2-2-95 - DREAM - My husband gave me a brand new 1993 car. He had the seat set too far ahead and I couldn' slide in behind the wheel without dragging my clothes crooked under me. So, I put the car into 2nd gear (it was running) and re-set the seat into the 2nd position, got out of the car and got back in.

I noted at that point that I was wearing my nightclothes (not what I was really wearing). Two of my children were in the car (age about 10). I decided to test drive the car and go around the block. It was dark out now and I pulled the knob to turn the lights on. They didn't come on until I pulled the 2nd knob.

I backed out into the street noting that there was no traffic coming. I drove down to the corner intersection and stopped because the red light was on. When the light turned green I went straight ahead.

At that point, I saw that he road was a very steep hill. I thought it would be an excellent test of the car to see if it would make it up the hill. The car worked fine and went up easily, but I noted that the farther up the hill the car went, my brain stayed at the bottom and my arms stretched up the hill with the car.  This was disturbing and I wondered how far the car would have to go before my brain caught up with it.

I could see the car way up at the top of the hill, it had made it completely to the top and was on the top flat street. My arms were stretched from the bottom of the hill still. I was distressed at this point and was able to inch the car forward little by little. I saw that the car was a white 4 x 4. I didn't want the car to get away from me, but couldn't figure out how far it would have to go before my brain went up the hill too.

My arms stretched easily. That was no problem. I inched the car forward little by little. Finally as the car was just about to get away from me, my brain popped up the hill into the car, but as it did, the scene became cartoon-like and I woke up.


2-2-95 - While I was going to sleep, A woman came and asked me if I wanted the little box that was on the top of a pile of boxes she said, "Jim" made for her. I said, "Yes!" It was a Tarot box carved on the sides with an inset glass top.

The thought came, " A career change is waiting you. You will break your leg." I said, "I don't accept that negative thought that I will break my leg." I repeated it 3 times.

I was thinking about the career change awaiting me and the thought that I would break my leg and how I rejected the thought when a woman came along wearing black fish-net stocks and old fashioned high top button shoes and said, "You should accept what's given you." I said, "No! I won't!"


2-3-95 - DREAM - I got up in the morning and my mother was sitting at the breakfast table. She asked me if I had baked a cake for "Avongard." She showed me the name spelled out on a piece of paper.

I said, "No! Who is Avongarde?"

She said, "He is your Father's hero." He came up with a new design yesterday.

I looked through the ingredients in the pantry and refrigerator and told her there weren't enough ingredients to make a cake. She said that was okay.  

I went into the office and Richard L. was sitting at the desk. He said, "We're throwing your drawing away." He dropped the mylar into the wastebasket.

I thought to myself,"It's no big deal. I only did one."

He handed me all the rest of my drawings and I went through them to glance at them. There were pictures of bulldozers and other equipment going up a steep hill. I glanced at the drawing Avongarde did and it was a cluster of boxes with extensions on each side. (I thought it was a big piece of machinery with component parts)  

These were in clusters.  There were 12 - 3 rows of 4.


come from the High Priest's breastplate.

Each tribe had its own jewel.

Exodus 39:10 And they set in it (breastplate) four rows of stones. A row of sardius, topaz, and carbuncle was the first row; and the second row, an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond; and the third row, a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst; and the fourth row, a beryl, an onyx, and a jaspar: they were enclosed in enclosings of gold in their settings and the stones were according to the names of the children of Israel, twelve, according to their names; like the engravings of a signet, every one according to his name, for the twelve tribes.

2-4-95 - I heard a knocking sound. I said, "Who's there?"

I saw a vision of the name MIRJAC  (Mir means Peace in Russian)

I said, "Where are you?"  

I saw a vision of the name 'AMORC LIBRARY'.

I said, "What do you want?"

The answer came back, "TEACH"


2-5-95 -As I woke up I heard a doorbell ring in my left ear. I said, "Who's there?"  The thought came, " EVOLA". I thought, "What do you want?"  The thought came, "Let me in!"  I thought... "No! I only communicate by telephone."  There was silence for a moment, then came, "Let me in!" in a sterner context.  I thought, "No!" then decided to become fully conscious and got up for the day.


2-6-95 - I was calling EVOLA, but a determined older man appeared and he said, "All I can tell you is to make money until we can buy people out."


2-7-95 - DREAM - I went to A-C and was talking to Jim K. who I hadn't seen in a long time and a phone call came in for me from G. H. I hadn't seen him in many years either. I had the phone in my hand and turned around and there he was, sitting in a little black cart talking on a cellular phone.

The shock of seeing one another after so many years was overwhelming for both of us. It seemed silly to keep talking on the phone, so I put mine down. We were inside the building and was riding this little black ... looked like a riding mower with a cart behind ... all black.  It ran very jerkily.

He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride and I said, "yes!"  So, we headed down the hallway together. The cart jerked awkwardly so I picked it up and carried it. His mower kept missing beats in the motor and quitting, so he picked it up and carried it, but kept trying to start it.

We were going through an executive area of the company, so I asked him if he would please not try to start it until we were outside. But he kept doing it anyway. Finally, as we were getting close to the President's office, I made one final plea, "Please! After 30 years of hunting for each other, can't you please do this one thing for me?"

He indicated that I shouldn't try to run his life after being gone so long. I saw he couldn't compromise, so I put down the cart I was carrying and let him go on by himself.

I turned and went back the way I had come, but when he was out of sight and hearing, I couldn't bear to be away  from him again and turned back to go after him. As I did that, I saw that he was coming back to get me also.

I then noticed I had no blouse or bra on. Since the Lost and Found was right there, we stopped to find something to fit me. Nothing did. All the coats and clothes were for people smaller than I. Finally I found a white dress that I could just hold the skirt over myself.

Everyone cheered that I had found something to cover myself with. I then saw a beautiful - ornate pink jeweled necklace hanging on a glass partition. I toyed with the idea of taking it, then thought better of it and decided I didn't need jewelry.  A woman made some snotty comment about it, so I threw my skirt at her that had been covering me.

At that point I didn't feel naked anymore, but was carrying a baby wrapped in a blanket and the baby had sand on its face like it had been buried for along time. I was brushing sand off of its eyes and nose and I heard someone make a comment that the experience of being buried for so long was very traumatic for a child. I hoped my child wouldn't be traumatized.

G.H. made a comment then about this son Jeff (now in prison for killing a child while drunk driving). I remember that how my son Ken had been so afraid of everything.

I was in a hospital school type area then and nurses and new technicians were going to start practicing on new patients. I got past that area really quickly.

I got called by someone to come quickly with the baby to the next area and see the raccoon. I went into the next room and saw little animals crawling on the floor. The raccoon looked like a cute little skunk and it was afraid. Other little tame raccoons were all pink and blue. The baby was on the floor also. I worried it would get hurt by the animals, but the animals all played with each other and finally I couldn't tell which was the skunk, which was the baby, and which were the pink and blue raccoons. They all looked alike.

G.H. was still standing there looking at them with me and I woke up sensing his loss tremendously and wanting to find him again.  I missed him so much.


2-13-95 - I haven't written anything lately because all dreams have been sexual. One night I was raped by my Father. Other night I had sex with my husband but other men also. Last night, a man said he was going to be my husband in March, but I never saw him before. Except for the rape, none of the encounters were unpleasant, but I don't know why all this is happening now. In last nights dream, I asked my husband-to-bed where in California we were going to live, because we had never discussed it. He gave me an angry type look like I should know the answer to the question without looking. But I persisted. I said, "If we dont' discuss it, we're going to end up living near your mother.

NOTE: I moved to California in September of 1997; thanks to my new honey Joe Mason.


2-13-95 - DREAM - I was working in an office right by the street. A huge red garbage truck pulled up right by the window, almost hit it and then left again, but it scared me.  The girls who worked for me had clothes and junk laying all over the floor. I hollered at them to clean it up. Then they put it on my desk. My ex-husband Edward came and said he was financially embarrassed. I decided to give him money so he would go away for the evening. i also told him I had dreamed that we were going to move to California in March. He went to the bathroom and I started looking for money in my purse. I didn't want to give him too much ... only just enough. i figured $1 for a bus ride each way, $5 for dinner and $5 for a movie. I didn't want him to have so much money that he would drink.

In my purse, I had so much money, I decided it had to go to the bank and put some in my safety deposit box. I saw some coin papers and opened them. Inside each one was a quarter of a $100 bill.


2-17-95 - DREAM - I was living at my 16th St. house. We were trying to live a normal life, but on the stairway landing, there was a caged gorilla at least twice normal size. I was afraid of him, even to see him was frightening. One of the women in the house planned to let him loose. She was not afraid. As soon as she did it I planned to leave the house, so I did.


2-17-95 - DREAM - I was at a place like A-C in an office. Bob the painter and Norbie from A-C were discussing something that needed to be purchased. They called a soup pass thru. Since I was the one who had to purchase these, I needed to know what they were. Descriptions meant nothing to me. I needed to see one. So bob took me into another room and showed me a blank was.

I still saw nothing, then slowly I saw an outline of an archway on the wall that had been bricked in a long time ago. It was right next to where a rectangular window was now. I didn't understand the purpose of it, nor how I could purchase a hole in the wall.

At that moment, I saw my candles burning on a dresser and they were in danger of being blown out by circumstances of placement, so I spent some time adjusting the placement.

There was an older man there who was interested in what I was doing. He didn't know what a sconce was, so I showed him the two candle sconces I had and knew I had to put them up on the wall.

One of the candles flared brightly quite out of control. I looked at the wick that stood up like a huge feather and I knew the wick of that one had to be trimmed.

I went back to my office then to await someone who was coming. I saw a crucifix on the wall, so I went over to it, made the sign of the cross with a miniature deck of white cards I had in my hand and said the "Our Father' prayer.

A woman came in then. She had something t do with these cards. I had 3 decks of these cards and I was supposed to deliver them, but I hadn't done it. I was using them myself. I looked at each deck, and printed on each deck was the name of a man who was Arab or some country like that.

As I was waking up, I heard a telephone ring in my head and I said, "Hello!" My daughter's voice came in. She said, "What about the car?"

Then I heard a phone from a long distance away in my head. I said, "Hello!" The voice said, "Concentrate!" and immediately the dream sequence where I made the sign of the cross and said the "Our Father" prayer with the white deck of cards in my head replayed itself in my mind as a vision.


2-19-00 - DREAM - I experienced the life of a poor homeless person. I was with a man who had a gun. He broke into an empty house. We went through it, room by room. It was completely empty. We moved in and thus had a roof over our heads.

I was afraid of the man because he had a gun. I sneaked outside and tried to find someone to rescue me. I came upon a woman and a man outside. They distracted the man with the gun, but the new man put himself in jeopardy and I had to rescue him too.

I then went out to the street, where some older homeless people were going by. They had a truck with used clothing. We had nothing, so I asked if I could see a dress. The price was $3.98. The other woman and I needed clothes in order to get a job, so we bought the dress and a skirt and blouse.

The poor people left, then the other woman left for her part-time job. It was 3 p.m. I went back into the house. The man with the gun was very ill. So was the other man. They were throwing up, coughing and gagging.

I looked at some clothing the man had. It was mere rags. He had only one good pullover shirt. It was white with some little blue flecks on it.

I could hear the man gagging and coughing. This continued on and on. I went back out into the yard. The man remained laying in bed coughing and gagging until I woke up.

I went down to the mailbox and got the mail. Two of the envelopes were wrapped in plastic to protect their contents. The larger of the two was from Taylor ....  . I wondered if it was Taylor Electric which I am familiar with and do business with, but I couldn't make out the second name. The second plastic wrapped envelope was white and contained seeds and I shook it to make sure. The envelope was signed personally by at least 50 Masters, including Marcus. There was at least 25 or more signatures on each side of the envelope.

NOTE: In 1997, I met Joe Mason and his granddaughter's name is Taylar. She would have been 1 year old at the time of the dream.


2-21-95 - DREAM - Someone bought me a shovel to use ... called a 'UNIX."  It looked like a farm shovel ... like a tractor seat shape ... almost like a chair to sit on. That big women and men would use.

I can't remember what was going on here, but there were sheets of paper with blue lights flashing between them.


2-21-95 - DREAM - I was with my husband going through a large building. He had various appointments to keep.

He said he would meet me later on at K-Mart. I agreed.

So I got on a bus headed East on Grange or Layton Ave. The bus ride seemed fairly normal except that some people were trying to sleep. People were getting on and off like normal.

We stopped a couple time and waiting wtih another bus behind us which also waited. We were told by the driver that there was a schedule to keep and we were not allowed to arrive anywhere ahead of time ... neither was the bus behind us which was a type of buss that went cross-country ... not a city bus.

At 27th St. we stopped to let a woman off and a young couple got on with a baby and they sat right behind the driver. I didn't think the baby would be safe sitting by itself so I made certain that it wouldn't get hurt and fly off the seat. (I don't remember what I did)

At that point I asked the driver if this was 27th St. He said, "Yes!" and pointed out to me on a map that this was the corner where Little Russia started. I looked at the map and south 27th St. was divided and islanded like a little country of it's own.

I now carried this map in a frame.

We were now getting near a shopping center and the bus pulled into a left turn lane and made some impossible turns for a bus and went across a bridge towards what said 'K-Mart Warehouse'.

I started to feel anxiety and knew that it would be two more hours before I could meet my husband, but tried to assure myself that there was nothing to worry about. He would be there waiting for me.

We came to a rustic brown building. Somehow the bus disappeared and I and the other people were now walking and I was in the lead wtih the bus driver.

I guess I wasn't walking fast enough because the driver and another guy put a fabric sash type thing around me and pulled me faster towards the building so I had to run a little. At the same time four men in blue work shirts appeared at the window of the building and were all excited to see me.

They were cheering and telling the buss driver, I was a 10. I felt kind of embarrassed.

I entered the building which was old timbers and boards. It was like a theatre, only no seating, just rough boards to sit in in a semi-circle facing the stage.

A short older woman came up to me, held out her hand and said, "Cross my palm!"

Not knowing what she meant, I took her hand and held it briefly.

The whole bus load of people came into the building behind me. One of the men went up to the concession stand and a man there was pouring miniature cups of fluid he said was "Coke". He said they would cost 10 cents each.

I thought I would get a cup, so looked for my purse. I didn't have it. All I had in my hands was the map in one hand and a small fish bowl in the other hand. I was surprised to see this. I knew that Becky had been to this place before and she had told me that they charged for every little thing they did. So, not having any money, I decided I would leave even though I would have to walk to the next destination and would be early by two hours to meet my husband.

Nobody tried to stop me as I sneaked out  the door, but as I walked slowly down the sidewalk, there was a huge black machine blocking my path. It looked like a chipper/shredder/leaf blower contraption, but it was totally black with no markings on it. I started to walk around the machine. I looked ahead to the road. There I saw a red light flashing.


2=21=00 = MEDITATION - A voice said, "Here is the King of the Jews! His name is Gunga".


2--22-95 - DREAM - I saw many written paragraphs about the future plans for going to Washington State. They are all being worked on and there is nothing I need to do. The subjects were like "Good Will, Harmony, Relationships, etc.

I was told that today and tomorrow would go well, but then Friday would be bombed to Hell on one subject. But anything in general is going very well.

These plans and paragraphs were shown to me all night long.


2-23-95 - DREAM - I was having a discussion about UFO schedules. Someone prominent was going to speak about UFOs. I knew that the published dates for 2 events were the 10th. It was a previous prediction of mine that caused these dates to be published incorrectly. The correct date was really the 19th. I didn't know how I was going to tell the person that the date was wrong.


2-23-95 - DREAM - I was with my ex-husband Edward. He was driving the car from one area to another. He was only driving in the alleys. I was very frightened with him alone in the car. I tried to console myself that the scenery was beautiful. (It was green and lush vegetation) and there were lots of houses and their windows were open, should I need to scream for help.

I wanted him to drive on the main streets where there was traffic so I didn't have to be so afraid, but I was even afraid to ask.

We came to a street and there was traffic so we stopped to wait but the car was standing halfway into the street yet half in the alley.

A man came along who wanted to drive where we were so he could park his car, but ed was busy doing something and wouldn't move. The man drove around us carefully and went on down the street and parked his car. Ed admired that because the man could have gotten angry a nd yet didn't. So, Ed decided to reward the man with a $500 certificate towards purchasing a new car. Ed had many of these certificates, but could use them himself.

So, we went down the street and found the house where the car was parked which was now a miniature dark blue train engine. We knocked and were let into the house by the children. We told the children we needed to see the father but he was busy, so we sat down to wait.

I began to match and fold socks for the children. The mother came in then, but we didn't explain what we wanted. I just continued to fold socks so she would think I was useful to be there.

Then the father walked into the room. Just as we were going to give him the reward for being kind, I woke up.


2-24-95 - DREAM - I was out at my Father's lake cottage. The kids went out fishing. they were all pulling in little fish from the ice hole on the lake and water was standing in a puddle on the ground.

As I stood there, a deer came along and walked by me so closely I could have touched it. A couple more went by. Then some elk went by and then some moose. Finally, a smaller animal came. I thought it was a mule. It hit my head and injured itself, falling over dead. I saw that it had yellow and white striped ears like a zebra.

I knew I had to call the DNR to report this. We were sure it was dead. It's head was crushed. The city then wanted me to write reports on animals in the vicinity. I saw them infrequently.


2-25-95 - DREAM - I was with some people and my job was to edit a newsletter about UFOs.


2-25-95 - DREAM - Someone gave me a white pager that received messages printed on the front. The person said that for me to have seen the message, I would have had to be in the light.

I found an old abandoned angel statuette in the livingroom. It had on a blue dress and was female. It was dirty and grubby so I took it into the bathroom and began to wash it off with warm water. I cleaned it off and when I washed her face, she came to life, smiled at me, and then kissed me on the cheek.


2-25-95 - DREAM - I was in my West Allis house on 66th St. Jim, Ed, and I all lived together. It was to prove to the world that it could be done like civilized humans. i was sitting on the couch with Jim when Ed came in. I said to Ed, "Honey, give me your hand," and reached over to him.

At that moment, Jim took my right hand and Ed took my left hand and pulled me up off the couch. He wanted me to walk to the other end of the house with him.  As I walked with him, I could still feel Jim's hand holding my right hand, but I wasn't looking back so I couldn't see whether he was there or not.

We got all the way into the bathroom. I was still feeling Jim's hand on mine, so I turned to look if hew as with us. It was just the feeling that he was there. So I had to shake my hand really hard to discharge that energy.


2-26-95 - DREAM - T.M. called me on the telephone in the middle of the night and we were talking about the earthchanges and the end of the world. at the same time, I was thinking about what would his wife thing if she found out he was talking to me on the phone while she was sleeping. I could tell he was falling asleep while he was talking. I said, "Who is going to tell the world when the end is coming?" He said, "Someone will be told that it's them and then she'll know it's time."

He didn't say anything else and I was thinking, "Oh, my God! He fell asleep holding the telephone and it's connected to mine and she'll know who he was talking to." So, I hung up my end figuring he'd get a dial tone and maybe it would wake him up enough so he'd hang up. Then I lay in bed thinking, "Some little girl is going to wake up in the morning and know that she has to tell the world that the end is coming soon."

I closed my eyes to go to sleep even though the light was on in the room. I was just falling asleep when I heard an alarm clock ringing on my dresser. I knew I hadn't set an alarm clock. I opened my eyes and on the dresser was a lamp with a crystal lamp stand and there was a gold alarm clock next to it ringing. I looked at it and thought, "Oh my God! It's me!"


2-26-95 - DREAM - I was with my family on 16th St. The CIA was helping the aliens to make change in human beings. I saw the new human being. (but it was too bizarre to recall here. All I remember is bright colors) Each person was marked with a yellow spot about an inch across so they'd know which ones had been worked on.

They showed me a schedule of changes. The one they are currently working on takes 16 minutes, but then a two more changes to come, one takes 12 minutes and the last one takes 7 minutes.

My mother was driving me home because  I had just had a new baby. Both my daughter and I had already been marked. My Mother was driving pretty erratically so the CIA guys pulled us over on 15th and Clarke Sts.

They had a huge black trailer they were collecting people in and had the whole CIA army platoon there, all dressed in black and carrying black oozies or some kind of machine gun.

We pulled into the parking lot. I was carrying my tiny baby and I was hoping I could talk them into letting me walk the rest of the way home because it was only one block away. I thought they might let me do it because I was carrying the baby.


2-25-95 - VOICES: In the middle of the night, I heard a door buzzer ring. I thought it was in the physical but it didn't ring very long. Then it rang again and I realized that the sound was in my head.

The male voice started tell me there was going to be a job opportunity in a Red Carpet bowling alley that I could apply for and that the man who manages it isn't aware he's being let go yet.