2-1-93 - DREAM - (This dream refers to a real pain I was experiencing in the physical)

I went to my 16th St. house in a car. I went into the house, in the kitchen and saw a sign in the air - THIS IS YOUR KARMA. I was at the time experiencing a pain in my lower right side.

There was a red emergency button on the wall facing the yard below the window and I decided to call for help. So I began pressing the button, looking to see if a red light would come on, but t didn't. I pressed the button several times, then I saw red and blue lights flashing out the window and saw the lights of a squad car out in the yard. Instead of coming into the house where I needed them, they went to the garage to work on my car. In a moment, they came out of the garage carrying a brown paper bag and brought it to the house. The officer said, "You steering wheel was broken, so we put on a new one."  He handed me the bag and left.

But, there I sat still in pain and hadn't received the help I needed.

I got out a large book that contained ads. I don't know if they were drug stores or health food stores. Each one was numbered and I had to pick on to go to for help.

I diagnosed myself as having diverticulitis and figured I needed a good laxative to cure it. I decided I would use prunes to do the job.


2-3-93 - DREAM - My Aunt Irene said she wanted to have a reunion with all her sister. I saw only the ones who are a live now. My Mom came in with her sister Doris or her cousin Helen. I tried to go up to greet her, but she pushed past me. I obviously wasn't wanted at the reunion.

NOTE:  In the year 2001, Only my Mom and cousin Helen are left alive. The other two sisters passed with a year or so of this dream.


2-3-93 - DREAM - I was sitting on the porch of a house right by the ocean. The street ahead of me was flooded. The water ahead of me was full of waves. I said, "I didn't know the water got so high in winter."


2-4-93 - MEDITATION - at midnight: (astral or high physical) A huge white woman came up tome. She must have weighed over 300 maybe 400 pounds. She asked, "Are we nice? " Then she asked, "Or are we stubborn?"

I was then looking out the window of my 16th St. house onto the porch.There was a huge woman dressed in a red and green plaid dress drying to get in. She was dancing a little jig like she was impatient.

Then I saw 4 people, each one in a tall  box with just their heads sticking out. The 1st box opened up. The woman said, "And who is for you?" and stepped out smartly like she was marching.


2-6-93 - DREAM - I went to a house in the country. I didn't think this was my house. I was like a visitor yet I was the main participant. There was a sense of ominous dread and I knew I had lived through this before and I was determined it was not going to end the same way it did before.

My husband (or 'the' husband) was in the military and he left to go to work. I knew he was going to be overseas on a secret mission.

Even though I should have been used to being a military wife, I should have thought nothing of seeing an airplane fly over, yet, when a jet flew 'slowly' over, I knew immediately it meant trouble, and it had to do with UFOS and 'bad' aliens.

I told the children to go upstairs and not turn the lights on. The oldest girl instead ran out of the house to go to the store to buy a pack of paper so she could so some writing while she was confined. I prayed she would return in time.

I systematically went through the house, window by window, pulling the curtains together at the center and pulling the shades down to the bottom of the window sill. Each time I got to a window, I prayed I wouldn't see something in the sky and be too late.

I finally got all the windows covered, and went to the kitchen where the electronic security lock was.

The daughter was still not home. there was nothing I could do to save her now and she would be on her own to save herself.

I flipped the switch and all the electronic locks shot home with an electronic 'click' all over the house. To be could sure every was locked. I went around the house and closed all the mechanical latches. We were now securely locked in.

My mind remembering, how terrible it was confronting the aliens was determined it wouldn't happen again.

All the lights were shut off now, so the aliens couldn't possibly know there was anyone in the house.

I went to the window to look up at the sky through a crack between the shade and outside frame. It was perfectly clear and nothing was in sight.

I was ready to relax, go upstairs and wait it out, when I saw a brown baby floating down the river , screaming. At that moment, I knew it was starting because that's the way it started the time before and I had run out to rescue the baby and I had been captured. I knew it was a ploy to get me out of the house into the open where they could get me and I wasn't going to fall for it again.

Then I saw the first plane coming. It was a jet, but flying low and slow ... searching for something.

Following it came wave after wave of jets, each wave flying lower and lower, almost rooftop level.


2-7-93 - DREAM - I was watching TV, but it was boring so I got up to switch it off. My brother beat me to it, and switched channels. To my surprise, I saw my brother on TV talking about MRT (Magnetic Radio Transmissions) They said, "It will be discovered in the next year, that the greatest MRT waves are coming out of the Grand Canyon.


2-7-93 - DREAM - I was in a big office and T.M. let me eavesdrop in on a conversation between two women on the West Coast. They were working on a project and mismanaging it. I was told that I would be given enough money to investigate it and straighten it out.


2-7-93 - MEDITATION - I was shown that Nefertali is symbolic. I saw what looked like the ends of birds wings. Nefertali will be the next Eck Master. I saw a three tiered cake with 3 candles on top and behind it was a TV screen with a picture of a man coming from the right. He was an older man,not sure if her had a short beard, but he was very somber.

Then I saw a creature with green scaly skin. Then a big man with the same green scaly skin, wearing a dark blue suit sat on my right. Instead of hands, he had these green claw-like appendages like a chicken foot, except with 5 claws. He reached over and put his claw hand on my leg and said, "What good does it do for you to be good?"


2-8-93 - DREAM - I worked in an office. I was given a computer program to alphabetize the name of people to help keep track of them.


2-8-93 - ASTRAL EXPERIENCE - I was given a blue notebook that said, "Metric Square Guide" at the top.


2-8-93 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. N.M. had a room there but it was unused. I had a copy of his key and I was trying to figure out how to recut my key so it would open both mine and his doors. I was not a  simple matter.

David, the locksmith came and I put him to work opening windows and putting new screens on where they needed it.

My ex-husband J. came and I put him to work raking dead grass and leaves off the lawn.

They were all there, but when I looked for anyone of them to talk to, I couldn't find any one of them.

I made dinner then, a variety of things. A woman came along and filled up on what she liked. She commented on what I had served. I told her that I couldn't please everybody all the time with one thing, so I made enough of everything so anybody who came would be able to say they had enough to eat and were satisfied.

I also had a baby there and I made sure he was appropriately dressed fed.

NOTE:  I see the connection between feeding the people physical food and spiritual food.


2-9-93 - DREAM - My husband and I were driving around upper Wisconsin sightseeing. I saw a river that had been dammed and a small spillway below it bordering a small town. I knew that the first drop of rain would cause a disaster, but when I saw this huge square house for sale in the area, I had to go inside and look at it. The house was all windows and had a huge library in it.

We went inside to look at it. The house was all windows and had a huge library in it. We went inside to look. There was about 6 salesmen inside and one singled himself out as 'our' man.

We talked about the spillway and the man said that it was big enough to hold several rivers worth of water and I knew he was wrong.

The house was so fabulous though, I would do most anything to live there. The town was very tiny. I looked out the window and saw a small grocery store, a 3 taverns in a row and a gas station. I even considered getting a job in one of the bars just to be able to stay.

I considered asking the owner if he needed a housekeeper, just to stay.

But, I knew there was no work and we couldn't stay.

My kids woke up then and I had to rush them to the bathroom. I spoke in a sweet lilting voice to them, picked up my daughter and rushed her to the bathroom. Sorry I was too late for both of them. She was dripping yellow poop and my son hadn't been able to wait either. He said he could wash out his underwear and let it dry, just wear his jeans meantime.

NOTE: Chronology of the Summer Floods of 1993:

All Rights Reserved, c 1995 Heritage Press

March 10

National Weather Services predicts below normal precipitation for the summer: "but above average rainfall could mean flooding, given soil saturation, spring snow depths, and normal spring rains."

June 10

The first 8" rainstorms start in Dakotas, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

June 20

The first dam bursts, submerging 100 homes to their rooftops (on the Black River in Western Wisconsin). The upper 200 miles of the Mississippi are closed to river traffic. Locks & Dams are not operated.

July 5

The bridge closes at Keokuk, Iowa.

July 10

The bridge closes at Fort Madison, Iowa, which has experienced rain for 54 of 58 days. 830 miles of river are closed between Cairo, IL. and St. Paul, MN.Over 100 rivers feeding into the Mississippi flood by July 14. Unprecedented high-water marks on the Mississippi, Missouri, Des Moines, Illinois, Iowa, Skunk, Rock and Raccoon Rivers.

July 16

The last Quincy, Il, bridge is closed, leaving no bridge between Alton, Il, and Burlington, Ia. The Mississippi River spreads seven miles inland.

July 24

The river at Quincy crests at a record 32'.

August 2

The river crests at 49'7" in St. Louis, Mo. Eleven times the volume of Niagara Falls is flowing under Eads Bridge; enough to fill Busch stadium every 65 seconds.

August 24

The Mississippi River locks reopen to commercial river traffic.

August 30

The Des Moines River floods again, after another 10 inches of rain.

Sandbags and Stuff:

Estimated that two truckloads of sand (a little less than fifty tons) will fill 4000 sandbags.

More than 26.5 million sandbags were used during the Flood of 1993.

Approximately 927 million pounds of fill.

Homeowners had to fill their own sandbags.

In all, 150 primary and secondary levees failed, twelve billion dollars in damages, 48 deaths, nine states involved. Rain, too much rain, was the root of the problem. By July 15th, every area had at least twice its normal rainfall, some had six times as much. A High Pressure system in the SE forced Gulf air to move north, hitting cool NW air. It was the wettest June and July since 1895. There were twelve major storms with rainfalls of 6 to 12 inches. 16,000 square miles of farmland were under water. 1 inch of water on an acre of ground equals 27,143 gallons. Seventeen million acres were inundated during the flood. (Statistics collected from various sources.)


2-12-93 - DREAM - I was at 20th St. school, playing the piano. The music I had was very old, and i knew I should either pay for the music or give it back. I got to the last song titled, "My Obsession of You." It cost $1.00.


2-14-93 - DREAM - I was in church. I sat by myself in the third row from the front toward the left. My husband sat in the 2nd row, by himself, way over on the right.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw the person behind me get up to go sing with the choir. By the time I got up to take my book of music to go sing with the choir, I had to walk by myself to the back. I stood at the end of the front row way to the right. Then my husband came struggling along and wanted to know why no one had signaled him that the choir was going to sing. I said, "No one signaled me either and I didn't see you sitting there."

After church we got in the car, to drive home. We were at the top of the hill on Calhoun Rd. between National and Beloit Rds. I saw that changes had been made in the road to add extra lanes at the intersection for managing traffic so it wouldn't be so dangerous, but it was still dangerous.

Instead of going straight home, he took a side road that was unpaved and went to the right. From there, I observed the improvements to the road, but knew that accidents could still occur.

NOTE:  I was shocked when I went to visit my old house in the later 90's. I didn't even recognize the roads, they were so built up with office buildings and stores, etc. It was a real shock to have change come that fast.


2-14-93 - DREAM - I was at a church at a small meeting for women. There were 4 of us. (I'm having trouble recalling who they were. I looked at one woman's bills to make sure that none of them had been run up by her husband. I put them on the desk. Just then a new woman walked in . I noted that she was built similar to me, but dress very conservatively in a dress of non-color recalled, very pale. I looked down at what I was wearing and saw heavy blue jeans, a white shirt and a bright red sweater. I felt very awkward. The woman did not sit with the group but on a chair on the other side of the room, so I didn't get to know her.

One of the women said she was moving to LaCrosse. I thought to myself, I could move there too so I would know someone and finish my education, but I'm supposed to go to Appleton.

After the meeting we were walking down a hallway. I saw a woman coming I had seen only once before. We were dressed alike in yellow dresses with blue and red flowers on them. I went over to greet her and gave her a hug. I reminded her that the last time I saw her we were both wearing blue dresses.


2-14-93 - DREAMS - I was managing an apartment building and I found out that my husband E. was in town. He was staying with a friend who had rented an apartment from me. The friend hadn't paid the rent. They both wanted to move in with me and skip out on their rent.

I went out to the New Berlin house. There was such a bad snowstorm out, you could hardly see from the house to the garage. I started to shovel and so did E. I was surprised he was willing to help but he was.

I got way to the back lot line and the snow was so deep I couldn't get back, so I walked all the way around way up by Anderson's house whose water ran all year round on the boundary line.

I walked up the line, back to the road and then over to the house going in from the front door. I went back to the back door, calling T.M. to see if he was out in the garage. There was no response. I went out the back door and everything was shoveled. The snowbanks were about 5 feet deep. I saw that this point the E.w as still working readily hard and I was amazed he could work that hard. I saw that he was getting help from a lot of people on the last stretch of driveway.

He saw me and told me to put away all the equipment in the garage that wasn't being used and cover it all up and then we'd tell people it had been stolen and then we could sell it for money. I was dismayed. I went in the house and called my counselor and toll her all that happened and said that E. wanted me to come back to him. She said. "Do you really think you should." I said, "I have my job, my books, my kids, I'm  writing a novel and I have my sewing. (I mentioned a couple other things too). I knew it would all stop just to play his games just to run out and get drugs. I knew the answer was , "No!"


2-14-93 - DREAM - I was working in accounting at A-C and my boss wanted me to start keeping track of the material coming in. To do that, I needed to see the purchase orders. I also sent out inquiries for them. So, I was go see D.L. (my old boss) and ask him if I could be in the Purchasing function again.


2--14-93 - DREAM BIT: I was watching lessons being given for a woman who was being taught to blow and lessons on how to throw a basketball the farthest, by jumping with the throw.


2-15-93 - MEDITATION - On raising vibrations, I was seeing a strange pattern of what looked like flower petals or sea shells with points on the tops and all of a sudden they moved and all these things were like big Dahlias on the tops of people's heads. I was surrounded by these people on all sides. It sort of scared me momentarily, but I figured that if I raised my vibrations, I would raise myself out of it.

Then I saw several potted plants on the floor, some were deep purple and some white. They were so pretty, I relaxed and thanked the people.

Just that quick, they began bringing me huge bouquets of flowers. They were so beautiful, I was overwhelmed. I thanked them profusely and left.


2-15-93 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and went to the drug store on National Ave. My friend Alice was with me. I saw some fish tanks on sale, but I couldn't spend that much money. Alice said she would buy one for me, but I couldn't expect her to do that.

I went home and filled the bathtub with water, and looked inside and saw many goldfish and then guppies. I wanted some new fish, red ones, but I knew they would eat the little ones, so I couldn't have them.


2-15-93 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house with my Mother and Father. They must have had bad words between the because my Father, who had left the house, reached back through the screen on the door and grabbed a hold of my Mother's chin, hurting her. I got so upset that I looked for something to throw at him. I spotted a scrub brush on the sink, so I threw that at him, hitting him on the hand.

He turned to come after me, to punish me, but I ran out the front door, around the house and to the garage where I hid as far back in a corner as I could get, under a work bench, hoping he wouldn't find me.

Three little kids came in and spotted me. they were gleeful at my predicament, and eventually either in the dream or the next, I was playing the piano and singing, "The Way We Were".


2-16-93 - MEDITATION - I called Holy Christ and asked to go to the highest level I could go to.

I saw myself standing at an entrance to a building. Many people came in, smiled, greeted me and moved on to my right. This went on and on and I wondered where they were going. I turned to my right. The people were descending a couple of stairs and after they greeted me, they greeted a man standing on a stairway to my right.

Then I was at the north door of my own apartment building. Someone said, "How would you like a yard like this? A line of people with many children came up the sidewalk with colorful clothes. They were all laughing and happy.


2-19-93 - MEDITATION - I closed my eyes and saw T.M. with a brown suitcase, fully packed. He said, "I'm going to have to travel once a month."


2-19-93 - DREAM - I was in bed dreaming and woke up to find a young man standing in my bedroom doorway. He anted to know where Sandy was. I told him, I didn't know. My wallet was laying on the dresser next to the door. He told me that if I didn't tell him where Sandy is, he was going to take all my money from the purple wallet. I said, "I don't have much money.' meaning I never have much cash in the wallet.

Then I asked him what his name was and he rather half whispered ' THORPE". I had a hard time hearing him, so I repeated his name. Did you say, Thorpe?"  When I said his name, he instantly became a "Roly Poly" (A head on top of an oval that rolls and stands upright when you push it over. The round part was bright red and on to of his head was some kind of yellow hat)

That was so strange, I called the name, "Jim" my ex-husband and the Roly Poly disappeared.

I then got out of bed and went downstairs to find Jim and repeated the whole story I just wrote out.


2-9-93 - DREAM - I was in a huge church and we were going to go forward to receive communion. The church was constructed like an auditorium so that the rearmost seats were higher, than the frontmost seats. In order to receive communion, you had to jump down the stairs two footed, one at a time. It became a contest to see who could jump down the stairs the fastest. I was challenged by someone and began the jump and ended up skimming down the stirs. I felt so proud and beamed with happiness. I came back up the stairs, and had to tell everyone how good I did.

Everyone was envious and of course, everyone else wanted to do the same thing.


2-19-93 - DREAM - I was in a garage or storage place in back of my house There was a piano there and shelves of books and books on top of the piano. I decided they belonged in the house, so I began to stack books in my arms to carry them. I saw  one of them was extra large. It was an Atlas of the U.S.  maps. I decided that it fit better on top of the piano and left it there, carrying the rest of the books to the house.


2-21-93 - DREAM - I was in a house with a younger man. He said he was sick and would have to be in the hospital awhile. He asked me to take care of his bedding and his clothes for him. I agreed and went to his bedroom. He had a single bed, but a king size quilt (a pale color). I folded up the quilt and planned to store it in a large square box. I saw his clothes, a pair o f blue jeans, hanging on a hook way up by the ceiling. (All I recall)


2-21-93 - EXPERIENCE - I was reading about plant fairies and how to tell if you have them living with you. They cause itchy spots in your hair like a fly crawling.

I was experiencing this, plus tickling on my face today.

I was tired and lay my head down on my arm on the chair arm. I then saw a little tiny miniature person and he put his little tiny hand on mine.


2-24-93 - MEDITATION - I was on my first Our Father and I saw a blonde-haired, blue eyed man with a very blonde beard.  I felt he was a Black Lord and I ignored him and continued praying and he got real close and said, "Does my appearance bother you?

I opened my eyes to get rid of him. I closed them again to start over and began praying. A white man with black holes where the eyes should be appeared. He had a puffy gross appearance. He raised and lowered his eyebrows but those big black holes got to me because he was nose to nose with me, so I stopped.


2-24-93 - DREAM - I was somewhere in the country in a house. I looked out the window and saw a strange UFO go overhead. It was going very slowly. It seemed to be made of a model airplane type kit. It had a white tree to which were attached pink canoes or rowboats. It was shaped such: 

In each rowboat was a little creature with an all white suit on and black slanted eyes.  It flew over and I don't remember anymore.


2-24-93 - DREAM - I went toa public place where I was meeting some people. My intention was to tell them the above dream because they were involved in my dream about the UFO. I spotted a black man who had been in the dream. I started to say, "I want to tell you about a dream I had ;last night because you were in it and it was about UFOs. Half way through my sentence he started to turn and walk away from me. He wasn't interested.

At the same time, a military man in a beige trench coat, put himself between me and the black man so I was unable to continue my story.

So, I went into the next room to look for a lady named Judy, who was also in the dream.

The next room contained women with infants. They were obviously separated from the others because of the babies. They weren't allowed in the other room.

I then left, disgusted that I wasn't able to tell anyone the dream. But I went to a warehouse where a secret UFO was kept so I could see it for myself. 

It was quarter to 8 a.m. and it wasn't open yet. Two cars with workers were waiting for it to open too.

I went into my house then where my baby was. The baby needed a change of diaper which I proceeded to do. I was told by my daughter that everything looked healthy in that department. 

I decided to put a clean undershirt on the baby too, but his clothes were all getting too small, because he was growing so fast. 


2-26-93 - DREAM - Terry Reynolds and her husband Dave came to stay at my house in New Berlin. Her husband was sleeping so all events happened quietly, so as not to awaken him. I needed some money in order to do what  I had to do.  The money, both mine and hers and my husband who was 'The teacher' was on her side of the house way in the front hall. I had to tiptoe past her sleeping husband to get to it. 

When I reached the front hall, I found an envelope with money in them. The teacher had a single $25 bill. My friend Terry R. had two $25 bills. She would still have $25 and we would all have $25. If I took the Teacher $25, he would have none and he was leaving on a trip to go teach somewhere. If I didn't take her $25, I would have none and I could do what I needed to do which was to teach also. But, I rationalized that the money belonged to her, she needed it and she had had to have it mailed to the Post Office in New Berlin and couldn't quickly get more. 

If I took the Teacher's $25, I could write a check and replace it and he could go to the local bank and cash it. That way the Teacher would have her two $25 bills and the Teacher and we would each have $25 which would equal hers.

Then there was the matter of the keys. When the Teacher left to go teach, he had to leave his keys behind, including his Master key. I could easily just take his keys and he could leave and not worry about them, or he could leave the keys where he left and put them in a place where I could find them easily, such as in a purse. I decided to let him do that. 

The Teacher's Father came to stay with us. His Father had cancer and was unable to do anything for himself. My friend Terry R. wanted him to be in another room but he couldn't move his legs. 

I said, "If the Teacher could grab his Father around the middle, I could move his legs and together we could get him where the Teacher wanted him to be in the other room. I didn't want to touch The Teacher's Father's legs because that was where the caner was and I was afraid that the sores would ooze through the pant's legs and get on my hand. 

But the Teacher's Father walked then, and we went ahead and moved him.

The Teacher sat his Father down in a school desk. Instantly The Teacher's Father transformed himself. His head swiveled around and presented a different face to me, as young, handsome man. 

He jumped up into an opening above us near the ceiling. As the young man, he said, "I have caner and I'm going to die. I've had a hard life."

I reached up to him, stroked his hand and said, "I'm sorry!"

The Teacher's Father got irate and yelled at me, "Don't ever say you're sorry for me."

I said back, "I didn't say I'm sorry for you, I just said a generalized, "I'm sorry!" which covers everyone's sorrow. 

He jumped down and ran through a wide doorway down a few stairs. He slammed the door shut.

The door was bright red and said in Black letters painted on the door.  "NO!  STOP!" 

I didn't want to be shut out of my own house, so I kicked the door in and it crashed to the floor. 

The Teacher merely opened another door right next to it, which pulled towards him and walked easily through it. Then I realized that the red door would have opened just as easily if I hadn't been trying to open it by force in the wrong direction. 

We walked through the Teacher's door and around to the right and saw an elevator which went to the upper floor.

We got on the elevator and ended up in my nw apartment.  It was shiny and newly painted gray.

The Teacher didn't like it. He said, "You could have chosen any other apartment n the building."

I knew that on the floors below, the house and stairs were delapitated and old and the people were sickly, diseased and poor. 

There was some reference in my mind to my friend Terry R. which I can't remember how, but I said, "But this is the apartment I wanted. Its on the top floor and overlooks everything below. It was on the 9th level on 15th St. 





2-28-93 - DREAM - I was walking down a road with a man, who was sort of behind me, so I don't know who he was. We came across a large cow laying on the side of the road. It looked dead and wasn't moving. Then I saw a little twitch of one of its muscles. I put my hand inside the cow through its vagina and felt a huge calf inside. I took my hand out and looked at the cow again. there were minor twitches a couple of times and I determined that the cow must be alive, just in shock or something. I looked at the back end of the cow and one leg of the calf was sticking out. The calf was breech and that why the birth was so difficult. The cow was exhausted. So I pulled the leg of the calf and it slipped right out and was delivered.

The man who was with me stated, "The umbilical must be consumed." The cow was obviously too sick to take care of it's normal business. I gagged at the thought of eating the afterbirth like animals do. So the man did it. Just like spaghetti, he slurped the umbilical and afterbirth into his mouth and swallowed it.


2-25-93 - MEDITATION - I asked to go to the healing temple with the Teacher. I was in a room where two boxes (like casket size) was stacked one on top of the other. I was told not to open the boxes.


2-27-93 - DREAM - I was with my sister and brother-in-law and we were going to drive from one place to another which would take quite a few hours. My brother-in-law was driving the car. I sat in back for the ride.

As we drove along, he was faced with a chore of three different highway, one straight ahead.- one to the left and one that went cross-country where only a lane existed traveled by a couple of cars and was totally unmarked with directions.

That's the one he chose, because I was the most scenic. And it was. We cut cross-country, across the fields, around lakes and forests. 

He made a comment then. He said, "I dreamed that we went this way and we got stuck and it took 5 hours before we came to people and we had no food with us.

I got highly upset and said, "That was a warning to you. I would have used that s a clue to be prepared and taken extra food with m to prevent it from happening in reality in the physical. 


2-28-93 - DREAM - I went to an office where I was working. there was nothing on my desk and I didn't know what i was supposed to do. so I asked someone about it. She said, "Don't you know" You've just been designated, "Director of Casualty."

I was surprised. I could only surmise that it had happened as a reward for helping the cow on the road and the boss of that department worked upstairs.


2-28-93 - DREAM - I was reading a newspaper and at the back was a several page article about a woman who had started her own business and had thousands of records to keep as well as going around the county buying and selling antiques or something like that.

I thought it was a great job and I want to be involved in some way, so I volunteered to help out. I wondered if I would be accepted. Someone nearby said, "You'd have to get the job. No none every offered to help before."

NOTE: I've always wanted to do this.  It's one of my life's fascinations.