a good look at his face.

All of a sudden, it dawned on me that I had a baby and I started freaking out.  "Where's Cindy"  and I started going from bedroom to bedroom, messing the bedcothes up even more by pulling them all aside, looking under the beds and in the closets, etc.  I didn't find the baby Cindy anywhere.

By now I was screaming, 'Help me find Cindy".  The young man mildly said, "Maybe she went outside." 

That freaked me out even more.  Cindy was a baby, barely able to walk by herself.  To think she might have gone outside was even worse than forgetting she existed at this point.

I opened the door to the yard, and saw a big lanky reddish brown dog laying dead on its side in the yard.  The front of its muzzle was smashed in like it ran into a moving car.  I didn't have time to worry about a dead dog right now.  I had to find the baby Cindy.

I ran back into the house, and again went from room to room, moving everything, but when I went into the small bedroom we rented out which I probably had missed earlier, on top of a highboy dresser stood Bob the Painter, in a Navy uniform and I remembered then that he was retiring today and we had forgotten that too.

He stood there at attention, waiting for his last hour of duty, and then I looked on the floor between the two dressers next to him, and clutching a little baby blanket sat Cindy - next to her beloved friend Bob the Painter.

I was so relieved, I snatched her up and hugged her tight, and murmured, "Oh my God, I'm so glad I found you." 

Another women had come into the room, and she rushed over, exclaiming that she was glad that Cindy was found, and Cinchy then spoke up and said, "The day you wake up and stand up and start puking your brains out and realize you have cancer, then you'll remember that Cindy was missing."

I was shocked at what she said, "But then realized that our new baby should be higher on our agenda, and not the last thought on our minds.  How can you forget you have a baby????

We all, except Bob the Painter, who remained at attention on top of the highboy dresser awaiting his retirement, went into the kitchen then to make breakfast.  Nobody felt like eating much, but there were five loaves of different kinds of bread on the counter, and I said, "Maybe we should just eat toast and cheese or something.  We needed to eat something.

Then I decided to go outside and see what my Mother was up to, and I saw her throw what looked like the dog's head across the yard into the garbage pit.  Then I looked at the dog, which was now headless, and it began to wave its legs around a bit, and yellow stuff came oozing out of every orifice, and then  the dog stood up and started following my Mother around the corner of the house where she was at the garbage pit.

I felt like throwing up myself now, and I couldn't follow the dog - my Mother would have to deal with it.  I turned around with Cindy in my arms, and went back into the house.  I wasn't going to eat anything at all now -  who could eat after seeing that?

NOTE:  The name Cindy, means  diminutive of Cynthia, Lucinda, and Cinderella.  Cynthia is another name for Diana/Artemis - moon goddess, sister of Apollo, the sun God. Daughter of Zeus and Leto.

Aaron was the brother Moses.


2-13-11 - VISION - DREAM -   I was sitting on the couch and the Grammy's was on and I just got too tired to watch so I paused it and closed my eyes.  Suddenly, I was seeing words and pictures.  I saw the words  HURLEY and BELTWAY, and then I saw two old train engines crossing a bridge.

I then fell asleep and I was in Milwaukee, and I and a girlfriend were walking in a wooded area where a special tree was growing crystals, and one was very large.  Someone told us that the ants covered the crystals up when they could, but this particular one was like a window pane and it was very beautiful.

We found that crystal growing on the tree and I went up close to it, and it looked like cut crystal from the finest workmanship.  It was amazing.

I and my friend then went to a shop where we stripped naked, and a woman spray tanned us. 

I then went to see my friend David who was a black man  He was sitting with his Mother who was also my friend for many years.

I was wearing clothing now, but I held up my arm next to his Mama and said, "You got your color from your Mama, but I got mine from a spray can and laughed.  That made him really mad.


2-15-11 - DREAM - My son Bill and his wife Karen had a little girl baby.  Their gift for the baby was given to me, which was a bright red dress with tiny little yellow flowers on it, and the gift had to be blessed by the priest before it could be given to the child.

Apparently the gift had seven layers, though I could only see the dress, but the blessing of the priest activated the layers of the gift.  I could not give the gift to Bill and Karen and the baby until the blessing had been done, so I was in my possession this whole time, while Bill and Karen had the baby at  their house.

I was at the church with the gift for the three days it took for the blessing to take place, then my friend Barbara and myself drove to a place where Bill and Karen and baby were, which was around the corner from the church.  I'm not sure if it was a house or a school, but the neighborhood was very solidly built up with buildings like one would see in th New York City, the buildings all being different colors and very ornate stucco and designs on the fronts of the buildings.

In the car, I had a steering wheel on my side of the car as well as Barbara had on her side, so I helped steer the car to Bill and Karen's place where they were.  I looked at each building and its detail and remarked that I would love to live in a place like that.

When we arrived at the place where Bill and Karen were with the baby girl, Barbara and I sat in one room, and they sat in another room. 

At that point, their little boy came into the room to carry the gift to the baby.  The little boy was a toddler and looked exactly like Brian, the son of Tom and Becky.  The little boy was the one to carry the gift to the baby.

At this point, Barbara and I had a large bag with the gift in it, but even after the little boy carried the red dress to the baby, there were other gifts in the bag to also be given to the little girl baby.  I didn't see them so I don't know what they were.

Karen was overly anxious for the baby to get the gifts and that's why she sent the little boy in to get the gifts, and we never did see Bill and Karen, just the boy child.


2-16-11 - DREAM -   I was on my computer in Wisconsin somewhere.  I had three IM's going because of a huge earthquake that shook a large area in the Midwest -  probably the New Madrid.

We didn't lose electricity, which was a good thing, and I could communicate with other people who had experienced the same thing I just had -  and we found out that the United States was completely severed in half at the Mississippi River.

When daylight came, I went outside to find out what things looked like and went to the Mississippi River divide and to my shock, the river was actually at least 1,000 feet lower from where I stood and looked very small at the bottom of the cliff that now divided Wisconsin from Minnesota.  I was stunned to see this because I've been to that spot before, and Wisconsin and Minnesota were divided by the Mississippi at that point but had been equal in altitude before.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  There would be no way to get from one side of the river to the other now except to fly or take a fast boat if one still existed. 

I saw no people, just lots of trees.  The trees on the other side of the river looked very tiny in comparison to those on my side of the river because they were so far down now.


2-16-11 - DREAM -  I was in someone's large back 7ard where they were having a party.

A group of women sat in one corner of the yard while coffee was served.   A woman asked me if I wanted coffee and I said I didn't drink coffee.  They all acted shocked, and one very thin woman said, "At work, I drink coffee all day long."  and she looked like it.  

After a few minutes, I asked if anyone was very scientific and they all agreed that no one was, and I had wan ted to tell my dream about the New Madrid fault and ask how large a quake it would take to create a 1,000 foot cliff.

But no one had much to say and the women started drifting away, and then two successive women by to collect the used coffee cups.

Finally I was all alone, and decided to go into the house where all the children and the men were. 

It was fairly quiet in the house, the children played on the floor with toys very nicely and the men stood in corners of the rooms talking quietly with each other.

I ended up in one room where it seemed that the men were keeping secrets and I thought it probably was about business that the public couldn't know about.

I'm a little confused about the sequence of events here, but someone came into the room from behind me whom I wanted to tell them about the men's conversations, so I looked at the clock and moved the hands so they said  6:11.

Then a woman came up to me and said, "Name me three men whose named start with H."

I responded  Henry, Harold, and Homer."

All of a sudden, I was in a large room with three men.  It appeared to be two sons, tall and handsome and well built, and their father, who was much older, short with dark hair around and behind his ears, but bald on top.  He was wearing what looked like a brown monk's robe or a judge.

He sat down in a chair facing me, while his sons faced the opposite corner of the room.

The old man said, "Stay silent and ask no questions!"  then he started morphing, older and older, and more and more wrinkled.  I didn't know if I wanted to even stay in this dream, but I made every effort to do as he said.

I started to see words moving down a screen in front of me.  None of the words looked like they were English, but I did see the word Island at least twice. 

Joe decided to get out of bed and go to the bathroom just then, I tried really hard not to move and stay focused on the screen which I did, but the letters turned red on a black background and finally with all the noise Joe was making, the words turned black on the black background, and even though I tried to hold the focus, I had to finally give up because even though Joe was gone from the room, I couldn't see anything but blackness, and I gave up and rolled over in bed to break the spell.


*********  HOMER'S ILIAD


2-18-11 -  I was living in my Father's 16th St. house with both parents. 

For some reason, my boss Richard was there, and he was charged a fee for his car by the government.  On the paperwork, was a statement of willingness to pay part of the bill, and though the bill laws only $7, Richard paid 2 cents of the bill just as a matter of principle he said.

Downstairs, my Mother made a beautiful dinner,  but it wasn't quite ready to be served.  The table was set only on  one side of the table.

I saw a very large brown bear come down the stairs from my Father's bedroom.  I screamed for my Father to come and remove the bear from the kitchen, who was nosing around the dinner plates.

I was afraid of the bear so I ran around through the dininigroom, while my Father got the bear out of the kitchen, and to my astonishment, I saw an entire herd of fat monkeys going docilely up the stairs. I noticed that even though their legs were thin, they all had very fat haunches.



2-19-11 - HARVEST OUT OF SEASON - DREAM - I was on a farm somewhere.  The grass was short and green, and I was harvesting crops of fruits and nuts and other foods I can't remember all into a basket that had water in it.  I realized later, I should have harvested the food individually into separate containers, not all in the same basket.  (How did the water stay in the basket)?  I don't know.  I remember cherries in the basket, and what looked like pollywogs, and two other fruits or vegetables that were smell, and I saw nuts falling off the trees nearby, and chiggers were trying to get into the basket, and I had to keep bumping the basket on the ground to keep them out.

While I was walking, a tiny little girl came crying up to me, saying that a wasp had stung her index finger.  She seemed to be okay and she went back to picking daylilies, and go stung by a wasp again.  I told her parents to keep her away from those flowers and she seemed to be okay, but she went right back to those flowers again. Her parents seemed to be too busy to keep her under their control.

Everyone was busy harvesting - it wasn't until I woke up that I realized that cherries and nuts aren't even harvested in the same season, and there weren't very many in the basket either.

Another boy who I was related to in some way, was tired of the harvest and was trying to mow everything down, so I had to get him off the mower and forbid him to ever use it again.

There was a makeshift hut there with a bunch of people in it, and a young woman was sitting in the window of it. As I walked by with my harvested fruits and pollywogs, or whatever they were, she hollered over that I should find the Russian woman over to go have a drink with them.  It was the middle of the day and we were harvesting.  That seemed a little inappropriate too.

I went past some people standing around, they were so busy chatting, they couldn't be bothered to move aside so I could put my basket down where the harvested food was being delivered to. I thought to myself, "She used to be such a lovely child, and all she wanted to do was grow up and be a lovely woman, and she turned into such a bitch!


2-10-11 - DREAM -  It seemed I was moving with my family to a different part of the country, and some military men were helping, but they weren't in uniform.

My hair and was very short, and cut such that each curl was individual, but soft, and brushed back away from my face. It was very attractive, and I was seeing myself as a different person, and not looking at myself in a mirror at that point.3

Apparently, these men liked me a lot, and came up to me and kissed me playfully several times.

My husband got very angry and was going to split up with me, but when we got home, we were just about to talk about what happened, and I was going to apologize and convince him we belonged together, when two men in dark blue uniforms, very handsome men I must say, came up a ladder to our bedroom window and said they were there to rewire the furnace or something downstairs.

So my husband left the room, and I lay on the bed looking out the window at the valley below, where I could see a young woman working with two chestnut brown mares with their small foals, and she was manipulating the horses to walk backwards into their new pasture land.

I heard someone say, "Well!  She brought them in backwards...  like it was trick to make them think they had always been where they were and not somewhere scary and new because coming in backwards, the horses always were looking at where they came from, and not looking out into a scary new place.

I found that very intriguing.

Then I had to get up and start sorting out boxes and bags of things, like socks my husband wore, from food and made decisions as to what stayed upstairs and what went downstairs, and I took three medium sized binders with notebook paper in them and put them on the piano bench.

I then  showed my husband a huge box of meat and old bread and asked him if I should give it to the birds because flies were buzzing around it.  The bread was not in loaves - more like the bottom of a pizza or lasagna pan size chunk with no top on it - like it was partially eaten and then left to dry out.  The meat didn't look wrapped up either - just raw in package sized chunks.

I can't remember what he decided about the meat. There was a lot of it in the box.



DREAM -  I was living in Wisconsin, out in the country.  We really liked it there and raised our own food during the summer time, canning, freezing, baking, etc.  It was a good life.

One day, I was outside and on the north side of the house, I saw a hole in the ground up against the building that was quite large.  There was a pile of dirt next to it, so I used my foot to push the loose dirt back into the hole, and when I did, the ground ahead of my foot moved upward a bit.  That was a little unnerving to say the least.

I turned around, and saw a brown bear lumbering its way toward me from out of the nearby woods.

I quickly got all the kids into the house, but the adults who were outside weren't quite so easy to get into the house.

The women were a little more intimidated than the men were.  There was a chubby black man sitting at the picnic table reading a book, and he refused to come into the house.  By then, I had all but one door locked and secured, because by now, I had also seen at least two wolverines, and a marmoset in the yard. 

He finally came into the house grumbling that I was forcing him to watch a movie on TV on a Monday when he didn't like watching movies until Thursdays.

I finally managed to get the screen door locked on that last door, but two women were standing in the hallway discussing how to install a hinge on the inner door to the hallway.  But as long as I had the outer door secured, I was satisfied that I had everyone safe inside the house.

Those wolverine teeth I had seen were just as sharp as the bear's teeth.

I went into the livingroom, looking out the window, watching to see if the bears were still out there.

All of a sudden, I saw a brown and white marmoset come crawling out from under the seat of one of the livingroom chairs.

The white on the marmoset was as white as white could be, but it still had sharp teeth and claws.

The marmoset crawled up the wallpaper and started playing with the electrical outlet, and I got squeamish that the marmoset would get electrocuted, but worse yet, it would short out the electricity of the house and leave us helpless in the dark later.

But, the marmoset changed its mind about messing with the outlet, and went to a different wall, and crawled into a hole I hadn't seen before, and somehow I could see quite far into the wall, and I saw that there was a larger marmoset laying down inside the wall, and there was a nest actually inside the wall where the marmoset's were living.  If the marmosets hadn't been so white, I would have been more afraid, but it's whiteness was beautiful and I had admired it.

I was so wrong to trust that aspect of it.


*2-23-11 - DREAM  I was moving into a new apartment in Milwaukee in the downtown area.

When I first went into the apartment, I saw that there was no door on the apartment  -just a moveable stake in the center of the doorway and I began thinking I didn't belong there at all.

Then I looked out the window and saw that the tall tree across the street had a single rose blooming at the top of the tree and knew that I did belong there.

Then I met a powerful businessman (Her is  _____ Buchanan from One Life to Live. He got really mean after several women left him and he was living alone) 

I started getting acquainted with him and he showed me stacks of business cards in his desk drawer.  I just laughed and said that I had more cards that that in my rolodex.

Not to be outdone, he took a stack of cash and put it into the office poor box.  That rather stun

 need me.

We started to have an affair even with his ex-wife (the district attorney of the town) and she seemed to approve.

We lay on the bed and he told me to just look at his face and then he said, What do you see?"

I had looked into his eyes first, and they were kind.  Then I looked at his hair which was different than I've ever seen it before.  Then he told me to look out the window, and I saw that the tree with the single rose was now blooming with pink flowers all over it, and there was a row of trees near it that were all blooming with pink roses when they had never bloomed before.

Then I was looking at a split screen, with his current face on the left and on the right I started to see him as he was in past lives, and I was shown that he was one of twin Indians who were very powerful, then how he gave food to the poor and changed how people thought about food, some statement he made in  past lives which unfortunately I can't remember now. 

It proved that he wasn't just a powerful businessman, that he was a good soul.

Tachi Yokut Legend

All the land in the plains north of Tulare Lake where the Tachi lived in summer was burned bare. Nothing was growing there, no seeds and no tools. The people were starving. In the mountains to the west, where the Tachi lived in winter, there were two little twin boys.

They were covered with sores and stank. Whenever they had finished eating, their father whipped them out of the house. They came back crying, but their parents took no pity on them. Only their grandmother took care of them.

Now the chief of the people in the plains said to his people: "Go about the land and see if you cannot find food. We will move wherever anything is growing." Then runners went southwestward. There they found a high mountain and near it a little lake, which is now dry. There were tule roots and seeds to be had and the people moved there.

Now the father and mother of the two boys abandoned them. But their grandmother stayed with them and cried over them. For two years they lived in this way. Sometimes the old woman found a few tule roots, and with these she fed the boys and they grew.

Now, when they were two years older, they no longer wanted to eat anything. They turned into thunders. At a high mountain west of the north end of the lake is a spring. There the boys went and there they are living now. They told their grandmother: "Grandmother, next month we shall have many fish from that water." Then in a month the spring was full of fish. They caught them and dried them.

The boys did not eat any of them, for they had turned into supernatural beings. Now their mother's brother, who had gone away with their parents, came back, bringing the boys a little food. Then they shot him. They nearly killed him, but cured him again. He told them: "When your father and your mother come, kill them." Then he went back with the fish which they had given him.

When he returned, he told the people: "They are well off now. They have much to eat." Then the boys' father and mother went there with other people. The boys shot at them and killed their parents and those that went with them.

Next day those of the people who had not yet gone, said: "Perhaps they were given many fish and that is why they did not come back last night." But their mother's brother told them why they should not go to that place. So the remainder of the people stayed where they were and were not killed. The mountain where the thunder twins live is called Chenhali.





A giant lived at Gashpĕta (Cave Place). The Twins were at Tsiĕpĕ. He went to get them, to cook them for his dinner. He had a basket on his back, and he dropped them in and started back to his house. They picked piñon gum and spread it over his head. They came along by Hainayasta (Old Cochiti, across the river). They struck a fire and the piñon gum blazed up. He felt the fire and ran to the river. The boys were thrown out. He was angry, and he said, "Whenever I see those boys I'll eat them."

He set out to find them again. When he discovered them, he put them in his basket and said, "You got away from me, but I caught you again." He started for his house. He brought them through Hainayasta to Fissure Place, where he lived. He told his daughter to make the fire. He chopped them all up and put the pot over to boil. He said, "Now I shall have a good feast in the morning." That night they broke open the door of the oven and got out. The giant's family were happy because in the morning they were going to have a feast. When they went to get them, they found that the boys were gone. The giant was very angry. He said, "I shall eat you yet!"

When he got to Tsiĕpĕ, they were playing with bows and arrows. The giant said to them, "You think you can get away from me." They laughed and tried to hit him with their arrows. He put them in his basket and took them home. His daughter made a fire, and he chopped them up fine, and put them in the pot. He was sure that he was going to have a nice feast. In the night the Twins opened the door and went home. In the morning he was so happy about the feast he was going to have, but the Twins were gone. "I shall eat you yet!" he exclaimed.

He went again to Tsiĕpĕ. He found them there playing with their bows and arrows. He was mad. He said, "This is the last time that I am coming. You will see what you will get. I will eat you now." He put them in his basket and took them home with him. He said, "We'll see which is the man!" The Twins took their stone knives and hit him in the heart and killed him. They shut him up with stones in his cave 2 and went back to Tsiĕpĕ.

p. 20


Long ago a giant lived in Peralta Canyon. As soon as the little children in Cochiti were big enough to eat, he would come and throw them into the carrying basket on his back and take them home to eat. He boiled them in the Boiling Place of the Giant, and when they were done, he called his children to the feast. He always knew just when the little children were big enough and juicy enough to be best for eating. Soon there were no children left in the pueblo.

The Twin Heroes heard of this. They said, "There should be many children in Cochiti, and there is not one." They started off from Tsiĕpĕ to overcome the giant. The giant was just starting to the pueblo on his round. They came face to face. The giant said, "Who are you, children?" "We are looking for you." He reached down and thrust them into his basket and started for his Boiling Place. He said, "Now I can make a meal off you two." The boys paid no attention; they were playing in his basket. When they were halfway to his home the boys laid their plans. Masewa jumped out and picked up big rocks and handed them up to his brother. The giant did not notice. When the basket was full, the boys dropped off and took the road home.

After four days the giant was coming again. The boys came out to meet him. Again they were face to face. The giant said, "There you are, children." "We were looking for you." He reached down and thrust them into his basket and started for his Boiling Place. He said, "Now I can make a meal off you." The Twins paid no attention; they were playing in his basket. When they were halfway to his home the boys laid their plans. Masewa climbed down and collected gum and handed it up to the other who put it over the giant's hair and neck. When they got near his place, and he was all covered with pitch, the Twins set fire to him. He ran to the river to put it out, and they went off laughing. The giant was very angry. "I will boil those boys yet for my soup!" he said.

Again in four days they saw the giant coming to the pueblo. The Twins came from Tsiĕpĕ. They met him near the pueblo. The giant said, "There you are, children." "We were looking for you." He reached down and thrust them into his basket and started for his Boiling Place. He said, "Now I can make a meal off you." The boys paid no attention; they were playing in his basket. When they were halfway to his place the boys laid their plans. They let the giant take them all the way to his house. He was very angry. On the way the boys pinched the giant. They hung over the sides of the basket and pinched him. He scolded at them, but they paid

p. 21

no attention to him. Finally he came to the Boiling Place. The little giants had a big fire ready to cook their food, and the big giant put them right in. They were plastered with mud and as soon as they touched the water, it cooled and they were not hurt at all.

They stayed quiet until the middle of the night. Then they got out. They picked off the plaster until they opened the oven door. They gathered manure (sheep's and horses') and put it in their place. In the night the giant got up and sniffed. He said, "Ha! children, we'll have fine soup out of those two boys!" In the morning the Twins were back at Tsiĕpĕ. At daylight the old giant woke his children so that they would be ready for breakfast. They began breaking off the plaster. The boys had replaced it just as it was. They found the manure. The old giant cried, "Well! Well! What can we do? I don't see how the little boys got away from me." In this way the Twins kept the giant from killing the children. They said, "This is what you did to children of Cochiti; this is what will happen to you."


19:1 Informant 3. See Dumarest, 224. Notes, p. 212.

19:2 Schkoio schkaka haush.

20:3 Informant 1.



Native American

2-24-11 - DREAM - I was somewhere in a large room with a group of people of all ages.  I was sitting on a sofa with John McBain, another girl, and a black man on my left who had comforted me and then went to see my ex-husband for some reason.

After he left, I asked John McBain (he's from One Life to Live TV show and is Chief Detective on the show)  I asked him if he would come and be head of security for our new Community in Arizona and I told him that it was going to cost approximately 52 million dollars.

The dream ended with a blonde girl and myself singing, "Over the Rainbow


NOTE:  I started getting images sent to me from a friend that I wasn't expecting.




image 4 was of the same window - but larger and sideways

image 5 was of the same window but larger yet

















2-24-11 - DREAM -  I can't remember the dream anymore, but during the dream, it came to me that in the spiritual center, we need to teach positive thinking, which is the same as what I've dreamed before.













2-26-11 - dream - I lived across the street from my good friends Paul and Mikki.  One day while Mikki was gone shopping, Paul brought me 26 letters from some guys who was as relative of his.   The guy must have thought I needed a boyfriend or something because all his letters were big brown envelopes and written in very small print on 8 1/2 x 14" size paper.   In one of the envelopes was a very large photograph of a guy sitting on a motorcycle - it wasn't of the man who wrote the letters, it was of a man he admired, and his name was Tartarmane. 

There was no date on the professional photograph but I saw the number 59 on it which doesn't sit too well with me either if you have to ask. 

I went across the street and asked Paul about this so-called 'relative' of his and Paul said he didn't really know him and he didn't know what he looked like either.  I said, "With my kind of luck, he's probably on 5' 4" tall or something.

Since Paul was busy with his work, I stuffed the photo back into the envelope it came from which also had a lot of cut out clippings of ads from magazines too. 

I didn't read much of the writing in the letters, the writing was so mall and so much of it, it was just too overwhelming.

I didn't know what to do with it at the end.


1-17-11 -  I had three dreams about driving.  Two identical dreams was about a baby driving, and the third one was of me writing a contract in the driveway in front of the garage, that I promised to drive safely.

Very strange


2-28-11 - dream - I don't know where I was.  It felt like a prison, but it may have been a dormitory.

I change clothes and noticed how much weight I had lost and my jeans which were faded red, were really tight on my butt and I felt proud of that.

I looked out the window and saw three kids walked on a cement walkway that was about 4 feet above and to the side of a huge vat of water with a black tarp on to

 top of it.  The kids jumped down onto the tarp and watered carefully across the tarp, hoping they wouldn't fall in so they could escape because on the other side of the vat was a large golden door with huge gold doorknobs on it.  All they had to do was turn those knobs and they could escape

The room I was in had only a single bed in it.  I was laying on the bed and three young men came in.  At first they didn't do anything, but the one guy who looked like a light black guy got on the bed with me, and tried to make nice with me, and I didn't want him to so I started pinching him and scratching him.  the other two guys didn't try to stop him, but they didn't try to stop me from hurting the guy either.

He had a scar or blue birth mark in front of his right ear, and the more I pinched him, the lighter his skin color got  until he looked white.

He finally got off of me, and once he stood up, I asked him if he wanted to go across the street to the bar with me. 

Once we got out into the hall, there were other people who looked like my high school friends.

I had some key sand change in my pants pocket and on the way across the street, we came across two little boys and who were fighting over a quarter one found, so I reached in my pocket and gave the boys a quarter each, and they guy I was with who was white skinned now, dropped a tiny little dime like coin on the ground d so I gave that to the boys too and told them to give it to their father.

I only had one quarter and a 60 cent piece left in my pock3et so I knew I couldn't buy any drinks for myself in the bar, otherwise I would have no bus fare to get home that night.



I was on my computer, playing a game of words.  It was played similarly to REMEMBER or THREE'S A MATCH!

In front of me on the screen was a series of words - 5 columns across and quite a few down which I didn't count t.

Every other word was EARTHCHANGE.  I can't remember what the other words were in-between those were..

J  was told that the game was called -  EARTHCHANGES CAUSED BY SATAN.

Behind each one of the words EARTHCHANGE supposedly was the name of SATAN if SATAN caused a particular EARTHCHANGE event.

So, I started playing the game by pointing to the word EARTHCHANGE and when I clicked on it, I expected the name SATAN to pop up.

I did a couple lines like this, and every EARTHCHANGE I pointed to, nothing was behind it.

We all know how many times fundamental Christians will blame Satan for anything bad that happens, and now I wasn't getting anything at all.

I was getting sick of this game because I was looking for someone to blame for at least one EARTHCHANGE and I wasn't getting anything.

I was starting to wake up and I had a vision of a hard bound book about 5 inches across by 8 inches tall, and the cover was a dusky blue and grey design.  The title of the book said,  EARTHCHANGES CAUSED BY SATAN ACCORDING TO THE EAST COAST PEOPLE.

NOTE:  The important key to this dream is an Angel who we know by the name of ROVERE who is channeled by Mikki Wedel who lives on the east coast.  At a meeting in recent months, ROVERE told us a clue to the Book of Job in the Bible, which I had been told to study several times in dreams in previous years.  I was told to study the book of Job to find out why he did what he did was not to lose faith in God because of what was happening.  If you have ever read the Book of Job, it starts out with God and Satan standing side by side and God tells Satan that he can do anything he wants to do to Job except kill him.  The Book of Job is full of horrible things, killings, slaughters of cattle, the death of the his children and wives, the loss of all his wealth and money and he has horrible sores on his body and he ends up sitting on a dung heap with his prior friends telling him what a fool he was for believing in God after all this mayhem. 

I didn't find the answer the first time I read the Book of Job, and 10 years later I was told to read it again, in another dream and then I discovered way at the end, that Job tells his friends that his LOVE was the key to why he still believed in God.

ROVERE told us in the meeting that your whole perspective will change immediately when you find out that God and Satan are actually THE HIGHER SELF and EGO.


3-15-11 - DREAM -  I was at Juneau Village Garden Apartments and decided today, Monday would be my day to report to work in the office for the first time.  I had already been in the building six months, observing what was going on, but wanting to just take over, though that's what I had been hired to do by the boss John six months earlier.

I decided to report for work at 7 a.m. which I did, and when I opened the door, the current woman manager, who was older than I was sitting at her desk, watching TV with 3 couples, the men being maintenance men, and the women being their wives.

She recognized my face and told me she had been seeing me now and then, and had watched how carefully I had not intruded on her and she knew when I showed up at the door,, it was time for me to take over.  She was extremely friendly about it.

I told her I was living in apartment 601  (equals 7)  but there are only 3 floors in the building, so I haven't figured that out yet.

I told her I had been monitoring the building at night, watching who was going on, checking on the maintenance work, and had even painted a couple apartments myself.

I signed a copy of a purchase order then for some reason, like that was an official duty, she instructed me what my duties would be, which I can't recall now, but she was very nice and pleasant and didn't try to fight off my presence at all.

I became aware before I woke up, that I had forgotten one thing - I hadn't put my upper teeth in, and wondered if she had even noticed that.


3-16-11 - DREAM -  - I was watching a young man go into a house where the people hadn't locked their doors, and pick up a little red toolbox laying up against a hallway wall.  The toolbox made a noise when he picked it up so he quickly moved the toolbox to the kitchen, and grabbed something out of it and put it into a dish in the kitchen sink, where he hid the object in a bowl that had tomatoes in it that looked like chutney or something similar.  He heard people waking up, so he took light green  towels and wash rags and put them in the sink and got them wet to make it look like he was doing the laundry and getting ready to hang it up on a wash line outside.

Another young man got up from bed, came out into the kitchen and saw what the first young man was doing and then puttered around in the kitchen.  Apparently, the first young man was no stranger to this household or the other hung man would have raised a ruckus.

Then the father of the house got out of bed and went out into the kitchen and saw what was going on, and told the first young man where the wash line was outside the house.

Since the towels and washcloths hid the stolen tool in the sink, the first young man had to go with the father and hang up the towels and wash cloths on the line outside, so they went outside, and grabbing enough wooden clothespins to hag up the towels and washcloths, the young man struggled to hang up the first towel, but the wash line was attached to the top of the window on the house and the line was too high for him to reach as the windows were very tall. 

The young man complained to the father that the wash lines were hung too high on this retirement home and he couldn't hang g up the laundry.